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Looking for Spas and Hot Tub? Your Guide to Better, More Efficient Hot Tubs If you’ve found yourself a little bewildered with all the options for a personal spa, you’re not alone. With all the options on the market it’s hard for a lot people to try and choose which model will be the best for them. For those who can afford a top of the line swim spa or hot tub with huge extendable flat screen TV, you’re not necessarily looking to save any money. But for the average person who wants to enjoy the natural healing benefits of a spa, there are some things you should focus on what you’re getting for the initial cost. Hot tubs are one of the appliances at the top of the list of highest energy users, and there are many ways to help make them more energy efficient. Energy efficiency will not only save you money, if enough people make a conscious effort it saves energy companies from producing more electricity, which can lead to harmful emissions and toxic waste. The majority of the electricity in the US is produced by burning coal, which creates large amounts of CO2, a greenhouse gas. Having a more energy efficient hot tub is as easy as looking for the endorsement of the CEC (California Energy Commission) with CA Title 20. The CEC has created strict stipulations that appliances must meet so that energy in the state of California is not wasted. Though they are state regulations, many manufacturers have met requirements so that their hot tubs can have CA Title 20. These hot tub models have components with nonconventional designs for better energy consumption. Other than this there is still a whole lot more that you can look for. You can actually save almost half the energy usage by making sure you look for and keep up with a few things. For one, a smaller pump that can be used for cleaning cycles is much more energy efficient than a single pump that operates at different speeds. The most advance applied computer controls that allow you to control every aspect of your hot tub will guarantee you control over cleaning cycles, temperatures and a whole lot more. This will set you apart from factory settings, allowing you to personalize the functions according to your usage.

Using a Venturi air injector is much more efficient than an air pump because it doesn’t run on electricity. Air is usually added to the water before it is shot out of the jets to create more robust massage. One of the most important things you’re hot tub can have is a good cover. Covers are given an R rating, the higher the better (usually whichever is the most expensive). Six inches of foam insulation is recommended for the cabinet of hot tubs, never fiberglass. The pump, heating element and motor should be within this foam near the tub its self so that the heat can transfer and help keep the hot tub heated. For a good source to refer to for hot tubs, check out They have a huge selection of spas of all shapes and sizes. There are phone operators and chat specialists standing by to help you with a purchase or answer any further questions you might have.

Looking for Spas and Hot Tub  

Having a more energy efficient hot tub is as easy as looking for the endorsement of the CEC (California Energy Commission) with CA Title 20....