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A worldwide network of quality accounting firms

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Foreword with Peter Appleton Jones, founder of TIAG


he International Accounting Group is an international network of high-quality independent accounting firms. The network has established a global presence and now has a membership of more than 90 firms in 55 countries boasting 160 offices in total. One-third of the member firms are in North America, another third are based in Europe with the rest in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.


A distinguishing feature of TIAG is that it operates in conjunction with TAGLaw, a sister network of worldwide law firms. The TAGLaw network is similarly focused on providing clients with the highest quality legal services and is among the five largest legal networks in the world. TAGLaw was established in 1999 and founder and chairman Peter Appleton Jones set up TIAG in January 2003 to complement the legal network. Discussing the strategy he says: “The objective was to provide not just legal support but a finance and accounting capability for clients and members. The creation of TIAG was a natural progression, and as a result clients have access to a one-stop shop for their national and international legal, financial, and accounting services.” Membership in the network provides access to advice on a global scale, including guidance from the TAG Advisers’ Bureau, a carefully selected group of business consultants. This, together with the networks’ key alliances delivers not only high quality audit, accounting and tax guidance but also services such as business valuation, R&D tax credit assessment, transfer pricing, real estate cost segregation, human resources management, and marketing and business development support. The success of the network and the high quality of its members can be attributed in part to the stringent admission process which requires firms to become members on an invitation only basis after being vetted by the TIAG Board. “It is essential that firms coming into the network are of a high quality with a strong emphasis on client service. Member


firms must have clean Peer Reviews, a strong reputation in the local market and be very responsive to members and clients. “When recruiting new member firms we research the local market and select those firms that we feel have the potential to make good members. We undertake several interviews before considering a firm for membership and only when we are confident that their culture and local reputation is a good match for TIAG, and that they have the right quality assurance procedures in place, will we admit them.”

Getting Together The members of TIAG meet twice a year at international conferences held in conjunction with TAGLaw. The most recent conference was held in Chicago in October and brought together more than 170 members from both the legal and accounting networks. Peter Appleton Jones explains the benefits of the conferences: “The annual conferences are always a huge success. As well as being a valuable educational and business development forum, they provide members with an opportunity to form relationships with colleagues from around the world. Establishing these personal bonds is enormously important when they work together for clients with cross-border requirements.” “The common governance between the two networks helps to maintain our stringent quality standards and provides a real sense of comfort for members and their clients.” In addition to the networking opportunities there is a strong educational element to the conferences and attendees’ gain an understanding of the international business issues their clients will face as they extend their businesses overseas. These include the accounting, auditing and even labour conditions in other jurisdictions and the associated advantages and risks of doing business in different countries.

TAG Academy This year has seen the formation of the TAG Academy, an educational institution that runs around 80 courses a year. Its objective is to give both TIAG and TAGLaw members around the world a competitive edge by providing new educational options, strengthening their TAGLaw and TIAG relationships, and promoting the strength of the networks to fellow members and clients. The courses are mainly web-based seminars but some live courses are offered in the spring each year. Topics range from professional legal and accounting subjects to marketing, business development, and international business concerns. “The TAG Academy is a smart way of preparing for the realities of national and global business.




In Numbers: • TIAG has a membership of over 90 firms, in 55 Countries, in just over 160 offices. • TIAG is currently admitting at least 1 new firm every month • Membership is expected to grow to 150 firms in the next few years • TAG Academy runs around 80 courses every year for members to increase their knowledge and strengthen relationships within the network. CORPORATE UK VOLUME 3 ISSUE 5

The courses are intended for members and their clients. This is a major initiative that aims to bring members closer together and provide education on a worldwide basis. The courses are all recorded so that they can be viewed in remote time zones such as Australia, China and Thailand.” Mr Appleton Jones said. The broad coverage of TIAG and TAGLaw combined is the biggest strength and undoubtedly the networks unique selling point. With a presence in over 100 countries from 240 firms and over 450 offices the two international networks span the globe. 9,000 professionals are available to serve members’ and clients’ business, accounting, financial and legal needs. As a result clients directly benefit from the national and global reach of member firms and the vast range of experience that members can call upon to support their business. The future of TIAG is bright and its future success is secured under the guidance of Peter Appleton Jones. When probed on future plans, he said: “We are adding about a firm a month to the TIAG network and we expect to grow to 150 firms in the next few years. This is more than feasible considering that we have grown to over 90 firms in the past four years. We are still seeking additional firms in the United States, Latin America, Asia Pacific and to some extent in Europe.” Over the following pages a select group of TIAG members highlight the work they do for the network and how it helps them meet the increasingly international demands of their clients.

• Together with TAGLaw, TIAG , hosts 2 annual conferences for members • TIAG and TAGLAW combined has a membership of 240 firms, in over 100 countries with over 450 offices. As a result 9,000 professionals are available to serve members and clients business, accounting, financial and legal needs



TIAG Directory

Europe Austria Belgium Cyprus Denmark England Finland France Germany Ireland Italy Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Northern Ireland Poland Portugal Russia Scotland Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey


Middle East & Africa Cyprus Egypt Jordan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Mauritius Oman Palestine Saudi Arabia South Africa Tunisia UAE Yemen Asia Pacific Australia China Hong Kong


India Indonesia Japan Korea Malaysia Pakistan Philippines Singapore Thailand Vietnam North America Canada: British Columbia Ontario Quebec USA: Alabama Arizona California Illinois New Jersey New York North Carolina Oklahoma Pennsylvania Texas Utah Washington Latin America & Caribbean Argentina Mexico: B.C. Chihuahua Mexico City Jalisco Leon Nuevo Leon Puebla Yucatan Veracruz El Salvador Guatemala

Australia – Einfeld Symonds Vince

China- Lehman Brown

Kurt Baker 0061 292831666

Russell Brown 0015 107978661

Sydney-based accounting firm Einfeld Symonds Vince

It was important for us to join the TIAG network because

(ESV) is providing international corporations and

it has given us access to a globally respected, worldwide

individuals with a cost effective alternative to large

network of accounting professionals whose reach and

international accounting and legal firms..

depth of knowledge has been a continuing source of

Companies of every size face an intimidating task as the

value. Our TIAG counterparts have offered technical

world economy matures and international markets unite. Like

assistance and client referrals to aid us to better service

many countries, Australia presents a unique set of challenges

our clients.

and rewards to foreign entities.

The TIAG network was especially attractive for us due to the

From a pure accounting perspective, Australia has harmonised its accounting standards with international standards. While there are some differences between IASB

calibre of its members, its international capabilities and its affiliation with the TAGLaw network. We believe that any channel through which we can offer

standards and US GAAP (such as the amortisation of good-

our clients additional value is very worthwhile. TIAG has en-

will/intangibles), these variations should be no greater than

abled us to not only better serve our clients but also enhance

those presented by other IASB countries.

our employees individual knowledge base and network of

The key challenge from a commercial perspective is

contacts. TIAG has also admirably prioritised and helped to

establishing appropriate business structures for Australian

foster an international business community committed to

operations to ensure that compliance costs and operational

sound corporate governance practices.

risks are mitigated. This is an area where ESV can be of particular help. ESV is able to provide complete business support to international clients across taxation, management accounting, corporate finance, auditing, business services, due diligence reporting, valuations, assurance reporting and beyond. We provide the high quality service of a large firm, while taking pride in our ability to maintain the attentive, personal service values of a smaller business. We work closely with our clients to improve their financial, lifestyle and business achievements, whilst ensuring clients are involved, informed and in control at all stages of the process. Our ‘hands on’ approach is an integral part of our company’s philosophy – to offer our clients a personalised, proactive service that extends beyond the traditional accounting role. ESV’s ability to provide timely professional advice is

“The TIAG network was especially attractive for us due to the calibre of its members, its international capabilities and its affiliation with the TAGLaw network.” We believe our firm is unique in that, while steeped in a

further enhanced by our strategic financial adviser division,

sound understanding of western accounting standards and

which provides businesses and individuals with a ‘big picture’

practices, we are one of the few that is simultaneously almost

approach to financial security.

entirely China-focused. Our strength has been in providing

Clients can also enjoy the benefits of the company’s

quality, efficient advice and results to clients through our

strong international affiliations. Increasingly we see the

combined expertise in foreign and Chinese business, regula-

integration of our clients’ affairs into the ‘borderless’ economy.

tions and finance.

This raises issues that were once considered solely the realm of multinational corporations. ESV is a founding member of The International Account-

The most significant accounting challenge is finding competent, honest accountants who can effectively navigate the unpredictable and complex business environment in China.

ing Group (TIAG). Since 2003, TIAG has expanded into a

There is a massive shortage of accountants with the right skill

prestigious global network of reputable accounting firms,

sets. The current market place is dynamic and progressive but

who also work in conjunction with the international legal

is becoming increasingly turbulent due to the continually

network TAGLaw.

changing regulatory environment.

Through the network, our clients gain access to the com-

Additionally, as the Chinese capital markets continue to

mercial expertise of respected, independent firms similar to

grow in size and significance, the importance in implementing

ourselves in almost every corner of the Earth.

an accurate financial disclosure/reporting system will become

Our international standing and expertise allow us to help

increasingly crucial. Regulation will become stricter and more

our clients develop business and investment opportunities

demanding and gradually approach international conver-

into Australia and across other borders. Our clients gain the

gence. This is today the most significant obstacle to quality

same benefits offered by multinational accounting firms, but

accounting practices and will remain a persistent difficulty for

with a more personal service and at a more cost effective rate.

the coming future.


TIAG England – DTE Group

England – Mercer & Hole

Hong Kong – C K Yau & Co

Keith Train 01617 671207

Howard Wilkinson 01727 869141

Joseph Yau 0085 225283628

DTE joined the TIAG network some three years ago hav-

Established in 1905, Mercer & Hole joined TIAG as a

Our firm was founded by Mr Richard C K Yau in 1962 and

ing previously been a member of two other international

founder member in January 2003. Frustrated in our

we have been a member of TIAG since the beginning of

associations. We switched to TIAG because we were

search for an international accounting network, we had

2007. The networks chairman and founder Peter Apple-

impressed by its commercial focus and outlook. Unlike

written to TAGLaw, conscious that overseas lawyers often

ton-Jones was looking for a representative firm in Hong

most other networks, it is run on business lines rather

did work traditionally done in the UK by accountants and

Kong and after meeting with him C K Yau & Co was lucky

than owned and administered by a membership com-

that if we joined the legal network, the lawyers could pro-

enough to be chosen.


vide local accounting contacts when we required them.

Hong Kong is an international city and our clients have busi-

Additionally, its sister network, TAGLaw brings us into contact

We had enthusiastic support for TIAG, but had the added ad-

nesses all over the world and when locating a local firm for

with lawyers throughout the world as well as accountants. In

vantage of access to the TAGLaw international legal network,

clients we can rely on TIAG’s other member firms for high qual-

many jurisdictions the way work is shared between accoun-

which is today the third largest international legal network

ity work. In addition we can utilise TIAG’s sister legal network

tants and lawyers differs, so awareness of both disciplines is

in the world. TIAG has now grown to some 90 members in

TAGLaw as we always need legal assistance when dealing with

necessary for most matters.

almost 60 countries and the two parallel networks offer a

foreign investments. As a result I do not need to search for

combination for us and our clients that is hard to beat. In fact

good quality firms as just like TIAG, TAGLaw has a good screen-

back of the already successful lawyer organisation and recruit-

we use the network almost every week for clients needing

ing process in admission of member firms. It is most unique

ment is exclusive to like-minded organisations operating in

assistance overseas.

and extremely beneficial for an accounting group of firms to

key areas, both geographical and in terms of expertise.

Mercer & Hole has considerable expertise in accounting

We are a UK Top 30 firm which makes us one of the

and auditing, corporate and personal taxes, trusts, insolvency

largest practices in the network. Furthermore, our fast-track

and financial services. It is very common for fellow members

growth means we have direct experience of the commercial

from overseas to use us in the UK, sometimes just for informa-

mind-set of fast-moving businesses. Our tax strength in the

tion and of course sometimes to aid in a particular transaction

UK is second to none. Additionally we are a Top 10 insolvency

or a new venture being set up.

operation, which means we can advise on cross-border insolvency issues. We are co-founders of TIAG’s forensic speciality group, enabling us to assist on investigatory work required by lawyers and accountants in the two networks.

“In many jurisdictions the way work is shared between accountants and lawyers differs, so awareness of both disciplines is necessary for most matters.“ Our geographical coverage of the UK enables us to deal

“TIAG has now grown to some 90 members in almost 60 countries and the two parallel networks offer a combination for us and our clients that is hard to beat.”

have a sister group of legal experts.

“All of the TIAG member firms are of a similar size and the strong presence of member firms in the US and Europe makes the TIAG and TAGLaw groups the most appropriate for us.” All of the TIAG member firms are of a similar size and the strong presence of member firms in the US and Europe makes the TIAG and TAGLaw groups the most appropriate for us. We recently attended the Beijing conference and found the quality of the other member firms to be of an extremely high standard and we are looking forward to growing and building up our firm together with this relatively young international accounting group. We have good knowledge and experience in handling

With four offices stretching from London, up to St Albans,

matters ranging from investment analysis, corporate forma-

Milton Keynes and Northampton, we cover a considerable

tion, company secretarial duties, accountancy and daily ad-

with UK national issues and our growing prominence in

geographic area and with approximately 150 people have the

ministrative works, assurance, taxation and overall corporate

corporate finance gives us a lead on merger and acquisition

expertise within the firm to assist in most areas.

planning. Our firm consists of different departments in order

issues. One of DTE’s major strengths is the availability of a

There are numerous challenges that a foreign company

to handle each job independently and to a high standard.

may have to overcome when working in the UK. Some of the

Hong Kong’s accounting standards are in line with the

dedicated managing director with a broad strategic overview

obvious issues affect companies dealing with the interaction

international standards and our experts also play an important

and no client responsibilities, able to identify the right people

between UK GAAP, International Financial Reporting Standards

role in the international arena. Personally I have been actively

in DTE to deal with matters at a moment’s notice when an

and US GAAP. However we have experts in all these fields and

involved in the promotion of international accounting bodies

enquiry from abroad arises.

are always able to assist.

in Hong Kong.

Key accounting challenges foreign companies have to

However, many foreign companies initially set up in a

I am the past president of the Canadian Certified Manage-

overcome in our jurisdiction are compliance and regulation

small way in the UK and their accounting challenges often

ment Accountants Hong Kong branch, the Association of

which is stronger and fiercer in financially developed coun-

revolve round setting up a simple set of books and complying

International Accountants Hong Kong branch, the Hong

tries. There are few countries more developed than the UK.

with the basic framework of UK legislation, including VAT,

Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians, and

This means there is a myriad of regulatory and compliance

payroll taxes and the various registrations with government

the Society of Chinese Accountants and Auditors. With such

issues across the board. These are not just auditing and ac-

bodies. We are delighted to deal with all of this for clients if

organisations active in our jurisdiction I do not foresee any

counting issues, but also apply to taxation, corporate finance,

they require it and often find ourselves keeping their books

problems for overseas companies when incorporating in

forensic activity, risk management, insolvency and turnaround

and records for a period of time until their UK company grows

Hong Kong and their reporting requirements in their parent


to a size when they can look after it themselves.

home countries.



TIAG has been successful because it has grown on the


TIAG Mexico – CAF Contadores


Rafael Chapa Vazquez 0052 8182188080

In 1988, CAF Contadores Publicos, S.C.

Mexico – Moreno Ontiveros

Northern Ireland – Fitch CA

Juan Carlos Moreno Rodriguez 0052 4777700649

Michael Fitch 02890 322047

was founded

Moreno Ontiveros is a firm of accountants, auditors, con-

Our objective at Fitch CA is to provide innovative, timely

in Monterrey as a consulting tax advisory firm. We are

sultants and lawyers specialising in tax matters. The firm

and cost effective services to entrepreneurs. Despite our

focused on auditing services (financial, due diligence,

has a staff of 40 including 20 CPAs, and they are ranked in

relatively small size, with two offices in Northern Ireland,

taxes, and IMSS auditing purposes) and fiscal, interna-

the top three firms in León.

we have had considerable experience working with

tional and estate planning.

The firm’s departments comprise of tax, audit, integral adviser,

clients who work all over the world.

Our objective is to provide our clients with services of the

corporate tax law, defence international trade and training

As entrepreneurs undertake an increasing amount of inter-

highest quality, in areas such as accounting, tax planning

conferences serving numerous industries including construc-

national business they need to draw on the wisdom of high

and business consulting, providing to our associates an

tion, textile and apparel, automotive and machinery.

quality, cost effective and proactive advisers. We offer a wide


excellent level of remuneration according to their capacity and productivity.

TIAG is a worldwide organisation that is committed to

range of audit, accounting, tax compliance and planning ser-

developing global relationships from a local community

vices, company secretarial services, and corporate consultancy

base. A distinct advantage of the TIAG network is its exclusive

including corporate finance, strategic planning and wealth

Orleans conference. The opportunity for networking on a

affiliation with sister network TAGLaw. Together both networks


global scale is what initially attracted us to the organisation.

enable members to provide their clients with the highest qual-

Membership of a network such as TIAG provides us with an

ity professional services on a global scale.

We joined TIAG in May 2005 after attending the New

international presence that we wouldn’t otherwise have and gives us access to the global market.

“All of the TIAG member firms are of a similar size and the strong presence of member firms in the US and Europe makes the TIAG and TAGLaw groups the most appropriate for us.” Another feature that attracted us is TIAGs link to the TAGLaw network. In our experience, any association between

“By actively listening to their clients, members can utilise their knowledge and experience, together with that of their national and international team members, to respond with practical business solutions.”

an accountant and a lawyer is successful and complementary and enables us to provide our clients with a full service in

We invest heavily in innovation, information technology and training, developing our standards to ensure that our management team and staff are able to deliver the high quality services demanded by today’s clients whether their needs are simple or complex.

“The network is made up of like minded professionals who want to provide their clients with a high quality, cost effective and proactive service.” We joined the TIAG network in August 2006. The network is made up of like minded professionals who want to provide their clients with a high quality, cost effective and proactive service. The combination of accountants and lawyers in sister organisations is an innovative dimension and creates the potential for a greater spread of professionals geographically and also a greater spread of commercial and tax services. Furthermore we were confident about the know-how within the group as this has become the critical economic resource in the global, knowledge based economy of the 21st century.

Anticipating the client’s needs is crucial for gaining respect

TIAG is about making relationships with like minded


both areas. Essentially CAF Contadores’ R clients are grow-

and confidence and being a member of TIAG helps to achieve

professionals and their clients. The opportunities to connect

ing worldwide and so are our services thanks to the TIAG

this. By actively listening to their clients, members can utilise

directly with other professionals have created a living organ-


their knowledge and experience, together with that of their

ism with benefits to professionals and clients alike. The ability

national and international team members, to respond with

to provide good commercial connections in a high percent-

practical business solutions.

age of countries around the world is increasingly important.

The dynamic relationships between the member firms contribute to the networks success and TIAG assists us with any problems we have regarding distance, language, culture

It is clear that TIAG members value their client relation-

Having the confidence that clients will be given the same high

and other geographic limitations between firms and their

ships and are dedicated to becoming trusted advisers, helping

standard of care and attention in different parts of the world is


their clients prosper through the profitable growth of their

a key success factor.

We are based in Monterrey, a modern industrial and busi-


There are many accounting challenges that a foreign com-

ness centre where both local and foreign companies have

The founder and principle partner of Moreno Ontiveros is

pany may face as different accounting reporting standards

their head quarters, it is also a hub between American and

C.P.C. y M.F. Juan Carlos Moreno Rodríguez. He graduated from La

can cause significant confusion. International tax planning,

Mexican business. This gives us a multicultural view to busi-

Salle University A.C. as C.P.A. and received his Masters in Tax Laws

including the repatriation of funds in a tax efficient manner,

ness and this, along with our tax and advisory expertise are

from Guanajuato University. He is an active member of the School

means that accounting issues in several jurisdictions need

the main strengths that we bring to the TIAG network.

of Public Accountants of Leon and Mexican Institute of Public Ac-

to be considered. Usually this will require a lead adviser who

The key challenge that foreign companies have to

countants (IMCP), Teacher at Iberoamericana University, La Salle

can see the whole picture not only from a tax and accounting

surmount is the excessive paperwork that is required to start

University at the Master Degree level and Teacher of the Institute

perspective but who also understands cultural and human

a company in Mexico and also certain regulatory issues.

of Specialisation for Executives, A.C. in Guadalajara.

resource issues as well.



TIAG Scotland - Anderson Anderson Brown

South Africa - O.M.A Chartered Accountants

Switzerland – T&R AG

Mike Brown 01224 625111

Osman Moosa 0027 123421727

Ariste Baumberger 0041 31950 0919

Anderson Anderson & Brown Formed in August 1990

O.M.A Chartered Accountants Inc. has its foundations

T & R AG is a major regional consulting firm that offers

and is one of the leading independent firms of chartered

as an audit and consultancy practice established in July

comprehensive services in the area of business consult-

accountants in Scotland. We have a wealth of experience

2001. Today, OMA can be classified as a niche multi-disci-

ing, auditing and tax advice. The firm comprises of

dealing with the whole range of business entities includ-

plinary practice offering a range of professional services

highly qualified, experienced and skilled staff. We pride

ing plcs, limited companies, group companies, partner-

from audit and taxation to software development and

ourselves on our responsiveness to client’s needs and

ships, sole traders, trusts, charities and pension funds.

wealth management. With offices in major cities country-

expectations, exceptional quality awareness and a com-

Anderson Anderson Brown became a member of TIAG in 2003.

wide and our membership of TIAG Worldwide, we are able

prehensive and up-to-date knowledge of all accounting,

We were already a member of another international network

to offer our services internationally.

auditing and tax aspects in Switzerland.

but felt that TIAG founder Peter Appleton Jones’ vision to bring

OMA’s services cover chartered accountancy internal auditing,

Furthermore we have outstanding relationships with national

together an international network of high quality accounting

risk management and performance auditing, forensic account-

authorities (with a focus on tax administrations), a broad

firms was compelling.

ing and litigation support services, accounting and secretarial

knowledge of cross border structures and serve a wide range

services, taxation and estate planning and IT services.

of key clients that do need international advice on a regular

firms who have a strong commitment to client service and

As a firm our strength is based upon the expertise and


satisfaction. Through the network firms can build relationships

dedication of our staff, our emphasis on knowledge and

with their clients through an understanding of their business

teamwork, and a thorough understanding of the relevant

private tax consulting, VAT and management consulting, con-

and the industry in which they operate and create a relation-

legislation governing audit practice and related risk issues.

sulting of communities and non-profit organisations as well as

ship that is enduring and long lasting. The criteria as outlined were especially relevant to our firm as many of these are the basis on which our firm was founded and has flourished over the years.

“The management of TIAG should be congratulated on attracting so many quality firms from around the world.” The network has been successful through the recruitment of high quality like minded firms and the management of TIAG should be congratulated on attracting so many firms from around the world. The member firms commitment to quality and excellence together with the responsive personal service both to clients and fellow members is the key to TIAG’s suc-

due diligence audits and support in M&A transactions.

“Membership of the network allows our clients to benefit from the national and global reach of other member firms and the vast range of experience that members can call upon to support their business.”

cess. This, and the technical expertise throughout the network, combines to give a very powerful message to the market and our clients. Our firm’s ethos is firmly aligned to that of TIAG, but in ad-

Our services include audit and accounting, corporate and

“The success and scope of the TIAG network can be attributed to the growing need of many SMEs for international expertise.” Our clients are mainly based in Switzerland and the neighbouring foreign countries and we are currently serving clients of varying sizes and in several industries including health care, insurance, food business, wholesale and trade, service companies, pharmaceutical and industrial products. Some of our clients are quoted on the Swiss Stock Exchange. We joined TIAG in February 2006. We were impressed with the networks global presence and it’s sister network TAGLaw

We joined TIAG in 2006. We were mainly attracted to this

as we also need high level tax advice on a regular basis. TIAG is

network for its affiliation with TAGLaw. The network acts as a

made up of highly qualified and experienced people with the

link between the practice of accountancy and law. This places

same understanding of quality as our firm.

dition our firm provides the geographic and technical exper-

us in a position to provide comprehensive advice to clients

tise in the oil & gas industry in Europe which provides member

internationally taking account of the legal requirements in the

tributed to the growing need of many SMEs for international

firms with a gateway to that sector in this part of the world.

jurisdiction. Furthermore the sound administration and the

expertise (other than that of the big-four companies) and is

timely flow of information across the globe between member

built upon professional management by a team that is fully

firms is one of the TIAG networks most distinguishing factors.

dedicated to the task. Regular conferences on an international

All businesses are under constant pressure to maintain their market position and cope with a growing burden of regulation in all areas. Local businesses are also having to

Membership of the network allows our clients to benefit

consider expansion into foreign markets to further grow.

from the national and global reach of other member firms and

The UK is one of the most developed and sophisticated fiscal regimes in the world. This means that most company’s entering this jurisdiction are aware of the requirements, but

the vast range of experience that members can call upon to support their business. The complex taxation issues and the legal issues involving

The success and scope of the TIAG network can be at-

basis help to build up and strengthen personal relationships between the member firms. The rapidly changing regulatory environment, new audit law and auditing standards are just a few challenges that foreign companies are faced with when undertaking projects

like many locations around the world the important thing is to

the rights of shareholders are key challenges that foreign com-

in Switzerland. Others include the changed legal provisions

take local advice in the local jurisdiction. With the TIAG mem-

panies face when working in South Africa. In addition to this

with respect to required audit procedures, newly enacted rules

ber firms’ philosophy of responsiveness and quality we can be

the introduction of the new companies act and the onerous

in relation to the auditing of internal control systems and the

sure that our clients receive the very best of service locally as

regulations that comes with it is an increasing challenge that

supervision of audit firms by a public oversight board. Our firm

well as internationally.

needs to be addressed.

is committed to easing these challenges.



His aim, through the TIAG network is to unite accounting


TIAG The Netherlands - Tempelman and Partners

The Philippines – Banaria, Banaria & Co.

USA-Alabama-Hardman Frost & Cummings

Pim van Batenburg 0031 104554100

Alfredo O. Banaria 0063 23724281

Diana Knight 0012 059390227

& Co. Tempelman + Partners was founded in 1951 and is a

We joined TIAG in June 2006 and three of our partners

We have been a member of the TIAG network since June

medium-sized firm of accountants, based in Rotterdam.

attended the Manila conference of TAGLAW/TIAG Asia/

2004. The network was of particular interest to us as it of-

Our team of professionals comprises chartered accoun-

Pacific Regional Conference last December 2006.

fers the networking opportunities and global resources we

tants, tax consultants and accountants administration

We were attracted to the network for a number of reasons

need as the borders between countries become increas-

consultants. The present size of the organisation enables

and the global challenge on international trade, outsourcing

ingly open. The relationship between the accountants in

us to pay the best possible attention to each and every

services, foreign exchange trading, information technol-

TIAG and the attorney members of TAGLaw also provides

client, under the personal supervision of one of the firm’s

ogy, and human resources development have opened new

an additional level of networking and support.


horizons for us.

We have at numerous times called upon our colleagues within

The firm specialises in accountancy, taxation and administra-

Furthermore it was our aim to expand through strategic

the network for assistance with various matters of jurisdictional

tion services. One of our specialties is (statutory) auditing and

partnerships with foreign firms. In our search to expand our in-

importance, and to help our clients obtain quality accounting

preparing the accounts of non-profit organisations. We boast

ternational business we expect TIAG to meet the international

services as they enter into new geographical markets. We

years of experience in this field. Another specialist field our

cross-country challenge.

believe that any of our colleagues in the network will treat our

office deals with is the tax affairs of professionals in the “free” sector, such as physicians, authors and interim managers. We joined the TIAG network in May 2003 after a meeting in which the founder Peter Appleton Jones introduced himself, his ideas and his network. We joined along with numerous members of a pre existing network that was in search of someone to guide and expand their current network.

“Like in all jurisdictions, the main challenge foreign companies face is the question of where to go for quality advice, what forms to use and how to structure your company in a legal and tax-wise way.”

The network has successfully brought together accounting firms on a global scale and has provided a challenge to the big firms that have for a long time dominated the public accounting practice.

“In our search to expand our international business we expect TIAG to meet the international crosscountry challenge.”

clients with the care we treat them with and feel very comfortable working together with them to serve our clients’ needs. The network affords us the opportunity to offer the services of our ‘worldwide accounting and legal branches’ from our location in Birmingham, Alabama. As our clients grow outside of our borders, this ability has become increasingly important to us. The network’s joint international conferences, which include both the TIAG and TAGLaw members, allow us to forge personal as well as professional relationships with other members. We walk away from our conferences comfortable in the knowledge that if, for instance, we have a Canadian or Chinese issue, we can contact our colleague and friend in Quebec or Beijing for assistance. They know us and we know them- we

Banaria, Banaria & Company, CPAs was founded in 1975

are not merely names on a directory. We may not technically

and our strength lies in our many years of experience in quality

be a firm with offices in all 50 states and around the world, but

assurance and management services. Our partners have broad

by virtue of our membership in TIAG, we are a national and

ment of the network that is solely dedicated to improving the

experience in private as well as public accountancy, in a broad

international firm.

firm and making it useful for the members. The management

range of industries. We have clients in many sectors including

Hardman Frost and Cummings, P.C. brings a broad range of

has a clear vision on the accounting profession in general

banking, construction, manufacturing, trading, power plants,

expertise in many practice areas to the TIAG network including

and TIAG’s, and its member’s role in this. The management is

real estate development and hotels, to name but a few.

traditional audit and accounting services, income and estate

The main attraction for us was the professional manage-

ambitious and had already proven its success in the similar affiliated network of international law firms TAGLaw. In addition to this the network listens to its members and

We offer to foreign firms our services locally, particularly in

taxation, estate and gift planning, pension plan audits, repre-

relation to knowledge of the local business environment and

sentation before the federal and state taxing authorities, out-

opportunities, tax services, audit services on local branches of

sourced controllerships and accounting department staffing.


is actually capable of fulfilling their wishes. The conferences

foreign firms, audit of grants and project evaluation, design

We also offer our clients business valuation services,

are very beneficial, always well organised and well attended.

and installation of accounting systems, clean development

litigation support and expert witness testimony, planning for

mechanism (CDM) and doing business in the Philippines.

international expansion and operations, mergers and acquisi-

We are very loyal to the network and have presented ourselves in almost every conference as guest speaker or “expert”

We are committed to the development of new and

tions, as well as general business planning. We are a local six

in one of the parallel sessions. If a question is raised by one of

promising accountants. Our firm provides continuous training

partner firm, with a broad range of expertise to share with our

our colleagues, we have always succeeded in helping them or

and experience to new CPAs and are supervised by more ex-

colleagues and clients. The firm is also heavily involved in com-

their client, no matter what the question was. We adopt the

perienced and matured partners. The firm has remained fully

munity support activities.

attitude that we do not necessarily need to know everything

staffed by Filipinos, despite the influx of foreign accounting

as long as we can direct our clients to experts that we trust

firms to tie-up with local accounting firms.

and whom we know are knowledgeable on the particular

Alabama is a dynamic growth centre for the automotive and aerospace industries. As a result, there is much foreign

The main challenge that foreign companies face in our ju-

interest in the opportunities our state has to offer. However,

risdiction lies in the assessment of our local business environ-

there is a great deal of confusion about what foreign compa-

ment. Among others there is the bidding procedure required

nies need to do when venturing into the United States to do

panies face is the question of where to go for quality advice,

by government funded or administered projects, the tax

business. Without competent accounting and legal advice

what forms to use and how to structure your company in a

incentives benefits of foreign investments in the Philippines,

and preplanning, a foreign entity can very quickly find itself in

legal and tax-wise way. The Netherlands is not an extremely

and how these are availed of, filing of reportorial requirements

income tax, licensing and contractual ‘hot water’. We work very

bureaucratic country but rules for social security and a lot of

of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Bangko Sentral

closely with our local TAGLaw colleague to welcome foreign

tax rules for foreign employees can sometimes be very com-

ng Pilipinas (Central Bank), and Bureau of Internal Revenue,

entities to Alabama and the United States, and assist them with

plicated and we pride ourselves on assisting people in this.

foreign exchange transactions and inter bank transfers.

these issues.

aspect the client needs. Like in all jurisdictions, the main challenge foreign com-



TIAG USA - California - Greenstein Rogoff Olsen

USA - Illinois - BrookWeiner LLP

USA - New York - Cornick, Garber & Sandler LLP

Alan Olsen 0015 107978661

Sherwin Brook 0013 126290900

Peter Frank 0012 125573909

CORNICK, GARBER & SANDLER, LLP Certified Public Accountants

We became a member of the TIAG network in October

BrookWeiner has been helping clients achieve their fi-

The Appleton Group was in the early stages of organis-

2006. We knew membership in this network would help

nancial goals for more than 50 years. As a Chicago-based,

ing TIAG in 2002. At that time, our firm was a leading

us better serve our clients because the organisation can

full-service certified public accounting and business

member of BR International, which had a strong pres-

provide us with quick access to other accounting practi-

consulting firm, we are well qualified to assist with any

ence in Europe but not so in other parts of the United

tioners in regional, national and international markets.

tax and accounting challenges, as well as a host of other

States and elsewhere in the world. After meeting with

Given that the 21st century global economy is constantly

business and personal financial services.

Peter Appleton Jones we decided that the synergies

changing and extremely competitive, and the fact that our

Our expertise cover accounting and auditing, distressed

of a merger would make for a powerful network, so BR

firm has a long history of working with start-ups, venture

companies, forensic accounting, litigation services, non-profit

International agreed to merge with TIAG and in 2003

capital firms, and other clients in high-technology, financial

companies, real estate, succession planning, tax services, valu-

we became one of the founding firms of this then new

consulting and international trading, it only makes sense for

ation services and wealth management. We are renowned for

accounting network.

GROCO to collaborate and share ideas with other financial

working closely with individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit

experts worldwide.

organisations across a wide range of industries. In addition to certified public accountants, our professional staff includes certified financial planners, certified fraud

practice of accounting. Accountants are no longer just book-

examiners, and certified valuation analysts.

that could be anticipated based on the existing track record of TAGLaw. The combination of member firms that previously had a

keepers stuck in the ‘back room’ between tax seasons. Today’s

Our diverse professional staff is well qualified to provide

practitioners, advise clients on many aspects of business, and

the expert technical skills and business acumen required by

of very high quality like minded firms in the US, UK and

are often looked to for help with ‘top table’ tasks such as as-

companies at any stage in their development. At the same

around the world, has allowed TIAG to offer a great breadth of

sessing risk and evaluating long-term growth opportunities.

time, we remain small enough to offer the one-on-one atten-

resources to our existing clients and potential new clients.

“Our clients are some of the most successful entrepreneurs in California’s Silicon Valley. They are truly forward-thinking business people.” TIAG clearly recognises this, and through its educational

tion so often lacking in business today.

“Our clients are becoming increasingly active in the international business environment therefore the scope of the TIAG network is one of the key advantages” At BrookWeiner, we are dedicated to providing timely, independent accounting and tax services of the highest calibre. In addition to addressing your present needs, we’ll

efforts, particularly, its international conferences, strives to

help position your financial program to address your goals

keep its members informed of topics, news and trends critical

down the road.

to doing business in today’s global economy. Our clients are some of the most successful entrepreneurs

Today many companies view traditional accounting and auditing services as a commodity. We look at it as an

in California’s Silicon Valley. They are truly forward-thinking

opportunity. Our services pertaining to a company’s financial

business people. They have participated in building highly

statements give us an opportunity to bring our vast knowl-

influential and innovative global companies such as Google,

edge of business operations to bear. This interaction helps

Skype, America Online, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Compaq,

identify conditions that could, if not addressed promptly,

Macromedia, eBay, Genentech, and others.

become serious business problems. Frequently, new business

It can be a tough job keeping up with clients who like to move at such a rapid pace and take big risks and it keeps

opportunities are identified through this process. Our clients are becoming increasingly active in the interna-

long term association with each other as well as the addition

The dedication and commitment of The Appleton Group to a core set of values and firm characteristics has allowed the network to continue to grow in a positive way. With one of our partners a member of the TIAG advisory board, it has been very exciting to play an active part in the growth of the network.

“The dedication and commitment of The Appleton Group to a core set of values and firm characteristics has allowed the network to continue to grow in a positive way.” Since our firms founding in 1968, we have consistently offered an alternative to traditional accounting firms. We have significant experience in servicing privately owned and oper-

the team at GROCO on our toes. Because we are constantly

tional business environment therefore the scope of the TIAG

ated companies as well as publicly traded companies. We have

learning from and creating tailored solutions for clients who

network is one of the key advantages as it allows members

a long history of working with startup companies as well as

enjoy ‘changing the world’ we believe our firm has insight,

to provide a comprehensive service to clients both at home

with established businesses looking to move to the next level,

perspective and experience that could benefit TIAG members

and abroad. Furthermore TIAG’s alliance with its sister network

be it raising of capital or expansion into new markets.

working to serve similar clientele.

TAGLaw increases this scope and as a result members can

The San Francisco Bay Area is ripe with opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs. There are so many companies and investors here eager to work with, and learn from, savvy

A significant part of our practice is geared towards tax

assist clients with any legal issues they may have through the

planning and compliance for high net worth individuals and


their related entities. In our planning we always have an eye

Sherwin Brook has 40 years of experience in public account-

towards developing strategies that will both minimize taxes

professionals with international business knowledge and

ing. He partnered with Sheldon Weiner, and formed the firm of

currently as well as plan for the future. As part of TIAG, we are

experience. However, so many foreign companies and

Weiner & Brook, eventually merging it into the firm that is now

able to increase the breadth of our tax planning and compli-

entrepreneurs fail because they do not take the time to

BrookWeiner. Sherwin provides tax, business consulting, risk as-

ance to encompass clients with cross border issues and needs.

learn and understand U.S. customs and laws, particularly, tax

sessment and legal support services for numerous corporate and

We regularly work with other network members in the UK to

laws, before trying to do business in this country. This can

individual clients. He represents clients in the financial services,

provide this type of service to their clients with US tax issues

be extremely damaging to their business efforts, and has

real estate, and professional services industries furthermore he has

as well as seek counsel for our existing clients doing business

repercussions for our economy, as well.

acted as special adviser to legal counsel on numerous matters.

in the UK.



The heightened regulatory environment and rapid globalisation during the past two decades has transformed the

Having the alliance of a sister legal network was a significant attraction, as was the potential for future growth


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