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Second Essay Merlyn BermĂşdez Corrales. Ingles III

A disease without distinctions Human beings have a lifestyle defined by eras which mark the existence on earth; this lifestyle is characterized by having stages starting at the moment which each person born, eventually grows, reproduce and eventually dies. This is the normal lifestyle that all people desire to have; however, there is a possibility to be interrupted by any situation, such a disease, making a complete change in your way of living, or cases even lead to death before being an adult. In this occasion the disease I am going to refer to is cancer, an illness that nowadays has become very common, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, culture, or any other characteristic that identifies the human being. It can develop in any part of the body, affecting the entire body functions, and if it is not treated on time it spreads very quickly throughout all the body leading the person to very extreme terms such as death, even to a young person that has an entire life a head. The disease came as a surprise she was only 22 years old and a student in near first quarter with decide to accomplish many goals when she received the news. By the time the doctor informs her that she has cancer in her right kidney, bladder, and liver she thought it was a dream she could not believe because her life is just starting and her life plans may be affected by this disease. At that moment she thought that all the goals that she had in mind were not able to fulfill, because by the impression of the news darkened the light that illuminated her path to success. However with the day by day she realized that there is a God who has everything in control, who knows when and why he does everything, although it has been a rough stage in her life knows she is going to get overcome this disease. It's been six months since cancer detected to her, during that time nothing has been easy and sometimes the pain has been stronger than the will to keep fighting, but daily with the support of the family, boyfriend, friends and classmates she is getting stronger than the disease, and there will be the moment she said: Merlyn Bermudez, the cancer only represent the past because now everything finish, and I will have an excellent future. With all this, today I can say with great strength that life is full of tests, and diseases are part of those tests affecting lives of people without distinction, but God gives us the strength to deal with and succeed, never give up even if the path is darkened and when the disease becomes invincible, you will the satisfaction that you never give in and that your journey through life was fulfilled.

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