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INT. DUCK PRIVATE DETECTIVE OFFICE - DAY JOHN DUCK, all white feathers, Armani suit, is just sitting at his desk working on a crossword puzzle when his phone rings. He looks at the phone for a short moment then answers. JOHN This is Duck speaking. LAUNCHPAD (O.S.) Hey, JD. You have to get over here quick. There has been a murder of the riches duck in Crimson Hill, Crimson McDuck. JOHN I'll be there. Give me five. John hangs up the phone. JOHN Who would want to kill McDuck? INT. MCDUCK MANSION - DAY QUACK POLICE are scatter everywhere inside the mansion. There are portraits of Crimson McDuck everywhere. John enters the crime scene through the front door. He scans the room and sees LAUNCHPAD MCQUACK, very muscular duck towering every Quack Police, writing notes down. JOHN McQuack. Over here. Launchpad stops writing and walks up to John. LAUNCHPAD JD, here's the rundown. Mr. and Mrs. McDuck was eating brunch when he took a sip of his tomato soup and a moment later passed out. Mrs. McDuck called the Quack Police. John scans the dining room and sees CRIMSON MCDUCK beak first in a bowl of tomato soup. He walks over to the victim and put on his rubber gloves. He lefts up Crimson's head and moves the bowl to the side. He sees a red color feather in the soup. JOHN He was poison. The murder left a clue. Mr. McDuck is an American Black Duck. Their types only can produce black or dark brown features. McQuack, take this down to the lab for DNA.

Yes Sir.


JOHN Also, did their cook make this dish? LAUNCHPAD Nope, JD. The cook was on a paid vacation in New York. Mrs. McDuck made the dish. JOHN I want to test both bowls of soup. If I'm right, it would prove that Mrs. McDuck killed her husband. What a waste of good feathers and money? LAUNCHPAD Feathers sir? JOHN Yes. McDuck was a smart duck. But at the last annual ball, both ducks looked unhappy. He was the brains and she was the money. He tricked her into marrying him for the money. She grew tired of him and killed him to be free. Think so?


JOHN We will see. Remember testing. I will check the kitchen then cross examine Mrs. McDuck. John enters the kitchen as Launchpad leaves the home. John looks at three bottles near the tomato soup pan. He picks up each bottle and examines them. The last one he recognizes. JOHN Chloralose? That is bird poison. I was right about the poison. He looks closer at the bottle and sees a barely visible fingerprint. Bingo.


He takes out clear tape and copies the fingerprint. JOHN I have you now. Launchpad enters the room. LAUNCHPAD

Sir, Forensics says it is going to take awhile for answers. John faces Launchpad. JOHN Chloralose. It's a type of bird poisoning. Found a fingerprint too. Take this to the lab also and I will now talk to our only suspect, Mrs. McDuck. LAUNCHPAD Roger that. Back to the labs. Launchpad leaves as John heads to the living room. He sees a crying widow, CHLOE MCDUCK, sitting in a chair. She has her head down. He walks up to her and sits in the chair right next to her. Long day?


CHLOE (crying) Yes. Who are you? JOHN Mrs. McDuck, I am John D. Duck, the grandson of Drake Mallard, who is known as the great Darkwing Duck. I am the best duck detective in Crimson Hills. I will find out who killed McDuck.


CHLOE (still crying)

JOHN Now, lets get to business. All clues are leading to you. CHLOE I did not kill my husband. I loved that duck. Loved?


CHLOE Yes. We were getting a divorce. I love him as a friend. We grew apart. We both made that compromise. JOHN If you ducks got a divorce then he would take half of the money. CHLOE

Yes. I know. I told you we were friends. I don't care about the money. I wanted to support him with his research. JOHN We found bird poison in the soup. That's what killed him. You sent the cook off, so you could plant the poison. Chloe lifts up her head and looks at John in the eyes. CHLOE Bird poisoning? I told the cook that she can leave because Crimson and I was spending our last day as husband and wife. He just signed the divorce papers. Chloe reaches in her pouch and takes out some papers and hand it to John. John reads them. My God!


Launchpad enters the room out of breath. LAUNCHPAD (out of breath) JD, we have a problem. John stands up and walks over to Launchpad. JOHN Speak McQuack. LAUNCHPAD The DNA matches Mrs. McDuck but the fingerprints don't. JOHN What? That can't be. But now, I have a feeling that Mrs. McDuck is not the suspect. John faces Chloe. JOHN (addressing Launchpad) McQuack, I know who killed McDuck. LAUNCHPAD Wow, JD. Who? JOHN (addressing Chloe) Mrs. McDuck? Yes.


JOHN Do you have a sibling that visit lately? CHLOE Yes, my twin sister... Chloe starts crying more. You think?


JOHN Yes. Only identical twins share the same DNA but have different fingerprints. LAUNCHPAD Wow, JD. You are the most smartest duck in Crimson Hills. JOHN Mrs. McDuck, what is your sister's name? CHLOE Zoey Beakley. She came by earlier today. JOHN Where do you think she is now? CHLOE She is at the Crimson Airport. She has a flight out of town at four. John glance at his watch then Launchpad. JOHN McQuack, that only leaves us fifteen minute. Lets go. INT. CRIMSON AIRPORT - LATER John and Launchpad looks around and finds ZOEY BEAKLEY, standing with a ticket at AA gate. John walks up to her. JOHN Ms. Beakley? Yes?


JOHN You are under arrest for the murder of Crimson McDuck. What?!?!


JOHN Crimson McDuck was murdered in his home

but you knew that. Don't you? ZOEY Prove it. Prove that I kill my sister's husband. JOHN Well, you found out that your sister, Mrs. McDuck, was getting a divorce and giving away half of her money to her husband. You, the less fortunate of the family heir, was jealous and wanted the money. You decided to get even and kill both, your sister and her husband, so that you will receive the money. You help Mrs. McDuck with the making of the soup. You used McDuck's poison, the bird poison that kills us ducks, in the soup. You also left us with two major evidence. One was misleading at first. You left a feather in the soup. Luckily, Mrs. McDuck didn't taste the soup or she would have been dead. I thought she had done it because of her DNA but the fingerprint I found on the bottle of poison didn't match. I then knew that she had to have a twin. John gazes at Zoey with his head tilted to the side. JOHN You did it. Just admit it. ZOEY Yes I did. That money belongs to me, just because I was born fifteen seconds later. She is a stupid duck. JOHN She didn't kill and then gets caught. (addressing Launchpad) McQuack, take this duck away. Launchpad grabs Zoey and hands her over to the late arriving Quack Police. LAUNCHPAD Wow, JD. You did it again. JOHN Yes, making the ducks of Crimson Hill lives safer one case at a time. John puts on his shades and walks out of the airport.

The Case  

Detective John Duck, with sidekick, Launchpad McQuack, solves the case of “Who killed Crimson McDuck?”

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