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What’s your margin for error in protecting your your human, physical, and/or financial assets?

What is keeping you & your clients up at night?

Preparedness Prevents Paranoia To what extent are you prepared?



Simply put, RCS is the best in its class for security and crisis containment services.

Risk Control Strategies (RCS) is a premier consulting, investigation and crisis management firm specializing in threat management, risk assessments and security solutions for the affluent community and major corporations. Our business philosophy is based upon the belief that it is our responsibility to provide clients a thorough and high quality work product with timely delivery. The foundation of RCS is built on the company motto "Servare Vitas", the Latin phrase meaning “to save lives.” This extends far beyond the traditional meaning and speaks to creating the framework for peace of mind by protecting human, financial and physical assets. By design, RCS is not for everyone, but more for the learned end user. This is evidenced by a methodology that draws upon its extensive experience in directing clients down the path that is in their true best interest in lieu of mechanically agreeing with initial wishes that will not lead to their desired results. The ultimate goal is to resolve the situation while ensuring the client moves forward productively and not in a manner that could ultimately cause them financial, personal or professional harm. Thus, RCS has gained its reputation for identifying and developing strategic solutions. The firm‟s distinguishing characteristic is the expertise of their personnel which is based upon a combination of hands-on industry experience, educational knowledge and most importantly, wisdom garnered from decades of dedication to our nation‟s well being. RCS fuses this proven expertise through the effectual utilization of a team of renowned former federal and state law enforcement professionals, representing each industry related discipline. This, in concert with its preeminent technological inventory and service delivery, provides clients with a true world class firm. RCS prides itself on understanding and meeting client‟s expectations by being a knowledgeable service provider that will participate with clients in creating individually tailored solutions.

Because every client’s situation is unique, each plan is customized and structured to suit individual needs.




Art Fraud Background Investigation & Due Diligence Celebrity Client Services Communication Security Divorce Settlement Identity Theft Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion (KR&E)

     

Legacy Protection Lifestyle Vulnerability Diagnostic RCS Security Architecture Special Events Management Travel Intelligence & Security Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)


Business Continuity Planning Commercial Vulnerability Assessments Communication Security Computer Forensics Covert Video Surveillance Crisis Management Plan Cyber Security Disaster Recovery Employee/ Background Investigations Executive Protection Forensic Accounting

         

Guard Force Assessment & Training ID Theft Investigative Due Diligence Investigations & Intelligence Litigation Support Malicious Product Tampering Physical Security Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Vulnerability Assessment Workplace Violence Avoidance

PRACTICE AREAS Investigations & Intelligence Physical Security Cyber Security Security Architecture Communications Security


CORPORATE/GOVERNMENT SERVICES The damages resulting from corporate scandals can be devastating, resulting in the violation of regulatory controls and jeopardy to corporate assets, personal careers and the corporate brand.

No company is immune to employee misconduct. Our reputation for thoroughness and discretion has been built by our diverse team of former Federal agents, attorneys, intelligence analysts, certified fraud examiners, cybercrime investigators and forensic accountants. This broad base of experience offers a valuable and comprehensive approach to our investigations. Our investigative services provide clients the knowledge and opportunity to reestablish the integrity of their internal operations. We work in tandem with senior management and law enforcement, when appropriate, to aid in the identification of responsible parties.        

Espionage Eavesdropping Embezzlement Fraud Hostile acts Malicious product contamination Money laundering Theft of intellectual property

A thorough investigation is an integral step toward reestablishing the integrity of a corporation’s internal operations.

Investigative Due-Diligence Service We help corporations and family offices minimize the risks associated with transactions and dealings. Knowing about the ethics of key executives, undisclosed business relationships, pending litigations or other risks related to a potential alliance is necessary to make informed decisions.     

Joint Ventures Mergers/Acquisitions Hedge funds Private equity Technology investments

AFFLUENT CLIENT SERVICES From the genesis of our firm, Risk Control Strategies was designed to serve the affluent community, in the most holistic manner possible, for all of its security needs. Drawing upon decades of experience in mitigating risk and responding to crisis related events for the affluent, the RCS Founders constructed a team of professionals with the expertise to address every potential concern at the highest level. However, it is the RCS methodology that continues to provide peace of mind to families across the globe. That is, isolate the risk, create the resolution plan using all means necessary, and deploy the required solution professionally and expeditiously. Confidentiality, discretion, diplomacy and precise decision making compose the fabric of protection we enfold our clients with throughout the duration of our relationship. Clearly, there is no „cookie cutter‟ approach to serving as a security advisor which is why our three-phase approach allows us to efficiently identify the areas of vulnerability, implement procedures to eliminate, reduce, and harden those vulnerabilities, and provide ongoing service and support to our clients and their families. Phase One Personal Risk Diagnostic Upon providing the client with a written non-disclosure agreement assuring them complete confidentiality, our objective is to obtain as much information as possible surrounding the subject‟s personal and family lifestyle so as to ascertain the current and potential level of risk. Phase Two Analytical Review and Implementation Building upon information obtained in phase one, we will begin the initial steps of designing and implementing a lifestyle specific security plan for the client. Phase Three Education and Response This is the maintenance phase where ongoing reviews and assessments will be provided to address the client‟s changing needs. Personalized training seminars for family members and staff will be conducted to ensure optimum protection levels are in place and implemented plans are being practiced efficiently. From individual clients and emerging families to multi-generational legacies and single/multiple family offices, RCS has cemented a strategy that expeditiously delivers risk resolution and develops client trust in a discreet and personal manner so as to construct a long term advisory relationship. Our client‟s peace of mind is the yardstick from which we measure our deliverable.

We are a leading resource for diversified security solutions providing our clients with a holistic project approach with timely deliverables. Our cadre of professionals provides undivided attention to each and every client.



SPECIAL OPERATING UNITS TERRORIST RESPONSE TEAM The RCS Terrorist Response Team (TRT) is comprised of personnel with over 200 years of collective experience gained from the FBI, military and other governmental law enforcement agencies. These individuals were former leaders with combined backgrounds, training and experiences that are unsurpassed in the private sector. RCS TRT personnel have responded to dozens of terrorist incidents globally as members of the FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), Navy Seals and other such groups providing expertise in explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) and post blast investigation. Additionally, the team includes instructors who currently provide training both nationally and internationally in post blast investigation, suicide terrorism, EOD, military special operations, and current terrorist trends, tactics and technology. Team members are repeatedly requested to develop courses for the State Departmentâ€&#x;s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program.



CELEBRITY PROTECTION UNIT In response to the continued threat to celebrities and the segmented approach in delivering a comprehensive deliverable, Risk Control Strategies (RCS) has launched its Celebrity Protection Unit (CPU) out of its New York headquarters. This specialty unit is managed and staffed by highly specialized former federal and state law enforcement professionals and delivers personal protection, technical surveillance countermeasures (aka bug sweeps), high level investigations, home invasion mitigation, counter stalking measures, cyber/communications crime protection, special event security, kidnap and extortion response and crisis contingency planning to the celebrity client.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK Due to the recent increase in threat levels abroad, Risk Control Strategies (RCS) has leveraged its expertise to create a proprietary intelligence practice to safeguard its clients while traveling internationally. International Travel Intelligence Network (ITIN) will provide intelligence for anyone looking to travel abroad. RCS staff includes former federal and state law enforcement professionals with extensive international liaison and investigative experiences, with Vice President of Operations Don Ackerman as the lead. Whether it is a study abroad program or recreational travel, RCS will provide the information and intelligence needed to safeguard human life while overseas.

New York - Corporate Headquarters 111 John Street Suite 2400 New York, NY 10038 Phone: 212.267.6992 Fax: 212.385.6094

California 4333 Park Terrace Drive Suite 100 Westlake Village, CA 91361 Phone: 818.991.7475 (RISK) Fax: 818.991.7425

Florida 2240 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard Suite 100 West Palm Beach, FL 33409 Phone: 561.429.2370 Fax: 561.429.2361 Nevada 963 Topsy Lane, Suite 306 Carson City, NV 89705 Phone: 866.433.3335

WORKPLACE VIOLENCE PREVENTION For over twenty years, the workplace violence training offered by Risk Control Strategies (RCS) professionals has served public and private sector employers on both a national and international landscape. Until recently, this exceptional training has only been provided through live seminars. RCS is now offering dynamic, interactive, effective and user-friendly online workplace violence training specifically tailored to each employer and equipped with human resources monitoring capabilities.


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