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The Secret to Success: Having the right Attitude. When we hear the word success, many of us think of money, cars, houses, trips to exotic islands, we think of having fans and being on TV and having the entire world know who we are and how we made it that far. We aren’t wrong in thinking this of course, but in reality, success is just having a goal and accomplishing it. Doing this can bring you wealth and the best things money can buy but before you can take that flight to Aspen, you have to do the ground work first. Most of you right now might be thinking “Duh!” but not so fast, we all know that it takes quite a few years to build a strong foundation before we can start adding levels to our success. In doing this, it becomes increasingly difficult, we start questioning if we can actually do it, and sometimes we even lose sight of our initial plan. It isn’t easy, but then again we all know that if everything we’ve ever attempted to do were easy then everybody would be doing it, right?... In this ever moving, ever changing world that we know and love so well, it is extremely easy to get overwhelmed by our own wants, needs and desires, that we become discouraged because we are so used to getting fast results. But this cannot be the thought process when we are talking about our own success. The best way to get the results we are looking for and keep our success rate high in all that we do is to change one simple thing: our attitude. Easy, you say? Great! Let’s take a look at some ways we can relish our own success.  Who are you really? In order for anything with regards to your success to change, you first have to take a closer look at yourself. What type of person are you? When people think of you, what is their initial reaction? Are you stuck in la-la land, or are you a person of interest and intellect? Do you demand respect or allow people to step all over you like a welcome rug? Do you throw people under the bus or do you own your decisions/ mistakes? Are you a Negative Nancy, or Xenia the Warrior princess? Are you an Alpha or an Omega? Who exactly are you? This question, although seemingly easy, can stop you right in your tracks especially if you have never sat down and thought about it. The person you are has everything to do with the success rate you are trying to achieve. Ever see a sales person and immediately thought they want you to buy something, when all they said was hello? That reaction you got is the same as every other person that came in contact with them. Is it wrong? Probably not, but what matters is the impression you had and the reaction they got from you that made you automatically think negative of them, without knowing for sure. Is this the same reaction you want people to think of you? Then I suggest you start thinking about who you really are, who you want to be, and how you’re going to make that change. Knowing the person you truly are is the first step; there are over 14 million personality spectrum sites that can help you find out who you are, but I suggest that you dig deeper within yourself first.

 Change the way you think: In order for any of us to reap the benefits of success, we first have to change our mindset. Again, what type of person are you? Are you the Alpha (beginning) or the Omega (end)? Are you Debbie Downer or Xenia? Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist? This form of thinking ties in deeply with the fight or flight parts of our psychological responses. Are you the type of person that when the going gets tough you flee of you take the bull by the horns? Are you Aggressive (Go-getter) or are you Passive (if it comes it comes)? Knowing this is about yourself crucial in terms of your success. If you truly wanted something, what are you willing to do to get it? I believe that when it comes to our own success we have to want it badly enough to change what needs to be changed and perfect what needs to be perfected. This is why I believe that we have to keep a very positive and motivated outlook when it comes to our wants, needs, and desires. I mean everyone wants to be successful right? Then how come only a small percentage of people in the entire world are successful?  Have Goals: It is proven that having goals can increase your chances of success. Ever go to a successful business’ website and you see they have an “About us” tab? Every time you go there you see it but you never click on it unless you wanted to really know about them. Within that tab lies or should outline the mission of that particular company, how long they have been in business, where they started from, what has kept them in business, and lastly, what’s next for the company. The latter of course is the most crucial. Why, you make ask? The answer is simple. That one piece of information shows the goals the company has for itself as should every single business or person who wants to reap success. If you disagree, then answer this: How can a company determine its success without having a goal to look forward to? Below is a segment of the article “Top 3 percent of successful people” written by Christopher Spence: “The Harvard Business School released a study in 2010 that classified 3 percent of people as successful, 30 percent of people as somewhat successful, and the other two-thirds as simply watching life pass them by. What’s missing for most are goals. Sure, people figure out how to pay their mortgage and bills each month, but to truly take life into your own hands, you need long-term goals for all aspects of your life that transcend the basic necessities. What separates the top 3 percent of successful people from the 30 percent of moderately successful people, according to the study, are well-defined, tangible goals versus just a general sense of what they’d like out of life. Clear goals provide a road map for your life. This doesn’t mean your path is etched in stone, or that everything will go as planned. That’s never the case. However, goals provide constant direction, even amidst confusion and difficult decisions. Everything you do either helps, doesn’t help, or hinders achievement of your goals.”(10/06/10, Spence, Christopher:

After reading this, do you still think you can be successful without having goals? It may seem easy to have goals for yourself but the truth of the matter is: each goal you set for yourself has to be attainable for you. The best way to determine your success is to make many small attainable goals and go from there. You just might be surprised with how many of these goals you will exceed!

 Accept your mistakes and keep going: No one said that anything we set out to do in this life was going to be a piece of cake, but in order to grow and develop there has to be setbacks and/or a few failures. It is a part of life: the good with the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the yin and the yang etc. Failure or rejection are a big component of life, it balances the world. Imagine if everything was super easy, or everyone was the same, the world would be boring and there would be nothing to strive for. The same goes for everything we set out to do. If there weren’t a chance of failure no one would be motivated to do their best. But just because you failed in something doesn’t mean it is lost forever. In the business of success you have to be ready for mistakes, failures, and setbacks; these things motivate and push you to do better. They were not meant for you to just wallow in them. You must be able to get back on your feet and try again. Thomas A. Edison once said “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” So you see, in order for you to succeed you must accept your mistakes and move forward. You have thousands of ways to get it right.

  Be patient: Success doesn’t come over night. Well, for some yeah maybe, but not for all. I’m not talking about one-hit-wonders, I’m talking about hardcore “did-it-yourself”, “built it all by myself”, “took years but now I’m here” type of stuff. Almost any company or entrepreneur you have ever heard about has taken years to get where they are. It takes sheer determination, multiple failures and setbacks, and a slew of attainable goals to get them where they are today. And of course, that can be you too. If you see it, then believe you can achieve it. But you must, must, must be patient. Don’t ever give up! What’s the sense of having a dream or goal if you’re going to give it up so easily? We all know that what comes to you fast ends fast right? Ok then, you must be willing to give it your all and that includes the time invested in fulfilling that goal. So in essence, don’t give up or back down… If it’s yours then own it. Zulena Sanchez, Assistant Organizer at L.I.L.A Network

Before the explosion of the Internet, many entrepreneurs only became millionaires in their 50s! Unlike today, twenty year-olds are becoming millionaires every month! It’s true! That being said, I believe that achieving success in business has a whole different level of accomplishment, especially for women! When you decide to become an entrepreneur, it’s because you REALLY want it! The following list is full of pretty cool women who were willing to share their big “WHY” in being an entrepreneur in their 40s, 50s, 60s! These women have an incredible story to share! What women entrepreneurs will learn from the advice these women have to share? When you set your mind to something, you make it happen. From these stories, you’ll understand that age is NOTHING but a number! 1. Imagine. Create. Indulge I started my Interior Design Business in my 30's. I started it from the realization that I had skills to fit the marketplace. And, like many other entrepreneurs, realizing I didn't want to work for someone else the rest of my life. A third reason is being a single mom. I was not going to let a job keep me from going to basketball games and teacher conferences. Consistent drive is knowing I am the breadwinner and I want to do great job for my clients. I now have a good list of repeat clients. Thanks to Donna Houghton of Creative Design

2. Success Can Begin At Any And Every Stage Of Your Life! I started my event business from home with my "Tandy Computer" in 1990, (at 33 years old) I wanted to be a stay at home mom and own my own business and started an event consulting business. In 1996 I started looking to add additional revenue, seeing the need I started a portable restroom rental business specifically designed for the special event community providing both upscale, convenient, as well affordable portable restrooms. We are now franchising our successful model nationwide. Thanks to Eliza Kendall of ElizaJ Portable Restroom and Event Rentals

3. When Inspired, Act! Watching the news and seeing the fear increase due to the concerns with the economy, I wanted to help clear the subconscious cause of those fears so they could create a more positive future. Using an ancient spiritual technique I learned in 1986, I started healing people of their challenges so they achieved better results. Following my inspiration has turned out to be the most fulfilling work I have ever done. Nothing could be more rewarding than helping people improve their experience of life. Thanks to Joy Pedersen of Express Success

4. Turning Old Tires into Lemonade There is an old saying "Turning lemons into lemonade" when talking about a bad situation, being made good. Perfect Rubber Mulch has done that. At age 50 I started operating, full time, my internet business selling rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is used for playgrounds, landscapes, equestrian, bullet traps and track and field infill. It takes 64 unwanted tires to make one yard of rubber mulch. I wanted to make a difference environmentally and make money. I've worked very hard making it successful. Thanks to Julie Cole of Perfect Rubber Mulch

5. Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success Sick of being directed by old stories that were either no longer true or perhaps never were true, I set out to create a new me - a me I could get excited about. After going through my own reinvention people started to ask me for advice on how to do it for themselves. I became trained as a life coach and then began speaking internationally on the topic of personal growth - I have never looked back. Now driving me is the rush I get from seeing people get excited about their own lives. I love it! Thanks to Staples Stephanie of Your Life, Unlimited

6. Teaching My Children to Innovate In my binder titled Dreams and Ambitions, "build my own business" and "become a national speaker/author" were high on the list. Massive layoffs from a multinational employer made it possible to pursue the dream in my early 40s. It was also important to maintain a daily schedule I controlled because I have three young children, the oldest of whom has visual and auditory impairments. What drives my work is to show them the long-term tenacity it takes to create a company that creates social value. Thanks to Graciela Tiscareno-Sato of Gracefully Global Group LLC

7. Tales of a 40+ Geek My electric typewriter died my freshman year of college and my now-husband suggested I go to the computer lab. I freaked out on him! It took a long time for me to embrace my inner geek. It always seemed there were others that were smarter, savvier or more whatever-er than me. But I kept plugging away and I've gained the confidence to know that not only can I compete, but I can thrive. And its incredibly rewarding to empower my clients to leverage online marketing tools and share my expertise. Thanks to Jann Mirchandani of Marketing CafĂŠ

8. Queen of the Hill at 49! My first foray into entrepreneurship was when I was 12 years old and running a baby sitter service. Since then I have owned a franchise (Maid Brigade), was a Realtor, an independent consultant for a direct sales company, co-founder of Air Ambulance Specialists, and finally, my dream job, Founder/President of Preferred Travel Helpers. We enable everyone to travel! Following a vision, being impactful to families, making a difference, proving the naysayers wrong truly feels like I am the Queen! Thanks to Kimarie Jones of Preferred Travel Helpers

9. The Idea Machine I've started three businesses and had ideas for many more. I've been successful because I act on my ideas. We are all "idea machines" - we are all creative in our own way! Believe in your ideas! My business came out of a personal challenge - I complete my own "year without clothes shopping" in late 2010, and knew I could start a business from it & help other women. Which I did - and now we have members from all over the world and help women to develop healthier relationships to shopping. Thanks to Jill Chivers of My Year Without Clothes Shopping

10. Real Life Story Made For Television! When I was 35 years old, I lost my husband to two very rare forms of cancer. With 4 little children to raise and 2 ailing technology companies to turn around, I set to work,

saving my family, the companies and my sanity. Initially thrust into entrepreneurship with little choice, my journey became one filled with passion, which led me to launch a 3rd company to help make the world a better place for kids and eventually become President of Programming for Next 1 Network, Thanks to Laura Wellington of The Giddy Gander Company

11. What? I'm An Entrepreneur? I started my Professional Organizing business because I wanted to work for myself and was good at organizing. After all, I had organized or reorganized every job I'd ever had, people would pay me because I'm good at it. They did, kind of. I turned 40 and a light bulb went on. What if I become an entrepreneur that organizes people. Study, learn, create, implement, and repeat. My business has tripled and my fun has too. Thanks to Miriam Ortiz Y Pino of More than Organized

12. My Vision as an Entrepreneur Over 40 I am a busy mother of two active boys and also the President and Founder of Nannies International, Inc. My love of children combined with my business sense and my “vision” have enabled me to maintain a thriving business while also being able to work and enjoy as much time as possible with my children. I am thrilled that I have had the opportunity to seek professional fulfillment while also maximizing my time with my children. I have been blessed. Thanks to Candi Wingate of &

13. Third Time's the Charm! They say the average person has 3 careers in a lifetime. I started my current business at age 48 after two other successful careers: one in graphic design and the other in fashion retail. I kept going back and forth between the two, becoming more and more dissatisfied. Then, I took a spiritually-based career assessment to find not only my ideal career, but my reason for being on earth. The results pointed to a career where I could help individuals reach their goals through image, and here I am! Thanks to Catherine Montalbo of Catherine Montalbo, Personal Image Consultant

14. Or Do You Want To Be Independent I started my firm at age 37, after a successful 14-year career in print journalism. I worked from home for the first two years before opening an office in Downtown Detroit. One of my best lessons was that it is equally important to be a good businessperson as it is to be good at what you do, which allowed me to last 7 years in Michigan's profoundly tough economy. I love the challenge, the variety, the independence and the capacity to empower others that comes with entrepreneurship. Thanks to Darci McConnell of McConnell Communications, Inc.

Thanks to all the fabulous ladies that gave their invaluable insight! Not only is making the decision to become an entrepreneur difficult, it’s even more tasking when the rest of the world is in competition! Thank you all again. 

This story was originally published by BRAC, a development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor and helping them bring about positive changes in their lives.

Vocational training can break down barriers in traditional societies and empower girls to lift themselves out of poverty. Just look at Khadija, a Bangladeshi girl who has succeeded in the male-dominated world of the motorcycle mechanic. Khadija is from Bagmara, a sub-district in the north of Bangladesh. Her family used to live in a small, fenced-in house near a riverbank in the Ghorashal village. Khadija's father, Abdul Khalek, worked as a helper at a truck garage but his daily income barely supported the family. With no land or property to provide the necessities for a living, Khadija's family ended up migrating to the city. Khadija wanted to finish fifth grade in the government-initiated 'Hard-to- Reach' project, but financial problems meant she couldn't continue studying. In order to contribute to the family, Khadija had to work as a domestic help. Khadija's mother, Nasima Begum, a housewife, looks after a cow given to her by BRAC and her brother is a student at BRAC's pre-primary school. Later on, through a survey, Khadija was chosen for BRAC's STAR (Skills Training for Advancing Resources) project. Through this, she learned how to repair motorcycles. Initially, she was discouraged; people raised doubts. How can a girl work in a marketplace? Can she make anything out of this trade? Despite the negativity, Khadija was determined and soon mastered the skill of repairing motorcycles. She proved her critics wrong and now, when people come to the workshop, they ask for Khadija. A diligent and hardworking student, Khadija credits her STAR Master Craft's Person (MCP) for guiding her through the training. Her MCP, Mohammad Raihan Raja, promises to train many girls such as Khadija and help them to become independent individuals. Peer mentorship plays a strong role in the success stories. "These students are from similar backgrounds to us," says one of the assistant teachers at a STAR program that teaches adolescents how to repair mobile phones. "We have come out of this poverty trap and I feel it is our obligation to help them as well. We have now become friends." Khadija dreams of freeing her family from poverty. She saved the allowance she received from her training in her bank account and she gave her earnings from the workshop to her parents. Last Eid, she bought gifts for her family members from her own income. All her family dreams that some day, through her work, Khadija will become an independent woman.ďƒ„

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