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The Lawyer Network Annual Awards 2020 Introducing the most skilled lawyers from around the world. The Lawyer Network does not believe that one firm or individual can profess to offer the best advice or the most knowledge across all sectors or fields of advice, within any given country. Our Annual Awards focus on practice area expertise and the jurisdiction: by bringing the best of each sector and location to the client. We are judged by the quality of our award winners, therefore we select only the highest quality advisers. This doesn’t necessarily mean the largest or top-ranked firm by generic ranking websites, but those who have the necessary skills to assist our readers with their own specific requirements. Our winners range from magic circle firms in each country, to boutique practitioners specializing in niche areas of law.

Our in-depth selection process is made possible through our extensive knowledge of lawyers from around the world. Background checks are made on every single winner, taking into consideration history, awards, references and rankings. Direct correspondence with companies, investors or other advisers in the jurisdiction allows us to assess the reputation and standing of each member in their marketplace. Regular contact with our pool of existing members enables us to keep track of our winners’ previous dealings from every practice area, sector and country globally. The following pages feature profiles and listings for our winners across the world, organised by region, country, and practice area for your ease.











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Europe The EU economy is expected to face a recession of historic proportions this year, according to the EU Commission. The coronavirus pandemic represents a major shock for EU economies, with very severe socio-economic consequences, despite the swift and comprehensive policy response at both EU and national level. The Spring 2020 Economic Forecast projects that the euro area economy will contract by a record 7¾% in 2020 and grow by 6¼% in 2021. The EU economy is forecast to contract by 7½% in 2020 and grow by around 6% in 2021. Growth projections for the EU and euro area have been revised down by around nine percentage points compared to the Autumn 2019 Economic Forecast. The shock to the EU economy is symmetric in that the pandemic has hit all Member States, but both the drop in output in 2020 (from -4¼% in Poland to -9¾% in Greece) and the strength of the rebound in 2021 are set to differ markedly. Each Member State’s economic recovery will depend not only on the evolution of the pandemic in that country, but also on the structure of their economies and their capacity to respond with stabilising policies. Given the interdependence of EU economies, the dynamics of the recovery in each Member State will also affect the strength of the recovery of other Member States. “At this stage, we can only tentatively map out the scale and gravity of the coronavirus shock to our economies,” said Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President for an Economy that works for People. “While the immediate fallout will be far more severe for the global economy than the financial crisis, the depth of the impact will depend on the evolution of the pandemic, our ability to safely restart economic activity and to rebound thereafter. This is a symmetric shock: all EU countries are affected and all are expected to have a recession this year. The EU and Member States have already agreed on extraordinary measures to mitigate the impact. Our collective recovery will depend on continued strong and coordinated responses at EU and national level. We are stronger together.” The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected consumer spending, industrial output, investment, trade, capital flows and supply chains. The expected progressive easing of containment measures should set the stage for a recovery. However, the EU economy is not expected to have fully made up for this year’s losses by the end of 2021. Investment will remain subdued and the labour market will not have completely recovered. The continued effectiveness of EU and national policy measures to respond to the crisis will be crucial to limit the economic damage and facilitate a swift, robust recovery to set the economies on the path of sustainable and inclusive growth.


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While short-time work schemes, wage subsidies and support for businesses should help to limit job losses, the coronavirus pandemic will have a severe impact on the labour market. The unemployment rate in the euro area is forecast to rise from 7.5% in 2019 to 9½% in 2020 before declining again to 8½% in 2021. In the EU, the unemployment rate is forecast to rise from 6.7% in 2019 to 9% in 2020 and then fall to around 8% in 2021. Some Member States will see more significant increases in unemployment than others. Those with a high proportion of workers on short-term contracts and those where a large proportion of the workforce depend on tourism are particularly vulnerable. Young people entering the workforce at this time will also find it harder to secure their first job. Consumer prices are expected to fall significantly this year due to the drop in demand and the steep fall in oil prices, which together should more than offset isolated price increases caused by pandemic-related supply disruptions. Inflation in the euro area, as measured by the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP), is now forecast at 0.2% in 2020 and 1.1% in 2021. For the EU, inflation is forecast at 0.6% in 2020 and 1.3% in 2021. Member States have reacted decisively with fiscal measures to limit the economic damage caused by the pandemic. ‘Automatic stabilisers’, such as social security benefit payments compounded by fiscal discretionary measures are set to cause spending to rise. As a result, the aggregate government deficit of the euro area and the EU is expected to surge from just 0.6% of GDP in 2019 to around 8½% in 2020, before falling back to around 3½% in 2021. After having been on a declining trend since 2014, the public debt-to-GDP ratio is also set to rise. In the euro area, it is forecast to increase from 86% in 2019 to 102¾% in 2020 and to decrease to 98¾% in 2021. In the EU, it is forecast to rise from 79.4% in 2019 to around 95% this year before decreasing to 92% next year. “Europe is experiencing an economic shock without precedent since the Great Depression, said Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for the Economy. “Both the depth of the recession and the strength of recovery will be uneven, conditioned by the speed at which lockdowns can be lifted, the importance of services like tourism in each economy and by each country’s financial resources. Such divergence poses a threat to the single market and the euro area - yet it can be mitigated through decisive, joint European action. We must rise to this challenge.”

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Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Austria Practice Areas ●

Capital Markets


Banking & Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions

Compliance & Investigations

Education ●

University of Vienna (Dr. iur. 1980)

University of South Africa (Comparative Law)

CERHA HEMPEL Dr. Edith Hlawati Partner Parkring 2, A-1010 Vienna Tel: +43 1 514 35 161

Practice with Theodore Goddard, London (1982–1983)

Functions ● ●

Head of Department Banking & Corporate Finance Telekom Austria AG (Chair of the Supervisory Board) Österreichische Post AG (Chair of the Supervisory Board) Energie-Control Austria (Chair of the Supervisory Board) Friends of the Albertina Museum (Deputy Chair of the Board)

Memberships ●

Vienna Bar Association

International Bar Association

British-German Jurists‘ Association

● ●

Banking & Finance


Capital Markets


Compliance & Investigations



Distribution Law

Employment Law

Insolvency & Restructuring

IP & Unfair Competition

IT & Privacy

Litigation & Arbitration

Mergers & Acquisitions

Private Clients & Trusts

Public Law & European Law

Public Procurement

Ausgewählte Fragen zur Satzungsgestaltung bei der Societas Europaea, GesRZ 2007, 170 (with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Kalss, MMag. Dr. Maria Doralt and Dr. Nikolaus Adensamer)

Real Estate

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Tax Law

Zur Umplatzierung von Aktien im Wege eines Secondary Offering, Handbuch Kapitalmarktrecht Bd 2, 2006 (with Dr. Maria Doralt)

White Collar Crime

Besonderheiten des Aufsichtsrats in der börsenotierten Gesellschaft, Kalss/Kunz (Eds.), Handbuch für den Aufsichtsrat, 2016, 1053ff (with Gernot Wilfling) Secondary Offering – Haftungsfreistellung bei der Umplatzierung von Aktien aus der Sicht der Praxis, in Festschrift-Jud, 2012, 249 (with Dr. Christian Thaler) Rechtliche Schranken bei der Transaktionsfinanzierung und Sicherheitsbestellung, in Polster-Grüll/Zöchling/ Kranebitter (Eds), Handbuch Mergers & Acquisitions, 2007, 461ff (with Dr. Maria Doralt)

CERHA HEMPEL is one of the leading corporate law firms in Central and Eastern Europe with its headquarters in Vienna. With a team of over 200 lawyers, the firm guarantees its clients experience and expertise in all areas of corporate and commercial law, both in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. With offices in Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Minsk, Prague and Sofia, CERHA HEMPEL possesses an extensive network in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, together with broadbased expertise and many years’ experience. On top of this, the firm maintains close relationships with renowned law firms in those countries in which it does not have an office.

The Lawyer Network

CERHA HEMPEL’s lawyers advise clients on all aspects of commercial law. Thanks to decades of experience and expertise, the firm knows and understands the ins and outs of every area of law. At the national and international level, it continuously demonstrates its business know-how. Apart from guaranteeing unparalleled quality, trust, and professionalism in all areas of commercial law, CERHA HEMPEL also guarantees its clients the highest level of service combined with the latest legal knowledge. Antitrust & Competition



On the one hand, this demands extensive specialist knowledge, motivation and commitment, and on the other, an excellent understanding of clients’ businesses. Through the firm’s organisational structure, which allies core teams with particular specialists, it is able to manage clients and transactions efficiently and effectively.

Publications ●

CERHA HEMPEL’s focus is on supporting its clients in their corporate decision making process. This means that the firm does not content itself with standard solutions, but instead strives to develop and provide the best possible solutions for every challenge, tailored to each client’s needs.

Languages ●

Each office employs local, highly qualified and multilingual staff and has constant access to the resources and expertise of the entire CERHA HEMPEL network. Through the close and regular cooperation between its offices, the firm can guarantee that the legal advice it provides to its clients remains seamlessly coordinated, efficient and commercially oriented.

Banking & Finance CERHA HEMPEL supports its clients in the borrowing and investment decisions they have to make, such as in the context of financial and liquidity planning and treasury operations. The firm advises both borrowers and lenders alike. As a leading corporate law firm in the regulatory sector, CERHA HEMPEL advises international banks on establishing Austrian branches and offices and with respect to selling and trading securities in Austria. As advisor to over 100 managed investment funds, which the firm represents in Austria regarding trading and compliance issues, the firm’s Banking & Finance team has the extensive expertise its clients require. ●

Acquisition financing

Banking and insurance supervision law

Derivative financial instruments, investment funds

Project finance

Syndicated lending

Regulatory Lawyer Awards of the titleYear in Austria Kurt Retter heads the Wolf Theiss Regulatory team. He has practiced in various fields of regulatory law including: constitutional, international and EU law, fundamental rights, planning and environmental law, regulated industries (energy, telecommunications and rail), life sciences, insurance, banking and finance, gambling law, compliance, data protection, infrastructure projects, aviation, as well as private clients. Prior to joining Wolf Theiss, he worked in the insurance industry, gathering valuable business experience as an assistant to the board of the Austrian subsidiaries of one of the world’s largest insurance groups. Kurt started his professional career teaching constitutional and administrative law at the University of Vienna for five years and working for a large Austrian law firm as an associate. Expertise:

Wolf Theiss Austria Kurt Retter Partner Schubertring 6, 1010 Vienna Tel: +43 1 51510 5240

Data Protection & Cybersecurity

Energy & Natural Resources

Environmental & Planning Law

Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Regulatory & Administrative Law

Telecommunication, Media & Technology

Admitted to the Bar: ●

Admitted to the bar in Austria, 2001

Education: ●

University of Vienna (Dr. iur. with distinction), 1996

The Yale Law School (LL.M. with distinction), 1995

University of Vienna (Mag. iur.), 1991

Languages: ●

German, English

Wolf Theiss Wolf Theiss is one of the leading law firms in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CEE/SEE). The firm has built its reputation on unrivalled local knowledge which is supported by strong international capabilities. With 340 lawyers in 13 countries, over 80% of the firm’s work involves cross-border representation of international clients. The firm has concentrated its energies on a unique part of the world: the complex, fast-developing markets of the CEE/SEE region. Through the firm’s international network of offices, it works closely with clients to develop innovative solutions that integrate legal, financial, and business know-how. The firm’s Vienna office is the largest law firm in Austria and acts as the headquarters for its regional presence in 13 countries. Vienna has always been a hub for CEE/SEE. In today’s world, international and even global companies are the ties that bind Austria to the wider region. In this pivotal role, Vienna is still the gateway through which many companies tap into the potential of the region. Given this history, it should not be surprising that Wolf Theiss has built up such strong relationships and connections across Austria and throughout CEE/SEE. Knowing the real movers and shakers from the Balkans to the Baltic means real benefits for clients’ businesses. The firm’s contacts are its clients’ assets, helping them to anticipate opportunities, manage risks and achieve their goals. Wolf Theiss believes that employing a diverse workforce makes it a more effective firm which is better able to support the success of its clients. A diverse workforce benefits from a wide variety of perspectives and is better able to understand the complexities of the global marketplace. The firm has adopted a mandate for diversity and strives to be an inclusive workplace which is a leader in the business community and profession. Wolf Theiss is committed to supporting the communities in which it lives and works. The firm believes it is essential that it gives something back. These communities provide many things the firm needs for its success, including the talented lawyers and support professionals who make its work possible. The people at Wolf Theiss make contributions to their communities in their own ways. The firm also shows its commitment through different avenues. Wolf Theiss lawyers provide legal advice on a pro bono basis to clients who need legal help but are unable to pay. The firm’s pro bono work is directed at clients whom are consider to be deserving of free assistance or who face legal issues that the firm believes are especially important to its communities and to society as a whole. Regulatory & Administrative Law Economic regulatory requirements locally and across Europe are clearly increasing. What isn’t always so clear is exactly how they will affect you. With Wolf Theiss’s knowledge of regulations throughout CEE/SEE, the firm can best advise its clients on the regulatory frameworks that affect their businesses. But sometimes, just knowing the status quo is not enough; the firm strives to anticipate the compliance requirements of the future, so that clients can react and plan accordingly. Clients can rely on Wolf Theiss for a variety of administrative law issues. The firm’s expertise includes dealing with public and regulatory administrative authorities as well as courts on a local, national and international level. Apart from public law litigation, the firm can advise clients in relation to public law issues (such as licensing and permitting) in various fields, ensuring compliance not only with local or international law, but also with relevant industry standards. Areas of Specialisation –  Environment, Planning & Zoning –  Licensing, Permits & Support Schemes – Compliance –  International Trade & Sanctions – Gambling – Insurance –  Life Sciences –  Private Clients –  Constitutional & EU Law

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Competition Lawyer of the Year in Belgium Hans’ practice focuses on European and Belgian competition law. He represents clients before the European Court of Justice, the European Commission, the Belgian competition authority, and all Belgian courts. He is co-founder of the Eubelius. He is a member of the Bar of Brussels. Hans holds law degrees from the University of Leuven (1984) and Harvard Law School (1985). Prior to joining the Brussels Bar in 1992, Hans served as Legal Secretary to the late W. Van Gerven, Advocate-General at the European Court of Justice (1988 – 1992). Hans serves on the editorial board of several specialised law journals, including Tijdschrift voor Belgisch Handelsrecht - Revue de Droit Commercial, Tijdschrift voor Belgische Mededinging - Revue de Concurrence Belge, and Tijdschrift voor Staatssteun. He is the author of numerous publications, mostly in the area of competition law Eubelius Hans Gilliams Partner Louizalaan 99 Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels Tel: +32 2543 3141

Eubelius Eubelius is Belgium’s largest independent law firm, with offices in Brussels, Kortrijk and Antwerp. The firm’s 23 partners, 17 (senior) counsels and more than 100 associates offer counselling and representation on Belgian and European law. The firm has privileged working relationships with outstanding independent law firms in many foreign jurisdictions. Although it is an independent Belgian firm, a significant proportion of its work is crossborder (both inbound and outbound). The firm serves a very diverse client base, ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to local entrepreneurs, a large number of companies with public law status, and numerous Belgian companies which are part of large international groups. The firm represents all Belgian language communities and handles matters in English, Dutch, French and German. The firm was established in 1994 and has grown considerably over the years. Today, Eubelius is a recognised leader in all areas of Belgian and European Union business law. It focuses on top level multidisciplinary solutions for the complex legal needs of its clients. Committed to offering truly integrated solutions, clients benefit from a unique business model whereby neither partners nor associates are evaluated on the basis of financial KPI’s. Striving for excellence, high partner involvement, team spirit, and working pleasure in an inspiring environment are the firm’s main drivers. Among its clients Eubelius counts not only large multinationals and Belgian companies, but also numerous companies with public law status, not-for-profit organisations, as well as local entrepreneurs, family businesses and private individuals. The firm also regularly advises and assists a broad range of public authorities and public agencies, both national and international, including the Belgian State, the various Regions and Communities within Belgium as well as local municipalities, each with their various organisational forms, dependent agencies and co-operational structures. Eubelius is often involved in legislative work. The firm has in-depth understanding of the characteristics and needs of a wide range of industry sectors. These industries often operate within specific regulatory environments. Eubelius can offer its clients assistance and advice on regulatory matters and has extensive experience with the respective competent supervisory authorities. Competition Especially in markets with few players, compliance with the competition rules should be a crucial action item for businesses. The firm’s competition team combines in-depth knowledge of both the European and the Belgian competition environment and regulations, in an advisory context and also with regard to litigation. The team works closely with other Eubelius teams (such as Corporate and M&A, Tax, Dispute Resolution & Litigation) to ensure a holistic approach to each matter. The firm also has long-standing working relationships with a multitude of foreign competition specialists, enabling it to offer advice not only in a Belgian and a global European context, but also in a cross-border context that is not governed only by the regulations applicable to the European Economic Area. Eubelius’ attorneys have developed vast expertise in counselling clients in both the private and public sectors in matters ranging from cartels and abuse of a dominant position to merger clearance and State aid. A particular focus of the firm’s practice is compliance with the State aid rules, counselling of clients with a dominant position and reviewing of distribution agreements. Eubelius assists and represent its clients (both as plaintiffs and as defendants) in proceedings before all Belgian civil and administrative courts, and before the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union. References: ●


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Successfully represented 13 companies in proceedings against the European Commission decision regarding the Belgian “Excess Profit Rulings Scheme”; obtained the annulment of the European Commission decision before the EU General Court in 2019. Assistance and representation of Crelanco SC with the merger clearance before the Belgian Competition Authority of its acquisition of AXA Bank Belgium (ongoing). Representation of Asco in connection with the acquisition of Asco by Spirit AeroSystems; notification to the European Commission (ongoing). Successfully represented TUI/Jetair in connection with an investigation by the Belgian Competition Authority; obtained a landmark judgment confirming the unlawfulness of dawn raids; investigation definitively closed without charges in 2019. Securing clearance by the Belgian Competition Authority of the creation of joint venture A&U Energie by Aspiravi NV and Unilin BVBA (2018).

Corporate Lawyer Awards of the titleYear in Cyprus Stelios Triantafyllides has been a partner of the law firm Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC since 1983 and has built up the firm’s corporate practice into one of the strongest and most reputable in the country. As a result of Stelios’s expertise in international, corporate and tax law and cross border international business transactions, he has been described as being “straightforward, experienced on both domestic and international cases, resourceful and hard-working,” (Chambers and Partners Global 2019), as well as an “experienced practitioner with commercial knowledge which makes the processes smooth” (Chambers and Partners Europe 2019). As head of the corporate team, he has assisted the most respectable and recognised international companies acting either for the underwriters or the issuers in public offerings and/or private placements and listing of shares on various international exchanges. He advises an array of clients on re-organisations and corporate restructurings, rights issues, mergers and equity raising transactions. His experience in international secured financing transactions combined with deep product expertise and close links with regulatory authorities in Cyprus has helped him and his team develop innovative solutions for clients, often incorporating complex financing techniques. Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC Stelios A. Triantafyllides Partner Capital Center, 9th floor, 2 - 4 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, 1065 Nicosia Tel: +357 22 360 000

Stelios is constantly involved in novel and untested areas of law in the Cyprus legal market and is often called upon to draft or assist in drafting or review legislation. Due to his expertise in Cyprus legal and regulatory matters, he provided continuous legal advice to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission during the drafting and consultation stages of the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law, having also provided such similar support in relation to the Takeover Bids Law of 2007. He has further drafted amendments to the Cyprus Companies Law Cap. 113, which is the main legislation governing corporate matters in Cyprus. He was called upon by the Ministry of Finance to draft the first amendment to the Law Regulating Companies Providing Administrative Services and Related Matters of 2012. Education: Oxford University, Worcester College (M.A. (Jurisprudence); University of California at Berkeley (LL.M.) Memberships: Committee on Private Companies of the Cyprus Bar Council, Chairman, 2017 - present Ad-Hoc CIPA working group on Sanctions, Chairman, 2014 Board of Directors of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), 2006 - 2012 Committee on Tax Planning of the Cyprus Bar Council, 2000 - present Committee on the Cyprus Stock Exchange of the Cyprus Bar Council, 2000 - present Cyprus Bar Association – Admitted in 1984 Languages: Greek and English Practice Areas: Banking and Finance, Capital markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Corporate Restructuring, General Corporate and Company Law, Tax, Financial Services and Securities Regulation. Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC The law firm of Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC was founded in 1955. It is one of the oldest and best established law firms in Cyprus, providing high quality legal services in all areas of law to corporations, institutions, government entities and high net worth individuals. The firm’s main practice focuses on domestic and international corporate law and banking and finance law. The firm also boasts one of the strongest litigation teams in the country and a premier tax department. All of the firm’s teams consist of both local and overseas qualified lawyers and legal consultants, who bring the value of their international experience to the firm and ultimately to its clients. Mr Antis Triantafyllides, the founder of the firm, was the Cyprus member of the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce throughout the greater part of his legal career. Antis Triantafyllides & Sons LLC offers: –  An optimum service to clients in terms of high quality transactional work combined with practical advice. –  Depth of knowledge and technical expertise in a number of fields including financial services and regulation, structured finance and debt capital markets, and public and administrative law. –  Local expertise with an international outlook to provide advice to both domestic and international clients. Corporate & Company Law The firm’s corporate and commercial department constitutes the cornerstone of its practice. The experience of the firm’s highly reputable and exceptionally specialised team is second to none on the island. The team members provide high-quality practical and innovative advice on all aspects of company law. The types of work under this area include: ●

formation, acquisition and sale of Cyprus companies;

shareholder agreements and corporate governance issues;

capital-raising transactions;

public and private offerings of securities and securities law compliance;

local and cross-border mergers and acquisitions;

management buy-outs and earn-outs;

corporate management;

redomiciliation of companies in and out of Cyprus.

A full array of relevant legal services is provided to a domestic and international client base which includes: commercial banks, investment banks, consulting firms, insurance companies, financial services companies and other financial institutions, media and entertainment companies, technology and telecommunications companies, transportation companies, companies in the food and beverage sector, the pharmaceutical industry and high net- worth individuals. The firm has acted in numerous high profile and heavily publicised Russian M&A transactions with a Cyprus element.

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Employment Lawyer of the Year in Denmark Lise Lauridsen is a labour and employment law specialist and she advises on all aspects of the area. Lise has particular experience advising Danish and international undertakings in connection with business transfers, outsourcing, reorganisations as well as employment terms and incentive schemes for executives and other key employees and on the potential abuse of trade secrets. As an adviser, Lise has an excellent understanding of the client’s needs, and she is capable of transforming them into workable legal solutions. She furthermore applies her extensive experience and expertise to navigate skilfully in the often highly complicated and extensive legislation in the labour and employment law area. Lise also has extensive litigation experience and is highly knowledgeable in terms of dismissal of civil servants and employees in positions similar to that of civil servants, and she has for a number of years conducted legal inquiries into different aspects at public authorities and enterprises. She is co-author of the books “Funktionærret” (The Law of Master and Servant) and “Ejeraftaler med medarbejderaktionærer” (Shareholders’ agreements with employee shareholders) and she is a skilled and popular lecturer, who frequently holds courses for HR managers and other employees med HR responsibility. Bech-Bruun


Lise Lauridsen Partner

Member, AnsættelsesAdvokater

Member, Dansk Forening for Arbejdsret

Member, Danske Advokaters Fagudvalg for Ansættelsesret

Board of directors (member), Lippmann Fonden

Member, International Bar Association (IBA)

Member, European Employment Law Association (EELA)

Langelinie Allé 35, 2100 Copenhagen Tel: +45 72273635

Publications: ●

Ejeraftaler med medarbejderaktionærer, 2.udgave, Karnov Group, 2019. Book

The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Outsourcing 2018, Global Legal Group, 2018. 6 pages. Article

Funktionærret, Djøf Forlag, 2016. 1200 pages. Book

Ejeraftaler med medarbejderaktionærer, Karnov Group, 2014. 284 pages. Book

Falder medarbejderaktionærer udenfor lønmodtagerbegrebet i Danmark?, HR Juramagasinet, 2016. 9 pages. Article

Bech-Bruun Bech-Bruun is a market-oriented and highly specialized law firm in all areas of business law. From its offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Shanghai and New York, the firm services a large selection of the Danish business community, the public sector and global companies with a wide range of services. With more than 500 experienced and specialized employees, Bech-Bruun is one of the country’s absolutely leading full-service law firms. The firm’s goal is for clients to achieve their goals. And as advisors to companies in a highly changing world, it is aware that new ways of thinking and navigating are needed. New opportunities and new challenges are constantly emerging. The right solutions require better use of new technology and even more focus on the value-creating part of consulting. Most of all, it requires a strong and focused collaboration. Clients get it from Bech-Bruun. The firm believes it is a little different from the others. Among other things, this is because Bech-Bruun is one of very few law firms in the world which works on the basis of a special collaboration and partner model, a so-called pure ‘pure lockstep’ model. For the firm, it is called the Bech-Bruun model. Based on equal profit sharing, measuring each other on so-called behavioral parameters rather than on the legal industry’s traditional, financial performance parameters and a strong belief in the importance of exploiting various strengths together, the Bech-Bruun model creates increased collaboration in the company across disciplines. In this way, the firm ensures that every case is solved optimally by the very best competencies together. All in order to offer customers the best advice on the market - and at the same time create a meaningful and rewarding work environment in the company Bech-Bruun. Labour and Employment Bech-Bruun can advise its clients within all areas of labour and employment law. Labour and employment law is seeing increasing regulation, and enterprises today must manoeuvre in an area with highly complicated and extensive legislation. In addition to new technology, market conditions, globalisation and financial changes having a high impact on labour and employment issues, legislation in the area is very complex, and it may be difficult to determine which rule applies in which situation. Bech-Bruun is highly specialised in the area of labour and employment law. The firm regularly offers legal counsel to listed companies, international corporations, SMEs, public authorities, including municipalities, on issues within all areas of labour and employment law. The firm is often involved in cases of general public importance brought before the ordinary courts, the Labour Court, the Unfair Dismissals Board and arbitration tribunals. Bech-Bruun also has extensive experience conducting legal inquiries and HR Audits. The firm’s broad expertise in labour and employment law means that all aspects are always considered, offering clients optimal advisory services. Clients gain access to a wide range of legal skills in labour and employment law. Bech-Bruun knows how important it is for clients’ enterprises that the firm as labour law advisers have a deep understanding of their activities and the business reality that applies to their enterprises. The labour and employment team also cooperate closely with the firm’s specialists in the areas of M&A and Corporate matters, Data Protection, Insolvency & Restructuring, and Tax.


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Tax LawyerAwards of the Year title in Finland Sami Tuominen is a partner at Bird & Bird and the head of the firm’s Finnish Tax Group in Helsinki, where he specialises in tax planning, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring and leadership changes in family-owned companies. He also assists individual clients and their families relating to their worldwide tax issues. Advising on domestic and international tax matters in corporate and personal income taxation, Mr Tuominen acts as a daily administrative tax adviser and a tax coordinator of domestic and international Finnish companies and branches. Acting on behalf of clients including private banks and their customers, both companies as well as individuals, Mr Tuominen also represents leading investment banks, private equity investors, medium sized companies, and family-owned companies and their owners. Over the years, he has been recognised as one of Finland’s leading tax experts in many of the major international legal directories including Chambers & Partners 2020, Finland Tax (Band 3), Legal 500 EMEA, Chambers Europe, World Tax, International Tax Review and World Transfer Pricing. Bird & Bird Sami Tuominen Partner Mannerheimintie 8, 00100 Helsinki Tel: +358 (0)9 622 6670

Mr Tuominen is one of the authors of ‘Sopimusriskit’ (2014), a comprehensive and practical book on contracts and risk management and, with Janne Juusela, published ‘Sukupolvenvaihdoksen verotus’ (2010, 2014 and 2018). In addition, he has written articles in several Finnish and global professional publications and has been a contributor to the Finland chapter in ‘Women, Business and the Law, Getting to Equal’, an annual publication of the World Bank Group. He is also a regular lecturer and panellist at seminars and events on tax. He is a member of International Fiscal Association Finland and of Suomen Veroasiantuntijat ry - the Association of Finnish Tax Experts. During 2020-22, and also a member of the Finnish Bar Association’s tax law expert team. Alongside his native Finnish, he speaks English and Swedish and understand written French. Bird & Bird Finland Finland is home to some of the world’s best-known brands and fastest-growing businesses. Bird & Bird’s team of 65 lawyers work with some of the country’s most innovative companies and can help clients grow – locally or globally. The firm’s focus on businesses being changed by technology and the digital world makes it a good fit for Finland’s tech-rich market. Whether a client is looking to protect their IP, expand their business, or need advice from employment law specialists, Bird & Bird draw on the right expertise at the right level to provide them with a seamless service. Working in step with colleagues across Denmark and Sweden, no other truly integrated international law firm is better placed to advise clients across the Nordic region. From its base in Helsinki, the firm combines a firmly established full-service practice with first class crossborder capabilities and global reach throughout 29 international offices. Tax Bird & Bird’s global tax practice advises clients on all aspects of tax. Its award-winning strengths in transactions and structuring, tax disputes and investigations, trade and customs, employee incentives and transfer pricing are at the core of its services. Working in tandem with other experts across the firm and leveraging its deep sector insights, Bird & Bird are best placed to be your go-to tax specialists. To help clients find the right type of advice, the firm’s tax group is divided into five main areas of expertise: Corporate Tax Businesses are about ideas, not tax. Bird & Bird’s corporate tax team can advise on clients’ international IP, finance and holding structures, tax incentivisation schemes, supply chain issues and sector specific taxes (eg digital services taxes), enabling them to focus on developing those ideas. Whether the business is a start-up or a multinational enterprise, Bird & Bird can help to implement the optimum structure for clients’ business, maximising tax incentives and minimising tax leakage. Tax Disputes Bird & Bird’s innovative tax disputes and investigations team specialises in handling tax risks that arise in sectors most affected by technological change, with a wealth of experience leading complex tax disclosure projects. Indirect Tax, Trade and Customs Bird & Bird’s indirect tax, trade and customs practice brings together the local knowledge of experts in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, complemented by an extensive network of firms across the globe, to provide tailored advice on the best strategy and approach for any business. The team’s professional background includes valuable experience and insight from industry and fiscal authorities, as well as extensive practical skills of accounting practices, supply chain processes and the different indirect tax legislation in each country. Transfer Pricing Compliance with increasingly complex transfer pricing rules can be overwhelming for any multinational group. Bird & Bird’s legal expertise and deep sector knowledge means that the firm can provide its multinational clients with a broad range of transfer pricing services including planning, compliance and controversy wherever they operate. Employee Incentives and Benefits Bird & Bird’s highly rated Employee Incentives and Benefits team design, draft and implement employee share plans and other incentive arrangements and advise on the incentives aspects of corporate transactions for a wide range of clients from multi-national corporates to private companies and individuals.

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Administrative Lawyer of the Year in France Marc Fornacciari is a Partner at the Dentons Paris office. He specializes in public law and in particular in Public Business Law. He is a member of the Transportation and Infrastructures, Public Policy and Regulation, Public Procurement and Government groups. Marc has developed a recognized expertise in the infrastructure sector, in particular in project finance. He advises investors, banks and public entities on infrastructure projects (highways, railway projects, subways) or social infrastructure projects (the new Ministry of Defence in Paris, the new Justice Palace in Paris, La Santé prison, numerous universities and schools). He also advises stakeholders in the transport law practice, in toll prices and in new mobilities. Former representative of a major European electric utility company for France, Marc Fornacciari has an extensive experience in energy law, both conventional and renewable energy (solar, wind-powered, floating offshore wind energies). He also practices environmental law. Dentons Marc Fornacciari Partner 5 Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris, 75008 Tel: +33 1 42 68 48 00

Marc’s team is also very active in general public law, public domain law and in public procurement law (contracts and concessions), both in consulting and litigation. Overall, the team covers all aspects of regulatory law. Honorary judge of the Council of State, the French High Court for administrative law he has acquired a renowned expertise in public law and jurisprudence. Marc Fornacciari has rendered conclusions as an advocate general on cases that abide to be leading contract law and concession law cases. Marc also benefits from operational skills acquired in his previous professional experience. In particular, he was the operational manager of water, electricity and sanitation companies in Europe and the Middle East and was in charge of business development in these areas. Within this framework, he has extensive experience in project structuring and financing. Experience ●

● ●

Operator: Advising on the negotiation of the industrial and financing contracts of an offshore floating wind farm. Ile-de-France Mobilités: Advising on the award of new franchises for regional trains (“transiliens”). Ile-de-France Mobilités: Advising in connection with the award procedure of the contract(s) for the operation of the Grand Paris Express lines. Ministry for an Ecological Transition: Advising on the award of the concession contracts for the CentralEuropean Atlantic Route (RCEA); the Toulouse-Castres motorway; the Machilly-Tholon highway. RATP Développement / Kéolis consortium: Advising in connection with the contract award procedure for the operation of the “CDG Express” rail link. Ministry for an Ecological Transition: Advising in the context of the termination of the partnership contract relating to the implementation of the heavy goods vehicle Eco tax and in the context of various compensation claims subsequent to this termination. Université Paris-Sud: Acting as counsel in the context of the partnership contract for the Biology-PharmacyChemistry cluster on the Saclay plateau. The French Energy Regulatory Commission: Representing in the context of several disputes before the Paris Court of Appeal relating to decisions of the CRE’s Dispute Resolution Committee concerning the connection to the electricity grid.

Dentons Paris Founded in 1978, the Dentons Paris office is one of the leading law firms in France. Fully integrated into the network of Dentons offices around the world, Dentons Paris supports clients in a wide range of areas, both locally and internationally, by offering them a truly personal working relationship. Dentons lawyers, considered among the best specialists in their respective fields, have extensive experience in French law, covering all the major areas of finance and business law. They work closely with the firm’s other offices to provide first-rate, effective advice and pragmatic solutions, particularly in cross-border transactions. Professionalism and knowledge of business and its challenges are the keywords of the Dentons Paris team. Its lawyers’ specialization in commercial transactions and dispute resolution, in both civil and common law, gives them all the qualities required to successfully meet the challenges clients face both in a French and international environment. Dentons Paris clients choose the firm for its ability to advise them in a clear and efficient way, without compromising excellence. The firm seeks to develop lasting and trustworthy relationships to understand better its clients’ challenges and to provide them with better support. Public Law For multinational clients, the impact of public law can be dramatic. Dentons offers a unique blend of knowledge and experience in all aspects of public law, on constitutional principles as well as administrative proceedings. The rule of law within states and among nations has significant implications for transactions, trade and regulation. Whether a client’s business involves a state or province’s internal operations, relations with individuals and other states or regions, or the full array of planning, permitting, regulation and enforcement of national laws, Dentons offers substantial experience in advising on matters of public law. Clients need a team that has experience in the public sector. Denton’s team of professionals has served as treaty negotiators, senior government officials and experienced regulatory specialists. The firm is equipped to advise businesses operating at a global crossroads on international trade and commerce, the law of armed conflict, and international human rights law.


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Banking & FinanceAwards Lawyertitle of the Year in France Kamel Ben Salah, partner in the Gide Banking & Finance practice group in Paris, mainly advises banks and financial institutions on structuring, drafting and negotiating complex transactions in real estate financing, refinancing and restructuring. He specialises predominantly in real estate asset finance, corporate financing (especially involving real estate listed companies) and project financing. Kamel Ben Salah has advised various financial institutions, whether acting as arrangers or lenders, on setting up financing for investment funds, listed companies, SIIC and OPCI. These transactions mainly concern financing or refinancing of single or portfolio assets (office buildings, hotels, logistical hubs), shopping centres and companies or groups of companies, primarily real estate listed companies. He advises arrangers and subscribers in respect of the first mortgage-structured bonds in France. Kamel Ben Salah is regularly ranked as a leading banking and real estate finance expert in the various international legal directories, such as Chambers, Legal 500, IFLR1000 and Best Lawyers in France. Practice area: Banking & Finance

Gide Loyrette Nouel A.A.R.P.I.

Kamel Ben Salah Partner

Industry sectors:

15 rue de Laborde - 75008 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 40 75 61 54

Banks, Insurance, Financial Services & FinTech

Real Estate

Specialties: ●

Banking & Credit - Structured Finance

Islamic Finance

Real Estate Financing

Gide Loyrette Nouel Founded by Pierre Gide in 1920, and at the instigation of its two other founding fathers Jean Loyrette and Philippe Nouel, Gide has become a foremost international law firm of French origin, with 11 offices worldwide. Paris remains the main seat of activity, numbering 81 partners and 265 associates out of a worldwide total of 550 lawyers. Recognised as a veritable legal institution, Gide’s first-rate practice caters for leading clientele in all fields of corporate law and dispute resolution. Gide Paris is organised into various practice groups, each one dedicated to a main area of corporate law and split into as many specialist teams as the practice group requires. The office’s multi-disciplinary teams work hand-in-hand efficiently on the various legal aspects their cases may require. Drawing on one of the largest privately owned legal libraries in France, a permanent legal watch and latest generation IT systems, the firm offers its lawyers and paralegals all the tools they require to offer a tailored solution to their clients. Gide’s founding pillars are excellence and relevance of the counsel dispensed. These pillars are fully applicable to dispute resolution, a longstanding specialist area of the firm, with one of the largest teams in continental Europe. Our 500 lawyers, including over 100 partners, drawn from 35 different nationalities and representing 41 of the world’s bar associations, are recognised as being among the most talented specialists in all fields of national and international business law. We offer legal advice and assistance across a broad spectrum of disciplines to businesses, public and private sector institutions, investment funds and governments. Wherever we work in the world, be it Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean and Middle-East region, we guarantee our clients perfect knowledge of the local markets, regional expertise and the resources of a truly international firm. Banking & Finance Banking and Finance law is one of Gide’s key areas of expertise. Numbering some 170 lawyers in our offices throughout the world, our Banking & Finance practice offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the full spectrum of banking and finance issues faced by our clients with a focus on French, U.K. and U.S. law, complemented by local law expertise from our international network. The Banking & Finance practice consists of specialised teams from our offices around the world, each of which is considered to be a leader in its respective market: ●

Asset-Backed Finance & Securitisation

Banking & Credit - Structured Finance

Banking & financial Litigation

Capital Markets

Derivatives & Structured Products

Financial services

Islamic finance

Project finance

Members of our Banking & Finance practice advise banks, financial institutions, investment funds, insurance companies, asset managers and large corporate clients in their day-to-day transactions, as well as, with respect to judicial and disciplinary procedures. We also counsel professional associations and sovereign states in drafting local legislation and on the regulatory aspects of their activities. Both in France and internationally, Gide is ranked among the best law firms in this practice area by Chambers, Legal 500 and IFLR1000, with team members regularly mentioned as leading experts. In addition, Gide was recognised as “French Law Firm of the Year” at the IFLR Europe Awards in 2013 for its first tier expertise in banking and finance, and named “Law Firm of the Year in Finance” by American review Best Lawyers in France 2018.

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Capital Markets Lawyer of the Year in France Marc-Etienne advises financial institutions, issuers and investors on capital market transactions including debt capital markets (plain-vanilla and structured bonds, European private placements (Euro PP), EMTN programmes, hybrid securities, covered bonds, high yield, commercial paper, liability management transactions), equity capital markets (initial public offerings, secondary offerings, preferred shares, convertible and exchangeable bonds, warrants, certificates) and structured derivatives products (ISDA and FBF), including in the context of strategic operations on listed shares. Marc-Etienne is recommended as a leading lawyer in Capital Markets in Chambers Global, Chambers Europe, IFLR100 and Legal 500. He is one of the drafters of the Euro PP Charter (2014) and the Euro PP templates (notes and loan, 2016) sponsored by the Banque de France and the French Treasury and of ICMA’s European Corporate Debt Private Placement Market Guide (2016). As a member of the bond commission of Paris Europlace, he was heavily involved in the drafting of the 2017 amendments to French laws governing bond issuances. CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats Marc-Etienne Sébire Partner Rue Ancelle 2, 92522 Neuillysur-Seine Tel: +33 1 47 38 55 00

Experience: ●

CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats (2011-present)

Gide Loyrette Nouel, Paris (2007-2011)

Gide Loyrette Nouel, London (2004-2007)

Simpson Thacher and Bartlett, New York (2003-2004)

Gide Loyrette Nouel, Paris (1999-2003)

Publications: ●

Mémento Sociétés Commerciales 2018, co-auteur - Editions Francis Lefebvre (octobre 2017)

Quel régime pour les Initial Coin Offerings ? – Option Finance (septembre 2017)

La modernisation du droit des émissions obligataires et le big bang de la représentation des porteurs d’obligations – Joly Bourse (juillet 2017)

CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats As a top 10 global law firm, CMS, the organisation to which CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats belongs, is highly qualified to assist clients with their projects through its 77 offices in 43 countries worldwide. With 4,800 lawyers, CMS member firms provide clients with advice that is tailored to their local and international needs. The firm’s goal is to fully immerse itself in the business sectors in which its clients operate. Its lawyers belong to industry groups set up within CMS. This means that, in addition to their excellent technical know-how, they speak the same language as their clients. Clients get the benefit of added-value services like Law-Now which provides a digest of know-how and expertise relevant to their particular business. The firm’s webinars also allow clients to participate in training sessions without leaving their desk. To help clients manage their relationship with CMS, the firm can update them on their cases on request, including invoicing and progress reports on projects. CMS has in-depth local expertise in many jurisdictions including the world’s major decision-making centres. CMS is able to meet client needs by setting up in-country operations as required, as was recently the case in Turkey and Oman, where it established offices to support infrastructure and energy projects. CMS lawyers also belong to organisations such as CMS Lifesciences, the Asia-Pacific Network and the Africa Legal Network. The firm is committed to understanding how macro-economic trends affect clients’ businesses and, of course, to staying on top of any changes in legal and tax law. The firm is proud to be known as advisors who provide results, and not just opinions. By focusing on training its teams and understanding its clients, CMS ensures that the quality of its services is consistently high in all of the countries in which it operates. All CMS lawyers are committed to giving quality advice and providing a quality service. The firm recruits, assesses and nurtures top talent, and through regular, independent evaluations, identifies opportunities to improve its services and ensure these are disseminated to its lawyers. Capital Markets The Capital Markets team advises issuers (public and private), financial institutions and other participants on all types of capital markets transactions, including in relation to equity and equity-linked products, debt offerings and derivatives. The team advises issuers, financial institutions and other participants on all types of capital markets transactions: –  Equity and equity-linked products: initial public offerings, secondary offerings, convertible and exchangeable bonds, preference shares, certificates, warrants. –  Debt offering: plain-vanilla and structured bonds, Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) programmes, hybrid instruments (including Tier 1 and Tier 2 for financial institutions and insurance companies), covered bonds, obligations foncières, obligations de financement de l’habitat, high yield, commercial paper programmes (including French law titres de créance négociables), debt restructuring, liability management transactions. –  Derivatives: advice and assistance to clients on the regulation applicable to derivative instruments, structuring and documenting transactions, including for equity derivatives (including structured financing, hedging and monetization transactions involving forwards, options and swaps), drafting and negotiating ISDA and FBF master agreements, securities lending and repo transactions, credit derivatives. The members of the Capital Markets team have been working for a long time with regulators such as the Autorité des marchés financiers, the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel, the Banque de France, NYSE Euronext and Euroclear France, allowing an optimal and smooth treatment of the transactions by such authorities.


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Restructuring & Insolvency Awards Lawyer title of the Year in France Philippe Dubois has considerable experience in restructuring & insolvency. He advises banking and financial institutions as well as large French and foreign industrial groups in a wide range of economic sectors. His practice focuses on restructuring, litigation and arbitration in diverse areas such as shareholder disputes, indemnification agreements and liabilities. He manages the firm’s Restructuring & Insolvency and Arbitration teams. Admitted to the Paris Bar in 1994, Philippe Dubois, a doctor at law, teaches business law at the University of Paris X Nanterre. He joined the firm in 2008 as a partner. Philippe Dubois wrote “Du comité à la classe de créanciers : modalités de vote et de décision des créanciers seniors en France et aux Etats-Unis” Bulletin Joly Entreprises en Difficulté, July 2018; “La sauvegarde financière accélérée”, Revue des procédures collectives n°3, Entretien Contentieux, Décideurs Stratégie Finance Droit. De Pardieu Brocas Maffei De Pardieu Brocas Maffei

Founded in 1993, De Pardieu Brocas Maffei is one of the leading Paris-based business law firms with an international reach. The Firm currently has 150 lawyers, including 31 partners.

Philippe Dubois Partner

De Pardieu Brocas Maffei offers its clients a global service that combines synergies between its teams and strong working relationships with its referral firms abroad.

57 avenue d’Iéna - CS 11610, 75773 Paris Cedex 16 Tel: +33 1 53 57 65 19

The Firm’s clients include many major French and international industrial, financial and service corporations. The Firm’s success is the result of its ability to provide creative and sound advice, tailored to client needs, in connection with large and complex transactions. Its teams have the capabilities to support clients in France and internationally in the following principal areas of business law: ●

Banking and Finance

Capital Markets

Mergers & Acquisitions

Securities Law

Private Equity

Real Estate

Tax law

Restructuring & Insolvency

Dispute Resolution

Competition/Merger Control

Intellectual Property


Economic Public Law – Regulated industries

Employment Law

De Pardieu Brocas Maffei has a highly regarded international business practice, and has longstanding experience handling numerous major cross-border transactions. The Firm’s partners and associates have, for the most part, acquired international experience either during their studies or over the course of their careers, having frequently had the opportunity to work in other jurisdictions. In addition, De Pardieu Brocas Maffei has a solid international referral network, which it has built up over the years, and which includes law firms located in the principal international financial centers. The Firm maintains close relationships with its referral firms as a result of the work they handle together, the secondment of associates, and knowledge sharing through regular joint meetings. The Firm’s clients benefit from this international referral network, whose member firms provide high level advice regardless of the jurisdiction involved, with thorough knowledge of the local market. Generally, the Firm remains the key contact for the client and coordinates the interaction between the different jurisdictions involved. With one team and one primary contact, the Firm can seamlessly manage cross-border matters. With 150 lawyers including 31 partners, De Pardieu Brocas Maffei is structured like a true enterprise managed by professionals who are involved in client work as well as in the effective administration of the Firm. The Firm’s management is led by a Managing Partner supported by a Partner’s Committee. The Firm is organized by practice group allowing it to provide clients a breadth of experience and specific expertise in every area of business law. The Firm’s lawyers can also count on support staff who contribute to streamlining their day-to-day professional activity, and ensuring smooth and continuous client service. The support staff reports to the Managing Partner as well as the Office Manager, and includes approximately 40 employees specialized in Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, IT, Finance & Accounting, General Operations and Documentation and Information, as well as a team of legal assistants. Restructuring & Insolvency The Restructuring and Insolvency team offers a full range of advisory and litigation services in relation to companies facing financial difficulties. The team regularly advises lending institutions, investment funds, credit insurers, factors and leasing companies, in connection with the drafting and negotiating of all types of agreements, including renegotiating existing loan documentation. The team also represents listed and non-listed companies faced with financial difficulties and/or their shareholders, with respect to their reorganization or the renegotiation of their debts, with solutions ranging from mandat ad hoc/ conciliation to safeguard procedures and continuation plans. In addition, the team is regularly sought out by French and foreign industrial investors to structure and present bids on distressed companies. Furthermore, the team advises on a broad range of bankruptcy related litigation including providing assistance to the legal entities involved in the proceedings (bankruptcy judges, receivers or representatives of creditors), and represents clients before the competent administrative authorities (such as the CIRI (Interministerial Committee on Industrial Restructuring), the Ministry of the Economy and the AMF (French securities commission)).

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Tax Lawyer of the Year in France Niels Dejean is a partner Shearman & Sterling’s Tax practice. He practices in the tax law, tax controversy and dispute resolution, private equity and mergers & acquisitions areas. Niels Dejean joined the firm after practicing with a major audit firm and then with a leading French corporate law firm. During his tenure with the accounting firm, Niels Dejean spent four years as the French tax desk in New York where he became partner before returning to Paris to head their French International Tax Group. Experience: ● ●

● ●

Shearman & Sterling LLP Niels Dejean Partner 7 rue Jacques Bingen, Paris, 75017 Tel: +33 1 53 89 71 20

Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS) on the announced separation of Altice USA from Altice N.V. (Europe). Ardagh Group S.A. in connection with its acquisition of beverage can manufacturing assets and support locations in Europe, Brazil and the United States from manufacturing giants Ball Corporation and Rexam for $3.42bn. The Coca-Cola Company in connection with various on-going tax matters The Management of Sagemcom group in connection with the purchase of a majority stake by Charterhouse to the Carlyle Group. Unibail-Rodamco on its proposed $25 billion acquisition of Westfield Corporation.

Shearman & Sterling Shearman & Sterling represents many of the world’s leading corporations and major financial institutions, as well as emerging growth companies, governments and state-owned enterprises, often working on ground-breaking, precedent-setting matters. The firm has over 850 lawyers around the world speaking more than 60 languages and practicing U.S., English, French, German, Italian, Hong Kong, OHADA and Saudi law. Shearman & Sterling was one of the first international firms to expand into Europe, with Paris and London offices opening in 1963 and 1972. In addition to working on local and pan-European matters, the firm’s European offices serve as a hub for much of its cross-border work, advising European clients as they expand their business operations globally, as well as clients from all parts of the world looking to invest into Europe. With over 300 lawyers in Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris and Rome, Shearman & Sterling has a deep understanding of the European capital markets, the industries clients operate in and the broader European business landscape. The firm’s multilingual lawyers understand the intricacies of the many legal systems across Europe and the complex corporate laws that govern cross-border transactions. This knowledge and commercial acumen helps clients achieve their objectives. Ranking among the leading advisors in domestic and international tax, Shearman & Sterling’s Tax practice plays an integral role in the firm’s corporate and cross-border practice and provides tax capability in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Clients regularly entrust Shearman & Sterling with their most complex and strategic tax matters, resulting in the firm’s involvement in ground breaking transactions throughout the world. The team also advise clients with respect to a full range of tax controversies and disputes. The combination of extensive experience and global presence enables Shearman & Sterling to provide clients with swift, coordinated and effective advice on a variety of tax issues in multiple jurisdictions. By establishing a wide base of technical knowledge, experience and understanding of each client’s needs, the team advises clients on their most critical tax matters, including reducing overall tax costs and developing tax-efficient investment and operating structures. Clients rely on the firm’s tax planning at every stage of a transaction, from early planning to successful conclusion, and recognize and appreciate the team’s creativity in solving complex tax issues, both local and cross-border. The firm’s tax capabilities include: Mergers and Acquisitions, Spin-offs and Joint Ventures: Shearman & Sterling guides clients through all types of U.S. and cross-border transactions including mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures and dispositions. Equity Offerings and Debt Financings: Advising many of the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions, the firm successfully helps clients navigate through offerings in multiple jurisdictions. Financial Products and Derivatives: Shearman & Sterling is active in the development of financial transactions, including hybrid securities and complex securitizations. Private Equity Transactions, Including Take-Private Transactions: Clients turn to Shearman & Sterling for assistance in structuring and executing private equity acquisition transactions, including taking into account fund issues, as well as management or shareholder take-private transactions. Debt-Equity Swaps, Recapitalizations, Restructurings and Distressed Loan Transactions: The firm represents entities and financial institutions and other investors in transactions involving workouts and other recapitalization and refinancing transactions. International Tax Structuring: Multinational clients rely on Shearman & Sterling to help structure their global operations in a tax-efficient manner, taking into account the tax and other rules of multiple jurisdictions. Real Estate and REITs: The firm advises clients in real estate transactions, including uses of public and private REITs, as well as planning for investing in U.S. real property by non-U.S. investors. Tax Controversy and Litigation: Shearman & Sterling advises clients on disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, both before the agency and in court. Upstream/Midstream Oil & Gas Tax: The firm represents independent oil and gas exploration and production companies, midstream oil and gas infrastructure developers, and energy-sector private equity firms on tax matters concerning the acquisition, development, and divestiture of oil and gas interests and midstream infrastructure assets.


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Capital Markets Lawyer Awardsoftitle the Year in Germany Dr. Alexander Lentz is a member of the corporate finance team focusing on capital market transactions, with particular expertise in high-yield bond offerings and leveraged finance deals. In the last several years, Mr. Lentz has advised corporate (in various industries), sponsor, and investment banking clients on various high-yield bond, leveraged, and other financing transactions with particular focus on the DACH region. Prior to joining the firm in 2010, Mr. Lentz was an associate for three years at another US law firm. Mr. Lentz advises on: ●

Latham & Watkins Alexander Lentz Partner Die Welle, Reuterweg 20, 60323 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49.69.6062.6608

Complex high-yield bond transactions (both under US and German law), including related liability management transactions

Commitment papers for bridge-to-bond financing transactions

P2P financing transactions

‘Cross-over’ bonds (e.g., in the real estate sector in the DACH region)

High-yield bond advise in restructuring context

Latham & Watkins Latham is dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve their business goals and overcome legal challenges anywhere in the world. From a global platform spanning 14 countries, Latham lawyers help clients succeed. Latham is committed to helping clients achieve their business strategies and providing outstanding legal services around the world. Clients depend on the firm to find innovative solutions to complex business issues, and Latham lawyers leverage the firm’s global platform to help clients handle these challenges. Latham is a single, integrated partnership focused on providing the most collaborative approach to client service. The firm offers: ●

Deep experience in successful enterprise-transforming transactions and in defending bet-the-company controversies

A solutions-based approach, providing innovative and sound commercial advice

Optimally sized teams that provide cost-effective and high-quality services

A culture geared toward establishing and nurturing long-term client relationships

Latham has over 3,000 lawyers across a global platform spanning 14 countries. Latham lawyers speak more than 60 languages It is a truly a “one-firm” firm – Latham has no headquarters, and firm management is spread throughout the world, allowing Latham to service clients with the best-suited teams regardless of location. The firm has more than 60 international practice groups and industry teams. Latham lawyers and professional staff performed approximately 260,000 of pro bono legal services globally, valued at over US$208 million, in 2020. Between 2000 and 2020, Latham provided almost 4 million pro bono hours in free legal services to underserved individuals and families and the nonprofit sector valued at more than US$2 billion. The firm is a signatory to Pro Bono Institute’s global Law Firm Pro Bono Challenge. The Women Enriching Business (WEB) Committee promotes the long-term success of women lawyers and executives around the globe, and empowers them to become industry leaders. Since its founding more than a decade ago, WEB has held more than 700 successful events throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Latham’s global program seeks to reduce its environmental impact, conserve natural resources and energy, and operate in a sustainable and cost-effective manner The firm’s Vendor Code of Conduct helps ensure that the companies and individuals supplying goods or services to our firm uphold sustainable and ethical practices to the fullest extent permitted by law. Capital Markets Latham’s Capital Markets Practice helps clients raise billions of dollars each year through all forms of securities products. As global leaders with a preeminent reputation, the firm serves issuers, private equity investors, and investment banks in all major global financial centers, and is consistently ranked at the top of the league tables for both the volume and value of its work. Latham’s capital markets brand is synonymous with thought leadership and innovation. The firm combines its market-leading experience with its innovative and collaborative culture to pioneer new deal structures and capital markets solutions. The firm has navigated clients through new ways of accessing the public markets, such as through direct listing. The firm has also developed alternatives to raising funds in debt and equity capital markets for the purpose of funding strategic investments and acquisitions. Latham’s long-established skill navigating dynamic markets and the associated complex overlapping regulations gives its clients the confidence and guidance they need to accomplish any type of capital raising, in any jurisdiction, across any border, in any industry. The Capital Markets Practice draws exceptional support from Latham’s “National Office,” a centralized team of former SEC senior officials and experienced capital markets lawyers located in Washington, D.C. Bolstered by its National Office, the firm has an unparalleled ability to deliver sophisticated advice in real time on the toughest securities and listing issues clients face. From IPOs to derivatives, high yield bonds to direct listings, Latham is the go-to source for capital markets advice. The firm partners with clients across all sectors of the economy on their most complicated transactions. And long after the capital raising is complete, Latham capital markets lawyers leverage the firm’s global platform to support clients’ growth and success.

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Employment Lawyer of the Year in Germany On the evidence of the relevant ranking guides and business publications (JUVE, Legal 500, Chambers, Best Lawyers, Who’s Who Legal etc.), Michael Kliemt is one of the leading employment lawyers in Germany. He advises international and national enterprises on all facets of employment law. He has an enormous wealth of experience in consultancy on restructurings; transformation, outsourcing and integration projects; flexibilisation, simplification and optimisation of employment conditions (above all working hours, remuneration) and the implementation of IT systems. In this work, he undertakes both the strategic conceptual design and also the negotiations with trade unions and works councils on collective agreements (above all company wage agreement, membership without commitment to collective agreement, change in pay rates), reconciliation of interests, social compensation plan, transfer agreements and works agreements, and also the implementation of these measures and conducting proceedings before conciliation bodies. At the same time he regularly accompanies complex compliance and whistleblower cases.

Kliemt.ARBEITSRECHT Prof Dr Michael Kliemt Partner Spedition­straße 21, 40221 Dusseldorf Tel: +49 (0) 211 88288-115

A further central interest of Michael Kliemt’s is advising board members, directors and supervisory boards on entering into, renewing and terminating service contracts, including all questions of liability of company officers and representative bodies (for example conducting and defending damages proceedings for officers’ and directors’ liability). He has acted as an arbitrator on a large number of important arbitration proceedings. The JUVE directory has for many years described Michael Kliemt as one of the “leading names in senior executive consultancy”. Bio ●

Attorney since 1995, Certified Employment Law Specialist since 1999

2002 Founding partner of KLIEMT.HR Lawyers

1997 Partner with Clifford Chance, one of the largest international law firms. Founded their Düsseldorf office and development and head of the employment-law department

Previously partner with Wessing Berenberg-Gossler Zimmermann Lange (today: Taylor Wessing)

Honorary professor for employment law, Saarland University, since 2006

Doctorate on the topic of formal requirements in employment law 1995 under Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter Hanau in Cologne Academic research assistant at the chair of the well-known employment-law specialists Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter Hanau in Cologne and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulrich Preis in Hagen Law studies at Cologne University

Languages ●



Kliemt.ARBEITSRECHT Kliemt.ARBEITSRECHT is Germany’s leading specialist firm for employment law. Clients can rely on the know-how of approximately 65 top-qualified attorneys. Employment law is more than routine for the firm: it sets standards for the market. The firm promises professional excellence. Its attorneys have outstanding knowledge and experience in employment law and continue to work on their legal skills no matter how many years they have been in practice. Relying on their great experience, they always have an eye for the essentials and they give prompt and effective advice, even in complex or cross-border projects. The firm’s maxim is entrepreneurial thinking. Over and above its legal expertise, clients profit from its specialist attorneys’ wide-ranging understanding of business management. The firm pays particular attention to this in their ongoing internal professional training. This broad knowledge enables the firm to prepare pragmatic and cost-efficient solutions, always tailor-made for a specific client. The firm’s style is ongoing and personal attention. It works in teams, individually assembled for each client, national and international. The team is particularly interested in a long-term partnership with clients, one in which mutual trust and respect are the central values. The firm’s focus is the client. The team advises enterprises of all sizes and in all sectors and also board members, directors and top executives. And with its transaction teams the firm is a valued partner for commercial law firms and niche corporate law firms. Kliemt.ARBEITSRECHT accompanies its clients not only within Germany, but also through all multi-national challenges with a HR aspect. Through its membership of Ius Laboris the firm guarantees first-class advice and litigation - irrespective of what part of the world a client’s problem leads them to. More than 1,400 lawyers specialising in employment law operate under the Jus Laboris umbrella in member firms from over 50 countries and a further 65 associated firms. Together with its partner law firms, Kliemt. ARBEITSRECHT offers specialised legal advice and litigation worldwide, inter alia on employee data protection law, international assignment, residence and aliens law, occupational pensions, compliance, discrimination, professional ethics guidelines, restructuring, social security law and remuneration design. Kliemt.ARBEITSRECHT works together only with the best. All Ius Laboris member firms have excellent reputations in their own countries. In international rankings such as Legal 500, Chambers und Practical Law they are among the best employment-law firms in their countries. These firms are deeply entrenched in their local markets and therefore they have a thorough understanding of their local legal cultures. But at the same time their thinking is international and they bring a great deal of experience to the handling of international projects and cross-border matters. According to international rankings, Ius Laboris contains more than 20% more recommended employment-law specialists than any other employment-law grouping in the world. Ius Laboris therefore combines first-class employment-law specialisation with a high degree of international experience, without any superfluous overhead.


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Energy & Infrastructure Awards Lawyer title of the Year in Germany Carla Luh leads Hogan Lovells’ Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects Practice Group in Germany and focuses on infrastructure finance, project finance and PPP. She advises lenders, sponsors, borrowers and investors on a wide range of international and domestic transactions. With many years’ experience in drafting and negotiating project finance documentation she is the right person for advice in relation to complex infrastructure and energy projects. She brings extensive experience in the following sectors: renewables (onshore and offshore wind, solar), roads and social infrastructure.

Hogan Lovells International LLP Dr. Carla Luh Partner Alstertor 21, 20095 Hamburg Tel: +49 40 419 93 0

She is regularly recognized and recommended for her work by numerous leading lawyer handbooks. The international legal directory Best Lawyers for example includes her in the very few Best Lawyers in “Project Finance and Project Development” in Germany since 2014. Legal 500 Germany 2021 writes: “The team led by Carla Luh excels in many ways. In addition to detailed knowledge of the transaction, Carla also brings her enthusiasm to the table. If for some reason the negotiations reach a dead end, Carla leads the banking syndicate with very creative solutions.” Legal Germany 2021 adds: “Carla Luh has unique leadership skills. In addition to her deep knowledge of the transaction, she also contributes in a very constructive way. Carla Luh leads an outstanding team, including Amy Bruland and Marco Weibrecht, who are both exceptional. Carla Luh is different from partners in other law firms in a positive sense. Great knowledge of transactions and incredible drive.” Representative experience: ●

● ●

Advising the sponsors on the successful bidding process and financial close for the Umm Al-Hayman PPP project, one of the world’s largest wastewater projects. (Winner of the PFI Award 2020). Advising EIB and LBBW on all aspects of the project financing of four wind farms in Poland. Advising GöTel GmbH on the financing of a fiber network expansion with Hamburg Commercial AG in North and Central Germany. Advising Silenos on the project financing of the geothermal power plant “Bruck” located in Southern Germany. Advising Northland Power Inc. and Yushan Energy Company Ltd. on the project development of the offshore wind farm Hai Long in Taiwan.

Advising the Starwind Consortium on the project financing of the offshore wind farm Yunlin.

Advising international debt funds on the mezzanine financing of a large retail property in Germany.

Advising the financing banks/investors of a sponsor on the ongoing series of A-models of the new generation.

Advising the financing banks on the refinancing of a waste-to-energy project.

Advising Northland Power on the acquisition and project financing of the offshore wind farm Deutsche Bucht.

Advising the offshore wind farm Merkur on project financing.

Advising a bank on the financing of offshore wind farm projects in Germany.

Advising DZ Bank AG on a leasing financing for the construction of a logistics center.

Advising Nord/LB on the financing of an onshore wind farm in Sweden.

Advising HSH Nordbank AG (now Hamburg Commercial Bank AG) on the financing of an onshore wind farm in Ireland.

Advising Dekabank on the refinancing of the PPP project Zeughausareal Burgdorf in Switzerland.

Advising the financing bank on the acquisition and refinancing of a portfolio of 18 wind farms.

Hogan Lovells Hamburg Hogan Lovells in Hamburg offers clients a full range of legal services. The firm advises DAX, MDAX, TecDAX, FTSE 100, and Fortune 500 companies. The firm also works with small- to- medium-sized companies in the Hamburg region. The office combines a strong and traditional trademark and competition law practice with state-of-the-art energy law advice. In addition, it advises on employment, public procurement, real estate and corporate law as well as on project financing. When advising on trademark matters, the Hamburg office works closely with the firm’s office in Alicante, the seat of the European trademarks and designs office. Its lawyers have comprehensive industry knowledge in the fields of energy, consumer and luxury goods, health care, life sciences, telecommunications, IT, retail, and media and technology. They solve clients’ toughest legal problems by bringing the right people together, working as part of the client’s team. Infrastructure, Energy, Resources, and Projects Hogan Lovells covers all transactional aspects of a project’s lifespan including greenfield development, PPP, M&A, project contracts, financing, secondaries, refinancing, restructuring, and funds. The IERP group continues to grow and its offering is unique: the team is strong across all regions, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, and APME. They have seen and done it all. In recent years, the global team has advised on more than US$250 billion of closed infrastructure deals. The team works on the largest global projects. The IERP group has one of the biggest dedicated global teams that operates out of 18 offices and focuses solely on the sectors that we service. Legal practitioners who understand the market and your business - many of whom have worked in-house. Hogan Lovells appreciates the commercial drivers: no team is better qualified to help you.

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IT & Data Protection Lawyer of the Year in Germany Detlev is a partner in the Frankfurt office and head of the Firm’s Data, Privacy & Cyber Security Practice. His practice focuses on the areas of data protection and technology law. Detlev advises multinational clients on a broad range of data protection and data security matters, including European and German data protection law compliance, international data transfers and information governance issues. In the technology area, he counsels clients on large information technology and business process outsourcing arrangements, cloud-based contracts, software license and development agreements, and digitization initiatives. White & Case LLP Dr. Detlev Gabel Partner Bockenheimer Landstraße 20, 60323 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49 69 29994 0

He frequently publishes and speaks on topics relating to the aforementioned areas. Notably, he is the co-editor and co-author of highly regarded treatises on data protection law and cyber security law, and used to lecture for almost 10 years on data protection law at the University of Oldenburg, Germany, in a course leading to a Master of IT Law. Bars and Courts: Rechtsanwalt Fachanwalt für Informationstechnologierecht Education: Dr jur – University of Heidelberg Second State Exam – Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart First State Exam – University of Heidelberg Languages: German English White & Case Germany Germany is an innovation-driven business and investment market. In this challenging and dynamic environment, White & Case is represented by lawyers, tax consultants and notaries at offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. As one of the world’s leading corporate law firms, White & Case are at home in both national and international commercial law. The firm understands what moves industry and decision makers, thus anticipating the complex challenges that leading businesses and financial institutions face every day. As consultants, White & Case creates efficient and innovative solutions – together with its clients. The work with clients is a collaboration based on partnership and mutual trust. Building lasting relationships is an essential aspect of how White & Case does business. The firm has a 150-year history of legal advice in Germany – and it is proud of the fact that it has been successfully working together with many clients for decades. For White & Case, competent consulting is about more than just outstanding professional insight – the successful work the firm does for its clients is based on common goals, constructive dialogues and a high level of personal commitment. White & Case is able to solve sophisticated challenges anywhere its clients do business. The firm’s global network and its expert knowledge of local markets make this possible.


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Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity The frictionless flow of information is a defining feature of today’s information economy. The ability to transfer customer data, employee files, financial records, and other information around the globe quickly and cheaply has opened up a world of opportunity for many businesses. It also presents a new world of risks. The potential for misuse of sensitive personal information has triggered legislative and regulatory action worldwide - the risks are high. Privacy laws are continually evolving, vary by jurisdiction, are interpreted unpredictably, and are in a constant state of flux. Even the most well-meaning, conscientious company can make a false step as it captures, uses, transfers and discloses personal information. The same applies to cybersecurity, which is becoming increasingly complex. The consequences can be serious: heavy fines, injunctions, government audits, even criminal liability. Perhaps more importantly, companies that run counter to privacy and cybersecurity standards find themselves open to negative media attention and the immeasurable damage of lost consumer trust and confidence. These risks have led a growing number of multinational companies to turn to White & Case’s global data privacy and cybersecurity group for help in adopting sound privacy and security practices, ensuring regulatory and legal compliance, and protecting their competitive advantage. With one of the largest and most experienced data privacy and cybersecurity groups in the world, White & Case’s global team is on hand to guide clients through the relevant data protection legislation in the jurisdictions in which they are active. Seamlessly working with their counterparts in other practice areas, the firm’s global team has the depth of resources to provide integrated, creative and practical advice on the privacy-related concerns faced by its clients, wherever they are located. White & Case’s experience spans the full range of industry sectors including financial institutions and banking, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, construction and engineering, consumer goods and retail, automotive, hotels and leisure, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing and electronics, publishing and media. Specific data privacy and cybersecurity services the firm provides for our clients include: ●

Cross-border data transfer (both intra-group and with third parties) Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) and APEC CrossBorder Privacy Rules System

Privacy and cybersecurity policies

Privacy and cybersecurity audits

Data security breach preparedness and response

Privacy-related claims and disputes

Privacy statements for online activities

Employee privacy

Financial privacy

Healthcare privacy

Marketing policies

Privacy and cybersecurity aspects of cloud computing and other sourcing arrangements

Data processing and data transfer agreements

Privacy aspects of investigations and e-discovery

Due diligence and warranty negotiation for M&A

M&A LawyerAwards of the Year title in Germany Dr. Heiko Gotsche is a partner in the Firm’s Dusseldorf office. He has extensive experience in advising clients on domestic and cross-border M&A transactions as well as on corporate law matters. Prior to joining Baker McKenzie, Heiko worked for the Dusseldorf, London and Frankfurt offices of Hengeler Mueller. He is ranked by JUVE and Legal 500 as frequently recommended lawyer in the area of M&A. JUVE describes him as a “top performer”. Heiko’s practice focuses on public and private M&A transactions, corporate law matters and reorganizations. He advises German and international clients, including listed as well as family-owned companies, private equity investors, financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals. Representative legal matters: ● ●

Baker & McKenzie Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten und Steuerberatern mbB Dr. Heiko Gotsche LL.M. Partner Neuer Zollhof 2, 40221 Dusseldorf, Germany Tel: +49 211 3 11 16 127

Advised Bayer on the sale of its majority stake in Currenta to Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA). Advised METRO on various transactions such as the sale of its majority interest in METRO China to Wumei Technology Group and the implementation of an IT partnership with Wipro Limited.

Advised Accenture on several acquisitions, including Mackevision, designaffairs, Zielpuls and SALT Solutions.

Advised Paragon Partners on the acquisition of Castolin Eutectic from Messer Group.

Advised Deutsche Beteiligungs AG on the acquisitions of Kraft & Bauer and congatec.

Advised Permira/GFKL Lowell on acquisitions of Tesch Group and IS Group Management.

Advised Grünenthal on the acquisition of Adhesys Medical Group.

Advised ZF Friedrichshafen on the sale of Cherry business unit.

Advised Tengelmann on the reorganisation of its business in Eastern Europe.

Advised owners of Fragrance Resources on the sale to IFF.

Professional honors: ●

Best Lawyer in Germany for Private Equity Law, Best Lawyers 2021

Next generation partners in corporate and M&A: M&A: mid-sized deals, Legal 500 Europe 2021

40 under 40, Juve, 2019

Name of the next generation - M&A national and international mid-cap deals, Legal 500 Germany | 2018 -2020

Professional associations and memberships: ●

German Bar Association - Member

VGR-Gesellschaftsrechtliche Vereinigung - Member

Baker & McKenzie Germany Baker & McKenzie’s Germany lawyers work on some of the most significant matters in Europe, including German auto parts manufacturer ZF’s acquisition of Bosch Rexroth’s gearbox division and representing Steag and EVN during arbitration proceedings related to the construction of an €820 million power plant in Duisburg. The team also helped German industrial company ThyssenKrupp standardize its employment contracts and transfer agreements in more than 30 countries. With more than 200 lawyers across our Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Dusseldorf offices, Baker & McKenzie is the go-to firm for German companies, multinationals and financial institutions seeking domestic and cross-border advice in Corporate Law, M&A, Tax, Dispute Resolution, and Banking and Finance. The quality of the firm’s work is reflected in the recognition it receives within the legal community. The firm’s Antitrust & Competition and Banking & Finance practices won the International Law Office’s 2016 Client Choice Awards for their commitment to client excellence. Baker & McKenzie are also market leaders in Employment and IT & Communications, and advise clients based in China on their investment activities in Germany. With its entrepreneurial spirit and efficient project management, the firm helps clients overcome business and legal challenges and execute their global growth strategies. Mergers & Acquisitions M&A is often the quickest, most efficient way for companies to transform their businesses, whether it be through purchasing or divesting products, service lines, technology or supply chains, as well as entering or exiting particular markets. Because of the pressures of globalization, companies around the world will continue to pursue these transactions to remain profitable and innovative regardless of market trends and economic fluctuations. Yet the challenges of these transactions are many, particularly in cross-border deals involving high-growth markets where regulatory environments and business practices vary. Buyers today are concerned with questions such as, Have we done adequate due diligence? To what extent are we assuming compliance or reputational risk? Can we get merger clearance? Do we have the right deal timetable? Will we be able to effectively integrate the target? Sellers face similar preparation, regulatory and antitrust challenges that require expert counsel. As the world’s largest M&A practice, Baker & McKenzie’s 1,300 lawyers execute more cross-border transactions than any other law firm, gaining the experience and expertise so critical to helping clients mitigate risk and achieve their goals in industries including healthcare, retail, industrials, insurance, food and beverage, and technology. For more than a decade, the firm has ranked number one for M&A in emerging markets by deal volume. Nearly every day the firm closes a deal somewhere in the world, and the way it approach transactions demonstrates its experience. Baker & McKenzie’s lawyers assist their clients through all stages of a transaction, from preparing the business for sale or performing due diligence, to negotiating the purchase agreement, coordinating the closing across multiple jurisdictions, and integrating the operations of the resulting business. From deal inception to business integration, Baker & McKenzie helps clients bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement

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Maritime Lawyer of the Year in Germany With extensive experience in advising and representing clients in English legal matters from Hamburg, Dharshini focuses her legal expertise on Commercial and Shipping law representing clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings before the English courts and arbitration Tribunals. She regularly advises clients in relation to drafting and negotiating international commercial contracts be it sale, design, service or construction contracts. She also deals with all aspects of dry and wet shipping, to include Charterparty and Bills of Lading disputes, cargo claims, shipbuilding/construction disputes and maritime casualties – assisting clients in emergency response and ensuing court or arbitration proceedings. Recent work: ●

Fleet Hamburg Dharshini Bandara Barrister Willy-Brandt-Straße 57, 20457 Hamburg Tel: +49 (40) 5 700 70 250

Co-ordinating the emergency response and advising Charterers and their underwriters in relation to a casualty of a multi – purpose vessel off German waters, and representing clients in London arbitration London High Court Proceedings in relation to a dispute under a European distribution agreement for a manufacturer and trader of chemical products

London arbitration proceedings defending claims for damage to hull of a vessel carrying a cargo of Sulphur

Drafting supply of services and design contracts for a leading machinery manufacturer

Appraisals: ●

● ●

Dharshini Bandara has been recognized as one of the “Leading Individuals“ for Maritime and Shipping (Legal 500, 2020). Dharshini Bandara is an English-qualified solicitor who is highly active for German clients. She regularly represents ship owners and insurers in international arbitration proceedings connected to a variety of disputes, such as charter parties, ship building contracts and wetting damage. (Chamber and Partners, 2020) Dharshini Bandara has been recognized as one of the “Next generation lawyers” for Maritime and Shipping (Legal 500, 2019) Dharshini Bandara “is always available in emergencies”. (Legal500, 2017) Dharshini Bandara, who is admitted as a barrister in England and Wales is recommended for her Assertiveness. (Legal 500, 2016) Dharshini Bandara was recognized as “Maritime Arbitration - Lawyer of the Year - Germany” at the Finance Monthly Law Awards 2018. Dharshini Bandara has received the ” FINANCE MONTHLY GLOBAL AWARDS 2018” and is as “SECTOR WINNER“ Maritime Arbitration Lawyer of the Year, Germany. (Finance Monthly 2018) Dharshini Bandara won the Lawyer Monthly – Women in Law 2016 Award for her “outstanding legal expertise and contribution within the practice area of Shipping & Maritime Lawyer”. (Lawyer Monthly, 2016)

Memberships: ●

International Bar Association – IBA

London Maritime Arbitration Association – LMAA

German Maritime Arbitration Association – GMAA

Women’s International Shipping &Trading Association Germany e.V. -WISTA

Education and employment record: Since 2011: (Founding-) Partner, FLEET HAMBURG 2002-2011: Associate/ Senior Associate Ince & Co 2001-2002: Institute of Maritime Law, Southampton 2000: Pupillage – Goldsmith Building Chambers, London/ Royal Yatching Association Southampton 1999: Called to the Bar of England and Wales 1996-1998: LL.B and LL.M from the University of Buckingham, England Fleet Hamburg Fleet Hamburg is a team of German and English lawyers specialised in international commercial law and all legal issues relevant to the maritime industry. We guarantee clear, efficient and cost-conscious legal support, before German and English courts and International Arbitration panels. In new projects, we will assist you with difficult contractual negotiations. We draft contracts with the aim of creating long-lasting and sustainable business relationships. We analyse your legal risks and advise you on your options for action. In contentious matters, we assist in negotiations with the other side. Our lawyers represent your interests in both Germany and England, in court or arbitration proceedings, and in mediations. We have a network of excellent correspondent lawyers from around the world who are able to assist us when necessary. The firm’s clients are mainly active in international trade, shipping, engineering, and in the energy and offshore industries. Traders, producers, suppliers, shipping companies, charterers, operators, P & I clubs and insurers, all benefit from our services. FLEET HAMBURG advises its international and domestic clients comprehensively in all German and English legal issues within the commercial sphere. In the shipping sector, FLEET HAMBURG has, among other things, proven expertise in the following areas:


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Bills of Lading


Casualties at sea

Corporate and restructuring

Management contracts

Sales & Purchase

Shipbuilding & repairs

Maritime tourism

Marine insurance

Real Estate Lawyer Awards of the title Year in Germany

Greenberg Traurig Germany Dr. Christian Schede Partner/Shareholder The WESTLIGHT, Budapester Str. 35, 10787 Berlin Tel: +49 30.700.171.120

Christian Schede is Co-Chair of the firm’s global Real Estate Practice of Greenberg Traurig and Founding Chairman Germany. He focuses on complex M&A transactions in real estate, infrastructure and related financings as well as project developments.



Christian’s experience covers all real estate asset classes as well as projects in the energy and transportation sectors. His expertise includes advising on joint ventures, investment management platforms, and restructuring of property and infrastructure investments. Christian represents major national and international institutional investors, private equity funds, real estate companies and infrastructure funds as well as financiers, developers, investment managers and government bodies.


Christian is recognized by several legal directories as a leading lawyer in his field, ranked Tier 1 for Real Estate by Chambers and Legal 500 and among the leading senior partners in the German real estate market by JUVE. He was awarded “Lawyer of the Year” for Real Estate Law by Handelsblatt / Best Lawyers several times. He is perceived as a “top lawyer” and “expert in his field” (Chambers Europe, 2021), “competent, focused and very cooperative” (JUVE, 2021), a “top-dealmaker” and “leading person in the real estate industry” with “high emotional intelligence for both situations and people” (The Legal 500, 2021). Christian frequently speaks at leading real estate industry events. Prior to Greenberg Traurig, Christian used to be Managing Partner at Olswang and was a Partner in the Real Estate Group at Freshfields. Christian is regularly published in trade magazines and legal press, and frequently speaks on real estate market topics. ●

“PPP Contract Models, in: Praxishandbuch Public Private Partnership”, C.H. Beck, 1st ed. 2006, 2nd ed., 2017 “Changes in Real Estate Tax Law in 2010“, Immobilien Jahrbuch 2010, Co-author “The ‘Trondheim Provision’ in the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement: Does this ‘major revision’ live up to the needs of the private sector?”, Public Procurement Law Review, 1996 “The Strengthening of the Multilateral System, Article 23 of the WTO Dispute Settlement Understanding”, World Competition, Law and Economics Review, 1996 “Bundesrat und Europäische Union – Die Beteiligung des Bundesrates nach dem neuen Artikel 23 des Grundgesetzes“, Schriften zum Staats- und Völkerrecht, Peter Lang, 1994

Concentrations: ●

Corporate/M&A and joint ventures

Real estate transactions

Real estate financings and restructurings

Project developments and infrastructure projects

Investment regulations

Digital real estate



Greenberg Traurig Greenberg Traurig, LLP (GT), has approximately 2200 attorneys in 40 locations in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. GT has been recognized for its philanthropic giving, diversity, and innovation, and is consistently among the largest firms in the U.S. on the Law360 400 and among the Top 20 on the Am Law Global 100. Greenberg Traurig’s dynamic team of 75 attorneys in Germany is at home in the international business arena and advises national and international clients on their most significant transactions, litigations and other projects. Greenberg Traurig (GT) Germany employs an integrated service approach: the firm combines legal experience in the areas of corporate, financing, litigation, tax, regulatory, employment and business law with profound knowledge of the real estate, technology & telecommunications, media & entertainment, and infrastructure sectors. The firm bridges diverse legal systems and cultures and develop strategies geared to both the client’s individual needs and the requirements of the respective markets. The service unit GT Restructuring is an entity of the German office that specializes in restructuring and reorganizing processes as well as insolvency administration. In Berlin the firm offers a highly efficient notary office that provides the entire range of notary services. Real Estate Greenberg Traurig’s Real Estate Practice is a cornerstone of the firm and a recognized leader in the industry. More than 450 real estate attorneys from around the world serve clients from key markets in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Property developers, lenders, investment managers, private equity funds, REITs, operators, joint ventures, sovereign wealth funds, international developers, and private owners look to Greenberg Traurig for diversified and broad legal services. The firm applies its skills to the full cycle of a real estate deal, providing a holistic approach for its clients. Greenberg Traurig handles property acquisition and investment, development, management and leasing, financing, restructuring, and disposition of all asset classes of real estate. The firm advises on a broad spectrum of commercial, recreational, and residential real estate, including structured equity, structured debt, and hybrid structures. The firm has a skilled hospitality legal team, including attorneys who have pioneered major developments within the industry.

Education: ●

LL.M., Georgetown University, Washington, D.C./ USA, 1996 Second Legal State Exam, Second Legal State Exam, Bamberg/Germany, 1995 Dr. iur., Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg/ Germany, 1994 Stagiaire, European Commission, Cabinet Schmidhuber, GD XXIII, Brussels/Belgium, 1994 First Legal State Exam, Julius-MaximiliansUniversität Würzburg/Germany, First Legal State Exam, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg/ Germany, 1992

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Capital Markets Lawyer of the Year in Greece “I have had the opportunity to see the firm develop and grow with it. It is rewarding that we have created a work ethic based on solidarity and a support structure - to see our lawyers’ progress in an environment which is unique for Greece.” George is a dedicated expert in the field of banking, capital markets and real estate. He has played a pivotal role in the recent development of the Greek banking sector, contributing to the redrafting of the HFSF law, which paved the way for the 2013 bank recapitalizations as well as participating in many of the mergers and acquisitions which consolidated the sector. His finance practice includes advising clients, mainly banks, on their entry into syndicated loans, bond loans and restructurings, including voluntary and Article 99 processes. He has considerable experience in tender offers, rights issues and merger and acquisition transactions, with a focus on listed companies and privatizations. George has a broad expertise in the area of Real Estate, advising on traditional asset acquisitions, as well as complex structurings and financings. He has acted in many of the landmark real estate transactions which have occurred over the last few of years. POTAMITISVEKRIS George Bersis Co-Managing Partner 9 Neofytou Vamva str., 10674 Athens Tel: +30 210 3380000

George is a lecturer in corporate governance at Piraeus University. He previously taught at Alba University and at the Athens Exchange Training Centre on securities and derivatives issues. Recent cases: ●

● ●

Acted as legal advisors for the LBO and tender offer regarding the acquisition of the minority shares of a listed company, active in the telephone information sector. The squeeze out and delisting threshold was not achieved but the bidder reached an 89% stake in the listed entity. Advised a listed company, active in the real estate development sector, regarding a tender offer for its shares’ acquisition. Acted as legal advisors to one of the largest investors in the RES sector in Greece for the share capital increase and the disposal of the new shares through private placement, for a total price of approximately €70m, to international funds. Advised one of the largest investment management organisations located in the US for the regulatory issues arising from is acquisition of qualifying holdings in Greece’s regulated entities. Advised a credit institution for the financing of a leading listed gaming company in Greece. Acted as legal advisor to the joint coordinators and bookrunners for the public offering of €150m bonds listed on ATHEX, certified by the Climate Bond Initiative. Advised a member of the Alpha Bank SA group of companies in the banking sector on the sale of a company to a listed REIC and a real estate and development group of companies. The company owns a property of approximately 11,400 square meters in Chania, Crete. The total value of the transaction was approximately €8.7m.

POTAMITISVEKRIS POTAMITISVEKRIS is a broad commercial law practice based in Athens and operating across South-East Europe. It is currently one of the largest firms in Greece, with a significant market presence and recognised for its expertise in the areas in which it practices. The firm, based on the twin pillars of advisory and dispute resolution work, is broadly recognised for its excellence in a number of practice areas and industries each headed by some of Greece’s most prominent legal practitioners. Combining an international outlook with in depth local knowledge and legal learning with a commitment to problem solving, POTAMITISVEKRIS reflects its principals’ ambitions to bring the provision of legal services in Greece to a new level of competence, quality of service and integrity. Banking, Finance & Capital Markets The entire Banking, Finance and Capital Markets industry is undergoing radical and transformational times with new regulations constantly being deployed and a strong consolidation in banking group activities taking place. Alternative investment and financing schemes require increasing legal support, either as a result of the introduction of new regulations or because of escalated activity. POTAMITISVEKRIS’ banking team has a consistent and successful track record of advising on some of the most significant and innovative transactions in the market and is widely recognized as one of the leaders in this field. The firm offers comprehensive services, ranging from the establishment of banking activities and qualifying holding acquisitions and banking M&A and compliance, to traditional banking, financing and restructuring of loans. In addition, the firm advises on the entire spectrum of capital markets, including tender offers, securities listings, investment services and fund management. POTAMITISVEKRIS’ clients include Greek and foreign commercial and investment banking institutions, institutional lenders and investors, as well as private equity funds, hedge funds, strategic buyers, borrowers and issuers of securities. The team combines its extensive knowledge of the relevant industry with POTAMITISVEKRIS’ business orientated and practical approach to matters. The firm also works with attorneys in its Corporate and Mergers & Acquisitions, EU, Competition & Antitrust and Restructuring & Insolvency groups to provide seamless representation and fully integrated legal services.


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Corporate Lawyer Awards of the titleYear in Greece Elena Tsohou is a corporate and banking lawyer based in Athens. Elena has advised on financings for a number of high profile infrastructure projects as well as on projects in the energy and mining sectors. She has extensive experience of privatisations, mergers and acquisitions as well as capital market transactions, including bond issues, international equity offerings and flotations. Elena studied law at the University of Thessaloniki and obtained her LL.M from the University College London. She joined the London practice in 1996 and moved to Athens in 1998. She became a partner in 2000. Elena is a qualified Greek and English lawyer and is a member of the Athens Bar, the Law Society of England and Wales and the International Bar Association. Representative corporate and banking experience: ●

Norton Rose Fulbright Greece Elena Tsohou Partner Building K1, 1 Palea Leoforos Posidonos and 3 Moraitini Street, Athens, 175 01 Delta Paleo Faliro Tel: +30 210 94 75 412

DP World - on the privatization / acquisition of a majority stake in the Thessaloniki Port Authority operating the second largest port in Greece. Ongoing. A financial service company -in the acquisition (through a tender procedure) of Ethniki Insurance (the largest insurance entity of Greece). Ongoing. Piraeus Bank –on the sale agreement with Holding M. Sehnaoui SAL (HMS) for the sale of shares in Piraeus’ subsidiary in Cyprus (Piraeus Bank Cyprus Ltd) which together with a concurrent capital raise of €40,000,000 subscribed by HMS and a group of investors (procured by HMS) reduced Piraeus’ shareholding in PBC to 17.6%. Completed in December 2016. Piraeus Bank S.A. - on the sale through a tender process of a 98.5% stake in Piraeus Bank Egypt S.A.E.. We advised on the transaction structure, the preparation of the bidding and transaction documentation. Completed in November 2015. Bayer AG - on the sale of its diabetes care business to Ascencia Diabetes Care S.A. in Greece, Completed in January 2016.

Norton Rose Fulbright Norton Rose Fulbright is a global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright provides the world’s preeminent corporations and financial institutions with a full business law service. The firm has more than 3,700 lawyers and other legal staff based in Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Recognized for its industry focus, the firm is strong across all the key industry sectors: financial institutions; energy; infrastructure, mining and commodities; transport; technology and innovation; and life sciences and healthcare. Through its global risk advisory group, the firm leverages its industry experience with its knowledge of legal, regulatory, compliance and governance issues to provide clients with practical solutions to the legal and regulatory risks facing their businesses. Wherever it is, the firm team operates in accordance with its global business principles of quality, unity and integrity. The firm aims to provide the highest possible standard of legal service in each of its offices and to maintain that level of quality at every point of contact. Norton Rose Fulbright Verein, a Swiss verein, helps coordinate the activities of Norton Rose Fulbright members but does not itself provide legal services to clients. Norton Rose Fulbright has offices in more than 50 cities worldwide, including London, Houston, New York, Toronto, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Sydney and Johannesburg. Norton Rose Fulbright has been established in Greece since 1990 and has one of the leading legal practices in banking and finance, including shipping finance, project finance, and structured finance, as well as corporate, M&A and securities, financial regulation, energy, and dispute resolution and litigation, as recognized by market commentators. The team comprises Greek and English-qualified lawyers based in Athens and Piraeus, who advise on Greek, English, European and international law. The firm’s clients include Greek and multinational corporations, particularly in the financial institutions, insurance, shipping, renewable energy and real estate sectors, as well as governmental organizations and the Hellenic Republic. The team have worked on some of Greece’s most prominent transactions and has a strong record advising Greek companies raising funds externally, and multinational corporations investing into Greece. It is one of the few Greek practices with an office in Monaco. Corporate, M&A and Securities The lawyers who comprise Norton Rose Fulbright’s global corporate, M&A and securities practice advise corporations and financial institutions across the full spectrum of industry matters including public takeovers, private M&A, joint ventures, disposals, debt and equity capital markets, governance, general commercial and corporate advisory matters. With significant experience in regional, national and international corporate, M&A and securities matters, the team is well positioned to provide strategic, business-oriented legal advice on complex domestic, cross-border and multijurisdictional transactions in both emerging and developed markets. The firm’s lawyers have a broad range of experience representing all parties in capital markets transactions, including issuers, underwriters, placement agents and selling shareholders. Similarly, in the M&A space, the firm regularly represents buyers, sellers, financial advisers, funds and shareholders. Norton Rose Fulbright’s lawyers are strategically positioned in the world’s leading business and financial markets, enabling them to handle and fully coordinate transactions across key industry sectors including energy, financial institutions, infrastructure, mining and commodities, technology and innovation, transport and life sciences and healthcare.

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EU & Competition Lawyer of the Year in Greece Marina joined the Firm in 1997 and is Head of the EU, Competition & Antitrust department. Her practice is focused on EU, competition and antitrust law, advising national and international clients on antitrust, merger control and State aid issues, with considerable experience in cross-border and cross-section transactions, assisting clients on risk and strategy assessment and regulatory compliance. Marina also has extensive experience in successfully representing clients across various industries in alleged cartel cases before the Hellenic Competition Commission as well as in merger cases, and has effectively coordinated multi-jurisdictional filings and obtained clearance for high-profile M&A transactions.

Bernitsas Law Marina Androulakakis Partner Bernitsas Law, 5 Lykavittou Street, GR-106 72, Athens Tel: +30210 3615395

She has an expertise in assessing commercial agreements and policies for their compliance with competition law and also provides on-site assistance and practical guidance in dealing with dawn raids. Marina advises on the national and EU legislation governing public procurement and has undertaken complaints to the European Commission concerning alleged violations of EU rules. She has extensive experience in advising clients on emerging and existing data protection requirements (such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation), including identifying gaps and areas of potential infringement of data protection laws, designing, drafting, reviewing and updating data protection policies and privacy statements for online activities as well as advising on internal investigation procedures. Marina represents clients in procedures before the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and actively advises on GDPR compliance. She is also experienced in advising on employment related privacy issues as well as on the application of data privacy rules in the context of electronic communications and the operation of CCTV networks. Prior to joining the Firm, Marina worked as a trainee at the Commission of the European Communities Directorate-General IA-External Relations in Brussels. Bernitsas Law Bernitsas Law is a market leader in the provision of commercial law services in Greece and one of the largest firms in the country. The firm counts industry frontrunners, listed and private companies, supranational, global and national entities and corporations, and small and medium sized enterprises from all the major industry sectors among its clients. EU, Competition & Antitrust Bernitsas Law’s practice is a market leader, with a history dating back to Greece’s accession to the EU and a successful track record of advising in landmark competition and antitrust matters, including merger control cases, cartel investigations and related litigation, concerted and restrictive practices, market and sectoral investigations, abuse of dominance and State aid cases. The firm’s main clients are Greek, foreign and multi‑national corporations. Bernitsas Law has also advised government bodies on the implementation of the directives liberalising State monopolies and represented Greece in negotiations with the EU on State aid granted to Greek industries. Bernitsas Law provides comprehensive advice on all areas of EU law, with unrivalled experience in advising clients on the EU law aspects of commercial, corporate and banking transactions and analysing the implications of new legislation on their business activities.The team also has extensive experience in the application of EU public procurement rules, advising both bidders and contracting authorities on the procedures and legal requirements for the award of public contracts. Over the years, the firm has prepared numerous reports on the implementation of EU law, including regularly working on European Commission studies in a wide range of fields, such as energy and transport. The team has a long-running expertise in cases involving cartels and anticompetitive agreements, representing clients in dawn raids and settlement procedures, as well as preparing applications for leniency. It has been involved in the first case where settlement proceedings were instituted before the Hellenic Competition Commission. The firm is experienced in antitrust investigations and damages claims, including abuse of dominance cases. It regularly represents clients before the Hellenic and European Competition Authorities in merger filings. The team also represents clients before the Administrative Courts on appeals against the Hellenic Competition Commission’s decisions. Bernitsas Law have a strong track record in developing merger control and compliance strategies and preparing for merger clearances and State aid approvals. The team also has experience in submitting appeals before the European Courts against State aid infringement decisions of the European Commission. The firm regularly advises on possible antitrust and competition law issues arising in the context of commercial arrangements, including exclusive and selective distribution, franchising, internet sales and information exchange and help clients successfully structure and shape their sales and service networks. A significant part of Bernitsas Law’s EU, Competition & Antitrust practice is dedicated to assisting clients on an ongoing basis on risk and strategy assessment and regulatory compliance. The firm advises on compliance strategies and runs training programs for investigations by the competition authorities tailored to the individual requirements of its clients. These include designing reaction policies and offering on-site assistance in dawn raids as well as running mock-dawn raids. The team also works extensively with the firm’s M&A and Privatisations groups in advising on the EU, competition and antitrust aspects of cross-border and cross-section transactions. Its specialisation extends to sector specific experience across a number of industry sectors including banking, insurance, energy, automobile, food and drink, cosmetics & health care products, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, construction, real estate, retail, software and computer services, electronic communications, media, transport, telecommunications, consumer protection, gaming, travel and leisure and public procurement.


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TMT Lawyer Awards of the title Year in Greece Chara Daouti leads Lambadarios Law Firm’s Privacy Protection, TMT, marketing and advertising and Intellectual Property practices. She provides both litigation-related (contentious) and strategic commercial advice to clients in a wide range of industry sectors, from emerging technology startups and platforms to established banks and regulated institutions, helping them to protect their interests and achieve their objectives. Chara works at the frontier of evolving law in Greece, particularly in the fields of internet law and social media, and recently explored the intersection between privacy law and employees’ rights. She also has broad experience in matters of traditional employment law. In TMT area, Chara focuses on complex transactions and multi-party project work, and advises on the development, protection and use of intellectual property and technology-related assets for emergingtechnology clients ranging from start-ups to global giants. She has deep industry experience, providing practical advice and innovative solutions on cloud services, e-commerce, cyber security and IP development.

Lambadarios Law Firm Chara Daouti Partner 3 Stadiou Street, 105 62 Athens Tel: +30 210 323 1135

Chara advised Cardlink SA, a major IT company in the payment systems business, in negotiating a multi-party contract structure for the deployment of a unified POS platform for the Greek banking sector. She also provides sophisticated advice in relation to the regulatory framework on telecommunications infrastructure, GPS solutions and novel services in various industries. Chara also handles numerous removals requests filed by Greek individuals and represents Google in its court disputes. This year she successfully defended preliminary injunctions filed by well-known journalists, artists and several politicians and businessmen. In the fields of marketing and advertising, she works with global consumer brands, advising them on how to follow the regulatory rules that govern advertising and marketing campaign activation, advertising content production, and marketing and sponsorship deal negotiation. Lambadarios Law Firm Lambadarios Law Firm is a leading Athens-based legal practice with a reputation for tackling complex and challenging work. Founded in 1863 and now under the stewardship of managing partner Constantinos Lambadarios, the firm has evolved from a family firm into a thoroughly modern, international practice with a dynamic, problem-solving mindset, while retaining the traditional qualities of respect, integrity and personal service. With a number of top-ranked partners and a highly skilled team of lawyers, Lambadarios Law Firm is recognized as one of the leading Greek firms in all of its key practices – M&A, Banking & Finance, Project Finance, Ligation & Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Energy, Capital Markets, and TMT and Intellectual Property in Greece. Within these fields, the firm has advised on many of the most significant transactions and commercial developments in Greece’s recent past, from privatizations of state-owned utilities and major energy and infrastructure projects to cases involving emerging internet law and anti-trust actions. The firm is very proud of its long history and heritage. It takes a special set of individuals, a strong culture and a clear vision to stay at the top end of the market for more than 150 years. Over that time, Lambadarios Law Firm has learned what kinds of behaviours work and deliver greatest value. TMT & Intellectual Property The Lambadarios Law Firm TMT and Intellectual Property practices provide expert advice on the establishment of internet-based businesses in Greece, and on the legal issues relating to software development, data use and security, and the protection and exploitation of intellectual property. Often working beyond the frontiers of written law, the firm’s professionals help clients to anticipate and prepare for how the legal landscape will evolve, ensuring compliance and vigorously defending the ideas and technologies on which their success depends. Lambadarios Law Firm advises major internet and knowledge platforms on launching and maintaining their operations in Greece, focusing on regulatory compliance, contracts and terms of use, and consumer law. The firm also represents these businesses in disputes with third parties, particularly in the areas of consumer claims, defamation, unfair competition, employment law and regulatory issues including data protection, confidentiality and tax. The team has extensive experience in the area of data protection, advising some global brands on their activities in Greece, including major internet businesses, manufacturers and entertainment brands. Lambadarios Law Firm also works with clients on contractual negotiations to support the sale or licensing of software, network solutions or online security and their legal obligations with regards to service levels, call centers, online tools, availability and security and privacy. In today’s digital economy, all businesses are technology businesses in some way, and Lambadarios Law Firm advises clients across many sectors, from hospitals and healthcare to FMCG and auto manufacture, on issues relating to GDPR, confidentiality breaches and cyber security. The firm helps them to understand and meet their obligations in relation to Greek authorities, including how to respond to investigations and limit the potential reputational and financial impact of any claims made against them. Working closely with colleagues in Litigation & Dispute Resolution, the team also helps clients to identify and prosecute guilty or negligent parties where appropriate. Lambadarios Law Firm has represented a number of technology companies in regulatory investigations conducted by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (DPA) and the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE).

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Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Ireland Fiona has practised for over 25 years in the areas of commercial litigation and dispute resolution. She advises international and domestic clients on patent litigation and other intellectual property disputes. Her practice also includes large scale commercial litigation, with a focus on complex international, regulatory and banking disputes. Key highlights include advising: ●

● ●

McCann FitzGerald

Fiona O’Beirne Partner

Riverside One, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, D02 X576 Tel: +353 1 607 1311

Bristol-Myers Squibb in Commercial Court patent litigation against Merck Sharp & Dohme in relation to a patent protecting the use of anti PD-1 antibodies for cancer treatment Central Bank of Ireland in defending judicial review proceedings arising from regulatory decisions Ciba Vision and Novartis in Commercial Court patent litigation against Johnson & Johnson concerning silicone hydrogel contact lens technology Eli Lilly in Commercial Court proceedings seeking a declaration of non-infringement and revocation in relation to a patent in the biotechnology field GSK in Irish proceedings brought by IVAX relating to GSK’s patent for asthma drug Seretide Hewlett Packard in Commercial Court patent proceedings, including a jurisdiction challenge to the claim for declarations of non-infringement of a patent relating to print head components Vodafone in injunction proceedings brought by members of the Motion Pictures Association under the Copyright and Related Rights Act by rights holders requiring blocking of websites

McCann FitzGerald McCann FitzGerald offers expert, forward-thinking legal counsel to clients in Ireland and around the world. The firm’s deep knowledge spans a range of industry sectors, so the team can see around corners and tailor solutions to fit clients’ specific needs. The firm is owned by its partners, and the team is committed to providing the highest quality legal advice to its clients in the corporate, financial and business sectors. McCann FitzGerald measures its success by the results it achieves for its clients. To this end, the firm recruits and retains exceptional legal talent and invests significantly in continuing professional development. The firm values its people’s differences and encourages the collaborative work practices that produce innovative thinking and creative solutions. McCann FitzGerald’s lawyers are experts and innovators, committed to achieving the best possible results for clients and their business. No matter what specific challenge a client faces – be it compliance with the Companies Act 2014 or a crisis management situation – McCann FitzGerald can help. The firm works on a cross-departmental basis to produce tailored solutions that align to clients’ business objectives. With roots that date back to the 1820s, McCann FitzGerald is at the forefront of legal practice in Ireland. The firm’s 80 partners and over 600 employees including lawyers and professional staff are dedicated to ensuring that every client gets the highest quality legal advice. Disputes Long established as Ireland’s leading disputes practice, McCann FitzGerald specialises in resolving large, complex and high-value disputes. The firm’s Disputes Group acts for a broad spectrum of clients, particularly those in the corporate and financial sectors. McCann FitzGerald is the first port of call for major corporations that find themselves in a dispute or that want advice on a matter that might become contentious. The Disputes Group offers advice on all aspects of commercial dispute resolution, including financial disputes, administrative law, corporate and contractual disputes, planning and property disputes, professional negligence claims and fraud, privacy and defamation actions, patents disputes and product liability. McCann FitzGerald’s lawyers are expert in legal, commercial and reputational risk, and the team devises optimum strategies that focus on its clients’ commercial objectives. With its large-scale legal and technological resources, the firm facilitates the fast-tracking of the most complex commercial disputes through Ireland’s Commercial Court, the dominant force in Irish business litigation. Alternative Dispute Resolution McCann FitzGerald’s lawyers are expert in various techniques used to resolve disputes, including mediation, arbitration and other forms of ADR. Alternative dispute resolution is an integral part of the firm’s dispute resolution and litigation practice and of the mind-set of its lawyers. It is an area where the team have great expertise. McCann FitzGerald regularly represents clients in mediations, expert determinations, arbitrations, adjudications and bespoke processes to resolve disputes. In all contentious situations, the team advise on and consider with clients the suitability of mediation or some other form of ADR. As the only top five firm to offer a dedicated mediation service to clients and intermediaries, McCann FitzGerald helps its clients to avoid litigation and resolve their disputes quickly and cost effectively. Its trained mediators are partners in the firm. They act in disputes that correspond to their particular areas of expertise and also advise clients who are participating in an ADR process. McCann FitzGerald’s clients range from individuals, partnerships and SMEs to multinational companies. The firm has handled a large number of mediations of professional negligence claims for claimants and defendants, including several recent claims against solicitors and accountants, most of them complex multiparty actions. McCann FitzGerald has represented clients in commercial arbitrations in both international and domestic disputes, under institutional rules including ICC, LCIA and UNCITRAL.


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IP LawyerAwards of the Year title in Ireland Marie is a Partner and Head of the Intellectual Property, Technology and Data protection Departments. Marie practises in both contentious and commercial intellectual property/ technology matters for a broad range of domestic and international clients. She is also a registered Irish Trade Mark Agent. Marie advises on commercial, regulatory and transactional matters. Marie has particular experience in complex intellectual property/technology development, procurement and licensing deals, including managed services, systems integration, technology and large scale outsourcing projects for both domestic and international clients. This experience includes advising on complex technology and commercial outsourcing arrangements in all sectors, ranging from e-commerce, franchising, international trade, technology distribution, data centre and financial services.

Eversheds Sutherland Marie McGinley Partner One Earlsfort Centre, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 Tel: +353 1 6441 457

Marie also has particular experience in advising on data protection law in the context of a wide range of data protection matters which are relevant to both domestic and international clients, including advising clients on the data protection and privacy aspects of direct marketing initiatives and activities, international data transfers in the context of service agreements and outsourcing, multijurisdictional audits and general/strategic data protection compliance. Marie advises both public and private clients on freedom of information, access to information on the environment and confidentiality matters, including compliance requirements, advice and support to clients in responding to information requests and any subsequent appeal process. This experience affords Marie with a good and in-depth understanding of the expectations on both sides when advising on these matters. Marie is also credited for her cybersecurity work and supporting clients to prepare, prevent and respond in the context of breaches/cyber incidents. Her experience includes advising on multi-jurisdictional breach incidents, high profile breach investigations, GDPR supervisory assessments/audits, assisting clients to manage their responses, coordinate with multiple agencies and stakeholders, and manage potential claims and damage to reputation. Marie is also involved in strategic legal due diligence and transitional services arrangements in relation to corporate acquisitions, disposals and restructurings. Marie is a regular speaker and contributor on matters relating to technology, outsourcing/commercial contracts, data protection and cyber security. Marie lectures and tutors in the area of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Data Protection at the Law Society of Ireland. Eversheds Sutherland As a global top 10 law practice, Eversheds Sutherland provides legal advice and solutions to an international client base which includes some of the world’s largest multinationals. The firm’s teams of lawyers around the world operate seamlessly to deliver the legal know-how and strategic alignment that clients need from their advisors to help further their business interests. Clients describe the firm as creative and well versed in cutting edge legal work – the team listen well in order to understand how and where they can be most effective and add the greatest value. Eversheds Sutherland shapes its advice to the unique circumstances and challenges of each project, and ensures the right people are in the right places to offer insight and certainty – from the day-to-day to the most complex, multijurisdictional matters. What unites the team is their commitment to service excellence through a solution-oriented approach. The firm knows its clients’ businesses, the industries and markets they operate in, and know that great relationships yield the best outcomes. Eversheds Sutherland is Ireland’s only full-service, global law practice with an all-island presence and multidisciplinary expertise. Intellectual property In a dynamic commercial landscape with ever-expanding technological horizons, it is increasingly important for businesses to capture value from their intellectual capital and knowledge-based assets. After all, these can be far more valuable, and more difficult to control, than almost any other type of corporate holding. Eversheds Sutherland’s experienced team will work closely with clients to develop effective strategies to manage their intellectual property portfolio. The firm can also provide all the services clients need to identify, leverage, protect and defend the value of these assets. The detailed technical knowledge of Eversheds Sutherland’s intellectual property lawyers is an important aspect of the experience the firm brings to this area. The firm has a large team of registered patent lawyers who provide counselling and representation in all aspects of U.S. and international patent law. A significant number of the firm’s intellectual property lawyers also hold advanced degrees in technical fields. The team advises on: ●

exploitation and monetization of intellectual property

patent prosecution, counselling and litigation

trademark prosecution, counselling, monitoring and litigation

patent and trademark office oppositions, cancelations and post-grant proceedings

enforcement of intellectual property rights, both nationally and worldwide

copyright registration, counselling and litigation

trade secrets protection and enforcement

reputation management

advertising compliance and disputes

negotiation and drafting of intellectual property terms in commercial transactions and collaborative development agreements

intellectual property audits and due diligence exercises

advising on intellectual property audits, portfolio management and development

seizure of counterfeit goods

Section 337 cases before the International Trade Commission

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Litigation Lawyer of the Year in Ireland Fiona is a Partner in William Fry’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department and Defamation and Media Group. She oversees both the defence of clinical negligence claims and also regulatory matters involving medical practitioners on behalf of the Medical Protection Society. She also advises on defamation and general commercial litigation. Fiona has vast experience of defamation, privacy, social media and reputation management. In the area of defamation she has unparalleled experience of both pre and post publication for the print and TV sectors. She acted for Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited in what is regarded as the seminal decision on the law of privacy in Ireland Herrity v Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Limited [2008] IEHC249. Fiona has secured work from larger media organisations for whom she continues to act including RTÉ, Sky and the BBC. She also holds a qualification in arbitration and is a CEDR accredited mediator. Recent significant work includes: ●

William Fry Fiona Barry Partner

Wlliam Fry, 2 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 Tel: +353 1 639 5372

● ●

Acting for Medical Protection Society in the defence of medical negligence actions, mediation of claims, attending Inquests, advising on regulatory and ethical issues and on complaints to the Medical Council, Ombudsman and the HSE Acting for a US laboratory in the defence of a significant number of claims arising from the CervicalCheck controversy Acting for the Veterinary Defence Society in the defence of veterinary negligence actions Advising Associated Newspapers on pre-publication and post-publication issues, including the first case on the law of privacy in this jurisdiction Acting for a pharmaceutical company in the defence of a claim in relation to clinical negligence and product liability and reputation management

Advising UTV Ireland and the BBC on various matters

Advising the BBC in the defence of High Court claims and on pre-publication matters.

Fiona is a member of the IBA, the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association and the Medico-Legal Society of Ireland. Fiona is described by clients as “thoughtful, responsive and provides pragmatic advice”. Media Law International 2021 According to Chambers Europe 2020, clients appreciate that Fiona Barry is “very careful and thorough,” while market commentators highlight her ability to “efficiently find her way to the core of the case.” Another clients add that Fiona is “very timely and clear in her advice.” Sources say Fiona Barry is “knowledgeable, practical, clear, concise and not afraid to express an opinion.” She is widely esteemed for her contentious experience, including acting on defamation suits. One source says: “She is excellent: confident, careful and easy to get on with.” Chambers Europe 2019 Fiona is particularly noted for her work on matters related to medical negligence and for acting for insurance companies on personal injury claims and is well regarded by market commentators for her media expertise. Chambers Europe 2018 Fiona Barry is “straightforward and clear”. Legal 500 EMEA 2018 According to Chambers Global 2017, Fiona holds a commanding position in the medical negligence and healthcare litigation sphere, including regulatory and insurance matters where clients praise her as being “responsive, knowledgeable and pleasant.” William Fry Leading law firm William Fry has over 310 legal and tax professionals and over 460 staff. The firm’s client-focused service combines technical excellence with commercial awareness and a practical, constructive approach to business issues. The team advises leading domestic and international corporations, financial institutions and government organisations. The firm regularly acts on complex, multi-jurisdictional transactions and commercial disputes. Strong client relationships and high quality advice are the hallmarks of its business. William Fry is ranked by international directories, clients and market commentators alike as being a leader in its main areas of work: Corporate & M&A, Banking & Finance, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Asset Management & Investment Funds, Real Estate, Insurance, Competition & Regulation, Tax, Projects & Construction, Employment & Benefits and Technology. The head office is in Dublin and in May 2019 the firm opened an office in Cork, enabling it to further service clients in the Cork and wider Munster region. The firm has offices in London, New York, Silicon Valley and San Francisco and a global law firm network to service clients at home and abroad. The team’s capability is enhanced by an alliance with Tughans, Northern Ireland’s largest law firm, through which it provides an all island solution. The firm’s priorities are focused on the need to achieve results for clients. Continued investment in people, technology and research maintain the firm’s ability to provide practical and prompt solutions, while devoting exacting attention to details. Litigation & Dispute Resolution William Fry’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department has a reputation as a market leader focused on delivering results for clients. The firm represents clients at all levels of the Courts and dispute resolution, whether by way of conciliation, mediation or arbitration, this is a particular strength of the Department. In particular, the team is known for its expertise in domestic and international commercial disputes. As a full-service law firm William Fry is able to draw on the expertise of its colleagues in Tax, Corporate, and Competition & Regulation as well as industry sector specialists to create multi-disciplinary teams to support clients to achieve the best outcome. William Fry prides itself on delivering innovative solutions for clients.


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Corporate Lawyer Awards oftitle the Year in Italy Head of the M&A Department of the Firm, Massimiliano represents domestic and international clients in matters of private and public M&A with a focus on private equity funds, strategic investments and joint ventures. His experience spans across multiple industries, having represented institutional clients in a variety of deals in many different sectors, including energy, infrastructures, luxury, insurance, mechanical engineering and food & beverage. Massimiliano also has a rather unique track record in the real estate and hotel sectors. Massimiliano is mentioned as an acknowledged specialist lawyer in corporate M&A by prominent international legal guides as well as leading individual by Legal 500. Massimiliano Nitti joined the Firm in 1998 and became a Partner in 2010. He was a Foreign Associate with Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP in New York and previously a Visiting Foreign Lawyer with Gide Loyrette Nouel, Association d’Avocats in Paris. Membership in professional associations: Chiomenti Massimiliano Nitti Partner Via Verdi 2, 20121 Milan Tel: +39.02.721.571

–  Member of the Milan Bar (Italy) 2002 –  Admitted to New York State Bar 2003 –  Admitted to the Roll of Solicitors of England and Wales 2017 Education: –  Graduated in Law Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy, 1998 –  LL.M., Comparative Jurisprudence New York University, 2002 –  Executive Education, Leadership in Law Firms Harvard University, Cambridge, 2017 Languages: Italian, English, French Chiomenti Chiomenti has structured its services and assistance in a framework that unites the specialisations in the various Practice areas with the specific competences in the industrial and financial sectors. On any particular matter, businesses and financial institutions therefore have access to Chiomenti’s professionals who have already gained experience in the area of business in which they operate and in the practice area which is relevant to the matter. Chiomenti is structured across 14 Practices and 15 industry Sectors. Professionals can be deployed both from Practice Areas and Industry Sectors, as required. Chiomenti’s professionals have gained their experience working in a variety of different industrial and financial sectors, allowing clients to find within Chiomenti the expertise necessary to understand their specific businesses. Corporate - M&A Chiomenti is recognized for its deep experience in the field of extraordinary transactions and corporate law, gained through its work for leading Italian and international industrial banking, insurance and financial groups, and the principal Italian national institutions, in the most important transactions in Italy’s economic history in the period from World War II to date. In the area of corporate transactions, Chiomenti has played a constant part in the mergers and acquisitions arena since the 1950s. Initially, the Firm had a central role in the creation and growth of the key Italian industrial groups, and in the entrance of the main multinational groups into the Italian market. Later, it played a major role in the internationalization of the principal national industrial operators, and, from the first half of the 1990s, in the privatization of the main Italian state‑owned enterprises and in the extraordinary transactions in which they have subsequently been involved. In order to best address the complexity of extraordinary transactions and their different phases, corporate law assistance is provided with the full support of the Firm’s other departments. This allows for the analysis and management of all relevant aspects and implications, such as public law, those deriving from financing needs and/or the financing structure of the transaction, labour law, taxation and antitrust and regulatory issues. Chiomenti ensures the continuance of its standards of excellence in two ways: it has always invested in the development of its professionals, who are able to acquire an experience which is unrivalled in the Italian context and thereby become the best in the market, and, in addition, it has always concentrated on developing and understanding the most technical and innovative aspects of transactions, also thanks to the contribution from many of its lawyers who, in addition to their professional activities with the Firm, continue their academic and research activities. Chiomenti’s excellence in public and private M&A is proven by the Firm’s involvement since its inception in the most important extraordinary transactions both by international players in the Italian market, and by Italian operators seeking investment opportunities abroad. Chiomenti has developed a transaction management method, characterized by the structuring of multidisciplinary teams in which our public and private M&A market leaders work closely with our specialists in complementary areas: the Chiomenti Team model is the key to success in the most complex transactions; Chiomenti has acquired unrivalled know how in relation to extraordinary transactions involving listed and regulated entities (in particular banks and insurance companies). Chiomenti has deep experience in private equity, to which it has dedicated an ad hoc Business Unit to respond to the M&A needs of leading Italian and foreign private equity funds.

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M&A Lawyer of the Year in Italy Consistently acknowledged as a brilliant and innovative M&A lawyer, Luca has devoted his 25+ year career to advising clients on domestic and cross-border transactions. Luca’s extensive experience ranges from pure transactional work (including asset and share deals, divestitures, tender offers, joint ventures and restructuring) to counselling board members and shareholders on complex corporate issues. His clients include industrial corporations, financial institutions and private equity funds operating in various sectors such as telecom, luxury, energy, food and infrastructure. If you need a proactive lawyer with a commercial approach and cutting-edge knowledge on international and domestic M&A transactions as well as Italian corporate law, no matter how complex the issue is, Luca is here to help you.

Hogan Lovells Luca Picone Country Managing Partner Via Santa Maria alla Porta 2, Milan 20123 Tel: +39 02 720 2521

Whatever is at stake, if it concerns corporate/M&A, Luca is able to solve the problem, overcome the hurdles, get to the point, simplify the complexities, explain the technicalities, understand your needs and, calmly but firmly, deliver the best deal using skills gained in over two decades of negotiating deals. He heads up a tailored team of lawyers focussed on executing each deal in the most effective way. Luca is ranked as a Leading Individual in Corporate/M&A by Legal 500 EMEA 2019, and has been consistently highly ranked by Chambers since 2006: in 2020 he is ranked Band 3 in Corporate/M&A by Chambers Global and Band 4 in Private Equity by Chambers Europe. Luca is author of many publications on corporate matters, including share purchase agreements, directors’ liability, leveraged buy-out transactions, tender offers and de-mergers. His technical prowess derives also from his longstanding academic activities, for example as lecturer on Business Law at the Bocconi University in Milan. Representative experience: ●

Advising Lynwood AG in the sale of the entire corporate capital of Kopter AG to Leonardo S.p.A.

Advising SAUR SA in the acquisition of the Italian group Unidro S.p.A.

Advising Uniper Global Commodities SE in the €400m sale of its participation in OLT Toscana to First State Investment

Advising 21 Invest in the sale of the entire corporate capital of Forno d’Asolo to BC Partners

Advising Edenred SA in the acquisition of the entire corporate capital of Easy Welfare S.r.l.

Advising Orca Devéloppement SA in the direct and indirect acquisition of the entire corporate capital of G. Angeloni S.r.l., Dynanotex S.r.l, Impregnatex Compositi s.r.l. and ITT S.r.l.

Milan The Hogan Lovells office in Milan gives domestic and international clients practical advice on complex business transactions and disputes in Italy and abroad. The team provides clients with a clear understanding of Italian laws and concepts in familiar, everyday terms. It also has extensive experience outside Italy. The team translates its understanding of legal systems in international jurisdictions into clear answers for clients and their businesses. Mergers and Acquisitions Hogan Lovells’ mergers and acquisitions practice is built upon four pillars. Technical excellence. Global reach. Industry knowledge. Full-service capabilities. These resources, taken together, allow the firm to provide its clients with world-class support on their transactions. In the past three years, Hogan Lovells advised on more than US$500bn in M&A transactions worldwide, representing entities, principals, and financial advisors in almost 700 public and private transactions. The firm is consistently ranked among the Top 10 law firms in the world for M&A, based on the value and volume of deals on which it has advised across the globe. Hogan Lovells puts its clients first, delivering attentive, client-focused services wherever and whenever needed. Hogan Lovells’ M&A lawyers are recognized as leaders in their field. The firm helps its clients innovate with cutting-edge M&A strategies that enable them to lead the way in their industries, and it partners with financial advisors to maximize client success. Hogan Lovells invests in ongoing training of its M&A lawyers to stay on top of market trends and developments. The firm’s M&A practice extends across the world’s major commercial centers and emerging markets. The team continuously assess its geographic capabilities and growth plans, not only in light of where business is, but where business is heading. With 500 M&A lawyers in over 45 offices across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the United States, Hogan Lovells’ global reach ensures that the firm assists with inbound, outbound, cross-border, and domestic M&A, wherever a deal takes its clients. The firm’s M&A practitioners serve as members of industry sector groups composed of corporate, commercial, and regulatory lawyers who immerse themselves in specific industries. These groups include lawyers with high-level government and industry backgrounds in their sectors. Hogan Lovells’ multidisciplinary industry focus enables the firm to identify and anticipate regulatory changes, market dynamics, and trends that can impact its clients’ business transactions. The firm offers the full range of legal capabilities necessary to achieve success in its clients’ transactions, on time and efficiently. Whether a transaction gives rise to antitrust review, employee benefit considerations, intellectual property safeguards, tax-efficient structuring, or other issues, the M&A team draws upon over 50 practice areas across the firm. Hogan Lovells work together across practice areas and offices, leveraging the transactional knowledge and subject matter experience of its lawyers to provide clients with seamless support.


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Tax Lawyer Awards of thetitle Year in Italy Giovanni Bandera is an equity partner at Pedersoli Studio Legale. His expertise includes tax and corporate tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, private equity, private debt, real estate, corporate reorganisations, debt restructuring, acquisition financing, structured finance, alternative investments, tax advice to national and multinational corporations, tax treatment on assets and other financial instruments. He provides advice on corporate, tax, financial statements and special regulations of financial intermediaries, SGR, SIM, OICR, GEFIA and FIA, EU investment funds, interrelations between corporate finance, legal and tax issues. He has been a tax law speaker at several conferences. Professional Association: Tax specialist admitted to practice in front of tax courts and chartered accountant Languages: Pedersoli Studio Legale Giovanni Bandera Equity Partner Via Monte di Pietà 15, Milano, 20121 Tel: +39 02 30305.1

Italian, English, French Pedersoli Studio Legale Pedersoli Studio Legale is a leading Italian independent law firm with over 160 lawyers and tax advisers, based in Milan, Turin and Rome, and with a consolidated domestic and international client base made of primary companies, financial institutions and sophisticated investors. Established over 60 years ago, the firm has handled complex litigation cases and sophisticated corporate matters as well as corporate finance transactions, with particular focus on the banking industry along with large industrial groups and leading institutions. The experience and know-how acquired over the decades have been enhanced through a structured organisation providing a well-balanced proportion between partners and associates, so as to offer clients efficient teams led by at least one partner who is directly involved in all stages of the activity. The firm has specific expertise advising in: Litigation and Arbitration; Corporate and Commercial; M&A; Private Equity; Bankruptcy; Debt Restructuring; Banking and Finance; Capital Markets; Financial institutions; Tax; Administrative Law; Competition; White-Collar Defense and Investigations; Labour; Art Law. As well as in sectors such as: Financial Institutions and Fintech; Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financial Sponsors; Real Estate; Energy & Utilities; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Automotive; Food & Beverage; Luxury goods; Media; Telecommunications. Widely known for its strong international sound, culture and approach to clients’ needs and expectations, over the decades Pedersoli has enjoyed customary working relationship with a number of major top-tier law firms abroad, thus becoming a reliable reference for their clients’ business needs in Italy. Likewise it advises domestic clients acting in the international arena alongside foreign colleagues. The standing tradition on the Italian market led most of the partners and the firm to be top ranked in Italy and on major Italian and international legal guides (such as Chambers and Partners and The Legal500 EMEA directories). Since its establishment expertise, fairness, discretion, independence have been the key values on which Pedersoli has built its reputation. Tax The tax department deals with all tax issues arising from M&A transactions, structured finance, open and closed end funds and tax litigation. The professionals working in this department have a strong experience in providing assistance to clients dealing with the current complex regulatory and economic context, and in developing fiscal strategies in support of their corporate objectives, providing an accurate assessment of the risks connected to them and guaranteeing the best standards of compliance with domestic and European laws and regulations. The team advises companies, domestic and multinational groups, on the tax issues arising from their current activity, tax planning, tax treatment of specific corporate and investment structures, incentive plans for managers and relations with tax authorities. The department has also developed specific expertise in assistance to private clients and family offices under several profiles, including inheritance and generational transitions. Finally, being seamlessly integrated, it provides essential support to the other practice areas of the firm. Financial Institutions & FinTech The firm, with an unparalleled track-record in corporate and M&A transactions in the banking and insurance sectors and a thorough knowledge of the relevant regulations, has a renowned experience in the legal and tax assistance to major domestic and international banks and financial institutions, investment funds, insurance companies, financial brokers and operators active in the financial services field, both in complex and sophisticated extraordinary deals and through high-level assistance in dispute resolution. Through the constant monitoring of the development of the Financial Institution & FinTech sector and the longterm perspective implemented on the basis of the strategic approach adopted by leading industrial players, in addition to the authority attributed by the market, the Pedersoli team has developed a prompt and effective client service with reference to all main trends relating to this sector. The team deems that, in a market such as the financial industry, the ability to provide integrated and tailor-made assistance, combining multidisciplinary skills and continuous updating on knowledge aspects, is essential, including a constant contact with the main financial centres in the world, also thanks to dialogue and comparison with leading independent foreign firms that are an integral part of our network of relations. With working groups composed of professionals with complementary skills, designed around the needs of the client and able to operate in a perspective of integration between the different areas of activity, Pedersoli offers a high level of effectiveness and competitiveness in the execution of significant and complex transactions.

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Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Luxembourg Marc Gouden is a partner of the firm since 2005. His is member of the Luxembourg and Brussels’ Bars. Marc is part of the business law department where he provides legal advice, assistance in contract negotiation, as well as litigation (including arbitration) services in (international) contract law, insurance and liability issues and the energy sector. His general law studies were followed by a special degree in tax law (ESSF) and a certificate in management of SME’s. Over 15 years of close collaboration with the insurance and the energy sectors, have allowed Marc to gain detailed expertise in these areas of law, as well as good insight into the products, assets and risks of those sectors. In the insurance sector, Marc has developed special expertise in the following areas: life insurances and “financial lines” products, freedom of establishment and freedom of services (mandatory regulations applicable to contracts, regulatory aspects,…), money laundering legislation, intermediaries, (captive) reinsurance, as well as winding up or transfer of business of insurance companies.

Philippe & Partners Marc Gouden Partner Boulevard Grande Duchesse, Charlotte 30, 1330 Luxembourg Tel: +352 266 886

In the energy sector, he provides overall legal services to the different actors of the electricity and gas markets (suppliers, producers, network operators, …), licenses, regulatory, compliance and governance, contractual relations, renewable energies, nuclear law, liabilities and litigation. His practice in contract law focuses on drafting and negotiating national and international contracts (sale of goods, service agreements, commercial distribution, lease, real estate … with special expertise in liability, warranties and arbitration related clauses), as well as management of litigation related to contracts, not only before Luxembourg, Belgian or European Courts, but also before national or international arbitration chambers. Philippe & Partners Philippe & Partners offers legal services with a high added value at competitive rates, whether in the form of legal advice or litigation. The firm operates in several countries, and all of its lawyers speak several languages. Over the years the firm has developed privileged partnerships with international legal networks sharing its humanist values. This set-up allows the team to support clients’ projects throughout the world. Philippe & Partners is a completely independent firm, not too large to lose that human touch and guided by top-notch professionalism. Insurance and Tort The lawyers in the department are specialists in insurance and tort, in Belgian and Luxembourg law, as well for all aspects of the cross-border provision of insurance and intermediation services. The department is able to meet all the specialised and specific needs of insurers and intermediaries. Its counselling and dispute management services are available throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. Moreover, it has access to networks of international professionals. Philippe & Partners’ lawyers are able to enrich their experience through their privileged contacts with sector players, mainly gained through many outsourcing missions awarded by insurance companies in the field of legal or compliance services. Many have authored academic publications on insurance and tort law, and they regularly speak at seminars in Belgium and Luxembourg. Philippe & Partners offers high-level competence in all issues associated with insurance law and tort law, whether with regard to Belgian or Luxembourg law, and with a special focus on aspects associated with crossborder operations and the EU’s freedom to provide services (FPS) The insurance and tort department has specialist expertise in drawing up contractual documents governing relations between the different players in the insurance world. It supports these same players in overcoming the challenges posed by the application of supervisory laws, regulation and compliance. Philippe & Partners’ lawyers provide counselling as well as dispute management in the field of insurance and tort. A few examples illustrating the firm’s fields of action regarding life insurance, investment insurance (branch 21, branch 23, dedicated funds, specialised insurance funds), non-life, private health insurance, group insurance, loan and deposit insurance, D&O insurance, construction/architects, re-insurance and co-insurance: ●

Rules governing the distribution of insurance products (AssurMiFID, PRIIPS, IDD, e-commerce, digitalisation, FinTec/InsurTec, privacy, joint offers, etc.)

Licensing terms and condition for various insurance classes

Restructuring measures (transfers of insurance portfolios, liquidation, run-off, …)

Relations between insurance companies and insurance intermediaries (contracts, commissions, sectorrelated professional rules, etc.)

Professional secrecy of insurance companies and intermediaries under Luxembourg law

Drafting and compliance checking of insurance terms and conditions (sign-off)

Opinions on coverage


Litigation (courts, arbitration)

Judicial and non-judicial surveys

Tax aspects of insurance premiums and proceeds

With regard to tort issues: ●


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Legal counselling on contractual risk management (clauses limiting liability, warranty clauses, adequate insurance coverage)

Professional liability (doctors, accountants, auditors, legal professionals, etc.)

Banking liability

Product liability

Nuclear liability

Work-related accidents

Assessment of bodily injury

Traffic accidents

Private Equity Lawyer Awards of the title Year in Luxembourg “I take time to help my clients, understand all of their options and that comes through regular and open discussions. I want them to feel fully confident in the approach we’re taking with their cases.” Linda is a Partner and a member of the Corporate Law and M&A, Private Equity and Real Estate practices. She is the Head of the Private Equity practice within the firm. Linda specialises mainly in corporate law, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, transaction business law and real estate. She regularly advises major international companies, private equity firms and real estate funds on fund structuring and formation as well as on the structuring and financing of international buy-out transactions, joint ventures, corporate reorganizations, merger & acquisition as well as corporate governance matters including litigation between co-investors. Linda has been active in the field of joint ventures and investment structures advising on the private equity firm’s side and on the management side. Bonn Steichen & Partners Linda Harroch Partner 2, Rue Peternelchen, Immeuble c2, L-2370 Howald Tel: +352 26025 1

She has further advised major international groups of companies for corporate reorganizations, financings, listing and re-financing as well as in relation to their capital market transactions. In addition to her corporate expertise, Linda has been involved in a number of capital market transactions advising international firms on various types of financing, such as refinancing packages and debt restructurings. Country of Admission: Luxembourg, 2011 Languages: English, French Education: ●

Université Nancy II, France, Maîtrise en Droit des Affaires et Fiscalité (Master in Business Law and Tax Law), 1999.


Luxembourg Private Equity Association (LPEA)

A board member of various Luxembourg SPVs for various private equity houses

International Bar Association (IBA)

Rankings ●

Chambers Europe: Ranked in Band 3 in Private Equity

The Legal 500: Recommended Lawyer in Private Equity

IFLR1000: Highly regarded in Banking, Capital markets : Debt, M&A

Bonn Steichen & Partners BSP is an independent full-service law firm based in Luxembourg. The firm is committed to providing the very best legal services to our domestic and international clients in all aspects of Luxembourg business law. Talented and multilingual, the firm’s teams of lawyers work side by side with clients to help them reach their objectives and support them with tailor-made legal advice, creating in the process professional relationships based on mutual trust and respect. BSP’s lawyers have developed particular expertise in banking and finance, capital markets, corporate law, dispute resolution, employment law, investment funds, intellectual property, private wealth, real estate and tax. In these practice areas, as in others, the firm’s know-how, its ability to work in cross-practice teams and to swiftly adapt to new laws and regulations allow it to provide to its clients timely and integrated legal assistance vital to the success of their business. Building on the synergy of its different professional experiences and the richness of its diverse cultural background, BSP stands ready to meet its clients’ legal needs, no matter how challenging they are. Private Equity BSP’s lawyers advise the most prominent private equity funds worldwide and major financial institutions, representing a benchmark for private equity in Luxembourg. The firm is asked to actively guide clients through successful transactions in a constantly evolving industry. For this reason, BSP reacts rapidly and efficiently to market and regulatory changes, taking into account clients’ specific needs and objectives. The team has the commitment and strong know-how to advise investors across the entire investment deal life-cycle, including: ●

Due diligence and risk assessment for the purpose of acquisition

Negotiating purchase agreements

Setting up the legal structure

Negotiating and structuring commercial transactions and arrangements

Setting up legal and tax schemes in venture capital, private equity and buyout capital transactions

Structuring equity, debt financing, takeovers, mergers, joint ventures

Negotiating and implementing partnership agreements, shareholders’ agreements and any other fund documentation for investors and fund sponsors

Negotiating and implementing management incentive plan

Transfer or sale of equity investments, both on the open-market and via a listing on the stock exchange

Structuring exit strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, trade sales and public offerings

Shareholders’ disputes

Coordination with other professionals in case of multi-jurisdiction transactions, notaries and banks involved in various jurisdictions.

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Employment Lawyer of the Year in Romania Monica Georgiadis practices in the area of employment, being highly recommended by clients for her excellent strategic thinking, strong client-oriented advice and in-depth knowledge of this area. Monica has extensive experience in a wide range of employment matters, such as sensitive high-end negotiations (ranging from top management exits to sensitive industrial relations), complex forensic investigations and disciplinary cases, cross-border high-end transfer of undertaking projects, agile working and new tax model-related products or negotiation of complex senior exits. DLA Piper Dinu SCA Monica Georgiadis MA Partner, Head of Employment Metropolis Center, 89-97 Grigore Alexandrescu Str., East Wing, 1st Floor, Sector 1, 010624, Bucharest Tel: +40 372 155 800

Having worked in Bucharest and London, acted as trusted business advisor for a variety of clients and consolidated her skills in certain core sectors, including Technology, Life Sciences, Transport & Construction, Financial Services, and Energy. She also has experience in Finance and Banking, in advising on sponsor/ borrower’s side and serving as a long-lasting trusted advisor of landmark Romanian corporations. Experience: ●


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Advising one of the world’s largest and most diversified software companies on various employment projects for their operations in Romania. Acting as trust advisor for a global pharmaceutical company for their most complex and sensitive employment matters in Romania. Advising a leading security software provider on several employment projects, as well as other dayto-day employment aspects. Advising an international bank on sensitive highend employment matters, including cross-practice advice on employment litigation in a high-end disciplinary dismissal case. Advising a leading international healthcare services provider in the nephrology field on various employment matters, as well as in transactional work (employment side). Advising a global mass media and entertainment company on various employment day-to-day matters, including complex advice on employment terms & exit, regulatory matters related to medical leaves and benefits. Advising a leading, global renewable energy company devoted to value creation, innovation and sustainability on various employment matters, but also in employment litigation in relation to salary rights claims, together with our litigation team. Advising an Italian manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products, being one of the biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company in the world, on various employment assignments, including implementation of fixed term employment, contract suspension and effects in the context of legislative novelties, implementation of various employee benefits and programs. Acting as trusted advisor for an technology and manufacturing international company for their most complex and sensitive employment matters, including employment litigations in Romania. Acting as trusted advisor for one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges on virtually all relevant Romanian employment law matters, ranging from individual employment terms and conditions, to the implementation of complex internal policies, including complex working time arrangements and telework policies.

Employment DLA Piper’s global employment practice advises clients worldwide on employment legislation, helping them meet their workforce objectives. The team partners with its clients, wherever they do business, to find solutions and manage risk in relation to their employment, incentives and pensions legal challenges and objectives. With lawyers across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the firm’s global employment team is one of the largest in the world, with one of the widest geographical footprints of any international law firm. The team can assist with: ●



Expansions or reductions-in-force

Local or international employee relations

Data privacy or data protection

Local, cross-border or collective litigation

Local or multi-jurisdictional compliance

Risk management

DLA Piper’s clients range from startups to emerging multinationals and some of the biggest and bestknown global brands in the world. The firm works with its clients locally, internationally and across borders. Its global reach and local knowledge means that it can partner with clients to drive consistency, deliver cost savings and help them identify and manage their priorities and risk across multiple locations. With market and economic shifts, new technology, globalisation and global mobility, a demand for more flexible workforces and ever-increasing scrutiny of compliance and ethics, the employment and labour challenges for multinationals are greater than ever. The firm’s employment services cover: ●

Global Governance and Compliance


International Corporate Reorganizations

Pensions and Reward

Experience: ●

Advised a global client on drafting and implementing a Global Code of Conduct in over 50 jurisdictions Advised on implementing a 900 employee global restructuring, affecting employees in around 30 jurisdictions worldwide Advised a full service investment bank on global restricted stock award documentation encompassing restrictive covenants and notice periods applicable to 19 jurisdictions Acted for a global IT company providing legal project management and full cover HR advice in an outsourcing project which affected more than 400 employees in 15 countries and included collective consultation in several countries Acted for a global healthcare company in a cross border investigation and litigation involving the misuse of highly confidential information and a staff poaching in multiple jurisdictions Advised a global music company with the restructuring of its global workforce providing project support across 20-30 jurisdictions

Litigation Lawyer Awards of the title Year in Romania “Most businesses will be involved in a major dispute at some stage. The breadth of litigation and arbitration expertise among our lawyers means that we can offer advice and representation over a wide range of disputes that may be complex as well as having far reaching consequences. Our main goal is to act decisively and promptly, as well as finding the most cost-effective solutions for our clients.” Robert Roșu has a wealth of experience in litigation and arbitration, having handled contentious matters in various areas of practice. He has represented clients at all levels of the judicial system. Robert Roșu’s practice covers a broad range of litigation matters in the following areas: commercial litigation, usually involving company law and shareholder disputes, administrative, competition, employment, intellectual property, taxation as well as enforcement procedures and criminal litigation. In addition, he is a resourceful litigator who has briefed and argued a number of complex and high-profile cases at the International Court of Arbitration, having acted on behalf of the Romanian government and various foreign investors. Țuca Zbârcea & Asociații Robert Roșu Partner 4-8 Nicolae Titulescu Ave., America House, West Wing, 8th Floor, Sector 1, 011141, Bucharest Tel: (40-21) 204 76 30

Further to his practice in litigation and arbitration, he has been involved in several important state-owned enterprise privatizations as well as acquisition transactions in the private and public sectors. Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii is a major player in the Romanian legal services market. The firm is active in some of the most spectacular practice areas in legal consultancy. The team enjoys its current success because every partner’s performance and abilities are judiciously employed, offering clients a leading edge in a highly competitive field. The firm’s first priority is serving its clients’ business interests in an increasingly complex business world. Through understanding the business environment and by focusing on client service, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii can represent its clients with clarity of purpose, and by so doing, optimize their chances for success. At Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii, clients know that they are receiving individual attention from partners and attorneys. The firm takes strong, personal interest in its clients and their concerns, offering continuous counseling. Its pro-active approach allied with open lines of communication enables the firm to aim higher, with every project it takes on. Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii is fully committed to maintaining strict confidentiality in all communication relating to legal advice given to its clients. The firm absolutely respects the client-attorney privilege with respect to all information arising from the professional relationship. Furthermore, the principle of strict confidentiality survives the termination of the contract. In a highly competitive and fast changing legal environment, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii recognizes the importance of managerial partnership in the successful development of its business. The team is inspired by the ambition to win and the commitment to success. As Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii prepares to take the firm to the next level of growth, its plans for the future are based on its steadfast desire to continue to serve clients’ needs in order to reach beyond performance. Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii is committed to the principles of professionalism, ethics, impartiality and providing the best legal services. The firm focuses on giving practical legal advice tailored to its clients` needs and, above all, values close partnerships with all its clients and collaborators. Litigation & Arbitration The lawyers in Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii have amassed a lot of experience in the practice of Litigation and Arbitration, dealing with contentious matters in various areas of practice. Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii’s litigation team reflects the strengths and diversity of the firm’s considerable resources. Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii has represented clients at all levels of the local judicial system, from the lower courts to the High Court of Justice, as well as in special proceedings in the Constitutional Court and in international or domestic courts of arbitration. Its lawyers have an in-depth working knowledge of various arbitration procedural rules, such as ICC, UNCITRAL and ICSID and have dealt with complex substantive law issues in specific litigation circumstances. Based on this experience, the firm’s litigators help to establish a litigation strategy from the outset of each matter, seek to develop creative solutions, and advise on the best course of action with a view to assisting clients in achieving their business goals. Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii has represented businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and individuals in a broad range of complex cases, including civil, commercial and corporate issues, joint ventures and related business disputes, intellectual property (including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition cases), banking and finance, tax issues, insurance, labor, maritime, real estate, securities, enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments and arbitral awards, governmental investigation, etc. If no other course is open, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii employs a tough-minded, business-oriented approach to the assessment and conduct of litigation cases on behalf of its clients and has enjoyed great success in achieving favorable results that meet their business goals and objectives.

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Corporate Lawyer of the Year in Slovenia Bojan Brežan is the managing partner of Schoenherr’s Slovenian office. He specialises in transactional law from the areas of corporate/M&A, real estate and in dispute resolution. His main focus in M&A is both public and private acquisition deals as well as joint ventures. In real estate, apart from acquisitions, his main areas of expertise are lease and leasehold relationships. Bojan’s transactional practice is supplemented with his high-profile work in commercial litigations and arbitrations. He regularly represents clients in contractual disputes, management liability cases and insolvency related litigation. Schoenherr Schoenherr is a full-service law firm with a footprint in Central and Eastern Europe providing local and international companies stellar advice. As the go-to legal advisor for complex commercial matters in the region, Schoenherr aims to use its proximity to industry leaders in developing practical solutions for future challenges. The firm keeps a close eye on trends and developments, which enables it to provide high quality legal advice that is straight to the point. Schoenherr Slovenia Bojan Brežan Managing Partner SI-1000 Ljubljana, Tomšičeva 3 Tel: +386 1 200 09 80

Schoenherr Managing Partner Michael Lagler explains why a culture open to innovation is so important: “Part of Schoenherr’s working vision is to develop innovative products and to continue bringing legal advisory to the next level. This enables us to provide high quality advice and to respond to our clients’ individual needs.” Hence, the firm launched the “innovation hub @ schoenherr” initiative in 2017, which brings together techsavvy, diversely trained people to work on practical solutions. In addition to its open approach in creating and using innovative paths for the benefit of its clients, the firm assists with the collaboration between start-ups and corporates in a broad range of areas and industries. Furthermore, the firm cooperates with various organisations supporting the region’s innovative ecosystem. Future-Law is an independent, multidisciplinary platform which aims to support the development of the legal industry with the help of technology and innovation. Schoenherr is a partner of Future-Law, offering insight into legal tech and how law firms can continue to provide quality advice with the help of technological solutions. Schoenherr is proud to be a Founding Member of the Legal Tech Hub Vienna. Schoenherr, Dorda, Eisenberger & Herzog, Herbst Kinsky, PHH, SCWP Schindhelm and Wolf Theiss founded the LTH Vienna in October 2018, a unique initiative bringing together seven law firms. The core objective is to lead the legal industry innovatively and proactively, with a client-focus, into a digital future. Schoenherr’s main ambition is its clients’ commercial success and satisfaction. The firm knows that readymade answers or legal nitpicking are not an option for its clients. It provides flexible, creative, and personallytailored solutions – always to the highest level both locally and internationally. Legal issues are often very complex. Schoenherr ensures that they don’t become perplexing as well. Clear and effective communication is a hallmark of the firm;s dialogue with clients. Also within Schoenherr, it is one of the highest priorities of the firm’s corporate culture. Schoenherr was one of the first international law firms to move into the dynamically developing CEE market. Today, Schoenherr is among the largest law firms in this region and has an outstanding reputation. Schoenherr’s Ljubljana office was established in 2001. It has since developed into a leading international firm on the Slovenian market. The firm advises predominantly foreign investors on the complete range of corporate legal issues, including large-scale privatisations, private equity investments, real estate acquisition and project finance, as well as non-transactional work such as competition advice and litigation. The firm has extensive experience in the energy, telecommunications, insurance, banking, retail, construction, real estate development, life-sciences, media and debt collection sectors. The team is comprised of experienced and specialised lawyers. Most of its lawyers have a good command of both English and German. Mergers & Acquisitions Schoenherr’s international M&A experts provide straight to the point cross-border transactional and corporate commercial law advice. Throughout CEE/SEE the practice has consistently been ranked in the highest tier by acclaimed legal directories. The firm’s core practice is advising and representing clients on transactions and complex corporate and commercial matters. Over the years, the practice group has built an outstanding record on headline and key transactions in Austria and throughout CEE/SEE. Schoenherr’s M&A teams advise on national and cross-border transactions, including private M&A, public tender offers, transactions for listed companies, private equity and venture capital transactions, auction sales, privatisations, strategic alliances and joint ventures. Dedicated teams within the practice group focus on restructuring and insolvency, working together with the firm’s insolvency specialists to advise on distressed companies M&A. Together with the firm’s regulatory specialists, the corporate/M&A group has developed industry-specific expertise covering inter alia the following sectors: energy, financial institutions, telecoms, automotive, media and pharmaceuticals. Schoenherr’s corporate/M&A practice has consistently been ranked in the highest tier by acclaimed legal directories such as Chambers Global and Chambers Europe, IFLR1000, Legal 500 and JUVE. Among other rankings Schoenherr has been repeatedly ranked number 1 in Austria by MergerMarket rankings. Services:


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Public takeovers

Private equity

Venture capital

Distressed companies M&A

Sector-specific transactions, including financial institutions, energy and TMT


Banking & Finance Awards Lawyer title of the Year in Spain Jesús Zapata focuses on financial and banking matters, being involved in significant transactions within the national and international markets. He is also engaged in a number of corporate and acquisition financing operations. Professional Qualifications: ●

Abogado registered with Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid

Prior Experience: Jesús has previously worked as a Legal Adviser in one of the largest Spanish banks and as a lawyer in a few global law firms. Recognitions: He has been recommended by Chambers Global (Banking and Finance), Chambers Europe (Banking and Finance) and by European Legal 500 (Banking and Finance) for the past years. DLA Piper


Jesús Zapata Managing Partner

Universidad Complutense Madrid, Law degree

ICADE, Master in Tax Advice

Paseo de la Castellana, 35 -2º 28046, Madrid Tel: +34 91 319 12 12

Memberships ●

Madrid Bar Association

DLA Piper Spain DLA Piper Spain is staffed with over 80 highly qualified lawyers who offer a full range of services. The firm provides comprehensive, expert and global legal advice to our national and international clients operating in the Spanish market, which is steadily growing at the international level. The firm has strong industry capability in its key sectors, such as the Real Estate, Banking and Financial Services. The priority of the firm’s professionals is to assist companies by providing them with the best resources available. For this reason, the firm continues to develop in order to adapt to the constant social, commercial, technological and legislative changes. DLA Piper Spain has a commitment to its clients and their business and for that reason it have built strong teams of highly qualified and trustworthy professionals. With the close economic integration of Spain and Portugal, the Iberian legal market has been increasingly seen by the firm’s clients as a single market. It is a natural evolution for the for, to join forces, enabling it to present its clients with a single, joined-up offering across the Iberian region. Financial Services DLA Piper advises some of the largest financial services companies and institutions on both their day-today operations and wider strategic objectives. Uncertain economies demand legal strategies that address regulatory and enforcement risks and the costs of compliance. The firm helps its clients contend with legal issues in banking - including restructurings, regulatory demands and the compliance costs that have come with reform. DLA Piper has the worldwide resources to represent clients in large banking and commercial transactions, as well as to meet their needs in regulatory, public policy and enforcement areas. The firm’s lawyers are located in all major capital markets and in the regulatory centers of Washington, DC and Brussels. The firm also advises clients on banking legal issues in higher risk and growth markets. DLA Piper’s clients include asset managers, building societies, capital markets and their participants, investment banks, national regulators, private banks, private equity firms, professional services organizations engaged principally in financial services and retail banks. In addition, the firm regularly works with retail intermediaries on the legal issues involved in the selling of financial services to consumers. ●

● ●

Analyzing the impact of all UK and Irish payment schemes, including card schemes, on the ring-fencing plans of a major UK bank and advising on how to implement them in such a way as to conform with the rules of the various schemes. Executing the Brexit plans of a major UK bank in continental Europe, including opening new branches in a new legal entity and closing a range of branches that were passporting into continental Europe from the UK. Advising First Rand on the financing aspects of its GBP1.1 billion takeover of Aldermore Group. Advising Bridgepoint on its acquisition of Primonial, a French mass market wealth management company with EUR15 billion of funds under management. Primonial invests in a range of asset classes, with a particular focus on investing in commercial real estate. Advising Citigroup Global Markets Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank and another global financial institution on the update of the USD5 billion GMTN programme of Axis Bank and the drawdown of USD500 million 3% notes due August 2022. This was the first 144A deal by an Indian Bank in 2017 and also the tightest pricing received by an Indian Bank issue since the global financial crisis. Advising First Data Group on the coordination of the regulatory workstream for the highly complex intragroup re-organization through which it sought to place its non-US subsidiaries under a new global holding company. We also provided ongoing regulatory support and input across eight jurisdictions to assist in structuring the transaction, identifying the filing requirements, collating the information from various parts of the group and obtaining relevant regulatory approvals. Advising Link Administration Holdings on its acquisition of Capita Asset Services from Capita plc. This was a complex, game-changing acquisition for Link, as this Australian-listed company entered Europe for the first time by acquiring one of the key providers of corporate and regulated financial services located in a dozen jurisdictions – mostly in Europe. We provided UK and EU regulatory advice and led all regulatory filings in all jurisdictions, including obtaining change in control approvals and providing regulatory advice on all aspects of the transaction.

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Land Planning & Environment Lawyer of the Year in Spain Vicente Estebaranz has over eighteen years of professional experience in Real Estate, Administrative and Land Planning Law. He joined Pérez-Llorca in 2002 and made partner in 2009. Currently, he is the head of Land Planning and Environment at the firm. Prior to joining Pérez-Llorca, he worked in the public sector at the State Planning Office of the Zoning and Planning Commission for the Community of Madrid, where he gave technical advice on zoning and planning matters. He was also Director of Planning Projects for the Public Real Estate Company in the Zona Franca in Cádiz from 2000 to 2002. In the private sector, Vicente’s work in establishing and managing the Metrópoli Foundation for Innovation and Landscape Design (Fundación Metrópoli para la Innovación y Diseño del Territorio) in 1997, in which he was Secretary General of the Board until 2000, is particularly noteworthy. Studies: ●


1994 Master’s degree in Town Planning and Zoning (First in his year), Instituto de Estudios Superiores San Pablo, CEU (Madrid) 1992 Degree in Law with Corporate Management and European Community Law, CEU Luis Vives (Madrid)

Vicente Estebaranz Partner

He speaks Spanish and English.

Paseo de la Castellana, 50 28046 Madrid Tel: +34 91 436 04 34

Vicente is head of Pérez-Llorca’s Land Planning and Environment department, which, together with the Real Estate practice, has been one of the fundamental pillars of the Firm since its foundation and is regarded as one of the strongest legal teams in the country.


Vicente specialises in the procedure, management, follow-up and instigation of all types of administrative proceedings, particularly in applications for licences, authorisations, administrative regularisations, and negotiations with public administrative bodies at all levels including city councils, autonomous communities, ministries, hydrographical confederations, state ports, Spanish Airports and Aerial Navigation (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea – AENA), State Agency for Aerial Security (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea – AESA) and environmental public authorities. He also has extensive experience negotiating planning agreements and revising of details of such matters. Furthermore, he offers planning advice on the development of business parks, office complexes, hotels, shopping and leisure centres, as well as residential buildings, the sale and purchase of properties and land, investment and divestment, leisure centres, and other types of developments. Notable matters on which Vicente collaborates include offering administrative and planning advice on the purchase of land and the development of various shopping centres and business complexes by institutional developers and investors such as the redevelopment of an important harbour of general interest to the Spanish State. He has also been involved in the processing of various land planning instruments including a Modification of the General Urban Plan (PGOU) of Madrid, the processing of a Special Plan for the implantation of a new museum located on the Paseo del Prado in Madrid, the management of the multidisciplinary team for the Specific Modification of the PGOU of Marbella, and the preparation of the legal-land management sections of the “Master Plan” for the development of investments and complementary uses for the Barcelona-El Prat, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville and Valencia airports. His main clients are property developers, banks, insurance companies, real estate investment funds, retail outlets and companies from the industrial and service sectors and Public Administrations. Pérez-Llorca Pérez-Llorca is a pre-eminent law firm in Spain. The firm provides high-end advice to international and domestic clients in connection with the largest and most complex transactions and disputes in Spain or matters with a Spanish component. The firm prides itself on offering unrivalled quality, service and long-term commitment to clients. The majority of its work is cross-border and often involves several jurisdictions. As an independent law firm, Pérez-Llorca approaches multijurisdictional work by providing turnkey solutions together with other leading independent firms from Europe, the Americas and Asia. The firm offers full-service advice on Spanish law and operates from its offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London and New York. With more than 35 years’ experience in the Spanish market, the firm’s highly motivated lawyers and staff work towards a common goal: to contribute to the business success of their clients, offering first-rate legal services whilst always adhering to ethical and professional codes of practice. Land Planning Pérez-Llorca’s Land Planning team is formed of lawyers with more than 20 years’ experience in the land planning and real estate market. The team is characterised by its multidisciplinary legal service; it offers clients solutions from multiple perspectives in order to provide complete legal advice. The Land Planning team’s lawyers and specialised technicians give comprehensive advice covering all possible angles. The experience and doctrinal work of the professionals at Pérez-Llorca combine to form a strong team capable of handling a diverse range of issues related to land planning. Environment Pérez-Llorca’s Environment team is formed of professionals with a wide range of experience in regulated sectors, which enables them to find the best solution to every issue that they are presented with. The Environment team has extensive experience in giving environmental legal advice to Spanish and international public and private entities.


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Capital Markets Lawyer Awards of the titleYear in Switzerland Philippe Weber often represents Swiss and international clients in some of the largest and most complex corporate/M&A, capital markets and banking transactions in Switzerland and regularly counsels public companies on how to successfully navigate critical governance and compliance matters. Chambers Global and other legal directories distinguish him as a top tier lawyer in these fields. Philippe Weber has vast experience in high profile corporate/M&A, capital markets and banking transactions. He also regularly advises companies, boards and other parties on takeover law, governance and compliance and represents clients in such matters before regulators, including the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Swiss Takeover Board, the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority FINMA and other Swiss and foreign regulators. Highlights include: ●

Niederer Kraft Frey Philippe Weber Partner Tel: +41 58 800 83 83

Counsel on the largest Swiss IPO of the year in each of the past seven years, i.e. 2014 (SFS), 2015 (Sunrise), 2016 (VAT), 2017 (Landis+Gyr), 2018 (SIG Combibloc), 2019 (Stadler Rail) and 2020 (Ina Invest)

Counsel to NEC Corporation in the CHF 2.05bn acquisition of Swiss Avaloq Group

Counsel to Worldline (Atos) in the CHF 2.75 billion acquisition of SIX Payment Services

Swiss Counsel to KKR and Alliance Boots GmbH (Swiss ParentCo) in the USD multi billion acquisition of Alliance Boots by Walgreen Co. Counsel to the Swiss Confederation in the recapitalization of UBS by way of a CHF 6 billion mandatory convertible bond

Niederer Kraft Frey Niederer Kraft Frey is a leading full service Swiss law firm based in Zurich with an international approach. The firm works closely with its clients in Switzerland and internationally, to implement strategic goals, strengthen businesses and navigate change effectively. Niederer Kraft Frey offers integrated advice across the whole spectrum of corporate, finance and business law. The firm has a long track record of dealing effectively with complex challenges by combining legal excellence with commercial focus. Over decades, Niederer Kraft Frey has worked on the most significant and demanding matters in the Swiss market. This is the foundation of the firm’s distinct market knowledge, legal expertise and its capacity for innovative thought. The firm has an international team of more than 100 lawyers of whom 35 are partners. The focus of Niederer Kraft Frey is the business of its clients. The firm works daily on matters involving complex multijurisdictional issues and several working languages. The team advises in 13 different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Czech, Dutch, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Chinese. Niederer Kraft Frey has a strong domestic client base and premises at the heart of Zurich’s financial district. The firm understands and influences the legal and business landscape in Switzerland. The level of international capability in the NKF team is unique in Switzerland. Many of the team have studied, gained professional experience or qualified in different jurisdictions. The firm’s internal teams are as multicultural as any of the cross-jurisdictional project teams it forms with law firms around the world for its clients. The firm has a strong reputation for forming and fitting seamlessly into international teams. Its broad global network of trusted relationships with top firms ensures that clients get the best expertise in all jurisdictions quickly and on competitive terms. NKF innovation is grounded in decades of experience working on the most challenging legal issues. The firm applies creativity, expertise, mastery of the law and rigour to new commercial challenges. Each member of the team values deep and broad expertise, curiosity, intellectual flexibility and efficiency. Capital Markets Niederer Kraft Frey has played an instrumental role in the development of the Swiss capital markets. In well over 5,000 transactions over the past three decades, the firm has advised all major domestic and international market participants. The firm’s team of over 20 capital markets lawyers is a recognised market leader and its strength is demonstrated by top-tier rankings from all major independent international legal directories. ●

Niederer Kraft Frey regularly advises on the largest and most complex capital market transactions and have been at the forefront of the development of new and innovative capital market products for many years. The firm advises its banking and insurance clients on the structuring of novel hybrid and other innovative regulatory capital instruments and on the regulatory capital treatment of capital market transactions. The firm also supports clients in complying with their ongoing obligations as public companies and other securities and regulatory matters. The high volume and complexity of the transactions the firm’s capital markets lawyers are exposed to ensures that it keeps abreast of breaking issues and developments in securities laws and capital markets and allow it to leverage this expertise to the benefit of its clients. The team are recognised representatives at SIX and maintain excellent relationships with other regulators. As members of various expert and supervisory bodies and through involvement in legal publications, the firm contributes continuously to the development and implementation of the Swiss regulatory framework. As the market leader in Switzerland, Niederer Kraft Frey has been working alongside the world’s leading international law firms for decades. The firm’s clients and international colleagues can place their trust in its network of contacts that has proven itself over many years

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Construction Lawyer of the Year in Austria KWR Karasek Wietrzyk Rechtsanwälte GmbH Dr. Georg Karasek Partner Fleischmarkt 1, A-1010 Vienna Tel: +43 1 24500-3155

Projects & Energy Lawyer of the Year in Austria Schoenherr Vienna Christian Schmelz Partner A-1010 Vienna, Schottenring 19 Tel: +43 1 534 37 0

Employment Lawyer of the Year in Belgium Stibbe Elisabeth Matthys Partner Central Plaza, Loksumstraat 25 Rue de Loxum, 1000 Brussels Tel: +32 2 533 56 52

Fintech Lawyer of the Year in Belgium Simont Braun Joan Carette Partner The Hype, Avenue Louise 250 (10), B-1050 Brussels Tel: +32 (0)2 533 17 27

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Bulgaria Dimitrov, Petrov & Co Metodi Baykushev Partner 28 Todor Alexandrov Blvd., Fl. 7, Sofia 1303 Tel: +359 (2) 421 42 01


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Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in Croatia Šavoric & Partners Branko Bulat Partner Ilica 1/A, Zagreb Eye, 14th - 15th floor, 10 000 Zagreb Tel: +38514855900

Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Cyprus A.G Erotocritou LLC Alexis Erotocritou 1 Arch. Kyprianou & Ayiou Andreou Corner, Loucaides Building, 6th Floor, 3036 Limassol Tel: +35725370101

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Cyprus Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC Marina Hadjisoteriou Partner Michael Kyprianou House, 116 Gladstonos Street, 3032 Limassol Tel: +357 25 363685

IP Lawyer of the Year in Cyprus Lellos P Demetriades Law Office Achilleas Demetriades Partner The Chanteclair House, 2 Sophoulis Str., 9th fl, 1096 Nicosia, Cyprus Tel: +357 22 676060

Tax Lawyer of the Year in Cyprus Chrysostomides Advocates & Legal Consultants George Ioannou Partner 1 Lampousas Street, 1095 Nicosia Tel: +357 22 777000

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Corporate Lawyer of the Year in Czech Republic Kinstellar Lukáš Ševčík Managing Partner Palác Myslbek, Na Příkopě 19, 110 00 Prague 1 Tel: +420 221 622 258 E:

TMT Lawyer of the Year in Czech Republic ROWAN LEGAL Michal Nulíček GEMINI A, Na Pankráci 1683/127, 140 00 Prague 4 Tel: +420 224 216 212

Energy Lawyer of the Year in Denmark Plesner Niklas Korsgaard Christensen Managing Partner Amerika Plads 37, DK-2100 København Ø Tel: +45 36 94 12 39

Insolvency Lawyer of the Year in Denmark Horten Piya Mukherjee Partner Philip Heymans Allé 7, 2900 Hellerup, Copenhagen T: +45 33344177

Media & Entertainment Lawyer of the Year in Denmark Kromann Reumert Martin Dahl Pedersen Partner Sundkrogsgade 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen Tel: +45 38 77 43 88


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Competition & EU Lawyer of the Year in Finland Merilampi Attorneys Ltd Satu-Anneli Kauranen Partner Keskuskatu 7, 00100 Helsinki Tel: +358 44 584 5858

Maritime & Transport Lawyer of the Year in Finland HPP Attorneys Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger Partner Bulevardi 1 A FI-00100 Helsinki Tel: +358 50 532 2532

Aviation Lawyer of the Year in France Signature Litigation AARPI Thomas Rouhette Partner 49/51 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 70 75 58 00

Compliance Lawyer of the Year in France August Debouzy Astrid Mignon Colombet Partner 7 rue de Téhéran, 75008 Paris Tel: +33 1 45 61 51 80

Environment Lawyer of the Year in France LPA-CGR avocats Frédérique Chaillou Partner 136, avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris Tel: +33 (0)1 53 93 30 00

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Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Georgia BGI Legal Lasha Gogiberidze Founding Partner 18 Rustaveli Avenue, II Floor, Tbilisi 0108 Tel: +995 322 470 747

Entertainment Lawyer of the Year in Germany BEITEN BURKHARDT Dr Andreas Lober Partner Mainzer Landstrasse 36, 60325 Frankfurt/Main Tel: +49 69 756095-582

Food Lawyer of the Year in Germany KWG Rechtsanwälte Markus Grube Partner Wilhelm-Breckow-Allee 15, Gummersbach 51643 Tel: +49 2261 60140

Healthcare & Life Sciences Lawyer of the Year in Germany Dierks+Company Christian Dierks Managing Partner HELIX HUB, Invalidenstr. 113, D-10115 Berlin Tel: +49-30-586-930-000

Internal Investigations Lawyer of the Year in Germany Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Norbert Nolte Partner Feldmühleplatz 1, 40545 Düsseldorf Tel: +49 211 49 79 0


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Private Client Lawyer of the Year in Germany POELLATH Andreas Richter Partner Potsdamer Platz 5, Berlin, 10785 Tel: +49 (30) 25353-132

Project Finance Lawyer of the Year in Germany White & Case LLP Florian Degenhardt Partner Valentinskamp 70, EMPORIO, 20355 Hamburg Tel: +49 40 35005 364

Venture Capital Lawyer of the Year in Germany Raue PartmbB Andreas Nelle Partner Potsdamer Platz 1, Berlin 10785 Tel: +49 (30) 818550 – 352

Gambling Lawyer of the Year in Gibraltar Ince Gibraltar Peter Howitt Managing Director/Partner 6.20 World Trade Center, 6 Bayside Road, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA Tel: +350 20068450

Employment Lawyer of the Year in Greece Zepos & Yannopoulos Rania Papakonstantinou Partner 280 Kifissias Ave., Halandri, Athens Tel: (+30) 210 6967 000

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Energy Lawyer of the Year in Greece Metaxas & Associates Law Firm Antonis Metaxas Managing Partner Asklipiou 154, 114 71 Athens Tel: +30 210 339 07 48

Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Greece Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm Konstantinos Issaias Partner 28, Dimitriou Soutsou Str., 115 21 Athens Attiki Tel: +30 210 817 1616

Shipping Litigation Lawyer of the Year in Greece Hill Dickinson LLP Maria Moisidou Partner 2 Defteras Merarchias St, Piraeus 185, 35 Tel: +30 210 428 4770

Employment Lawyer of the Year in Hungary DLA Piper Helga Fehér Partner H-1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 49-51. Tel: +36 1 510 1100

TMT Lawyer of the Year in Hungary VJT & Partners János Tamás Varga Managing Partner Kernstok Károly tér 8, 1126 Budapest Tel: +36 1 501 9900


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Asset Finance Lawyer of the Year in Ireland McCann FitzGerald Joe Fay Partner Riverside One, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, D02 X576 Tel: +353 1 607 1431

Construction Lawyer of the Year in Ireland Matheson Rhona Henry Partner 70 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2 Tel: +353 1 232 2110

IT Lawyer of the Year in Ireland William Fry Leo Moore Partner William Fry, 2 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2 Tel: +353 16395152

Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in Ireland ByrneWallace LLP Michael Walsh Partner 88 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, D02 DK18 Tel: +353 1 691 5674

Administrative & Public Lawyer of the Year in Italy BonelliErede Luca Perfetti Partner 1 Via Barozzi 20122 Milan Tel: +39 02 771131

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Compliance Lawyer of the Year in Italy Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe Alessandro De Nicola Partner Corso G. Matteotti, 10, Milan, 20121 Tel: +39 02 4541 3800

Employment Lawyer of the Year in Italy Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo Emanuela Nespoli Partner Via Rovello 12, Milan, 20121 Tel: +3902721441

Private Equity Lawyer of the Year in Italy Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici Gianni Martoglia Equity Partner Piazza Borromeo, 8, 20123 Milan Tel: +39 02 859751

Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyer of the Year in Italy Chiomenti Antonio Tavella Partner Via Giuseppe Verdi 2, Milan, I-20121 Tel: +39.02.72157.473

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Luxembourg FIVELEX Studio Legale Alfredo Craca Managing Partner Via degli Omenoni 2, 20121 Milano Tel: +39 02 3041 331


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Construction Lawyer of the Year in the Netherlands Houthoff Michel Klijn Partner Weena 355, 3013 AL Rotterdam Tel: +31 10 217 25 43

Employment Lawyer of the Year in the Netherlands De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Barbara Kloppert Partner De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Claude Debussylaan 80, 1082 MD Amsterdam Tel: +31 20 577 1965

Transport Lawyer of the Year in the Netherlands Van Traa Advocaten Vincent Pool Partner Minervahuis II, Meent 94, 3011 JP Rotterdam Tel: +31 10 224 55 28

Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Poland WKB Wiercinski, Kwiecinski, Baehr Jakub Pokrzywniak Partner Plac Małachowskiego 2, 00-066 Warsaw Tel: +48 22 201 00 00

White Collar Crime Lawyer of the Year in Poland Kondracki Celej Marcin Kondracki Managing Partner ul. Kopernika 32 lok. 5 00-336 Warszawa Tel: +48 22 121 08 08

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Capital Markets Lawyer of the Year in Portugal VdA Pedro Cassiano Santos Partner Rua Dom Luís I, 28, 1200-151 Lisboa Tel: (+351) 21 311 3479

Public Lawyer of the Year in Portugal Cuatrecasas Duarte Abecasis Partner Cuatrecasas, Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, 6, Lisboa, 1050-121 Tel: +351 21 355 38 00

TMT Lawyer of the Year in Portugal DLA Piper ABBC Daniel Reis Partner Largo S. Carlos, nº 3, 1200-410 Lisbon Tel: +351 91 19 04 476

M&A Lawyer of the Year in Slovenia Jadek & Pensa Pavle Pensa Senior Partner Tavčarjeva ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija Tel: +386 1 234 25 20

Environment Lawyer of the Year in Spain Garrigues Alfredo Fernández Rancaño Partner Hermosilla, 3, 28001 Madrid Tel: +34 91 514 52 00


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Insurance Lawyer of the Year in Spain Kennedys Olivia Delagrange Partner Cuzco IV, Paseo de Castellana 141 - 5 floor, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 28046 Tel: +34 919 17 04 03

White Collar Crime Lawyer of the Year in Spain Uría Menéndez Ismael Clemente Partner C/ Suero de Quiñones, 42, 28002 Madrid Tel: +34915860479

Environment Lawyer of the Year in Sweden Advokatfirman Vinge Thomas Sjöberg Partner Smålandsgatan 20, Box 1703, 111 87 Stockholm Tel: +46 (0)10 614 31 83 E:

Shipping Lawyer of the Year in Sweden Cirio Advokatbyrå AB Erik Linnarson Senior Counsel Mäster Samuelsgatan 20, 8th floor, 111 44 Stockholm Tel: +46 76 617 08 21

Data Privacy & Data Protection Lawyer of the Year in Switzerland Walder Wyss Ltd. David Vasella Partner Seefeldstrasse 123, P.O. Box, 8034 Zurich Tel: +41 58 658 52 87

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Fintech Lawyer of the Year in Switzerland Kellerhals Carrard Cornelia Stengel Partner Rämistrasse 5, Postfach, CH-8024 Zürich Tel: +41 582003900

Sports Lawyer of the Year in Switzerland Lenz & Staehelin Xavier Favre-Bulle Partner Route de Chêne 30, Geneva 6, CH-1211 Tel: +41 58 450 70 00

Competition Lawyer of the Year in Ukraine Aequo Sergey Denisenko Partner 32/2 Moskovska St., Kyiv 01010 Tel: +38 (044) 490 91 00

Energy Lawyer of the Year in Ukraine CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang Vitaliy Radchenko Partner Volodymyrska Street 38, Kyiv, 01054 Tel: +380 44 391 33 77

White Collar Crime Lawyer of the Year in Ukraine Arzinger Kateryna Gupalo Partner 32/2 Moskovska St., 10th Floor, 01010, Kyiv Tel: +380443905533


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Aviation Lawyer of the Year in the United Kingdom Keystone Law Hugh O’Donovan Consultant Barrister 48 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1JF Tel: 020 3319 3700

Banking Litigation Lawyer of the Year in the United Kingdom Walker Morris LLP Louise Power Partner 33 Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4DL Tel: +44 (0) 113 283 2542

Construction Lawyer of the Year in the United Kingdom Hill Dickinson Liverpool David Chinn Partner No.1 St. Paul’s Square, Liverpool, L3 9SJ Tel: +44 (0)151 600 8789

Corporate Tax Lawyer of the Year in the United Kingdom Mills & Reeve LLP Kevin Lowe Partner 78-84 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2AB Tel: +(44)(0)121 456 8382

Environment Lawyer of the Year in the United Kingdom Reed Smith LLP Nicholas Rock Partner Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2RS Tel: +44 (0)20 3116 3685

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Immigration Lawyer of the Year in the United Kingdom Payne Hicks Beach Kathryn Bradbury Partner 0 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London WC2A 3QG Tel: +44 (0) 20 7465 4398

Licensing Lawyer of the Year in the United Kingdom TLT LLP Ewen Macgregor Partner One Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6TP Tel: +44 (0)333 006 1251


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The Americas The longest economic expansion in US history has likely come to an end amid the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19, according to the latest commentary from the Fannie Mae (FNMA/OTCQB) Economic and Strategic Research (ESR) Group. With consumers staying home, many businesses shutting, and household financial stress growing, the ESR Group now projects back-to-back quarters of negative real GDP growth in the first half of 2020, meeting the commonly accepted definition of a recession. The updated forecast includes expectations of a historically large contraction in the second quarter of approximately 25 percent annualized amid sizeable declines in employment, consumer spending, and business investment. While full-year 2020 output is expected to contract 3.1 percent, the ESR Group anticipates a growth rebound of 4.8 percent in 2021. Risks to the forecast remain skewed heavily to the downside, with the length and magnitude of virusrelated shutdowns ultimately determining the likely contraction’s severity. The ESR Group also expects housing to slow significantly in the months ahead, despite starting the year in a strong position. Declines in purchase mortgage originations and new for-sale listings are indicative of the caution being demonstrated by homebuyers and sellers, due in part to financial and social uncertainty. As a result, the ESR Group is forecasting a sharp decline in total home sales and housing starts in both the second quarter and all of 2020. However, the low interest rate environment should continue to support refinance activity this year, which the ESR Group now projects to account for 56 percent of total mortgage originations volume. “The historically rapid decline in economic activity, the accompanying employment loss, and our limited, though improving, understanding of COVID-19 make this a particularly challenging forecast environment,” said Doug Duncan, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, Fannie Mae. “Our baseline forecast of a 3.1 percent contraction in real GDP in 2020 acknowledges the economic downdraft and, considering the unprecedented monetary and fiscal policy responses, suggests a solid-but-incomplete recovery exiting 2020. The variability around this forecast is wide, and is dependent on the incidence, severity, and duration of the virus, as well as the response of the public and policymakers to new information. In the background and contributing to the economic stress is the drop-off in demand and the negotiations over supply constraints in the oil industry.” “Amid job losses and employment stability concerns, we expect the housing market to also experience a downside shock,” Duncan continued. “In our view, the negative shock will apply to both the home purchase and rental markets. On the demand side, early indications are that the purchasing benefit of lower interest rates are being offset by the downturn in employment. On the supply side, the number of listings The Lawyer Network


is falling, as those with homes to offer may either be hesitant to allow strangers to tour their home or worry that the lack of demand is placing downward pressure on the sales price they might otherwise receive. On net, the expected effect is about a 15 percent decline in home sales in 2020, translating into a decline in purchase originations from $1.28 trillion in 2019 to $1.11 trillion in 2020. On the flip side, compared to 2019, refinances are expected to pick up in 2020 by approximately $400 billion to $1.41 trillion.” Amid difficult external conditions and high policy uncertainty, the growth outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean remains weak, undermining the region’s development prospects, according to the United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) 2020. The Report states that the global economy suffered its lowest growth in a decade, slipping to 2.3 per cent in 2019, as economic activity was impacted by prolonged trade disputes. The world, however, could see a slight uptick in growth in 2020 if risks are kept at bay. While global growth of 2.5 per cent in 2020 is possible, the Report cautions that a flareup of trade tensions, financial turmoil, or an escalation of geopolitical tensions could derail a recovery. In a downside scenario, global growth would slow to just 1.8 per cent this year. A prolonged weakness in global economic activity may cause significant setbacks for sustainable development, including the goals to eradicate poverty and create decent jobs for all. At the same time, pervasive inequalities and the deepening climate crisis are fuelling growing discontent in many parts of the world. UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned that “These risks could inflict severe and long-lasting damage on development prospects. They also threaten to encourage a further rise in inward-looking policies, at a point when global cooperation is paramount.” Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to experience a slow and uneven recovery over the next two years, amid strong domestic and external headwinds. After growing by only 0.1 per cent in 2019, aggregate GDP is projected to expand by 1.3 per cent in 2020 and 2.0 per cent in 2021. Economic activity will be supported by accommodative monetary policy, along with a pickup in domestic demand in Brazil and Mexico. But even this projected modest recovery is subject to significant downside risks, such as a further deterioration in global trade, renewed financial volatility, and heightened policy uncertainty. In 2019, per capita incomes stagnated or declined in many of the region’s economies, including Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Since the end of the commodity boom, the region has failed to achieve meaningful economic growth. The average per capita GDP today is about 4 per cent below the 2014 level. Amid lower average incomes and persistently high inequality, poverty levels have risen. The failure to deliver inclusive economic growth, coupled with an erosion of trust in political institutions, has fuelled growing popular discontent in parts of the region.


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IP Lawyer of the Year in Argentina Florencia Rosati is a partner at Beccar Varela. She co-heads the firm’s Intellectual Property and TMT (Telecommunications, Media and Technology) Departments. She is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She joined the firm in 1993. Her practice areas include litigation and advice to clients on trademarks, patents, copyright, entrepreneurship, entertainment, communications and new technologies, with broad experience in data protection and privacy. Florencia obtained her Law degree (1997) and her postgraduate degree in Telecommunications law from Universidad de Buenos Aires (2001) and her postgraduate degree in New Technologies from Universidad Católica Argentina (2009-2010). She is a registered Patent and Trademark Agent, and a member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association, the International Trademark Association (INTA), the ITech Law Association and the International Bar Association (IBA). Florencia has been recognized by Chambers Latin America, The Legal 500, Latin Lawyer 250 and Who’s Who Legal, and awarded the INTA Volunteer Service prize for Pro Bono Services by an individual in 2011. Beccar Varela Florencia Rosati Partner Edificio República, Tucumán 1, 3rd floor, (C1049AAA), Ciudad Autónoma de Bs. As. Tel: (+54 11) 4379 6830

She speaks Spanish and English. Beccar Varela Founded in 1897, Beccar Varela is a leading full-service law firm in Argentina. The firm advises local and international companies in all areas of corporate law across all industries. Through over 120 years of service, Beccar Varela has built a unique and innovative practice, combining the experience of its predecessors with its understanding of modern law. The firm has a passion for the law has driven its continued growth through both good and challenging times, and motivates it to be on the cutting edge of legal service. In 2017, Beccar Varela was named “Argentina Law Firm of the Year” by Chambers Latin America and in 2019 was honored to receive their “Client Service Award” for Argentina. Beccar Varela’s prime objective is to provide excellent legal advice to help its clients reach their objectives. The firm combines its knowledge of global and local business cultures to provide strategic tailor-made solutions to top-tier multinationals, national companies and individuals, as well as start-ups and not-for-profit organizations. The team consists of over 160 lawyers specializing in different areas of law, many of whom have studied or worked in the world’s business capitals. They are supported by motivated paralegals and interns, and by talented and creative administrative staff. The firm’s people are its main asset and it has a Diversity & Inclusion Committee whose objective is to recommend policies that promote diversity within the firm. A commitment to innovation and an integrated corporate sustainability program underpins Beccar Varela’s work. It is the first full-service law firm in Argentina to have joined the United Nations Global Compact, through which among other objectives it hopes to contribute to its clients’ value chains as a responsible service provider. Beccar Varela’s head office is located in the heart of Buenos Aires. The firm also has a branch in Tigre, in northern Buenos Aires. The firm assists clients with activities across the country, supported by a large network of correspondent firms. Beccar Varela’s superb relations with law firms and clients throughout the region enables it to seamlessly support cross-border initiatives and Latin America-wide strategies. Throughout its history, Beccar Varela has forged alliances with international networks that bring together highly reliable law firms worldwide. It is an active member of World Services Group (WSG), Interlex, International Network of Boutique Law Firms (INBLF) and ALAE (Aliança de Advocacia Empresarial), and a founding member of the Club de Abogados Iberoamérica. Intellectual Property Beccar Varela’s Intellectual Property Department offers a one-stop shop for all IP issues, delving far deeper than traditional patent and trademark services to offer comprehensive guidance serving national and international clients seeking to promote and protect their brands, products and ideas in Argentina and beyond. The firm works with clients in every industry, and has extensive experience ranging from agribusiness, life sciences, sports and the arts to the software and technology developers driving the modern economy. Beccar Varela provides strategic advice for IP law enforcement, including data protection and privacy. The firm’s expertise in contract negotiation and drafting includes work for hire, assignment of IP rights, trademarks and patents licenses, software licenses, outsourcing and ancillary agreements, know-how and industrial secrets licenses, attachment of trademarks, confidentiality, distribution, manufacturing, agency, publishing, use of image, advertising, downloading of content and multimedia. The dedicated patent and trademark unit manages the coordination and prosecution of copyrights, trademarks, patents and utility models, industrial models and designs, and domain name portfolios. Beccar Varela’s experts also manage lawsuits relating to intellectual and industrial property rights and unfair competition, and advise on litigation strategies. With ever-evolving global and national trends resulting in regular amendments to IP regulations, the team maintains close contact with the relevant regulatory authorities and keeps clients abreast of the latest developments. Beccar Varela advise on regulatory issues at the national and provincial level, as well as for cross-border deals, and assist global clients with IP issues related to their market entry strategies. The firm’s network of relationships with correspondents throughout the country ensures clients’ regional operations are well-served. Beccar Varela’s intellectual property lawyers have been recognized by Chambers Latin America, The Legal 500, Latin Lawyer 250, Who’s Who Legal, ILO Client Choice and INTA among others.

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M&A Lawyer of the Year in Argentina Marcelo Bombau is one of the partners in the Mergers and Acquisitions and Telecommunications and Media Law departments and heads the Entertainment Law department. He specializes in the structuring and negotiation of corporate sales transactions and continuing advice to boards of directors (of which in many cases he is a member) and in house legal departments of firms operating in a wide range of fields. The majority of his clients belong to international groups, with emphasis on companies dedicated to mass consumer products and audiovisual media and entertainment. His expertise and dedication to issues entrusted to him have earned him the highest respect from clients and colleagues, as well as uninterrupted recognition from specialized publications such as Latin Lawyer and Chambers Latin America, among others. As a result of a combination of the above, he was elected Chair of the ABA International Law Section for 2014–2015, an historical appointment as the first non-US qualified lawyer to occupy a similar position in more than 135 years of the American Bar Association. Education and training: Bomchil Marcelo E. Bombau Partner Av. Corrientes 420, C1043AAR, Buenos Aires Tel: (+54 11) 4321 7503

–  Universidad Nacional de la Plata Law, 1981 Distinctions: –  Chambers Global Band 2 (Corporate/M&A) - Marcelo Bombau: Band 4 –  Chambers Latin America Band 2 (Corporate/ M&A) - Marcelo Bombau: Band 4 Band 1(Telecommunications, Media & Technology) - Marcelo Bombau: Band 2 –  Legal 500 Band 3 (Corporate/M&A) - Leading Individual Band 1 (Telecommunications, Media & Technology) - Leading Individual –  The Best Lawyers in Argentina (2019 Edition) Corporate and M&A Law Entertainment Law Media Law Private Equity Law –  IFLR 1000 Tier 4, M&A (2018) –  LACCA Approved lawyers, Corporate/M&A, 12, Thought Leader (2020) Bomchil Bomchil is considered one of the leading full-service law firms in Argentina. Since the firm’s foundation in 1923 it has participated in some of the country’s most complex and significant transactions and disputes. The firm’s highly specialized practice areas allow it to build tailor made teams to meet its client’s multidisciplinary needs. The firm’s commitment to excellence prompts its partners to take a hands-on approach to work, within a dynamic, cooperative organization. To reach its goals, the firm recruits and develop exceptional people from a wide array of law schools across Argentina, giving them the tools to excel in a challenging environment. The firm’s clients include multinational companies, large and medium-sized regional companies, banks, financial institutions and funds, governments, foreign embassies and non-profit organizations. Bomchil attempts to excel through collaborative effort and a desire to share its expertise. The varied spectrum of work it undertakes is mirrored in the profiles of the firm’s team. The team has a strong spirit of membership in the firm, of the firm’s identity and of its working practices. The team shares a positive working environment, where they value and appreciate everyone’s ideas, concerns and contributions. Bomchil’s work ethic defines it as a firm and is one of the reasons for its continuing success. The firm is locally and internationally renowned as experts in a variety of practice areas. The team are particularly known for its rigorous attention to, and quality oversight of, its work. The firm is also committed to its society, having promoted pro bono work for the last two decades. In 2018 Bomchil was recognized by Latin Lawyer and The Vance Center with the Pro Bono Leading Light distinction due to its contribution to pro bono culture in Argentina. Mergers and Acquisitions Bomchil has broad and renowned experience in advising local and foreign investors on issues relating to mergers and acquisitions. The firm handles all aspects of the transactions, from determining the most appropriate corporate structure and its tax planning to undertaking ‘due diligence’ procedures and the drafting and negotiation of transfer and shareholder agreements. Due to its long-standing experience, the firm is in a position to swiftly identify any potential problems and obstacles. The team then offers creative solutions based on its expertise gained over decades of professional practice. Bomchil offers its clients a collaborative working environment. The team communicate in the most suitable and convenient language for the transaction, adding value to the deals and associated documentation. The firm’s reputation rests not only on the accuracy of its legal work but also on the speed of completion and its handling of the corporate and antitrust/competition elements ensuring a successful outcome to the matters entrusted to it. The team combines this with a profound understanding of the economic sectors in which it practices and a practical legal insight of the businesses it handles. The team position itself as true “partners” of its clients. Among a range of leading companies, Bomchil have represented those in the food, automobile, beverages, clothing, energy, communications media, pharmaceuticals, tourism, software, oil and advertising sectors, among many others.


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Competition & Antitrust Awards Lawyer titleof the Year in Brazil Leonor advises clients in competition, anticorruption and international trade law. Her clients are active in several fields as pharmaceuticals, internet/technology, packaging, auto parts, payments industry, nutrition, chemicals, among others. In competition, she represents clients before Cade and Brazilian Courts. At Cade, she works in cartel/unilateral investigations and merger control. In In anticorruption matters, she has represented clients before administrative and judicial bodies, public prosecutors, internal compliance procedures and investigations. In international trade, she represents clients in trade measures investigations, tariffs and customs issues. Academic Background: Ph.D. in Economic Law from University of São Paulo - USP and in International Law from Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne. Master of International Law from Sorbonne. Bachelor and Masters of Economic Law from the Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG. Visiting Scholar in the Doctoral Program of the World Trade Organization - WTO in Geneva. Positions Held: Grinberg Cordovil Advogados Leonor Cordovil Partner Al. Santos, 787, 8º floor, São Paulo 01419-001 Tel: +55 (11) 3371 5050

Professor at the professional master course at Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV (GVLaw), São Paulo.

Antitrust Officer in the International Bar Association - IBA, since 2014.

Publisher officer at the Editorial Board of CADE’s “Revista de Defesa da Concorrência”, since 2015.

Director of the Brazilian Institute for Antitrust, Consumer and International Trade Studies – IBRAC Competition Committee, in 2018/2019.

Coordinator of the IBRAC Competition Committee, in 2016/2017.

Director of the IBRAC International Trade Committee, in 2014/2015.

Publisher officer at IBRAC, in 2012-2013.

Grinberg Cordovil Grinberg Cordovil is an experienced-born law office. Professionals who already worked together in renowned law offices decided to establish GCA with a single purpose in mind: to render high quality and specialized services in offering innovative solutions to legal matters for both national and foreign clients. GCA provides services in specific areas of law, which allows the firm to invest in quality. The team are masters in the subject matters they work with, literally. GCA values the technical excellency, the professional background of its team and puts effort into being constantly updated. As a result, the team are knowledgeable and trained lawyers with the best and most modern capabilities to solve legal matters within their working fields of law. The dynamic times we live in demands creativity from service providers. Each question made is unique, each problem is individual. GCA answers this reality with customized, tailor-made solutions. To obtain them, the firm seeks to act in close partnership with its clients. When the team understands their world, their values, their market they gain the information and tools necessary to create new and original solutions for problems raised. When working with Law, you cannot disregard its history, its precedents. The experience of the team allows GCA to say that it has permanently contributed to the construction of the areas of law that it works with. The team’s experience also allows it to know what needs to be done and how it should be done. Being experienced permits GCA to be direct and straightforward, ensuring its clients the best service. Areas of Expertise: ●

Anti-Corruption Law

Competition Law and Litigation

Data Protection and Digital Law

Intellectual Property and Entertainment

International Trade

Competition Law and Litigation The excellence and experience of the firm’s founders in the area of Antitrust Law was the foremost reason for the creation of Grinberg Cordovil Advogados (GCA). Since its foundation, the firm hse been recognized for acting in high-profile cases before the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), either because of the size of the clients represented, the novelty of the themes addressed, or their importance for the development of the area as a whole. Throughout the years, GCA has represented the most diverse clients, both national and foreign, from different industries and in various procedures. Among them, the firm highlights the advisory services to clients who work in new technology markets, such as, internet companies, e-commerce operators, media and telecommunications companies, and also companies in the traditional sectors of the economy, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, auto parts, fuel distribution, ports, payment methods, nutrition, among others. The team offers legal advice on strategies to be adopted to prevent such cases, conducting audits, and evaluating commercial practices and regulations created by Brazilian authorities, from the point of view of competition law. GCA’s lawyers act before CADE, the Judiciary, and regulatory agencies in diverse matters related to competition defense, whether it be in the preventive, advisory, or litigation area, including: ●

● ●

Concentration acts arising from mergers, incorporations, joint ventures, associative agreements, among other transactions; Advisory on cartel investigations and other anticompetitive practices, such as discrimination, abuse of dominant position, refusal to sell, resale price fixing, predatory pricing, etc., with vast experience in defense and negotiation agreements with the authority, such as Settlement Agreements (TCC) and Leniency Agreements; Compliance Programs; Evaluation of competitive risks arising from commercial policies, like distribution and supply contracts, discount programs, among others.

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Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Lawyer of the Year in Brazil Tatiana Campello is a partner at Demarest and head of the Intellectual Property and Innovation and Data Privacy and Cybersecurity areas. Tatiana holds a specialization in Business Law from PUC-SP and a BA in Law from Faculdades Integradas Cândido Mendes. Recognized nationally and internationally in her field, she participates in several national and international associations and acts as a lecturer and speaker on topics related to her areas of expertise. Experience:

Demarest Advogados Tatiana Campello Partner Praia do Flamengo, 200 - 15º Andar, Rio de Janeiro – RJ 22210-901 Tel: +55 21 3723 9851

–  Advised Novus Media SA in the negotiation and execution with Turner International Latin America, Inc. and its affiliates in the licensing of the “CNN” brand and its audiovisual content. The deal marks CNN’s entry into the Brazilian market –  Advises, in the intellectual property contract area, a large multinational retailer in the clothing and footwear segment –  Advises a famous motorcycle company in all intellectual property matters in Brazil, assisting the company in its strategy in the area, including trademark protection, intellectual property rights and licensing of personality rights (voice, image, etc.) –  Advises Diebold Nixdorf, multinational in the area of financial technology, in the protection and strategy of patents and trademarks

In line with this scenario, Demarest has brought together a group of highly specialized partners and lawyers who work to advise clients, in a practical and efficient way, on various topics, including Digital Law, Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence. The firm’s services include: –  mapping of personal data flows, recommendations regarding appropriate legal bases and risk mitigation; –  drafting and revision of several documents, such as:

terms of use;

privacy policies;


terms of consent;

privacy impact reports;

international data transfer contracts;

cookie policies; and

Data Processing Agreements (DPAs).

–  consulting on incidents of personal data leakage, advising our clients in a preventive capacity as well as during the course of incidents;


–  crisis management resulting from security incidents;

–  Specialization in Corporate Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), São Paulo, Brazil (1997)

–  preparing notification of security incidents to the National Data Protection Authority and data subjects; –  training and capacity building on legal norms and organizational policies on data processing, use and information sharing;


–  advice on data governance and artificial intelligence;

–  Co-author of the article “Propriedade intelectual e inovação no Brasil: balanço de 2020 e desafios de 2021 [Intellectual property and innovation in Brazil: overview of 2020 and challenges for 2021]”, JOTA, January 11, 2021.

–  advice on privacy, security and ethics by design;

–  Co-author of the “Brazil” chapter, in the report “Report on Data Privacy Regulations Applicable to Blockchain Technology in Various Jurisdictions Worldwide”, International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), 2021. –  Co-author of the article “O Brasil tem nova lei de franquia [Brazil has a new franchise law]”, Migalhas, January 9, 2020. –  Co-author of “The importance of a general personal data protection law in Brazil to deal with the massive processing of personal data during the state of emergency of Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus)”, Recht & Steuern, June 2020. Demarest Advogados With a practice spanning more than 70 years, Demarest is one of the most respected law firms in Brazil and Latin America. The firm has never moved away from its main purpose and long-term commitment: to deliver legal services with the highest standard of quality and excellence. The firm’s lawyers are highly motivated to contribute to the commercial success of their clients. Demarest supports its clients with an integrated approach and teams carefully tailored to the needs of clients and each specific project. The firm’s lawyers are readily available when and where required. Demarest consistently ranks among Brazil’s leading law firms in a wide variety of publications, including Chambers, Thomson Reuters, Latin Lawyer, The Legal 500 and IFLR.

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People and companies are increasingly dependent on technology on a daily basis. This phenomenon significantly expands the demand for qualified Privacy, Technology and Cybersecurity services for a wide range of sectors.

–  Assists a famous Brazilian newspaper company in the process of registering all its trademarks and intellectual property licensing agreements

–  Bachelor of Laws from the Integrated Colleges Cândido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1993)


Privacy, Technology and Cybersecurity

–  awareness of best practices and ethical conduct in the digital environment; –  legal advice on marketing practices involving personal data, use of personal data in regulated sectors and on the use of databases (big data) and technologies related to the Internet of Things (IoT); –  consultancy and measures related to electronic crimes and fraud on the Internet, as well as in the analysis, extraction and preservation of electronic evidence and defenses in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Dispute Resolution Awards Lawyer of title the Year in Colombia Dr. Esguerra received his law degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, a specialist degree in socio-economic sciences at the same university, and a Masters in Law (LL.M) from Cornell University in the United States. Aside from his professional practice, to which he has been dedicated since 1977 as a consultant, in litigation, and national and international arbitrations in the areas of administrative law, constitutional law, and civil and business law, Doctor Esguerra was Secretary General and Vice-Minister of Communications from 1974 to 1976, an elected Delegate to the National Constitutional Assembly in 1991, Minister of Defense from 1995 to 1997, Ambassador of Colombia to the United States from 1997 to 1998, and Minister of Justice from 2011 to 2012. From 1991 to 1995 he was Dean of the School of Law at Universidad Javeriana, and for more than thirty years he has been a professor of administrative law and constitutional law at that university. On several opportunities he has also served as a professor of administrative law, constitutional law, and economic law at the Externado de Colombia, Andes, and the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario universities. Since 1992, he has also been a member of the Cornell Law School Advisory Council. Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos Juan Carlos Esguerra Portocarrero Partner Calle 72 No. 6-30, piso 12, Bogotá Tel: +57 1 3122900

In addition, he has authored numerous legal articles in specialized magazines on the subject of public law, and is the author of the book “La Protección Constitucional del Ciudadano” (Constitutional Remedies) (Legis, Bogotá 2004). Since 2001 he has been a voting member of the Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence (Academia Colombiana de Jurisprudencia), of which he had been an associate member since 1996. On two opportunities (2004 and 2006) he has been an ad hoc Justice for the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Since 1986 he has been a member of the arbitrators list of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and since 1988 he is on the arbitrators list for the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (ICC). Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos has more than 40 years of experience providing legal counsel in the Colombian market. Its partners are both experienced attorneys and distinguished scholars, some of whom have been public servants as well. The firm offers a multidisciplinary and specialized approach in a wide range of matters. Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos has extensive experience in both in litigation and legal consulting, in the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, contract law, civil and tort law, maritime and transportation law, labor law, commercial law, financial law and antitrust law and a recognized international and national arbitration expertise. The Firms’ lawyers are characterized by their professional excellence and work within the strictest ethical standards. Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos possesses the infrastructure and human, administrative and technological resources to provide comprehensive and reliable legal services. Moreover, the firm is more than well suited to respond to its clients’ needs, both in Colombia and abroad, either directly or through its international partnerships with prestigious law firms around the world. Dispute Resolution Esguerra Asesores Juridicos has a vast experience in dispute resolution, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous cases before national courts, as well as national and international arbitral tribunals throughout more than thirty years. The Team has experience in handling complex matters, including litigation before the International Chamber of Commerce, Bogota Chamber of Commerce, and Inter-American Commercial Arbitration Commission, as well as ordinary judges and tribunals in Colombia’s different jurisdictions. Moreover, the impact of the firm’s work goes beyond borders since it also stands out for our successful participation in international arbitration cases before the International Chamber of Commerce and the InterAmerican Commercial Arbitration Commission. In addition, the firm has developed a special working method to gain maximum leverage of every partner’s area of expertise combined with a litigation strategy suited for every particular case. In order to prepare the litigation strategy, the team takes several aspects into consideration, including the economic sector and applicable regulation. Furthermore, the team accomplishes a thorough risk analysis of the particular dispute and set mitigation measures. In order to guarantee clients with a comprehensive legal advice concerning any actual or subsequent dispute, this practice area has a specialized knowledge of the different procedural regulations and relies on the academic and professional experience of the other areas on the firm. In light of the above, the dispute consulting in Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos protects its clients’ interests, not only while dealing with the specific controversy but also regarding both their economic development and market position. Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos’ one of a kind strategic consultancy provides its clients the best possible outcome, due to the coordination of its understanding in procedural law and the academic and professional knowledge and expertise of each area of the firm.

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M&A Lawyer of the Year in Ecuador José Rafael is the Managing and Senior Partner in Bustamante & Bustamante, and co-heads the Corporate Department. He holds important market recognition due to his long-standing reputation in the corporate and commercial sphere. José Rafael offers remarkable expertise in advising foreign clients doing business in Ecuador, as he has been a key figure in the legal arena for over 35 years. His experience in the commercial area is highly recognized by his clients and peers. José Rafael is Member of the International Trademark Association – INTA, American Society of International Law, International Bar Association, International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property - AIPPI, Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property - ASIPI, and Multilaw where he held the position of Chairman from 1996 to 1999. Studies:

Bustamante & Bustamante José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa Managing and Senior Partner Amazonas Ave. E4-69 & Patria. COFIEC Building, Piso 4, 5, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18. Tel: +593 2 2562 680

Master in Business Administration - IDE (1998)

Master in Corporate Law - Georgetown University Law Center (1979)

Attorney - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (1978)

Main Areas of Practice: ●

Mergers and Acquisitions


Foreign Investment

Bustamante & Bustamante Since 1956, Bustamante & Bustamante has forged a solid, agile, and creative team, highly recognized both locally and internationally, with years of expertise in advising clients doing business in Ecuador. The Bustamante & Bustamante Law Firm is determined to assist its clients in accomplishing their goals, managing risks, and adding value to their business in order for them to gain a competitive edge at the market. The firm’s main objective is to fulfill its client’s every need with professionalism and transparency. Throughout its 60 years of experience, the firm has consolidated the concept of comprehensive advice to guarantee continuous legal stability for its clients’ businesses, balance in their decision-making, reliable projection of their interests, and the best focus for their efforts. Bustamante & Bustamante has been a leader in serving international corporate clients. By Andean Community standards, the firm is large and includes 50 lawyers and over 70 supporting staff members, all largely bilingual. The firm is comprised of a team of professionals specialized in each area of legal practice, with vast experience and committed to offering practical solutions and building long-term business relationships. Bustamante & Bustamante is a team of attorneys committed to satisfying the interests of its clients. The firm provides legal advice from a comprehensive approach, offering a clear picture of the local legal arena. From a legal, political, and economic perspective, the firm offers quick and effective solutions for every need or project to be undertaken. The team makes it easier for achieving important agreements and the best outcome. Bustamante & Bustamante aims to be the leading law firm in Ecuador. The firm’s goal is that its clients accomplish their goals, following multidisciplinary strategies. The team pursue a path that protects the interests of its clients, while enabling them to adapt to changing legal requirements. The firm is aware that the legal environment is volatile and has the tools to overcome changes. Mergers and Acquisitions Bustamante & Bustamante continuously works towards achieving that its clients maintain a competitive and solid market position. The firm’s M&A advice ensures innovative solutions for the best results in the interests of its clients. The team pursues transparency, ethics, and balance in each agreement. Through due diligence processes, Bustamante & Bustamante creates strategies that ensure a reasonable appraisal of the business for protection against risk levels and for anticipating change. The firm produces flexible transactions, successful negotiations, and efficient agreements. Legal Assistance: ●

Appraisal and strategy

Corporate finances

Evaluation benefits and return



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Due Diligence processes

Appraisal and acquisition processes

Advice for the partition of goods

Advice in corporate restructuring

Energy & InfrastructureAwards Projects Lawyer title of the Year in Mexico Jorge Oria y Anaya joined Ritch Mueller in 1999 and has been a Partner since 2014. He specializes in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution, Banking and Finance, Energy and Infrastructure Projects and Mergers and Acquisitions. Jorge Oria y Anaya has gained significant experience over the past 20 years, in energy, infrastructure and power transactions. He also has experience in acquisition and equipment finance, and arbitration in relation to energy and infrastructure projects. His practice focuses on representing sponsors, off-takers and local, multilateral and regional lenders as well as equity and mezzanine investors in transactions within the power (renewable and conventional), oil and gas, transportation, and water industries. Relevant transactions: ●

Ritch Mueller

Jorge Oria y Anaya Partner Av. Pedregal No 24 10th Floor, Molina Del Rey, 11000 Mexico DF Tel: +52 (55) 9178 7079

● ●

Represented a leading renewable energy infrastructure company in an emergency arbitration in connection with the drafting of a wind turbine supply contract for a wind farm. Represented a leading renewable energy infrastructure company in an ICC arbitration in connection with the construction of a wind farm in Mexico (USD$80 million). Represented Cubico Sustainable Investments in the development, construction, acquisition, financing, divestiture and dispute resolution proceedings related with various wind farms projects in Mexico, with aggregated capacity of approximately 750 MW. Represented the group of Banks as lenders in relation with the financing of the Villanueva I, Villanueva III and Don José Solar projects (subsidiaries of Enel Green Power and CDPQ), having an aggregate capacity of approximately 1 GW. Represented Canadian Solar in the development, financing and sale of the photovoltaic power project Aguascalientes I, which was awarded a PPA in the first long term auction called by CENACE. Has represented the Banks and financial institutions in different financing and refinancing transactions regarding the gas pipelines awarded to and developed by Fermaca in Mexico. Represented Blackrock in the development, construction and financing of the expansion project for carbon transport and storage facilities in the Port of Lázaro Cárdenas. Represented the Banks in a long term financing of two photovoltaic power projects owned by Jinko Solar, awarded in a long term auction by CENACE. Represented the Banks and financial institutions in the senior financing of Samalayuca- Sásabe gas pipeline. Represented the Banks and the financial institutions in the financing for the construction of Ramones II Sur y Ramones II Norte gas transport projects. Represented International Finance Corporation and Nacional Financiera in the financing of a 30 MW solar photovoltaic power plant in Baja California, Mexico, the first of its kind to be financed in Mexico. Represented the sponsor in relation with the development, construction and foreign project bond financing of a 500 MW combined cycle power plant and ancillary gas and water supply facilities in northern Mexico.

Ritch Mueller Ritch Mueller was founded in 1975 in Mexico City by a group of professionals lead by James E. Ritch, with the idea of establishing a specialized practice with a transactional approach to address the needs of the financial sector. The firm initially focused on advising international investment and commercial banks in their activities in Mexico. Today, its practice areas have grown to transform Ritch Mueller into a multidisciplinary firm serving domestic and international clients. As a result, the firm’s banking and finance, and capital markets practice areas have been complemented by other areas such as arbitration and dispute resolution, aviation, competition and antitrust, compliance, anti-trust and investigations, energy and infrastructure projects, environmental and social impact, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, restructurings and insolvency, and tax. From its offices in Mexico City, Ritch Mueller provided services to all economic sectors in Mexico. The firm strives to build prosperous and longstanding relationships with its clients, fulfilling their needs through innovative solutions. Ritch Mueller is committed to provide sophisticated legal advice and add value to its clients by delivering high quality legal products and services. Energy and Infrastructure Projects Ritch Mueller represents national and international lenders, investors, developers and contractors in connection with the financing, development and implementation of energy and infrastructure projects, including, among others, power (renewables and conventional), oil & gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), roads, water treatment, airports and ports. The firm’s representation includes all stages of the projects, including providing advice related to project financing, bidding processes, project development, equity investment and divestiture, due diligence, regulatory matters, permitting, land and rights of way, offtake agreements, engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and other related agreements. The projects team provides an integrated service in conjunction with other practice areas of the Firm, particularly its environmental and social and tax teams. Through the past four decades, Ritch Mueller’s award-winning projects team has gained a deep understanding of the relevant industries and has constantly adapted to meet market trends, changes in regulation and the need to provide innovative and sophisticated services to its clients.

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International Trade & Customs Lawyer of the Year in Mexico Alexis Michel has focused his practice not only on compliance with obligations in matters of customs and foreign trade, but in aiding, through the enforcement of administrative instruments that Mexican authorities have implemented, identifying and developing areas with opportunities of expansion for his clients. Alexis is specialised in tariff classification, customs valuation, implementation of free-trade agreements, origin verifications, criteria confirmation and certifications before different authorities, as well as development of foreign trade development programmes such as Maquila, Sector Promotion and Drawback. Likewise, he has extensive experience in the performance of internal audits to verify compliance with the obligations arising from foreign trade transactions. He has represented clients before the different tax and customs authorities in audits, administrative proceedings and contesting of resolutions derived therefrom. Furthermore, he has developed a successful practice in matters of international commerce unfair trade practices such as anti-dumping and subventions. Before joining SMPS, Alexis worked at Jauregui, Navarrete, Nader y Rojas, S.C., White & Case LLP, Trón y Natera, S.C. and Natera y Espinoza, S.C., accruing more than 19 years of experience. SMPS Legal Alexis Michel Partner Paseo de la Reforma No.509 Piso 18 Col. Cuahutemoc Mexico City C.P 06500 Tel: +52 (55) 5282 9063

Alexis obtained his J.D. from the División de Estudios Superiores of Centro Universitario México, with honours, in 1998 and his degree in the Specialty in Tax Law from Universidad Panamericana, with honours, in 2006. SMPS Legal SMPS Legal provides cutting-edge legal services to address the needs of today’s leading corporations in the Latin American Region. SMPS Legal is a boutique law firm with regional expertise formed by a team of experienced and specialized lawyers committed to offering integrated multidisciplinary legal counsel in Latin America from strategically located offices. From knowledge of the local commercial and corporate customs and practices, to evaluating the relevant sectors of the economy and obtaining specialized legal advice, SMPS Legal assists its clients maximize the opportunities offered by the Region, providing timely and cost effective advice. For over 20 years, the partners and lawyers of SMPS Legal have successfully counseled domestic and foreign investors in their activities in Latin America. SMPS Legal provides legal services and support in transactions and projects in Latin America in important sectors of the economy, such as energy and natural resources, including oil & gas (upstream and downstream), mining, electricity (power generation and transmission) and water, infrastructure, private equity, banking and finance, hospitality, insurance, capital markets, aeronautic, automotive, cultural, food, pharmaceutical, real estate, manufacturing and information technology. Responding to the growth of emerging markets in Latin America, SMPS Legal specializes in cross-border transactions, acquisitions, spin-offs, joint ventures, strategic alliances and foreign investments in the Region. In addition to the fact that the members of SMPS Legal share a joint vision to apply a commercial approach and provide focused legal and business advice, the Firm provides tangible added value to its clients by taking the time to understand their business and legal service needs. SMPS Legal currently has offices in Calgary, Dallas, Mexico City and Bogota and alliances with prominent firms in Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and other Latin American countries to best serve its clients. Foreign Trade The Foreign Trade Practice focuses on advising clients regarding tax obligation compliance and specifically assisting the client to identify and develop expansion opportunities. It specializes in tariff classification, customs valuation, implementation of free trade agreements, origin verification, criteria confirmation before tax and customs authorities and the development foreign trade programs such as the “Maquila” Programs, Drawback and Sector Promotion. The Trade Practice of SMPS Legal includes development and implementation of strategies to optimize all tools available, dispute resolution tactics and proceedings. SMPS Legal has sound experience in the selection, coordination and implementation of the best optimized corporate, tax and customs strategies in Mexico, tailored to the client’s needs, the performance of audits to examine the correctness of import/export operations, the implementation of preventive measures and the representation of clients before tax and customs authorities during audits, administrative procedures and to defend tax contingencies.


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White Collar CriminalAwards Lawyer of the Year in US, Arizona title J Cabou is a litigator and a partner in the firm’s White Collar & Investigations practice. Across the country, at both the trial and appellate level, J’s principal focus is on defending individuals and corporate entities against criminal and other government investigations, including civil enforcement proceedings. J has particular experience in white collar matters and is a recognized authority on state and federal civil forfeiture, seizure and racketeering laws. J’s practice also includes the defense of matters involving classified information, the state secrets privilege and national security. An experienced commercial litigator, J continues to represent clients in high stakes and complex civil litigation matters, especially where parallel criminal or regulatory enforcement action is present or threatened. J has served as lead counsel for clients in matters before the United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals, and United States District Court, as well as Arizona’s trial, appellate and Supreme Courts.

Perkins Coie LLP Jean-Jacques (J) Cabou Partner 2901 N. Central Avenue, Suite 2000, Phoenix, Arizona 85012-2788 Tel: +1.602.351.8003

J represents entities across industry sectors, including resource extraction, petroleum storage, energy, virtual currency, money transfer, gaming, wholesale pharmaceuticals, legal services, securities and music and entertainment promotion. J’s individual clients include executives in these and other industries, as well as public officials and other prominent individuals. One of the leaders of Perkins Coie’s nationwide, multidisciplinary Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency industry group, J has been recognized by clients, industry and media outlets as among the foremost lawyers in the country with experience in digital currency. J defends individuals and businesses in this industry from investigations by federal and state law enforcement agencies. He also advises numerous digital currency clients on compliance and regulatory risk mitigation strategies. J is also a member of the firm’s Arts, Entertainment and Sports industry group and is among a small group of lawyers nationwide who have advised athletes and team staff in matters involving eligibility for collegiate or Olympic teams. He has also represented athletes in investigations and arbitrations involving the NCAA and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. In addition to his practice, J sits on the board of directors for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has been an adjunct professor at both the University of Chicago Law School and the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, teaching a seminar entitled, “The Law and Policy of Policing.” J remains a regular lecturer on criminal law issues, especially issues affecting white collar defendants. He also has served on the Boards of the Arizona State Bar Criminal Justice Section and the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice. J is recognized by numerous client and peer review organizations including Chambers USA and Best Lawyers in America. White Collar & Investigations Crisis-tested and proven in the high-stakes world of white-collar defense, investigations, compliance, and litigation, Perkins Coie represents companies of all sizes, as well as individuals, in a wide range of complex matters at the federal, state, and local levels and internationally. Areas of distinction: –  Government Insider Perspectives Perkins Coie’s ranks include former federal and state prosecutors (including Section and Group Chiefs); SEC enforcement lawyers (including Branch Chiefs, enforcement attorneys, and a former Chief Litigation Counsel); U.S. State Department Attorneys; and a former Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice. –  Recognized Global Practitioners Perkins Coie is regularly ranked by Chambers USA as leaders in the field and commended for its awardwinning practical skills. Representative of the firm’s experience and the trust both companies and the U.S. Government place in it, Perkins Coie’s attorneys have served in high-profile monitorship roles, including a joint appointment by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and SEC to serve as lead counsel for an FCPA Monitor. –  Exceptional Thought Leadership Perkins Coie has authored hundreds of articles and book chapters on cutting edge compliance, investigation, and trial topics. The firm’s books on compliance, investigations, and corruption reflect our role as practical, cutting-edge practitioners, and have won acclaim from clients, peers, and government attorneys. In addition to these milestone contributions, Perkins Coie also keeps clients updated on emerging issues through its well-followed blog, White Collar Briefly. When issues arise related to investigations, claims of executive wrongdoing and other activities, the firm’s lawyers are frequently quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, BusinessWeek, Los Angeles Times, CBC, MSNBC and other prominent news outlets. Worldwide Investigations and White-Collar Defense Perkins Coie’s representation covers all stages of enforcement proceedings, from advising companies on whether to self-disclose a suspected violation, to responding to and resolving government inquiries. The firm routinely negotiates positive resolutions to thorny matters and represent the boards and special committees of companies, as well as individual officers and employees. Perkins Coie represents clients across a range of industries, including: blockchain and cryptocurrency, consumer products, financial services, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, retail, and technology, to name a few.

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Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in US, California Bradley C. Crawford is a member of the Finance & Transactions group and serves as the Administrative Shareholder of the firm’s San Francisco office. Mr. Crawford has extensive experience structuring and executing debt and equity financing transactions for insurance companies, banks, commercial finance lenders and mezzanine funds, as well as issuers and borrowers. He has a strong background in traditional private placement financings, loan restructurings and secured and unsecured cash flow and asset-based credit facilities for working capital and acquisition financings. Mr. Crawford offers his clients an unusual level of business experience to complement his legal practice. In addition to having a degree in business administration (concentration in finance) from the University of California, Berkeley, for seven years prior to attending law school. Mr. Crawford worked in major money center banks, where he marketed corporate finance products to middle-market companies with an emphasis on the origination, structuring and execution of leveraged transactions.

Vedder Price

Mr. Crawford was selected by his peers from 2013 through 2021 for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America in the field of Banking and Finance Law. In 2020 he was also selected by Best Lawyers in America as the Lawyer of the Year in Banking and Finance Law. He has also been ranked in Chambers USA in the California Banking & Finance category from 2013 to 2020.

Bradley C. Crawford Shareholder

In law school, Mr. Crawford served as an articles editor for the Hastings Law Journal. Mr. Crawford is also a classical pianist and has performed at Hertz Hall in Berkeley, California, as well as with regional symphony orchestras.

275 Battery Street Suite 2464 San Francisco, California 94111 Tel: +1 (415) 749 9520

Education University of California, Hastings College of the Law, J.D., 1995 University of California, Berkeley, B.S., 1983 Bar Admissions California, 1995 Affiliations Member, American Bar Association Member, Bar Association of San Francisco Member, American College of Investment Counsel Former Trustee of Hastings College of the Law 1066 Foundation and former member of its Nominating Committee Member, Association for Corporate Growth, San Francisco Chapter Vedder Price Vedder Price is an international business-focused law firm serving sophisticated clients of all sizes and industries from offices across the U.S. and in the UK and Asia. With approximately 275 lawyers, the firm serves sophisticated clients of all sizes and in virtually all industries from our offices in Chicago, New York, Washington, DC, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore and Dallas. Clients can expect practical, responsive, results-oriented, cost-effective service, delivered by a firm with a world-class reputation in key practice areas. Vedder Price treats every client and every matter with uncompromising dedication and personal attention. When clients work with Vedder Price, theyget the resources and diverse experience of a large firm coupled with the loyalty, commitment and personal attention of a trusted friend and partner. The firm measures its success by the success of its clients, which comprises a “who’s who” of world-class organizations. It is selective in the clients it represents and the matters it undertakes. Many of the firm’s clients have been clients for decades—not only because they receive high-quality and devoted service, but because they trust Vedder Price with their most important legal matters. The firm offers competitive rates for superior legal work, deep experience, and personalized client service and attention. It believes the key variables in the billing calculus are results and efficiency. The team works with its clients on market fee structures that provide a “win-win” in terms of value and effectiveness. Vedder Price believes that establishing cordial and professional relations with opposing counsel is not only a professional requirement but also a strategic advantage. They know the firm is a formidable opponent which zealously and effectively represent its clients without engaging in expensive and acrimonious tactics. Time and time again the firm has seen its relationships with opposing counsel translate into benefits for its clients. Vedder Price maintains a transparent, democratic leadership and governance structure that supports its focus on delivering responsive, results-oriented and cost-effective client services. The firm’s open approach to management and compensation, combined with prudent financial management, has produced long-term stability. Many of Vedder Price’s shareholders have spent their entire careers at the firm. A 14-member Board of Directors ensures that the leadership team represents the firm’s diverse practice areas, offices and viewpoints. Vedder Price’s Executive Committee, which includes a subset of the Board, oversees the strategy and operations of the firm. Vedder Price recognizes that the strength of its commitment to diversity and inclusion is a vital component to a better work environment and the success of the firm. Diversity is one of its core values and is integral to the way it runs the firm. Vedder Price promotes and supports diversity within the firm by recruiting, hiring, retaining, training, developing and advancing a diverse group of attorneys and other employees on the basis of demonstrated merit and performance. The firm’s commitment manifests itself in the development of policies and best practices to promote diversity and engage everyone in that endeavor.


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Corporate Restructuring Lawyer title of the Year in US, California Awards Katherine Bell is a partner in the Paul Hastings Global Finance and Restructuring practice. Ms. Bell is based in the firm’s Orange County office. Ms. Bell focuses her practice on commercial and corporate finance transactions. She regularly represents banks, investment banks, finance companies, private debt lenders, other lenders, and borrowers in working capital facilities (cash flow and asset-based), acquisition financings, structured financings, and restructurings and recapitalizations-both cross-border and U.S. focused. She has industry experience in a variety of business sectors including technology and software, healthcare, transportation and logistics, energy, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing and industrials. Ms. Bell has significant experience negotiating intercreditor relationships, including 1st lien/2nd lien transactions, split collateral arrangements, and unitranche transactions. She represents clients in all parts of the capital structure-senior, junior, first lien, second lien, first out, last out, super-senior, and preferred equity. Ms. Bell is the co-author of Asset-Based Lending: A Practical Guide to Secured Financing (Practising Law Institute, 8th ed. 2015), which is generally considered to be the definitive treatise on asset-based lending. Paul Hastings LLP


Katherine E Bell Partner

Fellow, American College of Commercial Finance Lawyers

Director of the Secured Finance Network (formerly the Commercial Finance Association)

695 Town Center Drive, Seventeenth Floor, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Tel: +1 (714) 668-6238

Vice President of Board, Inclusion Matters by Shane’s Inspiration - Inclusive Playgrounds and Programs for Children

Member of the State Bar of California and the Orange County Bar Association

Member and former President, Financial Lawyers Conference

Former Chair of the Women in Commercial Finance Committee of the Secured Finance Network (formerly the Commercial Finance Association)

Accolades and Recognitions: ● ●

Chambers USA, Banking and Finance, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Clients commend her “full understanding of what’s on the table “ and describe her as “a highly effective and efficient advocate for her clients.” Chambers USA 2016

Chambers USA, “ Up and Coming” in 2014 and 2015

Chambers USA, “Associate to Watch” in 2011, 2012, and 2013

Chambers USA, “Up and Coming Finance Lawyer of the Year” shortlist in 2012

Education: ●

J.D., from Cornell Law School in 2001

B.A., from University of California at Irvine in 1998

Paul Hastings Founded in 1951, Paul Hastings has grown strategically to anticipate and respond to its clients’ needs in markets across the globe. The firm has a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S. The firm’s Orange County office is home to an experienced team of lawyers that reflects the firm’s multidisciplinary practice. Paul Hastings provides legal solutions and business insights to help clients navigate new paths to growth in Southern California and in markets around the world. The firm serves as trusted advisors, helping clients develop practical solutions to critical challenges and take advantage of timely opportunities—from bet-the-company litigation to first-of-their-kind transactions. Restructuring Exceptionally volatile markets have thrown into focus a number of issues about the way financial restructuring operates on both a domestic and cross-border basis. Paul Hastings provides market intelligence and strategic legal counsel to guide clients through complex restructurings and turnarounds. Client Successes: ●

● ●

Represented Wells Fargo, as agent for the prepetition and DIP lenders, in the Chapter 11 and CCAA cases of Bumble Bee Foods LLC Represented New Look Retailers on its creditors voluntary arrangement Represented Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, S.A.B. de C.V. in the successful restructuring of its senior notes and advised on the Chapter 11 process. Represented Barclays PLC, as agent for the prepetition and DIP lenders, in the Chapter 11 cases of Mattress Firm, Inc. Represented the funds responsible for the restructuring of The Co-Operative Bank

Paul Hastings’ experienced lawyers have handled some of the most significant restructurings throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, providing tailored solutions to address clients’ business priorities. Paul Hastings has represented clients such as Morgan Stanley, RBC, UBS, and Wells Fargo as agents and first lien lenders on exit and debtor-in-possession lending transactions. The firm also regularly advises financial institutions, private equity, and hedge funds in the acquisition of distressed assets. Paul Hastings’ wide-ranging experience spans a range of key industries, including energy, financial services, manufacturing, real estate, retail, restaurants, telecommunications, media, and technology. Recognition for the firm’s Restructuring Practice includes: ●

Recognized for the Restructuring practice by Legal 500 US and Chambers USA

Named the Restructuring Team of the Year at the British Legal Awards

Commended for innovative work in Capital Trust’s restructuring by the Financial Times

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Employment Lawyer of the Year in US, Illinois Michael Gray represents corporate clients in complex workplace and privacy matters, including class action and multiplaintiff employment discrimination lawsuits, state law overtime class actions, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) collective actions, and trade secret and restrictive covenant matters. He represents employers throughout the United States in bench and jury trials, administrative hearings, arbitrations, and appellate courts in matters arising under federal and state antidiscrimination laws, FLSA, Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), labor management relation laws, and state law wrongful discharge claims. Michael also advises clients on preventive measures, including reviewing policies, counseling on disciplinary actions and investigations, negotiating severance agreements, and conducting employment practices reviews. Michael brings a creative, business-minded approach to problem-solving and litigation. In recognition by Chambers and Legal 500, clients praised him by stating “he’s the guy I want in front of the judge” and “quickly gets down to the nuts and bolts and gets people focused on what’s important — his approach is unique and he gets exceptional results.” He served as co-leader of the Firm’s global Labor & Employment Practice until January 2020. He serves as Co-Client Affairs Partner for the Firm. Jones Day Michael J. Gray Partner 77 West Wacker, Suite 3500, Chicago, Illinois 60601-1692 Tel: + 1.312.269.4096

Michael was named a 2020 Employment Trailblazer by The National Law Journal and one of the “Nation’s Most Powerful Employment Attorneys” by HR Executive magazine and Lawdragon for the last 10 years. He is a frequent speaker for the ABA’s Labor and Employment Section and is a member of the Advisory Board of The Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations and NYU Law’s Center for Labor and Employment Law. Jones Day Jones Day has a history of more than 125 years and a culture of client service and professionalism based on explicit shared values. These values include providing pro bono legal services, building diversity in the profession, and supporting outreach efforts around the world. Jones Day has a long history of, and commitment to, pro bono work, public service, and community involvement in all of its locations around the world. Because of that commitment, pro bono and public service matters undertaken by Jones Day are provided the same level of attention and professional dedication that the firm provides to matters undertaken on behalf of paying clients. Jones Day has lawyers from diverse backgrounds leading client engagements, practice groups, and offices around the world. The firm is committed to recruiting, retaining and advancing highly qualified diverse lawyers and have set priorities in entry level recruitment, lateral recruitment, development and retention of minority and female lawyers, and diversity mentoring, training and awareness. The Jones Day Foundation, established in 1987, is a nonprofit organization funded by Jones Day’s lawyers and staff. The Foundation’s mission is to financially support efforts that include promoting the rule of law in developing countries, fostering innovation in academics, medicine and the arts, improving the living conditions and economic opportunities for people in impoverished settings (particularly children and women), and providing support and comfort to people suffering from natural and other disasters around the world. From offices on five continents, Jones Day’s clients tap the experience and knowledge of its lawyers on complex transactions, high-stakes litigation, cybersecurity, capital markets activities, intellectual property rights, regulatory compliance, tax issues, and virtually every other type of legal matter potentially impacting the modern national or multinational corporation. Every Jones Day lawyer in every practice has made exceptional client service a Firmwide priority. Year after year, Jones Day’s high standards continue to earn accolades from industry groups and publications, acknowledgment from peers, and recognition from both new and established clients. Labor & Employment Leading employers rely on the sophisticated representation provided by Jones Day’s top-ranked Labor & Employment Practice of 130 lawyers worldwide. The firm’s lawyers have secured groundbreaking victories for clients in employment discrimination, harassment, wage-hour, and restrictive covenant cases in federal and state courts. The firm provides sophisticated and creative counsel on a full spectrum of labor and employment issues including investigations, reductions in force, disciplinary actions, employment practices, severance agreements, and complex COVID-19 related issues. Jones Day’s lawyers have secured outstanding results for clients in high-profile labor relations matters including collective bargaining, arbitrations, unfair labor practice cases, strikes/ picketing disputes, interest arbitrations, corporate campaigns, and representation proceedings. The firm has successfully challenged government overreach that threatens its clients’ business models. Multinational clients benefit from the firm’s lawyers’ seamless partnership with the firm’s M&A and Business Restructuring & Reorganization practices on corporate transactions and business transformations across jurisdictions. Areas of Focus:


The Lawyer Network

Class Action Employment Litigation

Collective Bargaining & Enforcement

Employee Benefits Litigation

Employment & Corporate Transactions

International Labor & Employment

Mass Arbitrations

NLRB Proceedings & Appeals

Noncompetition, Confidentiality & Raiding

Railway Labor Act

Single & Multiple Plaintiff Employment Litigation

Wage-Hour Litigation & Counseling

Whistleblower Investigations and Proceedings

Environmental Lawyer Awards of the titleYear in US, Illinois Jeryl represents clients in complex environmental enforcement and compliance matters, as well as in environmental matters associated with real estate and corporate transactions, including those with significantly impaired properties. Jeryl provides enforcement experience in all of the major federal and state environmental programs, but is especially skilled in federal and state air enforcement cases for heavy industry. Her enforcement experience includes: ●

Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Jeryl L. Olson Partner 233 South Wacker Drive, Suite 8000, Chicago, IL 60606-6448 Tel: +1 (312) 460-5802

● ●

Complex air quality permitting and enforcement matters under all of the major air pollution programs (PSD/ NSR, NSPS, NESHAPS, RMP/PSM and Title V permitting) in a broad range of industries. She represents clients primarily in enforcement actions brought by regulatory authorities but also in citizen suits. She routinely assists clients in responding to complicated “Requests for Information” from state and federal regulators. Her substantive air permitting experience includes “greenfield development” of complex industrial facilities involving PSD and NSR, as well as permitting of existing industrial sites undergoing modifications. Jeryl’s practice often involves transfer of permits in corporate transactions and assessment of liabilities associated with air pollution risks. Hazardous and solid waste permitting, compliance, and enforcement, with unique experience in RCRA Part B permitting, RCRA corrective action, and the air pollution control requirements associated with RCRA control technologies. Jeryl has substantial experience in UST compliance and remediation under variety of state programs, including claims from LUST funds, defense of clients in enforcement actions involving generator, transporter, and treatment, storage and disposal facility standards, and closure, post closure and corrective action of treatment and disposal units, as well as actions involving underground storage tank permitting, compliance, enforcement, and remediation. She defends and prosecutes RCRA citizens’ suits, and has substantial experience negotiating the transfer of RCRA liabilities, including UST liabilities associated with historic waste handling activities at sites involved in corporate transactions. Jeryl has considerable experience in “self-reporting” RCRA violations to take advantage of penalty reduction programs at the state and federal levels. State and federal CERCLA actions, including cost recovery, liability allocation, and remediation. She assists clients in release reporting and response and defending actions related to releases. Defense of enforcement actions brought under the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, including all aspects of 304, 311, 312, and 313 reporting, as well as the OSHA Hazard Communication Employee Right to Know laws. •Hazardous Substance Release Reporting (including incidents involving ammonia releases) and notifications to agencies associated with releases of hazardous substances into all media. TSCA compliance, including assisting clients in pre-manufacture and significant new use reporting. She has experience in PCB disposal and remediation. Water quality permitting and enforcement at federal, state, and local levels including NPDES permitting, stormwater and wetlands permitting and controls, and groundwater monitoring and remediation. In the course of corporate, lending, and real estate transactions regularly develop strategies for wetlands permitting and development. Transportation of hazardous substances and PHMSA enforcement. Developing Risk Management Plans and environmental compliance programs for industries utilizing large amounts of refrigerant, and developing and supervising compliance audits.

Significant nonregulatory experience includes: ● ●

Negotiating insurance coverage, and coverage claims relating to environmental matters. Negotiating prospective purchaser agreements, covenants not-to-sue and liability transfers in connection with acquisition and sale of contaminated properties, and in connection with businesses having substantial regulatory liabilities at the time of acquisition or divestiture. Actively involved in environmental and safety due diligence of businesses and property in corporate and financial transactions, with familiarity with insurance coverage and the numerous state programs imposing remediation of contamination of real property as a condition of property transfer.

Prosecuting and defending environmental indemnities.

Conducting and negotiating voluntary disclosures of non-compliance.

Negotiating brownfield cleanups and redevelopment of contaminated properties under various state and federal programs. Coordination and oversight of responses and document production in response to USEPA Requests for Information under federal environmental laws, and defense of subsequent actions relating thereto.

Jeryl’s industry experience includes: steel, cement, petroleum, chemicals, petrochemicals, and specialty chemicals manufacturing; pharmaceuticals and health care; coatings and adhesives manufacturing; landfills; explosives and pyrotechnics manufacturing, deactivation, and disposal; minerals and aggregates mining and processing; coke and petcoke processing and storage; and waste, metals, and scrap processing, recycling and disposal. Education ● ●

JD, DePaul University College of Law Non-Degree Masters Work, Illinois Institute of Technology Environmental Engineering BS, Valparaiso University Chemistry and Biology

Admissions ●


The Lawyer Network


Construction Litigation Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Mr. Hecht, Managing Partner of Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis’s New York office, has successfully tried civil and criminal cases to verdict and award and argued appeals in a wide range of venues. He has represented clients in construction, complex commercial, products liability, employment, personal injury and criminal cases. Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis Schnader is a full-service law firm of 160 attorneys with offices in Pennsylvania, New York, California, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Delaware and an affiliation with a law firm in Jakarta. The firm provide businesses, government entities, and nonprofit organizations throughout the world with innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to their business and litigation needs. The firm also provides wealth management and an array of personal legal services to individuals.

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis Theodore L. Hecht Partner 140 Broadway, Suite 3100, New York, NY 10005-1101 Tel: +1 212-973-8160

Since 1935, Schnader’s hallmark has been its dedication to what its founders called “the higher calling of the law.” That phrase embodies the firm’s mission: substantive excellence, client service, and pro bono efforts to achieve a just and ordered society. To that end, the firm practices a service philosophy. Clients get the individual attention of partners on any material issue in a case or transaction. Mentoring is the focus of attorney and staff development. And giving back is the firm’s passion. Schnader’s distinction is in the sophistication of its legal work. Among its many honors, The Legal 500 recognized the firm’s Mergers & Acquisitions, Aviation and Nonprofit Groups as among the best in the U.S. Schnader also has been recognized by Chambers USA in the top tier among both New York and Pennsylvania firms in multiple practice areas. In addition, Best Lawyers and U.S. News and World Report have recognized many of the firm’s practice groups in its “Best Law Firms” rankings, and a number of its attorneys are ranked in Chambers and Best Lawyers. The firm also has been recommended by Benchmark Litigation. Several of Schnader’s attorneys are members of the American Law Institute. The firm also counts many Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, and the American College of Real Estate Lawyers among its ranks. In addition, Schnader includes within its ranks a former federal court of appeals judge who is internationally recognized in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Schnader attorneys played a significant role in developing some of the nation’s laws, most notably in the 30-year development of the Uniform Commercial Code, and in the development of the Uniform Probate Code. The firm’s lawyers have served in high government posts at the federal, state and local levels and as in-house counsel for major corporations, taught in leading law schools and written numerous legal treatises and articles. Its lawyers serve on the boards of many community and nonprofit organizations which range from human services and civil rights to access to justice and fair election advocacy. The firm is proud of its history and continues to carry forth the legacy of its founders through its dedication to “the higher calling of the law.” Construction Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP’s Construction Industry Practice Group has a long history of representing public and private owners, contractors, architects, engineers, construction managers, suppliers, consultants and others involved with the development and construction industry and with government procurement contracts. The firm’s experience spans all aspects of construction and procurement law, including design, pricing, contract negotiation and drafting, bids and bid protests, project organization and management, scheduling, change order management, governmental compliance and construction administration. Schnader’s construction attorneys counsel clients in an effort to avoid or prevent the development of disputes. When disputes arise, the firm’s attorneys are experienced in preparing claims and resolving these disputes through litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation. Schnader’s attorneys coordinate and lead the array of technical experts and claims consultants often needed during the resolution of a substantial construction dispute. The firm’s state-of-the-art computer systems and sophisticated communications capabilities enable its attorneys to manage the complex, detail-oriented facets of a highly technical construction case. Litigation Schnader has a long standing reputation as a preeminent litigation firm of trial and appellate lawyers. The Litigation Services Department, the Firm’s largest, has achieved notable successes at both the trial and appellate levels in sophisticated litigation throughout the United States. Schnader’s litigation partners have substantial courtroom experience and are able to advocate its clients’ positions on a wide variety of substantive legal issues in virtually any forum in the country. Most simply put, they try cases. They are at home in courts, agencies and informal settings. The firm is involved in every type of civil proceeding, including bet-the-company litigation, and in internal investigations and criminal cases as well. Schnader is known for its skill, aggressiveness, creativity, hard work and ingenuity. In addition to handling individual cases, the firm’s lawyers have served as national trial and coordinating counsel in multidistrict matters and disputes involving up to 1,000 related lawsuits. In this capacity, Schnader has experience in developing consistent defenses, effective fact witnesses and experts who can communicate with juries in a variety of courtroom settings, which enhances the likelihood that clients will obtain not only favorable litigation results but also cost effective settlements.


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Patent Litigation Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Awards title Robert Scheinfeld serves on Baker Botts’ Executive Committee and is Global Chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property Department. He is a first chair patent trial attorney with over thirty-six years of experience. His litigation and trial representations have received numerous favorable published and unpublished district court, International Trade Commission (ITC), and Federal Circuit decisions. He also has significant experience advising on post-grant petitions and trials before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and overseeing the procurement Mr. Scheinfeld’s technical experience is diverse and his representations involve a broad range of fields in the high technology industry, including semiconductors, electronics, digital cameras, LCDs, FOTA (firmwareover-the-air), cryptography, telecommunications, payment systems, including smart and RF cards, electronic commerce, software, and storage systems including flash memory and magnetic media.

Baker Botts LLP Robert C. Scheinfeld Partner, Department Chair Intellectual Property 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York 10112-4498 Tel: +1.212.408.2512

From 1995 to 2017, Mr. Scheinfeld was the bimonthly patent and trademark columnist for the New York Law Journal. He has published over 100 patent and trademark-related articles addressing the current hot topics of the day. From 1991 to 1997, Mr. Scheinfeld also taught patent law as an adjunct professor of law in New York. He was a member of the firm’s Executive Committee from 2008-2014 (and now again), the firm’s New York IP Department Chair from 2003-2018, and was the New York Partner-In-Charge from 2014-2020. Baker Botts Baker Botts is a leading global law firm. The foundation for the firm’s differentiated client support rests on its deep business acumen and technical experience built over decades of focused leadership in our sectors and practices. The team is proudly technical in helping clients shape the future of their industries. Baker Botts’ insights help clients see over the horizon and anticipate opportunities and challenges regarding their business objectives. From its history in the energy industry, to establishing deep benches of talent in intellectual property, technology, TMT and life sciences, the firm has a heritage of helping clients push into new business frontiers. Baker Botts continuously mobilizes teams from across the firm specifically designed to help its clients solve their most complex business problems. These teams are comprised of the right lawyers with the right experience, cross-functional perspectives and capabilities – spanning the firm’s offices, practice groups and departments. Intellectual Property Litigation Baker Botts lawyers know IP cases because they understand the law, they understand complex litigation, they understand juries and they understand technology. In addition, the firm’s lawyers have experience litigating in key venues around the world, including: ●

All levels of the federal court system

Patent Trial and Appeal Board

International Trade Commission

Federal Circuit appeals

Patent Court and the Court of Appeal

Matters before the UK and European Patent offices

Baker Botts’ IP Litigation lawyers have the technical education and experience to understand the most sophisticated technology and to communicate comfortably and confidently with engineers and scientists. For juries, they know how to translate complex information into lay terms. Collectively, they hold over 165 technical degrees, including Ph.D.s, master’s degrees and M.D. degrees. Many of the firm’s lawyers have worked in the private sector in science and engineering disciplines, and because of this, they are proficient at explaining complex technologies to judges and juries who lack technical backgrounds. The firm’s case preparation focuses on what matters – the objectives of its clients and developing and executing a strategy to achieve those objectives. While the firm frequently achieves its clients’ objectives without trial through settlement, alternative dispute resolution and tactical summary judgment practice, its lawyers try cases when necessary and have the right courtroom experience to effectively litigate in virtually any venue. Baker Botts lawyers try high-stakes patent, trade secret and other intellectual property cases in state and federal courtrooms around the United States, and are particularly adept at defending suits brought by nonpracticing entities. Baker Botts’ reputation in the courtroom enhances its ability to achieve a business solution, such as a negotiated settlement, when that will best serve the needs of the client. Because their opponents respect that reputation, they are often motivated to explore all settlement possibilities before trial. In addition to these trial results, Baker Botts handles numerous patent cases before the International Trade Commission. The firm’s experience in ITC proceedings, representing both complainants and respondents, provides it with the knowledge to effectively litigate ITC actions. Its lawyers have a thorough knowledge of the ITC, its investigative staff and its administrative law judges. The IP Litigation team includes a former President of the ITC Trial Lawyers Association. Baker Botts closely monitors ITC complaint filings on behalf of clients to act immediately when a complaint is filed. Often, the complainant has had significant time to prepare its infringement case and the respondent must use what little time there is to formulate its defenses before discovery starts. Because the deadlines for discovery in the ITC are as little as 10 days and the hearing to determine liability for infringement usually occurs about 6 months after filing, every day counts in an ITC proceeding.

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Tax Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Jodi J. Schwartz focuses on the tax aspects of corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs and financial instruments. Ms. Schwartz has been the principal tax lawyer on numerous domestic and cross-border transactions in a wide range of industries. She was elected partner in 1990. Ms. Schwartz received her B.S. in Economics magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981, her M.B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School) in 1984, her J.D. magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1984 and her LL.M. in taxation from the New York University Law School in 1987. Ms. Schwartz is recognized as one of the world’s leading lawyers in the field of taxation, including being selected by Chambers Global Guide to the World’s Leading Lawyers, Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers and as a tax expert by Euromoney Institutional Investor Expert Guides. In addition, she is a member of the Executive Committee and past chair of the Tax Section of the New York State Bar Association and also is a member of the American College of Tax Counsel. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Jodi J. Schwartz Partner 51 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019 Tel: +1 212.403.1212

Ms. Schwartz serves as an officer of both the UJA-Federation of NY and the Jewish Federations of North America, serves as a member of the board of Steep Rock Association and serves on the Board of Overseers of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Ms. Schwartz lives in Manhattan with her husband, son and daughter. Education University of Pennsylvania, B.S. 1981, magna cum laude Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania, M.B.A. 1984 University of Pennsylvania Law School, J.D. 1984, magna cum laude New York University School of Law, LL.M. 1987 Select Publications Private Equity – Year in Review and 2021 Outlook, in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, February 6, 2021. REITs in 2021, January 11, 2021; also available at Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance. “New” IRS Guidance Provides Relief from Dividend Payment Requirement for REITs, May 6, 2020. REIT M&A and Activism: Preparing for Threats in the Covid-19 Environment, April 6, 2020. Private Equity - Year in Review and 2020 Outlook, in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, February 8, 2020. Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Wachtell Lipton was founded on a handshake in 1965 as a small group of lawyers dedicated to providing advice and expertise at the highest levels. The firm has achieved extraordinary results following the distinctive vision of its founders – a cohesive team of lawyers intensely focused on solving clients’ most important problems. Wachtell, Lipton has experience in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, takeovers and takeover defense, shareholder activism, corporate and securities law and corporate governance. The firm handles some of the largest, most complex and demanding transactions in the United States and around the world. The team counsel both public and private acquirors and targets. Wachtell, Lipton also handles sensitive investigation and litigation matters and corporate restructurings, and counsel boards of directors and senior management in critical situations. The firm has a track record of original and groundbreaking solutions and innovations that have had a dramatic impact on business and law. Wachtell, Lipton’s team are thought leaders. Wachtell, Lipton’s distinctive structure defines its approach. The firm maintains a ratio of associates to partners significantly below that of other firms. The firm focuses on matters that require the attention, extensive experience and sophistication of its partners. The firm limits the number and type of matters it undertakes. The firm’s system of lock-step compensation promotes a careful selection of matters as well as the flexibility to bring the right expertise to bear without regard to factors extrinsic to providing the best service and advice. The team works together on a task-force basis on all of its matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise across practice areas. Wachtell, Lipton’s structure and approach attract talented and entrepreneurial lawyers, who enable the firm to achieve excellent results for its clients in complex and critical matters. Tax Wachtell Lipton’s tax attorneys regularly advise clients on the tax aspects of corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, spin-offs and other dispositions, joint ventures, financings, and restructurings. These transactions frequently involve large multinational businesses and raise complex domestic and multinational tax issues. Tax considerations often determine the form and the viability of contemplated transactions. In current distressed market conditions, the tax team works together with the corporate and restructuring and finance departments to restructure existing financial arrangements, including those arising out of private equity and other leveraged transactions. The team is also involved in creating new financial products and in innovative real estate transactions and are considered preeminent in all of the areas in which it is involved. The firm’s tax attorneys regularly publish and lecture on emerging tax issues and actively participate in the work of tax policy groups, such as the Tax Section of the New York State Bar Association and the International Fiscal Association.


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Antitrust Lawyer Awards of thetitle Year in US, Texas Brian Robison is a partner in Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s Dallas office. He is a member of the firm’s Antitrust and Competition, Class Actions, and White Collar Defense and Investigations practice groups. Mr. Robison has experience in a wide range of business litigation and antitrust matters in both state and federal courts. He also has counseled clients on the antitrust implications of proposed business transactions, and he has represented clients in antitrust investigations conducted by both state and federal authorities. In business litigation matters, Mr. Robison has represented: one of the nation’s largest professional associations, the nation’s largest shell egg producer, the nation’s largest video retailer, the nation’s largest workers’ compensation insurance carrier, and a large investment brokerage firm in large antitrust cases; one of the world’s largest companies in an international arbitration; a large wireless communications company in an injunction action; a large telecommunications company in ERISA benefits actions; and the directors and officers of insolvent companies in bankruptcy adversary proceedings.

Brian E. Robison Partner

Mr. Robison has taken both civil and criminal cases to trial, served as a prosecutor for Dallas County, and argued before state courts of appeals. He has been recognized by numerous publications for his work including Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, The Best Lawyers in America®, “Best Lawyers in Dallas under the Age of 40” in D Magazine, and “Texas Rising Star” in Texas Monthly. Mr. Robison was named a 2020 “Lawyer of the Year” for his work in Antitrust Law in Dallas/Fort Worth by The Best Lawyers in America®.

2001 Ross Avenue, Suite 2100, Dallas, TX 75201 Tel: +1 214.698.3370

Prior to joining Gibson Dunn in 2011, Mr. Robison was a Partner at Vinson & Elkins and served as co-leader of that firm’s Antitrust Practice Group. He previously served as a judicial clerk to The Honorable John Cornyn of the Supreme Court of Texas from 1995-1996 and served as an Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, Texas in the “Lawyer-on-Loan” program from 1999-2000.

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP

Mr. Robison is a member of several professional organizations, including a Member of the American Bar Association, Dallas Bar Association and Sherman Act Section 1 Committee, Antitrust Section of the American Bar Association. He previously served on the Council of the Antitrust & Business Litigation Section of the Texas Bar Association and the Council of the Antitrust & Trade Regulation Section of the Dallas Bar Association. Mr. Robison received his law degree in 1995 with honors from The University of Texas School of Law, where he was a member of Order of the Coif and served as Notes Editor of the Texas Law Review. He also holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Kansas, where he graduated in 1991 with highest distinction and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. Mr. Robison is admitted to practice in the state of Texas and before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the U.S. District Court for Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Districts of Texas. Antitrust and Competition Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s worldwide Antitrust and Competition Practice Group numbers over 150 lawyers located throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. The firm’s antitrust team includes former high-ranking officials from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. Solicitor General’s Office and the European Commission, as well as Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers. The practice group is seamlessly integrated with Gibson Dunn’s powerhouse class action and appellate litigation teams to enable the firm to handle any crisis, as well as a matter from inception all the way through the U.S. Supreme Court. The Antitrust and Competition group handles leading-edge competition matters on U.S. and international competition issues, including: ●

Government review of mergers and acquisitions

Cartel investigations and the defense of cartel prosecutions

Class action treble damage litigation

Private antitrust litigation in the United States and Europe

Defense of private sector clients in antitrust actions before government authorities

Gibson Dunn’s merger clearance practice draws on its skilled competition law lawyers in the United States, Europe and Asia, using its deep experience with enforcement authorities throughout the world. Gibson Dunn takes a highly proactive approach to merger clearance through early analysis of potential antitrust issues and engagement with regulators to efficiently obtain approval of the largest and most complex transactions. In the past several years the firm has successfully assisted clients in securing clearance for transactions in a wide range of industries, including obtaining unconditional clearance for three transactions after second request investigations by the DOJ and FTC. Described as “one of the best cartel defence shops in the world” (Global Competition Review), Gibson Dunn boasts a breadth of experience and deep bench of United States- and Europe-based practitioners that are unparalleled. The firm has represented clients in over 100 cartel investigations conducted by the DOJ and competition authorities abroad, and has successfully secured full immunity for more than 50 U.S. and non-U.S. companies and their officers, directors and employees in roughly 20 countries on five continents.

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Construction Litigation Lawyer of the Year in US, Texas

Andrews Myers, P.C. William B. “Ben” Westcott Co-Managing Shareholder 1885 Saint James Place, Suite 1500, Houston, TX 77056 Tel: +1 713-850-4215

Board Certified in Construction Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Ben Westcott, the firm’s Co-Managing Shareholder, has a practice that focuses on both transactional and dispute resolution aspects of construction law. He represents general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and owners on substantial construction projects, including schools, public infrastructure, sports facilities, airports, petrochemical and industrial plants, highway projects, wastewater treatment facilities, multi-family projects, retail centers, hotels, hospitals and office buildings. His experience includes the prosecution and defense of a variety of construction-related issues before State and Federal Courts, as well as the American Arbitration Association, including matters related to payment disputes; scheduling claims; design defects; mechanic’s liens; performance and payment bonds; differing site conditions; breach of contract; construction defect claims; delay and acceleration claims; and termination of contracts. Ben also drafts and reviews construction contract documents. Additionally, Ben maintains an active alternative dispute resolution practice mediating and arbitrating construction disputes, and is a member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association. The prestigious legal directory, Chambers USA, America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, has recognized Ben as a leading construction lawyer since 2008. Andrews Myers, P.C. For over 25 years, Fortune 500 companies, private investors and other market leaders have selected Andrews Myers as their law firm of choice. Whether clients need a construction law firm in Houston, an Austin real estate attorney or business litigation expertise across the country, the firm’s six key strengths will take their business where it needs to go: 1: Services Because the firm’s core practices include construction law, commercial real estate, corporate transactions, employment, and bankruptcy law, the team has the breadth and depth of legal services clients need, when they need them. Bottom line: Clients spend less time managing multiple law firms and benefit from Andrews Myers expanded understanding of their business and goals. 2: Responsiveness Clients will find Andrews Myers has a sense of urgency, works as a team and emphasizse good communication as an integral part of good legal service. Bottom line: Andrews Myers places a priority on getting clients the information they need and keeping them informed. 3: Efficiency Andrews Myers speaks the language in its client’s worlds fluently, understands the business processes and success factors, and is knowledgeable of the legal issues that arise. Bottom line: Andrews Myers moves fast and clients don’t have to spend a lot of time bringing the firm up to speed. 4: Strategy Whatever the legal issue, Andrews Myers will give clients a straight-talk review of their options and the potential business impact of each. Bottom line: Andrews Myers focuses on legal solutions that make sound business sense.


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5: Experience The majority of the firm’s lawyers have 20+ years’ experience counseling corporations across Texas. Andrews Myers has handled a wide range of companies and projects in the public and private sector, from highway to pipeline projects, office buildings to sports stadiums. Many of the firm’s attorneys started their careers in Big Law, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience with them to the firm. Bottom line: If clients have a business-related legal matter, chances are very good Andrews Myers has already worked on something similar. 6: Bench Strength Andrews Myers is called on to handle major commercial and construction transactions and litigation because the firm has more senior lawyers than most firms. With multiple offices, Andrews Myers is able to service clients’ regional and national operations with ease. Bottom line: No matter what size legal team clients need, Andrews Myers puts experience on their side. Although recognized as leading construction and commercial real estate lawyers in Houston TX and Austin TX, Andrews Myers offers an expanded Texas service line that includes labor and employment and bankruptcy/insolvency experience. The firm’s attorneys provide comprehensive services from clients’ general corporate needs to business litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Construction The Houston construction lawyers at Andrews Myers understand the issues and the urgency, providing sophisticated advice and timely, costeffective solutions. Clients do not have to worry about wasting time or money educating the firm about the issues. Andrews Myers was established on construction law, and the firm is conversant in the terminology and current on legal trends. Three of the firm’s senior attorneys are members of the distinguished American Arbitration Association’s National Panel of Construction Arbitrators. The firm’s clients include: –  Contractors: General contractors that provide supply and labor efforts –  Subcontractors: Subcontractors and laborers on projects –  Suppliers: Suppliers and distributors providing services on site –  Developers: Property developers involved in the execution of construction contractions –  Owners: Owners involved in a variety of scopes of construction projects In addition to issues directly related to construction, Andrews Myers can protect client interests during formation of construction companies, real estate acquisition and development, and construction financing. The firm is recognized as a leader in construction contracts, transactions, alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Construction law attorneys in Houston and Austin with 20-plus years of experience provide clients with the edge to negotiate from a position of strength without bringing projects or deals to a grinding halt.

Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in Antigua Roberts & Co C. Kamilah Roberts Partner Roberts Building, P.O. Box 1301, 60 Nevis Street, St. John’s Tel: +1 268-462-0076

Commercial Lawyer of the Year in Argentina Marval O’Farrell Mairal Facundo Viel Temperley Partner Av. Leandro N. Alem 882, (C1001AAQ) Buenos Aires Tel: (+54-11) 4310-0114 E:

Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in Argentina Beccar Varela Pedro Nicholson Partner Edificio República, Tucumán 1, 3rd Floor C1049AAA Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires Tel: (+54) (11) 4379 6898

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in The Bahamas Higgs & Johnson Tara A. Archer-Glasgow Partner Ocean Centre, Montagu Foreshore, East Bay Streetm P. O. Box N 3247, Nassau Tel: +1 242 502 5200

Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Bolivia Indacochea & Asociados Alonso Indacochea P. de Z. Partner Piraí Ave. #2115 together Baracea, Box: 6661, Santa Cruz Tel: (+591 3) 353 53 56

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Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Brazil Pinheiro Neto Advogados Bruno Balduccini Partner Rua Hungria, 1100, 01455-906, São Paulo Tel: +55 11 3247 8681

Compliance Lawyer of the Year in Brazil TozziniFreire Advogados Shin Jae Kim Partner R. Borges Lagoa 1328, Sao Paulo, SP, CEP 04038-904 Tel: (+55 11) 5086-5276

Compliance Lawyer of the Year in Brazil Demarest Advogados Luiz Fernando Henry Sant’Anna Partner Av. Pedroso de Morais, 1201, Sao Paulo – SP, Brazil Tel: +55 11 3356 1518

Insurance & Reinsurance Lawyer of the Year in Brazil Tavares Advogados André Tavares Partner Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 4.300, Conj, 404 E 405, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo Tel: +55 1135967275

Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in Brazil Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados Vilma Toshie Kutomi Partner Av. Joaquim Eugênio De Lima, 447, São Paulo, SP, CEP 01403-001 Tel: +55 11 3147 7850


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Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in Brazil Veirano Advogados Rodrigo de Castro Partner Av Presidente Wilson, 231, 25º andar – Centro, 20030-021 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ Tel: +55 21 3824 1358

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in BVI Ogier Brian Lacy Partner Ritter House, Wickhams Cay II, PO Box 3170, Road Town, Tortola VG1110 Tel: +1 284 852 73 58

Business Immigration Lawyer of the Year in Canada Sherritt Greene Michael Greene, Q.C. Senior Partner 301 Mount Royal Village, 1550 8th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2R 1K1 Tel: +1 403.298.0479

Corporate & M&A Lawyer of the Year in Canada Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP Terence S. Dobbin Senior Partner 222 Bay Street, Suite 3000, Toronto, P.O. Box 53, Ontario, M5K 1E7 Tel: +1 416 216 3935

Environment Lawyer of the Year in Canada Gowling WLG Harry Dahme Partner 100 King Street West Suite 1600, Toronto M5X 1G5 Tel: +1 416-862-4300

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International Trade Lawyer of the Year in Canada Cassidy Levy Kent LLP Christopher J. Kent Partner 55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1210, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L5 Tel: + 1 613 368 4142

Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in Canada McCarthy Tétrault John Currie Partner 66 Wellington Street West, Suite 5300, TD Bank Tower Box 48, Toronto ON M5K 1E6 Tel: +1 416-601-8154

Regulatory & Compliance Lawyer of the Year in the Cayman Islands Mourant Ozannes Sara Galletly Partner PO Box 1348, 94 Solaris Avenue, Camana Bay, KY1-1108, Grand Cayman Tel: +1 345 814 9233

Data Privacy Lawyer of the Year in Chile Carey Paulina Silva Counsel Av Isidora Goyenechea 2800, Floor 43, Las Condes, Santiago, PO 755-0647 Tel: +56 2 2928 2665

Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in Chile Barros & Errázuriz Juan Cristóbal Iturrate Alvarado Partner Isidora Goyenechea 2939, Piso/Floor 10, Las Condes Tel: +56 2 23788925


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Tax Lawyer of the Year in Chile KPMG in Chile Francisco Lyon Senior Partner Isidora Goyenechea 3520, piso 2, Las Condes, Santiago Tel: +(56-2) 2997 1000

Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in Ecuador Robalino Law Paola Gachet Otáñe Partner Av. 12 De Octubre N24-68 Y Lincoln, Edificio Mirage, Piso 15, Quito Tel: +593 2 381 0950

Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Mexico Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez, S.C. Carlos Aiza Partner Torre Virreyes, Pedregal 24, 24th Floor, Col. Molino Del Rey, Mexico City, 11040 Tel: (+52) 55 4748-0633

Corporate & M&A Lawyer of the Year in Mexico White & Case, S.C. Francisco Garcia-Naranjo González Partner Torre del Bosque – PH, Blvd. Manuel Avila Camacho #24, 11000 CDMX Tel: +52 55 5540 9648

Environment Lawyer of the Year in Mexico Baker & McKenzie Abogados, S.C. Federico M. Ruanova Guinea Senior Counsel P.O. Box 1205 Chula Vista, CA 91912, Blvd. Agua Caliente 10611, 1st floor, 22420 Tijuana, B.C. Tel: + 52 664 633 4324 federico.ruanova-guinea

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Life Sciences Lawyer of the Year in Mexico Galicia Abogados S.C. Bernardo Martínez Negrete E. Partner Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho 24-7 Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, 11000 Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México Tel: +52 55409210

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Nicaragua Consortium Legal Gerardo Hernández Partner Del antiguo Hospital Militar, 1 cuadra al Norte. Edificio Consortium Legal. Managua Tel: +505 2254 5454 ext 106

Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in Nicaragua Arias Róger Pérez Partner Pista Jean Paul Genie, Edificio Escala, Piso 3, Managua Tel: +505 2298-1360

Compliance Lawyer of the Year in Peru Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano – Abogados José Reaño Partner Av. San Felipe 758 - Jesús María - Lima 15072 Tel: +51 (1) 619-1900

Tax Lawyer of the Year in Peru Hernández & Cía. Abogados Luis Hernández Berenguel Partner Av. Javier Prado Oeste N° 795, Magdalena del Mar, Lima Tel: (+51-1) 611 5151


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Construction Lawyer of the Year in US, Alabama Baker, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP E. Mabry Rogers Partner One Federal Place, 1819 5th Avenue N Tel: +1 205.521.8225

Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in US, Arkansas Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP Daniel L. Herrington Partner 400 West Capitol Ave. Suite 2000 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 Te: +1 501-370-1571

Competition & Antitrust Lawyer of the Year in US, California WilmerHale Heather S. Nyong’o Partner 1 Front Street, Suite 3500, San Francisco, California 94111 Tel: +1 628 235 1007 heather.nyong’

Environment Lawyer of the Year in US, California Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP James J. Dragna Partner 300 South Grand Ave., 22nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071-3132 Tel: +1.213.680.6436

Healthcare Lawyer of the Year in US, California Jones Day James R. Dutro Partner 555 California Street, 26th Floor, San Francisco, California 94104 Tel: + 1.415.875.5839

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Immigration Lawyer of the Year in US, California Tafapolsky Smith Mehlman, LLP Alan Tafapolsky Partner 90 New Montgomery Street 8th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105 Tel: +1.415.975.9800

Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year in US, Delaware Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP Karen Jacobs Partner 1201 North Market Street, 16th Floor, PO Box 1347, Wilmington, DE 19899-1347 Tel: +1 302-351-9227

Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in US, Delaware Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP Joy A. Barrist Partner Hercules Plaza, 1313 North Market Street, 6th Floor, P.O. Box 951, Wilmington, Delaware, 19801 Tel: +1 302.984.6022

Environment Lawyer of the Year in US, Florida Bilzin Sumberg Howard E Nelson Partner 1450 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, Florida 33131 Tel: +1305-350-2386

Healthcare Lawyer of the Year in US, Florida Nelson Mullins Broad and Cassel LLP Lester J. Perling Partner 100 S.E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 2700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33394 Tel: +1 954.745.5261


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Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in US, Florida Cozen O’Connor Susan N. Eisenberg Member Southeast Financial Center, 200 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 3000, Miami, FL 33131 Tel: +1 (305) 704-5941

Public Finance Lawyer of the Year in US, Florida Squire Patton Boggs Luis Reiter Partner 200 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 4700, Miami, FL 33131 Tel: +1 305 577 7710

Construction Lawyer of the Year in US, Georgia Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial, LLC David Dial Partner 3344 Peachtree Road, NE,Suite 2400, Atlanta, GA, 30326 Tel: +1 404.832.9513

Immigration Lawyer of the Year in US, Georgia Antonini & Cohen Immigration Law Group Carolina Colin-Antonini Partner 2751 Buford Hwy NE, 8th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30324 Tel: +1 404.850.9394

Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in US, Illinois Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Seth E Jacobson Partner 155 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60606 Tel: +1.312.407.0889

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Intellectual Property Lawyer of the Year in US, Illinois Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC Bradford P Lyerla Partner The Rookery Building, 209 S. LaSalle Street, 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60604 Tel: +1 (312) 762-9468

Real Estate Lawyer of the Year in US, Louisiana Fishman Haygood LLP Charles Landry 100 North Street, Suite 800, Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Tel: +1 (225) 706-4080

Competition & Antitrust Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Jonathan Jacobson Partner 1301 Avenue of the Americas, 40th Floor, NY 10019-6022 Tel: +1 212-497-7758

Corporate & M&A Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Francis J. Aquila Partner 125 Broad Street, New York, 10004-2498 Tel: +1-212-558-4048

Environment Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC Kevin M Bernstein Management Committee Chairman One Lincoln Center, Syracuse, NY 13202-1355 Tel: +1 (315) 218-8329


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Healthcare Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP Robert D Belfort Partner 7 Times Square, New York, NY 10036 Tel: +1 212.830.7270

Immigration Lawyer of the Year in US, New York Cyrus D. Mehta & Partners, PLLC Cyrus Mehta One Battery Park Plaza, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10004 Tel: +1 (212) 425 0555

Energy & Natural Resources Lawyer of the Year in US, Pennsylvania Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC Matthew Burger Shareholder 501 Grant Street, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219-4413 Tel: +1 412 562 8894

Environment Lawyer of the Year in US, Virginia Williams Mullen Channing J Martin Partner Williams Mullen Center, 200 South 10th Street, Suite 1600, Richmond, VA Tel: +1 804.420.6422

Tax Lawyer of the Year in US, Washington Tax Practice, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Pamela Charles Chair 920 Fifth Avenue Suite 3300, Seattle, WA 98104-1610 Tel: +1 206.757.8267

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Asia & Oceania Developing economies in East Asia and the Pacific (EAP), recovering from trade tensions and struggling with COVID-19, now face the prospect of a global financial shock and recession. Sound macroeconomic policies and prudent financial regulation have equipped most EAP countries to deal with normal tremors. But we are witnessing an unusual combination of disruptive and mutually reinforcing events. Significant economic pain seems unavoidable in all countries. Countries must take action now – including urgent investments in healthcare capacity and targeted fiscal measures – to mitigate some of the immediate impacts, according to East Asia and Pacific in the Time of COVID-19, the World Bank’s April 2020 Economic Update for East Asia and the Pacific. In a rapidly changing environment, making precise growth projections is unusually difficult. Therefore, the report presents both a baseline and a lower case scenario. Growth in the developing EAP region is projected to slow to 2.1 percent in the baseline and to negative 0.5 in the lower case scenario in 2020, from an estimated 5.8 percent in 2019. Growth in China is projected to decline to 2.3 percent in the baseline and 0.1 percent in the lower case scenario in 2020, from 6.1 percent in 2019. Containment of the pandemic would allow for a sustained recovery in the region, although risks to the outlook from financial market stress would remain high. The COVID-19 shock will also have a serious impact on poverty. The report estimates that under the baseline growth scenario, nearly 24 million fewer people will escape poverty across the region in 2020 than would have in the absence of the pandemic (using a poverty line of US$5.50/day). If the economic situation were to deteriorate further, and the lower-case scenario prevails, then poverty is estimated to increase by about 11 million people. Prior projections estimated that nearly 35 million people would escape poverty in EAP in 2020, including over 25 million in China alone. “Countries in East Asia and the Pacific that were already coping with international trade tensions and the repercussions of the spread of COVID-19 in China are now faced with a global shock,” said Victoria Kwakwa, Vice President for East Asia and the Pacific at the World Bank. “The good news is that the region has strengths it can tap, but countries will have to act fast and at a scale not previously imagined.” Among the actions recommended by the report are urgent investments in national healthcare capacity and longer-term preparedness. The report also suggests taking an integrated view of containment and macroeconomic policies. Targeted fiscal measures – such as subsidies for sick pay and healthcare – would help with containment and ensure that temporary deprivation does not translate into long-term losses of human capital.


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“In addition to bold national actions, deeper international cooperation is the most effective vaccine against this virulent threat. Countries in East Asia and the Pacific and elsewhere must fight this disease together, keep trade open and coordinate macroeconomic policy,” said Aaditya Mattoo, Chief Economist for East Asia and the Pacific at the World Bank. The report calls for international cooperation and new cross-border public-private partnerships to ramp up the production and supply of key medical supplies and services in the face of the pandemic, and to ensure financial stability in the aftermath. Critically, trade policy should stay open so medical and other supplies are available to all countries, as well as to facilitate the region’s rapid economic recovery. Another policy recommendation is easing credit to help households smooth their consumption and help firms survive the immediate shock. However, given the potential of an extended crisis, the report emphasizes the need to couple such measures with regulatory oversight, particularly as many countries in EAP already carry a high burden of corporate and household debt. For poorer countries, debt relief will be essential, so that critical resources can be focused on managing the economic and health impacts of the pandemic. The report also highlights the substantially higher risk of falling into poverty among households dependent on sectors that are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 impacts, such as tourism in Thailand and the Pacific Islands, manufacturing in Cambodia and Vietnam, and among households dependent on informal labor in all countries. In some countries, the impact of COVID-19 comes on top of country-specific factors, such as droughts (Thailand) or commodity shocks (Mongolia). In the Pacific Island countries, the outlook for 2020 is subject to substantial risks due to their economies’ reliance on grants, tourism, and imports. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, economic circumstances within countries and regions are fluid and change on a day-by-day basis. The analysis in the report is based on the latest country-level data available as of March 27. The World Bank Group is rolling out a $14 billion fasttrack package to strengthen the COVID-19 response in developing countries and shorten the time to recovery. The immediate response includes financing, policy advice and technical assistance to help countries cope with the health and economic impacts of the pandemic. The IFC is providing $8 billion in financing to help private companies affected by the pandemic and preserve jobs. IBRD and IDA are making an initial US$6 billion available for the health-response. As countries need broader support, the World Bank Group will deploy up to $160 billion over 15 months to protect the poor and vulnerable, support businesses, and bolster economic recovery.

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Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Australia David is a banking and finance lawyer specialising in leveraged, acquisition and corporate finance. He has significant experience advising on complex syndicated, club and bilateral financing arrangements including domestic and cross border leveraged and private equity transactions, acquisition finance, general corporate finance and debt restructurings. He also has experience in project financing.

Johnson Winter & Slattery David Beckett Partner Level 25, 20 Bond Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: +61 7 3002 2517

David is recognised as one of Australia’s leading lawyers in the areas of Banking and Finance law and Structured Finance law by Chambers Asia Pacific and Best Lawyers Australia. Prior to returning to Australia in 2007, David was a senior member of the leveraged finance team of Allen & Overy LLP in London, specialising in cross border private equity transactions. Representative Experience –  Leveraged Finance Lineage Logistics - Advising on all Australian aspects of its financing for its acquisition of Emergent Cold, comprising US term loan B and asset backed loan facilities with an incremental loan being raised to partly fund acquisition of Emergent Cold. Advised on the financing for its purchase of five separate cold storage facilities from US private equity group Blackstone. –  Corporate, Property & Project Finance Adelaide Brighton - Advised on the refinancing of its existing AUD715 million syndicated term and working capital facilities with bilateral facilities totalling AUD900 million. Qualifications ●

Bachelor of Laws (Hons), University of Wollongong

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Wollongong

Memberships ●

Supreme Court of New South Wales

Banking and Financial Services Law Association

Australian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association Ltd

International Experience ●

Two years as a senior member of the leveraged finance team of a magic circle firm, London

Johnson Winter & Slattery Johnson Winter & Slattery was established in 1993 by Tony Johnson, Nigel Winter and Peter Slattery as a boutique corporate firm. Over the ensuing years it has grown rapidly to become a leading independent Australian firm focussed on complex transactions and disputes. The firm is engaged by major businesses, investment funds and government agencies as legal counsel on important transactions and disputes throughout Australia and surrounding regions. Johnson Winter & Slattery helps its clients navigate legal complexity in both commercial transactions and dispute resolution by applying specialist legal expertise, innovative technology and commercial awareness to its clients’ business objectives. Commitments to outstanding client service, a collaborative ethos and the importance of fashioning commercial outcomes are hallmarks of the firm. Johnson Winter & Slattery’s team consists of 65+ partners nationally, supported by more than 250 lawyers, business development, finance, HR and IT professionals. The firm represents publicly listed corporations, major privately held businesses and investment funds, not for profits, industry bodies as well as government agencies and regulators. It is a full service commercial firm with specialist expertise in all facets of commercial activity, covering the spectrum of transactional needs, advisory and compliance as well as dispute resolution.


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As Australian counsel to foreign businesses and law firms, Johnson Winter & Slattery appreciates the particular needs of those investing in Australia and their advisors. The firm assists clients and their primary counsel in navigating Australian regulatory requirements concerning inbound and outbound capital flows. The firm’s lawyers and practice groups are ranked as leading, by Chambers Asia-Pacific, Asia Pacific Legal 500, Best Lawyers and Doyle’s Guide. Financial Services Johnson Winter & Slattery acts for domestic and international financial service providers, including responsible entities, trustees, investment managers, distributors, custodians and other service providers. The firm’s leading practitioners offer extensive experience advising on a wide range of financial products and funds management matters. The firm’s experience covers both transactional and regulatory matters, and includes: ● ●

advising on structuring products and transactions drafting offer documents, such as product disclosure statements, prospectuses and information memoranda drafting and negotiating constitutions, trust deeds and agreements dealing with ASIC and the ASX.

Private Equity & Venture Capital While the industry continues to bounce back following the global financial crisis, private equity and venture capital firms face new challenges in their transactions and fund structuring to ensure portfolio growth and successful exit strategies. Johnson Winter & Slattery’s private equity team has extensive experience assisting Australian and international private equity firms to achieve their investment goals, and includes lawyers with private equity and leveraged finance experience in the UK and US. The firm assists clients at all stages of the investment cycle. Its expertise covers a wide range of areas including the establishment of private equity funds, development and expansion, capital investments, MBOs and LBOs. The firm also advises on the privatisation of publicly listed companies and the acquisition of interests in existing private equity fund portfolios. Johnson Winter & Slattery’s hands-on specialists can assist with: ●

fund establishment

structuring of private equity investments

foreign investment advice

● ●

undertaking legal due diligence on behalf of private equity clients documenting and implementing transactions, including acquisition and investment documentation and schemes of arrangement devising and documenting management incentive plans negotiating and preparing shareholder arrangements structuring and executing on all levels of the debt capital structure, including senior and mezzanine/ holdco debt structures.

Corporate Lawyer Awards of the title Year in Australia Adam advises clients on public, private and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, as well as capital raisings and public securities law. He has considerable experience assisting clients in the media and financial services sectors, including governance advice and advising on board and reputation risks. Adam is a member of the Communications and Media Law Association. Key deals Coca-Cola European Partners plc: Advising Coca-Cola European Partners plc on its proposed acquisition by way of a scheme of arrangement of ASX-listed Coca-Cola Amatil Limited, valued at A$11.1 billion. ESR Group: Advising Warburg Pincus-backed ESR Group on its A$755 million unsolicited takeover of ASX-listed PropertyLink Group. Macquarie Capital: Advising Macquarie Capital on its acquisition from Investa Commercial Property Fund of a 50% stake in the AU$11 billion Investa office management platform and the associated joint venture arrangements. Corrs Chambers Westgarth Corrs Chambers Westgarth

Corrs Chambers Westgarth is Australia’s leading independent law firm.

Adam Foreman Partner

The firm provides exceptional legal services across the full spectrum of matters, including major transactions, projects and significant disputes, offering strategic advice on clients’ most challenging issues.

Level 17, 8 Chifley, 8-12 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel: +61 2 9210 6827

With more than 175 years of history and a talented and diverse team of over 1000 people, Corrs Chambers Westgarth prides itself on its client-focused approach and commitment to excellence. The firm’s fundamental ambition is the success of its clients, and this is reflected in everything it does. Corrs Chambers Westgarth advises on the most significant global matters and connects with the best lawyers internationally to provide clients with the right team for every engagement. It is also at the forefront of some of the most high-profile public international law matters in the region, assisting governments and corporations with the resolution of highly complex cross-border disputes. It is the firm of choice for many of the world’s leading organisations, with its people consistently recognised for providing outstanding client service and delivering exceptional results. Corporate Commercial Corrs Chambers Westgarth supports organisations as they identify commercial opportunities and navigate complex strategic transactions. The firm’s corporate team works collaboratively with public and private companies across the full spectrum of corporate, securities and commercial matters. Its expertise includes mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financial services, procurement, private equity, corporate recovery, superannuation, funds and asset management, corporate governance and commercial contracts, as well as ongoing operational matters. The firm’s clients receive timely, strategic and robust legal advice and transactional support that adds significant value as they pursue their business objectives. Joint Ventures As organisations seek to combine resources and share risks, there’s a clear need to agree and accurately document the rights and obligations of each joint venture participant, ensuring a clear understanding on all key matters for the duration of the venture. Corrs Chambers Westgarth’s corporate team has significant experience preparing and assisting with the successful negotiation of complex joint venture arrangements in Australia and around the world, across a broad range of sectors including projects, energy and natural resources, infrastructure, technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), financial services, consumer goods, healthcare and food and beverage. The firm’s approach to joint ventures is a holistic one, and begins with understanding its clients’ strategic and commercial objectives, including on key issues such as joint venture scope, funding and sponsor support, governance, management/control, and future value realisation or exit by any participant. The team then works collaboratively with clients to prepare for and support negotiations that effectively achieve those objectives. Complex joint ventures often require a sophisticated series of inter-related agreements, and the team are expert at ensuring that such agreements properly achieve their intended result. Commercial Contracts Corrs Chambers Westgarth has one of the leading corporate practices in Australia. In addition to partnering with clients on strategic transactions and major projects, the firm has extensive experience assisting with commercial contracts for client’s business operations. The firm works collaboratively with public and private companies and organisations across all sectors to consider, negotiate and document corporate and commercial arrangements, whether they be complex bespoke contracts or a suite of standard-form documents for future transactions. Overseas Investment by Australian Entities Outbound investments are vital to Australia’s prosperity and growth. Many of Australia’s leading companies have global footprints and are at the forefront of international developments. Others seek new opportunities for growth, in established or emerging markets. Corrs Chambers Westgarth provides an integrated solution to Australian organisations looking to invest internationally. The firm’s teams have substantial direct experience supporting clients with major projects, transactions and disputes around the world, working with local counsel in relevant jurisdictions. The firm has strong long-term relationships with leading law firms globally, and connects with the best lawyers internationally to provide clients with the right team for every engagement. Leveraging its substantial international experience, the firm advises its clients on strategies for managing investment risks, including entry point investment structures, obtaining the best protections under investment and tax treaties and managing tax and revenue risks. For investments in emerging markets, which inherently involve higher risk, the firm provide clients with invaluable insights arising from its unique experience acting for emerging market governments (including advising senior ministers and officials) and conversely negotiating projects, transactions and joint ventures with host states and state-owned enterprises. Corrs Chambers Westgarth supports its clients to invest with confidence, wherever in the world they do so.

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Construction & Engineering Lawyer of the Year in China Mr.Ye Wanhe, the Managing Partner of Cyan, is good at providing legal services for large-scale domestic and foreign construction projects and Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects, covering different sectors such as Large-scale Public Building, Infrastructure, Industry, Energy, Environmental Protection, Medical and Health Care, etc. He is experienced in serving for the Whole Process Construction of Domestic and Foreign Large Infrastructure Projects, Tendering and Bidding for Construction Projects, EPC/Turnkey Contract, Engineering Guarantee (including but not limited to Injunction of Guarantee), Engineering Insurance, Engineering Claim, Engineering Tax, arbitration and litigation concerning major and complex domestic and foreign construction projects, and the whole process of PPP projects, especially the major and complex disputes resolution.

Beijing Cyan Law Firm Ye Wanhe Managing Partner 706-1708, Tower A, Global Trade Center, No.36, North Third Ring East Road, Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100013 Tel: +86 10 56830601

Mr. Ye Wanhe owns remarkable professional qualifications like the Member Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), Building Economist Qualification, and National First-grade Registered Constructing Engineer and Building Economist Qualification. Mr. Ye is the Industry Training Expert of China International Contractors Association. Meanwhile, he is the core expert of the Legislative Drafting Team of “Infrastructure and Public Utilities Franchise Law (PPP Law)”, a member of the amendment team of Construction Law, a member of the PPP Expert Library of National Development and Reform Commission. Ever since the end of 2014, Mr. Ye has been invited by many reputable entities such as the Training Center of National Development and Reform Commission, Policy Research Center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Peking University, Tsing Hua University, Tianjin University and China International Engineering Consulting Corporation to give lectures on “Legal Analysis of PPP Model and Case Analysis of PPP Project Development” as the legal service expert of Public Private Partnership (PPP). Mr. Ye is one of the two PRC lawyers listed in ALB Hot 100 by Asian Legal Business in 2011. He is also listed as China’s Best Lawyers in Construction and Engineering by Chambers and Partners in the year of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. He was selected as Recommended Lawyer in the Asia Pacific’s 2019 Guide of the Legal 500. He was selected as a Leading Individual in Real Estate and Construction of The Legal 500 Asia Pacific’s 2020 Guide. Beijing Cyan Beijing Cyan is a law firm specialized in providing comprehensive legal services in domestic and international construction and engineering, cross-border investment, international trade, intellectual property, etc. The firm takes as a commitment to render clients services meeting international standards. All of the firm’s staff are graduates from top law schools with good command of Chinese and English and abundant legal experience both in theory and practice. The firm boasts leading domestic legal experts and senior lawyers with decades of work experience in certain sectors (Construction and engineering, commercial arbitration, public private partnership (PPP) and sports). Each and every one of the team is a leading figure in the area of their expertise and has served top enterprises and institutions both in China and abroad. Through prudent and proper specialization, cooperation, management and resource sharing, Beijing Cyan converges the wealth of wisdom, experience and resources it has for efficient completion of every project from clients. Through years of hard work, the firm gathers intelligence and stand by clients in search of mutual development. Beijing Cyan’s main practice areas include commercial arbitration, construction and engineering, infrastructure, public private partnership (PPP), intellectual property, foreign investment, corporate compliance and risk control, cross-border M&A as well as civil and commercial litigation. The firm serves sectors including construction, petrochemical, minerals, water treatment, real estate, sports, hotel, tourism, Internet, cross-border e-commerce, international trade, high-tech, new energy, auto tire and environmental protection, etc. Beijing Cyan feel privileged to serve a host of clients from different fields, including world-leading 500 multinationals, large state-owned enterprises, high-tech innovative ventures and traditional manufacturing companies. Meanwhile, Cyan also provides legal advice and study reports on cutting-edge and major issues for central governments, local governments, enterprise associations, and international organizations. Construction and Engineering Cyan Engineering Construction Team members are proficient in construction law, and own qualifications or professional titles such as Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS), National Firstgrade Registered Constructing Engineer, National First-grade Registered Structural Engineer, Professor-level Senior Engineer, etc. The background of a combination of law and technology enables Cyan Team members to better understand and explore the essence of legal services of engineering construction, and to communicate with the clients in the most effective way, thus provide better legal supports. Cyan Team members provide legal services covering the whole chain of engineering construction: project planning, administrative approval, land acquisition, deal structure design, tendering and bidding of the project, contract signing, tax planning, claims, project transfer, project archives and filing, completion acceptance and recording, engineering maintenance, environmental protection and fire protection, engineering insurance, etc. Team members are deeply involved in every stage to provide professional services to the clients. Cyan Team members have accumulated abundant practical experience in whole process of engineering construction, engineering claim, engineering guarantee, engineering insurance, engineering tax, cross-border engineering, etc. The firm’s typical projects include Beijing New Airport, South-to-North Water Diversion Project, Sino-Laos Railway, an iron ore project in Russia, a power station in Turkey, etc.


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International Arbitration Lawyer Awards titleof the Year in China Emmanuel Jacomy is a partner in the International Arbitration practice, based in Beijing and Singapore. Emmanuel has extensive experience advising and representing companies, State-owned entities and governments in international commercial and investment treaty arbitrations under all major arbitration rules (including ICSID, ICC, HKIAC, LCIA, SIAC and UNCITRAL), with focus on investment, oil & gas, energy and mining disputes, as well as disputes having a Chinese and African nexus. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing. He also acts as an arbitrator. Peers have described Emmanuel as “one of the brightest arbitration practitioners” of his generation. Clients also praise him for being “an extremely bright lawyer”, “quick on his feet” and “attentive to the needs of Chinese clients”, whose “expertise in investment treaty arbitration and public international law background are highly regarded”. Emmanuel is featured in Chambers, Legal 500 as well as in Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration Future Leaders – 2020.

Shearman & Sterling LLP Emmanuel Jacomy Partner Unit 3209, China Central Place Tower 2, 79 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District Tel: +86 10 5922 8000

Emmanuel was recently appointed to the Expert Advisory Committee of the International Institute for Dispute Settlement Prevention (IIDPS), jointly established by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). He speaks English, French and Mandarin Chinese. International Arbitration Shearman & Sterling’s International Arbitration team provides advice and advocacy to companies, States and State entities in investment treaty and commercial arbitrations conducted in accordance with all major international arbitration rules. The multilingual, multcultural team is widely regarded as one of the very best on the market. Because of the firm’s strategic view and thorough knowledge of arbitration processes and comparative law, clients turn to Shearman & Sterling for their most critical matters. The team work together with clients, ahead of and throughout the dispute, to devise and implement a strategy that meets their objectives and leads to the optimal resolution of their thorniest legal problems. Shearman & Sterling’s clients have described the team as tenacious, dedicated and focused on winning. The firm assembles teams combining technical excellence and industry expertise to fiercely defend the interests of its clients through clear and cogent written and oral advocacy, without compromising their long-term goals with their business partners. Shearman & Sterling’s lawyers are trained to be attentive to clients’ needs and expectations, responsive and organized. Shearman & Sterling acts as counsel in arbitrations worldwide and is able to conduct proceedings in English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and many other languages. The team also appear before national courts to enforce or resist enforcement of international arbitration agreements and arbitral awards. Members of the team also regularly serve as arbitrator. The firm’s arbitration services include: –  M&A Arbitration Arbitration clauses are commonplace in contracts organizing cross-border business combinations, such as mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. Shearman & Sterling’s clients’ disputes in this area typically concern representations and warranties, price adjustment mechanisms and preemption rights. – Enforcement Shearman & Sterling assists its clients in all aspects of the post-award phase, including in settlement negotiations, global asset tracing and in enforcement and set-aside proceedings. The team acts on behalf of private and public entities as well as sovereigns, be they award creditors or debtors, with respect to awards rendered in both commercial and investment treaty arbitrations. The team also acts in enforcement proceedings involving third parties in possession of award debtors’ assets. Shearman & Sterling is widely recognized for its intellectual leadership in the field of international arbitration. With respect to enforcement, the team has contributed to the New York Convention Project, a joint research project undertaken with UNCITRAL and Columbia University. – Construction Shearman & Sterling represents owners and contractors in international construction and engineering arbitrations arising from projects throughout the world, under a wide variety of applicable laws. The firm’s principal focus is on high value, complex multi-claim disputes concerning power projects (nuclear, hydroelectric and renewable), oil and gas facilities, industrial plants and civil infrastructure projects. –  Energy Arbitration Shearman & Sterling has extensive experience across the energy sector, including oil & gas matters (upstream and downstream), nuclear power, hydroelectric power, and renewable energy. The firm acts for multinational corporations, Sovereign States and State-owned companies in disputes concerning, inter alia, issues of consortium and joint-venture relations, contract cancellations and terminations, construction, price review, tax treatment and stabilization and investment. –  General Commercial Arbitration Shearman & Sterling represents clients from many business sectors in their commercial disputes, notably matters arising from sales, supply, distribution and agency agreements. –  Intellectual Property Arbitration Shearman & Sterling’s International Arbitration Group frequently represents clients experiencing disputes relating to intellectual property rights. –  Investment Arbitration Shearman & Sterling has been at the heart of some of the most groundbreaking investment treaty arbitrations over the past 30 years, successfully arguing the most complex issues of investment arbitration and international law, both regarding questions of jurisdiction and admissibility, and those going to the substantive protection offered by bilateral and multilateral investment treaties. The firm acts on behalf of states and investors. Shearman & Sterling also regularly advises clients on how to structure their investments around the world to maximise protection under bilateral and multilateral investment treaties.

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Private Equity Lawyer of the Year in China Charles Ching is a partner in the Corporate Department and heads the Firm’s China practice. He represents financial sponsors and corporate clients on cross-border M&A and investment transactions, with particular focus on private equity investments in China-based businesses, outbound M&A by Chinese buyers, and regional joint ventures and other corporate transactions. He regularly advises China-based clients on some of the most complex and noteworthy public and private M&A transactions in the United States and globally, having practiced previously in New York and Hong Kong. Mr. Ching is recognized as a leading transactional lawyer by Chambers Asia-Pacific and Legal 500 Asia Pacific, and is cited as a “Highly Regarded” lawyer for M&A in China by IFLR1000 Asia-Pacific. Chambers noted that clients have praised Mr. Ching for being “key” to transactions as “[h]is legal assessment is comprehensive and to the point.” IFLR1000 referred to him as a “strong communicator, commercially-minded, knowledgeable about the law, responsive/easy to track down.”

Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

Mr. Ching was included in China Business Law Journal’s annual “A-List” for 2018 and 2019 as one of the leading 100 lawyers in foreign firms in China, and was named in The Best Lawyers™ in China for 2020, with the particular distinction of being the 2020 Private Equity and Venture Capital “Lawyer of the Year” in Shanghai. He was named as one of the Top 15 M&A Lawyers by Asian Legal Business China in 2021.

Charles Ching Partner

Mr. Ching’s recent representations include:

30/F, Tower 2, Jing An Kerry Centre, 1539 Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai 200040 Tel: +86 21 6016 6308

–  Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co. Ltd. as sponsor investor in the approximately $1 billion sponsored spin-off and listing of Maxeon Solar Technologies, Ltd., the non-US solar panel and solar cell manufacturing operations previously owned by SunPower Corporation –  Advent International in multiple matters, including (1) the acquisition by BioDuro, LLC (a portfolio company of Advent International), a global life sciences contract research and development organization, of Sundia MediTech Company Ltd., a provider of life sciences research, development and manufacturing services based in China, (2) the acquisition of Best Learning, an English language training institute for juniors in China and (3) the acquisition of a majority stake in King Koil Shanghai Sleep System, a leading, premium manufacturer and retailer of mattresses in China Mr. Ching is qualified in New York and Hong Kong. He is a native Mandarin speaker. Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP With approximately 1,100 lawyers in offices around the world, Weil operates according to the “one firm” principle, allowing it to bring the right mix of firm-wide skill and local-market presence to deliver the coordinated legal advice necessary to help clients achieve their sophisticated goals and objectives. Founded in 1931, Weil has provided legal services to the largest public companies, private equity firms and financial institutions for the past 90 years. Widely recognized by those covering the legal profession, Weil’s lawyers regularly advise clients globally on their most complex Litigation, Corporate, Restructuring, and Tax and Benefits matters. Weil has been a pioneer in establishing a geographic footprint that has allowed the Firm to partner with clients wherever they do business. The firm’s attention to client service rests upon a few core values: ●

A comprehensive understanding of clients’ businesses and culture

A thorough focus on clients’ objectives, both short-term and long-term

An unwavering commitment to helping clients solve problems in the most efficient, cost-effective way

Private Equity Weil’s global Private Equity practice is recognized by the industry as being one of only a very small number of elite, market leaders in this field. The firm’s clients include many of the highest profile private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds and pension funds, as well as family offices and other equity financial investors. Weil advises more than 300 private equity clients worldwide, including 9 out of the 10 largest global private equity funds as ranked by PEI 300 2020. With approximately 300 lawyers worldwide, Weil has a strong and deep bench of lawyers dedicated exclusively to private equity. Having been steeped in the industry from the start, clients benefit from 30+ years of sophisticated market knowledge and the firm’s ability to provide insight that goes beyond just transactional advice. Across the United States, Europe and Asia, Weil’s lawyers work together to provide a seamless service to market leading players of all sizes and across all of the major private equity asset classes and industry sectors. The firm’s Private Equity practice is consistently top-ranked both globally and in each of the regions in which it operates by Chambers & Partners, Legal 500 and IFLR1000, among others. Weil provides its private equity clients with market leading expertise and knowledge across a range of disciplines including the ability to: ●

Execute across all financing structures in coordination with the private equity finance team

Help clients raise funds in time critical situations and efficiently through the fund formation team

Provide clients tax and executive compensation and employee benefits advice


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Provide a full service to clients encompassing restructuring, governance, antitrust, employment, litigation, and intellectual property.

Capital MarketsAwards Lawyer title of the Year in India Yash is an experienced practitioner in Indian securities law. He has been associated with a number of capital markets transactions including initial public offerings, follow on offerings, QIPs, rights offerings, ADRs, GDRs and FCCBs. He has advised on several pioneering capital markets transactions involving India’s leading corporate. He also has experience in privatization, joint ventures, private equity investments and general corporate law. Yash is part of the faculty of the Securities Law Course at the Government Law College, University of Mumbai on topics relating to Indian securities markets and also conducts the securities law related modules related to the IPOs and continuous listing obligations at the Bombay Stock Exchange Training Institute. He has been nominated by the Firm on various committees including the SEBI Committee for Reviewing Disclosures and Application Form in Public Issues. Professional Experience

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Yash J. Ashar Partner, Head of Capital Markets Peninsula Chambers, Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013 Tel: +91 9820315652

Just Dial Limited in relation to its initial public offer in June, 2013.

Axis Bank Limited in relation to its Qualified Institutions Placement in February, 2013.

Bharti Infratel Limited in relation to its initial public offer in December, 2012.

Religare Health Trust Trustee Manager Pte. Ltd. and Fortis Healthcare Limited in relation to the approx. $ 417 Million IPO of the units of Religare Health Trust and their listing on SGX. This was the first Business Trust listing on the SGX comprising healthcare assets in India. Godrej Properties Limited and Godrej Industries Limited in the first ever Institutional Placement Programme in March, 2012 and July, 2012. Standard Chartered PLC in the first ever issuance of Indian Depository Receipts on the BSE and the NSE in July, 2010. Essar Energy PLC in relation to listing on the LSE in May, 2010.

Awards & Recognition ●

‘Band 1’ lawyer, Chambers & Partners 2015 – 2021

‘Leading Lawyer’, Legal 500, 2015 – 2020

Included in Legal 500’s Hall of Fame, 2020 – 2021

‘Market Leader’, IFLR 1000 2019 – 2021

‘Elite Practitioner’, AsiaLaw 2019 – 2021

Lawyer of the Year – Capital Markets (Debt), IFLR1000 India Awards 2020

Included in IBLJ A- List Lawyers 2019

Memberships ●

Bar Council of Maharashtra & Goa, India

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas takes forward the legacy of the erstwhile 100-year old Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co., whose pre-eminence, experience and reputation of almost a century has been unparalleled in the Indian legal fraternity. Tracing its professional lineage to 1917, the Firm of Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas is now the largest full-service law firm in India, with over 750 lawyers (including 130 partners), and offices in India’s key business centres at Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The Firm advises a large, and varied client base that includes domestic and foreign commercial enterprises, financial institutions, private equity funds, venture capital funds, start-ups and governmental and regulatory bodies. The firm was recently awarded “Most Innovative National Law Firm of the Year” by IFLR Asia Awards 2020 and “Law Firm of the Year” & “India Deal Firm of the Year” by ALB SE Asia Law Awards, 2020. Capital Markets The Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Market team comprises specialized securities lawyers who are regarded as the best in India, with an outstanding reputation for handling a broad spectrum of transactions and clients. The firm’s core clientele includes issuers from a variety of sectors as well as securities market intermediaries such as merchant bankers, stock-brokers and portfolio managers. Through its Capital Markets practice, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas offer these clients structures and flexibility to raise any form of finance they need, whether they are unlisted corporates tapping markets for the first time or a listed corporate exploring more complex, multi-source solutions. And with the development and diversification of capital markets, the firm has been a trusted partner of its clients in navigating important changes and taking advantage of opportunities. Over the years, the firm’s lawyers have had a prominent role in many of the developments that have transformed Indian capital markets, most notably, growth of the public markets, development of niche products such as REITs and InvITs and globalization of capital markets through depository receipts and foreign listing. The firm’s Markets practice spans raising of capital, both equity and debt, and financial regulatory practice. In addition to many firsts, largest and complex deals, the firm’s Markets practice has always been at the vanguard of developments in Indian securities laws. Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas has actively participated and contributed to the evolution of the capital markets regulatory regime in India. Having been in the industry for close to three decades, the firm has regularly collaborated with the securities market regulator, the SEBI, as well as the RBI, the CCI, the MCA and the Ministry of Finance.

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Competition Lawyer of the Year in India Harman Singh Sandhu is a Partner in the Firm’s Competition Law Practice, involved with competition law since its inception in India. Harman has considerable experience in advising Indian and foreign companies in relation to a whole range of competition issues (both on the advisory side and in proceedings before the Competition Commission of India (CCI)), the High Courts and appellate bodies (the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) and the Supreme Court of India). His experience spans a variety of sectors including telecoms, railways, steel, aviation, banking, natural resources (oil, coal, iron ore, etc.), pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, paper, construction, cement, tyres and fibres. His clients include ACC Limited and Ambuja Cements Limited, Baring Private Equity Asia, , Alstom, Agrium Inc., Praxair Inc., DuPont, Coal India Limited, Ballarpur Industries Limited, Oravel Stays (OYO) and Monsanto.

Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co Harman Singh Sandhu Partner Amarchand Towers, 216 Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase 3, New Delhi 110 020 Tel: +91 11 41590700

Harman has been involved in defending large multinational companies in high profile cartel enforcement cases including leniency matters, in the cement and tyre industries amongst others. Harman advised on the seminal CCI v. SAIL case, the first case under the Competition Act to be decided by the Supreme Court of India. He successfully defended Apollo Tyres in the tyre cartelisation case, Tata Chemicals in the soda ash cartelization matter and Visaka Industries in relation to alleged cartelization in the asbestos sheets sector. He has also acted for ACC (now a LafargeHolcim group company) in the cement cartel case, and for ACC and Ambuja Cement in relation to alleged bid rigging. Harman has also represented clients in abuse of dominance cases. He has acted for Coal India (a state owned enterprise) on an abuse of dominance allegation in relation to the procurement of explosives, and is currently representing Coal India challenging abuse of dominance findings before the Supreme Court of India and the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal. Harman also represents Nissan Motors and has recently obtained a stay from the Supreme Court on the Order passed by the Competition Appellate Tribunal (the predecessor of the NCLAT against Nissan and other car manufacturers. He also acted for Vodafone India in the anticompetitive tie-in case involving the sale of Apple iPhones. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, among India’s pre-eminent law firms, is built on a century of excellence. As one of India’s marquee law firms, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co helps its clients grow, innovate and thrive. For over a century, the firm has built a reputation for expertise, specialised solutions and the ability to think ahead. The firm finds the most relevant and highly tailored solutions to clients’ composite legal challenges. With a constantly evolving legal, regulatory and business environment, the firm is determined to help its clients embrace change and stay ahead. Its multidisciplinary teams with global exposure and in-depth knowledge are frequently sought after by leading national and international organisations for qualitative, legal and business-critical advice. Committed to investing in the brightest legal talent, the Firm has more than 684 lawyers who, with 132 partners, offer solutions across diverse practice areas for industries, the central government and states, regulatory bodies, industry chambers and non-profit organisations. Our offices are spread across New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co delivers original and exceptional solutions in the fields of mergers & acquisitions, tax, competition law, dispute resolution & arbitration, regulatory litigation, capital markets and private equity practices. It is an exclusive member firm of Lex Mundi in India, which helps clients access the firm’s partner network across more than 125 countries. Competition Law Businesses operating in or with interests in India require focused competition counsel with in-depth expertise in the whole spectrum of Competition Law, including anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominance and merger control. The Competition Law team of Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas has a proven track record of successfully steering clients through some of the largest transactions, complex investigations and high-stake litigation. The firm has the largest Competition Law practice in India, with more than 32 dedicated lawyers, including 10 partners. The team is led by Senior Adviser John Handoll and Partners Naval Satarawala Chopra and Shweta Shroff Chopra. Pallavi Shroff, Managing Partner – Delhi, continues her leading role in competition strategy, policy and litigation. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co’s clients operate in a wide range of economic sectors, including mining, heavy industry, energy, engineering, motor vehicle manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food manufacturing and distribution, transportation, telecommunications, information technology and the media and financial services. The firm can deal comfortably with all aspects of Competition Law in India. It advises and represents clients in relation to anticompetitive agreements, abuses of dominant position and merger control. The firm regularly engages with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and the office of the Director General (DG) in relation to complaints of breaches of Competition Law and investigations. The firm also represents clients in appeals before the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) and the Supreme Court of India, as well as in cases brought before the High Courts.


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Corporate Lawyer Awards of title the Year in India Vishwang is the Managing Partner of Desai & Diwanji, one of the largest and oldest law firms in India. He practices corporate and finance law and specializes in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, buy-outs, spin-offs, de-mergers, divestitures, project and structured finance, infrastructure and energy project development, cross-border transactions, FDI, corporate governance, competition and regulatory issues. He has been involved in complex restructurings and buy-outs of large public and private corporations. He has represented Governments, government corporations, large public and private corporations, global private equity and hedge funds, lenders, multilateral agencies in large and complex transactions in a variety of sectors. He has been nominated as a leading lawyer by numerous global publications and has been consistently awarded numerous awards including ‘lawyer of the year’ awards by various organizations. Practice Areas

Desai & Diwanji Vishwang Desai Managing Partner Lentin Chambers, Dalal Street, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 Tel: +91 (22) 4296 1000

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Infrastructure and Project Finance

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Maharashtra & Goa, 1985

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University of Mumbai, LLB, 1984

University of Mumbai, BSc (Chemistry), 1981

Desai & Diwanji Desai & Diwanji focuses on core areas of commercial and finance activity: corporate and M&A; capital markets; banking, finance, insurance; project finance; energy, natural resources and infrastructure; aviation; admiralty & maritime; technology, media & telecommunications; life sciences & pharmaceuticals; outsourcing; real estate & construction; litigation & dispute resolution; employment, employment benefits and executive compensation; outsourcing. The firm is privileged to work with an impressive array of high-calibre corporations, financial institutions, funds and governments and believes that its continuing success relies on building and sustaining the trust of its clients.

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Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in Japan Akiko specialises in employment law, dispute resolution and financial regulatory matters. She provides day-to-day employment advice to various multi-national clients, and her litigation experience includes employment litigation and general commercial litigation. She has also led numerous teams as they conduct internal and regulatory investigations. Akiko’s clients hail from a broad range of sectors including financial services and multi-national corporations. Akiko currently serves as a member of the Basic Sub-committee of the government’s Labour Policy Council. Admitted as a Japanese bengoshi (lawyer) in 1999, Akiko is a member of the Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association and the New York Bar. She was educated at the University of Tokyo (LLB, 1997) and the Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan (1999). She completed an LL.M at Harvard Law School in 2003 and is fully bilingual. Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo

Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo Akiko Yamakawa Partner Shin-Tokyo Building 2F-246, 3-3-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Tel: +813 6868 0413

Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo specializes in providing Japanese legal services to a broad range of multinational clients in the areas of Japanese employment law, dispute resolution, financial regulatory matters, life science regulatory matters and corporate matters. The firm has worked on a variety of challenging, high profile and complex mandates in recent years. Thanks to various projects the firm have worked on to date and the support and assistance of its clients, it has been highly ranked in the respective fields mentioned above in various international legal publications such as Chambers and Legal 500. Most recently, Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo was awarded “the Labour and Employment Law Firm of the Year (Japan Law Awards 2019)” by the Asian Legal Business. Keeping the basic philosophy represented by the word “Vanguard” in mind, the firm provides creative solutions, and proactive and practical advice to multinational clients to navigate complex Japanese legal issues. Employment Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo is fully aware of the areas of employment law that are unique in Japan and can provide clients with practical and strategic advice on how to deal with employment and benefits issues that arise “only in Japan”. The firm provides proactive advice on how to deal with any issues that clients may have, rather than just pointing out the risks. Kazuki Okada has a unique background in that he used to represent employees and trade unions for twenty years before joining a global law firm in 1999. Such background gives the firm helpful insight on how employees and unions will act in employment disputes. This allows the firm to provide clients with practical advice on how to deal with such disputes. Increasingly, disgruntled employees in Japan join external unions, so Kazuki’s experience has been very useful to clients when strategizing about how to deal with unions. Akiko Yamakawa has been working on employment and labour matters for her whole career. She is fully bilingual and provides practical and proactive advice on issues that international companies operating in Japan commonly face. She also has extensive experience in representing clients in labour tribunals and employment related litigation and dealing with the labour authorities. Termination based on redundancy or poor performance and managing the costs of overtime work are the most common issues faced by global companies operating in Japan. Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo can provide clients with strategic advice on how to deal with them. While it is often said that “termination is difficult” in Japan, the firm takes a proactive approach and provides strategic advice on how to manage out poor performers or carry out large scale redundancies. The firm won a ground-breaking court decision on overtime issues relating to white-collar employees and have extensive experience in providing advice on how to structure overtime compensation, dealing with overtime disputes and negotiating with the labour authorities. Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo is regularly called upon to advise international and domestic clients on sensitive corporate governance matters and boardroom issues. The firm has advised a number of major corporations on high-profile executive appointments and terminations. Clients often seek the firm’s assistance in their most worrisome cases, including criminal and regulatory investigations where misconduct by executives or employees is suspected. Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo can advise clients on all other aspects of employment and benefits related issues, from documentation, such as offer letters and work rules, advice on how to amend the terms and conditions of employment and structuring executive pay and incentive schemes. The firm can also advise clients on other common concerns such as managing employees with performance or disciplinary issues, structuring noncompete clauses, dealing with new hires who have non-compete obligations, advising on sexual harassment and power harassment, managing employees who claim they have mental illness problems and dealing with inspections by the labour authorities. Vanguard Lawyers Tokyo also provide employment and labour law advice in relation to corporate transactions, including conducting due diligence on employment and labour law issues, negotiating with labour unions and advising on integration of working terms and conditions. The firm’s employment group is highly regarded for its services. The team offers practical commercial advice –its lawyers understand the legal and practical realities in Japan as well as corporate cultures of international companies.


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Real Estate & Construction Lawyer Awards title of the Year in Japan Eriko Ozawa is a partner of the firm who practises in the areas of real estate, structured finance and banking. Her publications include “An Introduction to Real Estate Financing in the U.S.” (ARES Journal, October 2020), “Investment in U.S. real property - U.S. Open-end Real Estate Funds” (ARES Journal, February 2020) and “An Introduction to Investment in Real Estate in the United States - Outline of Acquisition Process” (ARES Journal, October 2018). Background The University of Tokyo (LL.B., 1996) New York University School of Law (LL.M., 2001) with Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (2001-2002) Bar Admissions Admitted in Japan, 1998; New York, 2002 Mori Hamada & Matsumoto

Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Eriko Ozawa Partner


16th Floor, Marunouchi Park Building, 2-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-8222 Tel: +81-3-5220-1816

Magazine Article - “An Introduction to Real Estate Financing in the U.S.”

Article - “Chambers Global Practice Guides Real Estate 2021 - Japan Chapter” Magazine Article - “Chambers Global Practice Guides Real Estate 2020 - Japan Chapter” Magazine Article - “Investments in U.S. Real Property – Introduction to Open-Ended Real Estate Funds” Magazine Article - “Chambers Global Practice Guides Real Estate 2019 - Japan Chapter” Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Mori Hamada & Matsumoto is a full service law firm that has served clients with distinction since its establishment, in December 2002, by the merger of Mori Sogo and Hamada & Matsumoto. Even as business conditions have rapidly shifted both within Japan and internationally, the firm’s goal has been to grow with our clients through tireless effort and constant innovation. Led by top-rated lawyers across a wide array of practice areas, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto’s large team of legal professionals and support staff offer the firm their experience, expertise and hard work to bring clients the best results in every matter it handles. The firm’s team strives to build new frameworks to tackle cuttingedge problems, to break down barriers on tough cases, and to find a common resolution in matters with many conflicting interests. Based on this solid foundation of experience, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto also contributes significantly to the constant evolution and improvement of the Japanese legal system, and to the creation of a legal infrastructure that will enable our clients to excel. J-REITs Mori Hamada & Matsumoto has been actively involved in a variety of matters relating to Japan real estate investment trusts (J-REITs) since the introduction of J-REITs in 2000. The firm is a leader in this practice area, actively representing investment corporations, underwriters, and sponsors in initial public offerings, capital raising, property acquisition, debt financing, M&A, private placement J-REITs, health care J-REITs, infrastructure funds, Singapore law business trusts, and other innovative financial products. Mori Hamada & Matsumoto delivers quality and comprehensive services to clients with lawyers from a wide range of practice areas. The firm’s corporate team leads in establishing asset management companies and investment corporations, obtaining necessary licenses and permits, managing board and unitholders’ meetings, filing statutory disclosures, handling other investor relations matters, M&A, and business restructuring. For fundraising, the firm can rely on the experiences of its lawyers in its Capital Markets, Structured Finance, and Financial Regulation Practice Groups. The firm also has a dedicated team of paralegals working exclusively on J-REIT matters. Mori Hamada & Matsumoto has built strong relationships of trust with major participants in the J-REIT industry, through information exchanges and the secondment of its lawyers to various government ministries and agencies, securities companies, overseas law firms, and other organizations. One of Mori Hamada & Matsumoto’s lawyers served as a member of the Financial System Council of the Financial Services Agency, which reviewed the J-REIT legal system in 2012. Real Estate Investment and Financing Mori Hamada & Matsumoto has experience with a variety of real estate properties, located in Japan or overseas, including office buildings, residential and commercial developments, and properties used in the logistics, hotel, and healthcare sectors. The firm’s real estate investment and financing practice provides leadership and support in a variety of real estate transactions, leveraging the knowledge and experience of lawyers from diverse areas of practice. The team, consisting of lawyers with experience in real estate, structured finance, banking, and compliance, is led by a core group of our senior lawyers who are recognized leaders in their respective fields. In addition, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto has the support of lawyers in the firm’s overseas offices and affiliated law firms to deliver timely and tailored advice for clients regarding their properties around the world.

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IP Lawyer of the Year in Malaysia Adlin heads the Regulatory & Compliance Practice Group at the firm. She works with both multinational corporations and local companies on compliance programmes for their business operations, with a focus on the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) and the Competition Act 2010 (CA). She is one of the very few senior lawyers in Malaysia with a focus on all aspects of the PDPA. Her expertise includes assistance with registration as Data Users, compliance, data processing agreements, cross-border transfers of personal data, treatment of employee data and the setting up of data centres. Benefiting from almost 10 years’ experience at a government agency responsible for the development of the information and communications technology industry in Malaysia, Adlin also advises on agreements for the supply, installation and maintenance of hardware and software; media agreements; government incentive agreements related to ICT projects, and ICT policy and regulatory issues. Education BA (Hons)(Jurisprudence), MA, University of Oxford Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill

Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya (1999)

Adlin Abdul Majid Partner

Member, Competition Law Advisory Committee, International Islamic University

Level 6, Menara, 1 Dutamas, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +60 3 6208 5888

Professional Associations Published Articles Presented numerous papers on the PDPA and the CA at various conferences and workshops, including those organised by the International Bar Association Languages Spoken English Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill is one of the largest law firms in Malaysia and has been providing personalised legal representation since 1902. While the firm’s size and long heritage assure clients that they are in capable hands, it has also proven to be an adept and dynamic partner in their affairs. Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill think out of the box and provide novel solutions that are different from others. The firm’s deal experience includes major corporate and commercial transactions associated with or materially impacting social, economic and financial developments in Malaysia. It has also acted on some of the most difficult and complex cases in which the decisions have significantly shaped the laws of the country. The firm’s clients range from government authorities and companies, conglomerates, financial institutions and multinational corporations to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and private individuals. Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill have advised or led on contentious and non-contentious matters in jurisdictions outside Malaysia or requiring foreign law advice. As the only firm in the country to be selected as a member of Multilaw and Interlaw, each of which is an international network of prominent independent law firms, the firm has access to over 8,000 lawyers in more than 150 cities worldwide. Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill are consistently ranked as one of the leading law firms in the country by prestigious industry publications such as Chambers Asia Pacific, The Legal 500 Asia Pacific, Asialaw Profiles and IFLR1000. Intellectual Property Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill’s dynamic Intellectual Property Practice advises on a broad range of IP matters - from registration and transactions to dispute resolution and enforcement. With clients spanning various industries such as automobile, defence, fashion, hospitality, financial services, FMCG, healthcare, IT, sports and telecommunications, the firm is equipped with real industry insight to support clients in navigating IP challenges. Going beyond traditional intellectual property advisory, the team is an active partner in clients’ branding strategies to enhance the management, protection, commercial exploitation, and enforcement of their IP rights. Consistently recognised by prestigious industry publications like The Legal 500 Asia Pacific and Chambers Asia Pacific, Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill offer strategic commercial advice, and also take an innovative approach in devising cost-effective legal solutions for clients. Accolades –  Chambers Asia Pacific “ They are meticulous in providing their services and are able to grasp the issues at hand. They are very fast in giving feedback.” – 2020 “They do not merely advise on the law, but are also committed to solving business problems.” – 2020 “ They are always available round the clock especially when time is of the essence for urgent infringement matters. They are detailed in their advice and business solutions and they understand our business well, which is a plus point when it comes to IP strategies.” – 2019 “penchant for dedication, promoting a relationship that is beyond just solicitor and client.” – 2019 “reliable and practical,” appreciating that “the lawyers go the extra mile” to assist them. – 2018 “They provide practical legal advice, handling complicated cases well.” – 2018 –  The Legal 500 Asia Pacific “subject matter experts’ who provide fast responses, customized service and flexible arrangements” – 2020 “outstanding practice” – 2020 “ Their teamwork is excellent. They have a stable and quality structured management system with a pool of experienced personnel. They have always been responsive and revert promptly with direct and nononsense, commercially conscious advice.” – 2020 “many good, experienced, very friendly lawyers” – 2019 “business-oriented’ team ‘goes the extra mile and produces good results” - 2018


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Maritime Litigation Lawyer Awardsof title the Year in Philippines Ruben Del Rosario has extensive experience in maritime litigation including dry and wet work, personal injury, labour, insurance, multimodal transport and arbitration. He is managing partner of Del Rosario & Del Rosario which has won accolades as the best maritime law firm in the Philippines. DelRosarioLaw and its affiliate, Del Rosario Pandiphil Inc. represents practically all of the Protection and Indemnity Clubs, marine insurers and all types of shipping companies. Del Rosario has handled most of the major maritime casualties in the Philippines and also abroad when Filipino seafarers are involved. The founder of DelRosarioLaw, Arturo M. Del Rosario Sr has represented maritime firms since 1946. Ruben was a member of the Tripartite Committee that drafted the original 2000 POEA Overseas Employment Contract. His immensely popular “Primer on the POEA Standard Employment Contract” has been updated and reprinted twelve times from 2000 to 2018. His “Philippine Shipping Update” which has a readership of almost 3,000 has been published regularly since 1999 to the present. For almost twenty years, this newsletter has updated the shipping industry on all significant maritime developments. He is also a long time member of the Board of Editors of the prestigious Maritime Risk International. Del Rosario & Del Rosario Ruben Del Rosario Partner 14th Floor, DelRosarioLaw Centre, 21st Drive corner 20th Drive, Bonifacio Global City, 1630 Taguig, Metro Manila Tel: +63 920 9471892

Ruben has long been recognized as a leading authority in maritime and admiralty law and was named in AsiaLaw’s top 100 lawyers in the Philippines for the year 2018. He is an accredited maritime arbitrator and founded the Philippine Maritime Voluntary Arbitrators Association. He has been president of various maritime, legal and civic organizations. He has lectured on maritime issues in various international conferences in the Philippines and abroad. Ruben has a law degree from the Ateneo de Manila University and a masters in business administration from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. He has a bachelor’s degree in social science and finance from the De La Salle University. He has attended various shipping courses including those at the University of Southampton, UK. Del Rosario & Del Rosario For almost three decades, DelRosarioLaw has led in the Shipping and Transport practice in the Philippines and continues to do so. This enduring reputation has made the Firm’s opinion in major maritime policies of the Philippines most sought after. With the Philippines supplying more than 20% of the worldwide requirement for seafarers, developments in the Philippines are clearly watched by the leading figures in the international maritime industry. The Firm’s Ruben T. Del Rosario has been invited to sit in the tripartite body that formulated the amendments to the standard contract for Filipino seafarers. Maritime arbitration was likewise given official recognition through the efforts of the Firm both in the standard contract for seafarers and the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, Inc. (PDRCI). The Philippine Maritime Voluntary Arbitrators Association (PMVAA) has Ruben T. Del Rosario as its charter president. The Firm continues to act for international shipowners and their P&I Clubs on controversies involving labour, collisions, oil pollution/spills, charter party/bill of lading disputes, ship sale and purchase, ship finance, ship mortgage and ship registrations. The Firm’s present roster of P&I and specialist Clubs spans the major continents of the world. In Europe the list of P&I and specialist Clubs represented by the Firm includes the UK P&I Club, Steamship Insurance Management Services Ltd, West of England, North of England, British Marine Insurance, Charterama, Raets P&I, ITIC, Charterers Mutual and Shipowners Mutual P&I Association in the United Kingdom; Assuranceforeningen Gard ,Assuranceforeningen Skuld, Nordisk Skibsrederforening in Norway, The Swedish Club in Sweden; Noord Nederlansche in the Netherlands, Ingosstrakh Insurance Company and Rosgosstrakh Insurance Company in Russia. In the Americas, the Firm is correspondent for the American Club. In Asia, the Firm represents the Japan P&I Club, China P&I Club and Korea P&I Club. The Firm is also the exclusive Manila correspondent of the Through Transport Club, the largest club for nonvessel common carriers, terminal operators and freight forwarders/consolidators. Philippine clients include the International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) and the Asian Terminals, Inc. (ATI), the two largest arrastre/terminal operators in the country. Litigation The Firm has wide exposure in handling civil, corporate and criminal disputes and controversies before the different trial and appellate courts in the Philippines involving the advocacy and application of civil law, corporate law, criminal law, commercial law, taxation, insurance law, customs, immigration and administrative law, among others. The Firm likewise represents various clients before administrative/quasi-judicial bodies such as the NLRC and POEA on labor claims; Board of Marine Inquiry, MARINA, Bureau of Customs and Philippine Coast Guard on maritime related investigations; the Prosecutor’s Office and Department of Justice on criminal prosecution; and a host of other specialized government agencies. This extensive litigation work requires the Firm’s lawyers to spend substantial time in court appearances and submission of various written pleadings thus enhancing the Firm’s litigation expertise. In a limited sense, the Firm also engages in litigation work abroad as it is usually called upon by foreign clients/ law firms to render expert advice on Philippine laws relevant to disputes litigated in the United States, UK, Panama, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and other foreign jurisdictions.

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Tax Lawyer of the Year in The Philippines Lily Gruba is the managing partner of the Firm. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Ateneo Law School in 1976 and was admitted to the Bar in 1977. She finished her Master of Laws in Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. in 1981. Lily was the Undersecretary of the Department of Finance from 1998 to 2001. She was also a Philippine Bar examiner for Taxation Law in 2007 and for Commercial law in 2012. Lily was formerly the Associate Dean of Ateneo de Manila University School of Law. Presently, she is the Executive Director of Fr. Joaquin, SJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education, a Professor on Taxation Law, Mergers & Acquisitions and Local Government Finance, and a bar reviewer at the Ateneo de Manila University School of Law. She is also a current Director of Asia United Bank. In 2018, she was named as one of the 100 Top Lawyers in the Philippines by Asia Business Law Review.

Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula Lily K. Gruba Managing Partner 27/F 88 Corporate Center, 141 Sedeño St., Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227 Tel: +632 8889 6060

Lily also authored the Taxation book titled “Guide Notes and Cases on the General Principles of Taxation and the Organization of the B.I.R” released in 2016. In 2019, she released her second book titled “Guide Notes and Cases on Tax Remedies”. Lily’s second book moves away from the foundational principles and focuses on the rights and reliefs available to taxpayers under the Taxation laws. As part of her sports advocacy, Lily is also the team manager of the volleyball team “Creamline Cool Smashers”, a top professional women’s volleyball team contending in the national Premier Volleyball League (PVL). Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula (ZGLaw) formerly Zambrano & Gruba, is a full-service law firm representing and advising a wide array of local and foreign clients in the Philippines. In the past years, ZGLaw has been consistently recognized by its peers and legal publications for its Tax practice, as well as its practice in Banking & Finance, Mergers & Acquisition, and Dispute Resolution. The Firm advises clients on both litigious and non-litigious tax issues. On litigious issues, the Firm represents several multinational companies, mostly before the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Court of Tax Appeals on tax refund issues and deficiency assessments. The Firm’s experiences include: –  Representing a client before the Court of Tax Appeals involving its claim for refund of erroneously paid capital gains taxes worth USD 33 million in relation to a novel tax issue on mergers and the doctrine of further control; –  Representing a client before the Court of Tax Appeals in a case involving a claim for refund in the amount of USD 30 million of erroneously paid capital gains taxes pursuant to a tax-free exchange of shares; –  Representing a client involving an assessed deficiency value-added tax and excise tax, amounting to USD 52 million. The Firm successfully defended its client when the Supreme Court ruled with finality favouring and absolving the taxpayer from any liability to pay the said amount. The case set a judicial doctrine on the effects of the tax amnesty pursuant to Republic Act 9399; –  Handling a tax assessment case for a Fortune 500 cement manufacturing company involving a USD 40 million tax assessment before the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The assessment involved the imposition of deficiency income tax, VAT, withholding tax, excise tax and documentary stamp tax; –  Handling a tax assessment for a Fortune 500 cement manufacturing company involving the availment of Income Tax Holiday incentives worth USD 20 million; –  Representing an airline company at the Court of Tax Appeals on a novel tax issue involving the carrier’s claim for refund on excise taxes paid on imported fuel which is destined for use in domestic flight operations; –  For an electric power producer, appearing before the Supreme Court in a case involving the interpretation of the Tax Code provisions on VAT zero-rating, which is one of the first cases to reach the High Court on the subject; –  For an electricity generation company, handling an aggregate of USD 20 million in VAT refund claims arising from VAT zero-rated sales or zero-rated importation of capital goods; –  For Project EMERGE of the USAID, through the Financial Executives of the Philippines, conducting a study on taxation of banks, insurance companies, pre-need companies, and other players in the financial sector, in order to assess instances of tax arbitrage and to promote a tax-neutral financial environment for these industries; and –  On non-litigious issues, advising clients on transfer pricing problems in the manufacturing industry transition to a computerized commercial and accounting system which allows for electronic filing of sales receipts with the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Firm provided advice and guidance to clients on the nuances of the Voluntary Assessment Program (VAP) and No Audit Program (NAP), a tax awareness program of the Philippine Government. The Firm has a good track record in securing tax incentives and tax holidays for its clients, which range from investors to non-profit institutions


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Dispute Resolution Awards Lawyer of the Year in Singapore title Kelvin is a specialist in resolving complex infrastructure, energy and resource disputes. He is proficient at making complicated technical, delay and quantum issues, easy to understand. Kelvin advises major players in the infrastructure, energy and resources sphere. He has acted for parties and projects in Korea, China, Middle East, Mongolia, Italy, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, US, Italy, India and Singapore, amongst others. His sector experience covers infrastructure projects from nuclear power plants and renewables including wind, hydropower and geothermal; to refineries, mines, railways and expressways; and even giant Ferris wheels. Kelvin carries out his own advocacy across the entire spectrum of dispute resolution mechanisms - litigation, arbitration, mediation, dispute board proceedings and adjudications, seated both within and out of Singapore. Kelvin heads a Promotion of Singapore Law Sub-committee (Commodities, Oil & Gas, and Energy). Kelvin also contributes to thought-leadership on construction law issues. As a Council Member of the Society of Construction Law (Singapore), he regularly speaks and publishes articles on construction law issues. Drew & Napier

He has recently been appointed as an assessor for construction cases under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act. He also sits as a mediator, and was part of an experts group commenting on e-discovery issues.

Kelvin Teo Director

He has also been recognized in directories such as The Legal 500, Experts Guide, and SBR’s list of most influential lawyers under 40 (2018).

10 Collyer Quay, 10th Floor Ocean Financial Centre, 049315 Tel: +65 6531 2710

Drew & Napier Drew & Napier has provided exceptional legal advice and representation to discerning clients since 1889. It is one of the largest law firms in Singapore. The calibre of the firm’s work is acknowledged internationally at the highest levels of government and industry, and marks it as Singapore’s world class law firm. Drew & Napier is trusted by its clients to solve their most challenging problems, advance their interests, and show them the way forward. The firm’s lawyers and senior counsel are the preferred choice when the stakes are high and the issues complex. The firm’s clients consistently vote its lawyers to the highest ranks of their practice areas. Drew & Napier stay at the forefront of the industry by cultivating talent and maintaining the family atmosphere that is distinctly Drew. In the Thomson Reuters’ Asian Legal Business survey, colleagues voted Drew an Employer of Choice. International Arbitration Drew & Napier LLC’s International Arbitration Practice is renowned as a top practice in the Asia Pacific region, and is listed as one of the world’s leading practices. The firm is dedicated to achieving winning outcomes for clients no matter the jurisdiction, institution or tribunal. Each year, the aggregate quantum of our arbitration matters totals several billion dollars. Drew & Napier represents clients from a diverse range of industries and countries. Many of the firm’s clients come back to the firm for further representation. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, foreign governments, multinational corporations and state-owned entities. The firm handles all stages of the arbitral process; from strategising to the commencement of arbitration proceedings to the final evidential hearing, as well as enforcement of arbitral awards in the Singapore Courts and beyond. The team is experienced in handling matters spanning a range of governing and procedural laws, from both common law and civil law traditions. In addition, the firm is frequently instructed by international law firms to act as lead counsel at arbitration hearings in Hong Kong, India, London, Milan, Shanghai, Dubai and Singapore. Drew & Napier comprises a strong core team which focuses almost exclusively in international arbitration, as well as eminent advocates who are well versed in arbitration practice. The firm has specialist arbitration lawyers who practise in specific industry sectors, such as building and construction, energy & utilities, finance, commodities, information technology, intellectual property, oil & gas, property and shipping, corporate joint ventures, franchising, distribution and investments. The team has capability and expertise in both commercial arbitrations and investment-treaty or investor-state arbitrations. Mediation In recent years, mediation has developed to be an integral part of Singapore’s justice system, in private commercial disputes and family or community disputes. The launch of the UN treaty “Singapore Convention on Mediation” in August 2019 further encourages the use of mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution. Drew & Napier has developed an expertise in mediation and the specialised field of mediation advocacy. As mediators, the firm’s lawyers act as neutrals in a dispute to facilitate meaningful negotiations between parties. The team is skilled in shifting emphasis to an appreciation of mutual interests and joint problem solving in order to obtain the most favourable outcome for the parties. Drew & Napier is on the list of Mediation Advocacy: Power List 2018 maintained by the Singapore Mediation Centre. As advocates, the team advise and engage clients in a process that focuses on problem-solving without attribution of fault, whether within or outside the confines of a legal case. The team includes accredited experienced mediators who have assisted parties in negotiating and reaching settlements in a broad spectrum of disputes, ranging from complex cross-border commercial claims to community and family disputes.

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IP Lawyer of the Year in Singapore Bryan Ghows, Managing Director and Head of Intellectual Property of Ghows LLC, has nearly 40 years of experience in intellectual property matters and has acted for clients on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious matters including enforcement, prosecution and licensing and intellectual property litigation before the Singapore Court of Appeal. He has also acted as arbitrator for intellectual property and commercial disputes. Bryan is active in IP dispute resolution in arbitration and before the Singapore courts. He is a qualified Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) arbitrator for IP disputes. Bryan is also active in advising clients for transactional matters in TMT. Bryan has over 35 years of experience in IP and TMT, including as the former Managing Director of a leading Singapore IP and TMT specialist practice and as in-house at Microsoft and IBM. Because of his extensive experience, Bryan represents both vendors and customers in technology transactions.

Ghows LLC Bryan Ghows Managing Director 3 Fraser Street, #08-21, Singapore, 189352 Tel: +65 68281572

Bryan worked in the United States for Microsoft and IBM up till 2010. At Microsoft, Bryan was Associate General Counsel and lead attorney for the Windows division, handling legal issues relating to Windows. At IBM, Bryan held numerous roles in the legal and finance divisions. Prior to working in the United States, Bryan was a litigation partner at KhattarWong and was active in numerous IP litigation matters. He helped establish KhattarWong’s IP practice. Upon his return to Singapore, Bryan founded Via Law Corporation (later known as Taylor Vinters Via). Under his direction, the IP and TMT practices at Via Law Corporation became leading practices. He was lead counsel in several significant IP litigation proceedings before the Singapore Court of Appeal. Bryan is an accredited arbitrator for IP matters and has been appointed as an IP arbitrator for both the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). He is active as an IP arbitrator and has recently issued an award in an international IP arbitration in 2020. Bryan has been recognised by The Legal 500 as a Leading Individual in Intellectual Property and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) since 2016. He has also been recommended by Who’s Who Legal in Data Security and Information Technology since 2020. Languages: English Memberships: The Law Society of Singapore, Singapore Academy of Law, Washington State Bar Association, Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (Fellow), Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Fellow) Education: Bryan graduated with an LLB (Hons) from the National University of Singapore. Bryan founded Ghows LLC in 2019, a specialist law firm focusing on Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT). Ghows LLC is a boutique law practice specialising in intellectual property and technology, commercial arbitration, data protection and corporate transactional matters. The firm’s team of lawyers are adept in all areas of intellectual property matters including trade marks, patent prosecution and protection, copyright and registered designs. We also advise our corporate clients on data protection and transactional matters including on mergers and acquisitions, supply and distribution agreements and licensing agreements. Key practice areas:


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Intellectual property disputes

Intellectual property portfolio management, brand protection and strategy

Technology contracts

Contract negotiation

Commercial arbitration

Commercial disputes

Regulatory advice

Banking & Finance Lawyer oftitle the Year in South Korea Awards Yeo Kyoon Yoon is one of the leading partners in the Banking and Finance Group at Lee & Ko with 20 years of practice experience. He has extensive experience in leveraged and acquisition finance, having regularly represented many leading Korean and international banks and financial institutions on a variety of high profile M&A transactions including leveraged finance transactions for the acquisition of, ADT Caps, ING Insurance, Oriental Brewery, Hi-Mart, Nepa, Coway, Superior Essex and Fila Global. He has also frequently advised the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation (formerly known as the Korea Export Insurance Corporation) in a number of ECAbacked finance transactions that include, among others, the Sabine Pass LNG Train Project in the U.S., the Marafiq US$ 3.5 billion Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP) in Saudi Arabia, the Al Dur US$ 2.1 Billion IWPP Project in Bahrain and the Angamos US$ 1.2 Billion Power Project in Chile. Mr. Yoon has served as a committee member of the Financial Disputes Mediation Committee of the Financial Supervisory Service since 2006. He also writes and lectures frequently on general banking, asset finance, project finance, leveraged finance and ECA-backed finance at the Judicial Research and Training Institute and various banks and financial institutions in Korea including the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation. Lee & Ko Yeo Kyoon Yoon Partner Hanjin Building, 63 Namdaemun-Ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul 04532 Tel: +82-2-772-4333

Representative Cases –  Advised lenders on KRW1,345,000,000,000 financing for Carlyle Group’s acquisition of 100% of TFSS (a holding company which owns 100% in ADT Caps Co., Ltd., the second largest company in Korea’s security industry), Capstec Co., Ltd. and ADT Security Co., Ltd. This deal was one of the largest private equity transactions in Asia in 2014. –  Advised Korea Exchange Bank, NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd., Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank and other financial institution on a KRW1,941,000,000,000 financing for acquisition by Hahn & Company and Hankook Tire Co., Ltd. of 50.50% shares of HVCC by Visteon Corporation. –  Advised KEB Hana Bank, NH Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. and other financial institution on a KRW791,000,000,000 financing for acquisition by Hahn & Company of Ssangyong Cement Industrial Co., Ltd. Lee & Ko Following its establishment in 1977, Lee & Ko has become one of Korea’s premier full-service law firms, widely recognized for its leadership and outstanding success in every area of legal practice. As has been confirmed in numerous reviews conducted by Korea’s major media outlets, as well as ratings produced by international law firm rating services, Lee & Ko enjoys one of the highest levels of client satisfaction and a particularly excellent reputation for the quality of the firm’s legal services. Among other things, Lee & Ko prides itself on its ability to provide clients with the following advantages. The firm’s objective is simple. To provide the best possible service to clients, with a full range of legal expertise custom-tailored to meet each client’s particular needs. Lee & Ko maintains 40 legal practice groups, each of which is nationally recognized for excellence and staffed by leading experts in their fields. Clients choose Lee & Ko because they understand that many legal situations involve a broad array of legal issues that require expertise in various specialized areas of law. For example, in some cases a particular transaction may involve a variety of critical legal concerns, such as anti-trust issues, tax issues, intellectual property issues, securities regulations, labor laws and many others. Clients appreciate Lee & Ko’s ability to efficiently draw upon and seamlessly coordinate market-leading expertise in each such area to provide the comprehensive advice and assistance that they require in any given situation. Lee & Ko is highly regarded for providing its clients with timely, effective and practical solutions for nearly any complex legal situation. Lee & Ko’s ability to efficiently serve the needs of clients is in part due to the wealth of professional resources available within the firm. Instead of putting clients into a position where they need to spend valuable time and money obtaining additional advice and assistance from other service providers for particular issues, Lee & Ko can, in almost all cases, simply and cost-effectively obtain any needed services from within the firm itself, which, in addition to expert attorneys in every legal practice area, includes experienced professionals such as accountants (including certified public accountants and certified tax accountants), patent agents, former high-ranking government officials as advisors on regulatory matters, academics and many others. Lee & Ko maintains an excellent network of contacts in various jurisdictions around the world, including longstanding working relationships with leading international law firms. Accordingly, the firm is in an excellent position to help ensure that clients involved in cross-border transactions can receive not only the best advice and assistance with Korean legal matters, but also excellent, cost-effective advice from legal advisors and professionals in any other jurisdiction that may be involved. . Lee & Ko routinely provides services to clients that require legal assistance in countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam and other Southeastern nations, India, the Middle East, Russia, CIS, North and South America, and Europe. Lee & Ko also maintains its own liaison/ representative offices in Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City.

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Corporate Lawyer of the Year in Taiwan Ingridcopy Body Chen in here is the Partner of DTT Attorneys-at-Law and specializes in corporate investments, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), capital market, banking, securities and insurance law and compliance, and general corporate matters. She has assisted reputable domestic and foreign companies in accomplishing onshore and offshore investments and M&A transactions, advised clients on the PRC outbound and inbound investment regulations and assisted cross-border companies to obtain Taiwan related approvals. She also actively participates in the capital market area, representing multiple foreign issuers to raise funds, list their shares on TWSE/TPEx and issue TDRs in Taiwan as well as IPO on HKEX and the PRC. Ingrid Chen is also familiar with banking, securities and insurance laws and regulations and has assisted clients in compliance and regulatory filings. DTT Attorneys-at-Law

DTT Attorneys-at-Law Ingrid Chen Partner 20F, Taipei Nan Shan Plaza, No. 100, Songren Rd., Taipei 110016 Tel: +886 (2) 2725-9988 E:

Experienced in cross-border transactions, DTT Attorneys-At-Law advises on commercial law, compliance, and a range of M&A. The firm also provides expertise in employment and innovative tech issues. The team is co-led by Robin Lin, who handles administrative litigation, tax controversy, and general corporate matters; Ingrid Chen, who focuses on corporate investment, M&A and capital markets; IP specialist Sungmei Hsiung, who joined in 2019 from the Intellectual Property Court; associate Hsienwei Chang, who advises on administrative laws; and associate Show Chen, whose experience includes corporate law, M&A, contracts and joint venture reviews. DTT Attorneys-at-Law cooperates with Deloitte Taiwan to provide one-stop service, including tax litigation, Labor Law, corporate affairs consultation, cross-border dispute resolution and compliance projects with respect to Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act and Trade Secret Act. The professional services provided by Deloitte Taiwan include timely updates on regulatory changes, enterprise risk management, integrated financial advisory services, and solutions to enhance competitive strength. Deloitte Taiwan holds a significant position in the market and provides globalized services and resources to help its clients in overseas IPOs, fund raising, listing in Taiwan by foreign issuers, IFRS compliance, China investment services, etc. Corporate Law Deloitte Legal provides a full range of corporate law services from complex advisory services related to major business life events (including advising in restructuring and mergers and acquisitions processes) through to general secretarial services. Deloitte Legal advises both national and international companies and groups. Managing a business today is complex. Leaders need guidance on a broad range of activities including business start-up requirements, trading activities of an entity, expansion efforts, dissolving or unwinding of a business as well as general questions arising from day-to-day operational activities. Deloitte Legal’s services include advice in relation to: ●

Formation and dissolving of entities

Secretarial advisory services

Governing and managing bodies

Shareholder conflicts

Regulatory reporting

Deloitte Legal lawyers work alongside experienced business professionals in Deloitte’s tax, consulting, accounting, and financial advisory practices to provide clients with cohesive guidance based on their individual and unique circumstances. We have deep experience across a wide range of industries and sectors and jurisdictions. Corporate compliance In an environment of increased transparency, failure to comply with corporate governance rules and guidelines can have a direct and material impact from a legal and reputational perspective. This is particularly true for listed, regulated and financial entities where compliance breaches may have a negative long-term impact on the success of the business. Deloitte Legal focusses on each client’s risks and needs regarding: ●

Managing organization legal structure, composition and regulations

Prevention of director liability issues

Board remuneration policies

Deloitte Legal professionals work closely with their colleagues around the world to help companies manage risks and remain compliant with their corporate reporting and other obligations. Deloitte Legal has strong foundations in the business community which they serve which can be a valuable asset when cross border complexities arise. Corporate reorganizations In today’s evolving commercial and economic environment, businesses are continually seeking opportunities to manage operating costs and tax positions as well as contain cash expenditures. Entity structuring can help achieve these goals but often presents many challenges for multinational corporations. In addition, the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) proposals are expected to impact the bottom line of affected organizations and result in some business restructuring. Leveraging a global network, deeply rooted local focus and experience, and a strategic investment in technology, Deloitte Legal delivers an integrated approach to clients’ corporate reorganization needs. Services include: ● ●

Simplifying group structures Executing domestic and cross-border transactions including mergers, demergers, disposals, and company migrations

Transferring assets and business units

Aligning legal structures to business models

Establishing national or regional hubs

Converting subsidiary company structures to branch structures and vice versa

Integrating legal structures following a merger or acquisition

Providing practical advice and assistance throughout the planning, development, and implementation phases of corporate reorganizations, Deloitte Legal assists businesses and other advisors in developing and implementing efficient, cost effective legal structures and business operating models.”


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Competition & Antitrust Lawyer of the Year in China Fangda Partners Michael Han Partner 27/F, North Tower, Beijing Kerry Centre, 1 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020 Tel: +86 10 5769 5600

Data Protection Lawyer of the Year in China Global Law Office Maggie Meng Partner 15 & 20/F Tower 1, China Central Place, No.81 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100025 Tel: +86-10-6584-6768

Fintech Lawyer of the Year in China Rui Bai Law Firm Barbara Li Head of Corporate / TMT / Fintech Unit 01, 6/F Fortune Financial Center, 5 Dongsanhuan Zhong Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 10020 Tel: +86 (10) 8540 4686

Healthcare & Life Sciences Lawyer of the Year in China King & Wood Mallesons Huang Jianwen Partner 18th Floor, East Tower, World Financial Center, 1 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020 Tel: +86 10 5878 5588

Insurance Lawyer of the Year in China AnJie Law Firm Zhan Hao Managing Partner 19/F, Tower D1, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building, No. 19 Dongfangdonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing Tel: +86 10 8567 5988/ 5966

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Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in China JunHe LLP Jianjun Ma Partner 20/F, China Resources Building, 8 Jianguomenbei Avenue, Beijing 100005 Tel: +86 10 8519-1300

Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Hong Kong Norton Rose Fulbright Hong Kong Peter Haslam Partner 38/F Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central Tel: +852 3405 2308

Regulatory Lawyer of the Year in Hong Kong Allen & Overy Charlotte Robins Partner 9th Floor, Three Exchange Square, Central Tel: +852 2974 6986

TMT Lawyer of the Year in Hong Kong Mayer Brown Gabriela Kennedy Partner 16th - 19th Floors, Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road Central Tel: +852 2843 2380

Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in India DSK Legal Anjan Dasgupta Partner 1203-BA, One World Centre, Tower 2B, Floor 12B, 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai 400013 Tel: +91-22-6658-8045


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Insurance Lawyer of the Year in India Khaitan & Co Nikhil Narayanan Partner Max Towers, 7th & 8th Floors, Sector 16B, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201 301 Tel: +91 120 479 1000

Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in India Kochhar & Co. Debjani Aich Partner 201, Prestige Sigma, 3 Vittal Mallya Road, Banglore 560001, Karnataka Tel: +91 80 40308000

Tax Lawyer of the Year in India Economic Laws Practice Rohit Jain Partner Mafatlal Centre, 9th Floor, Vidhan Bhavan Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021 Tel: +91 22 6636 7000

TMT Lawyer of the Year in India Mathew Chacko Founding Partner No. 201, 2nd Floor, B Wing Pinnacle Corporate Park, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, 400051

White Collar Crime Lawyer of the Year in India MZM Legal Zulfiquar Memon Managing Partner 1D, One Forbes, Dr. V.B.Gandhi Marg, Kalaghoda, Mumbai 400001 Tel: +91-22-22643333 / 22646666 / 22648888

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Capital Markets Lawyer of the Year in Japan Nishimura & Asahi Masaru Ono Of Counsel Otemon Tower, 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda‑ku, Tokyo, 100-8124 Tel: +81-3-6250-6205

IP Lawyer of the Year in Japan Mori Hamada & Matsumoto Yutaka Miyoshi Partner 16th Floor, Marunouchi Park Building, 2-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8222 Tel: +81-3-5223-7749

Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyer of the Year in Japan Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Nobuaki Kobayashi Senior Counsel P Tower, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-7036 Tel: +81-3-6889-7000

Shipping Lawyer of the Year in Japan City-Yuwa Partners Reiko Yoshida Partner Marunouchi Mitsui Building, 2-2-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-0005 Tel: +81-3-6212-5500

Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Macau MdME Lawyers Tirso Olazabal Partner 21/F And 23/F A-B, China Law Building, 409 Avenida Da Praia Grande Tel: +852 3619 1180


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Competition & Antitrust Lawyer of the Year in Malaysia Raja, Darryl & Loh Chew Phye Keat Management Partner Level 26, Menara Hong Leong, 6, Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, 50490 Tel: +603-2632 9873

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Malaysia Shook Lin & Bok Sin Min Yoong Partner 20th Floor, AmBank Group Building, 55, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +603 203 11788

Islamic Finance Lawyer of the Year in Malaysia Zul Rafique & Partners Loh Mei Mei Partner D3-3-8 Solaris Dutamas, No 1 Jalan Dutamas 1 50480 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +603-6209 8244

Data Protection Lawyer of the Year in New Zealand Russell McVeagh Joe Edwards Partner Level 30, Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street, PO Box 8, Auckland 1140 Tel: +64 9 367 8172

Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in New Zealand Bell Gully Tim Clarke Partner Level 21 Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street, PO Box 4199, Auckland 1140 Tel: 64 9 916 8347

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Capital Markets Lawyer of the Year in Pakistan Mohsin Tayebaly & Co Vaseeq Khalid Partner Dime Centre, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Block 9, Clifton, Karachi, Sindh Tel: +9221 111682529

Projects & Energy Lawyer of the Year in Pakistan RIAA Barker Gillette Hasnain Naqvee Partner-in-Charge – Lahore 191-A, Cavalry Ground, Shami Road, Lahore Cantt Tel: +92 (42) 111529937

Aviation Lawyer of the Year in Philippines SyCip Salazar Hernandez & Gatmaitan Marievic G. Ramos-Añonuevo Partner SyCipLaw Center, 105 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 1226, Metro Manila Tel: +632 982 3500

Immigration Lawyer of the Year in Philippines Martinez Vergara Gonzalez & Serrano Shirley F. Alinea Partner 33rd Floor, The Orient Square, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd., Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila Tel: +63 2 8687 1195

Labour & Employment Lawyer of the Year in Singapore Bird & Bird ATMD LLP Seow Hui Goh Partner 2 Shenton Way #18-01, SGX Center 1, 068804 Tel: +65 6534 5266


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White Collar Crime Lawyer of the Year in Singapore Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP Hamidul Haq Partner 9 Straits View #06-07, Marina One West Tower, 018937 Tel: +65 6232 0398

Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Taiwan Lin & Partners Attorneys-At-Law Dr. George Lin Managing Partner 11/F, No. 2, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Road, Songshan Dist., Taipei 10506 Tel: +886 2 2771 5929

IP Lawyer of the Year in Taiwan Tsai Lee & Chen Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law Crystal J. Chen Partner 11th floor.,148 Songjiang Road, Taipei 104492, Taiwan Tel: +886 2 2564 2565

Restructuring & Insolvency Lawyer of the Year in Thailand Baker & McKenzie Limited Attorneys at Law Paralee Techajongjintana Partner 25th Floor, Abdulrahim Place 990 Rama IV Road, Bangkok 10500 Tel: +66 2 666 2824 ext. 3101 paralee.techajongjintana@

TMT Lawyer of the Year in Thailand Formichella & Sritawat John P. Formichella Partner 399 Interchange Building, 23rd Floor, Unit 3, Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Tel: +66 02 107 1882

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Banking & Finance Lawyer of the Year in Vietnam VILAF Duyen Ha Vo Chairperson 4th Floor mPlaza Saigon, 39 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Tel: (+84-28) 3827 7300


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Africa & The Middle East Transparency about critical economic issues — such as public debt and employment — will be the key to driving growth and enhancing trust in the governments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, according to the World Bank’s latest regional economic update. The need for greater transparency comes as the MENA region faces unprecedented dual shocks from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and the collapse in oil prices. The shocks have exacerbated already slow economic growth in the region, due, in part, to lack of data transparency. The new report, entitled How Transparency Can Help the Middle East and North Africa, shows that estimates of the costs of the current crisis are fluid because it is difficult to predict how the global economy, national policies and societies will react as the pandemic spreads. Consequently, estimates of the costs can vary in a matter of days. As an example, the report shows how the spread of COVID-19, along with the collapse in oil prices, brought changes in private-sector and World Bank growth forecasts for 2020. As of April 1, changes in forecasts implied that the costs for MENA were about 3.7% of the region’s 2019 GDP (approximately US$116 billion) compared to 2.1% as recently as March 19. “More than any other region, MENA is confronting two distinct but related shocks with the spread of the virus and the collapse in oil prices. The World Bank is ramping up efforts to help governments weather these shocks and leave no one behind,” Ferid Belhaj, World Bank Vice President for the Middle East and North Africa, said. “But to bring new hope to citizens, we must learn and change. Across the region, transparency can help lead to growth with enhanced trust in government in the years and decades to come.” According to the new report, the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting MENA economies across four channels: the deterioration of public health; falling global demand for the region’s goods and services; declines in MENA’s domestic supply and demand because of social distancing measures; and, importantly, falling oil prices. The collapse of oil prices hurts both oil exporters directly, and oil importers indirectly, through declines in regional remittances, investment and capital flows. The report recommends that countries respond with policies in two parallel steps: address the health emergency and the associated economic contraction; and start in the enactment of transformative and largely budget-neutral reforms such as debt transparency and restructuring of state-owned enterprises. “Investing in transparency now will break the vicious cycle of distrust and lack of government accountability in the region,” said Rabah Arezki, World Bank Chief Economist for the Middle East and North Africa Region.

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Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa has been significantly impacted by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and is forecast to fall sharply from 2.4% in 2019 to -2.1 to -5.1% in 2020, the first recession in the region over the past 25 years, according to the latest Africa’s Pulse, the World Bank’s twice-yearly economic update for the region. The Pulse authors recommend that African policymakers focus on saving lives and protecting livelihoods by focusing on strengthening health systems and taking quick actions to minimize disruptions in food supply chains. They also recommend implementing social protection programs, including cash transfers, food distribution and fee waivers, to support citizens, especially those working in the informal sector. The analysis shows that COVID-19 will cost the region between $37 billion and $79 billion in output losses for 2020 due to a combination of effects. They include trade and value chain disruption, which impacts commodity exporters and countries with strong value chain participation; reduced foreign financing flows from remittances, tourism, foreign direct investment, foreign aid, combined with capital flight; and through direct impacts on health systems, and disruptions caused by containment measures and the public response. While most countries in the region have been affected to different degrees by the pandemic, real gross domestic product growth is projected to fall sharply particularly in the region’s three largest economies – Nigeria, Angola, and South Africa— as a result of persistently weak growth and investment. In general, oil exporting-countries will also be hard-hit; while growth is also expected to weaken substantially in the two fastest growing areas—the West African Economic and Monetary Union and the East African Community— due to weak external demand, disruptions to supply chains and domestic production. The region’s tourism sector is expected to contract sharply due to severe disruption to travel. The COVID-19 crisis also has the potential to spark a food security crisis in Africa, with agricultural production potentially contracting between 2.6% in an optimistic scenario and up to 7% if there are trade blockages. Food imports would decline substantially (as much as 25% or as little as 13%) due to a combination of higher transaction costs and reduced domestic demand. “The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the limits of societies and economies across the world, and African countries are likely to be hit particularly hard,” said Hafez Ghanem, World Bank Vice President for Africa. “We are rallying all possible resources to help countries meet people’s immediate health and survival needs while also safeguarding livelihoods and jobs in the longer term – including calling for a standstill on official bilateral debt service payments which would free up funds for strengthening health systems to deal with COVID 19 and save lives, social safety nets to save livelihoods and help workers who lose jobs, support to small and medium enterprises, and food security.”


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Healthcare Lawyer of the Year in Israel Dovev is a highly experienced lawyer who advises major global and domestic pharmaceutical and technology-based companies on a wide range of IP issues involving patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, trade secrets, counterfeiting and brand management. Dovev possesses particular strength in the life sciences industry. On the contentious side, Dovev regularly appears before the Israel Patent Office, including in pre-grant patent opposition proceedings, and all levels of Israeli civil courts and arbitration tribunals on IP cases, including cross-border proceedings. He also represents clients in regulatory matters, particularly petitions to the High Court of Justice. Dovev’s non-contentious practice includes advising on the commercial exploitation of IP rights and IP legal due diligence within the context of M&A transactions, as well as the provision of legal opinions in the pharmaceutical field, in particular concerning issues of freedom to operate.

S. Horowitz & Co. Dovev Apel Partner 31 Ahad Ha’am Street, Tel Aviv 652020 Tel: +972.3.5670876

Dovev actively contributes to the Israeli legislative process on matters relating to IP and regulatory matters, for example, representing the Pharmaceutical Division of the Manufacturer’s Association of Israel on the drafting of Israel’s main act of legislation regulating medical devices, and assisting Israel’s Ministry of Health in the preparation of regulations and guidelines concerning pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Dovev also has particular expertise advising on the full range of regulatory aspects relating to pharmaceuticals, life science products, medical devices for genetic tests, and food supplements in Israel, including with regard to licensing, testing (including clinical trials), manufacture, Ministry of Health clearance, product registration, marketing, distribution and commercialization. Dovev has been involved in drafting legislation and Ministry of Health guidelines influencing the entire pharmaceutical, medical devices and life science industry. Dovev has also developed specific and unique expertise in the field of product liability and class actions involving life sciences regulatory law. Dovev has written the Israel chapter in the following legal publications: ●

Co-author of the Israel chapter of the Patent Litigation Law Review 4th Edition (April 2020).

Co-author of the Israel chapter of the Patent Litigation Law Review 2nd Edition (November, 2018).

Co-author of the Israel chapter of the Patent Litigation Law Review 1st Edition (November, 2017).

Author of the Israel Chapter of the Life Sciences Law Review – 3-6th editions (2015-2018)

Languages: English Hebrew Admissions: Israel Bar, 2001 Education: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, LL.B. cum laude S. Horowitz & Co. Founded in 1921, S. Horowitz & Co. has long been recognized as one of Israel’s premier law firms – distinctive, high caliber and with a reputation for providing excellence, speed and efficiency. The firm has exceptional and talented lawyers, qualified in a number of jurisdictions and speaking a variety of languages, who provide a full range of the highest level of corporate, commercial and dispute resolution services to the international and Israeli business and financial communities. A leader in every area in which it practices, the firm brings to bear its widely-acknowledged expertise and vast experience in advising clients with respect to their most complex legal issues, most important business transactions and most critical disputes. Healthcare S. Horowitz & Co. has substantial experience advising on all aspects relating to the corporate, commercial, antitrust, insurance, employment, intellectual property, transactional, regulatory and litigation issues affecting the healthcare sector. The Healthcare Practice Group comprises dedicated lawyers who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the industry and, in particular, the contentious challenges facing this complex, highly-regulated sector. The firm’s clients include hospitals, corporate and individual health care providers, HMOs, medical centres, biochemical and biotechnology research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices as well as the insurance companies and financial institutions involved in health industry transactions. The team has unrivalled expertise in advising on the full spectrum of non-contentious and contentious matters relating to the industry, including: ●

● ●

● ●

● ●

Challenging and seeking judicial review of the legality of the procedures, actions and decisions of governmental bodies (including the Ministry of Health) such as those relating to reimbursements, health insurance coverage and the composition of the national health basket of drugs Regulatory matters relating to product safety with respect to recalls, health professional communications and adverse events Registration of pharmaceutical products with the Ministry of Health Advising on the marketing and sale of parallel imports of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to HMOs and pharmacies Clinical research, including negotiation and drafting of clinical trial agreements Data protection and privacy issues, in particular those relating to the handling of information of patients and health product companies Tort cases and class actions, in particular product liability-related claims Approvals for new medications and medical technology and infringement cases regarding innovative medical devices and generic and branded pharmaceuticals Mergers and acquisitions of, joint ventures with, strategic alliances with and investments in healthcare companies

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Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year in Jordan Through the combination of his legal skills as a highly qualified lawyer and his expertise as a former Minister of Industry & Trade and Minister of Justice in the Government of Jordan, senior partner Sharif Ali Zu’bi has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the private and public sectors. Whether in the practice areas of privatisation and project finance or, in the fields of foreign investment and judicial reform, Sharif has become a leading authority in the Jordanian legal realm. In October 2016, Sharif was appointed a Member of the Royal Commission for Judicial Reform and the Rule of Law. While managing Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants between 1985 and April 2005, he was directly involved with most of the substantial projects in Jordan. On the other side of the spectrum, Sharif was instrumental during his ministerial appointments in updating Jordan’s investment laws and initiating a massive overhaul and upgrade of the country’s legal and judicial system. A senator in Jordan’s Upper House of Parliament from November 2010 until November 2011, Sharif was also a member of the Higher Council for the Interpretation of the Constitution and the Senate’s Legal and Foreign Affairs Committees. Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants

Sharif is also a frequent speaker in many international conferences and seminars on foreign investment and judicial reform as well as many other legal issues.

Sharif Ali Zu’bi Senior Partner

Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants

14 Ibn Al Faredh Street, Amman Tel: +962 79 8415555

Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants, established in Nazareth, Palestine in 1921 by the late Sharif Ali Zu’bi, is a leading Jordanian law firm with a substantial international practice. The firm provides a full range of legal services in Jordan, the Arabian Gulf (through its associated office in Bahrain) and internationally through its connections and associations in other parts of the world. Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants offers a broad array of capabilities in virtually all areas of legal practice, and are heavily involved in most major transactions in Jordan, with a special emphasis on foreign investment, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, government and infrastructure projects, and privatisation, in addition to handling major commercial litigation and arbitration matters. The firm’s broad practice areas also include business and corporate, banking and finance, construction, employment and labour, and taxation. Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants takes pride in the talent of its people, the depth of their expertise, and the teamwork employed in providing superior service to clients. The firm’s lawyers work together and across practice specialties to help clients anticipate and avoid problems, resolve disputes, and ultimately achieve their client’s legal and business goals. Whether a small business in an emerging industry or a diversified multinational corporation, each client represents an important relationship, to which we dedicate our best resources, attention, and service. Staying on top of legal and business changes is an important part of the firm’s approach. It has committed and knowledgeable partners who have been involved in many of the most important legal matters in Jordan, and who continuously pass on their knowledge and expertise to the firm’s associates. Its commitment to ongoing legal education and training, supervision, peer review, and total quality creates a forward-thinking environment that benefits every one of its clients. The neighbouring country Iraq has always been a natural market for the firm and in 2003 it expanded its practice by forming an Iraq Practice Group to assist clients in developing business opportunities in the dynamic and uncertain markets emerging in Iraq. Through this platform, Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants has been able to utilise its unique contacts and experience to advise clients on legal matters and investment opportunities across a broad range of sectors in Iraq. Dispute Resolution Before branching out into the various areas of practice, Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants wase originally established as a litigation firm. To this day, the commercial litigation group remains the backbone of the firm and closely interacts with its other practice groups to meet the various needs of its commercial and banking clientele. The firm represents clients in disputes brought before Jordanian courts, as well as local and international arbitration forums. The objective in each case is to provide an efficient and commercially viable solution for the dispute at hand, whether through litigation, arbitration, or other means of dispute resolution. Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants has the resources to handle complex litigation cases and the experience in a wide variety of claims and disputes including banking claims, general contractual and commercial disputes, insolvency, construction disputes, and agency termination disputes. Several of the firm’s members are highly experienced in agency termination disputes and have successfully represented many foreign principals in agents’ claims for compensation upon termination of agency or distributorship agreements. Many precedents set by the Jordanian Court of Cassation in this area were established through arguments presented by the firm’s members. All of the firm’s resources and experience have contributed to our astonishing success rate in litigation and arbitration, which currently stands at approximately 95%.


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Energy & Natural Resources Lawyer Awards title of the Year in Nigeria Ken is the Managing Partner of the Banwo & Ighodalo. He is an ardent negotiator, highly proactive and exudes an uncommon flair for closing intricate and highly challenging multi-million dollar transactions. Since he joined B&I in 1993, Ken has been involved in nearly all of the firm’s energy & project finance transactions and has significant expertise in these areas of practice. He has vast knowledge and understanding of the oil & gas industry, and the experience garnered in his involvement in some intricate energy transactions makes him an invaluable member of the firm’s energy department. Ken also has considerable experience in commercial litigation & arbitration. Education: ●

University of Uyo (LL.B Hons, 1986 - 1990)

Nigerian Law School (B.L, 1990 - 1991)

Practice areas: Banwo & Ighodalo Ken Etim Managing Partner 48, Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi, Lagos Tel: +234 8139841360

Energy & Natural Resources

Project Finance

Shipping, Aviation & International Trade

Membership of professional societies: ●

Nigerian Bar Association

Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN),USA

Nigerian Maritime Law Association

Commercial Law & Taxation Committee of the Lagos Chamber Of Commerce & Industry

Banwo & Ighodalo Banwo & Ighodalo (“B&I”) was established on the 1st of February, 1991 with a resolve to create a world class law firm. Today, the firm is known for providing innovative, competent, cost-effective and well-timed solutions. Banwo & Ighodalo is structured as a partnership and is a fairly large-sized Nigerian firm, presently comprising, over seventy solicitors. The firm undertakes work for public and private companies, governments, Nigerian and foreign investors, financial institutions, foreign law firms and international consultancy firms. Its lawyers are often called upon to serve as resource persons at local and international seminars/workshops and as public and private sector office holders and advisers. The firm’s lawyers are selected for their preparedness to apply intelligence to solving real-life problems. It deliberately recruits and trains for innovation, knowledge and the ability to create solutions and provide passionate advocacy in all legal matters for its clients. The firm believes that its reputation rests not only on the varied and sizeable expertise of its professionals, but it also reflects its unwavering commitment to provide its clients maximum value from the legal services it offers. B&I ‘s vision statement is to be the foremost Nigerian legal services and business solution provider, delivering high quality services to its clients, with global outlook. Its mission statement is to continually deliver excellent, innovative and effective solutions to its clients B&I is consistently ranked as a leading Nigerian law firm in the areas of Capital Markets, Securities, Mergers & Acquisitions; Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Project Finance and Foreign Investment & Divestments and one of the top five law firms in Shipping, Aviation & International Trade, Energy & Natural Resources and Intellectual Property. The firm also have a tested and dependable track record in Commercial Litigation. Energy & Natural Resources –  Oil & Gas Banwo & Ighodalo has advised and continues to provide legal advisory support on many complex oil, gas, power and mining projects, amongst others, which span the energy supply value chain. These projects which are multifaceted usually require the provision of advice on transactional issues bordering on gas supply and utilization, engineering procurement and construction, and provision of advice on the divestment of interests in hydrocarbons acreages. B&I also regularly provides advice to numerous bidders in the acquisition of oil and gas assets being divested by international oil corporations in Nigeria. The firm has also advised in relation to the financing of the acquisition of hydrocarbons assets. –  Power & Mining Banwo & Ighodalo has advised and continues to provide legal advisory support on many complex oil, gas, power and mining projects, amongst others, which span the energy supply value chain. These projects which are multifaceted usually require the provision of advice on transactional issues bordering on electric power supply, engineering procurement and construction, financing of oil, gas and power projects and provision of advice on the divestment of interests in both hydrocarbons acreages and electric power assets. The firm also regularly advises companies and consortia in connection with the acquisition of equity stake in power generation and distribution companies and have been actively involved in the on-going Nigerian power sector reforms and privatization of former government owned power generation and distribution companies. Further, B&I continues to provide advice to several international and indigenous investors, developing independent power plant projects in Nigeria.

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Employment Lawyer of the Year in South Africa Graham Damant is a partner in Bowmans’ Johannesburg office Employment & Benefits Practice. He has significant expertise in the management of strikes, restructuring and retrenchments, transfers of business, changes to terms and conditions of employment and dismissals. He specialises in employee benefits and has particular expertise in pension funds and pension benefits including disputes between employers and pension funds, the conversion of Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution Schemes, and changes to Retirement Arrangements. He has assisted a number of employers in disputes pertaining to their post-retirement medical aid obligations or in capping their liabilities in respect of such obligations. He also specialises in Executive Remuneration and Benefits including share option schemes. In the pension’s field, Graham has been involved in advising a number of employers and pension funds in relation to all aspects of the law pertaining to pension funds. He has been involved in a number of significant disputes between employers and pension funds and between pension funds and their service providers. He has advised Pension Funds in relation to death and disability benefit disputes as well as disputes pertaining to Investment Performance. Bowmans Graham Damant Partner 11 Alice Lane Sandton, Johannesburg, 785812 Tel: +27 11 669 9508

He has acted as a judge in the Labour Court and assisted with the drafting of labour legislation. He has B.Com and LLB degrees as well as a Higher Diploma in Company Law from the University of the Witwatersrand and an LLM from the London School of Economics. Relevant experience: ● ●

● ●

Advised a number of employers and executives through executive separation processes. Acted for Pick ‘n Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd for the past 30 years dealing with strikes, retrenchments and Labour Court reviews. Acted for a number of employers in Section 197 transfer disputes. Represented Transman in the Supreme Court of Appeal in a matter determining the ability of High Courts to review dismissal procedures. Advised one of the parties in the highly publicised “Ghavalas” surplus stripping saga and procured a favourable settlement. Represented an employer in the Constitutional Court in a significant claim brought against it by the pension fund in which it participates. Assisted a number of mining houses in a conversion of their defined Benefit Pension Schemes to define Contribution Schemes. Assisted a number of employers in capping or eliminating their Post-retirement Medical Aid obligations.

Bowmans Bowmans track record of providing specialist legal services in the fields of corporate law, banking and finance law and dispute resolution, spans over a century. With eight offices in six African countries and over 400 specialist lawyers, the firm draws on its unique knowledge of the business and socio-political environment to advise clients on a wide range of legal issues. Everywhere the firm works, it offer clients a service that uniquely blends expertise in the law, knowledge of the local market, and an understanding of their businesses. The firm’s aim is to assist them to achieve their objectives as smoothly and efficiently as possible while minimising the legal and regulatory risks. Bowmans clients include corporates, multinationals and state-owned enterprises across a range of industry sectors as well as financial institutions and governments. The firm’s expertise is frequently recognised by independent research organisations. Most recently, Mergermarket identified it as the number one legal adviser for Africa by number of completed deals in 2020. At the inaugural IFLR1000 Awards for Sub-Saharan Africa (2020), Bowmans received 10 awards across four jurisdictions confirming our leadership when it comes to advising on multijurisdictional mergers and acquisitions in Africa. At the African Legal Awards (2020), it won awards in three categories and was highly commended in a further four categories including African Law Firm of the Year – Large Practice. Bowmans received awards in three out of four categories at the Dealmakers East Africa Awards (2019): top legal adviser in the M&A Category for both deal flow and deal value and advised on the Deal of the Year. In the Dealmakers South Africa Awards (2020), it was placed third for both transaction value and transaction volume in the General Corporate Finance Category and fourth for both deal value and deal volume in the M&A Category. Employment and Benefits The drive by governments in Sub-Saharan Africa to stimulate employment, protect workers’ rights and address historical imbalances has produced a variety of distinct regulatory systems for employment in the region. This is made more complex by a strong culture of collective bargaining, and an overlap between labour and social issues, between strikes and social protest across the region. Bowmans has been at the forefront of employment law in the region for many years. The firm offers a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the fields of industrial relations, employment, employee benefits and pensions law in Africa that is hard to match. According to Legal 500 the firm has, ‘a tremendous record in South Africa and East Africa, providing “excellent turnaround times”, “a professional service” and an “in-depth understanding” of clients’ businesses and subject matter’. Bowmans keeps its clients at the forefront of developments in employment laws, regularly contribute to employment law publications and provide training and present lectures in a variety of forums.


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Energy & Natural Resources Lawyer Awards titleof the Year in Tanzania Peter is the Managing Partner of Clyde & Co’s Dar es Salaam, Tanzania office and leads the firm’s East Africa practice. He has a wealth of experience advising on projects in Africa. He is a member of both the firm’s Middle East and Africa Board and Global Management Board. Through his management of the East Africa practice, Peter has extensive expertise in both contentious and non-contentious matters. Originally a project finance lawyer, Peter’s practice has diversified to include specialisms as broad as commercial litigation, debt recoveries and insurance claims management. Peter has successfully closed projects in the infrastructure, telecoms, mining, energy and power sectors on the continent, acting for lenders (both commercial and development finance institutions), consortia and project companies. Prior to joining Clyde & Co, he was in-house counsel at the African Development Bank having previously worked at a leading City of London firm managing project finance transactions in emerging markets. Clyde & Co Peter Kasanda Partner 11th Floor Golden Jubilee Towers, Ohio Street PO Box 80512 TZ Tel: +255 76898 3003

Peter is admitted both as a Solicitor in England & Wales and as an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania. Peter is a member of the Tanganyika Law Society; the East Africa Law Society; the Law Society of England & Wales; and the Southern African Development Community Lawyers Association. Peter’s team on the ground provide real time support and local expertise to clients with interests in the region. The team manage a Regional Resource Centre (RRC) through which an internationally qualified, yet locally based, Clyde & Co lawyer works alongside appointed local counsel in relevant countries assisting with the management of contentious and non-contentious matters. Experience: ●

● ●

Advising TICTS, Dar es Salaam Port operator in respect of various matters in Tanzania which relate to that port concession/lease in Tanzania under PPP arrangements Advising AgroEcoenergy on a USD 380 million Sugar bio-fuels project in which Government of Tanzania has a stake and structured as a PPP Advising various independent oil & gas companies on issues relating to a USD 18 billion LNG plant Advising the South African Government on standardisation of Private Finance Initiative Contracts (Developing a PPP manual) through Partnerships UK as the sponsoring organisation Advising on regulatory aspects of the R25-billion Gautrain (rail interconnection) project in South Africa under PPP arrangements Advising African Development Bank on a EUR 47 million investment for the Dakar Port Project, Senegal (lenders including FMO, EAIF) Lekki Toll Road Project (Nigeria) advising African Development Bank on a USD 85 million loan to an Special Purpose Vehicle in respect of the Lekki Toll Road Project Advising Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) in connection with a USD 35 million financing to Aga Khan Hospital Group in Tanzania Advising Standard Bank on a USD 150 million financing to African Barrick Gold Tanzania for development of the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine site Advising Standard Chartered Bank on its financing and security arrangements with Tanzanian incorporated companies in the manufacturing sector Advising the South African Government on reforms to the PPP Unit through Partnerships UK as the sponsoring organisation

Clyde & Co Clyde & Co is a global law firm providing a complete service to clients in its core sectors of insurance, transport, energy, infrastructure and trade & commodities. The firm has been active across Africa for over two decades, helping businesses meet the legal, regulatory and commercial requirements associated with investing and operating in Africa. The Dar es Salaam team helps clients to invest and operate in East Africa. Clyde & Co has been advising on the legal and commercial aspects of doing business in East Africa for over 20 years and now is one of the largest international law firms in Tanzania. The Dar es Salaam team has particular expertise in the infrastructure, energy, natural resources, banking and finance sectors. Energy & Natural Resources Clyde & Co focuses on the sectors that build, move, power and protect the international economy, which makes the energy and natural resources sector a key priority. The firm’s energy and natural resources team is present across its global office network and consists of lawyers who provide best-practice advice in all areas of contentious and non-contentious disciplines, always with an awareness of commercial realities. Clients are often involved in complex multi-jurisdictional and cross-border transactions and disputes. This demands deep industry knowledge and pragmatic, risk-conscious advice Clyde & Co can provide. Crucially, the firm offers sharp insights on a complex and fast-changing market. Geopolitical and market factors continue to exert pressure on the energy and natural resources sector, while environmental concerns have boosted the renewables industry. In such a context, clients face significant challenges as well as attractive opportunities, and Clyde & Co is adept at helping them respond decisively to the dynamic landscape in which they operate.

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Corporate Lawyer of the Year in Tunisia Fares Koussay El Heni is the managing partner of Eversheds Sutherland El Heni and Deputy Head Africa Group. Fares is a lawyer registered with the Tunisian and Parisian bars. He has obtained diplomas from the University Panthéon-SORBONNE 5 Paris (France) in Business Law and Comparative Law in Arabic countries. Prior to joining Eversheds El Heni in 2011 as a managing partner, Fares worked as a lawyer in Paris at CFS, Winston & Strawn and Eversheds. Fares advises and assists international companies, including those wishing to implement themselves in Tunisia, in business law, and more specifically on investments, currency exchange regulations, specific regulations, competition aspects and M&A. Fares is highly experience in driving clients’ projects through a full legal coverage and management allowing his clients to work with a pragmatic and supportive partner in Tunisia but also in Africa. “Farès EL Heni is able to bridge the gap between Tunisian culture and international clients.” Legal 500, Banking & Finance, Tunisia - 2015 He focuses on corporate/M&A, commercial, social and labor law, projects, energy and infrastructure matters. Eversheds Sutherland El Heni

Fares is ranked Leading Individual by Legal 500 EMEA

Fares Koussay El Heni Managing Partner

Eversheds Sutherland El Heni

Rue du Lac Tana, Les Berges du Lac, 1053 Tunis Tel: +216 71 116 720 fareselheni@eversheds

As a global top 10 law practice, Eversheds Sutherland provides legal advice and solutions to an international client base which includes some of the world’s largest multinationals. Eversheds Sutherland’s teams of lawyers around the world operate seamlessly to deliver the legal know-how and strategic alignment that clients need from their advisors to help further their business interests. Clients describe them as creative and well versed in cutting edge legal work – they listen well in order to understand how and where they can be most effective and add the greatest value. Eversheds Sutherland El Heni is the office in Tunis, founded and managed by Mohamed Raouf El Heni and Farès Koussay El Heni. Part of a global network of 68 offices across 34 countries, the firm has a long-standing presence in Tunisia and can offer clients quality advice and innovation on all aspects of the work involving the Tunisian government, administration and market. The team consists of multilingual lawyers (Arabic, French, English and Italian) with international experience in commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate, competition, investment, social, public, tax, intellectual property, litigation and real estate. Eversheds Sutherland El Heni attaches particular importance to understanding the needs and requirements of its national and international clients in order to offer a next generation client experience. Its people are outstanding and always take into account the needs of a client’s organisation and the specific environment, risks and constraints they will be facing. Eversheds Sutherland El Heni is a proud member of the ESAA. This unique entity allows member law firms across Africa to access training and knowledge-sharing programmes while promoting the highest standards of legal service across Africa. ESAA is the largest network in Africa with over 35 firms and enables Eversheds Sutherland El Heni’s clients and contacts to keep abreast of legal developments. It also provides unique access to new thinking and training on the African legal and business landscape. ESAA’s strong commercial focus enables Eversheds Sutherland El Heni to meet the growing demands of doing business in Africa and serves to bring the skills and drive of African firms to a wider international market. Corporate law Eversheds Sutherland’s global corporate law practices advise a range of clients, from some of the world’s largest corporations to growing and start-up businesses. The team has more than 500 corporate lawyers in locations around the world, advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPOs), takeovers, private equity, venture capital, debt and equity issues, fund formation, corporate reorganization, corporate governance and company secretarial. Whatever a client’s needs, the firm is on hand to help their business navigate this complex and evolving legal area. Eversheds Sutherland’s global corporate law team has extensive experience in the sector. The team has dedicated corporate lawyers in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, who can guide clients through transactions in these often demanding marketplaces. Eversheds Sutherland deals with large-scale projects involving multiple jurisdictions and countless day-today activities that help clients manage their international operations. The firm’s lawyers regularly monitor the economic, regulatory and legislative environment, in order to help clients make the most of new opportunities, while minimizing risk. Eversheds Sutherland also prides itself on its innovative and client-focused approach to project management. Eversheds Sutherland’s lawyers deliver consistently high-quality advice and effective solutions on time and within budget. The firm aims to provide the most transparent and dependable international corporate legal support possible. The firm serves clients of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to FTSE 100 and Fortune 200 companies. As well as a wealth of experience advising on the most complex, strategic projects, Eversheds Sutherland also works on smaller transactions. Variety, flexibility and responsiveness are the building blocks of the team.


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Capital MarketsAwards Lawyertitle of the Year in UAE Rizwan Kanji’s practice focuses on debt capital markets, finance and securitizations using both conventional and Islamic finance structures. He advises investment banks, financial institutions, multilateral development banks, sovereign states, insurance companies and multinational regional corporations on high-profile transactions across the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Widely considered one of the leading lawyers within Islamic finance, Rizwan has earned a reputation for advising on “first of its kind” transactions. He advised on the first sukuk out of Turkey, the first syndicated Murabaha financing out of Russia, the first “Blue Bond” in the world and the establishment of the largest sukuk program to date. Key experience:

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Rizwan Kanji Partner CD Brookfield Place, Level 10, Al Mustaqbal Street, Dubai International Financial Centre, P. O. Box 120109, Dubai Tel: +971 4.317.3010

Advises on debt capital markets and securities issuances, structured finance and other transactional matters.

Widely recognized as a leading lawyer within the realm of Islamic finance.

Has developed a reputation for advising on “first of its kind” transactions.

Representative work: –  Represented EmiratesNBD and Maisarah Islamic Banking as joint lead managers in connection with a tender and exchange offer for OMR50 million trust certificates due 2018, listed on the Muscat Stock Exchange and issued on behalf of Tilal Development Company, a leading Omani real estate developer and mall operator (Tilal) (existing sukuk). The transaction also involved the issuance of $137 million 6.50 percent trust certificates due 2023 on behalf of Tilal (new sukuk), listed on the unregulated market of Euronext Dublin. This transaction is the first exchange and tender offer out of Oman, and was selected as “Deal of the Year – Oman” and received honorable mentions for “Deal of the Year” and “Restructuring Deal of the Year” by Islamic Finance News.* –  Advised The Bank of New York Mellon, London Branch in connection with the issuance of 6.50 percent fixed rate senior partially guaranteed by the World Bank, through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, notes due 2028, issued by the Republic of Seychelles. The issuance is the world’s first ever “blue bond,” the proceeds of which will be used to fund grants for fisheries management and as loans to encourage investment in sustainable fishing. –  Counseled EmiratesNBD, Rand Merchant Bank and MUFG Securities EMEA plc as joint lead managers on the debut US$150 million sukuk issuance by the Africa Finance Corporation, a multilateral development bank that finances infrastructure projects in its 14 member countries. This transaction is the first sukuk issuance by an African supranational entity and was the first dollar sukuk of 2017 globally. –  Advised Kuveyt Türk Katilim Bankasi A.S on its debut Subordinated Tier 2, Basel III-compliant US$350 Resettable Subordinated Trust Certificates due 2026 listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. The joint lead managers were Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank PJSC, Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD Capital Limited, HSBC Bank plc, KAMCO Investment Company, KFH Capital, Noor Bank and QInvest. –  Advised the Islamic Development Bank on the establishment of its US$25 billion Trust Certificate Programme, which was triple-listed on the London Stock Exchange, Nasdaq-Dubai and Bursa Malaysia. The dealers were CIMB, HSBC, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Natixis and Standard Chartered Bank. To date, this is the largest sukuk program established in the world. Akin Gump Dubai Akin Gump resumed serving its clients from Dubai in 2014 to further expand its Middle East presence. The office particularly focuses on advising public and private sector clients in a range of practice areas in which the lawyers in the Dubai office have broad experience, including energy; oil and gas; antibribery; economic sanctions and other international trade controls; debt and equity capital markets, Islamic and conventional finance, corporate; mergers & acquisitions; public policy; investment funds; and dispute resolution, as well as construction and engineering, entertainment and other economic activity in the region. Dubai is an international business hub that is strategically positioned as the business crossroads between Africa, Europe and Asia. The Dubai office furthers Akin Gump’s commitment to place subject-matter experts on the ground where its clients are and also serves as a base to support the firm’s expanding Africa practice. The lawyers in the Dubai office include Arabic speakers to better serve its clients. The office’s capital markets lawyers routinely advise issuers (comprising financial institution, corporate and sovereign issuers), underwriters, originators and corporate trustees across the full spectrum of international debt and equity capital markets transactions, often in “first of their kind” offerings, On the debt side, the team is particularly well known for advising on public and privately placed Sukuk offerings utilizing creative Shari’ah compliant structures. The team also advises on investment grade Eurobonds, equity and asset linked bonds, MTN programmes, regulatory capital and hybrid bonds and asset backed securities and securitisations. On the equity side, the team has advised on initial public offerings, rights issues and listings across a number of international and regional exchanges, in transactions which have often included a 144A component. The practice also advises on multijurisdictional securitisation and bond restructurings (including noncontentious amendments of Eurobonds and highly negotiated restructurings of defaulted bonds) and liability management exercises.

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Construction Lawyer of the Year in UAE Suzannah focuses on resolving international construction and engineering disputes. She has considerable experience in dealing with arbitration, litigation and adjudications, as well as mediation and negotiations on both standard term and bespoke contracts. Suzannah has been a construction lawyer for 15 years, half of which has been based in the Middle East. Her clients include contractors and engineering companies, consultants, developers, financial institutions, end users and government bodies. Suzannah is ranked in Chambers & Partners directory and listed in Who’s Who Construction. She also represented the Construction Client Group arm of Constructing Excellence in the consultation for amendments to the ‘Construction Act’ in England and Wales. Suzannah is a member of DLA Piper’s International and Global Boards. Experience: DLA Piper Suzannah Newboult Partner Level 9, Standard Chartered Tower, Downtown, PO Box 121662, Dubai Tel: +971 4 438 6252

Acting for a UK contractor in a DIFC-LCIA arbitration in the education sector

Acting for a Dutch company on an ad-hoc arbitration in KSA in the oil and gas sector

● ●

Acting for a Korean contractor in an ICC arbitration seated in the UAE in respect of a JV dispute relating to a water storage facility in Abu Dhabi Acting for an English contracting company in dispute over the construction of a hospital project in KSA Acting for a major Middle Eastern based contractor in respect of a $600 million dispute in relation to a gas plant in Qatar. Subject to Swiss law and ICC arbitration seated in Geneva Acting for a major Middle Eastern based contractor in respect of a $100 million dispute in relation to a gas plant in KSA. Subject to English law and ICC arbitration seated in Geneva

Acting for an Indian Developer in a DIFC arbitration in the residential sector

Acting for a South African company in a construction arbitration under DIAC rules

DLA Piper DLA Piper is a global law firm with lawyers located in more than 40 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, positioning it to help clients with their legal needs around the world. DLA Piper strive to be the leading global business law firm by delivering quality and value to its clients. The firm achieves this through practical and innovative legal solutions that help its clients succeed. The firm delivers consistent services across its platform of practices and sectors in all matters it undertakes. Its clients range from multinational, Global 1000, and Fortune 500 enterprises to emerging companies developing industry-leading technologies. They include more than half of the Fortune 250 and nearly half of the FTSE 350 or their subsidiaries. DLA Piper also advises governments and public sector bodies. Construction and Engineering As the cost and complexity of construction continue to dramatically increase, success depends on strategic advice that supports clients’ plans and mitigates risk. The successful completion of any construction project depends on the quality of the project documents and ensuring that the project is delivered to the required standard, on budget and on time. DLA Piper is experienced in all sectors of the construction and engineering industry including energy, infrastructure and development. The firm advises on all manner of procurement methods, from commercial developments to major international, domestic, civil and process engineering and energy projects. The firm assists clients in analysing the risk profile of their projects and selecting the best type of delivery method for the project. After selection of the desired construction method, the team assists clients in negotiating the contracts. Disputes are a fact of life in the construction and engineering industry and DLA Piper helps clients avoid them by advising on potential issues at the earliest stages of projects. If a dispute does arise, the firm has skilled construction lawyers who can manage all of the litigation, arbitration, adjudication and alternative dispute resolution processes. Infrastructure, energy and construction projects are technically complicated, strategically important and high value and often involve multiple parties from numerous jurisdictions. It is not unusual for such projects to experience disputes over delays, additional costs, liquidated damages, defects, professional negligence and termination. When a client’s project encounters a dispute, DLA Piper’s Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Disputes practice can help. The team knows that disputes do not take place in a vacuum, but are firmly rooted in cultural, political and economic environments, and DLA Piper has enormous experience dealing with such disputes, both locally and internationally. The practice addresses each dispute in its own context. Its vast geographical coverage means it is able to deliver cross-border teams to address major construction and infrastructure disputes on the local and the international levels. Through its global network of industry relationships, the team is well used to working collaboratively with dedicated and on-the-ground specialist resources. The team possesses extensive local knowledge of the legal, business and cultural landscapes that inform disputes, across a large number of jurisdictions. All of this provides DLA Piper’s clients with the assurance of not only around-the-clock responsiveness, but also the relevant knowledge that can prove critical to resolving controversies.


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C Carey_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 80 Cassidy Levy Kent LLP________________________________________________________________________________________ 80 Cerha Hempel_________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 Chazai & Partners____________________________________________________________________________________________ 125 Chiomenti________________________________________________________________________________________________31, 50 Chrysostomides Advocates & Legal Consultants__________________________________________________________________ 43 Cirio Advokatbyrå AB__________________________________________________________________________________________ 53 City-Yuwa Partners___________________________________________________________________________________________ 110 Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr________________________________________________________________________________________ 127 Clyde & Co LLP______________________________________________________________________________________________ 121 CMS________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14 CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang______________________________________________________________________ 54 Consortium Legal_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 82 The Lawyer Network


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S S. Horowitz & Co____________________________________________________________________________________________ 117 Šavoric & Partners____________________________________________________________________________________________ 43 Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP___________________________________________________________________________ 72 Schoenherr__________________________________________________________________________________________________ 42 Schoenherr Slovenia__________________________________________________________________________________________ 38 Seyfarth Shaw LLP____________________________________________________________________________________________ 70 Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co____________________________________________________________________________ 96 Shearman & Sterling LLP___________________________________________________________________________________ 16, 93 Sherritt Greene_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 79 Shook Lin & Bok_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 111 The Lawyer Network


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T Tabet DiVito & Rothstein LLC___________________________________________________________________________________ 86 Tadmor Levy & Co.___________________________________________________________________________________________ 125 Tafapolsky Smith Mehlman, LLP________________________________________________________________________________ 84 Tavares Advogados____________________________________________________________________________________________ 78 TLT_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 56 Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo______________________________________________________________________________________ 50 TozziniFreire Advogados_______________________________________________________________________________________ 78 Tsai Lee & Chen Patent Attorneys and Attorneys at Law__________________________________________________________ 113 Tuca Zbârcea & Asociatii_______________________________________________________________________________________ 37

U Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie____________________________________________________________________________________ 126 Uría Menéndez_______________________________________________________________________________________________ 53

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Z Zambrano Gruba Caganda & Advincula_________________________________________________________________________ 102 Zepos & Yannopoulos__________________________________________________________________________________________ 47 Zul Rafique & Partners________________________________________________________________________________________ 111

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