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25 January 2012 All Members of Ateneo Gabay CHANGES IN COUNCIL ELECTIONS


Because of the technical difficulties encountered, the following shall be the new schedule for the Council Elections: Council Elections Nominations January 26, 9:00AM-6:00PM Release of Official List of Nominated January 26, 7:00PM Members Discernment Period January 27 Deadline of Platforms/Decline Letters January 28, 12:00PM Release of Official List of Candidates January 28, 3:00pm Elections January 30, 9:00AM-6:00PM Release of Official Results January 30, 9:00pm Moreover, everyone is reminded of the electoral process for the said elections: ELIGIBILITY The following are the requirements to be eligible to be nominated and elected: 1. Residency: Member of the committee for one year 2. Have an “Active� status during the Second Semester MidSem Deliberations 3. A cumulative QPI of at least 2.25 (including the AY 2011-2012 First Semester QPI) COUNCIL ELECTIONS 1. Nominations. Automated walk-in nominations for each of the five committees will be held simultaneously on January 24, 2012, from 9:00am-6:00pm, at MVP216. Members are to nominate at most one (1) eligible member of their respective committee they deem fit to head their committee for SY 2012-2013. A quota of 60% per committee must be reached to validate their respective nominations. 2. Discernment. All nominated members are required to undergo discernment with their current Committee Head (and their Committee Overseer should they wish to). The date, time and place of the discernment are upon the discretion of the nominees and their Committee Heads. Because of the changes in the schedule of the Council Elections, members who wish to run for a position in the Council can already start consulting and discerning with their respective committee heads and/or their committee overseers. 3. Platforms/Decline Letters. All platforms/decline letters must be submitted to on or before January 28, 12:00pm. Decline letters should be addressed to Ms. Jessamine Payba (IV BS AMC), COMELEC Head. Failure to pass any of these considers a nominee running. Those who decide to run must attach a soft copy of their grades and cumulative QPI taken from their AISIS accounts to verify their eligibility to run. 4. Elections. An automated walk-in election shall be held on January 30, 2012, from 9:00am-6:00pm, at MVP216. All members can vote up at most five candidates of their choice. A quota of 60% per committee must be reached to validate their respective elections.



REQUIREMENTS Should a nominated member decide to run, the following documents must be submitted: 1. Accomplished Form A4 Election Platform ([COMMITTEE]_Platform_Surname.doc) 2. AISIS copy of grades ([COMMITTEE]_Grades_Surname.html) 3. A soft copy of 2×2 picture ([COMMITTEE]_Picture_Surname.jpg) These documents should be submitted in a .zip folder with file name [COMMITTEE] and be sent to with subject [COMMITTEE] – Platform – Surname.

Should a nominated member decide to decline, a decline letter ([COMMITTEE]_Decline_Surname.doc) should be sent to with subject [COMMITTEE] – Decline – Surname, following the prescribed format. Please be guided accordingly. Sa ikatatlumpu’t limang taon ng patataya, COMELEC Commission on Elections Ateneo Gabay 2011-2012 Victoria Dreyfus COMELEC

Jonathan Khent Santos COMELEC

Richard Reparado COMELEC

Jeric Briones COMELEC

Ian Christopher Gamara COMELEC

Ethel Jimenez COMELEC

Karlo Edesson Abril COMELEC

Chrizaldy Neil Mañibo COMELEC Jessamine Payba COMELEC Head


COMELEC Memo #8 Changes in Council Elections