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Longevity Everyone wants to enjoy a long life. Although some say that some habits can help us stay healthy and extend shelf life. Different populations throughout the world, show that this theory of living many years is true, depending on the quality of life that we have, there is a list of steps for that are extremely important to achieve healthy aging. Some of the recommendations to be followed for a long life are: Diet: It is important to extend the life span. This should be rich in green and yellow vegetables and low in calories, grains are very healthy, fresh foods and avoid processed foods. Also avoid fast food and very greasy. It is also recommended to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. And exercise regularly, especially if you tend to eat greasy foods. Getting enough sleep can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mood disorders. Getting enough sleep will also help you recover from illness faster. People who work at dawn are serious health risks. Less than 5 hours sleep per night increases the risk of premature death and sleep is a priority. Just like having stress management. Mood, social relationships and personal fulfillment are also important to achieve healthy aging. The habits of friends influence people, so you should look for partners with healthy lifestyles. As several studies shows that married people tend to live longer than those who are single. Many researchers attribute the difference to the social and economic support that marriage provides. To achieve long-term survival, the only thing to do is follow a number of steps which should become healthy and living habits. In current youth culture meals are not healthy and people tend to live shorter lives and suffer from many diseases that lead to death. Therefore we recommend exercise, drink water, eat healthy and above all smile and be happy.

By Katalina Muriel

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