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Katalina Muriel


The main purpose of homework is to practice more what you see in class and reinforce knowledge. To investigate whether we know about a subject or not, it also help us to review and study the subject so we don’t forget it. When doing a math exercise and we don’t understand something like how to solve it, or if we realize that we need to review something else, so then we can ask the teacher for a more detailed explanation, and to clear our doubts. Homework helps us to be more responsible with our jobs, and go slowly forming us. It needs to be yourself who should take the initiative to start doing homework in a timely manner, and be clear that it is a responsibility to yourself and not anyone else. Doing homework helps us achieve a common management time, so plan how long we can last doing a task. Take it as a responsibility; it does not matter if you have to stop doing other activities to make homework as it should be. Is better to be responsible to take some time to devote to homework, and not have limited time for other activities. Homework is important because many times when they are in groups of peers, you learn to relate to people who think differently to us, to respect the decisions and concerns of others. Namely managing the relationship with others when our points of views are different, this will help us shape little by little. Personally, I think homework is very important in our education and I completely agree with it, since it works as a reinforcement of what we study in class. Homework helps us not just to learn but to become better professionals.

Homework essay kata  
Homework essay kata