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Bobbie's Doggie Sweater Designed by Bobbie Birchfield Copyright © November, 2001

Materials: • •

Size G hook WW yarn

Pattern Notes: fits 8 oz dog (when dog grows make more rows of 8-10 to make the sweater longer) Shell Stitch: 2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc Directions: Ch 38, join to form a circle. Rows 1-6: dc in each stitch. Row 7: dc in first 4 dc. ch 3 skip 3 stitches. dc around to last 7 stitches and ch 3 skip 3 and dc in last 4 dc. join. Rows 8-10: dc even. Rows 11: ch 3 dc,ch, 2 dc in same stitch as joining. *skip 2 dc, sc once, skip 2 dc, do shell, * repeat around, join and finish off. Ch 65 for tie and weave around the shell row in skipped stitches.

bobbie's dog small sweater  
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