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Volume 1 Issue 6 e’re told print media is a thing of the past. Media headlines themselves often declare the end of newspapers in favour of digital devices. And it’s true, the world wide web is a wonderful thing. We’re happy to host all our content on and connect on our Facebook page. But then again, there’s something about paper. Maybe you’re reading the Monitor in print right now. You can take in a whole spread at once, lush with variety, and marvel away as the creative expression of your friends and neighbours interacts on the page. Perhaps you’re admiring our fine paper choice or enjoying unfolding the top from the bottom or flipping from front to back. You might be waiting for lunch or sitting on the john. And don't forget about how important this issue might be come winter, when it will make fine kindling for the woodstove. We’re a community newsletter and to us that means being accessible with or without an internet connection. We feel it’s part of the South Shore spirit. We pride ourselves on hard work and quality. We don’t let go of the old ways quietly. Here’s to print media: a great way to share, alongside the internet. —JR+RR


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Uniting the South Shore LaHave River Communities


five facts about the Old confidence lodge 1. Deep roots The Old Confidence Lodge was erected in Riverport in 1929 by the Oddfellows secret society, flush with illegal prohibitionera rum running funds who built themselves a hall that would, “never be too small”.

2. Chilean Connection Owner Diego Medina was born in Calgary after his parents fled the 1973 coup in their native Chile. Upon returning to Chile in the 1990s, Diego made beats with the wildly popular Demosapiens hip-hop crew and got his first taste of the recording arts.

3. storied past Diego bought the Lodge from artist Craig Rubadoux and tango dancer Auriel Dell. They planned on running a tango studio/tapas restaurant. Before that the building hosted Hank Snow shows and the area’s first film screening.

4. the perfect spot Following successful stints in Calgary and Toronto producing and engineering music and playing with the likes of Chad VanGaalen and The Cape May, Diego was looking for the right home/studio and eventually came to the Confidence Lodge in 2008 after extensive touring out east.

5. Don’t be shy After a lot of hard work, Diego now runs a highquality recording studio and performance venue and does live sound and customized tech work for rock stars like Joel Plaskett. He says people should pop-in and check out all that’s going on. —JR


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Willie Stratton and band play the Lodge—Photo by Jason Barkhouse. Learn more about Diego and the Old Confidence Lodge at

Pennybrook Festival

—Kat Frick Miller,

—Rebecca Roher,

The 3rd annual Pennybrook Festival is coming up Saturday, August 24. We’re looking forward to presenting another fabulous roster of musicians from around the corner, across the province and from faraway Montreal. If you have attended or heard about our previous festivals, you’ll know that we run a relaxed “backyard” festival with a laid-back atmosphere. The festival is not-forprofit and all proceeds go to pay musicians and cover material costs. Favourite memories from 2012 include the frolicking kittens and Adam (from Fish and Bird) playing a duet between his fiddle and Pennybrook’s crowing rooster. This year, we’re going to broaden the spectrum of events. In addition to an amazing music lineup, we have lantern-making and an Aikido demonstration planned. The fun starts at 2pm and runs 'til around midnight at 4774 Highway 331. (Our rain location is the West Dublin Hall, 10 Huey Lake Road.) Tickets are $20 for a single pass, $30 for a couple/ family pass (covers up to two adults and up to four kids). Tickets are available from Alex at the West Dublin Market and online at Can’t afford a ticket? We still have some spots available for volunteers (Sign up with Rough camping will be available all weekend. Please note that this year we will not have a caterer on site. Food will be potluck so please bring enough for yourselves and, if you can, bring some to share, too. Check out our website at, our Facebook group or email Alex@ for more details. Look forward to seeing you there! And, does anyone know where we can borrow some kittens? —Alex Hickey,

Learnt Wisdom

Jed and Scout

Crayon on paper Scout’s first Day at Pennybrook. She told the big shephard who was the new Boss! Jed was Scott Craig's furry companion for many years. RIP. —Kerriann Croft

Community events —Jonathan Rotsztain,

Ask A LaHave Craft Co-op Artist We tried to Ask A LaHave River Ferryman but it didn’t work out. Maybe next time. Then we thought it might be nice to Ask A LaHave Bakery Girl, but the place was bustling and we didn’t want to bother them. The LaHave Craft Co-op was busy too, but thankfully artist Carol Marrow was gracious enough to be asked and answer. Carol moved down to Lunenburg in 2004 and gradually established Carol Morrow a studio. She has been making her whole life and has been a member of the Co-op the last four or five seasons. She makes beautiful ceramic plaques, tiles, Christmas ornaments, vases, backsplashes and commissions, some using her magical Smoke Firing technique. You can learn more about Carol’s work at We always ask the Ferryman for their craziest ferry story and they never tell us. When we asked Carol if anything crazy ever happened at the Co-op, she shared this sweet story instead. Every year a group of four women come on an annual road trip down our Lighthouse Route to do their Christmas shopping. They load up on stuff and it’s always fun when they’re around. Which makes sense, really. The Craft Co-Op features all local artists and original work. You couldn’t find a collection like it anywhere else in the world. We wonder what we’ll give for Christmas this year. —JR

KIDS CAMP Artech—Media Magic: 6–10 year olds. Claymation Movies. Video Games. Programmable Lego Robots, Aug 19–23 KIDS CAMP Artech—Media Marathon: 9–14 year olds. Animation, Video Game Design, Digital Graphics, Web Page Design. Aug 26–30 Fort Point Museum, LaHave. Info: 902-693-3340 / music Storytelling and Songs with Tom Gallant and Steve Keith: Aug 22, 8pm. Broad Cove Hall. $15 at the door. Info 935-2083 music Pennybrook Festival of Music and Creative Arts: Full Article, Page 1. Aug 24, 2pm-late. 4774 Hwy 331, LaHave. ARTist TALK & RECEPTION Beyond The Garage Doors: Residents Andrew Maize, Craig Budovitch and Hangama Amiri’s year-end exhibition. Old Fire Hall, 42 Duke St, Lunenburg. Refreshments. Opens Aug 21, 7pm MUSIC Songwriters Vince Morash and Ann Fearon: Aug 31. West Dublin Hall. 8pm SHOW & SALE Square Zebras: Art and rug hooking with Out of the Box theme. River House, Petite Riviere. Opens Sept 7, running for one month skills River Talkers Toastmasters: Local club provides supportive/ positive environment to develop public speaking, communication, leadership skills. Weekly meetings Weds 6:45pm. NSCC Bridgewater. Starts Sept 11. Open House, Sept 25., MUSIC Musicians, Memories & Morsels Official Cook Book Concert: Lana Grant w/ Asif Illyasand, Andrew Hunter. Sept 14, 9pm. Petite Fire Hall. $12 advance (Cobbler Corner/Petite Corner Store) / $15 door. 19+


—Grace Starr

Beachboy’s Fun & Games for Everyday Special People in the Age of Madness: Bonmots & Platitudes of Deeper Meaning than Expected As I am gazing into the sky, in the burning sun for once, watching a seagull above the lazy waves, I'm thinking: What ever happened that we could slip so far into anarchy on this planet? Secret wars and prisons. Drones. Total surveillance. Manhunt on whistleblowers. Ed Snowden fighting for his life. After a moment of blank, I remember: It’s that ‘war-on-tourism-thing’...ehr ‘-terrorism’. It made it all possible. So here's the thing: Remember when mail to your auntie was sacred and nobody was to read your letter but her? OK, you're a bit young then... But read on, cause for this you

can't be young enough: Today, the NSA spy agency in the states reads ALL calls and email that goes over the wire, ether, or whatever. (BTW, our Canada is one of a few willing partners helping them in this plot, this illegal gov scam.) No more respect for privacy, for you and me, for the law. (So this little tidbit you’re reading here, is, of course, also hijacked, stored and evaluated by those spooks.) Can’t be. How can they deal with that much stuff, you say? Like this: 85,000 NSA agent-spooks are at their screens, switched in on your and my secrets. Around the clock. Every call is stored. And

how? An outfit called the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency with 5 billion dollars to blow ( no money for food stamps, eh?), and 16,000 employees, runs these tech wonders from their new billiondollar HQ in Washington to feed the NSA computers: ATK-A200 Satellites, Reapers, Predators, X-37B space drones, Telescopelistening posts, Google Earth (you know), high powered space cameras, U2 spy planes, and so on. All working 24/7 to collect data, photograph you, listen to you. US Central Command calls it: Assured ISR, or: Assured Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance. And

in the giant, new, black, billiondollar NSA place in Utah they can really chomp them down. Get these numbers: 97 billion intercepts just in March alone. The amount of storage there goes by ‘yottabytes’... oh, you don't know what that is? I didn't either. Trillions of ‘terabytes’!? Getting more familiar, eh? Check it out: 15 terabytes takes care of the entire Library of Congress—not a small place. So, what is it all for? Domination. By any means. Profits. Ego. Never mind little things like Privacy Law or International Law. Or ‘Democracy’. It’s raw power. Think Air Force, CIA, cops, Pentagon,

with new gear. Much more effective, you know. Because the war is on all of us, not on terrorists. Bombs, missiles and ‘Special Forces Ops’ still being the big stick, but global information beats all. Knowledge is power. Lying to us as they go. And they are after ‘friends’ and ‘enemies’, no matter. Hush hush. Secretly. Cause that's what it takes to control everybody. Anyway, it’s a mess that way, our world. All while the ocean glistens so beautifully in the sunlight. Waves rushing up the beach as always. An insistent Piping Plover or something driving you nuts with his monotone

chirping... Just wanted to let you know while I thought of it. Cause we're all in this together. Regular people who still need their privacy, like years ago. And ‘Thanks, Ed!’, for letting us know. —BeachBoy@CreativeWorks (fake lead for NSA)

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