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Developing an extension for Nike’s line of female CPG products


Many cosmetic companies offer products that are sweat-proof, however there has yet to be a company to truly establish dominance in this sub-category. With athletes such as Maria Sharapova and Michelle Wie, Nike is behind some of the greatest female athletes in the world. Many of these women are choosing to wear cosmetics while they compete on the world stage.


L $41 BIL


OPPORTUNITY Women today are wearing make up more often, including during activity and exercise. Because of this, the color cosmetic market is expected to reach $41 Billion by 2015. However, many women are unsatisfied with the sweat-proof products currently available. Make up is athletic apparel too. So who better than the leading athletic apparel company to deliver a line of sport-strength make up that consumers could trust.

Mineral-Based // Water Resistant // Non-Comedogenic

PRODUCT SAMPLES: The colors of Nike's Dust line will be consistent with the colors found in their women's active-wear line each season. A small product sample attached to each garment and shoe in the line would be an effective way to reach the target audience.

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eason r 1 # e g is th n i l nds p a r m b sa h Mintel switc n e m o w The sample should be accompanied by a tag that offers additional information on the product and color. The tag should also house such information as where to buy and the microsite URL.


MICROSITE: The microsite will feature a guided tour from an athlete selected by the user. The athlete will also model any product selection that is made. Besides browsing through the products, on the site the user will also be able to read more about the brand and complete a purchase.


OUT OF HOME: The out-of-home campaign will feature the same athletes as the microsite. They will be seen sporting the various products in the line while doing a variety of different activities. The line "MAKE UP THAT KEEPS UP" will serve as the mantra of the Nike Dust brand.

Cosmetics are active wear too. The growing consumption of color cosmetics, especially among women during activity and exercise is a great opportunity for Nike to extend its women's CPG line. Nike's reputation combined with its ability to leverage existing endorsements with athletes at the forefront of this trend is something no cosmetic company could do. The "sport-strength" of this line would attract not only active users, but also those seeking extra durabilty in their make up. [similar to "sport-strength" sunscreen] AD: Ren Toner CT: Mike Rozycki CW: Jon Ransom, Ben Schneider CS: Allison Solomson CBM: Jenny Starks, Jerry Roback

Nike Dust