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Specialized Cyclopedia


Specialized Cyclopedia

ROVAL WHEEL TECH Wheels are perhaps the most noticeable component that determines the “feel” of your ride, so having a great set is critical to improving the overall rider experience. Our Roval wheels seek to optimize every facet of that experience, from durability and handling to weight and efficiency. Whether a full carbon race or alloy trail model, every Roval wheelset is built around the same experience-specific philosophy as all our Specialized products.

WHY IT’S GREAT X-12 142+ International Rear Wheel Spacing Standard (MTB-specific)

2010 ROVAL 135MM

Rider Benefits Stiffer MTB wheel build Easier, consistent rear wheel installation 6mm WIDER

How does it work? 12mm rear thru-axle increases surface area between hub and dropout Flanges pushed to edges of hub, which widens spoke stance, improving wheel stiffness and balancing tension from side to side Rear hub frame guides prevent rear wheel from getting misaligned in the dropouts, guaranteeing secure performance and easy installation 135mm hubs can be converted to 142mm spacing by changing the end caps and axle, making them usable on virtually any bike

2011 ROVAL 135MM

ADDITIONAL 2mm WIDER (8mm total over 2010)

2011 ROVAL 142+

OS 28 Oversized End Caps (MTB-specific) Can be added to any Roval Mountain wheel; compatible with Specialized or RockShox suspension lowers (24mm end caps available for FOX forks). Aftermarket wheelsets include all applicable end caps for front hub. Rider Benefits Increases front-end stiffness for added control and confidence, with no weight penalty How does it work?

28mm oversized end caps increase the surface area at the hub/dropout interface, which dramatically decreases flex in the system OS 28 end caps are lighter and stiffer than 15mm thru-axles

Torsional Stiffness 105.0 Number/Degree




TALAS (15mm)

FLOAT (QR) w/ OS end caps


95.0 90.0 85.0 80.0


75.0 70.0 TALAS (QR)



Specialized S140TA w/ OS end caps

Specialized Cyclopedia


Specialized Cyclopedia

ROVAL WHEEL TECH Double Drive Spoke Lacing Rider Benefits Stiffer where necessary for increased performance Reduces non-essential wheel weight How does it work?

Where appropriate, we use one radial-laced spoke per every two on the opposing side to balance tension and decrease overall spoke count

»» On drive side of rear road wheels, spokes are laced in a three-cross pattern—where each spoke crosses three other spokes— which increases stiffness and stability to resist powerful drivetrain torques

»» On disc side of front mountain bike wheels, spokes are laced in the same 3x pattern to resist disc brake torques

Roval Traverse EL mountain wheel

Roval Rapide SL 45 road wheel

fact carbon rims Rider Benefits Lighter rotational weight for effortless climbing and accelerating Optimizes ride qualities like stiffness and strength for a particular riding experience Improves overall strength and durability How does it work?

Carbon has a better stiffness-to-weight ratio than aluminum By developing specific carbon layups for each rim/wheel, we can achieve the optimal combination of strength, stiffness, and weight for the given ride experience (Competitive Road, etc.)

stiffness to weight 80





60 50



2010 Bontrager RXL 29er Scandium

2010 Easton XC One 29



30 20 10 0



2010 Mavic Crossmax 29

2010 Stans ZTR Race 29 American Classic

2011 Roval Control SL 29 Carbon