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LEADERSHIP DISCOVERY Life is full of unforeseen challenges, both big and small. JR has weathered unimaginable stormy times, which include (two separe spinal cord injuries), but, as he writes, life always hands you the unexpected. In a world full of distractions, choices, legal, and moral obligations, JR Harding’s life has been a series of rebirths—from high school graduation, substance abuse, and obtaining his doctoral degree, and more. “Now What?” is an inspiring, insightful, and down-to-earth account of one man who defied the odds and refused to give up. By trusting his gut and following his heart, JR turned an unconventional life into an unparalleled triumph. This chronicle stands as a honest exploration, discovery of what matters, and enables you to go the extra mile to meet life’s challenges from within, and to experience a sense of genuine fulfillment and purpose. In this intimate, straight-forward, and relatable book, JR shows us how his unique life with a significant disability offers wisdom to anyone who has ever

struggled in their own skin. He takes us behind the scenes of his life and an unabashed yearning for a better life. He shows how he reinvented himself as a recognized international speaker and has testified on a number of occasions to the United States Congress on national public policy issues. Over the course of his career his public service includes the United States Access Board, Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, The Able Trust, and several other community not-for-profits.

JR shows you how to expand your awareness. By rising to the level of the solution in your own awareness, transform obstacles into discovery and opportunities for a sustainable life.

He was the first graduate with a significant disability from both Leadership Tallahassee and Leadership Florida. Get your copy today!



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