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A Different Story of a Crocodile Called Pocho By José Pablo Solís Brenes The crocodile is a predator reptile, and hunter by nature. This animal is extremely aggressive and often live in salt water rivers and freshwater, It eats on fish and mammals and is able to swim at high speeds, making it into a reptile very faster in water and ground is also with quick reflexes. The researchers have assumed that these reptiles have no feelings, but in Costa Rica found an exception that has made them rethink about their opinion. Is the story of “Pocho” the crocodile and “Chito” his owner, destiny brought them together the destiny prepared for them long time ago, this amazing story begins twenty years ago when Chito found Pocho hurt because a neighboring farmer shot to the reptile when it was attacking some cattle cows and succeeded the shot left the animal badly hurt, Chito took the crocodile and take it home, in the first place he thought about taking the skin to make some wallets. The animal did not die, in contrast, started recovering health and Chito felt that he could help it until get the total cure and after lei it go to the normal habitat to these kind of reptile, but again he had thought changed, once Chito felt how Pocho invited him to share some swim whit him in the lake that Chito was made for the crocodile, he felt trust and love for the animal, and saw in the eyes of Pocho the enough security to swim with him and once he did it. Chito started to feel that the crocodile appreciated to he had saved it to the death and with out no reason became a pet, the happiness of the couple of friend become famous in the entire world because nobody could believe that a reptile of these nature could show feeling of gratitude to a human, every Sunday since this moment the couple of friends share for every visitor some tricks that they had learned through the time. The scientists do not have explication about the behavior of Pocho and why recognize Chito as a friend, even as a saver, we can believe that all species

although come to the danger kinds can be our friends too? Could the human control with love the behavior of all the animal of nature? This is a prove that we can live with out limits? I do no have the explication, but in this case is a real prove that we can live in peace and care one each other with all the animal even the crocodile.