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James Roome

Industrial Design Portfolio 2014- Present

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Russel Hobbs Colour Control Iron To recreate an existing consumer iron within Rhino. Using orthographic drawings and sketches to understand the form to translate it into CAD.


Sketching and Development

CAD Model

Garden Shredder

Using a given user type of ‘Gardening Elders’, develop a persona and using this to research, design and develop a garden shredder. Focusing on the usability of the product and the ergonomics of the product. Finishing with a CAD model that takes into consideration how the product would be manufactured.


Roy (74) & Mary (72)

“ We love gardening as it requires patience and careful attention to detail. We are both restricted to the amount of work we can do, so its great when the grandchildren come to visit.�

To c r e a t e a p r o d u c t t h a t c o u l d be used by an elderly person for use in the garden that has a powered means of chopping flowers, shrubs and small trees for composting or mulching.

Lightweight and Manouverable Weatherproof Safe Easy to operate Compact and easy Storage Easy to maintain

Idea Development




Turbine cutting system Material- Stainless Steel Length- 140mm Diameter- 120mm

2500 Watt Electric Motor Length- 170mm Diameter-120mm

Product Exploded View

Intake Guard

Materials: Polypropylene Manufacturing: Injecting Moulding Notes: Guard is positioned 200mm away from the cutting system.

Shredder Casing

Materials: Polypropylene Manufacturing: Multi-shot Injecting Moulding Notes: Motor is face-mounted to internal ribbing of the casing.

Shredder Handles

Waste Bin

Materials: Polypropylene Manufacturing: Injecting Moulding Notes: Internal lip added to give strength to the structure. Exagerated taper to increase ease of manufacture.

Shredder Stand

Materials: Polypropylene Manufacturing: Injecting Moulding Notes: Stand is moulded in two parts.

Materials: Polypropylene Manufacturing: Injecting Moulding Notes: Adjustable handle allows easy storage. Handle locks in place to avoid slipping. Rough handle grip, to increase grip in adverse weather.


Materials: Polypropylene Manufacturing: Injecting Moulding Notes: Wheels are lifted clear from the ground when the stand is upright. Larger wheels enable good manouverability.

Product in Context

Product Features • Lightweight and minimal design. • collapsable design for easy storage. • Large waste cuttings capacity. • Large wheels for easy manouvarability. • Easy to operate controls, with automatic shut-off when the cutter is overloaded. • Quiet running motor.

Rendering Techniques To practise and improve my marker and canson rendering rechnique.


Marker Renderings

Canson Style Renders

Clay Sculpture To explore and develop 3D form and branding. Using chavant clay to create different sculptures based on 4 themes: Fluid, dynamic, architectural, monolithic.


















Construction Void Cover A brief set by Oxford Plastics. The brief was to creat a safety solution to consrutcion voids present during building construction processes. A construction void is often a void in a building floor, where pipes and other utility lines pass through from one floor to the next. Often posing a safety risk for tools and debris to fall through and cause a possible risk. The duration of this projcet was 3 days.


Concept Development

CAD Development

SIze: Lenght- 280 mm Width- 100 mm Depth- 50 mm Each part can come in differing sizes, depending on the size of the hole. Materials- Glass reinforced plastic, high strength rubber

Chocolate Bar Project To create a themed chocolate bar for the country of Japan. Incorporating cultural themes into the design of the bar and packaging.



3D Form Inspiration

Chocolate Bar Form


Visual Brand Language Using the Victorinox brand to create a product with the same visual brand language present within the company. The brief was to create a set of chopstick that are reusable and fit in within the Victorinox brand. Chopsticks are often disposed of after one use, and therefor very wasteful. Having a reusable set of chopsticks will prove more sustainable. This length of this project was 3 days.


Reliability Versatility Heritage

Concept Development

Butterfly Folding Case

Telescopic Detail Telescopic Folding Chopstick

Final Concept

Aircrew Training Interior Create a full size Aircraft training interior, for the Travel and Tourism Department. For use within their Airline Aircrew Training Qualification. Utilising genuine aircraft parts to create a authentic aircraft experience, whilst maintaining the rigs ability to be utilised as a classroom. Using CAD and CNC Machining to create and construct the framework.


Build Phase

F inal Installation

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