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Hey puto Lone Ranger DPM or whatever fuck blogger identity you go by, Montoya did not seek to go into your world or anywhere near you. It was you who, out of envy and jealousy, started rattling Montoya's cage, going into Montoya's affairs, making all these harebrained accusations that Montoya was doing something illegal or dirty by going into business with slimeball Ernie Hernandez, as if that were a crime. Hell even the good Doctor G.F. McHale Scully has taken money from politicians advertising in his blog. Even he has his favorites? And his one sided attacks on Hinojosa, Trevino and Hernandez don't smack of favoritism? Where was all your indignation then? Why didn't you jump on McHale? I'll tell you why. Because you suck his dick so he can publish your meaningless meanderings. Who else is going to use your shit if not G.F. McHale? You pull out this Tax ID issue on Montoya as if it were the smoking gun that broke open Watergate, but bro, you're way out of your element. You say that he uses the library to make money as if that were Revelations. That's a privilege we all subsidize, Montoya included. Keep writing plagiarized reviews about taco stands and leave Montoya to make a living as he sees fit. He thrives in the snake pit we call Brownsville politics and I'm sure he's been bitten a few times and he'll probably be bitten again, but not by your sissy essays on principles. At least he doesn't steal tips from waitresses. That is so low. So what if no one possesses your flimsy Journalistic pedigree? If you're so hot what the hell are you doing down here with the lowly masses? Why aren't you at the New York Times? of the Washington Post? or wherever. If you're so down on the lowly RGV as you call it, why even bother? If your attacks on Montoya don't smack of pure ENVIDIA because Montoya is a way more talented reporter and writer than you'll ever be, then I'm the fucking tooth fairy hiding behind a tutu. Montoya sells space for advertising in his blog. So what? Take that to the Supreme Court asshole. Better yet, ask your Blogger in Arms buddy Bobby Wightman Cervantes for a legal opinion and even he can tell you that you are so full of shit. Even he refuses to print your shit because he knows shit when he smells it. What's your obsession with Montoya and his 14th street bars anyway? Are you pissed off because he dissed you as irrelevant and insignificant? I'm sure it's not the first time someone doesn't want to be your friend. Montoya, with all his flaws, is the real deal dude. He walks the streets. he's hustling for a buck. He sells advertising so he can whatever. The man wants to make a living. Big deal. Am I to assume that you have never had a publication funded wholly or partially by someone else and who, in so many words told you to lay off him or her and their friends because that would not be good for business? Think long and hard before you answer that question, Mr Ethics. This so called fight between you and Montoya was over a long time ago. You're the only left in the ring, long after you were knocked out. The only one around is the lowly janitor waitinf for you to get the fuck out so he can turn off the lights.