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Rhodiola Supplements & Nootropics This adaptogenic herbal stimulant has been used as energy boosting agent in Russia and China for centuries. It stimulates the nervous system, helps with work, along with combating stress and fatigue. The mechanism of action for Rhodiola is that it boosts dopamine and serotonin levels by inhibiting monoamine oxidase and helping opioid peptides. It also contains a number of phytochemicals, neuroprotective anti oxidizing agents and is a stress reducing agent. MAO Enzymes antagonizes two of the primary Limitless neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine), Rhodiola blocks MAO Enzymes, so this nootropic is a case of your enemy of your enemy being your friend. It also boosts some of the positive endorphins (opioid peptide betaendorphin) that fight stress and make you feel good. A Russian study showed that it increased the capacity to do mentally demanding work while stressed or fatigued. An Armenian study on +50 late night physicians showed a statistically significant correlation between a standardized extract SHR/5 of rhizome Rhodiola rosea and improved complex perceptual and cognitive cerebral functions. A 2002 Yechang, China study demonstrated that Rhodiola improves sleep quality for young men. A Netherlands study showed its function of minimizing chronic oxidative stress can increase lifespan as well. A 2008 california pilot study demonstrated that 340 Milligrams daily of Rhodiola had a significant effect on those dealing with generalized anxiety disorder. For these reasons Rhodiola is also effective at treating and preventing depression. A 2009 study administered 570 Milligrams daily of SHR-5 extract, to those suffering from stress and fatigue. No serious side effects were reported and the improvements were significant: boosting mental performance, particularly concentration and cortisol level decreases in burnout patients. Rhodiola rosea herb grows in cold regions such as eastern Siberia, the arctic and the rocky mountains. Chinese and Russian folk medicine has used it for centuries to boost energy. It is mentioned as early as first century AD by the Greek physician Dioscorides. Rhodiola herb is sold in tablet, capsule and tea form. Rhodiola boosts sexual appetite and helps improve athletic performance by decreasing recovery time. Rhodiola also helps with altitude illness, it protects bodily organs from from low oxygen hypoxia related damage. Meta Data: Rhodiola rosea, herb, sleep, phytochemicals, adaptogenic, stress, anxiety, fatique, arctic root, serotonin, dopamine, tea, MAO Enzymes, sex

Recommended Daily: 200 Milligrams - 600 Milligrams daily. One study administered as much as 680 Milligrams daily to treat mild depression and negative side effects were not reported. Side Effects: Rhodiola rosea, when taken at high dosages has side effects typical of stimulant nootropics; restlessness, insomnia, irritability, and increased heart rate and possibly increased blood pressure. Don’t take it before bed. Conflicts: No interactions are reported on WebMD. Limitless Mindset Podcast Also please check out the Limitless Mindset Podcast, an entertaining, educational and free internet radio show loaded with actionable information about how to acquire superhuman mental abilities and hack your reality.

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Rhodiola Rosea a Brain Supplement  

This adaptogenic herbal stimulant has been used as energy boosting agent in Russia and China for centuries. It stimulates the nervous system...

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