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NEWS CASTS Newsletter of the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club Volume 66 April, 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________

Editor’s Message This month I’d like to pass on some recreation/fishing related news from the community. The Daniel Island POA has purchased kayaks and paddleboards for a new rental program. They built lockers at the Beresford boat ramp so you don’t need a transport vehicle. Information can be found at ~245481. A new boat ramp accessing the Wando is in the design stage. It will be at Governor’s Park. This should take about 18 months to complete. DNRC is taking the lead but I found that money has been allocated in the City of Charleston annual budget. Improved access vs. more people and fishing pressure? What are your thoughts? When Julian and David discussed kayak fishing they mentioned the kayak festival. Julian sent this link. We’re surrounded by water so let’s fish. Jim Home – 843-471-1285 Cell - 406-544-0113

Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club Meeting April 15, 2014 - 7 p.m. Providence Baptist Church Send dues to treasurer Suzie Twitchell or bring to April meeting.

Daniel Island Kids Fishing Tournament Monthly Update Saturday, June 14th, 2014 The Daniel Island Property Owners' Association has ordered 200 small fish to be introduced into Smythe Park Lake. 10 of these fish will be tagged. Hopefully these fish will grow to be caught by Fishing Tournament kids this year and in years to come. Thanks to the POA and Fred Danziger for making this commitment to future fishing success.

April 2014 Forecast April is a great time to fish. Predators are hungry after long (and lean) winter months. Trout and Redfish begin crashing baitfish. Flounder return to the creeks after spending the winter offshore. The biggest problem anglers will encounter is deciding which species to target (because they are all actively feeding). The large winter schools of Redfish will break apart. This is good news as the smaller schools that form are less wary and easier to catch. Trout and Flounder take up stations in creek mouths and along points to feed on baitfish trapped by the current. Hungry fish and beautiful spring weather. Yes, April is a great time to fish! Captain Greg Peralta Twitter @CaptGregP (843) 224-0099

Fishing Reports Joe Kowalis – Family-fishing photos This is a picture of my brother holding a Brown Trout caught on the Muskegon River in Michigan on a 10 degree day...he said the only reason they were outside was because the fish were biting. He said he couldn't feel his fingers...The second is his buddy holding a Pike. Joe Kowalis

Julian Levin Used a hard suspending bait to catch trout from his Versa Board.

Lunker Bass By Ron Silverman

Paula and I recently purchased a second home in Brevard, NC. It is in a development with four small lakes, the two biggest being Lake Ticoa and Lake Ataghi, each approximately 70 acres. Our house is on Ataghi. It turns out that my immediate neighbor on the lake is Bill Roehrich, about my age, the local fishing guru, a diehard bass fisherman, and very nice person. He helped me in many ways to get our new house ready to move into as well as to commission the construction of a small custom made pontoon modeled after one he had had built several years before. Of course, we wanted to fish together. I told Bill that I knew nothing about modern bass fishing techniques. He agreed to help me out. I had a chance to fish with Bill for the first time in late March. It was a windy gray day in the low 50’s when we took Bill’s pontoon boat to Lake Ticoa. Bill knows every nook and cranny of this small lake. We started out fishing a small cove to get out of the wind. Bill casts like you see bass guys on TV. Flick of the wrist and the lure is just where intended. I put on a Rapala Shad Rap with a big lip that I had brought along. I was not casting nearly as accurately as Bill. However, I began catching bass, nothing big, but one or two in the 14” to 16” range. In pretty short order, I had caught six bass, and Bill none. I don’t know who was more embarrassed! Bill had tried several hard baits, but I had the only one with a big lip that ran really deep. Finally, Bill caught a bass on a hard bait, switched to a wacky rigged Senco worm, and began catching bass. I continued to rack up more bass with some frequency on the Shad Rap. Bill said that I had hit upon the “pattern”. Just to learn, I switched to a Senco on another rod and caught a bass on it, which was really fun. We were a short distance from having circled the entire lake and calling it quits. I was unhooking a bass, when Bill cast his Senco expertly under a dock. He immediately hooked up and excitedly said, “Ron, get the net. This is a monster!” FYI, he was using braid with only a 10-lb fluorocarbon leader. When he got the fish to the surface, we both were in shock. It was huge, tremendous girth and length, with an eye that looked the size of a silver dollar staring at us as the bass surged back and forth near the surface. I made several heart-stopping attempts to get the bass in the net; finally got a head shot and lifted her into the boat. Unlike the quote from Jaws, “You need a bigger boat”, what we really needed was a bigger net. When we went to unhook the bass, we could see the tail of another fish it had swallowed sticking out of its gullet (which turned out to be a sizable sunfish). Bill was truly shaken. He had been fishing for a lot of years, but never seen a bass of this size. We could not guess how much it weighed. We got organized, headed for the dock, and followed the IGFA procedures for measuring and photographing the fish; length 29”, girth 21”. We then put the bass in a cooler full of lake water and headed to the nearest Engle’s to weight it in on a certified scale. It was just about 11 pounds (10.8), the biggest bass that Bill had ever caught, finally fulfilling his dream of catching a 10-pound plus bass. We had hopes of releasing the bass back to the lake, but it was gone. I could not have been happier for Bill and to have been a witness to his great catch. It seemed remarkable that a bass this size could come out of a small cold-water mountain lake at 3,000 ft. elevation. It had been a great day of fishing, one that neither of us will ever forget.

How big is the mouth of an 11lb “Bigmouth Bass�? Here is the two fisted answer:

Jim Lemcke After our last meeting I went right out and bought the suspending and top-water baits that Greg recommended. I snuck out between storms to experiment. It took me an hour or more to really accept and follow the instruction that you must wait a long time after jerking the bait (Xrap) before you move it again. All trout I caught hit the bait really hard when it was sitting still. Now that the water is over 60 degrees I will give that top-water a try.

Rapala Xrap

Chug N Spook Jr.

David White I like  bananas In  the  latest  issue  of  Sport  Fishing  Magazine  the  long  lasting  belief  that  bananas  are  bad  on   your  boat  is  broken.   No  less  a  Controlled  Scientific  Study   Yea  –  I  think  it  was  the  first  DI  Fishing  Club  meeting  I  attended  I  was  told  bananas  were  back   luck  never  bring  them  on  your  boat!!!   Eggplant  and  bananas  from  now  on  I  need  all  the  help  I  can  get   NOTE-­‐  don't  forget  to  remove  the  eggplant  off  your  boat  when  you  come  in  -­‐  it  makes  a   mess  and  smells  after  a  couple  of  days  in  the  hot  sun   See  attached  

Capt Dave

Recipe of the Month – Suzie & Dave Twitchell like this *As an option add a little cream to change the sauce Flounder with  Champagne  Grapes   4  (6-­‐  to  7-­‐oz)  flounder  or  sole  fillets     All-­‐purpose  flour  for  dredging  fish     2  to  3  tablespoons  vegetable  oil     1/4  cup  finely  chopped  shallot     2/3-­‐cup  sweet  vermouth     7  oz.  stemmed  Champagne  grapes  (1  1/2  cups)     3  tablespoons  unsalted  butter,  cut  into  tablespoon  pieces     1-­‐tablespoon  fresh  lemon  juice         Put  oven  rack  in  middle  position  and  preheat  oven  to  250°F.      Rinse  fish  and  pat  dry.  Season   both  sides  of  fillets  with  salt  and  pepper,  and  then  dredge  in  flour,  shaking  off  excess.           Heat  2  tablespoons  oil  in  a  12-­‐inch  heavy  skillet  over  moderately  high  heat  until  it  begins  to   smoke,  then  sauté  2  fillets,  turning  over  once,  until  golden  and  just  cooked  through,  about  4   minutes  total.       Transfer  with  a  slotted  spatula  to  a  platter  and  keep  warm,  uncovered,  in  oven.  Add  more   oil  if  necessary,  and  sauté  remaining  2  fillets  in  same  manner,  transferring  to  platter.           Sauce:     Add  shallot  to  skillet  and  cook  over  moderate  heat,  stirring,  until  softened,  about  2  minutes.     Add  vermouth  and  simmer,  scraping  up  any  brown  bits,  1  minute.  Add  grapes  and  cook  over   low  heat,  swirling  skillet,  until  just  heated  through,  1  to  2  minutes.           Remove  skillet  from  heat  and  add  butter,  swirling  until  incorporated.  Add  lemon  juice  and   season  sauce  with  salt  and  pepper.  Spoon  sauce  with  grapes  over  fish  and  serve   immediately.    

The Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club serves as a focal point for Daniel Islanders and their families to learn more about and participate in various aspects of inshore fishing and related educational, conservation, and social activities. It offers the opportunity to meet other Daniel Islanders interested in inshore fishing, from beginners to more advanced anglers, who utilize bait, spin or fly tackle in pursuit of their quarry. Members must reside or work on Daniel Island and be 18 years of age. Visitors are welcome to come to any meeting without obligation to join. Meetings are usually the second Tuesday of each month, in the evening. Location and time for meetings may vary and are communicated to members via email and this newsletter. To find out more, contact: Jim Lemcke, President at 843-471-1285 or

Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club Membership Application Individual ($35)

Family ($40)**

If renewing, please update information only as needed. Both renewal and new members, please print current email address. Name:


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Spouse’s Name: ____________ Email address: ___________________________________ Boat Owner?



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If Yes, DICA License number on boat/trailer: __________ Comments and Suggestions: _________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ I am a resident of Daniel Island or currently work on Daniel Island and at least 18 years of age. Please accept this application for membership in the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club. Enclosed is my payment of $35 individual or $40 family calendar year annual dues. WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club events, trips, and activities are undertaken at the member’s sole risk. Any risk or injury is the member’s entire responsibility. The Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club, its officers, and its other members are not liable to any member for any claims, demands, injuries, damages or actions arising due to injury to member’s person or property arising out of or in connection to any event, trip, or activity. The member further holds the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club, its officers, and its other members harmless for all claims which may be brought against them by the member or on member’s behalf for such injuries or claims. I have read and understand the above waiver and release of liability. ____________________________________ Signature of member

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Please return to Suzie Twitchell, 1402 Elfe Street, Daniel Island, SC 29492

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April Newsletter

News casts april 2014  

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