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EDFX Final Exam Jamie Roworth

Becoming a teacher has always been my dream and I have been told my whole life to embrace your dreams with passion. I have always thought that if I became a teacher I could help shape the minds of future generations. However, knowing that the teaching career hands out a lot of challenges along the way I feel that I am ready in this stage in my life to start facing those challenges. Below I will describe and explore why becoming a teacher is the task I have set out to accomplish. While in high school I had the opportunity to take part in a work experience program, where I volunteered in an elementary school in Amisk, Alberta. The grades I was involved with were kindergarten, grade two, and grade three. In the classrooms I worked with individual students helping them read, write, and do math work. I also helped the teacher to prepare classroom materials and helped out with various activities in the classroom and school. One event I really enjoyed helping the school out with was putting on the school Christmas concert. The kids really loved having their own parts in the play and I loved watching and helping the students put on the show. It was a very rewarding experience and I was sad to say good bye to the students and staff when I was finished. Coming into this education experience course I was excited and competent and ready to spread my wings and face another test that will help me succeed in becoming a teacher. I have the attitude that there are no boundaries that I am not willing to try to conquer. In the classroom setting I am in right now with a grade 3 class, I have had to deal with discipline issues and now know that not every day is as smooth as the next. With a little experience in the classroom I cannot wait to start opening myself up for more experiences. I have learned so much already by being in the classroom, I know that kids will say and tell you anything whether you need to hear it or not. I also know now that not every kid is the same and every student has their own struggles to face. Some students may be good at math, some good at sports; others come from a rough family life or have no money to buy winter boots. Every day in the classroom will make me more aware of what the profession expects out of an individual. I have learned quickly in my grade 3 classroom that you have to be a competent person or the students

will notice you’re not and walk all over top of you. What I am learning is to take the good with the bad and make the best of each situation and always put the students’ needs ahead of your own. After completing my school experience I have seen both changes and personal growth in my attitudes, behaviours, experiences, and competences. I realize that being a teacher presents new challenges each day that need to be dealt with immediately. While these challenges may seem the same, as a teacher you have to be able to recognize both sides of the story. You need to present yourself in a manner that will allow you to be professional but considerate at the same time. The whole time you are in the classroom the thing that you should be concerned with most is that every student is learning the material and concepts to the best of their ability. As a teacher you have to guide them to learn and cannot just do it for the students. Every student learns differently, so your job as the teacher is to provide the resources and a happy school environment for each and every student. My mentor teacher and grade 3 students at St. Patrick’s School in Red Deer, Alberta have provided me with an excellent learning experience and I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to the people that have made me smile for the last couple of months. I believe now that in order to have a ‘happy’ classroom you have to establish good classroom management. In younger grades the students need a routine to follow or the students do not know what is expected of them. My mentor teacher does a great job at creating classroom management. Every morning the students do the exact same routine and they know just what is wanted of them. It makes it a fun classroom to be part of because the students are well behaved and want to learn. My mentor teacher has given me many suggestions and ideas regarding classroom management that I hope I can someday use in the classroom. From a perspective of an instructor I feel that my strength lays in the area of getting the point across to my students, being able to keep control of the classroom, and helping every student learn the content. My mentor teacher said after I presented my lessons that I did a great job relating the subject material to the students and kept good control of the whole class. Furthermore, I was able to see who needed extra help or guidance and gave it to them when needed. I feel that I could improve in projecting my voice louder to the class. It would help keep the interest of everyone in the classroom. Adding expression in my voice would also benefit my students. One way

I could improve this gap is too ask a student at the back of the room to repeat what I just said. Reading out loud in the comfort of my own room might also give me the strength to show more emotion in my voice and facial expressions. In order to shape the futures of others I must be able to change or improve my short comings. The teaching profession is a highly respected profession and I feel that I am an individual that is deserving of a spot in the teaching world. My belief is that you need teachers to educate the rest of the world and I am willing and ready to give it a try. Throughout the next five years I will hopefully grow and mature into the best possible teacher that I can be. Taking all that I have learned throughout the years and shaping my classroom into a positive, trustworthy, and fun environment. I hope to have a classroom where children want to come to share their ideas and learn. Good things come to those who wait, but the best things come to those who seize the moment and make it their own and I hope I can grasp the moment and have a very successful classroom of my own.

Reflections-EDFX Practicum  

60 hours practicum reflections

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