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L6 BTEC Art & Design

Illustrative Packaging project – Annotating / reviewing your work

When annotating it is important to really think about what you see and then make a clear response to it. You are making a personal response to what you see or have created, therefore there will not be a right or wrong response. It is crucial that you include as much information and detail as possible, providing it is relevant. Reviewing artists work •

Include the name of the artist, date of the piece if known. Name of piece. Or a title for a piece of graphic. E.g. Advert for Coca Cola.

Explain why you have chosen the piece/s? Why do you think that this particular example is relevant to your project? Is there any meaning behind the work?

How will using this work help you to develop your ideas further?

Explain how the artists have created their work? What materials and techniques have they used?

Explain how you could use / re-create their style in your own work.

Explain how the artists have used the FORMAL ELEMENTS e.g. line, tone/ contrast, shape/ form, colour, pattern, scale, shading, texture, blending, stippling, mark-making; spatial awareness, composition, construction lines, tonal graduation, colour graduation, mixed media and digital media techniques. Examples: If looking at colour: Are the colours important? Identify the colours and why they may have been chosen? Do they appeal to a particular target market? E.g. bright colours would be attractive to children. Line - How is line used? Thick, thin , borders/ frames etc Are there any recurring shapes, patterns or imagery within your selected piece? Reviewing your own paintings / drawings based on artist styles You must evaluate your painting and drawings. •

How successful art they? Be honest on the quality?

What has worked well? What could be improved?

If you did something more than once did it work better second time around? What improved?

How does your work compare to that of your artist? What are the similarities / differences?

Comment on the formal elements. Are there some that you have concentrated on more than others. Which ones are the most successful?

Graphics /Packaging / Logo Research •

Justify in your annotation why you have chosen the selected designs.

What stands out/ what is eye catching?

Target market/ Audience – universal, young, sophisticated, trusted, safe etc

How is the packaging constructed? Would you use this idea in your own work?

Also consider the following: Colours used and relevance.

Shapes within the design.

Flow of design.

Choice of Typography - Serif / Sans-serif. Bold type/ thin type, itallics. Handwritten. Digital Add any specific graphical terms from the visial hand out. E.g Serif / sans serif typefaces. Anything else you find relevant – e.g shortening of company name in logo design or use of CAPITALS. Final Evaluation 1. How successful is your packaging? What do you like / dislike? 2. What difficulties have you had in the production of the final idea? How did you overcome these? 3. Compare your outcome to the artist styles and packaging inspiration? 4. Have you fully utilised your drawings? Did you digitally develop them? 5. What improvements would you make if you had more time? 6. Show alternative designs if relevant.

USEFUL DESCRIPTIVE WORDS Formal Elements-2D colour line tone shape rhythm balance composition pattern perspective texture contrast

Descriptive words Gestural forceful bold loose precise controlled sweeping Movement tight large Small

Formal Elements-3D form contour line structure weight mass balance proportion scale rhythm contrast shape texture

Colour primary secondary tertiary opaque transparent complimentary clash luminous cold warm hot receding Advancing

How it looks abstract realistic figurative minimal organic futuristic landscape still life experimental layered industrial Geometric Themes political narrative symbolic religious controversial decorative spiritual conceptual contemporary culture historical

Annotating project work  

Help for annotating project work

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