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HV a portfolio of works by harold junior Villegas


from the notion of the twisting of a punch and the impact on an object I arrived at my building form

the greatest boxing gym ‘The Greatest’ Boxing Gym is a project in DUMBO, Brooklyn. A bold concept was transformed into a large scale gym with the needs of the client in mind. Special attention was made to preserve the ‘gritty’ gym feeling in this ‘designer gym’ while keeping the spaces comfortable for the users.



The Brooklyn site has a slope. The lot descends 12 feet over a length of about 225 feet. On the York Street end the site starts at 0’-0” and moves down 12’ on the other end. I’ve excavated a couple spaces at different elevations until I reached -12’-0”. I did make an addition which is essentially a drum from -12’ to +10’ which houses the main event boxing arena of the gym. The long set of stairs is what takes you from -6’ to +10’. At +10’ there is a spectating space to the -12’ space below, the space that holds the boxing arena.


the shape of the building had to respond to the conditions of the site. the shape arrived at was made as a response to the two means of entering the building.

y hotel the y hotel is on a site penetrated by the BQE and near the manhattan bridge. The task was to create a hotel that would respond to the site conditions. The concept for this building was the feeling of warmth and transmitting that to the clients.


design 1st floor plan

one of the requirements for the site is to maintain the pedestrian pathway along the BQE. in order to this without completely casting out the public from the site some vegetation was placed as a buffer zone and path. 2nd floor plan

3rd floor plan

design nature center For one semester we learned and applied skills in rendering through the 3ds max program. Skills learned include animations, image renders, and lighting analysis. The program also offers parametric modeling and lifelike rendering qualities. For the last project we had to apply all these skills to our design of a nature center.

The program facilitates production of presentation drawings time wise. It creates section cuts, and elevations through its render capabilities and its parametric modeling options.

site analysis

above are the zoning requirements regulate mainly with the focus of allowing light and air onto the HTC. below is a study of a theoretical massing as a design development start.

flora hotel West Chelsea is an up an coming district with opportunities for development. Our design approach for this project was first to understand the zoning requirements of the new ‘Highline Transfer Corridor’. Second, we had to design with a building typology of our choosing but make a bold statement as to what would be added to the district.


1st floor plan

2nd floor plan

3rd floor plan

4th floor plan


the site is to accomodate both public and private. private through the hotel and public through the commercial lots along the streetfronts.

Harol Junior Villegas Architectural Portfolio