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Women’s Council of the Isles 2012 Thursday 1st to Friday 2nd November - Parc Thistle Hotel, Cardiff Biographies of guest speakers and chairs Jane Hutt AM Minister for Finance and Leader of the House Educated at the University of Kent, the London School of Economics and Bristol University, Jane is also an Honorary Fellow of University of Wales Institute Cardiff. Prior to her election to the National Assembly for Wales, Jane was director of Chwarae Teg (Fair Play) and was the Welsh member on the New Opportunites (UK) Fund and was an elected Member of the former South Glamorgan County Council. Jane is married with two children, is a Welsh learner, and lives in Barry. Having served as Minister for Health and Social Services (1999-2005), Minister for Assembly Business, Children and Equalities (2005-2007), Minister for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (2007-2009) and Minister for Business and Budget (2009-2011). Jane was appointed as Minister for Finance and Leader of the House in May 2011.

Carmel Napier QPM, BA (Hons), Dip App. Crim, LTCL In April 2011 Carmel Napier was appointed as Chief Constable of Gwent Police and in June 2012 was awarded the Queens Police Medal. In 2010, Carmel was appointed as the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO – England and Wales) lead for Domestic Abuse, Honour Based Violence, Stalking and Harassment. She is the Chief Constable lead in Wales for: Community Safety and Professional Standards and chairs: “Young Dragons” – a Princes Trust project for young people across Wales - and Gwent Area Scout Executive Council. Carmel’s distinguished career began with Hertfordshire Constabulary in 1983.Over the next 17 years her career alternated between operational uniform and specialist crime investigation roles across the force area. She was promoted to Detective Superintendent in North Yorkshire Police in 2000 and subsequently to Detective Chief Superintendent leading

on all crime and specialist operations. She joined Essex Police as Assistant Chief Constable Territorial Policing (all front line policing including Stansted Airport) in October 2006. In September 2008 was appointed Deputy Chief Constable of Gwent Police where she led and implemented the force major change programme “Staying Ahead”. She was then seconded to lead and successfully reshape the All Wales Policing collaboration project in 2010. Carmel is passionate about: providing quality and timely services to victims of domestic abuse; to working with others to prevent such abuse; to early identification of perpetrators of domestic abuse holding them to account and preventing their reoffending; and to developing and implementing increased accountability frameworks across all agencies to ensure everyone is focused on getting their collective responses to victims right first time on time every time.

Dr Rob Perrett Dr Robert Perrett is a Senior Lecturer in Employee Relations and HRM at Bradford University School of Management. He has conducted research for the UK labour movement since 1999 including the TUC and a wide range of individual trade unions. He has, in the past, published a variety of union advisory documents and toolkits as well as contributing theoretically to wider debate. His primary research interests lie within employment, representation, voice and social inclusion. Rob’s current work focuses on gender proportionality and equality within the labour movement (and society) as well as the use of leadership and mentoring programmes as one way to address these issues. The research is currently funded by the British Academy. Other areas of interest include; Employment rights and employee relations; Employment rights within migrant and BME communities; Communication through networks and community space; Lifelong learning and HRD; Union renewal, revitalization and community unionism.

Siân Gale (Co-chair) Siân's background is in creative media. She is currently Chair of the South Wales Freelance Branch of BECTU the Media and Entertainment Union. Like many in the creative sector she has a portfolio career and specialises in training, research and evaluation mainly working with like minded organisations. She is a member of the Wales Committee of the EHRC. She is active in the WTUC and sits on the Executive, the General Council and is Vice Chair of the newly formed Equality committee.

Caroline Price (Co-chair) Caroline has been a member of Unite the Union for 25 years. During that time she has taken on the role of shop steward, health and safety rep, chair of Unite’s Regional Women’s Committee, as well as Wales TUC Women’s Forum. Caroline currently sits on the Wales TUC General Council.


03 Biographies of guest speakers  
03 Biographies of guest speakers