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NEWS M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m SPRING TERM 2013

From the Headteacher


The cold weather is thankfully disappearing and being replaced with gold trumpet daffodils and purple irises springing up around the school grounds. We look forward to a glorious summer term of long summer days, revision for examinations and an array of school events in the final weeks of this academic year. As you will see from the newsletter we have had a busy term, which I hope you will enjoy reading about.

Wishing you a restful, peaceful and enjoyable Easter break on behalf of staff, students and A of Governors Northumberland Park Community School. T Ms Duncan, Headteacher

We are a legitimate partner in the search of solutions to one of the most serious educational challenges for urban education in the 21st century. The occasion was a recent visit by ‘Moving Beyond the Bricks’, an international research partnership involving: the Beyond the Bricks Project, U.S.A., Columbia University, U.S.A. and the Institute of Education, London. Recognising that the persistent educational underachievement of black young men is one such challenge, the researchers use film documentary to engage multiple stakeholders in seeking solutions to the problem. The aim is to move beyond merely identifying problems among black young men, to solving them. To accomplish this, the project seeks to create a network of communities, organisations and foundations, universities, industries and individuals who are committed to the success and community advocacy of all young people. The researchers were escorted on a tour throughout the school, where they had the opportunity to observe lessons and interact with staff and students. They were treated to inspiring and captivating lessons in Art, English and Food Technology. The visitors found the black boys’ own account of their schooling at Northumberland Park to be extremely positive. In the visitors’ own words the education we are providing is “parallel to the

experience of students at private schools in the U.S.A.” This visit has been a very positive experience for our students and the team of researchers. It reinforces the fact that Northumberland Park Community School is committed to providing inclusive education for its very diverse community.

School Term and Holiday Dates - 2012/2013 Academic Year Summer Term (1st half)

Monday 15th April to Friday 24th May 2013


Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May 2013

Summer Term (2nd half)

Monday 3rd June to Wednesday 24th July 2013


Thursday 25th July to Friday 30th August 2013

School Term and Holiday Dates - 2013/2014 Academic Year Autumn Term (1st half)

Monday 2nd September to Friday 25th October 2013


Monday 28th October to Friday 1st November 2013

Autumn Term (2nd half)

Monday 4th November to Friday 20th December 2013


Monday 23rd December 2013 to Friday 3rd Janaury 2014

Spring Term (1st half)

Monday 6th January to Friday 14th February 2014


Monday 17th February to Friday 21st February 2014

Spring Term (2nd half)

Monday 24th February to Friday 4th April 2014

NEWS 2 M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

The Spirit of London Awards Inspire Workshop The year 10s welcomed The Spirit of London Road Show to NPCS on Tuesday 5th March. The students spent an afternoon with SOLA young ambassadors who inspired and motivated them to follow their dreams. They were visited by Arnold who won the Community Champions category award. Arnold is involved in the What About Me? Campaign, a charity which aims to assist volunteering programmes in Ghana. He also founded his own clothing line 'Me Firi Ghana.' Flo, from ‘Exposure’ magazine based in Muswell Hill, spoke about her experience and what led her to spend her time developing and helping the young people in the borough through ‘Exposure’. Eren in year 11, who regularly volunteers for ‘Exposure’, bravely sat in on the discussion and spoke to a group of over 200 year 10 students about how he has benefitted from his time at ‘Exposure’.

Holiday Programme Over 280 young people accessed our half-term holiday programme. The young people had an opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities including trampolining, basketball, martial arts, swimming, badminton, arts and crafts and street dance. During the arts and craft session all activities proved very popular; projects including designing decorating your own plant pot, modelmaking as well as a colouring competition. So if you’re wondering what to do this holiday come and join us from Tuesday 2nd April- Friday 5th April 10-4pm. Don’t forget to wear sportswear and trainers. Under 8s must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Ms J Bailey

Nathaniel Peat impressed on the minds of NPCS students the importance of positive peer pressure and gripped the attention of the audience with his enthusiastic and dynamic speech. The students were all the more impressed when Nathaniel relayed his journey from being a student attending Northumberland Park Community School to his great accomplishments thus far: • Engineer • Pilot • Founder of ‘Safety Box’ “I really enjoyed the workshop; I found Nathaniel’s story extremely inspirational, it encouraged me to make positive choices and to work even harder to pursue my dreams”. Maconde “The Spirit of London Road Show inspired me to follow my goals and dreams. It was good to see someone who came to our school achieve so much. It made me realise that with hard work and dedication, I can make things happen for me too”. Djibril

Sir Linkalot Casts a Spell Jack Petchey Speaks Out Congratulations to our year 10 entrants in the Haringey Final of the Jack Petchey Speak Out competition in February. Nazifa Uddin and Erere Abanum in year 10 performed exceptionally well and will undoubtedly be heading for A* in the Speaking and Listening component of GCSE English. Erere spoke on the topic of poverty with a speech entitled “Be grateful”. Nazifa chose the title “Throw it away” focusing on food wastage. Although we didn’t win this year , after winning two years in succession, our students gave the judges something to think about. Joseph Jackson, last year’s Haringey winner from NPCS, acted as MC for the evening. Special thanks to Ms Raheem and Ms Byrne for their support.

Ms E Bolton Head of English


Sir Linkalot, otherwise known as Andy Salmon, visited NPCS to promote spelling strategies. He started off in Year 7 assembly and everyone was able to leave assembly and spell difficult words such as accommodation by making clever memory links. During the day he worked with groups of year 7 students to improve their spelling. Log onto Sir Linkalot’s website to learn some linking strategies for spellings, dates and facts. You can add some of your own links or request a link for a difficult word and Andy will respond with a link. Ms E Bolton Head of English

NEWS 4 M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

Book Week Led by the English department, we celebrated reading all week and had several exciting activities including quizzes and competitions. Andy Robb , author of the Geekhood books, started off the week's activities. He held a question and answer session with Yr 7 and 8s and then signed books for students. Thanks to the Big Green Bookshop of Wood Green for organising Andy's visit. A storytelling session for Yr 7s was on offer at lunchtime. On Tuesday, each teacher read part of 'Artificial Intelligence', by Malorie Blackman, to their class so by the end of the day all students had heard a story. On Wednesday we had a book sale at lunchtime which proved very popular with students. On Thursday, World Book Day, students and staff dressed as characters from novels and there was a character parade in the morning. We also had a screening of ‘The Hunger Games’ after school. On Friday there was a sale of comics - so popular that all 200 comics sold out in 8 minutes! Thanks to Brendan Digby for helping with crowd control! Finally, we had an Extreme Reading photo competition and a comic strip competition. Book week is a much loved event and staff and students enjoyed celebrating reading for pleasure. The English Department

Year 7 World Book Day We were very happy to see many of our Year 7s taking part in World Book Day and coming to school dressed as a character from a book they had read – we are certain that even more students from our year group will be taking part next year. Please, please, please encourage your children to visit the school library regularly and take books out to read. "No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting. She will not want new fashions nor regret the loss of expensive diversions or variety of company if she can be amused with an author in her closet." Lady Montagu, providing advice on raising her granddaughter, 1752. Congratulations to Ilayda Kayardi 8K who is the winner of the World Book Day Literature Quiz 2013. Mr I Sayid and Mrs N Tuptuk

BAE Systems and RAF On 7th March there was a production from BAE Systems and RAF on the importance of Science, Maths and ICT for a range of careers. Students were told that whilst they may think that the likes of algebra and number patterns may not be relevant to jobs – they are! 30 of our top set students had an hour-long workshop with the 3 representatives from BAE and RAF. Students were informed about a competition where they could win an iPad mini by making a two minute film on the everyday use of maths: Our students were once again praised for their behaviour and attentiveness

KS3 Geography Skills Day Trip to Epping Forest NPCS students from Y8 & Y9, trekked through the forest in the bitter cold weather; they experienced sunshine, snow, sleet and rain. Students used a compass to navigate a route through the forest. They used instruments to measure the weather and collect data on sunlight, rainfall, wind speed and temperature. Students investigated the human impact on the forest by using quadrants and other equipment to assess how people are destroying the forest. "Epping Forest was a fun experience. We were out in the cold forest and we learnt a lot about Geography. It was enjoyable. I'm really glad I came." Abdul Rahman Asankomah 9K. Ms F Madaser

Mathematics Across the Curriculum


One of our aims this academic year, is to further develop students' numeracy skills. We are working with a Consultant who came to the school on March 1st to work with the whole of Year 8. The students became stall holders and were given a budget. They had to decide what items to buy from a list and then had to calculate losses and profits after selling particular items. This was an enjoyable morning for Year 8. Years 7 and 9 will have a similar morning in the summer time.

Year 8 & Chickenshed Theatre Company. The Drama department and Chickenshed Theatre Company have teamed up this term to explore a range of issues through Drama. The whole of Year 8 were treated to a performance of ‘Crime of the Century’ by young actors from Chickenshed Theatre Company in February. Since then 8H and 8G have been lucky enough to work with the actors from Chickenshed to produce their own version of ‘Crime of the Century’, a physical piece of drama highlighting the issues that many of our young people face today. The students who have been working with the actors have had the opportunity to see first-hand what it is like to create a professional theatre production as well as gain an understanding of the hard work and commitment that goes into creating a piece of theatre. Our young people presented a community based performance of their work in the Theatre on Wednesday March 27th to an invited audience. Mrs Christopher and Mr Bawden

NEWS 6 M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

Year 11 GCSE Textiles Sixties Project

David Lammy MP On Monday 4th January Mr Lammy came to speak to our brilliant Year 7s about his role as Member of Parliament for Tottenham. Despite coming from a poor background and a single parent family, Mr Lammy knew that, for him, there was only one route to success and that was education. Despite Mrs Parker’s (Mr Lammy’s careers adviser) advice that Mr Lammy ought to be a fireman and not a barrister, as he wasn’t deemed to be bright enough, he stuck to his ambitions. This ambition led him to finishing SOAS University and Harvard University successfully, becoming an MP at 27 and a Minister at 30. David Lammy gave our Year 7s some good pearls of wisdom:

This term the Year 11 GCSE Textiles class developed an item of clothing relating to the 1960’s. Several students considered complex issues such as the Vietnam War or drugs and alcohol misuse. The work will be on display at the end of the year, but photos of each student’s work can currently be viewed in the Technology department. Thank you to Ms Yuill, her BTEC students and Mr Taylor for their help during the photo shoot. Well done to my Year 11 class who put so much effort into their work. Ms G Selwyn

• Have broad shoulders and don’t follow the pack! • Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something! • Apply yourself and great things can happen! Our students asked some great questions: • Sade (7H): Why not move THFC to the Olympic site? • Jack (7R): Why did the riots happen? • Rene (7S): Which primary and secondary school did you go to and do you think they have become better or worse? • Anthony (7R): If you could pass a law what would it be and why? • Yasser (7S): What are your plans for improving Tottenham? • Bradley (7H): If you weren’t an MP what would you be? • Abraham (7S): Do you think schools in Tottenham are safe because of gangs? The Year 7s were attentive throughout the talk and Mr Lammy was impressed with their behaviour and the questions they asked.

Art Project Saatchi Gallery and The Prince's Foundation for Children & the Arts. In the summer term fifteen very lucky Year 8 and 9 students will be working with an artist on a project partnered with the Saatchi Gallery. Students will be visiting the gallery and meeting the artist, Jack Brown, on Tuesday 26th March. They will also attend several workshops developing their artwork, which will eventually hang on display in July. This is a very exciting opportunity for the students involved as many current artists dare to only dream of exhibiting their work at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London. Watch this space for future updates on this exciting project. Ms Selwyn

7S Assembly International Women’s Day

NPCS ‘Bake Off Competition’


The Year 7s took part in the NPCS ‘Bake Off Competition’. The students had to make ‘Melting Moments’. Using a relatively straight forward recipe, the students had to show their skills by making and presenting eight biscuits that were of the exact same size and shape. This required a great deal of skill. There were two heats. The competition was so keenly contested that the judges decided to award three places in each heat. The winners were: Joanna, Junyu and Pel

A big thank you to Mr Bawden and 7S for putting together a fantastic assembly on International Women’s Day. Everyone in the tutor group took part and gave the rest of us something important to think about. The assembly highlighted the contribution several women have made to make our everyday life more comfortable.. On Friday 8th March Mr Bawden celebrated International Women's Day during his tutor time. We were very happy to join this early morning party of food, music, dance and sharing of information on the importance of mothers and women generally in society. Mr Sayid shared with the tutor group that he has a lot of respect for women after witnessing the birth of his son: ‘the perseverance, pain and patience women have in pregnancy, labour and looking after an infant is amazing’. Mr I Sayid and Mrs N Tuptuk

London ‘Heat’ Future Chef Competition After winning the North London 'Heat' of the prestigious Future Chef Competition Patrick Badewa in Year 10 competed in the London Heat held at Hammersmith College. Although Patrick did not get through to the finals, he was praised by the judges for his exceptional skills. These skills were gained working with his mentor, Executive Chef Anhu Angotra, at the 5 Star Marriott Park Lane Hotel and alongside the chef’s brigade with whom Patrick spent a great deal of his spare time. Although Patrick is only in Year 10, the chef was keen to offer him a job in the kitchen when he leaves school. Mr J Liversidge

Cirque du Soleil On 30th January, a group of 30 Year 9 students travelled to the impressive Royal Albert Hall in central London to watch the amazing Cirque du Soleil show ‘Kooza’. This world renowned circus group exceeded all expectations and delighted, wowed and mesmerised the audience with its acts of comedy, beauty, sheer skill, artistry and daring.  It is not very often that students in Year 9 are rendered speechless!  One act in particular, which involved two performers running, jumping and skipping on fast rotating spheres above the central auditorium without safety wires was absolutely spellbinding.  Most of us held our breaths and gaped open mouthed whilst they performed.  They were given rapturous applause when they ended their routine safely.  Other notable acts included a trapeze artist on an aerial swing, tightrope walkers using cycles and chairs as props, the graceful multi jointed female contortionists who moved so effortlessly and the aerial acrobats on stilts who hurled themselves into the heavens executing numerous somersaults before landing on crash mattresses held by their troupe members on the ground. Wow, wow, wow!  The Albert Hall, as always, was a beautiful backdrop to this amazing show. Our students behaved impeccably throughout the show and were a real credit to the school.  My thanks to Ms Selwyn and Mr Warner who accompanied this party.  My thanks also go to Mousetrap Theatre Productions who subsidise theatre tickets for young people across London making trips such as this affordable. Ms J Thompson

NEWS 8 M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

Gamelan Workshops at Northumberland Park Year 10 GCSE students have been working with visiting gamelan teacher, David McKenny, all of this term on the large and impressive gamelan that has been housed in the music department since December. The study of gamelan (traditional musical instruments from Indonesia) forms part of the GCSE specification and our students are extremely privileged to get to study on the real instruments to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the art form. Dave has also worked with students after school and some Year 8 students in their music lesson time. We are hoping to keep the gamelan in school and start working with the wider community after Easter. Ms D Quow

Foals Music Workshop at the Royal Albert Hall Three talented and lucky students were recently involved in a music workshop at the Royal Albert Hall with the rock/indie band ‘Foals’, that was run by the Royal Albert Hall education programme for budding young musicians from Haringey and Islington schools. Ms Quow took Belermino Buika-Perujo and the Bekantoy brothers, Samuel and Benjamin, to the Elgar Room of the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday 12 February, a day after the band’s new album, ‘Holy Fire’, shot high up into the charts, to attend a workshop for would be rock drummers, bass guitarists, guitarists, keyboard players and singers. We arrived at 12.00 and rehearsed ‘Providence’, one of the songs from the new album, for two hours before performing it in front of distinguished members of the Royal Albert Hall staff. The song was in 7/4, an unusual time signature, and our students got to grips with the challenge straight away.

Year 11 Achieve Excellent Results from January Exams Congratulations to many Y11 students who received their results from the January exams last week. These results will contribute towards their final outcomes this summer and are very encouraging. In English Literature, Ms Raheem’s class achieved a total of 20 A/A* grades, including 12 A*s; in the other English groups there were also very good results with many students showing outstanding progress. Students in other GCSE subjects, such as Science, Sociology, ICT, Health & Social Care, & History, were also delighted by their results with excellent progress shown in most cases. The highlight, however, must be the 100% achieved by Ronak Patel in Biology Unit 1 and 99% by Maido Dirie in Sociology Unit 1. Best wishes to all our Y11s for their summer exams and we are hoping they will continue to make the outstanding progress shown so far.

It was a very good experience for the boys, who got to not only meet, but work with, professional band members, who were in turn very impressed by the talent of the young people from the schools. The same students are invited to the band’s Royal Albert Hall gig on Thursday 28 March. Ms D Quow

9 Year 11 GCSE Citizenship Project: ‘Raising Awareness of Racism’

Science Week at NPCS Anticipation is building around the school as Science week approaches. Year 10 and 11 students have delivered thought provoking, interactive assemblies.  Year 10 ALPS students asked younger students to consider their dietary choices and have sparked a debate about how we can make food in our canteen healthier.  Year 11 set an innovative contest for younger students to write a scientific method for the following hypothesis: ‘If your ring finger is longer than your index finger you will be good at football’. I am excited to find out how students think we should test this hypothesis. The highlight of the week has been the Year 7 trip to the Science Museum.  Students watched a 3D film at the IMAX theatre about the Hubble telescope before exploring the museum.  The Science department will be launching our new website, please see the link from the school website.  There will be details of the outcome of the whole school experiment mentioned above!  More importantly, there is lots of information for parents about how to support your child in Science. There are homework and extension activities too. Finally, the Science department wishes Mr Asiedu the best of luck for the future.  He is sadly leaving to become an Assistant Headteacher at another school.

Our Year 11s have carried out a number of practical tasks in order to raise awareness of racism within our school and our local community. Over the past few months, they have been involved in a number of projects which include baking and selling cakes, cookies and doughnuts within the school; creating Facebook and Twitter accounts to raise awareness of the issue locally and nationally; interviewing students and staff about their views and creating a video montage to present to the school in assemblies. In addition to this fantastic work, the Year 11s sold anti-racism t-shirts to members of staff and students around the school. On 16th January 2013, Northumberland Park Community School had their official ‘Racism Awareness Day’ where staff and students all wore the t-shirts to raise awareness of racism. There was a great show of unity. The highlight of this Year 11 project was when they had the opportunity to interview Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and England footballer, Jermain Defoe, along with a Tottenham Hotspur’s coach and two representatives from the ‘Kick It Out’ organisation. Students were very professional, well-behaved and extremely starstruck! A big thank you must go to Jenny Bailiey for organising this visit and for helping with project as a whole. Also, thank you to John Liversidge for helping with the cake and cookies sale. They were sold out within 20 minutes! That’s not all! The students have one more event up their sleeves in order to raise some more money. All proceeds collected will be given to their chosen charity after the holidays. You will be kept informed. Well done Year 11s! Ms S Khanam

NEWS 10 M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

NPCS Composers of Tomorrow Over a series of four workshops, eleven year 10 music GCSE students have been introduced to the unique and virtuosic qualities of the horn, violin and cello. The ‘Benjamin Britten Composing Project’ pushed them to their limits and gave them the opportunity to compose and have their pieces performed by renowned professional performers. There were often times when they were doubtful that they would be able to produce a suitable composition to be performed at the distinguished ‘Wigmore Hall’. David Horne – an established composer, pianist, and teacher - held no prisoners throughout the 8 weeks. The students felt that it was a tremendous privilege to collaborate with such fine professional musicians on this project. 5 of the 11 had their pieces performed in the final concert. Notwithstanding, all 11 students produced a suitable composition to be played. Our NPCS students represented the school in great fashion and made Mr West, along with Ms Mentes, proud to be part of this class. Well done to our year 10 students listed below:


BT Mentoring Programme for a group of Year 11 students On Wednesday 13th February the school welcomed a visit from BT finance director Tony Chanmugam to meet the students participating in the mentoring programme. This new programme was introduced in November and Northumberland Park is only one of 3 schools in London to pilot this new initiative from BT. The company’s specially-chosen mentors, all part of BT’s Ethnic Minority Network, will work closely with students. The programme is designed to help teenagers reach their full potential by showing them how interests and skills can steer them towards the right career path. Malcolm Weston, chairman of the BT Ethnic Minority Network, said: “Mentoring the students who are in transition to either post school education, training or employment is a great way of supporting and contributing to the community.”

Benjamin BEKANTOY 10K BT finance director Tony Chanmugam said: "The right support and guidance can really help an individual navigate their way through obstacles and issues. Our mentors will work closely with students, with the support of their teachers and parents, to offer a fresh perspective and a real insight into how to forge a successful career path. It is critical that we invest in our young people and equip them with the skills they need to succeed in life.”

Melis FAHRIDIN 10V Chrissan GREEN 10K Chloe KAMINSKI 10J Dominik LEBLANC-HUTCHINSON 10T Deborah NICHOLSON-PORTER 10H Ezgi OZCAN 10K Halil PEKKELO 10H Emine SHABAN 10R Mazlum UCAR 10R Ms D Quow

Diane Liversidge, Assistant Head Teacher at Northumberland Park Community School, said: “There was no doubt in my mind about joining the programme. Now that the students and I have met with the mentors we can see how successful this programme can be. Expectations are high and our students are thrilled to have these opportunities when at times, it seems like employment opportunities are scarce in multi-national companies”.

11 Ledley King It was just a normal Wednesday, waking up and going to school. However today was different. Jade, Emanuela, Bradley, Gideon and I were chosen for BBC School Report to represent Northumberland Park. We were going to meet Ledley King, who played for Tottenham and this is how our day went. It was only 9:00am as Jade and I went over to the Media apartment where we were to meet Ms.Yuill our club’s teacher as well as a producer and cameraman from the BBC. I couldn’t deny the fact that I was pretty nervous but on the other hand in reality, excited because today I was going to meet someone famous. Berreck Cocelli – 7T

Packing our equipment and checking that we had everything, we went on the trip. We filmed our short journey to the stadium via a time lapse camera strapped to Bradley’s front. I had never thought of going to a stadium, probably because I thought that football was indeed... dead, flat ,uninteresting. This was going to be a new experience for me and a new interest. We walked through the automatic doors, and sat down waiting for Mr. King. When he arrived everyone introduced ourselves and shook hands like reporters would do; also we took the chance to get his autograph and photographs with him! We then had to film ourselves meeting him again – this is so that it looked good for the film that the BBC were making. We followed him and he explained that he was going to show us around and tell us facts about himself and Tottenham on the way. Ledley lead us to the press room which is where they do press conferences. We sat down in the same chairs that reporters from all over the world sit in. At first, we just asked simple questions so none of us would be feeling nervous of each other. We found out that his favourite song at the moment is ‘Gangnam Style’ and he used to love reading Roald Dahl books when he was younger. Not surprisingly, his favourite colour is blue!

First of all we started to get ready in class by researching Ledley King's career. We needed to ask him questions that were relevant and interesting for him answer. Then Josh, the cameraman from the BBC arrived to video behind the scenes. He showed us how to operate the camera and the lights as well as explaining his complicated sound equipment. Next, the producer called Ian, came and told us everything that was going to happen that day. He helped us to structure our questions as well as practising how we were going to ask the questions. Josh helped us with our microphone technique too. Emanuela Ismali – 7V

After that Ledley went and talked to the representatives from THFC while the cameraman instructed that we would be using a technique called ‘noddy shot.’ A noddy shot is when the interviewee has left and they need cut-away shots. Therefore we sat asking questions and nodding to answers when no-one was there. Berrak Cocelli – 7T We got to see the stadium, the dressing rooms and the treatment room where Ledley unfortunately spent a lot of his career. We learned how he didn't train during the week and could still play a game on the Saturday. His manager, Harry

Romeo and Juliet Trip Thirty four brave Year 10 students, and five even braver teachers, made their way into London in search of higher GCSE learning and they found it in the form of a "Romeo and Juliet " performance at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre! Despite the extremely unstable March weather conditions, the students were able to enjoy a modern adaptation of the well-known Star Crossed Lovers’ tale. The actors encouraged audience participation and the NPCS students became truly connected with the characters and the story. They can now bring their experience back to the

classroom to share with their fellow Year 10s and apply it to their English Controlled Assessment and exams.

Rednap, called him an 'absolute freak' being able to do this. Ledley said he knew this was a compliment about his ability. We saw the box-holders lounge with trophies and gifts from other clubs. Some of Ledley's old shirts were in this area. Finally, we were all lead down the players’ tunnel and into the stadium itself. We sat in the manager's seat while we interviewed Ledley some more. It was very comfortable! Ledley was really nice to us. He chatted to us like we were real reporters and made us feel very welcome. Emanuela Ismali – 7V This was a wonderful opportunity that the BBC gave our reporters. Not only did they get to meet a footballing great, but they also saw how a real report is constructed. I cannot thank Ian and Josh from the BBC enough; they really engaged the students in this activity and the students responded with real enthusiasm. We can't wait to see the results on the BBC website. A very special thanks to Tony Stevens at THFC for arranging and accompanying us on the visit, John, our super tour guide and obviously, a very big thank you to Ledley King for giving us his time to do this very special interview. Ms Yuill

NEWS 12 M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

NPCS Uniform We are consulting to change the uniform from September 2013. Parents will have been consulted at one of the forthcoming parents evening or by letter posted home week commencing 18th March 2013. We look forward to hearing your views. Please log on to the school website Please email comments to

Opportunities for you! • Looking for work experience? • Have recently completed a course? Call Jenny for an informal chat or drop off your CV at main reception.

Adult Education and Family Learning We have some new and exciting courses starting after the Easter Break • Would you like to improve your literacy skills? Course delivered every Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-12 noon • Update your ICT skills? Every Tuesday 1pm-3.30pm • Improve your English whilst learning to sew? Every Thursday 1pm-3.30 • Or create and develop a calendar about Love Tottenham and improve your English Every Friday 9.30-12 noon

To book your place call 020 8275 4848.

Trulock Road Parents collecting children by car If you bring/collect your child by car before or after school at the Trulock Road entrance, please drop off and collect at the beginning of Trulock Road nearer the pub and not outside the school gates. Also if you need to turn round, please do so by driving round the one way system to the left and not by turning by the school entrances. Turning round by the school gates and cars parking by entrances are dangerous for our children as they enter/leave the school site.

IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS Main school switchboard:

020 8801 0091 Headteacher’s PA

020 8275 4803 Attendance

020 8275 4825 School Meals/uniform etc

020 8275 4827/4828 Achievement Coordinator Year 7

020 8275 4814 Achievement Coordinator Year 8

020 8275 4818 Achievement Coordinator Year 9

020 8275 4810 Achievement Coordinator Year 10

020 8275 4812 Achievement Coordinator Year 11

020 8275 4816

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! E R HI

Looking for a place to hire, that will contribute towards your child’s additional resources?

FACILITIES FOR HIRE • Astro turf pitch • Large hall • Theatre • Swimming pool • Multipurpose hall • Gymnasium • Large classrooms • Dance studio

Contact Nadira Latchana on 0208 275 4830 or Ben Boyle 07853063448 We cater for weddings, meetings, conferences, churches, sports, swimming, football, training, pool parties and aquazumba

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