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Nespresso C100T Essenza Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine, Titan Grey Review Single serve brewers are relatively new-kids-on-the-block in the landscape of personal coffee brewing solutions. These upstarts promise one-touch convenience with no compromise on the quality of the beverage, delivering gourmet brews at a button-press, with infallible consistency. The principle of operation is simple – a pod with a payload of coffee (some models have options of tea and/or chocolate) is popped into a compartment. All that’s required next is the touch of a button and a perfect cup is ready… in seconds! Nespresso is the brand name of the famed Nestle company, one of the pioneers of such countertop coffee systems and the Essenza is their entry-level model. Features: • • • • • • •

1200-watt 19 Bar pressure pump; ThermoBlock heating system; electronic temperature regulation. Backlit coffee button. Semi-automatic ejection of used capsule. Capsule Container for 12-14 used Capsules. 0.9 liter/30.4oz removable water tank. 1-year limited warranty

Specifications: • • •

Color : Titanium Grey Product Dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches; Weight: 8.6 pounds

Form: Prima facie, the Essenza C100T has an interesting appearance of an upright clothes-iron. The design is flowing and the finishing, elegant. The shape deviates considerably from that of a typical coffee maker, with pleasing results. The color, Titanium Grey, allows it to blend in unobtrusively, in any kitchen décor. A functional handle aids in maneuverability. Function: The Essenza, categorized by its makers as a Compact Brewing Unit, is equipped with technology enabling it to perform the best possible extraction of flavors from the proprietary Nespresso capsules. Operation is ridiculously simple – fill with water, turn it on, enter the espresso capsule and press the button.

Internally, the capsule is puncture and water heated to 187° and 196°, and pressurized to 19 Bar is channeled through the capsule. This ensures even soaking of the coffee grounds and full carriage of flavor and aroma through to the cup.Theespresso delivered is excellent with a silky crema. Excess water is flushed to ensure a fresh flow for every serving. The spent capsule is automatically removed from the chamber. Clearly the forte of this contraption is its outstanding convenience. No measuring coffee grounds, no replacing filter, no waiting. It provides a classic espresso when called upon. Truly a dark knight in shining or matte armor. Earlier the biggest downside was that coffee capsules were exclusively provided by Nespresso, but that has changed in the last few years with Nespresso-compatible capsules being sold under other brands. This has led to a greater variety of coffees and the aficionado need not worry about a lack of choice. Newer refillable capsules allow the machine to be loaded with a coffee blend of personal preference. Pros: • • • • • •

One-touch operation Consistently great espresso Handy Easy to clean Variety of blends for different tastes 2 default serving sizes : espresso, 4oz. ‘lungo’ with programmable volume

Cons: • • • • • •

Capsules are expensive Mildly noisy Needs regular cleaning Can only accommodate cup-size containers Tad noisy Difficult to repair if damaged

Conclusion: For a coffee addict looking for a first single-serve machine, the Nespresso C100T Essenza is the ideal companion. This machine serves up magnificent espressos time-aftertime and the minor drawbacks are easily forgotten. Highly recommended. For More Information About Best Coffee Maker Visit

Nespresso C100T Essenza Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine, Titan Grey Review