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Subject: New Distribution Capability (NDC) platform

Athens, 09/10/15

JR Technologies (JRT) has released an end-to-end NDC platform supporting NDC Offer Management (including merchandising engine), NDC Order Management (including servicing), NDC Airline Profile in addition to a number of tools necessary to support an NDC based passenger-centric reservation system. JRT have partnered with Lufthansa Systems to deploy two NDC platforms for IATA’s use in a hackathon (THack), preceding the IATAs WPS (World Passenger Symposium) held in Hamburg on October 20th 2015. Lufthansa Systems contributed the fare quoting, routings, connection building, and pricing technology to support the operation of two fictitious airlines with a network equivalent to a medium size airline. The NDC platform offered by JRT builds on the realistic data provided by Lufthansa Systems to simulate an NDC. The NDC Platform released to IATA demonstrates millisecond timed responses for shopping - including disclosure of the full service catalog items with the initial shopping response - , order management, and service messages. JRT are fully prepared to assist every airline in selecting the best tools and the best strategy moving forward in an efficient NDC implementation. JRT is an IT company focused in designing-developing and implementing software solutions for airlines & travel related companies. JRT focus in assisting airline & travel professionals to adopt NDC and leverage the opportunities that this transformational technology will bring to travel marketplace. JRT have been involved with the NDC initiative from day one, and are active members of a number of International Air Transport Association (IATA) NDC work-groups. JR Technologies are an IATA’s Strategic Partner providing IT services & consultation for airline companies, TMCs, TAs & OTAs. NDC is an IATA led initiative for the development of an XML-based data transmission standard allowing airlines to distribute a full range of products via travel agents with a much improved communication mode. NDC is open to any third-party, intermediary, provider, IATA member or non-IATA member to implement and use.

JRT have partnered with Lufthansa Systems to deploy NDC (New Distribution Capability)  

PRESS RELEASE - 09/10/2015: JR Technologies announces the partnership with Lufthansa Systems on the deployment of two NDC platforms for IATA...

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