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Corporate INTL Annual Full Service Adviser Guide 2014

Full Service Guide Introduction The worldwide economic crises have been a prime factor in the emergence of full service firms. Companies, especially multinationals, have responded to the tumult through consolidation. As a result, there is a renewed emphasis to deal with fewer law firms – or indeed one specialist one – covering a wider geographical area and a wider set of subject matter / disciplines. Today, even small businesses are likely to operate across borders. No longer are law firms defining themselves as simply ‘London’-, ‘Paris’- or ‘Moscow’-based. International expertise and capability in legal advice has become a prerequisite – and is something that only full service firms can provide. Enterprises have become savvier about their requirements. Whereas previously, corporations only sought advice for deals, there is now a need for support services such as employment advice, property advice, intellectual property and contract law, among other areas. Consequently, there has been an acknowledgement among law firms that they need to be able to handle these additional demands and responsibilities. This has been true

for all law firms, ranging from ones with blue chip clients, to the middle-market and mid-sized firms. For the latter in particular, full service is a necessity as they seek to hire new partners and open new practice areas to cater for changing needs. Legal matters are today fraught with complexities that may cross over practice area boundaries, and so a full service law firm is one that can handle those areas that are mainstays, as well as offering expertise pertaining to more niche areas. On rare occasions where the issue stretches beyond their arena, full service lawyers can recruit the necessary help for clients via networking. On the whole, the sole point-of-contact approach provided by full service law firms is a practical highlight for businesses – as that sole adviser is able to build familiarity with the business(es) in question. Diversification is also a boon for full service firms. With the UK’s housing market in the doldrums in recent years, firms specialising in property law have seen their demand decline. Conversely, bankruptcy law has seen renewed growth because, in a stalling

economy, people are unable to live up to their repayment commitments. Intellectual property has also grown as people seek to protect their rights and content online. For example, in a landmark IP case involving the future of e-commerce and high street stores, eBay won a judgement in the US federal courts, protecting their position as an independent online trading platform. The victory was the culmination of a four-year legal battle with the jewellers Tiffany over who should be held liable for the sale of counterfeit goods on eBay, and came only weeks after similar cases in France went against the online giant. In those cases, eBay was forced to pay some £30 million compensation to LVMH for failing to prevent counterfeit sales of the conglomerate’s luxury goods. The judgement highlights IP as a relatively new service area, but one that will have significant presence for full service firms in the future. As Tiffany and LVMH realised, there are myriad complexities involved in enforcing patents, copyrights and trade secrets across borders, especially in the emerging BRIC economies. Back in April of 2009, the US listed Russia and China as the two worst offenders of IP violation. In recent years, responding to US and WTO pressure,

Chinese authorities have begun a crackdown on piracy. In 2007, Nike received $46,000 against two Chinese shoe manufacturers and a French supermarket – after a Shanghai court ruled in its favour over a copyright infringement case. However, as more businesses become reliant on the Internet, a rise in disputes is inevitable, and many law firms are capitalising on this development by adding specific IP practices to their full services offering. Full service firms are also exploring sectors that were previously niche, but are now expanding, such as environmental law. Once viewed as a potentially lucrative field that never materialised, intense media coverage highlighting environmental issues has brought it to public attention. Last but not least, EU directives and stakeholder pressure are forcing businesses to approach environmental issues proactively, rather than simply complying with regulations. As many countries employ the EU standards themselves, China included, environmental law practice is expected to boom – with full service firms already positioning themselves for the field in the future.



Algeria............................. Ghellal & Mekerba..................................................... 43 Armenia........................... Legelata LLC............................................................... 6 Australia........................... Wisewould Mahony...................................................... 7 Australia........................... Russell Kennedy PTY LTD .......................................... 8


Bahamas......................... Parriswhittaker............................................................. 9 Brazil................................ Basilio Advogados..................................................... 10 Brazil................................ Daniel Advogados..................................................... 11 Bulgaria........................... Sabev & Partners Law Firm....................................... 12


Cameroon........................ Ndikum Law Offices................................................... 44 China............................... Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners................................... 13 China............................... Baker & Mckenzie ..................................................... 14 Congo (Dem. Rep.)......... Dorothee Madiya........................................................ 15 Costa Rica....................... AG Abogados............................................................ 16 Cyprus............................. Oxford Management Limited..................................... 17 Cyprus............................. Christos Patsalides L.L.C........................................... 18 Cyprus............................. S&K Law Firm............................................................ 19 Cyprus............................. Tassos Papadopoulos & Associates LLC.................. 20 Cyprus............................. kannava, Kitromilidou & Co LLC................................ 21


France............................. Clifford Chance.......................................................... 22


India................................. AZB & Partners.......................................................... 23 Indonesia......................... LGS............................................................................ 24 Italy.................................. Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati.................................... 25 Italy.................................. Rucellai & Raffaelli..................................................... 26


Japan............................... AMT Law.................................................................... 27 Japan............................... TMI & Associates....................................................... 28


Nigeria............................. GEP............................................................................ 29 Nigeria............................. Chief G.O. Sodipo & Co............................................. 30 Nigeria............................. Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie....................................... 31


Peru................................. OMC Abogados......................................................... 32 Poland............................. Traple Konarski Podrecki........................................... 33 Portugal........................... Lopes Dias e Associados.......................................... 34


South Africa..................... Ron Wheeldon Attorneys........................................... 35 South Africa..................... ENS............................................................................ 36


Tanzania.......................... FB Attorneys.............................................................. 37


UK.................................... Hollingworth Bissell.................................................... 38 UK.................................... The Khan Partnership LLP......................................... 39 UK.................................... Freshfields.................................................................. 40 USA................................. Baker & Mckenzie...................................................... 41

Legelata LLC Armenia Gor Margaryan

LEGELATA is a law firm operating in Armenia which has a rich history of providing exceptional services to clients across a wide range of industries. We act as consultants for businesses involved in banking and finance, trade and logistics. We advise over highly complex issues connected with competition and intellectual property, foreign investments, tax and corporate matters. LEGELATA represents clients in litigation and arbitration involving most vital issues. Our clients are safeguarded a strong protection through use of investment arbitration and human rights protection (ECHR) mechanisms which our lawyers master in. Although each of our lawyers may state surely of his/her specialization in law, our team is always motivated and willing to take on new challenges and matters in any specific industry. Our human resources continuously grow to ensure a specialized team dealing with a specific matter. We therefore expand our practice over the time to cover all the spheres of life of the society we live and work in.

Gor Margaryan Managing Partner Tel: +374 60 646444 International Business Centre Hanrapetutyan Str., 67 Building, 3rd Floor, office


Wisewould Mahony Lawyers Australia

Wisewould Mahony Lawyers is a Melbourne-based law firm that acts for business clients throughout Australia and overseas. Its expertise includes: assisting overseas companies to establish business operations in Australia; establishing franchise operations via master franchise and area arrangements; franchise licensing and distribution agreements and regulatory compliance, corporate and taxation advice. Wisewould Mahony is a Melbourne law firm which has chosen to do things differently. We run a modern, progressive and diverse law firm from historic Collins Street premises. The Services Provided: Legal and consulting advice to Franchisors & Franchisees, Code compliance requirements, Dispute resolution – mediation – strategies & solutions, Sale/Purchase of Franchise Systems, Employment Law and Workplace Relations Specialists, Master Franchising, International Franchising, Business Law Specialists Robert is an Accredited Business Law Specialist with expertise in the following areas: Franchising - acting for both Franchisors (local and international) Franchisees, Master Franchisees, Area Developers, Franchise dispute resolution acting for both Franchisors and Franchisees - solutions and strategies – mediation, Mergers and Acquisitions of small to large business, Liquor Licensing and Gaming, Retail leasing, property and development projects, joint venture syndicates, Establishing companies in Australia for foreign companies, Licensing and Distribution, commercial and contractual agreements, software licensing and development agreements, General commercial, corporate advice and consultancy, shareholder / unitholder Agreements and buyouts, Corporations Law - director’s duties, corporate compliance and ASIC prosecutions of directors, Pharmacy Law - advice to Pharmacists and Pharmacy Representative organisations such as Pharmaceutical Defence Limited (PDL),Contract - Tenders and Trade Practices Law (Competition and Consumer Act 2010) and Renewable Energy Law – Solar – Regulator requirements of ORER and the Clean Energy Council (CEC). Robert holds the following memberships and associations Franchise Council of Australia (“FCA”), International Franchise Lawyers Association (“IFLA”), Franchise Association of New Zealand (“FANZ”), Member of the US Commercial Service, Board member and Company Secretary (corporate compliance) Elwood Community Bank (under franchise of the Bendigo Bank); and Advisory Board member to franchisor clients. He has numerous published articles in the Australian Financial Review, Franchise magazines and Journals on Franchise law and on the internet.

Robert Toth Franchise Partner Tel: +61 3 9612 7297 Level 8, 419 Collins Street


Russell Kennedy Lawyers Australia

We are Russell Kennedy. A law firm that delivers expert legal solutions and provides market leading expertise in our sectors of focus. We are committed to making a difference for our clients, providing opportunities for our people and creating positive and lasting changes within our community.

Paul Gleeson

Rohan Harris

We build strong, long term relationships with our people and our clients. We provide the right people and resources to help our clients achieve their objectives. We have significant experience across our sectors of focus. We have advised clients in these sectors for many years, with our lawyers helping shape the way in which the industries appears today. Our lawyers are leaders across these sectors, with several Accredited Specialists in property, environment, local government and planning, administrative and business law.

Rosemary Southgate

Victor Harcourt

Paul Gleeson Managing Director Tel: +61 3 9609 1638 Rohan Harris Principal, Corporate and Commercial Tel: +61 3 9609 1522 Rosemary Southgate Principal, Property & Development Tel: +61 3 9609 1637 Victor Harcourt Principal, Public Law, Litigation and Aged Care Tel: +61 3 9609 1639 Level 12, 469 LaTrobe Street Melbourne


Our sectors of focus are: Aged Care and Retirement Living, Banking and Finance, Business Services, Health, Insurance, Local Government and Water, Not-for-Profit, Property Development and State and Federal Government. Critical to success in our sectors of focus is our expertise across our areas of practice these areas include building and construction, commercial, corporate advisory, dispute resolution, government and administrative, information technology, leasing and licensing, personal injury and compensation, planning and environment, private client services, property and workplace relations, employment and safety. With offices in Melbourne and Canberra, Russell Kennedy is trusted by local, national and international clients to provide services in our sectors of focus. The firm is one of the key Australian member firms of The International Alliance of Law Firms. The Alliance, with 63 member firms across 41 countries, provides clients seamless, carefully-vetted legal counsel across the world.

ParrisWhittaker has an international reputation for delivering effective, intuitive legal advice across a range of practice areas. We are a full service Firm with the Partners specialising in commercial law, maritime and shipping law, corporate legislation, intellectual property and copyright matters and employment and immigration law. We have many clients who we assist with insolvencies, liquidations, trusts and estates, quieting titles and enforcing judgments from out of the jurisdiction. The lawyers at ParrisWhittaker have handled International disputes for clients from a range of jurisdictions, and for clients from largescale international corporations to smaller businesses building their portfolio. In its corporate practice the team at ParrisWhittaker works closely with corporate clients to bring a particular edge to its practice: ParrisWhittaker takes a holistic approach, working as intimately as an in-house legal department to ensure every aspect of the business is conducted with absolute compliance with legislation, to the ultimate benefit of the business.


PARRISWHITTAKER Counsel and Attorneys

Arthur K. Parris Jr.

Jacy Whittaker

A. Kenra ParrisWhittaker

In its admiralty and maritime practice ParrisWhittaker advises clients from individual crew members to major international shipping corporations, on matters ranging from personal injury suits to vessel arrests and maritime lien disputes. ParrisWhittaker builds on its reputation for offering incisive, effective advice to its clients, always bearing in mind the business imperative to develop and grow.

Arthur K. Parris Jr. Partner Tel: 242.352.6110 Jacy Whittaker Partner Tel: 242.352.6110 A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker Partner Tel: 242.352.6110 Suite 10, Seventeen Plaza, Bank Lane


Basilio Advogados Brazil Ana Tereza Basilio

Bachelor of Law from Universidade Cândido Mendes, worked in large offices of Brazil, among them, Sergio Bermudes’ firm, where she worked during eleven years. She was also a partner of Trench, Rossi e Watanabe Firm (Baker & McKenzie), being responsible, in Brazil, for the civil and commercial litigation area, from July, 2002 to December, 2005. She is a post graduate in North American Law from Wisconsin University, and is a specialist in civil and commercial litigation as well as in arbitration. She taught Civil Law in the Post Graduation Course of the Escola Superior de Advocacia (Lawyer’s Superior School), from 1993 to 2001, and she’s the author of several books about corporate law. From 2004 to 2006, she was the President of the Mediation and Arbitration Chamber of the Brazilian Bar Association, in which she also acted as President of the Lawyer’s Association Committee, from October 2003 to December 2006, Vice-President of the Arbitration Committee, during the same period, besides being elected as Chief Counselor of the Brazilian Bar Association during the three-year periods from 2000 to 2003 and 2003 to 2006. Additionally, she was appointed as member of the Committee to Fight Piracy and Unfair Competition of the Federal Committee of the Brazilian Bar Association during period of July 2005 to December 2006, and of the Special Committee to Fight Piracy and Unfair Competition of the Federal Committee of the Brazilian Lawyers Association, which she is still a member of. She is also a member of the Editorial Committee of the Arbitration and Mediation Magazine, and member of the Corporate law Committee from the Escola da Magistratura (Judge’s School) of the High Court of the State of Rio de Janeiro. She is a professor in Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in the Arbitration post graduation course. In December 2010, she was elected a member of the TRE – Tribunal Regional Eleitoral (Electoral Court).

Ana Tereza Basilio Partner Tel: 55 (21) 2277 4200 Avenida Presidente Wilson, número 210 – 12º andar


Daniel Advogados Brazil

DANIEL ADVOGADOS is one of the top leading IP firms in Brazil distinguished by its quality service and personal touch. In 1940, Percy Daniel joined the law firm of Carl Kincaid, in Rio de Janeiro and later became the partner responsible for the Intellectual Property Department of the firm. After Mr. Kincaid’s death in 1958, Percy Daniel founded Daniel & Cia. and in 1959 formed partnership with his brother, his sister and his son, Denis Allan Daniel who became the Senior Partner in 1977. In its 60 years of existence, Daniel Advogados has constantly sought to maintain the excellence of its services in order to ensure a cost-effective and value-driven service. With a modern and robust IT platform, clients have full access to information 24 hours a day. DANIEL ADVOGADOS offers an extensive team of professionals which are highly specialized in Intellectual Property matters and which are fully prepared to address all the needs of its clients in the following areas: Patents for Inventions and Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Computer Programs Computer Programs, Domain Names, Trade Dress Protection, Internet Rights, Repression of Unfair Competition, Combating of Piracy, Transfer of Technology, Licensing and Franchise Contracts, Criminal Enforcement, Litigation, Protection of Plant Varieties Social Networking Monitoring and Evaluation of Intangible Assets are some of our main IP practices. Daniel Advogados has also been acting as a hub of services to Latin American for our clients with more than 40 selected and highly qualified foreign associates in this region.

Alicia Daniel-Shores Partner & CEO Tel: (55 11) 2103-9121

Its highly skilled, experienced, innovators, and well prepared professionals are fluent in two or more languages and work on national and global contexts.

Rana Gosain Partner Tel: (55 21) 2102- 4205

Its innovating spirit combined with high technical skills, agility, personalized service and fees appropriate to the needs of its clients, allows Daniel Advogados to be a modern firm whilst maintaining its core values which have always been characterized by tradition and good services.

André Alvarez Partner Tel: (55 21) 2102-4214 André Oliveira Partner Tel: (55 21) 2102-4244 Republica do Chile Avenue, 230 – 3º floor


Sabev and Partners Law Firm Bulgaria

Established in 1998, Sabev & Partners has developed a business oriented practice, focused on continuous and comprehensive legal service to corporate clients, both local and international. Key practice areas include:

Boryana Boteva

Corporate and Commercial: establishment of commercial companies, local subsidiaries, branches and representative offices of foreign entities; corporate governance procedures and documents, winding up, restructuring and insolvency issues and procedures; commercial contracts; bank or private financing agreements and security packages (including different types of security: mortgages, special pledges or financial collaterals); full legal service in relation to mergers, acquisition or divestment transactions; Public Companies and Securities: advice on issues related to the legal status of public companies, public offering, trading and pledging of securities, licensing of investment companies and brokers, corporate bond emissions; Intellectual Property: representation of clients in proceedings before the Bulgarian Patent Office, WIPO and OHIM for the registration of IP rights; representation of clients in court and arbitration proceedings in relation to the protection and enforcement of IP rights;

Boryana Boteva Partner (Corporate and Commercial, Public Procurements) Tel: (+3592) 9800-412/413 Assen Alexiev Partner (Intellectual Property, Competition, Litigation/Arbitration) Tel: (+3592) 9800-412/413 Iskra Neycheva Senior Associate (Public Companies and Securities) Tel: (+3592) 9800-412/413 42 Parchevich Street, floor 2


Competition: advice and representation of clients before the Commission for Protection of the Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court in proceedings related to merger control, dominant position, and unfair competition. Public Procurements: advice both to bidders in procurement procedures (including legal representation in appeal procedures) and to contracting authorities (including commercial companies) on structuring of public procurement procedures and preparation of tender documents. Litigation/Arbitration: representation of clients in court and arbitration proceedings in cases related to commercial contracts, debts collection, bankruptcy, intellectual property, protection of the competition, administrative proceedings. Industries covered: Currently, Sabev & Partners advises on a long-term basis corporate clients from various industries, such as production and trade in pharmaceuticals, non-ferrous metals, engineering, packaging industry, public transportation, commercial properties and golf resorts development, renewable energy, IT and electronic payment systems, corporate and personal finance, gambling, etc.

Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law

As a Greater China local law firm, Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law is intimately familiar with the language, culture and laws of the Greater China area. We leverage our local expertise and network to provide the most efficient services to our clients, while providing an international standard of legal service at all levels. Our deep connections in the Greater China area are unique among law firms around the world, and we are on the shortlist of potential legal advisers for many international companies seeking to take advantage of the burgeoning opportunities in China.


Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law is a full service law firm with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, media and entertainment, infrastructure projects, employment law, capital markets, general corporate affairs, environmental protection law, international trade laws, and taxation.

Dr. Chung-Teh Lee

Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law has a large range of clients including multinational corporations, publicly listed domestic companies, hi-tech companies, construction companies, international trade companies, modern services companies, etc. Many of them have been with the firm for a number of years and most of its new clients are referred by word of mouth.

Ray Chan

Jonathan Ao

Shanghai Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law is currently an active member of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms.

Dr. Chung-Teh Lee Senior Consultant Tel: 86 21 6288 2988 Ray Chan Associate Partner Tel: 86 21 6288 2988 Jonathan Ao Senior Attorney Tel: 86 21 6288 2988 14F-C, No. 567, Weihai Road


Baker & McKenzie China

Ranked among the country’s most respected law firms, Baker & McKenzie has been doing business in China for nearly 40 years. With offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, we offer clients a unique combination of local and global experience, helping domestic and multinational companies seamlessly manage even the most complex cross-border transactions. Paul C.Y. Tan

Staffed by more than 300 qualified lawyers and consultants wellversed in the country’s systems, practicalities and laws, our China offices offer practical, innovative advice to help clients expand their businesses in China and around the world – consistently, confidently and with sensitivity for cultural, social and legal differences. Serving clients across industry sectors, we represent leading local conglomerates and foreign multinationals in a wide range of high-profile, first-to-market transactions. One of the first foreign law firms to represent the Chinese government in foreign legal proceedings, our longstanding involvement has led us to become a trusted adviser to central and local governmental bodies. Our Firm chairman is a member of the International Business Leaders Advisory Council, an invitation-only group of 35 business leaders who advise the Beijing mayor on the city’s economic and social development.

Paul C.Y. Tan Partner Tel: + 852 2846 1921 23/F Pacific Place One 88 Queensway


Cabinet Dorothee Madiya Congo (Dem. Rep.)

Cabinet Dorothée Madiya is a law firm specializing in matters relating to mines and quarries. It provides services in business law, mining law and the law of oil. It also deals with all legal issues relating to business such as tax law, labor law, energy law, administrative law, industrial property, banking and law reform. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Its headquarters are located in Kinshasa, the capital. It also has representation in Lubumbashi in the Katanga province, and is increasingly expanding into other provinces of the country Kisangani.

Dorothée Madiya Mwamba

Heritier Lwanyi Lwanyi

Elodie Nsimire Muzigirwa

Didier Kalu Luyaya

Cabinet Dorothée Madiya supports major international companies in the DRC in the operation of their projects or mining business. The DRC is also its local headquarters, where it facilitates contact with national societies and enables business with international companies. The dynamism and the quality of cabinet Dorothée Madiya’s members help to ensure that the interests of several national and international mining companies are protected. At the same, the firm provides and lobbies for various institutions in the best interests of its clients. In regards to mining law, on behalf of its clients, it’s ensure the completion of several administrative requirements for obtaining or maintaining the validity of their mineral rights, and initiates and complete mining transactions ( e.g. leases, reinsurance and retro cession, option contracts,etc). Other services the firm can provide the firm can provide for the clients in relation to tax and customs law are: management of customs procedures and tax clients (opening files, tax returns, litigation management); settlement of tax disputes for the clients: obtaining cancellation charges and seizure; advocacy for the respect of preferential tax treatment of miners against the value added tax(VAT) introduced recently in the DRC; and monitoring of customs procedures and client advocacy for the application of preferential customs regimes. Cabinet Dorothée Madiya, Avocats et Mandataires en Mines et Carrières. Dorothée Madiya.

Dorothée Madiya Mwamba Avocat Tel: +33650789549 Heritier Lwanyi Lwanyi Avocat Tel: +243 999294456 Elodie Nsimire Muzigirwa Avocat Tel: +243 812987010 Didier Kalu Luyaya Avocat Tel: +243896098572 Futur Tower 3ème Niveau, Suite 302


AG Abogados Costa Rica

We are firm offering strategic and comprehensive solutions for all the legal needs of our clients. Our firm is made up of a well-rounded team of lawyers specializing in various areas. The diverse specializations of our members allow us to respond in a correct and professional manner to every legal and business case or situation our clients are facing. Gonzalo Gutierrez Acevedo

Silvia Alvarado Quijano

We have compiled more than 14 years of experiences in legal advising to local and international investors and entrepreneurs. As of today, our firm has an extensive list of clients, mostly investors and entrepreneurs, in Costa Rica, Central America and the Caribbean, the United Stated, Canada, Asia, Europe and South America.

Doris Rodríguez Chaves

Eduardo Araya Vega

Gonzalo Gutierrez Acevedo Partner Tel: 506 2257-0006 Silvia Alvarado Quijano Partner Tel: 506 2257-0006 Doris Rodríguez Chaves Partner Tel: 506 2257-0006 Eduardo Araya Vega Partner Tel: 506 2257-0006 San José, Barrio Escalante



The Head of this dynamic multilingual team is Mr. Athos Fouttis, an International Tax Consultant, author of articles in international publications and regular speaker at international tax and offshore seminars.


The Oxford Team draws together many years of practical experience in the areas of International Tax Planning and Corporate Services. This includes incorporation of Companies worldwide, provision of directors, nominee shareholders, business address, banking arrangements and all relevant corporate services. We also provide accounting/audit services. Our experience ensures that clients receive the highest quality professional service. Athos Fouttis

Demetris Achilleos

Fiona Zenonos

Nicole Chrysanthou

GLOBAL NETWORK A global network of associates in the fields of taxation, law, accounting, banking, trusts, investments and general business consulting. We offer comprehensive, professional and specialized service aimed at structuring the most suitable tax effective and well protected operations. MESSAGE During the recent decades the world has experienced tremendous technological changes in the fields of communication and transport. The world has become “smaller”. Business people can easily carry out activities beyond the boundaries of their own country. In doing so many issues have to be assessed. One of those issues is taxation. Our International Tax Planning specialists can provide consultancy and implementation of tax effective structures which will enable corporations and individuals to operate effectively in the global economy market. GROUP MOTTO “…prompt, professional and personal service… It’s a promise” reflects our irrevocable undertaking to our valuable clients and associates that respects the highest standards of responsibility. It is the driving force behind the excellence presented by our team and demonstrates our commitment to stability and our loyalty towards our clients and associates.

Athos Fouttis Managing Director Tel: + 357 25 823330 Demetris Achilleos Head of Legal & Corporate Department Tel: + 357 25 823330 Fiona Zenonos Head of VAT & Bookkeeping Department Tel: + 357 25 823330 Nicole Chrysanthou Director Tel: + 357 25 823330 Agias Fylaxeos & Zinonos Rossidi, 1st Floor


Christos Patsalides LLC Cyprus

The Law Firm of Christos Patsalides L.L.C. has been established in the legal world of Cyprus offering a wide range of legal services in 1996 in Nicosia, by the Managing Partner of the firm, Mr. Christos Patsalides.

Christos Patsalides

Our Law firm consists of experienced and reputable advocates as well as high educational and excellent trained staff in all the legally specialized fields. Both Corporate and Litigation Departments of our Firm, act for a particularly enlarged customer portfolio with high expectations, through excellent organization and professionalism, full secretarial support and sophisticated computer systems which ends up to the full implementation of all cases assigned. Concerning the Litigation Department, Christos Patsalides L.L.C. provides legal representation for debt recovery, family law related cases (divorces, alimony, parental care and rights, property disputes); Administrative law matters, Civil and trade law cases, cases of employment law and cases of European Law. Cyprus is considered as a very attractive jurisdiction for doing business (with the lowest corporate tax in the European Union). Our corporate services include the formation and incorporation of Companies, the voluntary liquidation of a company, the establishment and management of trusts and related services such as the establishment, management and representation of Cypriot and offshore Companies, the provision of trustee services for shareholders, for Directors, secretary and registered office of the company. A very important part of our services relates to the advisory support concerning various tax matters, tax planning restructuring, consultation for investment funds, dividend distributions, tax differences, capital gains tax, stamp duties, Value added Tax and many more.

Christos Patsalides Founding Partner Tel: +35722 677 677

Christos Patsalides L.L.C. has a very reputable Intellectual Property Department. We provide services including the search and registration of trademarks, national, community and international trademark together with the provision of the registration of tradenames, the validation of patents, national, European and international patent registration and validation. An important part of the abovementioned services is being provided by our affiliated company, Christos Patsalides Corporate Management Ltd.

Evagorou 31, Evagoras Building, 4th Floor, 41-42, 1066, Nicosia

By Christos Patsalides, Managing Partner at Christos Patsalides L.L.C.

Phivi Tramountanelli Advocate Tel: +357 22 677 677



Symeou & Konnaris LLC is a pioneering prominent law firm rapidly expanding over the past years, offering legal services under Cyprus jurisdiction law across a range of practice areas. The firm has a strong reputation in the management of regional and international companies and Trust structures. Hence, it established close non-exclusive relationships with preeminent banks and firms worldwide providing audit, advisory, legal and tax services to provide clients firm with complete legal and tax assistance services, wherever and whenever needed. Guided by ethics and values, Symeou & Konnaris LLC operates through, confidentiality, experience, professionalism, commitment and completes dedication to all clients. The success of the Firm, its rapid expansion and the awards achieved are the direct result of the personal attention, quick response and high standards of excellence reflected in the service carried out. With a qualified team of lawyers, tax and accounting consultants and a focused administrative team the firm excels every expectation and meets client’s requirements in a practical, cost effective and professional manner. Areas of Practice: Corporate and Commercial, Intellectual Property and Trademark, Tax Planning, Banking, Acquisition of properties, Litigation.

Panikos Symeou Managing Partner Tel: 00357(25)818400 Christakis Konnaris Managing Partner Tel: 00357(25)818400 Spyrou Kyprianou 61, SK HOUSE


Tassos Papadopoulos & Associates LLC Cyprus Marios G. Eliades

Tassos Papadopoulos & Associates LLC is one of the leading law firms in Cyprus providing a full range of legal services. Tassos Papadopoulos & Associates was established by the majority of partners and associates of the former Tassos Papadopoulos law firm (one of the oldest and largest law firms in Cyprus, founded in 1971 by the former President of Cyprus Tassos Papadopoulos). The firm’s objective and commitment is to provide high quality, speedy response and cost-effective legal services and to meet the demands of the modern specialized legal practice with special emphasis on confidentiality. The firm maintains its principal practice base in Nicosia and is associated with local firms in all towns of Cyprus. It is also a member of major international networks of independent law firms such as Taglaw and the Association of European Lawyers with several thousand well-connected lawyers in over 90 countries. In transactional and non-contentious business, the focus of the firm’s work is in banking and finance, corporate law, financial services, acquisitions of companies and property, public tenders, mergers and joint ventures, the financing of major capital projects, IPOs and public listings. In the area of litigation, the firm has a very strong team of highly experienced litigation lawyers in every major field of civil litigation and arbitration including banking and finance, competition, corporate and commercial, construction, insurance, and contracts. The firm also has a substantial practice in the field of company formation, administration and tax planning (not only in respect to companies registered in Cyprus but also in foreign jurisdictions), as well as in international transactions involving Cyprus entities.

Marios G. Eliades Partner Tel: 00357 22 889 999 2, Sofouli Street, Chantecrair Building


The clientele of the firm includes local and international banking institutions, semi-governmental organizations including the Cyprus Stock Exchange, municipalities and other local authorities, individuals, local and international building and engineering contractors, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment companies, shipping enterprises, local and international information technology companies, publicly listed companies, investment firms, insurance companies, professional firms, large business concerns in commerce, tourism, hotels, general trade, oil and other fields.

Kannava, Kitromilidou & Co LLC is a law firm in its fifth year of existence with its offices located in Limassol, Cyprus. We are proud to say that in the middle of the most unprecedented global economic crisis, we started off and grew into a most dynamic law firm playing today a leading role on the legal front not only in Cyprus but internationally. Our team of experts with diversified backgrounds and experiences offer to all our clients the highest level of service within budget and on time committed at all times to achieve for the clients the best possible results, protect their interests long term and minimize risk and uncertainties for them. We always follow a pragmatic, problem-solving approach, we listen carefully to the clients’ needs and objectives (business or otherwise) and always have the appropriate solution to offer, boilerplate or innovative as the particular case may require. Our firm covers the whole legal spectrum – we offer services in the areas of Corporate/Commercial Law, Banking/ Finance Law, Financial Regulation/Investment Services, Trusts/Fund Administration, Inheritance/Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property/E-Commerce, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Civil Litigation/ Arbitration, Criminal Litigation, Matrimonial Disputes/Family Law and Maritime/Shipping Law. We always look ahead and always strive to improve and expand the services we offer, so we are constantly kept updated with developments and new legal opportunities and solutions for clients. We are lawyers easy to reach at any time and close to our clients in support for all their needs.



Maria Kitromilidou

Kathryn Psillidou

Maria Kannava

Varnavas Playbell

Maria Kitromilidou Advocate, Managing Partner Tel: +357 25 585583 Kathryn Psillidou Advocate, Partner Tel: +357 25 585583 Maria Kannava Advocate, Partner Tel: +357 25 585583 Varnavas Playbell Advocate, Partner Tel: +357 25 585583 Markou Botsari 3, 2nd & 3rd floors, 3040 Limassol


Clifford Chance France

Clifford Chance’s Paris office celebrates its 50th anniversary with publication of a book reviewing major events of the past half century To mark the occasion of the firm’s 50 years in the French legal market, the Clifford Chance Paris office has published a book looking at major legal, economic and business events, as well as landmarks in Clifford Chance’s own history, in every year since 1962. Yves Wehrli

The book was written by lawyers from Clifford Chance’s Paris office, with important additional contributions from leading academics, clients of the firm and other well-regarded lawyers. Yves Wehrli, managing partner for Clifford Chance in Paris commented, “The people who work at Clifford Chance are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and bring many different perspectives. Each has made an important contribution to our history. This book is a reflection of our culture and demonstrates our continued commitment to those values that we hold most dear.”

Yves Wehrli Office Managing Partner Tel: +33144055405 9, place Vendôme, CS 50018


AZB & Partners

The legal services rendered by us cover the corporate, commercial, regulatory, financial and tax planning aspects of modern businesses. We have been involved in advising in the field of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and general corporate, regulatory practice and securities laws, private equity, capital markets, funds practice, banking and finance, microfinance, derivatives, infrastructure and project finance, real estate, media and entertainment, information technology and business process outsourcing, employment, insurance, intellectual property, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, taxation, aviation, competition law, and litigation and arbitration. The Firm has received wide national and international acclaim within the legal sphere, some of which include the ‘Best Indian Law Firm Golden Award, 2013’ by The International Legal Alliance Summit & Awards; the ‘Best Overall Law Firm – India’ as well as ‘Firm for the Year’ for 13 practice areas at India Business Law Journal’s Indian Law Firms Awards, 2013; the ‘Law Firm of the Year’ by Lawyers World - Global Leading Firms - Top Tier Rankings – 2013; the ‘Best Private Equity Law Firm Award’ by Legal Era Awards, 2013; the ‘Law Firm of the Year’ - Private Equity / Venture Capital by VCCircle Awards 2013; the ‘Law Firm of the Year – Asia’ for Project Finance & ‘Best Law Firm of the Year – India’, for Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Banking & Finance, M&A, Insolvency & Restructuring and Real Estate at Intercontinental Finance Magazine’s Continent Awards, 2013; the ‘Leading Adviser’ and ‘Law Firm of the Year, India’ for M&A and Dispute Resolution by Acquisition International magazine’s Legal Awards, 2013 and Corporate LiveWire - Global Awards 2013. The firm has been ranked as a ‘Tier 1’ in Corporate / M&A, Banking and Finance, Private Equity and TMT by Chambers Asia Pacific and Chambers Global 2013; the firm has also been ranked as a ‘Tier 1 Firm’ for Corporate / M&A, Projects & Energy, Real Estate, Tax and TMT by The Legal 500, 2014.


AZB & Partners is one of the prominent law firms in India. Our aim is to provide clear, concise and practical advice based on an in-depth knowledge of the legal, regulatory and commercial environment within which our clients operate and a full understanding of their overall business objectives.

Mrs. Zia Mody

Mr. Bahram N. Vakil

Mr. Ajay Bahl

Mrs. Zia Mody Founder and Senior Partner Tel: + 91 22 6639 6880 Mr. Bahram N. Vakil Founder and Senior Partner Tel: + 91 22 6639 6880 Mr. Ajay Bahl Founder and Senior Partner Tel: + 91 22 6639 6880 Express Towers, 23rd Floor, Nariman Point


Lubis Ganie Indonesia

Mr. Timbul Thomas Lubis

Mr. Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo

Dr. Mohamed Idwan Ganie

Mr. Abdul Haris Muhammad Rum

Mr. Timbul Thomas Lubis Founding Partner Tel: +62-21 831 5005, 831 5025 Dr. Mohamed Idwan Ganie Founding Partner Tel: +62-21 831 5005, 831 5025 Mr. Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo Founding Partner Tel: +62-21 831 5005, 831 5025 Mr. Abdul Haris Muhammad Rum Senior Partner Tel: +62-21 831 5005, 831 5025 Menara Imperium 30th Floor, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan


About Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo (LGS) In our more than 28 years of service, we have secured our position as the premier Indonesian corporate transaction and commercial litigation law firm. We have over a hundred lawyers and experience representing a diverse range of clients, including domestic and multinational corporations, public and private companies, Government instrumentalities and State Owned Enterprises. We work closely with our clients to understand their problems, determine their needs, and arrive at practical solutions that are both cost-effective and viable over the long term. One of our unique selling points is the combination of our long-standing commercial law practice and our premier litigation department that has extensive experience in dealing with commercial disputes in the context of alternative dispute resolution as well as litigation in the Indonesian courts. This allows our corporate transaction departments to benefit from such litigation experience to ensure that any transactions handled by the firm are carried out with a view to the potential for future disputes and any existing risks. Representative Clients Adaro Indonesia; American Bureau of Shipping; Astra International; Astratel Nusantara; Bank Mandiri; Charoen Pokphand Indonesia; DBS Bank Ltd; Goldman Sachs; Hitachi; Hutchison (Hong Kong); Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund; Indonesian State Electricity Company (PLN); Japan Tobacco International Indonesia; Krakatau Steel; Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI); Medco Energi International; Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia; Mitsui & Co., Ltd; Mitsui Banking Corporation; Mitsui Indonesia; Pamapersada Nusantara; Sampoerna Strategic; Sime Darby (Malaysia); Simpson, Spence & Young (SSY); Standard Chartered Bank; Sumitomo; Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited; and Unilever Indonesia. ISO LGS has obtained Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance certifications of ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management systems and ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management systems to ensure that all aspects of the firm’s operations and the quality of services are on par with the most well managed companies and organizations in the world.

Ichino Brugnatelli e Associati Studio Legale

In recent years, while economic globalisation was getting underway, attorneys at Ichino Brugnatelli have been increasingly taking into account the needs of foreign companies interested in investing in Italy, focussing on employment law in particular, since labour law regulations in Italy are extremely strict, especially on account the relevant case law, and may diverge from applicable policies in other Countries.


Ichino Brugnatelli’s relationship with prime banks, institutions, and corporations in Italy dates back to the founding of the firm in the 1890s. For over a century, we have served corporate counsel across a wide range of industry sectors on a full spectrum of issues.

Guglielmo Burragato

Franco Tofacchi

Francesco Brugnatelli

Manuela Grassi

As experts in the practices they focus on respectively, our attorneys have received nationwide recognition for their accomplishments. Our representations, legal assistance, and counselling, cover the following areas: • • • • •

Employment & Labour Law and Litigation Corporate Employment Counselling Business Law, including Banking, Commercial Litigation, and Bankruptcy Law Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Criminal Law

Furthermore, a broad network of professionals specialising in different practices has been established, allowing the firm to provide prompt assistance with tax and accounting matters, as well as criminal law issues. Law firm culture is strongly client-oriented, but also dedicated to professional development, teamwork, and community support. More than 20 experienced attorneys can count on the full participation of junior lawyers and qualified assistants to meet the expectations of domestic and international clients.

Guglielmo Burragato Partner, Barrister specializing in Labour Law Tel: +39 02 481 932 49 Franco Tofacchi Partner, Barrister specializing in Employment Law Tel: +39 02 481 932 49 Francesco Brugnatelli Partner, Barrister specializing in Corporate Law Tel: +39 02 481 932 49 Manuela Grassi Partner, Barrister specializing in Banking Tel: +39 02 481 932 49 Via Mascheroni 31, 20145



Rucellai&Raffaelli, founded in 1979, is a full-service, independent law firm which has acquired a consolidated expertise covering a wide range of practice areas. Based in Milan and having branch offices in Rome and Bologna, the firm currently counts around 70 lawyers, specialized in corporate, antitrust and competition, IP, EU Law, banking and finance, general civil and commercial law and employment. Avv. Enrico Adriano Raffaelli

In particular, Rucellai&Raffaelli has been active ever since its foundation in the IP field, where the firm consolidated a significant know-how in providing a complete assistance to clients, in particular advising them on patents, trademarks, models and designs, copyrights, parallel imports, unfair competition, trademark and patent licensing. The assistance in this field is ensured in the judicial area, where the IP team’s activities include: • assistance in actions for the protection of IP rights; • assistance in actions aimed at obtaining precautionary measures; • assistance in the preparation of petitions for the Customs - at a national and European level; • assistance in activities aimed at protecting, on national scale, patents owned by the Clients; • assistance in arbitration proceedings, both national and international, related to the IP rights’ protection and economic exploitation.

Avv. Enrico Adriano Raffaelli Partner Tel: + 39 02 76 45 77 43 Avv. Michele Franzosi Lawyer Tel: + 39 02 76 45 771 Via Monte Napoleone, 18, I – 20121


The assistance is also ensured in the extrajudicial area and includes: • advice through the drafting of legal opinion and contracts relating to IP rights and assistance in their negotiation; • assistance in the management of any attainment required for the registration of patents; • organization of IP training sessions for the internal counsels of client’s companies. The firm’s clients, most of which have been assisted ever since the first years of the firm’s establishment, include leading multinationals as well as distinguished national companies operating at local and international level, which are active in various industries including information technology, manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceutical, insurance, financial services, land and air transport, large-scale distribution, energy and international trade.

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune Japan

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune (AM&T) is regarded as one of Japan’s leading commercial law firms with a strong international focus. Our aim is to provide the highest quality legal advice to our international clients across the full spectrum of the law. AM&T has been advising international clients for over 60 years. Today our principal areas of practice include Corporate, M&A, Capital Market, Finance and Financial Institutions, Real Estate, Labor and Employment, Intellectual Property/Life Sciences/TMT, Competition/ Antitrust, Tax, Energy and Natural Resources, Litigation / Arbitration / Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy and Insolvency / Restructuring, International Trade, International Practice (China, India, Asia, US, EU and Others).

Hiroto Ando

AM&T represents some of the largest companies in Japan, as well as numerous international corporate clients. A large proportion of our firm’s clients are foreign corporations and numerous foreign governments and state corporations also rely on our services. We strive to have the best lawyers available to advise our clients. Our team consists of approximately 300 Japanese lawyers (bengoshi), whose experience is both deep and varied. Our Japanese lawyers are fluent in English; and many of our partners and senior associates have obtained accreditation and/or training in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Australia or the People’s Republic of China. Our team also includes over 10 lawyers qualified in various jurisdictions around the world, who bring with them an understanding of the challenges and concerns of our overseas clients. Supplementing its Tokyo main office, AM&T also operates offices in Nagoya, Beijing and Shanghai that are servicing the needs of clients engaging in or interested in entering into business ventures in those areas. Combined with our extensive contacts with law firms and clients throughout Asia, AM&T is able to coordinate the provision of legal services across a number of Asian countries.

Hiroto Ando Partner Tel: +81-3-6888-1189 Akasaka K-Tower, 2-7, Motoakasaka 1-chome


TMI Associates Japan Hidenori Nakagawa

Yoshikazu Noma

TMI Associates has rapidly grown and achieved its goal becoming a full service law firm that can offer valuable and comprehensive legal services of the highest caliber at all times while placing great importance on exercising unparalleled legal judgment in areas including intellectual property, corporate, finance, tax, labor & employment, anti-trust, bankruptcy, real estate, environmental laws etc., as well as litigations and other dispute resolutions. We are the 5th largest law firm in Japan, with approximately 300 attorneys-at-law and 60 patent/trademark attorneys in JapanTokyo. Our mission has been to “Accept New Challenges” and “Serving the Clients’ Needs,” which currently remain the same since our foundation in 1990, despite the rapid growth of our firm.

Takafumi Tanisasa

To respond to clients’ needs, we have established joint legal ventures with various law firms worldwide including Simmons & Simmons and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, in addition to our own overseas offices (Shanghai, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Singapore and Yangon). The above-mentioned partners are experts for investments in Japan by foreign financial and strategic investors. They support foreign investors’ acquisitions of Japanese corporations, real estate, etc., acquisition finance and establishments of joint ventures. Please visit our website ( to find a guide to our firm.

Hidenori Nakagawa Partner Tel: +81-3-6438-5660 Yoshikazu Noma Partner Tel: +81-3-6428-5618 Takafumi Tanisasa Partner Tel: +81-3-6438-5331 23rd Floor, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi



Our mission is to provide timely, qualitative, value added legal solutions to our client’s business needs. We have the capacity and reputation for rendering top quality legal services comparable with the best obtainable worldwide. We adopt a constructive, and analytical approach to the different concerns of our clients, while offering advice and facilitating the development of their businesses. We have a leading reputation for offering pioneering business solutions and rendering timely and innovative advice to our clients. In our over 29 years of practice, we have been involved in transactions spanning various fields of Law. We have also developed the strength and depth required to assist clients in meeting their legal needs. Our Practice Areas are divided into several key departments to address the unique needs of each individual client. These areas are: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aviation Law Banking and Finance Business Development Capital Market Consultancy Corporate Restructuring Environmental Law Intellectual Property Litigation & ADR Arbitration and other alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Oil and Gas Power Property Reseaarch Telecommunications Energy and Natural Resources Government and Regulatory Maritime


GEORGE ETOMI & PARTNERS was established in 1984 with its Head Office located in the serene surroundings of Ikoyi, Lagos, and branch offices in Abuja, the Nation’s capital, and Port Harcourt. The firm has a team of skilled lawyers dedicated to providing top quality services in different sectors of the economy.





GEORGE ETOMI PRINCIPAL PARTNER Tel: 00-234-1- 461 2660 SAMPSON EBOMHE PARTNER Tel: 00-234-9-413 9299 OLUFEMI FADAHUNSI PARTNER Tel: 00-234-1-461 9877/9878 ABIEYUWA IGBINOVIA (MRS) PRACTICE DIRECTOR Tel: 00-234-1- 461 9877, 00-234-1- 461 9878 1B PROF, TIAMIYU BELO-OSAGIE STREET


Chief G.O. Sodipo & Co Nigeria

Chief G.O. Sodipo & Co. is a major Nigerian firm formed in the early nineteen sixties with a broad based range of legal services with experience and effective connections with foreign firms in many parts of the world to handle transactions of national and international scope

Dr. Bankole Sodipo

Our clients include individuals, corporate and governmental agencies. We give advice which enhance sound analysis and decisions which shape the formulation aid implementation of various transactions. We offer solutions in a speedy and cost effective way either through litigation or other alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation. We understudy the nature of the business environment of our clients. This enables us understand commercial considerations underlying transactions which our clients are involved and the perceptions of issues by our clients including their objectives, priorities and needs, whilst simultaneously equipping us to identify and mitigate any associated risk. We always adopt business oriented, fresh and imaginative but pragmatic approaches to issues based on a foundation of technical excellence in the law and a depth of commercial experience. Given the freshness of our ideas, our team of consultants and the friendly atmosphere in the firm, we are able to maintain a leading competitiveness necessary for our clients and the transactions we handle.

Dr. Bankole Sodipo Partner Tel: 234(0) 1-2637738 27/29, King George V, Onikan


Udo Udoma & Belo-Osagie Nigeria

The firm was founded by our Founding Partner, Udoma Udo Udoma, as Udo Udoma & Co. in 1983. It has since evolved from its initial focus on oil and gas matters into an eight partner, multi-specialisation full service firm geared to facilitate corporate and commercial business in Nigeria and Africa across its Practice Areas. The firm’s corporate practice is supported by a dedicated litigation and alternative dispute resolution team, and also by a company secretarial department, Alsec Nominees Limited, which provides a full range of company secretarial services.

Folake EliasAdebowale

Folake Elias-Adebowale Partner Tel: + 234 1 4622307-10 Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Nigeria, Catholic Mission Street


OMC Abogados & Consultores Peru

OMC ABOGADOS & CONSULTORES is a Peruvian law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services and solutions for domestics and international clients. International and cross-border work forms an important part of our business.

Oscar Mago

Fernando Santivañez

Eugenio Melgar

Federico Mevius

Our firm has expert professionals from different areas, therefore we provide different kinds of legal services to overseas clients with interests in Peru and/or Latin American countries. The numbers of our cases are reported in different Peruvian and Latin American Law Journals. The firm comprises 8 partners, all of whom are Peruvian citizens. Three partners from the IP Department and five partners in our Commercial Department, supported by a team of associates, trainees and paralegal staff. Our clients are private and public companies from Peru and abroad. We advise on business law, intellectual property law, corporate finance and capital markets, financial services, banking, telecommunications law, administrative, aviation, bidding and public bids, tax law, labor law, infrastructure, transport, manufacturing, tourism, civil and commercial litigation, entertainment and sport law, competition, international trade, mergers and acquisitions. We represent clients in litigation and provide dispute resolution advice in all of these areas. The key to our success is in our team work, variety of experiences and size. Our clients benefit from a firm small enough to allow easy access to all of our lawyers including the partners, whilst being large enough to guarantee excellence and an immediate response to all enquiries.

Oscar Mago Founding partner (IP department) Eugenio Melgar Partner (Corporate department) Fernando Santivañez Partner (Tax department) Federico Mevius Partner (Labour Department) Av. 28 de Julio 562, “E“ Miraflores


Whatever the size or nature of the task, our clients are always assured by our dedication to finding solutions to their problems in an efficient, expeditions and cost-effective manner. We are members of several national and international associations, such as the Lima Bar Association (CAL), the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), the International Trademark Association (INTA), the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), the International Bar Association (IBA), the Peruvian Institute of Tax Law and the International Fiscal Association- IFA (Peruvian Chapter), the Pharmaceutical Trademark Group (PTMG); the MSI Global Alliance, and other national and international Law Associations.

Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partners

The Firm specialises primarily in the following areas: intellectual property law, technologies, media and telecommunications, IT, competition law, advertising and promotion law, pharmaceutical law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and property development investments, financial institutions law and public procurement. The Firm often represents clients in court litigation and in administrative proceedings. It is based in Cracow, but the lawyers also work from the constantly growing office in Warsaw. Legal services are provided in Polish, English, French and German. The partners in the Firm conduct research and teaching activities at the Chair of Civil Law and the Chair of Intellectual Property Law at the Jagiellonian University. Furthermore, the Firm’s lawyers include academics representing the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Law. Our lawyers have produced hundreds of academic publications, including books and monographs concerning, first and foremost, civil law, intellectual property law, new technologies law, advertising law and pharmaceutical law. Together with extensive practical experience this guarantees exceptional understanding and knowledge of law. The Firm continually provides legal assistance to a wide range of Polish and foreign businesses and acts as a permanent expert for numerous organisations, for instance the Polish Filmmakers’ Association, the Polish Chamber for IT and Telecommunications, the Polish Chamber of Insurance, the Polish Trade and Distribution Organisation and the Union of Employers in the Internet Sector IAB Polska.


Traple Konarski Podrecki & Partnersy Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in Poland. The Firm is now made up of over 40 lawyers, among them attorneys at law, legal advisors, doctors of law and patent attorneys. The Firm’s employees have undergone a careful selection procedure, which takes account of their practical skills and knowledge of the law, fluency in foreign languages and vocational experience gained during apprenticeships and fellowships abroad. Elżbieta Traple

Xawery Konarski

Paweł Podrecki

Tomasz Targosz

Elżbieta Traple Partner Tel: +48 12 426-05-30 Xawery Konarski Partner Tel: +48 12 426-05-30 Paweł Podrecki Partner Tel: +48 12 426-05-30 Tomasz Targosz Partner Tel: +48 12 426-05-30 Krolowej Jadwigi 170, 30-212


Lopes Dias & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados RL Portugal

The law firm was established in 1994. Since its beginning, it has developed activities both for Portuguese and foreign clients, namely in the commercial field. Two of the four present partners are members of international associations, receiving clients from all jurisdictions and referring clients to their correspondents all over the world.

Maria de Lourdes Lopes Dias

Carla Morais

António Borges

The main focus on commercial activities do not prevent the lawyers in the office from dealing also with the private clients. The main areas of activity are: Corporate, Company Law, M & A, Insolvency, Liquidation, Transfers of Technology, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Patents, Utility Models, Copyright, Data Protection, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Law, Regulatory, Health Matters, Distribution Law, Agency, Franchising, I.T, TMT, Competition Law, Private International Law, Tax, International Taxation, Administrative Law, Public Procurement, Labor Law, Litigation, Civil, Commercial Administrative/Tax, Labor The lawyers tend to divide the incoming work in accordance with their expertise derived from special study and practice. It is very rewarding that as a rule clients are fully satisfied with the office work. It is indeed the office firm determination that good results are achieved in the cases the office is entrusted with.

Maria de Lourdes Lopes Dias Lawyer/Partner Tel: +351 21 3920290 Carla Morais Lawyer/Partner Tel: +351 21 3920290 António Borges Lawyer/Partner Tel: +351 21 3920290 Domingos Vaz de Azevedo Lawyer/Partner Tel: +351 21 3920290 Av. 24 de Julho, nº60 – 2ºEsq.


The office has correspondents in Europe, United States of America, South America, Asia, Australia and the former Portuguese colonies. It corresponds in Portuguese, English, French, German, and Spanish.

Ron Wheeldon Attorneys

Ron has a passion for IP and has been involved in committee work for the International Trade Mark Association (INTA) since 1993, at one time chairing the Public Education Committee of the Brand Names Education Foundation (BNEF) which is related to INTA. Ron writes frequently for numerous publications and won, in South Africa, the Butterworths prize for the best legal article in 2000. Ron is a member of the Standing Advisory Committee for IP established under the Copyright Act to advise the Minister of Trade and Industry, a position he has held for 13 years.

South Africa

This is a boutique firm with a strong emphasis on intellectual property (“IP”) founded in 2005 by Ron Wheeldon. After 25 years spent in a large firm environment, Ron decided that a small, focused group in the Bohemian surroundings of the aptly named Greenside would be a decidedly more pleasant existence and permit him to spend more time doing IP work himself and a lot less time commuting and managing people. Ron Wheeldon

He is assisted by a team of highly experienced professionals who attend to the high administrative workload of an IP practice. Ron holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons) degree from the University of Rhodesia (formerly a college of the University of London) obtained in 1976. Commencing trade mark practice in South Africa in 1982, he is expert on many of the IP Laws of the African continent and hugely experienced. The firm deals with all aspects of trade mark and copyright work in Africa and further afield and is increasingly involved in aviation work.. Ron’s interest in the jurisprudence of IP law is balanced by keeping a practical perspective through appearing frequently in the courts in litigious matters ranging from domain name disputes, through counterfeiting issues to conventional infringement and trade mark registrability issues.

Ron Wheeldon Founder Tel: 011646 66 66 Stephen Bruce-Brand Trade mark manager Tel: 011646 66 66 AJ Kennedy (Mr) Associate Tel: 011646 66 66 Private Bag X10, Greenside


ENSafrica South Africa

ENSafrica has established offices and a growing footprint throughout Africa. Its offering to clients is unique, in that it is focused on Africa, and its offices do not operate through a network, nor an alliance, nor a “Swiss Verein”, but as one firm | one team with one brand, made up of people in Africa, working for Africa. As a law firm based in Africa, ENSafrica has easy access to clients and their markets, and understands the many political, cultural, linguistic and regulatory contexts of African countries. Whether dealing with the complexity of a multi-jurisdictional project, or the establishment of a start-up business in one African country, ENSafrica’s localised experience and expertise ensures that clients obtain the benefit of scale and scope when doing business in Africa. ENSafrica is fully integrated across African borders, enabling it to offer clients quality, cost-effective legal advice wherever they choose to do business on the continent. The firm has a number of practitioners qualified in English law, who have transactional expertise in Anglophone countries, as well as Francophone practitioners, who are qualified to practise French law and OHADA law, the legal system used for business by 17 nations in West and Central Africa. In addition, the firm’s Portuguese-speaking lawyers assist in Angola and Mozambique, while its dedicated China department consists of Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking practitioners who are focused on Chinese entry and expansion strategy into Africa and vice versa. Whether working closely with a client’s trusted advisor in cross-border matters or assisting clients directly, ENSafrica ensures that work is done in the most appropriate country for each aspect of a transaction. This formidable combination makes ENSafrica the African law firm of choice for cross-border legal advice throughout the continent.

Adam Ismail Partner Tel: +27 82 786 4882 office number 1 Sankopano centre, corner 12th avenue and reverend sam buti street


ENSafrica’s unwavering commitment to Africa, and its goal of delivering consistent legal excellence on the continent, has resulted in its unprecedented growth and extensive offering to clients. The firm is a leading player in the African legal market, with Chambers and Partners Global Guide consistently rating ENSafrica as a recommended firm in Africa: “its commitment towards expanding its practice outside South Africa is demonstrated by recruitment of lawyers from countries including Ghana, Kenya and Uganda, and the variety of deals it advises on in jurisdictions outside South Africa.”

FB Attorneys

FB Attorneys thrive in matters that require particular attention, extensive experience and a high level of sophistication. Having successfully handled some of the most complex business transactions, FB Attorneys has earned a reputation for legal excellence and is frequently recognised by clients as the preferred law firm for many leading corporates within the region and internationally.


Firm Profile: FB Attorneys is a full service law firm based out of Dar es Salaam and brings with it a cumulative experience of over 70 years and a thorough knowledge of colloquial practices within the East African region.

Fayaz Bhojani

Gaudiosus Ishengoma

Our Culture: The root of our culture is excellence. Local, regional and international clients appreciate the firm’s natural understanding of their industry. International clients come to us for our comprehensive knowledge of the ‘ins and outs’ of establishing and doing business in the region. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick and practical advice at all levels whilst paying careful attention to detail. The team has a thorough understanding of both the business and legal aspects of running an enterprise. Our people are more than just technical experts in their field, with a strong drive for good commercial sense and a multi-faceted approach to solving problems. Worldwide Reach: FB Attorneys is proud to be part of SCG Legal, a seamless global network of more than 145 of the profession’s preeminent independent law firms. By uniting their skills, expertise and influence, member firms help leading and growing companies in every industry navigate a complex and ever changing legal landscape. With local and regional experts across the globe independent member firms capitalise on the strength and effectiveness of the network to help their clients solve today’s toughest business challenges. SCG Legal provides an effective and trusted resource for identifying local counsel worldwide. Practice Areas: Corporate Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Employment Law, Real Estate, General Litigation, Mining, Oil and Gas, Banking, Finance & Capital Markets, Project Finance & International, Trade, Arbitration, Aviation law, Insurance and Telecommunication.

Fayaz Bhojani Managing Partner Tel: +255 22 213 5994/5 Gaudiosus Ishengoma Advocate Tel: +255 22 213 5994/5 8th floor Amani Place, Ohio St


Hollingworth Bissell United Kingdom

Hollingworth Bissell were set-up in 1997 by Helen Bissell and Sara Hollingworth to provide specialist legal services to the rail industry. Both partners were in-house Solicitors at British Railways Board before and throughout rail privatisation.

Helen Bissell

During privatisation, Helen was instrumental in formulating the structure and documentation for Britain’s railway stations and had a central role in train operator franchising. Since then, she has worked exclusively within the rail industry for a variety of clients, from both the public and private sectors. Helen has substantial experience in advising on large UK rail projects, including new track and infrastructure, new stations and depots (land assembly, legal structure, asset protection and bringing into operational use), major station redevelopments and Station Change. She also has detailed experience in commercial contracts, including franchise agreements and has an in-depth knowledge of regulatory and licensing issues. With regard to stations, clients have cited Helen as being the UK expert. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in this area is recognised by clients, peers and those working within the industry, including Governmental departments and the industry’s Regulator. Helen has received a number of instructions for schemes of national significance and in formulating strategic national policy and its implementation. She has advised many clients since 1997 and offers a service similar to that of an in-house lawyer, which allows a deeper understanding of a client’s business to be developed and an appreciation of how best to service their business needs from a legal perspective. Current clients include train operators, rail property owners and developers, industry bodies and Governmental departments.

Helen Bissell Partner Tel: (020) 8348 4555 Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street


Helen has gained a degree of trust amongst train operators, including those for whom she does not act, in that she represents them all as a body, despite having them their own retained lawyers, which is rare.

The Khan Partnership LLP

The Tax Disputes and Regulatory Team regularly conduct complex tax enquiries, contested tax audits and tax litigation matters in the First-Tier Tax Tribunal, the Upper Tribunal (Tax Chamber), the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Crown Court and the European Court of Justice. The firm currently has conduct of approximately 100 tax contentious tax matters in dispute involving in excess of £2 billion.

Hassan Khan

United Kingdom

The Khan Partnership LLP has worked (as its primary focus) in the area of Tax Litigation since its founding in 2004 as a boutique tax litigation practice.

Michelle Sloane

The firm has a strong reputation within the market, regularly receiving complex instructions. Clients range from multinational corporations and high net worth individuals, other law firms, firms of accountants, Receivers and Liquidators. The firm’s team is one of the most experienced in the UK and has been independently ranked in legal guides Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 as a top tier firm in this area since 2005. The firm regularly act at the cutting edge of challenging HMRC on their flagship policy developments and many of our decisions are reported as case precedents affecting numerous other cases. The firm’s founding partner, Hassan Khan, was formerly Senior Lawyer and European Legal Affairs co-ordinator at HMRC Solicitor’s Office from 1995 to 2001, and from 1997-2001 ran the Customs Litigation team. He moved to the global law firm Baker & McKenzie (London) to head their VAT and Customs practice from 2001 to 2004. Hassan has been rated in Legal Experts since 2003 as an expert in tax (VAT and Customs and Excise). Hassan has also been ranked in Chambers & Partners and Legal 500 since 2003 as a leader in tax matters. Hassan holds specialist advisory positions to the leading customs and tax industry groups in the UK. He was Honorary Secretary to the Customs Practitioners Group (“CPG”) from 2002 to 2006 and Honorary Legal Advisor from 2007 to date. Since 2002 he has also been Honorary Legal Advisor to the UK Warehousing Association (“UKWA”) on tax and customs matters. Hassan is a specialist editor to Butterworth Tolley and a frequent speaker on customs, trade and tax issues at conferences and seminars. Michelle Sloane, Partner in the Tax Litigation Team, is a current CPG Council Member and is Honorary Legal Advisor to the Bonded Warehouse Association, a specialist trade body to those involved in the alcohol industry trading in excise goods

Hassan Khan Senior Partner Tel: 020 7612 2530 Michelle Sloane Partner Tel: 020 7612 2530 48/49 Russell Square, London


Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP United Kingdom

We are committed to promoting an environment of inclusiveness and mutual respect.

Jonathan Baird

Our success depends on our ability to reflect the diversity of our clients and society at large. We want our talented people to excel regardless of their gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion or belief, culture, impairment, background or life experiences. We believe that: •

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our aspirations and ambitions can only be achieved if inclusiveness and diversity is understood and embedded into all aspects of the firm’s systems, processes and culture across all our offices businesses will make faster progress by working together - so our outward focus is as strong as our internal activity we must recruit from the widest talent pools and everyone should feel at ease in the workplace everyone is able to achieve their maximum potential through appropriate development and support and we must do all we can to retain our top talent consulting with clients, other organisations in the legal sector and diversity organisations helps us identify best practice, establish priorities and become a market leader in diversity initiatives we need challenging yet realistic goals to assess our progress and it’s important to us to be open about how we are doing

Baker & McKenzie has nine North America offices in key markets to offer clients local advice as well as to provide them with a local foundation for managing transactions and issues around the world in almost every area of commercial law. Consistently ranked as one of the top Corporate Law Firms in America, our practices and lawyers are regularly recognized for their experience, quality, and dedication to providing clients with more than just legal advice, but also to understanding their business needs and drivers and to provide value above and beyond the call of duty.


Baker & McKenzie

Philip F. Suse

Philip F. Suse advises prominent clients across a broad range of industries -- public utilities, manufacturing, petrochemicals and airline, among others -- in connection with their acquisition and divestiture activities in the US and abroad. He is currently the managing partner of the Firm’s North America region and is a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. He was also the chairman of the Firm’s North America Corporate and Securities practice, as well as member of Global Mergers and Acquisitions Steering Committee. He is also actively involved in pro bono and community work serving as a member of the Board of Directors of LINK Unlimited, a non-profit organization that provides educational college preparatory opportunities for economically disadvantaged African-American high school youth.

Philip F. Suse Partner Tel: +1 (312) 861 2935 300 East Randolph Street, Suite 5000, Chicago


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Ghellal & Mekerba Algeria

Amine Ghellal, the founding partner of Ghellal & Mekerba, has 44 years of experience and is considered as one of Algeria’s leading law practitioners. He is said to know the Algerian business framework “like the back of his hand”. Dr Ghellal has a wide knowledge of all aspects of Algerian law regarding investment, corporate, financing, exchange control, tax and customs law. He is an international arbitrator and a member of the International Arbitration Institute. Dr Ghellal has a perfect knowledge of contractual mechanisms and precautions governing dispute resolution. He acts as an arbitrator before the International Chamber of Commerce (CCI) and the Algerian Chamber of Trade and Industry (CACI). Dr Ghellal is also currently seen as one of Africa’s leading gas and oil practitioners and regularly advises major international firms on all the intricacies of energy regulation. He has counselled the Algerian Ministry of Energy and has also headed Sonatrach’s “International Legal” and “International Negotiation” departments. Between 1979 and 1981, he was Algeria’s legal expert within the OPEC and the OPAEC. Dr Ghellal is a graduate in both public and private law and in political sciences. He studied in France and obtained a Higher Diploma in Public law with Magna Cum Laude, a Higher Diploma in Political Sciences with Magna Cum Laude and a PhD with Summa Cum Laude and praises of the examination board. He also taught public law, both in France and Algeria, for many years, and has published many articles. Dr Ghellal is a member of the Algerian Bar Association, a member of the International Bar Association, a member of the International Arbitration Institute (IAI), a correspondent of the World Bank in Algeria, an honoured Member of the International Who’s Who of Professionals and of Project Finance, a member of the International Lawyers Club (Head Office in France), and a member of the International Lawyers Association “Mackrell International” (Head Office in Great Britain).

Amine Ghellal Founding Partner Tel: +213 21 91 42 30


Ndikum Law Offices Cameroon

Philip Forsang Ndikum is a Barrister-At-Law in England and Wales, called from the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London and a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Cameroon, called from the Court of Appeal, Douala, Cameroon, Africa. He is founder of Ndikum Law Group: Ndikum Law Offices Limited, England, United Kingdom; and Ndikum Law Offices, Douala, Cameroon, Africa; and Ndikum Publications, London, England. Philip Forsang Ndikum, Esq.

Mr Ndikum was a research and graduate assistant at the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center. He clerked (foremost LL.M. Programme, University of Minnesota, USA) for the honourable judge Nancy D. Dreher, United States Bankruptcy Court, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He has worked in Law firms in Douala, Cameroon; Paris, France; England, United Kingdom; and Minnesota, USA. Mr Ndikum is currently a lecturer in OHADA Law at the Cameroon-European Union Cooperation Programme d’Appui au Secteur de la Justice (PAJ). His major publications are ‘Focus on Emerging & Developing Economies’ (2005, Trafford Publishing, USA) and the four volume compendium of ‘Encyclopaedia of International Aviation Law’ (2014, Trafford Publishing, USA) which is the first of its kind ever internationally and in Cameroon in particular. He is featured in the Who’s Who in America for outstanding achievements and is featured in the Who’s Who: American Law Students for outstanding academic achievements. Mr Ndikum obtained an LL.M. honours degree in Banking Law and Financial Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Before joining the LSE, he obtained a post graduate diploma in Professional Legal Skills from City University London and obtained the BVC at the Inns of Court School of Law. He obtained a Juris Doctorate degree from William Mitchell College of Law, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. In addition, he obtained an LL.M. with distinction from the University of Minnesota Law School, Twin Cities Campus, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He was a distinguished law student at the University of Luton Law School where he obtained an LL.B (Hons). He also obtained a diploma in International Human Rights and Human Rights from Strasbourg, France. Prior to this he studied at École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, Paris, France. He is a graduate of Cameroon Protestant College Bali (commonly called Bali College or CPC), Bali, Cameroon, Africa.

Philip Forsang Ndikum, Esq. Managing Partner Tel: +237 33 47 15 37


He is a member of: London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA); American Bar Association; Association of Trial Lawyers of America; Minnesota Black Lawyers Association; National Black Association; Bali Old Boys Association; and Cameroon Bar Association. Mr Ndikum has a deep understanding and experience in all aspects of banking and financial regulation, maritime/aviation and corporate and commercial law and has counselled on countless major transactions and litigation.


Corporate INTL Annual Full Service Adviser Guide 2014  
Corporate INTL Annual Full Service Adviser Guide 2014