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NEWS M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m SPRING TERM 2012

From the Headteacher As I write this message I can see the shoots of spring outside my office window. The start of the spring term heralded a new era for NPCS with the school being judged as a 'GOOD' school under the new OfSTED framework. We will continue to build in this success as we move to become an outstanding school. A big thank you to students, staff and parents for their role during the Ofsted inspection.

IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS Main school switchboard:

020 8801 0091 Headteacher’s PA

020 8275 4803

Please note we are not complacent as we still have a lot of work to do with our two biggest priorities being to further raise standards of achievements and continuing our drive for quality teaching and learning. Our next newsletter will have a special feature of 'You said... We did' which will update you on how we have responded to your comments throughout this academic year.

Ms Duncan, Headteacher

"THIS IS A GOOD SCHOOL" OfSTED Inspection - January 2012


020 8275 4825 School Meals/uniform etc

020 8275 4827/4828 Achievement Coordinator Year 7

020 8275 4818 Achievement Coordinator Year 8

020 8275 4810 Achievement Coordinator Year 9

020 8275 4812 Achievement Coordinator Year 10

020 8275 4814 Achievement Coordinator Year 11

020 8275 4816

Trulock Road Parents collecting children by car: If you bring/collect your child by car before or after school at the Trulock Road entrance, please drop off and collect at the beginning off Trulock Road nearer the pub and not outside the school gates. Also if you need to turn round, please do so by driving round the one way system to the left and not by turning into the school entrances.


Turning round by the school gates and cars parking by entrances are dangerous for our children as they enter/leave the school site.


"The Headteacher and extended leadership team provide a strong lead that is raising staff expectations and the aspirations of students across the school. Staff and students respond positively and there is an ethos of calm ambition. Excellent relationships between staff and students are built on mutual trust. Students, parents, carers, and staff are overwhelmingly positive about the school and its work." "Attainment has been on an improving trend over the last three years."

"The quality of teaching is good across the school, with an increasing amount that is outstanding."

"The behaviour of students is good, and at times exemplary, in lessons and around the school."

"The roles and responsibilities of middle managers have developed, with more accountability now devolved for the quality of teaching and its impact on raising students' achievement. Governors are supportive and constructively challenging and pay good attention to ensuring the safety of all students."



M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

Sports Leaders at NPCS

On the 7th December 2011, NPCS held a ‘Bake Off’ with Ms Duncan and Ms Thompson taking part. The teachers and year 8 students watched a chef demonstrating mince pies and then the participants had to make and present 6 mince pies each. Participants were judged on the taste of their pies as well as their organisation and presentation skills. The following were prize winners: 1st - Sara Al – Mumbarak 8T 2nd – Melisa Aygun 8T 3rd - Taofeeq Sanni 8R

Panathlon challenge sports leaders Northumberland Park Community School has always had a great working relationship with the Vale School and this term is no exception. There was a fantastic opportunity for 16 of our year 10 students to be trained as sports leaders and officiate at the North London Regional Panathlon finals on Tuesday 6th March at the Southbury Road Leisure Centre. Prior to this event they received training in a number of disability sports including polybat (like table tennis), boccia (like bowls) and new age curling and table cricket. They also completed a short session on disability awareness. The training took place in the afternoon on Tuesday 27th February at NPCS. This opportunity showcases the excellent relationship that already exists between Northumberland Park and Vale pupils.

Embrace UK sports leaders’ level 2 qualification Embrace U.K Community Support Centre is a registered charity and company that aims to relieve poverty among disadvantaged groups including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants by the provision of information, advice and guidance. All the services are free of charge including the Sports Leaders’ level 2 qualification that they are currently providing to some of our year 10 students, led by Sports Leaders UK. Sports Leaders UK is an independent charity, funded by income from sales of educational materials, grants for project delivery, commercial partnerships and individual generosity. You can find out more about Embrace UK and Sports Leaders UK by using the links below. This course is taking place in our Community Education Dept every Wednesday from 3:30 – 5:30 for 10 weeks and is led Ricardo Johnson of Embrace UK.

‘The Great NPCS Bake Off’

War Horse Trip Year 10 History students have been studying the build-up to WWI as part of their History GCSE. They have also been working with Mr Christiansen on war poetry in English, so to give them a flavour of what conditions in the trenches were like we took a group of them to see the film ‘War Horse’ based on the book by Michael Morpurgo. We trekked to Lee Valley Odeon in the freezing cold but it was worth it! We were lucky enough to have the whole cinema to ourselves which was great as no one else saw us crying! The film was wonderful, very emotional and the students loved it. It was a real pleasure to take out such a lovely, lively and beautifully behaved group of young people. ‘A good way to show how war has an impact on people,’ Helin Dogan (10T).

North London Model United Nations Training Conference on Friday 27th January 2012

‘It showed the trenches in a very shocking and realistic way,’ Fartuun Mohamed (10T).

Students in Year 9 and 10 attended the training conference where they were able to develop their research and debating skills. The students were introduced to the issue they will be debating - ‘Global Health’. The students involved (see list below), found the experience to be exciting and surprising as they learnt about the shocking facts of life expectancy, malnourishment, infant mortality and death in many countries around the world. The students will be participating in the debate with 21 other schools in North London on Saturday 17th March 2012.

Ms Beatham, Head of Humanities

Fartuun Mohamed, Maido Dirie, Najwa Umran, Hadia Al-Halaki, Uzair Kalla, Zohaib Asem, Maconde Caba, Nazifa Uddin

‘I loved it, it was a very good film,’ Joseph Jackson (10V).

Jermain Defoe visits Northumberland Park Community School Jermain Defoe appeared at Northumberland Park Community School in Tottenham to mark a successful first six months of his E18HTEEN project. Through the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, E18HTEEN has given the striker the opportunity to act as a positive role model for a group of young people aged 16 – 19, who are in care or care leavers and identified as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). In partnership with the GLA and the London Boroughs of Barnet, Haringey, Enfield and Waltham Forest, the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation offers each participant a dedicated mentor and individually tailored learning and development programme with access to 18 separate training and life skill workshops and 18 different sports. Jermain, meanwhile, is playing an active role in offering advice and inspiration to the young people involved as they hope to gain the qualifications and experience needed to prepare them for independence and adulthood. The visit saw Jermain take four E18HTEEN participants – Ashley, Charlotte, Finnean and Pierre – to Northumberland Park School to deliver a football coaching session to Year 7 students as part of their

coaching experience and volunteering commitment. He said: “E18HTEEN is all about giving young people the opportunity to take courses and gain qualifications that can open doors for them to do something positive with their lives, focusing on 16-19 year olds who are or have been in care. “There are many challenges facing this group of young people and some have had hard upbringings, but E18HTEEN can help change their lives. “The guys on the project are brilliant. They’re so honest. I have particularly been impressed with Charlotte, who really speaks from the heart – they all do – and as a result of what they have been through in their lives they are such genuine people who tell it how it is. “I can tell they appreciate the help that E18HTEEN is giving them as perhaps they haven’t had this sort of help in the past. “For me personally, it’s important for young people to see what I have achieved in my life and the hard work it has taken to get me to where I am today having come from the streets of East London. “E18HTEEN has given me the chance to do just that, and it is a great feeling.”

Theatre trip – Blood Brothers Year 10 GCSE drama and BTEC students visited the West End to watch “Blood Brothers” as part of their GCSE course. The students were well behaved and enjoyed the whole experience. The production was educative, entertaining and fun. The teachers who took the students, Mr Sayid, Miss J. Bailey and Richard Burgon, Drama Teacher, enjoyed the production and were impressed by the maturity the students showed. Ibrahim Sayid, Achievement Coordinator for year 10



M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

The Prospect Walk

Cool Runnings Three-time Jamaican Bobsled Team Olympian, Devon Harris, whose dream-come-true journey to the Olympics inspired the Disney film ‘Cool Runnings’, visited N.P.C.S. on Friday 20 January. Devon recounted how his career path took him from the slums of Kingston, Jamaica, via the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to the Olympic Games. In addition to the poetic verse recited by Jamaican students every morning: Labour for learning before you grow old. For learning is better than silver or gold. Silver and gold will vanish away But a good education will never decay. Devon delivered an inspiring and motivating message to Year 9 students, encouraging them to ‘Keep on Pushing,’ set goals and follow their dreams. Penny Anthony, Head of MFL

The Prospect Walk was a chance for us to understand and have a peek at what it is like working in the City. We went to a specialised law firm and the Old Bailey to see a case. Through the law firm and the law school we were advised on the best paths and choices we should take in order to be a lawyer. A few scenarios of cases were told to the students. Each student had to analyse their scenario and decide whether this case could be convicted or punished by the law or not. Also two trainees from the law firm advised us that academic grades are important, but work experience looks good on your UCAS application too. Finally we went to the Old Bailey. We saw a case that had reopened after 18 years about a black man who had been stabbed by 5 white youths who were all 18 at the time. After many years they decided to open this case again hoping that it could be solved by new and advanced technology that they never had 18 years ago. Unfortunately we did not hear all the case as we had to leave because we ran out of time. However, we had a most enjoyable and informative day. Anh Nguyen, 10H

Science Week

Literacy meets Maths

Jack Petchey Awards Year 7 Maths The Student Council voted for the following winners: September: Sasha Hossen (Y11) Reason for award: Her peers nominated her as since year 9 she has become an excellent student, hardworking, polite and supportive to her peers and is an excellent role model (sometimes). This year she is not only a high achieving student, but she was also recognised for her qualities and was made a prefect. The Student Council wanted to show her as an example that we can excel! October: Eren Kaplan (Y10) Reason for award: Very talented student who excels at playing the piano. He has dedicated himself to learning it and has shown great confidence in representing the school by playing in front of his peers, staff, visitors and guests. Excellent talent and the students were impressed that he has shown great confidence to be able to play in front of the school and wanted him to recognise their respect. November: Isaiah Noel (Y8) Reason for award: Nominated by his fellow students and staff. Works very hard and is an excellent role model. An outstanding wicketkeeper. He has represented the school through the Shakespeare schools festival production and impressed staff and judges.

The Maths department decided to hold a competition as part of this initiative where Year 7 could link literacy with Mathematics. The whole year group participated in a Literacy in Maths competition, where students of all ability were given the opportunity to write about what they thought life would be like in a world without numbers. The response was great! The students wrote stories, diary entries, poems, songs, and rap lyrics etc. They focused on how their lives would be affected if there were no longer any numbers. Although there were some fantastic entries there could only be four winners. Well done to all Year 7 and especially to the winners for their achievements:

• Taquilla Francis (7J) • Nazifa Zaman (7K) Mrs J Imiere, Mathematics Department

Science teachers rewarded students for excellent work in Science with early lunch passes.

Patrick Sisupalan, Science Department

At Northumberland Park Community School there has been a drive to improve literacy across the school in all subject areas.

• Hazal Gokteke (7R)

Exciting activities included: dissections, quizzes, competitions, beat the teacher anaerobic challenge and more.

Y7 Science students entered a film into a national competition and need your help by liking it on youtube.

Congratulations to four Year 7 students who successfully took part and won the Maths department Literacy in Maths competition.

• Michaella Lambert (7V)

Science week 2012 took place from March 12th to 16th.

Y10 earned early lunch passes by answering a few questions on kerboodle in purple lane during Science week.

Competition: A Day without Numbers

They all received the Jack Petchey certificate, badge and £200 to be spent in school for the benefit of all students. Students received their awards in assemblies, presented by the Chair of the student council, Ha To (11S). Well done to our winners! Mr Cameron

5 Interview Skills Day All Year 11 students took part in Interview Skills Day on Tuesday 7th February. The event was organised by Haringey Education Business Partnership. The students travelled across London and took part in a mock interview in a wide variety of businesses. They were all well prepared and produced a completed application form as well as a Personal Portfolio. The students looked wonderful and the event was a great success. The school has received many letters of congratulations for our students.

Gifted and Talented Project 20 Year 8 students are taking part in an exciting Gifted and Talented project working with James Holcombe from the Hackney based ‘No.W.Here Film’ Organisation. They are looking at the use of film as an Art Form in itself and using unusual methods and techniques to stick found natural objects on to film and run through projectors producing random patterns, shapes and colours. They are also going out Tottenham Marshes to see how film reacts to being buried or left to disintegrate and the projected results they produce. We are hoping to have some form showing of the work after the 6 week project is over. “The project that we are taking part in is very unusual due to what we are doing in these classes, we are using found natural items to make a creative film using art but it is great fun to do. Last week we went to Tottenham Marshes and it was interesting and very different from normal lessons,” said Verona Nuha, 8S. Matthew A. Frizzel, Head of Art & Design

Cricket is alive at Northumberland Park Chloe Day’s Match report On the 24th January 2012 my cricket team went to Park View School to take part in the Haringey U13 Indoor cricket competition. We got through to the final against Alexandra Park School, who are very good at cricket. They have good bowlers, batters and fielders. For the last 4 balls in the over of our innings I was batting. I hit a 4 and then another 4, and then my partner hit a 2 and we ran 1 which made it 3, a total of 11 runs. Then it was the final ball and I hit so hard, it went right over the bowler’s head for 6 runs. Unfortunately we lost the match by 12 runs. At the end of the game, after I made the runs and also bowled, two coaches from the Middlesex Cricket Club were making enquires about me having trials with them at their club. This proves that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything you want!

Chloe Day – 8R Students in in Years 7,8 & 9 have been attending cricket training sessions on Saturdays to improve their batting, bowling and fielding skills but more importantly to have fun. The club has been well supported by Mr Yoxall & Mr Ezechukwu. Students are now in training for the new cricket season to compete with schools in and around the borough of Haringey, taking part in the new league to raise the profile of cricket in the local community. Mr Cameron


M o t i v a t e • A s p i r e • Tr a n s f o r m

Northumberland Park Community School Welcomes the BP Roadshow BP is the official oil and gas partner for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It has teamed up with the London 2012 Organising Committee to create this successful, engaging and exciting work-related activity focusing on mathematics and enterprise that gives students a taste of the competitive world of business, whilst having fun. The BP Roadshow arrived at Northumberland Park Community School on Tuesday 17th January 2012, and held a highimpact Maths, Enterprise and Business Studies activity for Year 9 students. The fast-paced challenging trading game session was delivered by trained BP presenters. Students traded oil, reacted to market news and managed budgets, with the ultimate goal of making a profit as a result of great teamwork. The students, working in mixed ability groups of four or five, set up and named their own profit-making companies and made decisions about whom to appoint for the positions of CEO, Trader, Accountant, and Market Analyst.



Year 8 students were fortunate to be involved in two recent activity days led by the organisation ‘Into University’. Firstly, on Monday 20th February, 24 students participated in a series of workshops aimed at encouraging the students to consider university as a future educational option. 'Into University' staff spoke to the students about their personal route into university and gave them an insight into why they studied their chosen subjects. Pupils spent time looking at the breadth of courses available, financial help available to support their time at university, types of qualifications needed and different accommodation options they could pursue. In addition to this, they completed a financial budgeting exercise. The morning ended with a Science Genetic code workshop and a team Science quiz. Team ‘Masters of Science’ were the outright winners of the quiz! All the pupils enjoyed the morning immensely.

On 22nd February, the same 24 students visited Imperial College in South Kensington, a very prestigious London based university. The It was as if the students were transported onto an actual trading floor focus of the day was Medicine. To start the day, our students were whilst using their enterprise, mathematics, and business skills to fortunate to meet and work alongside 12 undergraduates from a trade crude oil. They reacted to market news and current affairs variety of subject specialisms, who shared with the students the which affected the prices (deciding whether to buy or sell barrels) and reasons for their subject choice and information pertaining to their managed a budget. degree courses. They met future mathematicians, engineers and doctors. Our pupils participated in two Medicine based workshops It gave the students an eye opening opportunity to contextualise their and had to consider - ‘What does a doctor look like?’ and ‘How learning. They were able to make connections between current does a doctor behave?’ One of our students was brave enough to affairs, what they learn in the classroom and the world of work. They dress up as a surgeon, in front of a large audience. had to interpret world events and make business decisions based on current affairs. After much role play and lunch, our students were taken on a grand tour of the campus and had the opportunity to see some of the The students were all very competitive, each group wanted to win. wonderful facilities on offer. They were accompanied on their tour by They took and managed calculated risks whilst using teamwork and their undergraduate buddies who live on the campus. developing skills in decision making, communication and problem solving. The day was truly inspirational for all involved. It gave our students a clear glimpse into university life. All students were presented with a The BP road show was a fabulous opportunity to see students in a certificate of participation. different light. It was great to see the winning team receive their winning prize along with their certificates. The whole year group was Our students were clearly enthused by their experience. The able to be part of this exciting achievement celebrating success. conversations on the homeward journey centred around who wanted The BP Challenge gave students the opportunity to practise the to go to which university in future! school motto: Motivate: Aspire and Transform. Our thanks to 'Into University' for inviting us to be a part of this Mrs J Imiere, Mathematics Department programme.

Student Council The Student Council have elected the following to serve on the School Body

Chairperson – Ha To – 11S Vice Chair – Anh Nguyen – 10H Secretary – Angelo Reinoso – 11G Students were pleased with the feedback and the comments made of them by the Ofsted inspectors who were here in January. However as a school our students know we don’t stand still and so they want to improve upon their achievements. The student body is currently instrumental in amending the Rewards & Behaviour Policy, setting high standards by ‘raising the bar’ for all to comply with. The Student Council has also drawn up a set of guidelines which outlines what is expected of the NPCS student in school and out in the wider community. All students have the opportunity of contributing to what affects them in this school. It’s your school, let us hear your voices! Mr Cameron

Ms Thompson, Achievement Coordinator Yr 8

Year 11 interview skills Excellent Year 11 Maths Results

Year 11 students took part in a very successful Interview Skills Day in February. The day was made possible because of the close partnership between Diane Liversidge and her team with the Haringey Business Partnership. Students were dressed to impress and thanks to the preparation they put in to their CVs, Personal Statements and Job Application, many of our students had extremely positive feedback reports from their interviews.

The Maths exam results in Mr Guyver and Ms Tuptuk January have already proven Year 11 to be one of the most successful year groups within the Maths department for several years. The year group took their GCSE exams in December and 50% of the students had gained a C grade and above; which we are now aiming to increase to 62% within their final exams. This achievement is down to their hard work by attending extra intervention classes before and after school and during the halfterms. This is also a reflection of the dedication of the Maths Year 11 department to engage and mentoring encourage the students to reach success their full potential. Year 11 mentoring by members Over February half-term students of staff and six undergraduate showed their commitment and students from the LSE is ondedication to their studies by going and our students are coming in for extra revision showing that they are working sessions in English, Maths, hard and are determined to Science and Citizenship. With succeed in their subjects. Many the final examinations in May and students have attended college June approaching, students need interviews. The conditional offers to ensure they keep up the given have boosted the students’ momentum, use time in lessons confidence and given them a and at home to work to the best further incentive to push of their ability to get the very best themselves to achieve their GCSE results they can get in grades. August 2012. The dedication shown by the students and the Mr Guyver and Ms Tuptuk staff within all subjects is continuing to progress the year group’s grades and hopefully we will have excellent outcomes in August.

Stop Press...


NPCS Book Week took place during 27th – 2nd March. Events included The Great Book Giveaway, Story Ending and the ever popular Escaped Character (dressing up as a character from a book) on World Book Day. A more detailed report will follow in the summer term issue of the newsletter. Ms Bolton, Head of English

Yr 7 visit to Shakespeare’s Globe. A detailed review of the production and outing in the next newsletter. English Department

Mr Guyver and Ms Tuptuk

School Term and Holiday Dates - 2012 Academic Year Spring Term (2nd half)

Monday 20th February 2012 – Friday 30th March 2012


Monday 2nd April 2012 – Friday 13th April 2012

Summer Term (1st half)

Tuesday 17th April 2012 - Friday 1st June 2012 (16th April is an inset day)


Monday 4th June 2012 – 8th June 2012

Summer Term (2nd half)

Monday 11th June 2012 – Friday 20th July 2012


Monday 23rd July 2012 – Monday 3rd September 2012


NEWS Motivate • Aspire • Transform

Community Enrichment Activities

NPCS in the Community

In partnership with Haringey Welcome project and Skills For Life, learners attending ESOL classes and visited the British Museum. A positive role model Students participated in a tour of local London Artist Grayson Perry and gained an insight into his concept of craftsmanship, identity and 6 students in Year 10 participated on the Teen & Toddler Programme. belief, whilst last week students attended the exhibition of Hajj and The students spent 16 weeks where they visited a local nursery and were given a hands-on opportunity to handle a variety of objects buddied up with a toddler who they mentored through play. During including textiles and manuscripts. the sessions they participated in different activities including reading to their toddlers, getting creative with art, and make believe This week students were given a presentation on bowel cancer imaginative play. awareness and recognising the symptoms. The students worked towards NCFE Level 1 National Award in Interpersonal Skills; this helped to support the students to discover their hidden potential. All the students should be very proud of themselves as they were excellent role models and ambassadors for the school.

These are some of the enrichment activities which will be delivered throughout the year to enhance and consolidate the learning and provide the students with greater awareness of health issues and activities which they can participate in with their families.

“The children’s faces light up when the students from NPCS arrive in the nursery. It's a wonderful opportunity for our toddlers and children to look up to the teenagers as big brothers or sisters. The students have interacted with the children on a different and more fun level than the adults and the children have loved it!” Carol Beaumont – Nursery Manager Well done to Louise Williams, Charlotte Lawrence, Agit Koc, Sinead Julian, Timothy Rowe and King Tshikeva.

Family Learning courses starting after Easter in Numeracy, Literacy, ESOL & ICT Call 0208 275 4848 for more information or visit our school website

Tottenham Hotspur Learning Zone 16 Year 7 students attended our Community Extended Learning programme at Tottenham Hotspur Learning Zone called ‘Playing for Success’. The 12 week programme helps the students improve and developing their English, Maths and ICT and is held after school on Thursdays from 5.30-7pm. Students were also given the opportunity to prepare and develop their own Radio programme, magazine, and PowerPoint presentations. They developed their interview techniques which they used throughout the programme. They also were encouraged to use the online


maths programme such as Manga Maths to challenge themselves.


Playing for Success concluded with a grand certificate ceremony hosted by the Foundation which both parents and staff were invited to attend. Congratulations to all participating students and a special mention to Leah West Randall who has now become a mentor for the PFS Primary Programme.




YEAR 10 - YEAR 9 - YEAR 8 - YEAR 7

NPCS will be launching SIMS Learning Gateway to parents during parents evenings and learning review days where you will be issued with a username and password providing you with key information about your child.

If you would like more information please contact Jermaine Rennalls

E: T: 020 8275 4803

NPCS Newsletter - Spring 2012  

NPCS Newsletter - Spring 2012

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