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J. R. Moehring

James Moehring, LEED AP


Digital Fabrication



Current Address: Permanent Address: Park Hall Room 127 6135 Green Leaves Cir. Muncie, Indiana 47306 Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 Cell: (317)-416-7773 Home: (317)-257-5808 WEBSITE: EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science, Expected May 2010 Ball State University Muncie, Indiana Major: Architecture GPA: 3.77/4.0 HONORS: LEED Accreditted Professional Ball State University Presidential Scholar; Dean’s List (all semesters) ICMA (Indiana Concrete Masonry Association) Competition Finalist Gresham Smith Design Competition 2009 Finalist & Competition Winner CSI Award Nomination - IMA Pedestrian Bridge SKILLS: • AutoCAD 2008 • Autodesk Revit (B.I.M.) • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver) • Rhino v.4.0 • Grasshopper (Rhino Parametric Plug-in) • V-Ray (Rhino Rendering Plug-in) • AutoDesk VIZ 2008 • SketchUp • Ecotect • Hand drawn renderings

ACTIVITIES: • Emerging Green Builders; Vice President 2009, Member 2007-2008 • AIAS, member: 2007-present • Freedom By Design, member: 2007-present • Broad Ripple Kiwanis, volunteer • Habitat for Humanity, volunteer • White River Cleanup, 2008, 2009 • National Honor Society, member: 2003-2006 • Lawrence Central Marching Band (2004 Bands of America National Champion) WORK EXPERIENCE: CSO Architects and Interiors Intern, Summers 2008 & 2009 • AutoCAD • Model Construction • Hand Drawn Perspectives Leslie Coatings Inc.; Indianapolis IN Leslie Coatings Worker, Summers, 2006 – 2007 • Coat and Repair Tennis Courts • Crew Leader and Truck Driver REFERENCE CONTACTS: Brandon Farley, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, Project Manager CSO Architects 280 East 96th Street Suite 100 Indianapolis, IN 46240 Email: William T. Cotterman, RA, Project Manager Gibralter Design, Inc. 9102 N. Meridian St., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46260 PH 317.580.5777 FX 317.580.5778 Email:



COOPER FARM BIOLOGY CENTER A biology center for Ball State students that is out in the field. Located in a succession area, the center responds and takes form based on the context. Sustainability is a focus and includes rainwater collection, solar power, wind power, and a living machine.



PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE The Indianapolis Museum of Art is locating a outdoor exhibition space across a canal that connects to the White River. A pedestrian bridge that connects the main museum to the outdoor exhibition becomes its own piece of art through beauty of structure and simplicity.



Pylon & Suspension Cables

PV Panels



MULTICULTURAL CENTER A multicultural center for Ball State University that focuses on creating a new entrance at the south side of campus and connecting campus to the social life of “The Village�. Special attention was given to outdoor spaces and a welcoming site. Steel mesh is used as a daylighting device and as a posting board for social interaction between students. Local and renewable such as limestone and bamboo were used not just for sustainablilty efforts but also to stimulate the senses.


Digital Fabrication

TWO-HOUR LAMP A lamp designed and fabricated in two hours from only three pieces of watercolor paper. Using the laser cutter and a notching technique was designed to create multiple identical pieces that were easy to assemble in the short amount of time.


Digital Fabrication

MINNETRISTA PUPPET THEATER Minnentrista (a local museum and community center) required a new digitally fabricated puppet theater made entirely of recycled materials (recycled HDPE plastic). The design was influenced by Minnetrista’s main sculpture at their entrance and was parametrically modeled using Grasshopper. It is constructed in parts for easy transportation to out reach to schools. Acoustic analysis, light, whole openings and locations, proper hieghts to kneel, stand, and crawl were all adressed in the design process.




Austria Belgium Cambodia Canada China Czech Republic England Egypt Estonia France Germany Greece Holland Hungary Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Monaco Poland Russia Scotland Singapore South Korea Spain Turkey United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Wales

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Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio Draft

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