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The Roofing Contractors Standards Guide How to make sure your roofing contractor’s policies, standards, and values will provide you with a WOW experience!

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So It’s Time To Pick A Roofing Contractor To Handle Your Repair, Re-Roof, or New Roof Construction Project?

Dear Friend,

We have all heard the horror stories about roofing projects gone bad – poor or faulty workmanship, the company goes out of business and can’t hold up their warranty, projects taking too long or even worse not being finished at all and a whole host of other problems. Last year over 7,000 complaints and lawsuits were filed against roofing contractors. We have been in this business for over 25 years and we always do the best possible job we can and treat our clients with respect. But we have noticed over the years that some folks choose to work with unreliable and shady companies. This is most likely because they are quoted a very low price and they have never been taught what to look for in a contractor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we are the only good company in town to do business with. We just understand that your roof project can be an expensive undertaking and is something that should not be taken lightly. We believe that picking the right contractor is a very important decision and that you should be well educated on how to evaluate your roofing company. So when you do make your decision (even if it’s not us) you can be confident that your contractor will not only do a good job, but will provide you with a WOW experience. This guide will outline all the standards and values that we believe any reputable roofing company should uphold. Before you hire any company make sure to consult this report and demand that they comply with every single standard. By doing so the chances are good that you will get exactly what you want out of your project. Sincerely, John Schuller JR & Co Inc.

We believe that you can break down the standards and values in to 3 main sections. We call them the 3 R’s… Reliable, Respectable and Referable

Reliable You want to make sure that whichever company you choose to do business with is going to be around long after the job is complete. Stuff happens and things go wrong. When this happens you want to know that your contractor will be there to get you taken care of. Here are a few questions and things to look for to make sure you are dealing with a reliable company. • Ask to see their business licenses and make sure they have been operating under the same name for at least 5 years. Some contractors will change their name every couple years to avoid complaints and problems. If they haven’t been under that name for at least 5 years you should probably look elsewhere. • What kinds of insurance do they carry? Any responsible contractor will carry a minimum of $1,000,000 worth of general liability insurance as well as workman’s comp and insurance for all their vehicles. Don’t be afraid to ask to see it. Don’t accept any excuse as to why they are not. You won’t be protected • Ask them where their office is located. This seems like a simple question, but many contractors are operating out of the back of their truck. Do you really think you can rely on them if something goes wrong? • Are they an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau? What is their rating? Being an accredited member of the BBB with a high rating is a good indicator of a reputable company. There is NO reason to work with a company that isn’t listed, or has a poor rating when there are plenty of good ones out there. • Does their bond cover the amount of the job? If not will they extend it? Any hesitation here should be viewed as a warning. You want to be sure that there are available funds to cover you in the event of an accident or malfunction.

Respectable We feel that being respectable has 2 sides to it. First, you want to deal with a company that will treat you and your property with respect at all times. The second is you want to deal with a company that is respected in the industry. Here are a few things to look for. • Ask for a comprehensive list of references. Most companies will provide 3 references for you. Their Mom, Dad, and Brother. It’s much harder to fake a long list of references with roof systems similar to your project. • Are they a green company? While this might not be the most important factor to look for in a company, it does lend to the fact that they are respectable and care about more than just their bottom line. • Do they have a comprehensive safety program? This shows that they respect their employees and not only comply with minimum requirements, but the go above that and truly make it a part of the company culture. Here is what some of our clients have to say about us…. “JR and Co. Roofing replaced our roof several years ago and we are tremendously pleased with the results. Their quote was competitive, the workmanship was better than expected and the service has been superb. Not to mention the warranty which is second to none. “ Gerard Ripiper Floor to Ceiling “Great Job! Many thanks from St. Johns congregation. JR and Co stepped in at a difficult time, and preformed above and beyond the call of duty. From beginning to end, John’s crew worked efficiently and professionally. Their attention to detail, concern for safety, and their utmost concentration on quality workmanship will preserve the heritage of our church for years to come. A sincere and grateful thank you from St. John’s staff, church council, and congregation.” Tood Lancaster St. John’s Lutheran Church

Referable This is where the WOW experience that I keep mentioning comes into play. You want to work with a company that goes above and beyond with every single client, so that when the project is finished the client really says “WOW I never expected such a great experience from a roofing contractor; I’m going to be sure to refer them to all of my friends and associates.” Here are just a few examples of things to look forthat might indicate a WOW experience. • Do they offer a warranty on workmanship? Almost every company will give you a manufacturer’s warranty. However, only the best companies will actually stand behind their work with a warranty on their workmanship. Look for a minimum of 3 years. • Do they take the time to actually educate you so that you are able to make an informed decision or do they just try to “sell you?”

• When you talk to people about the contractor, what kinds of things do people have to say about them?

Here is what a few more of our clients have to say about us…. Building & Grounds Chairperson “I would like to express my appreciation for all your hard work and effort you put into the project on our roof. I know how much time and patience was required, but it does not go un-noticed. You have helped make me confident that we should have a great roof for many years to come. I look forward to using your company for more jobs in the future.” David Kuluva Mittelman Furniture Co Inc.

“It is now nearly 6 months since your repair of our tile roof and it seems to be 100% tight. This was a very difficult area involving 2 crickets. To add to the difficulty the access was above our boiler room roof and electric high lines in close proximity. It was a relief to us to have you photograph various views that were inaccessible to us. The picture blow-ups nailed the problem. The tile was unique in as much as it was an obsolete model-80 years old. However, you found enough to make the repair. Later a leak developed near the chimney. You came and we searched the cause. It was not the roof, but an opening in the brickwork. Your caulking repair seems to be working. Thank you for your prompt attention to our problem and your skilled craftsman’s careful treatment of our project and property. Our insurance people were also impressed with your investigation and assessment of the problem. An adequate settlement resulted.” Thank you again, Ron Anderson

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Conclusion In the end, you are looking for an experienced contractor that has done many jobs like yours in the past with stellar results. You want a reliable company that you know will be there for you long after the project is completed. You want a company that treats you and your property with respect. Finally, you want to look for a company that has lots of referrals and testimonials, and a large and ever growing list of happy customers that have received a WOW experience. When you’re hiring a contractor to perform any work on your property… Remember to get everything in writing, ask all the questions on your mind and make sure all the answers are up to the highest standards. Feel free to browse our website and see how we uphold all of these standards. If all of this makes sense to you and you would like to hear more about our approach to roofing and how we build lasting relationships, please give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Obviously we hope that you will choose to do business with us when you are ready to start your roofing project, but we still feel good knowing that we are providing people with quality information so they can feel confident in the contractor they choose before the project starts. We strive to provide every client with a WOW experience. We don’t sell roofs; those are just the products we install. We sell a superior customer service experience from start to finish! You will be amazed that you can have such a hassle free experience with a contractor. Best of luck to you with your roofing project! Sincerely John Schuller JR & Co Inc. (816) 587-6148 • (816) 587-6148

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The Roofing Contractors Standards Guide  

How to make sure your contractor's policies, standards and values will provide you with a excellent experience.

The Roofing Contractors Standards Guide  

How to make sure your contractor's policies, standards and values will provide you with a excellent experience.