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east coast

Waye Mason

Mum’s the word

HRM Councilor, District 7 (Peninsula South Downtown)

Knock, knock—who's there? Why, it's a mummer at your door. Mummering is a traditional folk custom in Newfoundland and Labrador. Practiced during Christmastime, a group of friends dress in foolish costumes, including masks, and travel from home to home unannounced. When invited in, the mummers perform ridiculous music and comedy and demand holiday food and drink. They offer their unexpected hosts the chance to guess their identities. To make it extra difficult, mummers will stuff their clothes with strange and distracting objects, dress as the opposite gender and use odd voices, especially inhaling while speaking. Originating in Britain, with earlier origins in French and German carnival culture, mummering has been around Newfoundland since at least the early nineteenth century. It had all but died out until an early 1980s revival by Bud Davidge and Sim Savory, aka Simani, the band credited with maintaining and popularizing Newfoundland's musical heritage. Mummering is back and now, once again, you'll find masked minstrels marauding Newfoundland streets looking for the next home where they can grab a drink and dance a jig. There's even an annual Mummer's Festival and Parade, established in 2009, keeping old traditions alive and new again.

I learned what kind of difference I could make when I was a student. If you believe in something, champion it. If you think something is wrong, challenge it. If you think something should change, fight for it. Get involved and enjoy changing the world.

KIND OF SURPRISE is discovering that the online Nigerian prince is real!

—Jonathan Rotsztain

—Bethany Riordan-Butterworth

Get Venn’d



—Daniel Rotsztain

LOOKing back


Party talk

pink and brown red orange yellow green blue purple no brown or pink two of my favourites left out of the rainbow not political labels, light streaming in through speckled windows

—Andrea Flockhart


Theodore Tugboat Too

coated with the memory of a long and dusty winter ready to be washed and opened letting in the fresh air

—Rebecca Roher

clean and bright ready for the colours out there brown and pink —Kenny Green

Rollie Fingers

Sean Combs

Avril Lavigne — JR

—Chris Foster

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