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About the helicopter: The UH-60A Black Hawk is a utility transport helicopter. An entire 11-person, fully equipped infantry squad can be lifted in a single Black Hawk and transported faster than in previous vehicles. The helicopter can be flown in most weather conditions and its airframe is designed to progressively crush on impact to protect the people inside. Overall, it has enhanced the mobility of the Army due to dramatic improvements in troop capacity and cargo lift capability. [Source: United States Army Homepage,]

How it affects you: Helicopters are often used to transport people to and from remote locations and accident scenes. Most other aircraft need runways in order to take off and land, but a helicopter does not due to vertical takeoff.


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What these terms mean / in English: l Rotor: A part that revolves in a stationary part / The spinning part on top of the helicopter. l Aerospace: Space comprising the earth’s atmosphere and the space beyond / The sky and above.

l Algorithm: A step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end, especially by a computer / A complex math equation. [Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary,]

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[Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary, www.merriam-] T h e U H - 6 0 A B la c k H a w k AerospAce l Algorithm: A step-by-step proc...

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