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Onambele-Anchang & Associates


Mary Concilia Anchang Partner +(237) 2220 97 76

Bibawi & Co.


Lotfi Bibawi Partner 00251 115 510387

JMB, Fa©tor & Co.


Managing Partner Jeremy Ben-David 00972-2-571-4777



Founded in 1990, Onambele Anchang & associates is a full service law firm situated in Yaounde, Cameroon, and has been an independent member of INTA, the International trademark Organisation, since 1999. Mary Concilia Anchang joined the firm in September 1993 and became a partner in 1998. Accredited with the African Intellectual property Organisation (OAPI), the firm has since earned international recognition over the years in various areas of specialisation such as mining, infrastructure, investment, mediation, arbitration, telecommunication, banking, insurance, BOT and Intellectual Property law. Partner Mary Concilia Anchang commented: “Our offices are based in Yaounde, Cameroon. We have established a network with co-counsels in various parts of the world to facilitate assistance and representation to our clients in all five continents. The existence of the international chamber of commerce (ICC), now chaired by a senior partner of our firm, Joseph Antoine Onambele, takes its roots from a mandate executed by our office in 2001.” In addition, Ms. Anchang was the Cameroon court member of the international court of Arbitration of the (ICC) from 2006-2009. While her candidacy remains pending for a renewed mandate, she currently presides in the Intellectual Property commission of the Cameroon national Committee of the ICC. She noted: “As patent and trademark attorneys, our bilingual and bi-jurial background provides added value to our IP practice considering the fact that French and English are the authorised official languages.” Besides general IP counsel the firm also provides: preliminary opinions and clearance searches; registrations of trademarks, patents and designs; renewals and restorations; recording of mergers, assignments and registered users; change of names and addresses; preparation of agreements licensing/distribution, exploitation or production; filing and prosecution of opposition, cancellation and revocations; re-examinations, pledges and well known trademarks petitions; as well as litigation, mediation and arbitration. Ms. Anchang added: “Through INTA I have experienced a huge positive impact from membership networking.” The firm’s affiliation with INTA provides its partners with access to Online Country Portals, a comprehensive online database of global knowledge to assist with complex, modern trademark and IP issues.



The firm Bibawi & Co., based in Ethiopia, is a Firm of Public Accountants & Auditors offering mainly External Audit Services and relating professional advice on taxation and other maters relating to Commercial Code. Partner, Lotfi Bibawi, started operating in his name since January 2007. Previously he used to act as Director of Nawar & Co., Chartered Accountants, since 1962. He said: “Since the beginning of my activities in Ethiopia as representative of Nawar & Co., we used to offer Intellectual Property Services, mainly trademark registration. Before coming to Ethiopia, I used to deal with Intellectual Property matters in Egypt, as I was an officially recognized Trademark Agent under relevant law of Egypt.”

“We receive contracts from clients and IP Agents who are members of INTA and with whom we did not have previous knowledge or contacts.” According to Mr. Bibawi, until recently, the system of trademark registration in Ethiopia was based on regulations issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The said system is based on the publication of cautionary notices calling for objections, if any. He continued: “A Trademark Registration Proclamation has been promulgated since July 2006. However, the necessary regulations for its implementation are under process for approval by the Parliament. Therefore, we are still working with cautionary notices system.” Regarding Patents, related Proclamation has been issued since May 1995 and related regulations for implementation has been issued since March 1997. The firm has been members of INTA for more than ten years operating in the name of Nawar & Co. since the establishment of Bibawi, membership of INTA has continued under Mr. Bibawi’s name. This is due to the state of liquidation of the Nawar & Co. business by end 2006 after the passing away of its Founder Prof. Y. Nawar. Mr Bibawi said the INTA network has introduced the firm to a wide range of new contacts. “We receive contracts from clients and IP Agents who are members of INTA and with whom we did not have previous knowledge or contacts,” he said.

JMB, Fa©tor & Co. is Israel’s fifth largest patent firm and provides a full range of intellectual property related services. This includes consulting, prior art searches, drafting and filing of patent applications, trademark and industrial design applications. JMB, Fa©tor & Co. assists Israeli clientele in developing and protecting their intellectual property, both patents and trademarks, in Israel and around the world. JMB, Fa©tor & Co. also represents overseas clients before the Israel Patent, Trademark and Design Office. JMB, Fa©tor & Co. clients include leading Israeli and foreign corporations, high tech companies, startups, investors and venture capitalists, universities, technology incubators and private inventors.

“The firm has been a member of INTA since 1998. Mr. Ben-David said he has seen tangible benefits of membership.” JMB, Fa©tor & Co. has among its partnership and professional staff some of the most experienced Patent Attorneys in the country, former Examiners from both the UK and Israel Patent Offices, ex-industry engineers, and alumni from such prestigious universities as Imperial College, London, Caltech and MIT, USA, and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Among the patent attorneys employed by the firm, a majority are also licensed to practice before the USPTO. All of the Patent Attorneys, and an overwhelming majority of the staff, hail from English speaking countries, including the UK, US, Australia and South Africa. According to managing partner Jeremy BenDavid, towards the end of 2008, the IP market in Israel shrank. He said: “Difficult to say by how much, but the Israel Patent Office reported a decrease in the rate of filings in Israel from overseas (which make up about 75% of applications), by about one third. Some firms experienced shrinkage in their workforce. 2009 has seen a gradual recovery, although levels have not yet returned to their pre-slump levels.” The firm has been a member of INTA since 1998. Mr. Ben-David said he has seen tangible benefits of membership. “Primarily, the annual meeting provides an opportunity to meet foreign associates, and to expand existing relationships and foster new ones. Smaller meetings have also provided good networking and educational opportunities.”

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