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TREND FORECAST Summer Spring 2013

summer / spring 2013

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�Positive� is the key word of the Spring/Summer 2013. It determinedly showcases a lighter spirit a desire to be borne off by fantasy and joie de vivre.


Lying low for the past few seasons, nature once again becomes a decisive influence. Unexpected interpretations abound, where ultra-realism confronts the fictional and artificial.


Color is essential as a key value! A bold use of color, where brights grow more intense and go back and forth between the natural and the artificial, neon mix in with acid or overexposed accents, and neutrals play on sensual nuances.


Light diffuses its energy, revealing itself in intense transparencies, and pigmenting darks.

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Color Therapy

Neon colors are back, you can see them in all kinds of fabrics. You will see dark indigo denim jeans, and the zipper will be in different neon colors, Neon Yellow, Pink and Green. Even the buttons in neon swirls as well. For 2013 we will be going back to the 80’s with bandanas, brights, and flash dance tops in neon colors exposing one shoulder.

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Second skin fabrics embrace The Wet Look

the body, perfect in constructions with high performance through the power of creora速 spandex/elastane yarns. The mood of this direction incorporates matte and clean finishes with gloss to project a futuristic look. Featherweight fabrics get lighter and more compact in their knit construction.

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Animal Planet

Taking inspiration from the animal

kingdom, key trends for 2013 divide into different schools of thought. we look forward to an intriguing paradox of moods inspired by the natural environment.

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Red Alert Go all red or brake it off with a

neutral color. Red is popping up everywhere in all kinds of red shades, in both clothing, shoes / accessories. Signs & Marks

Fancy Footwork Clean and minimal Scandinavian fashion,

and a simultaneous embrace of the natural wonders of the land, clumpy platforms and thick-soled creepers were decorated with pine-cones, twigs and various other wonders borrowed from the woods. Sprayed in vivid pinks, orange and cobalt blue, the finished footwear resembled those art and crafts projects we always favored in primary school. Signs Signs & & Marks Marks

Golden Boys

Tailored suits was accompanied by gold foil

encrusted lips, adding a futuristic sci-fi flair to the collection, that was introduced under astronaut suits. The lips were paired with gold rim glasses. projecting the designers other-worldly creatures to Outer Space. The style could easily be translated to womens beauty, and we have a sneaky feeling the girls might be more willing to embrace a vision of intergalactic beauty.

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Mens Fashion is taking a turn, you will see a more femenine side on the mens fashion.

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Kids Garden The focus on saving the planet is present

in this theme. In a dreamworld of ones own, an imaginary paradise garden between earth and sea, inventing a new kind of aesthetic. Flora and fauna, oceans and rivers are present everywhere. Gardens provide a new kind of camouflage blending exotic flowers and animals with tiny flowers and greens. Signs & Marks


Going west and rediscovering the Americas. Little adventurers are sporting a gold digger look. In a mix with dip dye, naive embroidery, cross stitching and rough trims. create a refined look playing the harmonica in an original denim mode. Warm colors are contrasted with ink blue and illuminated with bronze. Signs & Marks

Material Hairy materials like fur are

artificial but dont hamper the effect of natural fabrics and adds beauty to the garment. Decorative trims like beads, threads, laces etc enhance classiness and innovation.

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Satin is used mainly during the spring season to give a

very shiny and glossy effect. Porous material like soft sponge helps to add stiffness to different layers of the garment. Signs Signs&&Marks Marks

We hope you have enjoyed the catalogue!

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spring summer 2013  

forecast 2013 fahion

spring summer 2013  

forecast 2013 fahion