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Affordable Residential and Commercial Construction Services at Tampa, Florida

Rossi Construction • Rossi Construction is one of the best construction company located at Tampa Bay Area. We have an expert team which can handle all kinds of construction work, design & build, roofing, painting, custom hardwood flooring and other home improvement tasks. • Rossi Construction has built Excellence by Design since 1979.We can bring that same level of experience to your residential and commercial construction project that make your house or office more beautiful and good looking.

Our Services • Looking for reputed and efficient construction company for your house? Rossi Construction offers the best construction services in Florida area at reasonable prices. • We offer best services in:1. Residential Construction 2. Commercial Construction 3. Disaster Recovery

Residential Construction • Rossi Construction is the unparalleled leader in residential construction throughout the Tampa Bay area. We are an expert team of home remodeling and home renovation experts. We can handle any home improvement task, remodeling, re-painting, door, roofing and more. Contact us for: 1. Home Remodeling 2. Bathroom Remodeling 3. Kitchen Remodeling 4. New Construction 5. Renovations 6. Additions and Enclosures

Commercial Construction • Every company, organization and business owner wants best Commercial Construction Services for renovating their office. Rossi Construction is the unparalleled leader in commercial construction throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our expert team can handle all type of construction work in an efficient manner. 1. Office Buildings 2. Warehouses 3. Headquarter Offices/Campus 4. Restaurants 5. Tenant Improvements 6. Interior Office-Buildouts

Disaster Recovery • Rossi Construction's has trained team of Disaster Recovery experts at Florida area. • Rossi Construction's Disaster Recovery program specializes in recovery services during Hurricanes, Fire and Flooding. • Rossi Construction offers you with your own disaster relief expert who supervises the whole restoration work. 1. Demolition 3. Water Damage Repair

2. Structural Services 4. Cleaning Services

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Residential and Commercial Construction Services Tampa  

Rossi Construction is the most reputed Construction and Design Company in Tampa, Florida area. For more than three decades they have been pr...