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glove tech Our durable and high-quality road and mountain gloves let you ride the roughest terrain—from cobbles to creek beds—with minimal fatigue and maximum control and comfort. Designed in conjunction with ergonomics specialist Dr. Roger Minkow, the proprietary BG Gel padding used in our gloves is scientifically tested to reduce numbness in the hands.

WHY IT’S GREAT Body Geometry Ergonomics Providing a true performance and/or ergonomic benefit through scientific development and medical testing Rider Benefits Ergonomics Reduces numbness in the fingers (a common problem for riders of all levels), most notably, the ring and pinky fingers. Performance

Riders don’t have to remove their hands from the bars to get feeling back, so they can keep a more positive and consistent grip. How does it work?

Ergonomically shaped and scientifically tested BG Gel padding—strategically placed between the heel of the palm and the handlebar—dissipates compressive forces on the ulnar nerve, reducing pressure and easing discomfort.

Experience-Specific Design Gloves specifically tuned for road or mountain riding Rider Benefits Provides optimal ergonomics for specific bar shapes and different styles of riding Caters to the varying hand positions assumed on road and mountain bikes How does it work? Road gloves Padding designed for riding in various positions on a curved bar (tops, drops, hoods) Thicker padding over greater surface area distributes pressure over a broad area of the palm to protect the ulnar nerve Mountain gloves

Two smaller and thinner pads wrap the heel of the hand to protect the ulnar nerve. Minimal padding under the palm ensures a flat hand position on the bar for greater sensitivity and control.

thumb gusset Added volume to thumb area of glove Rider Benefits Adds mobility and comfort to the rider’s most useful digit and eliminates pressure on the top of the thumb that’s common in other gloves How does it work?

The thumb gusset adds a three-dimensional component to the seam around the thumb of the glove, creating a panel that runs from the outside over the thumb and extends up the index finger. An additional Lycra panel around the base, where the thumb meets the palm, provides even greater dexterity and comfort.




Mountain gloves An additional Lycra panel around the base, where the thumb meets the palm, provides Our durable and high-quality road and m...