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Making Service Personal Special points of interest:


6:8 (inspired by Micah 6:8, Isaiah 6:8, Mark 6:8, & 1 Tim 6:8) is a not-for-profit organization, “Transforming communities by making service personal.” Here are some highlights of our activities. Find out more at Let us know if and how you would like to join us!

Silver Cord Program Launches

 Silver Cord Program  Silver Cord Movie Night Fundraiser  College Mission Trip  Sauk Prairie Kids Against Hunger

The Sauk Prairie School Board has approved the Silver Cord Service Recognition Program to recognize students for their community service. Students who complete 160 hours of Community Service (above and beyond what is required) throughout their 4 years of High School (pro-rated for the next 3 years) will receive a Silver Cord to wear at graduation.

 Highlights of What’s Coming (calendar)  Middle School Mission Trip Promo  MadCAAP High School Mission Trip & Ways to “Be the Change”

Silver Cord Fundraiser

 Wish List  From John & Sarah

Contact us

Movie Night


Email: MakingServicePersonal 485 Prairie St. Prairie du Sac, WI 53578 (608) 658-4700

Staff: John Ramthun

Sarah Ramthun


Business Sponsors We are grateful for our Business Sponsors and individuals who have donated items for a Silent Auction. See the list on our website and sign up to become a Sponsor.

A local Bible Study, the Hallelujah Guys, is sponsoring a Movie Night to benefit the Silver Cord Program and Scholarships that will be available to students in the program. Join us for this event at 5pm on Sunday, March 6th at the River Arts Center. The movie is about a high schooler who has it all… until his childhood friend takes his own life and Jake starts asking - could I have helped?

Get Involved: Come to the Movie!!! You can also volunteer to help the evening of the event, download a poster and help advertise, bring a group to the movie night, help organize service opportunities for the high schoolers, make a donation towards the Silver Cord Program and Scholarships, and more. For these options and to watch the trailer, check out our website:

College Mission Trip PAGE 2

Upcoming Dates March 6 - To Save A Live Movie Night (fundraiser for the Silver Cord Service Program and Scholarship)

March 13 - MadCAAP High School Mission Trip Kickoff Mtg. with parents and students Shares available for purchase to support the HS Mission Trip March 31 - Mission Trip Kids Against Hunger Packaging day April 3 - KAH Celebration April 10 - MadCAAP HS Mission Trip Student Mtg. April 30 - Sauk Prairie Spring Service Day

Good Search & Good Shop

(left) Our group in front of the nurse’s station (top) Students worked on repairs and new con6:8 took college students and worked on the struction at the AIDS Camp (above) Students spent time with Ms. Moxy and other residents from the Madison / Sauk construction of a area to work at an AIDS new family home of suffering is an inspiration! Camp in the Bahamas. It and a nurse’s station In many ways the All Saint’s was a life-changing experi- where residents will be Camp is isolated and avoided, ence for all who went. able to receive needed with many of the residents Most of our time was medical care right on site. being rejected by their famispent at the “All Saint’s Our lives were changed lies and much of society. We Camp,” where 25 adults not by the construction were blessed to spend time live, some with children work, but as we met with the residents who sang and many by themselves. Christ in those who live at with us, taught us about We tore off and put a new the Camp. The faith of Christ, and shared the love roof on Ms. Moxy’s home may of them in the midst that we all long for.

! u o Y k n a h T

115 households donated to 6:8 in 2010! In response to our previous wish list we received a donation of over 100 6:8 T-shirts of different colors and sizes from Tools of Marketing of Sauk Prairie. We received two corporate matches to generous donations in 2010 and several other Business Donations.

Sponsor a Family for Spring Break

A Free Way to Donate to 6:8!

It’s almost too good to be true!!! Simply go to our website,

and click on Good Search & Good Shop on the left-hand tool bar. 6:8 receives 1¢ for every search you do and a percentage of purchases made through this website without costing you a dime!

As you shop online, give something back with GoodShop.

Your generosity allowed 45 families to receive this food to enjoy during Christmas Break!!!

Sauk Prairie Kids Against Hunger We are looking for sponsors for 45 families who are in need of assistance over Spring break. For $25 you can sponsor a family yourself, in honor of someone as a gift, or go in with some friends. If we each give some of what we have been blessed with, these families will have food to eat over Spring break.

Think of the family who will enjoy good food because of your generosity!!!

To Sponsor a family, send $25 to 6:8

(485 Prairie St.; Pr du Sac, WI 53578)

or donate online safely and securely on our website.



485 Prairie St.

Prairie du Sac, WI 53578



Middle School Mission Trip - Love Begins Here What: Middle School Mission Trip – live, serve, pray, have fun, repeat! Where: St. Joe’s in Baraboo with service in surrounding areas Why: Inspired by Mother Teresa’s motto to begin love close to home, we serve each other and those in need as Jesus asks us to When: July 5-8, 2011 How: Register at (online or print out a form to mail in) Cost: $110 includes transportation, food, lodging, and materials. 6:8 is organizing a group from Sauk Prairie (friends welcome) to go to this Madison Diocese event.

MadCAAP HS Mission Trip

Be the Change

 Pray for the youth and adults going on the trip and the family who will receive the house.  Spread the word about the trip to high school- 6:8 takes 45 youth ers you know. We can take 10 more students! to Mississippi to Be the Change is the theme for our Mis Volunteer with fundraising by baking for, build 80% of a sion Trip 2011! Referring to the change organizing workers, or working a shift at our house in one week! we experience in our lives and the change Brat Stand/Bake Sale in May. in the life of the family we will build a  Purchase “Shares in our Mission” ($20 donations) Our goal: gather to help us pay for the house we will build. house for on our High School Mission Trip. donations in three  Sell “Shares” to friends and family. We invite you to be part months to pay for  Talk with Businesses to become Sponsors. of the change: 100% of the house!  Donate building materials, food, and supplies. ($35,000)

All donations are tax-deductable and can be made securely on our website, by mailing them to 6:8, or contacting us to volunteer or donate supplies.

*Look in the next newsletter for highlights of the educational opportunities the students will receive at the pre-trip meetings.*

2010 Trip Participant’s lives were changed by these children who’s lives were changed when they moved into the house we built in 2010.

Financial & Volunteer Support

6:8 relies on the generous financial and volunteer support of wonderful people like you, who desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Please consider 6:8 as part of your charitable giving. Cut out this portion of the newsletter and mail it to us, email, or call, if you are interested in supporting 6:8. Thank you SO much for helping make 6:8 possible!!! (optional) I


I would like to make a contribution of: $________. (circle) one time - monthly - other like my contribution I would like to be a part of prayer /spiritual support for 6:8 and those involved to be earmarked for: I would like to volunteer with / for 6:8. (A Staff or Board Member will contact you) __________________

Name: __________________________________________ Phone:____________________ Email: __________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________

**Please make checks payable to 6:8.

Return to: 6:8 - 485 Prairie St. - Prairie du Sac, WI 53578

6:8 is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Or email:

Check out 6:8 at

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 6 8 Pr du Sac, WI 53578

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Contact us: (608) 658-4700 On Mission Trip, John and Sarah worked with Glenroy who lives at the All Saint’s Camp

Students help package bags for Sauk Prairie Kids Against Hunger

Wish list: From John & Sarah

for Special Event Fundraisers The Spirit is alive and at work!!! We have been inspired by Mother Teresa in  Cow Chip  UW Concessions many ways lately. She is the inspiration for the MS Mission Trip we attend  Brat Stands and has such wisdom to share about meeting Christ in the poor. When we  A person or business with access to B&W or were at the All Saint’s Camp in the Bahamas we met Christ in many ways. We met Him through prayer and at Mass; in the youth we brought with us, and color copier to print newsletters, forms, most distinctly in the residents we were serving. Mother’s radical words flyers etc.  Admin help (2 hour time came alive for us in ways we had never known before: “At the altar how

gently and tenderly the priest touches the consecrated host, with what love he looks at it. The priest believes that the host is the disguise of Jesus. In the slums Jesus chooses as His disguise the miseries and poverty of our people.” - Mother Teresa (Total Surrender p. 153) May we seek to meet and serve Christ in everyone we meet.

We are praying for you!!! God bless,

John & Sarah

 Coordinators

slots to make phone calls, address envelopes, enter data on the computer, etc.)


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 Postage Stamps -

“Forever Stamps”

6:8 Spring Newsletter  

6:8 (inspired by Micah 6:8, Isaiah 6:8, Mark 6:8, & 1 Tim 6:8) is a not-for-profit organization, “Transforming communities by making service...

6:8 Spring Newsletter  

6:8 (inspired by Micah 6:8, Isaiah 6:8, Mark 6:8, & 1 Tim 6:8) is a not-for-profit organization, “Transforming communities by making service...