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Specialist - Family Law Firm of the Year in England

Individual - Mining & Metals Sector Adviser of the Year in France EY Christian Mion Senior Partner, EMEIA Advisory Mining Leader, Member of the EY Global Mining Team Tel: +33 1 46 93 65 47 Christian first joined EY in January 1990 as part of the executive management team for EY Offices in Guinea where he specialized in Mining & Metals Industry. Today, he leads very diverse and global EY clients’ teams (regionally and worldwide) on audit and advisory missions for “mining & metals” public and private companies as well as for governments. He possesses a wide experience on the emerging markets, particularly Africa, where he spent years as “Country Managing Partner” in several countries. Therefore he leads the coordination Framalux/EY Africa for diverse initiatives taking place in between both geographical regions. He is considered as one of the most experimented associates within EY Global network, with more than 26 years of service. He started his career as an engineer, making him a strong knowledgeable proposal force. Every day, EY engages itself to play an active role to build a better world, for its teams, clients, and society as a whole. EY’s Global Mining & Metals network is where people

and ideas come together to help mining and metals companies meet the issues of today and anticipate those of tomorrow by developing solutions to meet those challenges. To achieve client’s potential, they need fast, easy access to the information and people that can help them make the right decisions. That’s why EY invested in dedicated Global Industry Centers around the world – centers that serve as virtual hubs for sharing industryfocused knowledge and experience. Whatever the industry, EY global network of professionals can provide clients with highly responsive advice that meets their assurance, tax, transaction and advisory needs, thanks to its sectorial approach. EY World Excellence Center teams for Mining and metals (Global Mining & Metals) is composed by professionals that help clients to exploit their full potential. Based in Sydney, our teams work with more than 2300 experts distributed among 144 countries, offering tailored solutions to the issues/challenges the mining and metals market faces.

Clients range from industry leaders to small active businesses (exploration) looking for high-level expertise. The key challenges faced by EY clients are: Fraud Auditing, Managing transition after merger and acquisition and fund raising, portfolio reduction, economical risks due to price volatility, resource nationalism, IFRS regulations, globalization and dealing with emerging mining markets. Our clients range from industry leaders to small active businesses (exploration) looking for highlevel expertise. In the past 12 months, our “Mining & Metals” teams, led by Christian Mion, achieved several missions: they were involved in the restructuration of both the Punjab mining market and the Kosovar mining conglomerate after nationalization of Trepca Mines. They also accompany several governments in their reflections on mining industry in their country as well as set some action plans.

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Corporate INTL Global Awards 2017