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Jaclyn Breeze Music Resume Festivals, Competitions, Workshops: Age Group Winner of Warren County Summer Music School’s Promising Young Composer Competition: 2022 Excerpts played at New Music Chicago, Bass Flute Lab: 2022 Selected Composer for Longy’s Divergent Studio: 2022 Featured Composer for East Chamber Music Emerging Composers Festival: 2021 Featured Composer for Beth Ratay Call for Scores: 2021 Guest Speaker at University of Kentucky: 2021 Featured Composer for Darkwater Music Festival at UNC Pembroke: 2021 Attended Saint Mary’s Summer Composition Intensive: 2021 Attended SPLICE Institute: 2021 Hypotenuse Trio COVID Commission, Honorable Mention: 2021 Attended Composer Street Smarts Infrastructure Edition: 2020 Attended Young Women Composers Camp Online: 2020 Attended Arts Letters & Numbers Virtual Program: Creative Music Online: 2020 Attended Composers Collaborative Online: 2020 Featured composer on the University of Kentucky Faculty Brass Quintet CD: 2020 Featured composer at Tutti Festival at Denison University: 2020 Selected composer for Space City New Music Festival: 2020 Selected composer for Charlotte New Music Festival: 2020 Compositions used as listening examples as part of the University of Southern Maine School of Music Undergraduate Course: 2019-2020

Commissions: Reyers Brusoe: 2022 (in progress) Tara Sandlin: 2022 (in progress) Asriel Davis: 2022 (in progress) Laura Lentz: 2020, Where the Wind Blows Reyers Brusoe: 2020 Noel Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra: 2019, Go Tell It On De Mountains! Sabrina DeVos and Charlyne Olick: 2019, Unwound

Reyers Brusoe: 2019, Runny Babbit Reyers Brusoe: 2019, Praises of God Rococo Quartet: 2018, Christmas Medley

Education: M.M. Composition from Syracuse University in progress (2023) B.A. Flute Performance from Roberts Wesleyan College 2021 Composition study with Dr. Daniel Barta (Roberts Wesleyan College): 2017 - 2018 Composition study with Seth Wright (Media Composer): 2018 - 2021 Composition study with Dr. Nic Scherzinger (Syracuse University): 2021 - 2022 Composition study with Dr. Natalie Draper (Syracuse University): 2022

Work: Teaching Assistant for Sophomore Music Theory at Syracuse University 2021-2022 Graduate Representative at the Society for New Music (Central New York) 2021-2022 Tutor for Ear Training and Music Theory at Syracuse University 2021-2022 Jan. 2022 Tutor of the Month on Tutor Matching Service Music Director at the United Methodist Church of North Chili: March 2018 - June 2021