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Spring is here! The front gardens are full of yellow blooms and the mornings are lighter. This has been a short but extremely busy term as you will see from the many visits, activities and staff and student successes.

We have had a good response to our Parent Governor vacancy advert. We are now looking for a Community Governor, which we will be interviewing for at the start of the summer term. We had a very successful Year 11 GCSE Parent Support Evening on Thursday 20 March 2014. We have a number of families who celebrate Easter, on behalf of staff and governors we wish you and your family a relaxing spring holiday.

Ms M Duncan, Headteacher Please note the dates below for your diary. Parents will receive invitations to the dates that are relevant to their child's year group DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY WEEK W/C 23rd JUNE


YEAR 11 PROM FRIDAY 27th JUNE - 6.00pm





Northumberland Park Community School brings characters to life for World Book Day

The first week in March saw NPCS celebrating all things literary to tie in with World Book Day. Book Week just keeps growing. This year over 60 students are taking part in Readathon, hoping to raise funds for CLIC Sargent, the UK's leading cancer charity for children and young people; Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity which specialises in helping children with serious neurological or blood conditions and ReadWell: Reading and storytelling to make life better for seriously ill children in hospital.

“Congratulations to the winners of the story opener contest”

Author, Sarwat Chadda, visited, signed books and ran workshops. Book and comic sales proved popular and some real bargains were had, especially by One Direction fans! On World Book Day itself students and staff dressed up as "escaped characters" from books, both fiction and non fiction. Each lesson students read a short extract from an Antony Horowitz story, “Scared”, building up to the downfall of the bully in the story.

Congratulations to the winners of the Story Opener Contest. Students had to create the most intriguing first line but they could only use a maximum of 10 words! 1st Place: “You will never survive the cold hatred for your mother.” Taejall Smith 7K 2nd Place: “I never go to sleep but I keep waking up.” Dilek Gokteke 10H 3rd Place: “The wind howled and the wolves prowled, guarding a secret.” Saadia Ahmed 8R Congratulations to Megan Munns 9T and Meryema Urhan 7T who are the winners of the library World Book Day Quiz 2014. A massive thankyou to staff and students who took part in any way.

W/C 7th JULY


Some of literature’s greatest characters were brought to life when pupils and staff at a school in Tottenham celebrated World Book Day.

Ms E Bolton

School Term and Holiday Dates –2013/2014 Academic Year Holiday Summer Term (1st half ) Holiday Summer Term (2nd half )

Monday 7th April to Monday 21st April 2014 Tuesday 22nd April to Friday 23rd May 2014 Tuesday 27th May to Friday 30th May 2014 Monday 2nd June to Tuesday 22nd July 2014

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NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Young Tottenham chef turns up the heat after winning place in London region finals of FutureChef Tequilla Francis, a Year 9 student from Northumberland Park Community School, came first in the local heats of FutureChef, judged by Michael Riordan, executive chef at the prestigious Renaissance St Pancras Hotel, and Kevin Banks, head chef at the Financial Times. Tequilla will now get the opportunity to work alongside Mr Banks in his kitchen at the Financial Times’ head office to refine her dishes for the London final next month. She impressed both judges with a main course for two people of pan-roasted salmon, crushed minted potatoes, carrot spaghetti and peas a la Francaise, and a dessert of bramley apple meringue tart – all on a budget of £7. Mr Banks said that even his own pastry chef could not have produced a better meringue tart.

is a Franche l l i u q e “T e first in t cam heats of local Chef ” Future

The Year 7 SHINE Saturday School continues to be a great success! Every Saturday 60 Year 7 students are supported by their Year 9 mentors in learning new skills in a fun environment. In January the whole group visited the London Aquarium and we were blessed with a gorgeous day as well as a very sympathetic bus driver on the 241 who bought us all the way back to school without stopping. This term the lessons studied include Literacy, Maths, Science, Sports and Catering.Our next residential is booked for the 25th April at Marchants Hill in Surrey, so watch this space... Ms D Liversidge

My behaviour and “attendance have improved because I go to SHINE

Tequilla said: “I wasn’t nervous as I knew that my dishes were good and had practised and practised so that if there was a problem I would have the knowledge of how to solve it. This is important when you are a chef. I was very pleased when my teacher, who is a chef, said that he could not have done a better pudding!

I really enjoyed going on the trips to the London Aquarium and to Pendarren because it was fun and I learnt new things

During this competition I have developed so many cookery skills; I hope that this will help me win the next round so I can go on to the final and represent Tottenham.”

Our school’s enhanced learning co-ordinator John Liversidge said: “I had very high hopes with Tequilla. She not only possesses great skill but is willing to learn. She is very calm under pressure and thinks on her feet, and importantly is prepared to work hard. All these are essential if Tequilla is to become a chef.”

I am more confident now and have improved my reading and writing

Following her victory at Barnet and Southgate College, Tequilla will make her way to the University of West London on February 10 for the regional final.

My literacy and numeracy have got better and my levels are higher now

The national competition, open to 12 to 16-year-olds, is run by Springboard to help young people get an insight into the culinary industry and improve a valuable life skill.

The best thing is cooking on Saturdays with my friends. I now know how to cook lots of things and can make them at home


I have made lots of friends and enjoy doing different activities at Saturday School

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SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Year 7s Pitch their Project Idea to Transport for London 16 students in Year 7 gave up their free time on Mondays after school to become Youth Travel Ambassadors with the help of Transport for London (TfL).

pitch their Project idea with other schools in Haringey. The students were excellent ambassadors for Northumberland Park School, passionately articulating their pitch. Needless to say the students were awarded a Grant of £300 which they can use to make their film and then show to bus drivers. With the help of Transport for London the students hope that their film will become part of the Induction so that all bus drivers will know what is expected of them.

The students had to come up with an idea of how sustainable transport could be improved. They chose to focus on the relationship between bus drivers and how they treat customers, in particular, teenagers. During the halfterm holiday the students came together and elected a Project Manager and delegated tasks to ensure they all participated. They devised questionnaires and filmed responses, which they used as part of their presentation. The students then attended the Campaign Junction on Tuesday 4th March, where they had to

‘The students “ were excellent ambassadors”

Congratulations to all of the students, I can’t wait to see the finished product. A special thank you, to Matthew Fox (TfL) for supporting the group.

Ms J Bailey

Football Tournaments Northumberland Park Community School's students take on two local haringey schools. NPCS vs Park View (3-5 lost) Scorers Khalif Dirie 2, Roberth Couto 1, against a very physically imposing opponent the boys put in a great effort and were only beaten late on. In an eventful game and with the score at 4-3 in the last minute, a last ditch Park View clearance off the line, resulted in the opposition counter attacking and clinching Resulted in the match.

the opposition counter attacking and clinching the match”

Hassan Farah and Khalif Dirie were jointly awarded man of the match by their team mates. Hassan put in yet another excellent performance in defence and Khalif scored two long range efforts to inspire the team. All the boys conducted themselves in a manner befitting Northumberland Park.

NO to

Say Bullies

Our aim as a school is to ensure all students are happy and meet their full potential at school. Students know that bullying in any form will not be tolerated at Northumberland Park Community School! The aim of Anti-Bullying Week is to remind students of the schools policy on bullying and make them aware of the impact of bullying.

“All students are happy and meet their full potential”

This year’s theme for Anti-Bullying Week was on internet safety. All week, students during registration were able to discuss stimulus relating to Anti-Bullying Week: readings on young people who had experienced bullying, discussions on what bullying means and how it can have an impact on individuals, viewing some clips linked to bullying, analysing statistics on bullying and an assembly presentation on bullying.

Parents/carers need to be aware of cyberbullying. ·Have regular conversations with your child about how they are using the internet and social media websites. ·Please encourage your child to not give their own or other people’s personal information online. Check the privacy settings on the sites they may use. ·Digital footprint – help your child understand that they need to think about what they put into cyber space. ·Check whether your child can block/report people if they have a bad online experience. ·You can get information and advice from as well as coming into school to speak to your child’s AC.

Ms N Tuptuk Yr 10 NPCS vs Saint Tommy More Considering we had four first team players out, I want to thank all the new boys who came in and played. Although we lost 5v1 the score didn’t reflect the game. We were 1v0 up and it ended 1v1 at half time. A special well done to Ozan, Deeque and Florin who played extremely well.

Mr B Demirel

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NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN Year 11 Product Design Workshop at Ravensbourne University On 18th & 19th December, five Year 11 Resistant Material students attended a 2 day Product Design workshop at Ravensbourne University. The aim of the workshop was to create an understanding of the principles of product design and idea development and to improve drawing and construction skills. The workshop was also an introduction to design briefs set at university level.

Key Stage 3 Trampoline Competition

The workshop was offered to colleges around the country and the students attending the workshops were on first and second year college courses. The students were put into teams working on an assignment to create seasonal puppets to be presented to the client in the form of a performance.

“they attacked the brief with enthusiasm and imagination”

Each team had to select appropriate materials and tools to produce a range of character puppets and props.

This was an unfamiliar territory for our students but they attacked the brief with enthusiasm and imagination, they completed a range of characters and props including a sleigh and presented their final performance to the whole group. This was a big task to complete in 2 days and gave our students valuable experience of working to tight deadlines and meeting set briefs. Well done to Yunus Bulmus, Erere Abanum, Malique Wilson, Joshua, Wiljoen and Christopher Periera.

Ms J Penny

These were the participants of our year 7 & 8 Trampoline Competition.

January 2014 From back row left: Gabija Pociute 8S, Carla Fortes 8G, Chloe Day (organiser) Ozlem Cantay 8R Front row: Eren Dilaver 7V, Bradley Ferry 7R and Joanna Chu 8R Third, Gabija Pociute, Runner up, Eren Dilaver and

“Tuck jump,

pike jump,straddle jump, seat drop with half twist, frontdrop, back drop into half twist , straight jump into front somersault”

Bradley Ferry Won with this performance routine.

All around the World Home Cooking went around the world this term with food from China, Italy, Mexico, Greece and Morocco being rustled up every Wednesday afternoon. Students from school and families from local primary schools enjoyed learning new cooking skills as well as creating delicious and healthy food. The beef enchiladas from Mexico were a particular highlight with the freshly made salsa and guacamole going down a storm! Next term we will be enjoying all the delights of summer foods. We will be creating healthy and tasty salads, making homemade quiches, tarts and fish cakes as well as using fruits to make smoothies. We also want your ideas as we create the Northumberland Park Cook Book. Come and join us from Wednesday 30 April, 3:45pm – 5:45pm in G1. For more information call the Community Education Department on 0208 275 4848 and ask for Ben.

"Tuck jump, pike jump,straddle jump, seat drop with half twist, frontdrop, back drop into half twist , straight jump into front somersault" As nervous as they were to perform in front of a professional judge(Cherrelle Bryan) and outstanding trampolinist and coach, eachcompetitor performed with grace, control and with a certain confidencethat proved trampolining is fast becoming a new NPCS most improvedcompetitive sport.

We look forward to cooking with you.

Mr B Travers


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SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Fashion Product Design Workshop at Ravensbourne University On 16th & 17th December, four Yyear 11 textile students attended a 2 day Fashion Accessories workshop at Ravensbourne University. The aim of the workshop was to create an understanding of the principles of fashion product design and idea development and to improve drawing and construction skills. The workshop was also an introduction to design briefs set at university level. The workshop was offered to colleges around the country and the students attending the workshops were on first and second year college courses, our students were the only secondary pupils attending. The students were put into teams working with set briefs linked to high end brands such as; Prada, Burberry and Comme Des Garcons. Each team collaborated to complete background research and initial ideas and during the second day of the workshop experimented with materials to complete a range of creative prototype accessories. Each member of the teams was required to present their ideas as an ongoing process to a number of university ambassadors who worked with the teams and at the end of the workshop the final prototypes were shown in a final presentation to the whole group.

“Our students held their own throughout the workshop”

This was an exciting opportunity for our students to work with more experienced fashion design students and to share their experiences of college and university. It speaks volumes that Rebecca Barton who led the workshop was shocked to learn that there were secondary students on the workshop and was further surprised when they were pointed out to her; our students held their own throughout the workshop and were not daunted by their team members. They got stuck into every aspect of designing and making and were articulate and confident in their presentations. A fantastic effort by Tia Vanriel, Hang Lam, Fardowsa Ahmed and Muna Ahmed.

Ms J Penny

Novel in a Day

On Friday 7th March twenty of our best writers worked together with Mr Conaghan and Ms Reece to write a whole novel in a day. We started with our planning where we built on others' ideas assimiliating ideas from Jennee and Xhulian to come up with martian babies, food fights and Mr Guyver's military training.

Make “ sure you read it”

Cooperating well to make a unified story we then worked in pairs on individual aspects of the plot, looking at symbols, setting, actions, character development amongst others. With all of these ideas in place we began writing a chapter each in pairs. Once the front cover is ready the novel will be published in school. Make sure you read it! (You will never look at the staff in the same light again...)

Mr T Conaghan

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NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN Families Learning 'Brilliant Stories' Six families from Lea Valley Primary School came together with their children to develop and create stories using a table. As well as developing stories the families joined the local library, played word games and journal the whole process. They tracked their skills around technology using an audit and also monitored how much they read with their child or shared stories of when they were children.

‘This “ was the

best course I have ever been on

Feedback form the programme was very positive with one Learner saying “this was the best course I have ever been on!” If you would like to develop your story making skills with your children, register now for our new programme starting Thursday afternoon in the Summer Term.

Courses starting Summer Term: - English For Families - Computing for Families ( Entry 3 Level and above ) - My English Calendar Course - Science for Families Ms J Bailey

Lost Children of the Holocaust During the week beginning 20th January we commemorated the Holocaust which is the name given to the killing of the Jews by the Nazi’s during WWII. Our focus this year was on the lost children of the Holocaust who never grew up and reached their potential because of the Nazi policies. How many doctors, artists, scientist or writers were lost because of these murders? Ms Tuptuk placed pictures around the school of children whose lives were taken along with their stories as a way for us to recognise we were talking about real people and not just faceless numbers. I along with, Ozlem Dereli from 11R, gave the assemblies to each year group. We spoke about Anne Frank and the impact that the Nazis had on her life. Anne and her family had to leave their home in Germany and move to Holland, then when the Nazi’s invaded Holland they had to obey the rules and wear yellow stars that identified them as Jews. When Anne was 13 the family had to go into hiding as her sister was to be taken to a concentration camp. They lived in hiding for two years but were eventually betrayed to the Gestapo (secret police), and taken away to a concentration camp in Eastern Europe.

Anne died, as did her sister and her mother, shortly before the end of the war. She was just 15 years old. We know of her life through her diary and it’s a warning we must never forget – intolerance is unacceptable because if we condone it we invite the same horrors on us again.

Ms K Beatham


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SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Cirque du Soleil's: Quidam On Friday 14th February, Mr Carrington and I took seven Year 7 students to the Royal Albert Hall to see Cirque du Soleil’s: Quidam. We went to this beautiful building to see the spectacular show because of Lili Folhoffer (7G). Lili won a Jack Petchey award for her work and effort in art lessons. Lili is a Hungarian speaker who is new to English, using a language application on my phone Lili expressed that a tablet would be of help to her in lessons enabling her to access the curriculum and be independent, thus part of her Jack Petchey money was spent on this. As Lili has settled so well into school and is progressing well we thought she deserved a treat and so when the tickets to the show became available we grabbed it. Lili selected students who had supported her and made her feel welcome at Northumberland Park Community School to accompany her on the trip.


absolute awe at the brilliant acrobatics on show”

Students were gripped with excitement from the very start due to the grandeur of the Royal Albert Hall. In the first few minutes of the show, there were 10 people who had their faces covered and were dancing. A member of the audience was selected and brought to the stage by one of the clowns. All but one of the dances left the stage, the dancer went on one knee, took out a ring, removed his face mask and proposed – though our students were somewhat surprised at first when they were reminded of the fact that it was Valentine’s Day they ooooooh’ed and ahhhhhhhhh’ed.

After the romantic interlude, our students were left in absolute awe at the brilliant acrobatics on show, the terrifying aerial acts and the beautiful music- so much so that at the end of the show they went to the Stage Door and tried to convince members of security to see the cast members and thank them for the show they had seen. Despite Yasmin Adam’s (7G) best efforts however we did not get past the security of the Stage Door!! The students are all adamant that if there is another theatre outing they would love the opportunity to go once more and experience something new and exciting.

Ms N Tuptuk

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Girls Learn How To Rugby Tackle!

On Monday 24th February at 2.10 the football match of the Academic Year took place. The aim of the football match was to have a friendly game aiming to foster and enhance the positive and good relationship the tutors have with their tutees. Players on both sides and students and teachers watching had a great time. The support from the sidelines was absolutely exemplary. The only person of concern was Mr Cameron who showed no support for Tutors and spent all his energy on getting the kids to cheer for their fellow students and try to get the attention of the Year 7 team to beat the tutors. It is claimed that football is a game for ‘friendly game gentlemen but on this particular occasion aiming to foster and that was not true as the defensive skills of enhance the positive Ms Norman , Ms Kilic , Ms Cox and Ms and good Thoma prevented the Year 7 from relationship the penetrating the defence . Mr Green and Mr tutors have with McEntee’s control of the ball left the Year their tutees’ 7’s confused and shocked . Despite the skill and talent before them the Year 7’s showed determination, strength and fighting spirit which brought Mr Stevens to the floor in a tackle. The star player for the teachers was definitely Ms Bolton who managed to save a penalty and stopped many goals. The teachers had the upper hand as they won the game 2-1 with Mr Ibrahim and Mr Sayid both scoring excellent goals. Jake Spicer was the student star player as he managed to stop many goal attempts from tutors. The Year 7 students have vowed to revenge the game in the near future so watch this space!

Mr I Sayid

On a cold and wet Thursday 11th February, eight year 7 girls headed to Hampstead Heath and took part in an afternoon of fun rugby coaching and games. Despite getting extremely muddy and slipping over, the girls were smiling all the way through and learnt lots of new skills, including some tackling! Hazal Silfikir, 7R, said

‘Even though we got very dirty, it was worth going and having fun’

“Even though we got very dirty, it was worth going and having fun.” Leah Summerfield, 7P, said “It was a fantastic experience and I would like to participate again!” Thank you to Mrs O’Connor for enduring the adverse weather conditions with us! Girls tag rugby club will continue after school on Thursdays, for all year groups, and we would love to welcome any new players.

Ms G Cox


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SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS 'WE Day 2014' at Wembley Arena On Friday 7 March, 26 Year 9 students joined 12,000 others from across the UK to mark the first ever WE Day event in this country at Wembley Arena. We Day is an educational event to celebrate volunteering amongst young people, and launches the We Act programme, which offers resources, campaigns and materials to help turn the day’s motivation into action. The early start and trip across London was worth every minute as the students heard from and were inspired by such speakers as Malala Yousafzai and her incredible story of courage and determination, former US President Al Gore, who shared his tales from the White House and what it means to be an active citizen, Martine Wright a Paralympian and survivor of the 7/7 bombings described her story and how one setback made her even stronger and Prince Harry, who spoke of his pride at what young people can and will achieve. Other highlights included hearing from Spencer West, a double amputee who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on his hands and in his wheelchair and Molly Burke who moved many to tears with her story about bullying and the power of hope. As well as being inspired, the crowd were entertained by performances from Diversity, Jennifer Hudson, Dizzee Rascal, Birdy, EllieGoulding and many others. On the train ride home, the students were determined to begin planning the steps to bring this motivation and inspiration to volunteering in school.

“Our young people learned

There will be a Volunteering Day at school in the Summer Term so watch this space!

about finding their passion, believing in themselves, speaking up for others all over the world, but mostly to be the change to this world

Mr B Travers

WE DAY The first ever We Day in the UK was AMAZING!

The young people experienced various outstanding speeches on education and choices they will need to make in the near future. We had a day of a lifetime with celebrity guests such as: Prince Harry, Malala Yousafzai, Dizzee Rascal, Ellie Goulding, Jennifer Hudson and a lot more! Of course, we cannot forget about the wonderful students who created ‘WE Day’, a day for everyone to speak up, Craig and Marc Kielburger We listened to a lot of amazing, but also heart-breaking stories. Some of the speeches were very inspiring, Malala spoke about the ‘Malala Day’ “Dear brothers and sisters, do remember one thing, Malala day is not my day. Today is the day of every woman, every boy and every girl who have raised their voices for their rights. There are hundreds of Human Rights Activists and social workers who are not only speaking for human rights, but who are struggling to achieve their goals of education, peace and equality. Thousands of people have been killed by the terrorists and millions have been injured. I am just one of them. So here I stand….one girl but not many. I speak not for myself, but for all girls and boys. I raise up my voice – not so that I could shout, but so those without a voice can be heard.” “One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world”. That day a lot of our young people learned about finding their passion, believing in themselves, speaking up for others all over the world, but mostly to be the change to this world. Never forget that it always seems impossible until it is done.

Hevin Gur - 9R

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NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN Numeracy Challenge Inviting all parents/carers and students to have a go at our numeracy challenge. All answers to be sent to The answers will be revealed in our Summer term newsletter.

Giving Something Back: Gardening at Bruce Castle Park

Ms A.J David In partnership with Groundworks, six Year 8 students have been helping to plant and maintain the Tudor garden in Bruce Castle Park.

Numeracy Now

Once a month the students dedicate 2 hours to support Bruce Castle. They have done such a good job that the owner of the new café has asked them to develop a rockery and to plant vegetable/salad which they can use in the café. The project will continue throughout the year with other innovative ideas, including developing bee hives!

Ms J Bailey The Numeracy Coordinator would like to congratulate the following students and Tutors for winning prizes in this term’s registrations activities

Reverse Clock Mr Green & 7G Mr Bawden & 8S Mr. Sisupalan & 9H

Anti- Bullying Week

Ms. Macdonald & 11G

Taaha 7F

Ms. Mertcan

Esmond 8H

Musical Math

Daniel 8S

Kai 7S

Hassan A. 9G

Jonathan 8K

Chole 10R

Kacper 9G

Hoden 11G

Mustafa 10F

Dinosaur Sudoku

Tram Hong 11J

Ozge 7H

Row of Roses

Adem 8G

Tutor group 7R

Ipek 9T

Abdalla 8T

Rin 10S

Doan 9V

Christmas Sudoku

James 10S

Oliwia 7T

Charlea 11K

Gabija 8S

Prizes and certificates will be given out at the end of the term. Well done to all the winners.

Megan 9T Ibrahim 10F Akin 11V

Ms A.J David


Motivate • Aspire • Transform

SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Half Term Holiday Fun The February half term saw over 300 children and families come through the school gates to get active, creative and have fun as the Community Education Department held their annual holiday programme. Local schools and students from across the borough took part in activities such as trampolining, basketball, badminton, arts & crafts, swimming, football, dance combat, street dance and cooking. Professional Kicks coaches delivered the football sessions with activities booming with a positive and determined attitude from all.

“Get involved at the Easter holiday programme Monday 7 April to Friday 11 April

Parents and carers even got involved to support their children and the fantastic team of coaches and volunteers ensured a happy and entertaining atmosphere shone throughout the week! Some children were trying activities for the first time and learning new skills and most of all were enjoying their experience! Get involved at the Easter holiday programme Monday 7 April to Friday 11 April with activities including football, cooking, trampolining and brand new cycling sessions!

For more details, look out for the holiday programme posters, check out the community page on the school website or drop into the Community Education department.

Mr B Travers

Saving Londoners Lives at Lea Valley Primary School Since the beginning of term, Mr Travers has been delivering 'Saving Londoners Lives at Lea Valley Primary School', training up 58 Year 5 pupils in basic and vital first aid skills. Working with Mrs Mahendran, the Parent Liaison Worker at the school, the children have been learning about conscious and unconscious casualties, serious bleeding, choking and suspected heart attacks. The children have learnt these skills through scenario based exercises and a fun workbook. By the end of June, all the students in Key Stage 2 at Lea Valley will have received training and be awarded with a certificate in basic first aid. The children who have already completed the programme have said that it has given them confidence in being able to help someone in need and feel proud to have learnt new skills.

“Confidence in being able to help someone in need”

At Northumberland Park, some Year 7 students are attending a lunch time 'Saving Londoners Lives' programme equipping them with the important first aid skills that can make such a difference in an emergency situation.

Mr B Travers

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Two lucky year 7 and 8 Drama classes have teamed up with Chickenshed Theatre Company this term to explore a range of modern day issues through Drama. This builds on our two successful projects with the company in the academic year 2012/13. 7V/Dr and 8A/Dr have been working for the last few weeks with actors from Chickenshed to start to produce a performance based on a range of contemporary issues.

using physical theatre, movement and music

The two drama groups, along with the professional actors from Chickenshed have been using physical theatre, movement and music to explore some of the issues that young people face. The workshops have also been insightful for our students showing the hard work and commitment that goes into creating a piece of theatre.

Our young people will be presenting an informal performance of their work in the Theatre on 20th May to an invited audience.

Mrs M Christopher & Mr S Bawden

A Saving Child Becomes A Saving Adult Our Year 8 students have embarked on a saving spree since last term. Saving in socks, recycled containers, saving pans and anything they can stash away a few pennies or pounds - saving towards gifts and items of interest to them. The next major step will be seeing our Year 8 students joining The London Capital Credit Union by the end of March. We are asking our parents and carers to kindly support this venture. A saving child becomes a saving adult and we know the great benefits of saving.

Ms R Riley

"The Merchant of Venice" at The Globe Theatre On Wednesday March 12, a day when London basked in glorious sunshine, twenty five year nine students along with four members of staff- Miss Hession, Ms Bolton Mr Walker and Miss Campbell, travelled to The Globe Theatre to see a performance of “The Merchant of Venice.” Despite being “Groundlings” which meant having to stand throughout the performance, our students were captivated by the energetic and modern adaptation of the play. Throughout the performance, they expressed their enjoyment through verbal expressions of emotions ranging from sorrow to absolute delight. The actors were brilliant; going to great lengths to convey clearly the themes of love, self-interest, mercy and injustice. The students all enjoyed the play with some very keen ones reflecting critically on the key events throughout the journey back. They were all delighted to have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Ms O Campbell


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SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS SNEWSNEWSNEWSNEWS Hospitality and Catering Group Visit Sherlock Holmes Hotel January 27, 2014 brought more existing learning experiences to 10B, Hospitality and Catering group. On this learning journey eight students visited the Sherlock Holmes Hotel, where they prepared a dish under the supervision of the hotel catering staff.

I enjoyed “ working with

the hotel staff and preparing those tasty chicken dishes

“I enjoyed working with the hotel staff and preparing those tasty chicken dishes.”

“It’s just like cooking in lessons, but this time in a real life kitchen that serve paying customers. Many thanks to Mr Liversidge, Mrs Brighton and Mr Grant for taking us.”

Nargis Ahmedora, Gizen Celikten, Martyna Grudinska,Gulsevim Halil, Michaela Kaleja, Ali Perbudak, Melis Rashid and Onur Said.

Mrs D Brighton

John Willis Set to Inspire Young People Across the County! John Willis, the founder of Power 2 Inspire, is swimming 50 lengths in 50 different school pools in 100 days. His challenge will see him complete 1000 metres from January through to April. At Northumberland Park Community School he was joined by the swimming team, The Vale School and Ryan Miskovics to swim 50 Ryan kept up lengths within the hour to help raise throughout for funds for the various charities John is his own personal supporting.

challenge for Ryan attempted to swim alongside John swimming 25 for his 50 lengths and to everyone’s lengths surprise, Ryan kept up throughout for his own personal challenge for swimming 25 lengths. I would like to give a huge round of applause and a massive well done to Ryan. This will all help towards Ryan and his achievable dream of swimming in the Paralympics.

Mr B Demirel

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NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN NEWSNEWSNEWSNEWSN Insight into the Year of the Horse at S.O.A.S University London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (S.O.A.S.) invited us to celebrate Chinese New Year, the Year of the Horse, on Tuesday 11th February. The day was extremely informative and interesting. The first thing we learned was that Kung Fu actually means time and effort. We can apply Kung Fu to anything we do during the course of our daily lives – from caring for others to completing class work – and not just martial arts!!

“The Year of the Horse”

Student Ambassadors taught us about the Chinese language and culture and we left S.O.A.S. with a few Mandarin Chinese phrases needed to make polite conversation with native Chinese speakers.

Ryan Bueno and Rhys Payne from 8R were invited to demonstrate their newly acquired speaking skills. They proved themselves to be exceptional linguists! Here is how they described their day. We brainstormed what we already knew about China and Chinese culture. I volunteered to explain our annotated diagram about what the Chinese people invented. Next, we were shown a video clip about the story of Chinese New Year. Afterwards, we had a lesson in Mandarin Chinese. When Ryan and I came up to present our role play, we had to say in Chinese:

Hello How are you? Very good Goodbye

Nǐ hǎo Nǐ hǎo ma? Hě n hǎ o Zài jiàn

We also made paper craft dragons out of card and coloured them in with glitter pens. At the end of the day we all said ‘xie xie’ (thank you) to the organisers for an enlightening and unforgettable day. Thanks are due, also, to Mr Ibrahim who accompanied the group and to Mrs Kirk who organised it.

Ms P. Anthony


Motivate • Aspire • Transform


We are pleased to announce that all of the 12 students involved in the Brilliant Club from Years 7 and 8 have passed their 1500 word final assignment and will be graduating in April. Joanna Chu from 8R added to our pride by graduating with a first, meaning that she is working above GCSE level. The students worked independently to complete the challenging tasks set including answering “Work hard questions such as ‘Would stars float if we had a bath large from the start enough?’.

and do not fall

Unfortunately, the graduation trip to Royal Holloway, behind” University of London had to be postponed due to the floods but their PhD tutor, Abdullah Mamun came into school to give the students their outstanding results and feedback in February. 12 new students have been selected from Years 9 and 10, and have attended their launch trip to Newnham College, University of Cambridge. The day was enjoyed by all and once again, the students made the school proud. They are now working on their tutorials and assignments and are hoping to outshine the excellent results achieved by the KS3 students. Below is the advice they have been given by the younger students: “Work hard from the start and do not fall behind” Slavik Manzhura “Do not be afraid to shine” Victoria Szwed “Be organised” Tonia Maize “Make the most of this opportunity”

Joanna Chu

Year 10s Go Head-to-Head Year 10 students battled it out on the trampolines in order to win the position of Gold, Silver or Bronze.

The lucky winners were: Gold winner, Casey Ferry: back and front tuck somersaults, seat landing with half twists, front & backdrop landing, pike, tuck and straddle ending with a full twist. Silver winner, Chloe Webster: back and front tuck Somersault, seat landing, back and front landings with half twists, arial pike, tuck and straddle.

Bronze winner, Morgan Richards: front and back landing, seat landing into half twists, arial skill tuck, pike and straddle half twist front landing and front somersault Well done to following students who took part in the competition, Chloe Day, Sara Palmer, Ramla Hussein and Ayaan Ali.

Ms V Corbin.

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Parents collecting/dropping children by car If you bring/collect your child by car before or after school at the Trulock Road entrance, please drop off and collect at the beginning of Trulock Road nearer the pub and not outside the school gates. Also if you need to turn round, please do so by driving round the one way system to the left and not by turning by the school entrances. Turning round by the school gates and cars parking by entrances are dangerous for our children as they enter/leave the school site.

Due to the congestion outside the school gates, there are camera cars picking up vehicle registrations. Please see Ms Riley for more information.

IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS Main school switchboard: 020 8801 0091 Headteacher’s PA 020 8275 4803 Attendance 020 8275 4825 School Meals/uniform etc 020 8275 4827/4828 Achievement Coordinator Year 7 020 8275 4814 Achievement Coordinator Year 8 020 8275 4816 Achievement Coordinator Year 9 020 8275 4818 Achievement Coordinator Year 10 020 8275 4810 Achievement Coordinator Year 11 020 8275 4812


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