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Shakeology vs Shake FX from Body FX

Welcome to my review about two well known shakes on the market, Shakeology and Shake Fx by Body FX. As you have already f igured out, this website is dedicated to Body FX so you will probably think I am biased… well,…ha ha..sort of . BUT, let me try and give an honest review of both products, compare them side by side, give pros and cons and let YOU decide what’s best f or YOU. So here’s the agenda: 1. What is Shakeology? 2. What is Shake FX 3. What are the costs involved with each? 4. Shakeology vs Shake FX? 5. T ips on how to decide which one is right for you

What is Shakeology?

What is Shake o lo g y?

Shakeology has been described with several terms such as ‘protein shake’, ‘meal replacement shake’, ‘post workout shake’, etc. T he of f icial Shakeology website (which can be f ound here), desribes Shakeology as: “the healthiest meal of the day’ and boasts that it can help you: -

lose weight reduce cravings f eel energized improve digestion and regularity actually tastes good!

It comes in Chocolate, Tropical and Greenberry f lavors, including a vegan option. You can order it in 24 individual sample packs or a 30 day bag. Has an auto-ship option as well so you can get it delivered to your door each month. Shakeology contains more than 70 natural ingredients derived f rom rich, nutrient-dense whole-f ood sources f rom around the world. Beachbody claims that its proprietary blend of digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics will help your body eliminate toxins that have built up your digestive system over the years due to eating highly proessed f oods, McDonalds, soda, etc. Shakeology also containd 5 proprietary blends: Super Protien Blend Super Fruit Blend Super Green Blend Adaptogen Blend

Pre and ProBiotic Blend Click on each name above to learn more about the proprietary blends used in Shakeology.

What is Shake FX? Body FX does classif y Shake FX as a ‘meal replacement shake’; which means one of your 3 major meals of the day should be replaced with this shake. T his supports weight loss and your overall f itness goals by providing key nutrients such as 9 servings of f ruits and veggies in each shake. As f ar as macro nutritents go, it is low carb – high protein, high f iber and contains 4 proprietary ingredients. Like Shakeology, it comes in Chocolate or Tropical and contains no added sugars, f lavors or f illers. T he 4 proprietary ingredients are called: -

Pro Matrix Plus Omega Fiber Clean Carb Spectro Activ

Shake FX Re vie w

Click each name above to read more about those Shake FX ingredients. Shake FX comes in individual packets instead of a bag or tub.

Show me the money, how much do they cost? Shake FX vs Shakeology Shake FX currently retails f or $54.95 which equals 14 servings. So if you wanted to drink Shake FX everyday f or a month you would need to set quantity = 2 in your cart. So f or a month’s supply, Shake FX will roughly cost you $109.90, not including S&H. T his is the same price f or customers and Body FX direct reps. Shakeology current retails f or $129.95 f or a 30 day supply if you buy the bag. If you purchase the packets you only get 24, not a f ull 30 days supply. T his price does not include S&H, however they do have a FREE Shipping option if you order Home Direct. Beachbody does provide several options f or discounts, the best option being 25% f or Shakeology reps and distributors.

Shakeology vs Shake FX So at this point, you know what each shake is and isn’t, what the ingredients are, what it can do f or you and what each costs.

So, when you think about Shakeology vs Shake FX, how do you decide which one is best f or you? Here are some helpf ul tips:

1. Benef it s Both shakes can be used as a meal replacment shake that can aid in weight loss, improved energy and a f ull serving of f ruits and veggies. However, everyone is dif f erent and your body may react dif f erently than someone else’s. I have read that some people have drank Shakeology and got bad gas…ha ha. But who knows, Shake FX might do the same, it really depends on your body. So in this issue, your best bet would be to try each one and see how your body reacts.

2. Ingredient s Both Shake FX and Shakeology contain some pretty impressive ingredients that are high quality and can give your body the f uel it needs to run at optimal capacity.

3. Cost T he price of the shakes are f airly close, with Shakeology being a tad more expensive, but they have the f ree shipping and coach discount. Both Body FX and Beachbody provide the ability to actually sell the shakes and have reps make commissions on those sales so there is the potential to actually have it paid f or each month as well.

4. Test imonials At the time of this writing, there are a gazillion reviews of Shakeology online, however since Shake FX is f airly new there is little on the internet so f ar in regards to results. As time moves on, I will try and remember to update this blog post when more Shake FX reviews and testimonials become available.

Final Conclusion on Shake FX vs Shakeology So, do you take the blue pill or the red pill (a Matrix – Morpheus ref erence..ha ha)? Its up to you, so what I’ve done below is give you the option to explore each shake more in depth and not tried to sound too biased : ) One link will take you to a more detailed page on Shake FX and the other links out to the main Shakeology website. ==> I’d like to learn more about Shake FX ==> Shakeology sounds interesting Have you tried them both? If so, leave a comment below and share your review! Share the love!

Shake FX vs Shakeology  

Side by side comparison of these 2 meal replacment shakes.

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