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The Importance of Homework Today many schools have included the methodology of learning by doing, this in order that students have the ability to develop better the knowledge given in schools. Besides, leaving homework helps students become more responsible, learn more about the subjects and further develop the creativity of each person, because in most tasks must apply different techniques to develop the best work. One of the importances of performing tasks is that students develop the value of responsibility, as teachers assign a specific date and time for delivery, plus you have to fulfill certain requirements such as academic honesty and good intellectual development within of work. It is important to note that the tasks also help greatly to create a sense of responsibility for our futures work when we have to deliver certain tasks at specific times that we assigned. Importantly, in the objectives that have more value in the homework is that students will learn more because the knowledge they will have the student is introduced by themselves, because every student should be given to find the information they need, you should thoroughly research the theme, the student should summarize most important thing and developing it in their own words. Throughout this process the student gains a deep knowledge of the topic that was assigned the task because by their own means achieves the objective of the work. All tasks will also help students to develop personal creativity, because each person must be creative when you go into a job because every job requires different methodologies, different examples, different designs and different materials for a better presentation of job. There are jobs such as presentations, essays, models, research, field work, diagnostics, and training workshops, among others, which require the development of student creativity. Finally we can note that the establishment of homework helps students to have better development in their growth as a person and professional, this growth is increased by each person according to the way of being of each one and according to the personality and the student commitment in the development of this profession. When you have more commitment and responsibility you will have better results.

The importance of homework FINAL ESSAY