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When I was in 6th grade, my parents cut off our TV connection. That was when I realized that we have a choice between consuming and creating. I can be told a story or I can tell my own story, I can sit and watch or I can move and make. I believe telling stories and making experiences come to life is at the center of brand creation. I believe that what we create should not be limited by our definition of advertising but by what is right for the brand and the consumer. I still don’t have a TV.



jen n

I like

cotton skirts

red wine



& old people

jacob’s shirts

green tea

long distance runner







free spirit

large portions eater

i Value


I am (A)












Objective: To contribute to an organization’s strategic growth and development using my skills in creative and analytical problem solving, leadership, and interpersonal communication.

jennie anderson

Employment Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MN January 2011 – July 2011 • Merchandise Planning Business Analyst - Responsible for managing, allocating, and ordering inventory for the Mossimo Readyto-Wear apparel line for Target’s 1750+ store chain • Utilized 15+ inventory and financial analysis systems and worked closely with Mossimo buyer, sourcing services, and vendors to ensure inventory allocation that provided the optimum guest experience, sales, and gross margin • Department Captainships - Responsibilities included helping the Ready-to-Wear Woven department implement a new process to assess inventory levels and profitability of items appearing in weekly advertising and overseeing the department’s daily communication with business partners in India JackThreads, A Thrillist Company, Freelance October – December 2010 • Conducted an in-depth competitive analysis of street wear, t-shirt, and flash sales online retailers; provided brand story, t-shirt pricing and style, and website recommendations Ortus Capital Management Limited, Hong Kong Summer Internship 2007 • Created and edited marketing spreadsheets, charts, and documents and accompanied owner to meetings with potential venture capital clients in northeastern China and Beijing


strategist Contact: 1.330.416.5903

Portfolio: docs/portfolio

Address: San Francisco, CA, USA


Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter, Richmond, VA August 2008 – May 2010 Master of Science in Mass Communications; Concentration in Advertising/Creative Brand Management • Cumulative GPA 3.86 on a 4.0 scale Worked on client-related projects such as: • Developing a US market entry plan for Plastered, a Beijing street wear t-shirt company; included consumer and retail target analysis, positioning, pricing, distribution strategy, B2B marketing, and budget and success metrics • Creating brand, store, and marketing concepts for a European mattress manufacturer’s US retail launch; included brand identity, vision and mission, brand and product line naming, store experience and layout, product mix, employee culture, and promotions Extracurricular • Project manager on the team that created the campaign for Advertising Week 2010 in NYC College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA August 2004 – May 2008 Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts; Double Major in Linguistics and Chinese • Cumulative GPA 3.76 on a 4.0 scale • Research: Chinese and English cross-linguistic and cross-cultural branding; advertising strategies of financial services companies Peking and Tsinghua Universities, Beijing, China • Successfully completed coursework in Mandarin Chinese and Chinese Culture


June – December 2006

Some Of My Favorite Activities • Linguistics - competent in written and spoken Mandarin; particularly interested in naming and sociolinguistics • Traveling - have traveled extensively throughout China • Running - ran a 3:22:15 at the 2008 Boston Marathon

Brand Challenge Expedia sought a way to increase its profits and maintain its position as the online travel market leader. Management wanted a differentiated service that encouraged users to buy more than just plane tickets. Team Members: Ashleigh Edwards, Chris Trumbull, Lauren Perlow, Maggie McClurken, Colin Eagan



The Online travel industry

edi a

Though reaching maturity, the US online travel market is still growing. From an estimated value of $104 billion in 2007, it is expected to reach $128 billion in 2011. The number of people using online travel agents has also increased. In 2009, 50% of American adults made a travel reservation online, compared to 19% in 2001. To put it in perspective, more people are making travel reservations online than are doing online banking.

Traveler trends When our group started talking about traveling, we realized we had a few things in common: none of us had much money to spare, but we all wanted to travel. When we looked into it more, we found we weren’t alone. There has been an increase in the number of: • high school students traveling to do volunteer work • students taking gap years between high school and college • younger people taking extended time off of work to travel • students studying abroad over the last few decades

The gift registry industry There is an unmet demand for travel in gift registries. While, 29% of people have selected gifts toward travel or a honeymoon in their registry, another 33% of people said they would have done so if it had been available. With the growing number of young travelers, we saw an opportunity in combining an online travel agent with a gift registry. 5



edi a

The Expedia Registry. Based on the concept of a gift registry and utilizing the aggregating capabilities of Expedia, the Expedia Registry allows users to create a registry account, plan a trip, and send invitations to friends and family to contribute to their travels. The Expedia Registry allows users to incorporate all of Expedia’s product offerings, including flight, hotel, and activities. Through a partnership with Paypal, the traveler can also receive gifts to help cover extra travel expenses, such as meals or souvenirs.

Target 18-34 year olds who have the desire, but not the money, to travel. They not only have more time, an existing interest in travel, and an inconveniently small savings account, they are also the ones going through life phases that are ripe for gift giving: high school graduation, college graduation, milestone birthdays, study abroad trips, and weddings. Sophia, a senior about to graduate from Northwestern, will help us walk through the registry. 6


After Sophia has set up the account, she can send emails through Expedia to all of her family and friends, such as this one to her Uncle Pankaj. In the email, there will be a customized link that will take the potential gift givers directly to her registry.

Once on Sophia’s landing page, Uncle Pankaj will see a visual representation of her trip. He can read more about Sophia’s story behind the trip, leave a message for Sophia, and share his part in her trip on Facebook and Twitter. The list of the gifts are on a scroll bar at the bottom of the page.


edi a


For the larger gift items, such as flights and hotels, Sophia broke down the costs into segments. Here you can see Uncle Pankaj purchased a leg of her flight over the Atlantic.

Once Uncle Pankaj has selected his gift, he can send Sophia his wellwishes, which she will receive in her registry account page.


edi a


Sophia edits and keeps track of her trip through one interface. It shows the people she has invited to contribute, the people who have given a gift, and how much of her trip has been purchased. The calendar allows her to see her itinerary by day and who has purchased each portion. She also has the option of sharing her trip through Facebook and Twitter.

The Idea tab at the top of her registry page allows her to search past travelers’ trips to get inspiration and share her own experience and suggestions. She can also upload pictures of her trip to Flickr to share with those who have contributed to her travels. The Notification tab keeps track of all the gifts and messages she has received and the thank you notes she has sent out. 9

edi a


Sophia can use her smartphone to stay up to date with her trip and registry process, send digital postcards to friends, and upload pictures to Flickr. To send a postcard, she simply takes a photo, types in the text, and emails it to Uncle Pankaj. This allows the traveler and gift giver to build a closer connection around the trip. The gift giver can even see the exact location where the picture was taken via the geo-tagging stamp on the postcard. 10

edi a


Campaign We created a campaign to raise awareness of Expedia’s new product and demonstrate it’s relevance to gift givers and gift receivers alike. The concept behind the execution is, “The Expedia Registry provides bad gift insurance.” The You Shouldn’t Have! campaign centers around Jeremy P. Schwartzwalder, a bad gift appraiser. On his website, users can upload photos of their bad gifts, vote on the bad gifts, and interact with Jeremy. The person voted to have to worst gift will receive money toward their Expedia registry. Jeremy will also host a traveling roadshow where he appraises people’s bad gifts and gives them money toward their registry. The You Shouldn’t Have website, as well as print, TV, interactive banners, and search engine optimization will all direct toward the Expedia website. 11

edi a

Brand Challenge The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation works to improve the health of Americans. In a competition through the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, they asked teams to use mobile technology in a campaign to decrease the occurrence of HIV cases among Generation Y. Team Members: Katie Chapin, Oliver Adriance, Julia Veinberg


Gol den


The number of new HIV cases among men who have sex with men has been steadily increasing since the 1990’s and this group now makes up nearly half of the people living with HIV in the US. Moreover, men who have sex with men is the only group in the US in which the number of new HIV cases is increasing. The younger generation of the homosexual community has grown complacent when it comes to HIV/AIDS. There is a false sense of security among this group, many of whom are not acknowledging that they have a high risk of contracting HIV.

Solution Use cultural icons, The Golden Girls, to create an open discussion about HIV testing within the gay community.

Target Gay men born between 1977 and 1990 who frequent gay bars, clubs, and other popular meeting locations.

Unique Approach The campaign’s approach to HIV prevention comes from a different angle than past initiatives; it uses cultural icons from within the gay community. Instead of an outside organization coming in and trying to change social behavior, this campaign grows organically from the culture that already exists, with a little twist. 13

Gir ls

Gol den


“Thank You For Being A Friend” will use the gay community’s cultural icons, The Golden Girls, to start a candid conversation about HIV testing. Life-size holograms of Betty White, who played Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls will stand in bathrooms in gay bars, clubs, and other popular meeting locations around San Francisco. In addition to delivering witty lines about sex and the importance of HIV testing, these displays will incorporate mobile technology by featuring QR (quick response) codes. Rose Nylund will instruct observers how to scan the QR code using a cell phone. Depending on the capabilities of each cell phone, scanning the QR code will cause the phone to either launch the campaign’s website on its browser or receive a text with the website address. The Golden Girl themed website will serve as a hub of information and entertainment to promote HIV testing, the acceptability of talking about testing, and general AIDS awareness and support. Visitors will also have the option to send ecards and text messages featuring humorous Golden Girls video clips edited to encourage gay men to get tested and to feel comfortable talking about testing with their partners. Golden Girl-themed condoms will also be for sale. 14

Gir ls

Brand Challenge Break down California Pizza Kitchen’s current targets and develop brand extensions and suggestions that will simultaneously provide a benefit for the customer and increase the customer lifetime value for CPK.



What does CPK already provide them?

Target Breakdown

Good food at a good price that the kids love; a kidfriendly atmosphere is a parent-friendly atmosphere; convenience

Families with Young The Parents The Kids

Large kids menu; they don’t have to sit still and be quiet

Business People

Reliability and convenience; the best place to make the most of their lunch break

Lunch Diners Casual Business Diners

The bridge between the hectic workday and their home life

After Work Relaxers

A casual, middle price restaurant for the days that work needs to continue over dinner; this target is most dependent on the location of the restaurant 16


Brand Extensions

Sell packaged CPK kids’ lunches in grocery stores as an alternative to brown bag lunches

Offer lunchtime deliveries

Customer Benefits

The kids don’t have to worry about getting squishy sandwiches for lunch; meets the needs of the parents outside of the restaurant and in the home; a convenient, reliable choice Makes CPK more convenient, especially during the busy days

Create more adult-oriented restaurants with a more expansive bar

Provides a more low-key and professional atmosphere that makes it easier to sit and enjoy a drink over dinner

Open ASAP* CPKs in movie theaters or sell directly to snack bars

Adds a second element to the movie experience good food; makes dinner and a movie more accessible for teenagers, especially if Mom is driving.


How does it increase Customer Lifetime Value? Families could go from buying CPK a few times a month to a few times a week.

There are days when the choice comes down to “Who delivers?”; keeps CPK in the consideration set

A way of retaining customers who think the kids make CPK too chaotic; more emphasis on the alcohol can help increase sales

A way to extend CPK’s relationship with kids into their teen years; meets them at a relevant distribution point as their needs and habits change *The faster CPKs in airports.

Brand Challenge The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the domestic twentytwenty cricket league in India. In only its third season, it is already extremely successful and has its sights set on being the largest sporting league in the world. First step? Making in-roads outside of India. Team Members: Katie Chapin, Chris Trumbull, Grace Harris, Evan Vosburgh



Background England took cricket to India in the 1700’s. Since then, it has grown to become the most popular sport in the country. The Board of Control for Cricket in India saw an opportunity in creating a domestic twentytwenty (T20) cricket league after India’s unexpected win in the first T20 World Cup in 2007. Popularized by England in 2003, T20 is a faster, three hour version of cricket meant to compete with shorter sporting events and help draw and maintain the viewing audience. Since the eight franchised teams competed in the 2008 inaugural season, the brand value of the IPL has soared to $4.13 billion dollars, more than doubling in value in the last year alone. Its success can be attributed to the league’s close ties with Bollywood (each team having a celebrity ambassador), the big name international players on the teams, the volume of sponsorship opportunities available to national and regional companies, and the intensity, speed, and power required by the game.

Opportunity England’s influential role in the cricket world, its sizable Indian and immigrant population, and its existing but small IPL fan base all aligned with our decision to take cricket back to England. More specifically: • In the most recent English Test match (the 5 day format of the game) against Bangladesh, viewership was around 150,000. At the same time, the IPL was able to draw in 500,000 people. • The percentage growth of people playing cricket in the last 3 years has increased by double digit percentage points. Last year it grew by 15%. • For a league that makes 90% of its revenue from broadcasting fees and with the broadcasting rights for the IPL expiring within the year, building a large and loyal audience will be critical in signing a broadcaster that is willing to lay down the pounds. 19


Objective Build a loyal IPL fan following in England. Consider both the number of fans and the level of their interest and loyalty.

Target Sports Enthusiasts. Over 40% of people in England identify themselves as all around sports fans that regularly watch games in pubs. Team loyalty and rivalries are extremely important and fuel the passion of the game experience. Indian Ex-pats. There are approximately 1.6 million Indians living in England, making up the largest visible minority group. Many of them stay involved in the Indian culture, of which cricket is so closely tied.

position The biggest challenge for the IPL is overcoming the current perception of cricket in England. We want to move the perception from that of a reserved, high society game with moderate mainstream popularity to an energetic game accessible to the masses. If cricket is a tea party, then we want to position the IPL as its own party. A party blending the energy of a dance party, the inclusivity of a street party, the pageantry of a festival, and that desire to let down your guard that happens at house parties: an IPL party. 20


Strategy We looked at what it was about the IPL that fueled the IPL party and differentiated it from other forms of cricket. We realized that the IPL is cricket under the pressure of time. With less time to score points and teams getting fined for dawdling on the field, the IPL requires speed. Strategy: The IPL is a vibrant celebration of cricket on speed.

Concept One of our team members grew up a Steelers fan. When he moved to Chicago, he was surrounded by all the greatness of Chicago sports. That was until he found his Steelers’ home; a bar dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers. In order to build IPL loyalty and to provide people with a place to celebrate this fast-paced sport, we will build a home for the IPL in England. In each of the target cities, London and Manchester, we will build T20: Home of the IPL, a pub/restaurant/ retail/theater fusion experience designed to encourage an intense stadium atmosphere or an energetic party, depending on the night’s events. It will take the IPL a step closer to owning the sport of T20 crickets in the minds of cricket fans.





T20 Description Layout and Design: The T20 will have a 360 degree viewing screen at the center of the establishment and above the bar. The bar itself can be transformed into a stage for private and social events. Unlike most bars and pubs where there are many televisions, we want to draw everyone together by having one huge screen in the center of the circular layout. This layout also mimics a live cricket viewing experience and facilitates free and fluid movement within T20. The decor will be inspired by India with vibrant colors and fabrics. Cloth canopies will hang above the screen and be used to add intimacy on the second floor viewing level. Merchandise: Merchandise, such as jerseys, shirts, hats, posters, and mugs, will be available for all the IPL teams in an in-venue store. There will also be T20: Home of the IPL merchandise. The dining and drinking experience will include decorative and educational merchandise, such as Mumbai Indians mugs or a coaster with a mini bio of the Rajasthan Royals stand-out rookie. Events: T20 will have an IPL theme year-round. On the days of IPL matches, banners of the two teams playing will hang under the screen. Since the games will be shown live from India (11:30 am and 3:30 pm in England), the day will be broken down into lunch, happy hour/dinner, and the post-game party. The post-game parties will celebrate that day’s victorious teams with Bollywood music, their banner hanging prominently, and themed specials. During the off-season, T20 will continue to show other twentytwenty cricket matches, have nightly events such as Bollywood night and cricket quiz night, screen Bollywood movies, and be available for private gatherings.



campaign The creative concept capitalized on the unique aspect of IPL cricket - its speed. Communications simultaneously differentiate the IPL from other formats of cricket and promote T20: Home of the IPL. Wild postings around London and Manchester will emphasize the speed and intensity of the IPL and inform people of the location of T20.

Interactive displays will utilize the space in bus shelters. With a bowler on one side of the shelter and the wicket on the other, people will be able to test there batting ability as if they were on the pitch.



Banners will hang above the waiting platforms of the Tube.

IPL Approved stickers will be posted on or next to places that are associated with speed, such as express trains, convenience stores, and fast food restaurants. 25

nest Brand Challenge A Polish mattress manufacturer wants to open a retail chain of mattress and bedding stores in the United States. They sought guidance in all areas of branding and marketing their stores, including target analysis, positioning, brand identity and mission, brand and product naming, product mix, in-store experience, and promotions. Team Members: Meg Ingraham, Albert Kugel, David Cromer, Shradha Khana



Retail Insight Most mattress retailers emphasize the physical aspects of sleep: the feel of the bed, the materials inside, and the way in which it supports your back. However, there is little attention to the emotional side of sleep - the feeling of pulling back clean sheets and crawling in, looking forward to the comforting routine of bedtime, thinking back to the best nights of sleep you’ve ever had. Looking at current mattress retailers we found that we had an opportunity to own this more emotional side of sleep in the higher mid-range category.

Consumer Insight While 68% of people identified winding down before bed as their favorite part of the day, more than half of them said they do not feel they get enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, since the 1960’s, it is estimated that Americans are sleeping 1-2 hours less per night, down from 8.5 hours. While bedtime is the highlight of the day for many, it has become an afterthought. We saw an opportunity to promote the intangible benefits of sleep. To highlight the reasons that bedtime is the favorite part of people’s day.

Target Upper middle class couples, ranging from their late 20’s and upward with an average household income of $110,000. Because women make around 80% of the mattress purchasing decisions, we want the store to particularly cater to their tastes. Based upon the retail locations of these stores, they will generally live in or near metropolitan areas. They tend to be overworked and sleep deprived. 27




Nest. Nest is the store that welcomes you back to bedtime. The name combines the element of nature with the notions of a cozy, calm, personal space that you return to night after night. As the target is primarily female, it also incorporates the maternal associations of nesting. Its associative properties relate it to the products, mood and market positioning of the store.


Mission To help people appreciate the joys of sleep.


Do for the bedroom what William Sonoma did for the kitchen. People don’t just go to William Sonoma to buy products, they go to immerse themselves in the experience, learn about the art of cooking, and imagine their dream kitchen.

Brand Values Four core brand values will serve as inspiration and guideposts in the creation of the brand: • The intangible benefits of sleep. • Every interaction matters. This includes not just customer and employee interactions, but the communications between employee and management as well. We want the employees to feel valued and empowered to make wise business decisions. • Attention to every single detail. This holds true from the store layout to the pens at the checkout. • Quality over quantity. This will help guide the product mix selection. 28



In-Store Experience

Color Palette Calming colors inspired from nature. Blues and greens are two popular colors that people use in their bedrooms. Calming. Cozy. Uncluttered. Creating an experience that stimulates all five of the customer’s senses will create a richer mattress shopping experience: • Smell - A combination of the calming scents of lavender and chamomile will make up our signature scent. • Sight - Natural light during the day and a warm glow during the evening hours; open space with cozy nooks for the mattress testing. • Sound - Soft ambient music and sounds from nature, such as falling rain and crickets. • Touch - Natural textures, such as wood, leather, and cotton; each mattress customer will also have a soft blanket to use for testing the mattresses • Taste - Chamomile tea and biscuits will be served 29



Mattresses Composite








Color code the mattresses by hardness.

Names Copper Silver

Sequoia Signature Willow



Regular Sequoia

Magnolia Platinum Cypress

Natural Sequoia

No more memory foam The client came to us with plans of selling composite, latex, and memory foam mattresses. We recommended keeping it simple and only selling the first two. We found that many people are overwhelmed by the mattress buying process and are anxious about getting the right mattress at the right price. Studies also show that customers faced with fewer options are more likely to make a purchase because having too many choices makes people less confident in their purchase decision. With Tempurpedic already owning the memory foam market, we felt their effort would be better spent tackling the latex market, as this was their favorite mattress and commanded the highest price point. 30



Other Products nightingale Linens

Accessories Decorative Pillows

Throw Blankets

Bedtime & Comfort Slippers

The Nightingale linen line will include linens, duvets, comforters, and blankets. We found that many people complain of having sheets that do not fit their mattress, so Nest will position its sheets as the perfect fit. In addition to the standard linen collection, there will be seasonally-themed linens and blankets.



Signature Scent Dryer Sheets







Store Walk-through


product display







product product



display table

display table












Nest will be located in malls to ensure foot traffic. The threshold and fire place will evoke a calm, cozy atmosphere. The mattresses will be displayed in semi-private vignettes, each decorated in a slightly different style and displaying products available for sale. When a customer enters, they will be greeted by an employee wearing a shirt made from the bed linens available in the store. The energy level of the employees will vary at different times of the day, more energetic in the morning and more laid-back in the afternoon. Their interactions will be conversational, as that of a friend giving guidance.


Promotions PositioN & Strategy Position - Nest welcomes you back to bedtime. Strategy - Spark a sleep renaissance.

Goodnight Tweet: Every night, Nest will send out a tweet with soothing content, such as a link to a website, music, photo, etc.

The Best Blanket Ever: Just as the Ritz-Carlton has the best bathrobes, we will have the best blankets. The blanket given to customers for testing the mattresses will also be given away with Cypress and Sequoia mattress purchases and available for sale.

All You Need Is Sleep: A Social Movement Nest will partner with the National Sleep Foundation, an independent non-profit organization and ask companies to promote the All You Need Is Sleep campaign among their employees. The goal of the movement is to encourage Americans to get a healthy amount of sleep. Nest and the NSF will provide an online platform that helps people reach their sleep goals. It will include: • A social and educational networking website that allows users to create groups, track their friends’ sleep, and provide moral support. • A reverse alarm clock application. Based on how much sleep the user needs and her schedule the next day, she can set it so that it will start warning her and her electronics when bedtime is approaching. It can even be programmed to shut down her electronics at a certain time. 33


jen n

To be continued. Thank you for looking through my book. I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you in person.


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Jennie Anderson's VCU Brandcenter Portfolio  

A collection of work from my experience as a Creative Brand Management student at the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter.

Jennie Anderson's VCU Brandcenter Portfolio  

A collection of work from my experience as a Creative Brand Management student at the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter.

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