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TAGLaw: Foreword with Peter Appleton-Jones founder of TAGLaw


AGLaw is a global alliance of high quality, independent law firms with more than 150 member firms based in nearly 100 countries. Its 7500+ lawyers work out of 300 offices to provide a full range of legal services to clients all over the world. Founded in 1999, in eight years the network has risen through the ranks of legal networks to feature in the top three based on the number of countries served. According to Peter Appleton-Jones, founder of TAGLaw, the stellar growth was surprising: “We were surprised and delighted at the rate of growth we had in the early days as well as how eager people were to join the network. “We started at a time when the world was beginning to break down the barriers of national boundaries. Across the world businesses were looking for expansion internationally. It became clear that businesses were much better served by law firms with broad national and international connections” Rapid growth has not been achieved through sacrificing quality. One of the founding tenants of TAGLaw and a key reason for its success has been Peter Appleton-Jones’ unyielding focus on selecting the right firms from each jurisdiction. “We are very careful about how we select firms,” he said. “They have to have a strong emphasis on client service. We look into the education

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and experience of the lawyers in the firm, the history of the firm, the types of clients they have and whether they have a culture that puts the client first. We like firms that do some sort of pro bono work as this says a lot about the culture of the firm. Ultimately, we like people who are good to work with.” As a result of this stringent criteria, 98% of the recruitment process is by invitation only. The Appleton Group searches for potential firms in desired jurisdictions, canvassing the opinions of existing members who have had dealings in the region to ensure that the network selects the most suited firm in that jurisdiction. TAGLaw consists of ‘mid-sized’ firms. Naturally in different jurisdictions this can mean different sizes. For example a mid sized firm in the UK or the USA may have more than 100 lawyers whilst one in a smaller market may have only 15 lawyers. Mr Appleton-Jones explained the motivations behind the focus: “Mid sized firms have a stronger client focus. Also, the very large firms tend to have offices across a number of jurisdictions. If these firms were to join the network it would build a

competitive edge that we are keen to avoid. The mid-sized firm model works very well. Clients of these firms range from the SME to Fortune 500 companies.”

Management Many networks are owned or run by the law firms within the network. A unique model for international networks, TAGLaw is run by The Appleton Group LLP. TAGLaw is a limited liability corporation run under the umbrella of The Appleton Group which is run as a private company for profit. Mr Appleton-Jones said: “This model allows us to select only the best firms and those that have a strong commitment to client service. Our focus in on the network and this enables us to pick firms carefully, review our members on a regular basis, and, crucially, allow them to focus on their clients. The Appleton Group consists of a team of six people and an advisory board of 10, selecting new members and working towards making the network work as smoothly as possible.” The legal world is a competitive one and poaching of clients is an endemic problem in many networks. TAGLaw members are bound by a code of conduct, the Standards – and Charter, which prevents this. However, it is overarchingly their respect for the network and its members that ensures civility at all times between members. The hard work of The Appleton Group is not only evident in the rapid

expansion of the TAGLaw network, its sister network, TIAG, a specialist accountancy network, is also growing rapidly and currently boasts over 80 members. In addition, the Group has ambitious plans for a broad based international education programme, the TAG Academy, to serve its members. “We expect the TIAG network to grow to the same size as TAGLaw,” said Mr Appleton-Jones. “The TAGLaw network is almost complete in terms of its international scope. We are looking to expand into some new jurisdictions such as the Ukraine and Azerbaijan but we almost have a total coverage. As the TIAG network grows the two will work hand in hand. “We are also starting up the TAG Academy which is going to run 50 courses a year for TAGLaw and TIAG members to benefit from a national and international based education programme. Most of the meetings will be web-based and will cover a range of topics from M&A to firm management and marketing. “The scope will be total. Members will use the courses to do everything from training new lawyers to covering some of the most complex conditions you can meet in a transaction for the partners.” It is rare to come across a group of lawyers so passionate about their work and their international network. Over the following pages, a select group of TAGLaw members outline the work they do for the network and how it helps them meet the increasingly international demands of their clients. UK

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USA - Texas

Countries represented

William Lester 0012 105545265 whlester@coxsmith.com

Cox Smith Deborah Williamson 0012 105545265 ddwilliamson@coxsmith.com

Over the following pages a select group of TAGLaw members talk about their firm, the benefits of the network and outline the key challenges a foreign acquirer may have to overcome in their jurisdiction. For more information on TAGLaw see www.taglaw.com. India

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Cox Smith Matthews joined TAGLaw in 2004. We were attracted to the TAGLaw network because it was made up of quality law firms which were dominant in their marketplace and, for a variety of reasons, had chosen not to become multiple office mega law firms. In recent years, the rapid expansions of large law firms across broad geographic markets has raised issues regarding responsiveness and the consistency of quality. TAGLaw provides an answer to the challenges that many of the mega law firms have been unable to meet. Through a network like TAGLaw, we are confident that referrals are handled with a high degree of responsiveness and commitment to quality. Each firm we are afilliated with in TAGLaw is represented by its home office. When a referral goes into a TAGLaw firm, it is treated as a new piece of business with a commensurate level of enthusiasm from the referral recipient. This is in contrast to mega law firms where referrals from one office to another often receive less than stellar treatment.

When a referral goes into a TAGLaw firm, it is treated as a new piece of business with a commensurate level of enthusiasm from the referral recipient.

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Our firm, like many other TAGLaw firms, is dominant in its market place, and achieved that dominance generally through the consistent delivery of creative, responsive, high quality legal services. We are one of two Texas law firms represented in TAGLaw. We cover the entire Central and South Texas area and have recently expanded into Dallas. As a dominant law firm in the Central and South Texas region, we are well equipped to exceed our clients’ objectives. The Central and South Texas region is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States. Businesses are constantly relocating to the area or establishing a presence in the area. Experienced counsel, familiar with the unique maze of federal and state tax laws, labour laws, real estate and environmental rules, and intellectual property concerns is an absolute necessity. Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated is the law firm to fill those needs.

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The Americas Haskell Slaughter

Frank Young 0012 052511000 fmy@hsy.com

We joined TAGLaw in Autumn 2000. We were attracted to the opportunity to form a worldwide referral network and interact with other quality firms throughout the world. As a mid-size firm with fewer than 100 attorneys, we felt that our firm mission plan and opportunities, as well as the problems we face, paralleled the goals and issues faced by other mid-size firms in the TAGLaw network. As our membership has evolved, we have found this to be true. TAGLaw’s success is down to the quality of its member firms combined with the excellent management support from the TAGLaw organisation. The international and regional meetings are well organised and informative. The close personal friendships we have made over the years among member representatives have been most rewarding, professionally and personally. Out of these personal friendships has come a sense of trust and loyalty that has led to numerous new client relationships. The excellent due diligence that TAGLaw management has done prior to issuing an invitation for a member to join has ensured superb quality among member firms. This has given us complete confidence that any matter we refer to any TAGLaw member around the world will be handled in a cost efficient and professional manner. Our firm brings a strong firm-wide commitment to make our membership in TAGLaw work. We support all TAGLaw activities and have also established a priority emphasis on using the network for referrals. Our strong southeastern regional organisation has also been beneficial. Through this organisation, we have tried many innovative new ideas including hosting China seminars, co-marketing ventures and making joint proposals to prospective international clients. We have a couple of specialty areas that we have also been able to market outside our geographic network through TAGLaw. These specialty areas include our strong municipal bond practice as well as our national securities law practice with an emphasis on commercial litigation from both the plaintiff and the defense perspective. Because of the State of Alabama’s great success in attracting foreign investments over the last 10 years, it is relatively easy now for foreign companies to get acclimatised to our state’s legal system. A strong commitment to learning our state’s values and culture is extremely helpful in the beginning. While there are no major obstacles, often complicated immigration issues are faced by companies as well as normal and routine issues concerning employment practices. Alabama has a generally favourable plaintiff litigation environment so foreign companies need to take particular caution in ‘preventive planning’ to make sure they have adequate insurance as well as business policies in place to avoid being susceptible to large punitive damage litigation claims.

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USA - Louisiana

Milling Benson Woodward

Hilton Bell 0015 045697000 hbell@millinglaw.com

Milling Benson Woodward LLP joined TAGLaw in 2002 having been impressed by the quality of the other participating firms. TAGLaw has been so successful because of the strong relationships that develop between member firms. For example, during Hurricane Katrina, TAGLaw firms contributed to a charitable fund that provided assistance and resources to member firms in hurricane affected areas. In particular, one of the TAGLaw firms provided office space and technical support to one of our partners for four months post-Katrina. It is this sincere commitment to their members that makes the TAGLaw network a success. Milling Benson Woodward was the first law firm in Louisiana to subscribe to the American Bar Association’s Law Pro Bono Project. Partners have been honoured by the Louisiana Bar Foundation as Lawyer of the Year in the State of Louisiana.

It is this sincere commitment to their members that makes the TAGLaw network a success.

USA - Alabama

The firm’s partners have served as Chair of the Louisiana State Law Institute, as Presidents of the New Orleans Bar Association, as President of the Louisiana State Bar Association, on the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association and the National Bar Association, and as officers and directors of the New Orleans Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, sections and committees of the American, National, and Louisiana Bar Associations, the New Orleans Bar Association, and of the Maritime Law Association of the United States. Community activities include service as Chair of the Louisiana Stadium & Exposition District, Chair of the Board of Commissioners of City Park, Chair of the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors, and membership on the boards of WYES and the National Conference for Community and Justice. Firm lawyers are active in many civic, community, charitable and religious organisations. Our firm brings to TAGLaw a broad range of expertise in many practice areas, including tax, trust & estate, banking & corporate, natural resources, health care, litigation, intellectual property, bankruptcy, labour & employment, environmental, and governmental relations. We have the breadth of experience of a larger firm, with the personal attention to member referrals and quick response time of a smaller firm.

USA - Tennessee

Boult Cummings

John Scannapieco 0016 152522352 jscannapieco@boultcummings.com

As our world becomes smaller and flatter and the globalisation of businesses continues to increase, a network such as TAGLaw is necessary for our firms to compete in the global marketplace. Membership in TAGLaw provides our firms’ clients access to attorneys with broad legal expertise in all parts of the world. Our clients value the convenience and level of service of working with a local firm that they know and trust, with the added benefit of having access to trusted counsel that their local firm knows personally wherever issues or transactions may arise. In our experience, the TAGLaw firms that we have partnered with have shown a level of knowledge and responsiveness that we strive for with our own clients. TAGLaw helps our attorneys better serve our clients, and our clients appreciate the ease with which we can address their national and international needs. Our firm currently serves in leadership positions in the Real Estate Specialty Group, the Marketing Group and, until recently, the Litigation Specialty Group. Our firm has helped develop and implement a number of programmess to effectively cross-sell a member firm’s capabilities to others in the network and to collaborate with groups in the network to expand both firms’ book of business. In terms of legal expertise, we emphasise our representation of both U.S. domestic and foreign companies and individuals in our core practice areas that include health care, real estate, intellectual property, dispute resolution, economic benefits and incentives, and general business services. With respect to health care, we have a national practice representing several of the largest health care providers in the world. Our firm also has a long history of assisting foreign investors with real estate acquisitions in the United States. We have assisted foreign investors with various deal structures including fee simple purchases, ground leases, master leases and joint ventures with owners and developers who are based in the United States. We currently represent a significant number of foreign institutional investors, syndicators and individuals who are very active in purchasing and financing investment grade properties. During the preceding seven years, we have represented foreign investors in transactions that exceed $2 billion U.S. dollars in total value. As Tennessee is becoming the center of U.S. and global automotive manufacturing facilities, we have extensive experience in advising international automotive manufacturers and suppliers in all aspects of their business needs in the U.S. Our firm is also very active in all aspects of economic development activities in the State of Tennessee, and has assisted a number of other companies in connection with their efforts to locate facilities in other states.

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The Americas

Bart Harwood 0012 083958500 bwh@hallfarley.com

Hall Farley Oberrecht & Blanton, P.A. joined TAGLaw in 2002. We believed that the network was thoughtfully designed to maximize coverage and cooperation both worldwide and in the United States without conflict and competition among its member firms. TAGLaw members are carefully chosen and the network is well managed consistent with its original tenets. Hall Farley has extensive experience in litigation, transactions and employment law throughout the State of Idaho. Steadily increasing numbers of firms and people are discovering Idaho is an attractive place to live and work, but much of the state is still entirely rural. Methods and procedures employed by municipalities in an attempt to accommodate and manage growth are not always consistent or as expected. However, in general, the regulatory systems are still friendly and manageable.

Idaho is an attractive place to live and work, but much of the state is still entirely rural.

Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley continue to experience steady prosperous growth. High Tech is now the leading industry sector in Idaho with major local operations of Hewlett Packard and Micron Technology. Boise State University, with recent assistance from its football Broncos, is making great strides in both the quality and the visibility of its accomplishments. Hall Farley was established in 1988. Our office in Boise is located one block from the State Capitol Building. We are a highly experienced firm with extensive trial and transaction practices through out the State. Our emphasis is in several areas including all aspects of Insurance Defense, Employment Law and Labor Relations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Products Liability and Transportation Defense, Construction, Business Entities, Banking, Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate. As the firm continues to grow, our commitment to provide effective legal services on a cost-conscious basis will remain the same. We are dedicated to providing quality legal services at an economical cost. As lawyers, we value the trust and confidence placed in us by our clients. We handle a broad range of legal issues, from the negotiation of simple contracts to the resolution of complex litigation matters. Our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal problems encountered in business and personal matters enable us to effectively meet our clients’ special needs. Bart Harwood has a diverse practice in which he has represented lenders, borrowers, sellers and purchasers in a wide variety of commercial and real estate transactions involving many types of properties.

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USA - Oregon

Black Helterline

Ronald Adams 0015 034172132 rta@bhlaw.com

Black Helterline LLP is a Portland, Oregon law firm with nearly a 100-year tradition of providing quality legal services to Pacific Northwest business, governmental and nonprofit institutions. Our firm has recognised expertise in the areas of corporate law, financial institutions, mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliance/joint ventures, international business, real estate transactions and land use, environmental law, construction law, federal and state tax law, bankruptcy and reorganisations, employee benefit law, employment law, immigration and all types of litigation. A number of Black Helterline’s lawyers are licensed to practice in the state of Washington and regularly assist clients with business operations in both Oregon and Washington. The firm has an active Pacific Rim practice and has language capabilities in Korean, German, Spanish and French. The firm is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to our clients. The firm’s aim is to provide innovative solutions to business problems in a manner which meets the timing, needs, means and business objectives of our clients. Black Helterline’s attorneys strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical practice. Our size allows us to offer clients personal attention, staffing continuity and cost efficiency that may not be available in a larger firm.

Black Helterline’s attorneys strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical practice.

Hall Farley

TAGLaw meets the needs of smaller high quality firms to provide legal services to their clients throughout the United States and in foreign countries. The network was highly recommended by members of the Seattle firm of Ryan Swanson. We offer member firms reliable representation in Oregon in key areas of business law, litigation and employment law. We offer a high-quality, businessminded service with a sensitivity for the needs of Oregon and SW Washington businesses that compete in local, national, and international markets. In addition we have extensive experience with wealth transfer and estate planning issues facing residents of Oregon and SW Washington. Finally we have an immigration law group with extensive experience in dealing with the needs of large and small employers and individuals with immigration needs.

USA - Delaware

Young Conaway

Michael R. Nestor 003025716699 mnestor@ycst.com

The challenge for foreign companies looking to do business in Delaware is to consider and choose from a virtually limitless number of options in a cost-efficient manner. Delaware’s unique place in the legal landscape is such that many transactions otherwise unrelated to Delaware are structured to take advantage of its flexible, business-facilitative laws. Delaware has a strong public policy favoring freedom of contract. Young Conaway’s inherent understanding of the process and the law, breadth and depth of experience, and practical approach to our clients’ needs, uniquely qualifies us to help companies meet that challenge. Colleagues at major firms throughout the country and abroad consistently request that Young Conaway serve as co-counsel in some of the most significant corporate and bankruptcy law matters being decided in the courts today. Young Conaway attorneys represent, counsel and provide a broad range of transactional legal services national and international corporations on a wide range of matters, including: entity formation; shareholder, partnership and LLC operating agreements; structured financings; taxation and general corporate counseling; and mergers, sales and acquisitions.

Many transactions otherwise unrelated to Delaware are structured to take advantage of its flexible, business-facilitative laws.

USA - Idaho

Young Conaway’s deep corporate and fiduciary duties experience counselling as well as litigating on behalf of clients in many of the landmark decisions under Delaware law in both corporate and alternative entities, and the fact that we have worked closely with the court and the legislature to address issues that are important to corporations around the world, has allowed Young Conaway to experience years of cutting edge corporate and bankruptcy jurisprudence, often helping to make the laws in these thriving areas of practice. Young Conaway has for many years been involved in the litigation of intellectual property disputes in both jury and bench trials. Drawing upon Young Conaway’s many experienced trial lawyers, we are able to provide a full range of intellectual property litigation services, depending on the needs of individual clients and cases, and routinely represent national and international corporate clients. Young Conaway’s deep corporate and fiduciary duties experience counseling as well as litigating on behalf of clients in many of the landmark decisions under Delaware law in both corporate and alternative entities, and the fact that we have worked closely with the court and the legislature to address issues that are important to corporations around the world, has allowed Young Conaway to experience years of cutting edge corporate and bankruptcy jurisprudence, often helping to make the laws in these thriving areas of practice.

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The Americas

Paul Tauber 0014 157725756 pjt@cpdb.com

Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass has built a reputation as one of California’s most trusted, experienced and respected mid-sized firms. The State of California, in general, and Northern California and Silicon Valley, in particular, offer unique challenges in the practice of law. Because of our firm’s history and longevity, we know the communities in which we practise, as well as key players.We are a go-to firm for a variety of business, litigation, tax and real estate matters. Our business practice has focused primarily on the representation of entrepreneurs and private, generally “middle market” companies in a broad range of industries, ranging from real estate development to the development of novel therapeutics and from some of the largest banking and cable television enterprises to business still operating out of garages. And, given the diverse population in the San Francisco Bay Area, it should come as no surprise that significant clients of our clients are either based overseas or have significant portions of their business overseas. While there are always legal challenges to doing business in California including tax issues, compliance with employment rules, to name two, we find that the key challenge is gathering the necessary information quickly and efficiently. Executives of foreign companies are frequently very concerned about what they perceive as uncontrolled litigation in the US. Thus, it is part of our challenge to help educate our clients and advise them about ways to help minimise those risks. Peter Appleton Jones and the entire TAGLaw team are committed to finding the best firms and expanding the geographical and service reach of the organisation. They don’t simply add firms for the sake of growing numbers. They take the time to get to know firms and lawyers. By doing this, TAGLaw is able to offer more solid referrals on meaningful matters. Through their research for new firms, they are also keenly attuned to the world market for legal services. Individual TAGLaw members are also interested and committed to participating in TAGLaw activities and meetings. Members are extremely knowledgeable, personable and dedicated to learning about other member firms and their unique services. We were lucky in early 2007 to host the Western U.S. Regional Meeting in San Francisco. It was a great opportunity to get to know members in our region, deepen relationships and share potential referral opportunities. TAGLaw is comprised of a sophisticated network of quality firms and lawyers and we believe we share many of the values that are important to our firm. TAGLaw also offered solid leadership, consistent networking and business opportunities – it is a network by practice and not simply in name. We also appreciated the high level of visibility for new firms and the fact that conferences are well-attended.

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USA - Michigan


Peter Sugar 0012 483513000 psugar@jaffelaw.com

Jaffe, Raitt, Heuer & Weiss, a full service business law firm, was established in 1968. With a principal commitment to meet the diverse needs of our clients efficiently and effectively, the firm’s expertise extends to virtually all aspects of business law. Our reputation has been established by our proven ability to respond to clients’ needs in a timely and innovative manner while maintaining a high quality of legal service. Our clients, whatever their size, benefit from the collective experience and knowledge of our lawyers. The ability to draw on firm-wide resources contributes significantly to our ability to quickly identify and respond to clients’ needs. When Jaffe joined the TAGLaw network in August 2000, we were also a member of a national law firm networking group in the United States and we wanted to expand our practice internationally, Taglaw offered us that opportunity. It gave us access to firms of similar size, quality and practice.

The individuals in the firms that we have worked with are dynamic, high quality attorneys who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge with us.

Coblentz Patch

TAGLaw has been so successful because of its members. The individuals in the firms that we have worked with are dynamic, high quality attorneys who are willing to share their expertise and knowledge with us. The conferences that they hold during the year are great networking opportunities as well as relationship building experiences. The key strength that Jaffe brings to the network is the breadth of our practice. The collective experience of our attorneys assures that we can assemble a skilled group of attorneys to focus quickly on the objectives of our clients, whatever the field. We take pride in providing our clients with a high quality, creative and result-oriented legal team and to serve as a primary resource in all aspects of our clients’ business growth and development. Our entrepreneurial spirit remains our driving force as we meet and exceed the needs and goals of our clients, large and small. Our investment in stateof-the-art technology enhances our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to our clients’ interests and desires in a cost-effective manner.

Canada - Vancouver

Harper Grey

Richard Attisha 0016 048952811 rattisha@harpergrey.com

Harper Grey joined the TAGLaw network in December 2001. We were attracted to the quality of member firms in the network. In similar networks the parameters for quality client service are not adhered to as consistently or strictly. TAGLaw members tend to be independent firms that are entrepreneurial in nature, which means they are agile enough to be responsive and small enough to avoid the complications that can pose as internal barriers to client service in larger firms. TAGLaw members are carefully vetted for expertise, stability and other major service quality indicators before being admitted to the network which ensures the continued success of TAGLaw. The fact that the network is run not by lawyers but for lawyers by successful businessmen who understand the global legal market is paramount to its success. In addition the improved client service and global presence gives us and other member firms the ability to compete with national firms. Harper Grey LLP offers the network the largest group of barristers practising from one firm in Western Canada. Our lawyers have a reputation for leadership in the profession, many of them have worked on pivotal cases that have shaped major laws and legislation and many of them have been honoured with appointments in the judiciary. We have a diverse roster of experience to meet a wide range of client needs, and we promote high standards of client communication throughout the office.

That the network is run not by lawyers but for lawyers by businessmen who understand the global legal market is paramount to its success.

USA - California

Currently British Columbia is experiencing intense foreign investment in commercial real estate and technology. These sectors require careful guidance with respect to the regulatory process, employment laws, tax, corporate governance, patents, trademarks and ownership structures. On the litigation front, our courts are quick to assume jurisdiction over foreign entities despite tenuous connections the foreign corporation may have to the jurisdiction. We also live in a litigious society, and approximately 70% of matters referred to us through the network involve litigation commenced in British Columbia against a foreign company. Harper Grey LLP has been in business since 1907. We are one of the oldest and most established fims in British Columbia. We have more than 55 lawyers working with businesses, institutions and individuals on a variety of civil litigation and business matters. Harper Grey LLP provides high-quality legal work, lawyer accessibility and personal service. As a mid-sized firm, we are large enough to ensure top legal expertise and small enough to guarantee close personal attention to our clients.

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The Americas Blaney McMurty

Michael Penman 0014 165933966 mpenman@blaney.com

With 115 lawyers, Blaney McMurty LLP is one of the largest single-office firms in the TAGLaw network. We provide the cost and relationship advantages of partnering with a mid-sized firm, the specialized expertise of a small boutique firm and, through TAGLaw, access to similar services around the world. The firm has recognised the benefit of belonging to TAGLaw and works very hard at maximising the opportunity our membership brings. We do that by being very responsive to inquiries from other firms and by encouraging our clients to use TAGLaw firms wherever they can. We have appreciated the fact that the more we commit to TAGLaw, the more we get out of it. Accordingly, by preparing materials, organizing seminars, speaking at conferences, etc., we have developed a high profile among TAGLaw firms and, both through that and through the quality of our work, gained the confidence of our TAGLaw colleagues. Initially we were attracted to TAGLaw because it is run as a business enterprise by an experienced business team. Although there is an Advisory Board composed of member lawyers, the network is run by an experienced business person and not, as happens in some other networks, by a group of lawyers on a part-time basis. TAGLaw has continued to be successful primarily because of the due diligence exercised by Peter Appleton-Jones in selecting firms to join the network. To join TAGLaw, a firm must typically be nominated by a current TAGLaw firm. Peter then insists on visiting that firm not only to speak with the management of the firm but also to meet with others and gain a feel for the firm’s nature and culture. Peter also has a particular type of firm in mind when growing the group. He is looking for firms that offer topnotch work, provide a high level of service and are successful mid-size firms in their own jurisdictions. Since the firms in TAGLaw have that commonality, it is not surprising that they have similar needs and resources and have the reason and means to cooperate with each other. Canada, and particularly Ontario, has long welcomed foreign investment and foreign participation from the United Kingdom, continental Europe and elsewhere. Blaney McMurtry is located in Toronto, the capital of Ontario and the financial and business centre of Canada. In fact, with a population in excess of four million, Toronto is the fourth largest city in the United States and Canada. Ontario’s statute law and common law are similar to, and in large measure based on, that of the UK. Ontario’s legal concepts and processes are therefore similar to those of the UK and the USA. Its business practices and customs reflect influences from the UK, the USA and Europe. Toronto is often said to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Clients of our TAGLaw colleagues, as well as other clients from around the world, find it an exceptionally welcoming and easy place to do business. Blaney McMurtry’s objective is to make that experience even more rewarding.

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Costa Rica

Oller Abogados

Pedro Oller 0050 62571290 poller@ollerabogados.com

The deciding factor in our decision to join TAGLaw was the quality of firms within the jurisdictions we work with the most. TAGLaw has outstanding firms everywhere, but their Latin American firms were particularly strong and well suited. Our experience suggests that there is a clear understanding of the organisation, its members and the level of service that is expected within the network. When you are confident that referring work across the network will produce consistent results, you are in a position to be successful and that is why TAGLaw has experienced such growth and success. Since Oller Abogados’ incorporation to TAGLaw there has been a complete involvement with the organisation and a leadership in the integration of the region’s firms. Our law firm serves the financial services industry by advising both financial institutions as well as clients with regards to their legal requirements in this area and, most times, serving as a bridge to help them meet and work together. Our commitment in this evolving area includes our continuous legal education and our participation in public and private forums that regularly review legal issues related to the banking and finance industry.

When a foreign firm is acquiring a company or doing business in Costa Rica they should know first and foremost that this is a highly disaggregate area in spite of its size.

Canada - Toronto

When a foreign firm is acquiring a company or doing business in Costa Rica they should know first and foremost that this is a highly disaggregate area in spite of its size. In that sense, having the capability of integrating work across the region and independently of the client’s size or scope is a clear advantage that we are able to offer through TAGLaw. Secondly, our countries are over-regulated and as such, can prove to be burdensome for those entering these markets for the first time. Our multidisciplinary approach and expertise creates an environment of response and resolution for our clients that is appreciated. Finally, the fact that the legal environment is only starting to depart from its rigid formality and leaning towards a more business friendly provision is still challenging for some clients. Thankfully, firms geared towards international clients are emerging constantly and proving to be worthy competitors. Having TAGLaw as part of our service offering provides a clear added-value we treasure.


Galindo Anas & Lopez

Diego Herrera 00507 3030303 dherrera@gala.com.pa

Galindo, Arias & Lopez is a full service law firm that has since 1968 been providing legal counsel, services, and specialised representation to clients with local, national, and international interests. Our hallmark is a long-standing tradition of excellence and commitment to offer the most e ffective and efficient legal advice, personalised services, and representation to our clients and customers. We are proud to have become one of Panama’s leading law firms, having continuously expanded and modernised to satisfy the demands and ever-changing needs of our clients. Over the years we have never wavered from our commitment to offer high quality legal services rooted in ethical integrity and confidentiality in an attorney-client relationship based on mutual respect and trust. Our team of 30 highly-qualified and specialised lawyers, which includes 11 partners, are graduates of prestigious U.S. and Panamanian universities. Most members of our team hold postgraduate degrees and certified expertise from specialized courses taken at leading U.S., European and international universities. The list in South America embraces Argentina ’s University of Buenos Aires and the University of Chile in Santiago. Several of our attorneys joined us after serving in high positions in Panama’s government, including the courts and the nation’s Department Of Justice, giving them valuable opportunities to specialise in their respective areas of practice. One reason we have earned such a solid position in Panama owes itself to the valuable services we provide through our subsidiaries - Regal Trust (BVI) LTD., GALA MANAGEMENT SERVICES INC., Gala Services (BVI) LTD. and GA & L, S.A., - to both incorporate and manage corporations and trusts falling under the jurisdictions of the Republic of Panama and the British Virgin Islands. Another is that we have specialised in seeking to represent multinational corporations either doing business in Panama or with Panamanian legal entities. This similarly extends to Panamanian companies carrying out commercial and financial activities in the local and international marketplaces. We joined TAGLaw in 2003 attracted to the opportunity to be part of a network of qualified law firms to strengthen our practice and to help our existing clients with their legal issues not only in Panama, but elsewhere in the world. We are committed to support TAGLaw activities and we consider that we contribute to the network and its members by providing excellent legal services in a wide variety of practice areas including Corporate, Banking, Trust and Estate, Tax, Mergers and Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Litigation, among others. We are proud of being member of such a successful network and of the strong relationship we have been able to make with other members of the network.

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The Americas Bermuda



Marshall Diel 0014 412957105 tim.marshall@law.bm

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Since 1972 d’Empaire Reyna Bermúdez has been rendering legal services in Venezuela by offering practical and innovative solutions within a complex and challenging business environment. D’Empaire Reyna’s 40 attorneys, including its 14 partners, have completed graduate studies in diverse fields of law and some of them are part-time law professors at leading Venezuelan universities. All are admitted to practice in Venezuela, and several are also admitted to practice in the State of New York. D’Empaire Reyna is leader in M&A transactions and antitrust matters in Venezuela. It also renders legal services in a variety of law fields including corporate finance; intellectual property; telecommunications and media; oil and gas; mining; projects and project finance; human resources and labour law, litigation and arbitration; taxation; franchising and distribution agreements; banking; insurance and aviation. In connection with specific transactions, DRB has worked with leading financial institutions, including JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, CSFB, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Salomon Smith Barney. Leading law firms in London, New York, Houston, Washington and other international business centres rely on DRB as special counsel in cross border transactions relating to Venezuela.

Bermuda is a blue chip jurisdiction which makes a concerted effort to screen out any person or D’Empaire Reyna is leader in business venture that might harm its good, international reputation. M&A transactions and anti-

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In terms of key strengths that we can bring to the network, we are able to provide prompt, practical legal advice to our TAGLaw colleagues who have clients interested in incorporating a Bermuda company here, settling a trust, buying real estate, working in Bermuda or issuing proceedings in this jurisdiction. As a mid-size law firm with an affiliated corporate administration company and licensed trust company, we are able to provide very personalised legal services which has held us in good stead over the years. One of our greatest strengths is that the majority of our attorneys and staff are Bermudians or married to Bermudians. We are therefore able to provide consistency, continuity and a sound knowledge of doing business here. The challenges that exist in our jurisdiction are predictable and in place for good reason. Bermuda is a blue chip jurisdiction which makes a concerted effort to screen out any person or business venture that might harm its good, international reputation. By way of example, the incorporation process is generally longer than some offshore jurisdictions because of the “know your client” requirements that must be met. The additional time is generally viewed as worth it, because once the incorporation has been approved, the client gains access to a very sophisticated jurisdiction where the laws, courts and protections are based on the familiar United Kingdom model.

trust matters in Venezuela

At D’Empaire Reyna Abogados we value excellence. We attract the best lawyers and provide them with the opportunity to attend the best law schools in Venezuela and around the globe. With the only exception of the founders, most of the partners began as associates and most of our associates have developed their entire legal careers at D’Empaire Reyna Abogados. This has allowed us to develop a strong sense of compromise and team work DRB renders assistance to several of the largest corporations in the United States and elsewhere, such as Amway, Avions de Transport Régional, Bouygues, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Caterpillar, Cemex-Vencemos, Computer Associates, Continental Airlines, Del Monte, Dow Corning Corporation, Ferrostaal, Global Crossing, Guardian Industries, Huntsman Corporation, Inelectra, Loctite, Louis Vuitton-LVMH, McDonald’s, Minera Loma de Níquel, Organización Techint, Pfizer, Pirelli, PSEG Americas, Radio Caracas Televisión, Royal & SunAlliance Seguros-Venezuela, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Siderúrgica del Orinoco (Sidor), Sky Latin America, Starmedia Networks, Sun Microsystems, Technip, Telecom Italia Mobile-Digitel, Teledesic, Terra Lycos, The AES Corporation-La Electricidad de Caracas, The Chubb Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company and Weatherford.

In the past we have participated in a couple of legal networks with negative experiences. We had found that some of these networks are more ‘friend clubs’ than professional associations. Others are dominated by certain members and the decisions adopted are based on their interests. In TAGlaw we found a very well structured network with a professional management devoted to enhancing the network and promoting its services. We also found very good quality law firms. We have also found that every member is considered an important part of the network. All these issues attracted us to join the network. The network’s management is very professional and business driven. The personal and professional quality of the members is very high. The members are devoted to developing the network. These elements have made the network successful. Latin America is a very unique place. There are very interesting business opportunities but the system and the way of doing business in quite complicated. Ecuador is no exception and international companies doing business here need to understand this culture in order to be successful.

Marshall Diel & Myers joined TAGLaw in 2002. We are a mid-size law firm of 15 attorneys and 18 support staff that provide a full range of legal services to Bermuda residents and offshore clients. Our corporate and trust attorneys advise on the creation and implementation of financial and estate plans including the formation of companies, partnerships and trusts. Thereafter, we provide a full line of support services for the ongoing management and administration of companies, partnerships and trusts. TAGLaw has a strong international network of attorneys which is useful as when you practise law in Bermuda you need a responsive network that is able to serve the needs of very sophisticated clients that have interests in multiple jurisdictions. One of the reasons for TAGLaw’s success is that members actually use the network and find that the level of service is excellent. Also, there is great emphasis on attending membership events where you are able to establish enduring professional relationships.

Corral & Rosales

Latin America is a very unique place.

We are used to working in complex international transactions and within multi jurisdictional legal teams. We are committed to providing high quality legal services at competitive rates. The knowledge of our legal system and the Latin American culture and way of doing business is also a strength. At CORRAL & ROSALES, we realise the importance of attention to detail and the necessity of forming close, personal relationships with our clients and important local officials as well. For that reason at least two lawyers are cognisant of each matter entrusted to our firm. In this manner, if the responsible lawyer is absent, the client knows to whom he should contact and, hence, his interests are permanently guarded. Moreover, attorneys in our firm have developed deep and rewarding relationships with important government, business and media contacts, which allow us to better serve our clients. Furthermore, our highly developed communications, computer, and word processing systems also help us to provide the highest quality and most expeditious service to our clientele. Nonetheless, without disregarding its vision towards personal service, CORRAL & ROSALES has opted for a sustained and organised growth allowing its expanding staff of legal experts to provide expeditious and comprehensive legal counsel to a growing number of international organisations and individuals. Today, our firm has a professional team with broad experience in the most diverse areas of law, which allows us to give overall assistance to our clients regardless of their individuals needs.

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The Americas/Europe Uruguay

Estudio Bergstein

Jonas Bergstein 00589 29012448 jbergstein@bergsteinlaw.com

We joined TAGLaw in 2001 as we felt the network and its members matched the culture and philosophy of our firm. The network gathers together large and mid-size firms that are prominent in their jurisdictions with substantial international experience. The information shared in the network is really effective. In TAGLaw it is easy to create a group around any topic, pick people to be part of it and contact them. Through the network, our firm has encountered a solid source of legal advice and a reliable source of support in worldwide jurisdictions. The network has proved to be an excellent help to meet our clients’ international needs through local counsel with whom we are on a first name basis. Apart from the benefits to our firm, the management plays a star role within the network. TAGLaw management ensures members’ participation and contributes to raise the profile of the network amongst prospective clients. Our client base is diversified, including national and multinational clients alike, engaged in a wide array of businesses, such as banking, credit cards, financial products, computers and printers, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, electronic appliances and insurance.

The Uruguayan legal system is not substantially different from any Western legal regime.

Estudio Bergstein is regular outside counsel to many leading foreign companies established in Uruguay as well as to several large and small local entities. Practice in this field includes incorporation of companies under all forms of legal structure, filing and maintenance of necessary government licences and certificates, negotiation and formalisation of joint ventures and shareholders’ agreements, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and stock purchase agreements. Ours is a full service law firm, which covers all the areas of the law. All of our attorneys are culturally attuned with the needs of our clients and many of them have foreign academic and professional experiences. The international profile of the firm is in full accordance with the requirements of an international network such as ours. The Uruguayan legal system is not substantially different from any Western legal regime. Inflow and outflow of foreign currency is free, there is not a foreign investment registry, and repatriation of capital and dividends is not subject to restrictions. Probably the key challenge is to understand the local culture.

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Blake Lapthorn

Gillian Leach 0044 2392 530394 gillian.leach@bllaw.co.uk

We were one of the earliest members and therefore it was an exciting prospect to be part of what was then a new and innovative concept for firms of our size and structure. Our growing client base is extensive and has worldwide interest; we had a demand for international coverage, some other networks had a more limited scope, for example just covering Europe or a particular client sector group. TAGLaw gave us the widest possible coverage with assurance that the other member firms would be able to match our own high quality of client service. In TAGLaw, Peter Appleton-Jones has created a professional organisation dedicated to serving the networking objectives of the member firms. He puts the members first and understands that they operate in a changing marketplace. As a consequence the network is constantly reviewing how it is supporting its members and looking for opportunities to benefit and contribute to their success. The network is comprised not only of firms that have the right fit in terms of quality, size and structure, but also the common values of collegiality, respect and willingness to go the extra mile for a fellow member and their clients. It is like having a big supportive family around the world so you always feel confident and comfortable when you need to refer something out to another jurisdiction. The extensive range of specialist services we can offer from our six offices across the south-east of England mean that we have both breadth and depth to our legal services. This means that referrers into Blake Lapthorn Tarlo Lyons can be confident that no matter how complex their client’s needs are, we will be able to give a seamless and consistent service across the full range of their requirements. We have 400 lawyers in total and over 30 of them are able to work in 11 different languages. We are very committed to TAGLaw and bring to it a willingness to contribute to its ongoing success by investing in and participating in its activities and initiatives. The key legal challenges concern the interrelationship between the freedom to enter into contractual relationships and the statutory limitations and restrictions on how those relationships need to be documented and conducted. Whether it is commercial, real estate, employment or any other form of contract or relationship the legislation must always be interpreted and lawyers consulted on how to proceed in a way that serves the client’s best interests. If things go wrong there are now a wide range of options for resolving matters and choosing the right one, be it court litigation or one of the alternative forms of arbitration and dispute resolution is now a complex question. We are here to assist our clients and all the clients of the TAGLaw members in navigating these complexities.


Boodle Hatfield

Simon Fitzpatrick 0044 207 0798162 sfitzpatrick@boodlehatfield.com

Boodle Hatfield is the London member of TAGLaw. Medium-sized, with just over 100 lawyers, it fits the TAGLaw brand perfectly. We have been based in the heart of London for almost 300 years. We still act for some of our very first clients and are proud to do so. We have grown into a substantial practice, serving the full spectrum of commercial and private clients, both domestically and internationally. Much of the firm’s work is international with our English clients requiring assistance from lawyers in Europe, USA and throughout the world. As a result of this the firm was one of the founder members of TAGLaw and was involved in the first TAGLaw conference in Paris in 1999. The firm now has a dedicated team of six partners who are responsible for TAGLaw relationships and who meet monthly to discuss the development of the network. We have a particular understanding of the specific pressures that face owner-managed businesses, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals investing in assets in the UK and overseas. We are renowned nationally and beyond for our private client and tax expertise. Our understanding of the way in which tax, trusts, corporate, employment and property law interact is of particular importance to family businesses, owner-managed companies and entrepreneurs. We are recognised as a leading property firm. Our experience is extensive and ranges from high value development sites to significant residential acquisitions. Together with Boult Cummings we are leaders of TAGLaw’s new Real Estate Specialty Group. We hope to create a community of property lawyers by sharing member profiles and producing a newsletter which highlights recent transactions and industry trends, while keeping everyone updated on how the TAGLaw Real Estate members are successfully using TAGLaw to create business opportunities. Working with teams across the world we have been involved in the full spectrum of litigation work and in particular in seeking and defending applications for injunctions in France, Jersey and Germany (on Christmas Eve). Amongst others we have acted for US, Dutch, French, German and Scottish companies in substantial litigation in England and Wales. The TAGLaw network has been enormously successful. A key reason is evident at every meeting of members. There is a great enthusiasm to make it work, to assist one another in spreading expertise across the network and by introducing clients and contacts wherever possible. From our base in Central London we offer the benefit of local knowledge and trusted contacts in every business area. It is this focus, combined with our 300 year heritage, name and reputation in the UK market that we hope will assist TAGLaw members and their clients around the world.

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Europe Paull & Williamsons

Richard Goodfellow 0044 1224621621 rgoodfellow@paull-williamsons.co.uk

We joined the network when it was established in 1998. We were drawn to the vision and ambition displayed by Peter Appleton-Jones. We believe that Peter had the right qualities to create a successful worldwide network and the timing was right for this in terms of the increased demand for globalisation of legal services. The success of the network as a whole is largely due to the careful selection process of the member firms who are broadly similarly placed in their respective jurisdictions and share a common desire to make the network successful. The TAGLaw seminars have been well attended and productive and reflect the desire of the members to achieve a successful worldwide network of high quality legal representation. It has always been our experience that the member firms respond quickly to our needs and the ability to deal with matters affecting foreign jurisdictions for our clients promptly is a key benefit to the service we can provide. The network is clearly a more cost effective arrangement than setting up our own branch offices in foreign jurisdictions which allows us to provide an international service at a competitive rate.

The TAGLaw seminars have been well attended and productive.

Like other member firms, we offer a broad range of services with strength in depth and a commitment to provide assistance quickly and efficiently. Our willingness to be cooperative and on the end of a phone to help deal with any queries or matters affecting our jurisdiction even where that may not result in a formal instruction is often useful in helping to enhance the service other members can provide for their respective clients. Scotland is in many respects a separate jurisdiction within the UK with its own national laws is often overlooked and there is therefore a need to consider Scottish legal implications in relation to any dealings within our jurisdiction. There are many features of the Scottish legal system which differ significantly from England particularly in relation to real estate where Scottish legal advice is essential. In addition to the legal formalities and procedures, there is in addition an increasingly rigid money laundering regime to be addressed by any foreign company seeking to conduct business in Scotland. We help our clients and clients of the other member firms avoid any potential pitfalls when acquiring into Scotland. Paull & Williamsons is a commercially-based law firm with its principal offices in Aberdeen and an additional litigation support office in Edinburgh. Founded in the early part of the 19th Century, it has grown to become one of the leading names in Scottish legal circles, serving clients throughout the country in a variety of business sectors, particularly in corporate, commercial property and oil and gas work.

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LK Shields

Ed Butler 00353 16610866 ebutler@lkshields.ie

TAGLaw, as a legal firms’ network, promoted by non-lawyers, was an exciting and refreshing concept. TAGLaw is not saddled with the baggage of other legal networks which seem to be driven by the needs, capacities and other variable factors of particular member firms. TAGLaw is driven by bigger and broader objectives than other legal networks which we have seen. TAGLaw’s success derives from the dedicated nature of its human resources, clear setting of objectives and its demonstrable achievement of its objectives. Of great importance is the empathy between TAGLaw and its members and the members among themselves in setting and enforcing policies and standards which are deliverable. The network respects the independence of member firms in serving their clients’ needs in every circumstance. TAGLaw is not bound down by red tape, as some other networks have been observed to be. TAGLaw has demonstrated quality of decision making when confronted with difficult and sometimes complex situations and has invariably achieved an outcome which has maximised the network’s resources and opportunities without compromising on the core values of collegiality and mutual trust.

The network respects the independence of member firms in serving their clients’ needs in every circumstance.


Collegiality and mutual trust are at a high level among member firms and are promoted by frequent personal contact and effective communications which quickly overcome issues or perceived issues, resulting in quality service delivery to all clients concerned. We offer several specialities which we share with a number of TAGLaw firms. Our client base and service offerings have grown from our TAGLaw relationships. Our level of commitment to TAGLaw is high. TAGLaw’s model has provided us with significant opportunities and we are committed to maximising the value of those opportunities. Our commitment and enthusiasm for TAGLaw’s model permeates our firm and is demonstrated by a high level of our participation in TAGLaw events. As a firm in growth, our reach in our own jurisdiction and abroad is a feature which makes us attractive to the network. The legal challenges facing foreign companies in our jurisdiction are similar to those in other EU states and in modern economies and legal systems. We have an open and welcoming economy and legal system. We emphasise not the difficulties facing foreign companies in our jurisdiction, but the opportunities which are offered. Our contacts and relationships within the political, business and professional communities can provide very useful support to foreign companies in our jurisdiction.

Isle of Man

Gough & Co

Alan Gough 0044 1624623919 agough@goughco.com

Gough & Co. is a highly specialised Isle of Man law practice. The firm has evolved over three decades since 1976, when Alan Gough started out on his own account, but has always retained its central philosophy of providing a ‘Platinum Card’ service in limited areas of the law. The firm now concentrates on Commercial High Court Litigation, international and domestic Corporate work, Commercial and Private Property, and high-value Private Client and Trust work. The firm’s litigators concentrate on the top end of the market and in particular on High Court matters. Alan Gough has an undisputed reputation as the leading practitioner in matters involving the international tracing of assets, fraud and the provision of injunctive relief; in recent years the firm has been instrumental in the recovery of hundreds of millions of dollars of clients’ money which those clients had considered lost forever. The firm also advises international financial institutions on the conduct of insolvency matters in the Island. The firm’s growing corporate department specialises in domestic and international business sales, structuring and joint ventures and advises both established businesses and new ventures. The firm is regularly instructed by London and New York City firms in relation to the Isle of Man aspects of multijurisdictional transactions dealing with matters such as corporate governance, corporate financing and mergers and acquisitions. A growing area of the firm’s commercial practice is in the expanding Russian market for specialist foreign legal services The Gough & Co. objectives can be summarised as trying to achieve the desired result for the client in the safest, quickest and most economical way; to establish a firm and sure basis for the client’s business deals without unnecessary complexities; to avoid litigation, where possible, but to fight cases vigorously when necessary. To best achieve these ends, the firm has been divided into departments comprising professionals with particular experience and knowledge in the required areas. Each department is backed up by the latest technical and research support systems. The departments also interact. Client problems cannot always be dealt with by one department, and flexibility and a ready exchange of ideas and assistance is designed to obtain maximum input to the matter in hand. Although located in the offshore financial centre of the Isle of Man the firm has recognised expertise in the offshore environment generally, and is often retained to assist in other jurisdictions, especially in the field of asset tracing.

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Europe Malta

Camilleri Preziosi

Henri Mizzi 00356 21238989 henri.mizzi@camilleripreziosi.com



Philip Jenkinson 0033 3207570303 jenkinson@triplet.com

Germany - Frankfurt

GGV Gruetzmacher

Andreas Bittner 0049 69979610 bittner@gg-v.de

Triplet & Associés

TAGLaw was conceived by an external manager who continues to run the network efficiently and professionally today.

TAGLaw was conceived by an external manager who continues to run the network efficiently and professionally today. Many other networks are run by a small number of lawyers who are also members of the network. In addition, TAGLaw is made of law firms of a comparable size and philosophy and which have compatible skills and talents, as well as serving a similar business client base in their own jurisdictions. One of the key reasons for TAGLaw’s success is its professional manager Peter Appleton-Jones and his team being able not only to establish, but also to respond well to, the needs and wishes of the members. Moreover, over the years, regular contact between members at bi-annual and regional meetings has enabled efficient interaction and increased comprehension of legal problems and solutions between the practices in many different jurisdictions. Foreign acquirers into France will not only have to come to terms with language, they must also understand the French cultural approach to legal and business matters, which is very different compared to, say, the US and UK perspectives. Being part of the network we can assist member firms looking to acquire into France. At Triplet we have an experienced team of bilingual, bicultural French lawyers able to interface smoothly with clients outside France and who are able to offer US style responsiveness to their clients’ needs.

GGV joined the TAGLaw network in November 2005. We initially met all the members at our first international network conference in Prague in November 2005 and were highly impressed with the personal approach they all had and each member seemed to be really interested in our firm. Due to the regular bi-annual international meetings and European meetings there is a continually good chance to build up relationships with the other member firms within the network. The success of TAGLaw is based solidly on a joint understanding of the high level of work required and the full professional engagement in the clients’ needs. Additionally, the common background of all the member firms being mid-sized entities, assures a better result but lower fees compared to the larger law firms with whom we are in competition. For a foreign company doing business in Germany the key challenge is navigating the very complicated tax rules including the national rules for financial statements. In addition the EU legislation is unknown in other parts of the world as is the complex inter-dependences among company law, taxes and recapitalisation. We can assist all member firms with these issues.

For a foreign company doing business in Germany the key challenge is navigating the very complicated tax rules.

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Triplet was founded in 1950 by Jean-Jacques Triplet and since then its outlook has always been European and international. Its members bring together legal, linguistic and inter-cultural skills aimed at serving the needs of an international clientele. The prevailing philosophy within the practice is that the client’s objectives are paramount and that it is only by listening to his or her needs that proper legal means may be allied to sound business sense to achieve the desired result. Triplet & Associés is a French law practice acting principally not only for international corporations which carry out business on French territory, but also for nonFrench corporations which are established, or which seek to establish themselves, in France. The firm acts for a considerable number of American, Asian and British entities to which it gives advice and assistance (in English) in regard to French law. We joined the TAGLaw network at the outset upon being contacted by Peter Appleton-Jones. We were already a member of another network which we duly quit in order to make the fullest contribution possible to the TAGLaw network. Today, several years later, we do not regret this decision in any way and are proud to be members of TAGLaw for France.

Founded in the 1960s, Camilleri Preziosi is one of the leading law firms in Malta, which has been a member of the European Union since 2004. From its early days, the firm was moulded as one which distinguished itself from general legal practices in Malta, by creating a focussed and specialised practice characterised by the delivery of a high quality and efficient service to clients whose interests in domestic and international transactions lay principally in the corporate and commercial law field. Throughout the years, the firm has evolved into a focussed niche player servicing its clients particularly in general corporate and commercial work and the financial services sector, both locally as well as in the international arena. In providing the innovation in thought and technical excellence in the law expected from our clients, we endeavour to place ourselves in our clients’ position and offer an integrated, solution-driven and businessoriented service aimed at drawing our clients closer to their commercial objectives in a more effective, efficient and expeditious approach. The level of specialisation and commercial orientation nurtured within the firm, which is further enhanced project after project, enable us to advise on the most complex of commercial transactions, in which an amalgam of depth of legal expertise combined with breadth of commercial experience is crucial. The firm’s capacity to service both local clients involved in transactions having an international dimension as well as foreign-based clients pursuing business interests in Malta has been accentuated ever since its alliance with TAG Law. We have found TAG Law to be the ideal platform for bridging the gap between our own and other legal systems. In view of our firm’s affiliation to TAG Law, when necessary we are in a position to draw on the expertise of amongst the world’s leading international law firms in order to ensure that our clients are afforded the best possible advice adhering to best practice, particularly in the case of multi-jurisdictional transactions. TAG law has put our firm in a position to offer our clients access to a vast network of law firms which, as in our case, have opted to target primarily the corporate and commercial field and have distinguished themselves in areas as diverse as mergers and acquisitions, EC competition law, telecoms regulations, taxation and dispute resolution. On the other side of the spectrum, Camilleri Preziosi’s assistance is frequently invoked by its international counterparts either seeking advice on the possible implications of Maltese law on a particular transaction or requesting it to form part of an integrated team engaged to take a complex project forward. When working with other firms forming part of the TAG Law network, we are confident that our clients will be satisfied with the service provided by firms of a comparable philosophy and having compatible specialisations in their respective jurisdiction.

Our firm was founded in 1974 by Dr. Rolf Grützmacher. From the beginning the philosophy of the firm was to render multi-professional high-level consulting services with a high degree of partner involvement. GGV is now a firm of lawyers, auditors, tax consultants and notaries in the legal form of a German partnership. With 18 partners and 85 employees we operate from four offices in Frankfurt am Main (main office), Hamburg, and Paris France. Seven of our professionals are CPAs (German Wirtschaftspruefer/vereidigter Buchpruefer). We work with multidisciplinary and wellestablished teams in all our offices. We serve clients in several industries and of different sizes. Among our clients are internationally acting groups as well as German subsidiaries of multi-national companies, start-up companies as well as long-established German engineering companies, individuals and families as well as non profit organisations. Our clients are in different industries and sectors: wholesale and trade, IT-consulting and software, real estate, investment banking and brokerage, marketing, and engineering.

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Europe B Cremades

Bernardo Cremades 0034 914237200 bcremades-mad@bcremades.com

When we joined TAGLaw on 1 January 2003, we were not actively seeking to become member of a lawyer’s network. It was mainly the personal contact established by Peter Appleton that made us consider his offer to join TAGLaw. Obviously, there were also other motives. The group was growing fast and many of the member firms had a profile comparable to ours, i.e. midsize, with a broad civil and administrative law practice, but also some specialisation which allows them to punch above their weight. We also valued that each firm in TAGLaw remains an independent organisation that performs its own work for its own clients. At the same time, we liked the approach that the incentive for referring work inside TAGLaw is not primarily financial, but to provide clients access to the best advice from the best firm. Even though it is not at all a novelty and probably all networks emphasise this point, the quality of the members of TAGLaw has proven decisive. From our own experience, we have received positive feedback from all our clients we have referred to other TAGLaw members. The same holds true for the experience TAGLawyers from other jurisdictions and their clients had with our firm. Another important key to TAGLaw’s success is the perfectly organised TAGLaw meetings, which are attended by at least one regular contact person. This is where the attendees nurture genuine business relationships between member firms based on personal empathy. Since foreign investments in Spain have been generally liberated, the main challenge a foreign investor faces today may result from a misunderstanding of his business partner due to cultural differences. This could be even more vital if you want do do business outside the commercial centres Madrid and Barcelona. The demand for increased independence from some Spanish regions is not only the source of some political instability, but also reflects the different business cultures a foreign investor may face in different parts of Spain. Our key strength is the sound reputation of B. Cremades y Asociados in the Spanish legal world in all matters related to direct foreign investments. As known experts in international arbitration and dispute resolution, we are also in an excellent position to help take the right decisions for disinvestments, if necessary. The keyword at our firm is international: all our lawyers are able to provide full counsel in English and have received legal training outside of Spain; three of them even come from other jurisdictions (France, United Kingdom and Germany). Therefore, we are able to see the needs of a foreign investor through his eyes and to provide solutions which are perfectly feasible in Spain.

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Norsker & Co

Anders Aagaard 0045 33110885 aaa@norskerco.dk

We joined TAGLaw in 2003 as we felt that everything about the network pointed in the direction of “quality”. The topics and speakers at the first conference we attended, the colleagues that we met and the organisation driving the network were all very impressive. The success of TAGLaw is the result of the commitment of The Appleton Group and the member firms. The member firms have been selected very carefully and once in the network, the firms are inspired by the people in The Appleton Group and by the colleagues they meet at the conferences. At the first conference we attended, we immediately had the feeling that TAGLaw was a unique network and that something was really happening. Danish law is very straightforward. Of course there are certain areas which are heavily regulated, such as commercial property leasing. However, there are as such no key legal challenges for foreign companies in our jurisdiction. As in many other jurisdictions, a key challenge is to find the right local cooperation partners.

We immediately had the feeling that TAGLaw was a unique network and that something was really happening.


We operate in a jurisdiction which is very attractive to international companies and investors. Denmark has an ideal geographical location as the link between the European continent and the Nordic countries. The business environment is very international. The workforce is highly skilled and the labour market is very flexible. The public authorities work effectively and are supportive of foreign investment. Our legal expertise and strong network in our jurisdiction are our key strengths. Norsker & Company aims to provide highly qualified legal assistance to its clients. Clients will refer directly to a partner who will be overall responsible for the client. The responsible partner will have the full expertise of the firm available to him. The firm is a true partnership ensuring that the most qualified legal expertise is available to the client at all times. The firm has as its objective to combine the highly experienced and qualified legal expertise of its lawyers with the first-rate management skills of its chairman. In doing so, we aim to combine the force of our history going back to 1901 with the ability to comply with today’s requirements in respect of the commercial needs of the legal profession to the benefit of our clients, cooperation partners and the firm.


Adam & Bleser

Romain Adam 00352 472424 r.adam@adam-bleser.lu

Adam & Bleser was founded in 1996 and we were approached by Peter Appleton at the end of 1999 asking us to join the network as the only law firm representing the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg in the network. As a member of the TAGLaw network we have the possibility to offer our clients cross-border services with good connections all over the world to lawyers we know personally. Due to the fact that for the past two years there has been two international meetings per year as well as regional meetings between the members of the network, the personnel and the professional relationships between the members are strong. The success of TAGLaw can in our view be explained mainly because of three major factors. Firstly, the social character of the annual, regional meetings of the members gives all the lawyers of the different member firms the possibility to get to know each other better. Secondly, the number of law firms established on the American continent, compared to the law firms established on the European continent is in balance. Finally, the philosophy and the guiding rules concerning quality of services and responsiveness are equally shared by all the members. Our law firm has experienced that the law firms to which we referred our clients acted very professionally and efficiently. We prioritise any TAGLaw referral in order to give 100 % satisfaction to the referred client. We are a small firm with eight lawyers but we cover all areas of expertise requested by correspondent law firms in the network. In addition our partners and associates are fluent in French, German and English which enables us to break the language barriers on cross border deals. With a surface area of 2 586 km2 and a population of about 459.000 inhabitants (January 2006), the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the smallest member state of the European Union. Surrounded by three important economic partners (Germany, France and Belgium), Luxembourg has always supported economic openness, the development of foreign relationships and the integration in larger economic spaces. Under the Treaty on European Union, freedom of trade and of indemnity as well as freedom of establishment of a business are guaranteed to the nationals of the member states of the European Union, and to nationals of all other non-member states. Nevertheless, nationals of non-member states have to forward a bank guarantee to the Ministry of Justice in order to obtain a residence permit. The right to set up in the skilled craft trades, industry, commercial business and certain professions is regulated by the Law of 28 December 1988. Under this law, a government permit is required for any industrial or trade activity. No permit is required from the Luxembourg authorities in respect of non-resident nationals of other member states of the European Union or the European Economic Area who visit Luxembourg occasionally.

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Magdalena Kobosko 0048 226303131 m.kobosko@wkw.pl

Being an independent Polish law firm, we were primarily attracted by the global range of the TAGLaw network. We need to ensure that we, and our clients, can obtain professional advice where necessary if we do not have ‘best friends’ law firms and colleagues we work with every day in the jurisdiction concerned. We learned from our colleagues working in other esteemed European law firms, who were already TAGLaw members at the time, that TAGLaw works well, so we contacted the network to learn more about it. Meanwhile, the Polish member ceased its activities in the network, which motivated us to make a quick decision to join the network. TAGLaw is a law firms’ network of a truly global reach, which is evident from the list of members and their jurisdictions. A team of professionals is in charge of managing and developing the network. Therefore, the network’s organisational framework is made up of people who are adequately prepared for the job and who fully use the assistance of lawyers to the extent it is necessary. These people work continually and consistently on the organisation of the network, rather than working from one event to the other (or from one annual meeting to the other, which seems to be one of the major weaknesses of such networks). This makes the network constantly active, which includes both the ‘top-down’ activity and the involvement of network members in grassroots efforts, whether on a group or local (regional) scale, and in building close multi- and bi-lateral relations. Consequently, the network is continuously developing in a number of respects, and in many directions. WKB’s key strength is the quality of legal services we provide and the huge experience we have amassed during many years of work for international clients from a number of jurisdictions and while handling multi-jurisdiction transactions. Thus, WKB brings to the network high-quality legal services provided by recognised lawyers who are experts on most areas of Polish law, including the leading Polish lawyers in certain fields, such as M&A, energy law, or contract (public procurement) law. Importantly, they combine their knowledge and experience in the field with the knowledge of economic, political and social realities of the Polish market and its many sectors (steel, energy, telecommunications, media and food industries). We often create a cultural bridge to enhance the understanding between Polish clients or Polish businesses that our foreign clients are interested in, Polish companies and their foreign business partners. This was crucial not only prior to Polish accession to the EU, but is also essential now, as we have a very important role to point to and explain the few differences (or actually to emphasise the similarities) between our legal system and the better known systems of other EU member states.

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Italy & Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria Livia Oglio 0039 02762041 livia.oglio@sutti.com


Dubravka Kosic 00381 113345195 dubravka.kosic@sutti.com

Efficient and successful management of the network, comparable features of the members which make synergies much better and increased opportunities for referrals and work on joint projects, have led to TAGLaw being the success it is today. Our firm, being one of the ten largest headquartered in the Italian jurisdiction and possibly one the five largest in Romania, is a full-service business practice covering four jurisdictions, having welcomed patent attorneys and tax advisors (commercialisti) to its ranks, and established the single largest practice of South-Eastern Europe (in terms of human resources, territorial coverage and turnover). Acquirers into Italy will currently face a certain market fragility due to the recent change of the government and of the governor of the Central Bank, coupled with the turmoil generated by the Cirio and Parmalat bankruptcies. This fragility is generating restructuring, insolvency and litigation work for lawyers, while a controversial tax reform keeps tax advisors busy. Our Firm is favoured by this situation because of our strong litigation practice and expertise in management of court cases throughout Italy. Private equity also remains a consistent part of legal work.

The firm is now active with its own offices in Bulgaria, Serbia & Montenegro, and Romania.


Furthermore, the recent “liberalisation” measures enacted by the Government are also bringing changes to the way our legal profession is organised. One of them is the provision freeing up the possibility of working on a contingency-fee basis. Further to mergers with local leading players, the Firm is now active with its own offices also in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania and represents a point of reference with respect to investment and trade involving that part of the world. As far as the Balkans are concerned, we believe that foreign companies should be able to activate appropriate local resources, as well as to effectively control their investments. In our experience, competent and efficient legal assistance is an essential ingredient for the success of those ventures, besides of course their own human resources and business partners.


Hodler & Emmenegger

Bernhard Welten 0041 313562121 b.welten@swisslawyersgroup.ch

Hodler & Emmenegger is one of the leading law firms in Berne, established in 1922 and existing in its current form since 1979. The firm advises Swiss and foreign companies as well as individuals. We provide all our clients with a very personal partner-led service. Through running several trade associations in the food industry for many years the lawyers of the firm have excellent contacts to cantonal and Swiss authorities, parlamentarians and the executive power. We have joint venture agreements with three other Swiss law firms in Zug, Lugano and Geneva to create a team of around 20 lawyers. The firm opened up a branch in Zürich in 2004. We joined TAGLaw in 2001. We had been in regular contact with two or three other international firms who were already members of the network and therefore we had some information on how well TAGLaw was working. TAGLaw boasts strong independent management. Lawyers in the network cooperate well together, sharing problems to find solutions for their clients. As the market for legal services becomes more international, the network fits perfectly with the growing international demand of our clients.

Lawyers in the network cooperate well together, sharing problems to find solutions for their clients


In Switzerland the key challenge for any foreign company is setting up the company structure in the right way and applying – where necessary – for the permits to conduct business. In addition knowing the market for employees and the legislation surrounding employment in the country is crucial. We have extensive experience covering the Swiss legal market. We have a deep knowledge of the local food and sports industry. In addition, we know Swiss tax structures very well and can assist any member firm on the best structure for their clients individual demands. Bernhard is a member of the Bernese and Swiss Bar Associations, the Association Suisse de Droit du Sport (ASDS), the Association Suisse de l’Arbitrage (ASA), the International Bar Association (IBA), the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA), and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS/CAS). Outside corporate and commercial law he specialises in international sports law, competition and antitrust law and tax law. He is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and speaks basic Spanish.

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Europe/Africa Krogerus & Co

Hannu Krogerus 00358 96226520 hannu.krogerus@krogerus.com

Founded in 1992, Krogerus & Co is today one of the largest and most prominent law firms in Finland, with a team of 60 lawyers and offering a full range of legal services relating to different sectors of business law, including mergers and acquisitions, contracts, company law, capital market operations, as well as telecommunications, IT and media law. The legal services offered for clients are tailored in cooperation with the clients themselves to suit their current needs. In order to offer the best possible service to our clients, Krogerus has well-established contacts with a number of investment and commercial banks, authorities and government agencies, as well as law firms and auditing firms both in Finland and abroad. Our clients are large and medium-sized domestic and foreign corporations and financial institutions. Advising high technology companies, especially electronics and telecommunications companies, as well as government agencies and other public institutions constitute an important and growing part of our operations. Krogerus serves also smaller companies, especially internationally oriented ones, as well as selected individuals.

We joined TAGLaw in 2001 as it was a professionally led network with a clear objective to be the leading network for middle-sized high-quality law firms.

We joined TAGLaw in 2001 as it was a professionally led network with a clear objective to be the leading network for middle-sized high-quality law firms. The network has a separate management function that consists of non-lawyers. The management does this as their main job which allows them to focus solely on the quality of the network. There has been and still is demand for this kind of a network among law firms. Krogerus offers full range, high quality business law service in six offices across the country. We are able to fulfil the various needs of our current and potential customers. We also bring knowledge of the Finnish legislation and economy to the network. Terms of employment, strict labour legislation, and taxation are among others things that have to be taken into consideration when doing business in Finland. In addition, Finnish language is also one of the challenges facing many foreign companies in Finland. We are on hand to assist any of the TAGLaw member firms’ clients with these issues.

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Gabor Germus 00361 3424950 germus@sbgk.hu

We are amongst the founding members of TAGLaw joining the network in 1999. Taglaw is a well organised and profession orientated network covering many jurisdictions. The selection of the firms has been very carefully made, therefore the member firms represent the same, highly professional value in their own respective jurisdictions as we do in ours. Quality law firms, organisation and good personal contacts have made the network a vital organisation where clients receive legal service at a top level. Generally middle sized firms have joined the network achieving a global coverage. From this follows that the member firms can render the same service as the multinational law firms but at a more achievable price. Flexibility is also a key element of the successful cooperation: a member can expect first rank service in a flexible way from its TAGLaw partner. After the changes of 1989, Hungary set up a business friendly legal system. Nonetheless, there are areas where there is a lot to improve: the current company registration system is, for example, still too bureaucratic. In terms of taxation, an external investor will face an unusually complex, sometimes even over-complicated system, in which the relevant legal rules are lacking transparency, and are also located in several legal norms, located on various levels of the legal system. Last but not least, foreign investors may well encounter cultural differences and language problems. We are a reliable local firm with a good reputation and tradition of almost 40 years. We know the Hungarian legal environment and offer the whole range of legal services belonging to the scope of business law. In terms of patents, trademarks and in pharmaceuticals as well as investments and international deals, too. SBGK Patent and Law Offices were founded in 1969 as a result of a union of Patent Attorneys and Lawyers. The firm has been dealing with international affairs since the merging of the two areas. Due to this special cooperation, industrial property law has always been very significant in the firm’s profile including trademark law and anti-piracy activity, as well as the related area of competition law. The other major area is the representation of multinational companies in Hungary. Our experience shows that foreign investors like to have their problems solved under one roof. Investors need help from the beginning of a project to the very end, such as establishing a company or at acquisition receiving full and complete legal overview, management of daily company duties, establishing subsidiaries, handling tax issues, collecting outstanding debts etc. Co-operating with independent auditing or real estate companies upon the client’s request, we can offer our “comprehensive service package” which includes financial or other special advice. The above goals are reached with professional staff with a good command of foreign languages.


Mboya Wangongu

Godwin Wangongu 00254 20341457/8 godwin@mboyawangongu.com

Mboya & Wangong’u Advocates joined TAGLaw in 2002. The TAGLaw network was relatively new and displayed growing influence in many parts of the world. Due to this , we were keen to be part of a growing network of law firms in order to satisfy the needs of our clients which, in many instances, cross state boundaries. The presence of the network on the world wide web gave ease of access to its resources and resulted in efficiency in the problem solving process. TAGLaw was also increasingly present in many countries and proved a vital resource where clients required legal comment on foreign law. TAGLaw, being an interconnection of law firms from various jurisdictions, offers local lawyers the benefit of contact with lawyers in other jurisdictions. This enables the local lawyer to offer legal solutions to their clients on matters that have a foreign law aspect to them in an expeditious manner. Its online operation offers a time and cost effective way of getting in touch with other reputable law firms in various jurisdictions. The success has also been boosted by the growing need for clients to receive legal comment on foreign law which is spurred by the globalisation of the economic sector. The strict vetting procedures used by TAGLaw also contribute to its success because of the quality of services that are offered by these members. In addition, the reputation of excellence has attracted the attention of other reputable firms resulting in a domino effect of growth in membership.

TAGLaw, being an interconnection of law firms from various jurisdictions, offers local lawyers the benefit of contact with lawyers in other jurisdictions.


Our law firm is the only member based in East Africa and as such offers a pioneering service in regard to law in this region. Our experience, having advised influential clients including the Government of Kenya, state corporations and major players in the economy as well as international enterprises having interests in Kenya, is a reservoir of legal expertise which would prove indispensable to any firm wishing to receive legal comment on Kenyan law on behalf of its clients. This is particularly important because of the significance of Kenya and Nairobi in particular as the financial capital in the region. Further, the country has observed increased interest by foreign based companies which wish to set up an economic base in the country. This makes it probable that foreign law firms will, at some point, be required by some of their clients to comment on Kenyan law. Foreign companies are prohibited from owning certain property such as land without presidential exemption from this rule (which is discretionary). Another legal requirement is that for any of its management staff to work in Kenya, the company would have to secure a work permit for such personnel.

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Simon Ward 0061 882053305 sward@piper-alderman.com.au

Understanding our constantly changing corporation legislation and our complex foreign investment regime is essential for any foreign acquirer into Australia. It is also important to understand the roles that the various corporate and market regulators play in significant corporate transactions. Piper Alderman has strong contacts within the corporate and market regulators. In addition, the complexity of Australian taxation laws, combined with the separation of State and Federal jurisdictions, means that obtaining quality legal advice is a crucial part of any transaction in Australia. We are a top 20 firm in Australia, with four strong offices covering four state jurisdictions with overall corporate, property and dispute resolution expertise, and a good client base and strong governmental contacts. The firm is the product of the merger of a commercial and banking practice founded in the 1840s and a litigious and insurance practice founded in 1928. We offer a full range of effective legal services and act for many of Australia’s leading companies as well as government and private clients.

In addition, the complexity of Australian taxation laws means that obtaining quality legal advice is a crucial part of any transaction in Australia.

This firm has more than 55 partners and employs some 100 additional lawyers and also has a legal support staff of 130 including paralegals, office administrators, computer specialists and accountants. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, Piper Alderman attorneys are leading advisers to commercial interests across Australia. Taglaw has links to independent medium sized firms similar to us in each jurisdiction and a commitment to, and interest in, growing and developing the network and fostering collaboration amongst the member firms. It has stuck to, and successfully implemented, the strategy described above and has involved the firms in each step of the growth. The firms in the network have a genuine interest in each other. Also, the quality and commitment of its member firms worldwide contributes to Taglaw’s success. Our experience from other Taglaw members is that member firms have been quick to respond, and their assistance is of a high quality.

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Tilleke & Gibbins

David Lyman 0066 22637720 dlyman@tillekeandgibbins.com

Tilleke & Gibbins was established in 1890 and is the oldest and one of the largest independent multi-service law firms in Thailand, with offices in Bangkok and Phuket. We also have a regional presence, with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our Bangkok office employs approximately 60 attorneys and 205 support staff. The firm engages in a diversified general commercial, corporate, litigation and intellectual property practice, with over 5,500 clients ranging from large multinational corporations and financial institutions to privately held companies, not-for-profit entities, and individuals throughout Thailand and the world. We are unique when compared with other international firms in Thailand because we have the expertise and legal sophistication to handle complex legal matters, yet we are local and possess the cultural understanding and community base necessary to deliver practical and cost-effective results.

We are unique when compared with other international firms in Thailand.

Thailand’s Foreign Business Act forbids foreign individuals and foreign majority-owned companies from engaging in certain business activities reserved for Thai nationals only, such as wholesale/retail, brokerage/agency, any kind of service activity, etc. Foreigners wishing to engage in one of the reserved activities need to obtain an alien business licence prior to commencement of business operations. However, the application process can be time-consuming and the outcome is unpredictable. The Land Code also generally prohibits foreigners and foreign majority-owned companies from owning land in Thailand. In addition, there are certain businesses under specific laws which limit the percentage of foreign ownership and number of foreign directors, unless otherwise relaxed by special permission from the authority concerned. These include banking, finance and credit foncier, life and casualty insurance, tour agency, marine transportation, air transportation, and employment agency. To date, most of the cross-border work has been inbound and we assist TAGLaw member firms on their clients’ acquisitions into Thailand. However, as our Thai clients start to seek foreign markets and get involved in transactions abroad, we see increasing opportunity for us to refer cases out to other TAGLaw firms. We joined TAGLaw in 2003. Our firm is a member of Lex Mundi which more or less captures the largest independent law firms worldwide. The TAGLaw firms are medium size firms which we would also want to be associated with and gives us the a larger international scope.

Hong Kong

Victor Chu & Co

Victor Chu 00852 29561818 vchu@victorchu.com

TAGLaw is a global legal networking forum with limited memberships for each jurisdiction. As such, members can freely share ideas, experiences and knowledge of ‘best practices’ in a more friendly and frank manner without too much concern about conflict of interests. Taglaw has been successful due to its tight quality management, prudent selection of members (to ensure quality and at the same time minimise conflict of interests) so that every member is integrated in the global network with access to global legal information. Victor Chu & Co. has been the Hong Kong member of TAGLaw since 2000. Victor Chu & Co. is a corporate boutique firm with a long standing interest in China-related matters. We mainly act on behalf of international clients undertaking banking, trading and investment activities in Hong Kong and China. We offer the breadth of experience of a larger firm with, at the same time, the personal touch and attention of a smaller specialist firm. We are commited to provide practical and forward looking responses to meet our clients’ needs in today’s rapidly changing business environment. This approach, we believe, is in line with that of TAGLaw.

We are commited to provide practical and forward looking responses to meet our clients’ needs in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Piper Alderman


Hong Kong is a gateway to China. The challenge is how to get the maximum benefit from Hong Kong’s legal infrastructure (which is discernible and recognisable by western standards) within the framework of ‘one country, two jurisdictions’ and at the same time to be familiar with the PRC laws, regulations, customs and policies which are a minefield of complexity and very often compromised by local connection. Victor Chu & Co. was established by Mr Victor Chu in 1985. Today it is a leading international law firm in Hong Kong. It has seven partners and over 90 staff. In addition, it has associated offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Together with its associated offices and close contacts with leading law firms throughout the region, the firm is well placed to advise regional and international clients on a wide range of complex legal issues. The firm has a substantial corporate and commercial practice and advises on all aspects of securities law, takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, flotations, international equity offerings, joint ventures, commercial contracts and corporate restructurings. The firm is also active in general banking and financial transactions.

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The Appleton Group 150 Second Avenue N., Suite 710 St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Phone: +1 727 895 3720 Fax: +1 727 895 3722

Corporate UK Charles House 148/149 Great Charles Street Birmingham B3 3HT Phone: + 44 (0)121 236 0411 Fax: + 44 (0) 121 233 3874 For reprints of this article, please contact James Sweeney

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