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NEWS CASTS Newsletter of the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club Volume 99 - March, 2017 ___________________________________________________________________________

Wait for me! – Dutch-the-dog bails out while fishing. He’s equipped with a vest. Be careful out there.

Next Club Meeting March 21, 2017, 7 pm Providence Baptist Church

Presentation by

Joel Campbell of Charleston Gigging

Joel's presentation will provide an introduction to gigging, where/when to plan to gig, what habitat to look for, gigging techniques, what species can be gigged, SCDNR regulations, and courtesy for fellow fishermen. Joel will also demonstrate equipment and offer answers to any questions members may have.

Quick forecast – Greg Peralta March can be a tough time to fish. The transition from winter to spring can be confusing to fish and anglers alike. One tip that helps to catch fish in March, it is to keep moving. The fish are on the move. What worked last week may not produce the following. If you are not catching fish shallow, try deeper water. The opposite is also true. March is tough but not impossible. Get out and move around. You will catch fish.

Fishing Report – Rob Sherman Sorry to miss the last meeting, but I was away in fishing with my son and my wife for Brown Trout in and around the town of Coyhaique in southern Chile. We fished both small rivers, lakes, freestones and spring creeks and caught mostly browns, but the occasional rainbow, in the 12-24" range. Superb country, not too much fishing pressure, and with some excellent local guides. I met some very accomplished fly fishermen at the two lodges we stayed at, and a great time was had by all. I have attached some photos of the landscape, locales and a few fish that we caught. Of the five days we fished, we had two days with over 25 fish apiece, so the conditions were pretty good most of the time. A long way to go, but it was some terrific fly fishing. Some guys even went out at midnight to a nearby spring creek and fished with a mouse fly ("Mr. Hanky" and the "Raccoon" seemed to work well) for some rather large browns in the 2527" range, so it was great variety over the five days and predominantly on dry flies. Look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

Photo Fishing Report – Greg Peralta & friend

Fishing Report – Bill Lark Chris caught a few nice reds while dock fishing off of Beresford on Sunday 2/26. Beautiful cool day. Fished falling tide with mud minnows. She will not touch bait or fish but is very attached to her phone. So she reels the fish in and takes pictures. She also picks nice music to listen to. Not a bad fishing mate.

Beresford Boat Landing – making progress

Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club (DIIFC) Membership Application ($40)* If renewing, please update information only as needed. Both renewal and new members, please print current email address. Name:


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If Yes, DICA License number on boat/trailer: __________ Names of other family members: _________________________________________________ Comments and Suggestions: ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ I am a resident of Daniel Island or currently work on Daniel Island and at least 18 years of age. Please accept this application for membership in the DIIFC. Enclosed is my payment of $40 calendar year annual dues. * Dues are for calendar year (e.g. JAN-DEC). Payment of dues allows for the member and immediate family living at the same address to attend meetings, cookouts, fish-fries, and parties.

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY DIIFC events, trips, and activities are undertaken at the member’s sole risk. Any risk or injury is the member’s entire responsibility. The DIIFC, its officers, and its other members are not liable to any member for any claims, demands, injuries, damages or actions arising due to injury to member’s person or property arising out of or in connection to any event, trip, or activity. The member further holds the DIIFC, its officers, and its other members harmless for all claims which may be brought against them by the member or on member’s behalf for such injuries or claims. I have read and understand the above waiver and release of liability. ____________________________________ Signature of member

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News casts march 2017  

This is the News Letter for the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club. It is published monthly and contains fishing stories and photos from me...

News casts march 2017  

This is the News Letter for the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club. It is published monthly and contains fishing stories and photos from me...