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The Heartwood Farm project is a collaboration of designs for a theoretical farm-to-table business in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This area in Florida is the only habitat for the Baobab tree, which is native to Africa. Drawing from this African connection, Heartwood Farms markets subSaharan produce. This design draws inspiration from fauvism, which is rooted in nature. When translated it means “the wild beasts;� artists of this style used color as the primary element that is responsible for pictorial coherence as well as a conveyor of meaning.

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This project is a re-branding for a local photographer in Searcy Arkansas, Ashel Parsons. The re-branding package included designing a new logo, business card, letterhead, with an envelope. In addition, the re-branding included advertisements. Traditional advertisements included a billboard, a car wrap as well as a tote bag. For social media, a new Facebook profile picture and cover coherent with the re-branding.


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The Go Movement project was designed to bring awareness to the Disabilities Office at Harding University. According to the National Center For Education Statistics, eleven percent of undergraduate students around the country have reported having a disability. Nation wide, the number one disability on every college campus is test anxiety and stress management. Schools and higher learning institutions are required by the Government to provide disability services to the student

body. Unfortunately when students think of disability services, they tend to stigmatize instead of utilizing provided services. This re-branding project was produced to reduce the barriers to utilization.

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The challenge for this project was to design and construct packaging for a cosmetics line. The packaging would be for a highend cosmetic company named after my parents: James and Julie. The design would be targeted to appeal to individuals from both genders between 18- 33 year olds. Since the “clients� for this project were my parents I wanted to showcase some of their background and personality into the project. Both of my parents are from the West Coast;

my Mother is from Seattle and my Father is from Northern California. The topography of this area is green and mountainous. By visiting my parents’ hometown, my impressions of the culture were that of a laid back nature, simplicity and natural beauty.

james and julie

This assignment consisted of designing three book covers. For this project I selected three of my favorite stories from classic literature:

Arabian Nights, Dracula, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Each book was selected in order to exhibit the differences of their artistic styles and cultures. Arabian Nights represents the Middle East. The tale of Arabian Nights speaks of the power of words and stories. This style places text as a focal point of the design. This design, also complements the Middle Eastern aniconic and symmetrical art styles. The design for the Dracula book cover centers on two central figures, forming the shape of a coffin. The dark color scheme and themes of the cover are congruent with the mood and themes of Bram Stoker’s novel. The cover for Huckleberry Finn attempts to capture the imagination and ambition of embarking on a journey of adventure and exploration.

These pos ters were designe d for a Public Ser vice Announcement centered on the a b u s e o f t e c h n o l o g y. Ta rg e t e d t o m i d d l e school and high school students, the posters utilize iconic symbols found in technology coupled with a statistic concerning the negative effects of technology abuse.

50% of social media users said that social media has made their lives and their self-esteem worse. Learn how to identify and desensitize your urges and cravings for overuse and abuse of technology at

Studies show that up to two-thirds of people find it hard to relax or sleep after

Young adults heavily engaged in social networking have an increased chance

spending time on social media and other electronic activities.

of developing anxiety issues and antisocial personality disorders.

House Information: The Farmhouse: A large modern farmhouse style full renovation of a 1920s two story home that’s perfect for retreats, getaways or weddings. Each bedroom has a private bathroom and separate heat and air. Common spaces include an open concept floor plan with living area, dining room and full kitchen, laundry area, 1/2 bath, dreamy wrap around porch and a fabulous covered outdoor living space with a silo fireplace that really makes a statement. Location : Pawhuska Oklahoma Design Brief : The Farmhouse Relatively Near the Prairie is a vacation rental property in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. This property was designed to help provide housing to the 6,000 plus people who daily come to visit Ree Drummond’s Mercantile. The design package for the Farmhouse included: Logos, website, informational packets, room plates, house plates, signage, photography, advertisments, Interior design, and furniture restoration.

Reviews: Reece Morrel: We were blessed to stay at Pawhuska’s newest Bed n’ Breakfast - The Farmhouse. It is not just a home run, but a grand slam! Very nicely done. We hope to return during the holidays. Judy : Perfect in every way! The remodeled Farmhouse provided the perfect place for a ‘girls’ trip with my daughter and 3 of my granddaughters. We each had our own beautifully decorated, spotlessly clean and beyond comfortable room with its own ensuite bathroom. If that wasn’t enough, the living area and wrap-around porch were perfect for our all-girl gaband-giggle sessions after checking out the unique shops and visiting The Mercantile (great food, by the way)! The patio is designed for the perfect outdoor entertainment venue with a TV, grill, portable beverage cooler, comfy chairs and a silo shaped fireplace for those cooler days… enough to make me want to come back for the outdoor experience! The Farmhouse exceeded my expectations and sets a high standard for other airbnb properties! I can’t think of one detail that was overlooked. I love that my ‘girls (all over 18)’ and I were able to make wonderful memories in such a perfect setting! My husband and I love to travel and have always loved staying in properties owned by individuals. We especially enjoy meeting the owners. Since Julie was working on The Cottage (soon to be available) next door, I was able to sneak a peak at it and was not surprised to find the same quality and the same attention to detail as The Farmhouse.

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Jrooks porfoilo  

A collection of my work up to 2017

Jrooks porfoilo  

A collection of my work up to 2017