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Animal intelligence Always said that the man is the first in the food chain because he is the most intelligent and we are the only beings thing that can reason and solve problems. But there are also animals that clearly show that they are able to solve problems but not all the animals have the same level of intelligence or the ability of others to address problems and resolve them. The question is who they can and who don’t?

One of the smartest animals in the world has a very close relationship with the man maybe that's why this is so intelligent animal is the chimpanzee because it says that we are 98% of genes equal. The chimp can make and use hunting tools and perform in an organized manner. There are also acts of violence between them. The weather observation and research in the laboratory have show that the chimpanzee not only can capture feelings of others but also have the altruism and self-awareness. In many tests they have shown a better memory than humans.

The dolphin and the parrots like the chimpanzee have also shown that they have the capacity to solve problems; the funny thing is that the 3 animals, have different brain sizes so then the size of the brain don’t matter. Of the three animals chimpanzee is the best reasoning, the dolphin is the best teamwork and also use sound to communicate and the parrot can memorize sounds and learn them easily

But these intelligent animals may carry out activities that only humans can do such as math problems or to recognize or perceive others emotions or mood. Incredibly studies by scientists have shown that they can and they are smarter than we think. These animals have been tested and have passed successfully and it is clear that they learn from each other and are even able to recognize themselves in a mirror.

In conclusion for me these animals have proven to be very intelligent and on leaving others for their intelligence if we pay attention we can also learn from them and they from us and if somehow they could merge the minds of these three animals would come out a creature very similar to humans because all three have some of us the reasoning analysis teamwork and speech.

Animal intelligence  
Animal intelligence