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Letter from the PAI There is an ancient Chinese saying, “The hero does not create history, and instead, history creates heroes”. It’s about the importance of the context. We are globally aiming at providing almost 1,000,000 experiences for young people till 2015, to enable 1,000,000 young people to discover and develop their potential to provide LEADERSHIP for a positive impact on society. This is a crucial period of an organization’s history and I believe the biggest 2 challenges in front us are as follow: 1. When we are growing bigger than ever before, is this organization still fully aligned with its purpose and values and is this organization still clear why we are who we are? 2. When we are growing bigger than ever before, how can we build strong relevancedriven and market-driven behaviors to respond to the fast growing needs from the outside world? Building an internally value-driven (the “Why”) and externally market-driven (the “How”) massive organization is something that has never happened before because we were never as big as we are right now. The “why” calls for clarity while the “how” calls for growth.

We have identified that in such a scenario the best way to connect the “why” and “how” is to ensure the “what” to focus on the following 3 strategic blocks 1. Production Capacity 2. Quality of the Experience 3. Marketing and Branding as amplifier “Production Capacity” emphasizes the “why” by focusing on creating more experience for more change agents while addressing the “how” by evolving and scaling up our operation to ensure that we can actually have more opportunities to give to young people. “Quality of the Experience” emphasizes the “why” by ensuring the actual value and learning of an individual’s experience based on a better design, delivery and evaluation while addressing the “how” by getting future customers through more and more satisfied current customers. “Branding and Marketing” emphasizes the “why” by showcasing the real impact of our organization to the world while addressing the “how” by getting more customer and promoter through PR, Marketing and Micro Experiences with a more powerful market positioning. By focusing on those 3 concrete strategy blocks, we are confident that the “belief” will be reinforced meanwhile we can actually “achieve” our ambition. Believe; Together we achieve.

PAI Letter