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Emission Impossible The new THINK City totally electric car Seats four 100 miles per charge Zero emmisions


Concern for the environment has been at the heart of the development of THINK City. It is not only environmentally sound to drive, but the car itself is designed to be recycled. Engineers, developers, buyers and designers have focused on the same thing: clean recyclable materials, non-polluting production processes, and the best possible use of materials. The dashboard can be completely recycled. The fabric, body, supports, air ducts, adhesives and fixings are designed using the same recyclable materials. The plastic bodywork and other plastic panels are unpainted, reducing both energy consumption and toxins, while also making the panels easier to recycle. The batteries are returned to the supplier at the end of their useable life.

The 4-seater version of THINK City has: • • • •

Front seats with tilt mechanism for easy access to rear seats 3-point seat belts ISOFIX system for child seats Individually foldable seats that allow for great storage space

Interior & Exterior The combination of a smart choice of materials, clever details, and clean lines and surfaces have made the THINK City a prize-winning Norwegian design. The powerful shoulder line and well-defined wheel arches give the car a stance that clearly highlights its superior road handling and excellent driving features. The side indicator lights prominently placed on the wheel arches add innovative looks to exemplary functionality. THINK City’s body is made of recyclable ABS plastic, designed for city driving, ideal for anyone who would like to avoid visible scratches and irritating little dents. The car’s interior is designed to give the driver a pleasant environment, where the emphasis is on providing a clear view of the traffic. The interior is spacious, with instruments that are easy to read. Form, quite simply, follows function. The glass rear hatch allows you to see right down to the bumper of the car behind you when reversing. Parallel parking could not be easier.


Windows All-electric windows and mirrors

Colors • Black Jungle • Blue Sky • Red Energy • City Citrus

Wheels Front wheel drive system

The Axles McPherson front axle and torsion beam rear axle

Standard Equipment • • • • •

2 front airbags Disable key for passenger airbag Power steering Regenerative brakes Central locking

• • • •

Electric windows and mirrors 4kW electric heater 2 loudspeakers and aerial Electronic stability system (ESP) with traction control and brake assist


Available with 2 or 4 seats

Plug-In Plug-in electric powertrain

Doors 3 doors including the rear hatch

charging THINK City has been designed to cope with a variety of battery systems and technologies. The traction battery module is located underneath the seats. Here, the module is well protected and ideally placed from a safety point of view. This gives a good distribution of weights between the front and rear axel, and provides the vehicle with a very low centre of gravity. The battery compartment can accommodate different types of battery systems. Currently, THINK City features the Zebra sodium battery and Lithium-Ion battery from EnerDel.

which means that the operating temperature is between 260 and 360 degrees. The battery is also made from environmentally friendly materials. This option is perfect for users who have a regular and frequent usage pattern. Active materials in the Zebra battery are sodium and nickel. The hot materials are contained in a vacuum insulated and sealed container. Thus, these batteries operate very efficiently in areas with very hot and very cold climate.

Sodium batteries: Zebra

Lithium-based systems: Enerdel

The Zebra (Mes-Dea) battery has high energy density, and provides long range performance, independent of ambient temperature. It is a “hot� battery,

The lithium battery operate at ambient temperatures. This means that the car does not have to be plugged in when not in use. THINK is co-operating with Enerdel.

Charging your THINK City is just as easy as charging your mobile phone. Plug it in a conventional socket, charge over night, and wake up to a fully charged car the next morning. Where can I charge? You can plug in to a conventional 10A or 16A socket, 230V. Plugging into a 16A socket will enable faster charging.

How far can I drive on one charge? You can drive up to 160km on a fully charged car.

How long does it take to charge the THINK City? THINK City with Lithium battery; 0-100% 8 hours THINK City with Zebra battery; 0-80% 7 hours, 80-100% 4 hours

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3321, Magnum Drive Elkhart, IN 46516 United States

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Phone: + 47 800 61 000

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he THINK City is an electric car that demands very little of you. In fact, not much more than a mobile phone. Just an overnight power top-off, and it’s ready to go in the morning. THINK City is a modern urban car. With zero local emissions and an energy efficiency three times that of a traditional combustion engine car, it is a car for the environment. And it is a fun car for you. A choice of sodium or lithium batteries allows you to accommodate your car to your driving style, travelling up to 100 miles on one charge, with a top speed of 66 mph. Driving a silent car will give you a totally new experience.

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